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Scope: System Manager's Manual.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
a2disconf(8) ↣ a2enconf(8) Enable or disable an apache2 configuration file.
a2dismod(8) ↣ a2enmod(8) Enable or disable an apache2 module.
a2dissite(8) ↣ a2ensite(8) Enable or disable an apache2 site / virtual host.
a2enconf(8) Enable or disable an apache2 configuration file.
a2enmod(8) Enable or disable an apache2 module.
a2ensite(8) Enable or disable an apache2 site / virtual host.
accton(8) Turns process accounting on or off.
acpi_listen(8) ACPI event listener.
acpid(8) Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon.
add-apt-key(8) Command line tool to add GPG keys to the APT keyring.
add-shell(8) Add shells to the list of valid login shells.
add_members(8) Add members to a Mailman mailing list from the command line.
addgroup(8) ↣ adduser(8) Add a user or group to the system.
addrconsole(8) Setup a new remote console user.
adduser(8) Add a user or group to the system.
adjtimex(8) Display or set the kernel time variables.
adjtimexconfig(8) Find kernel clock variables and save for reboots.
ahcpd(8) Ad-hoc configuration daemon.
aide.wrapper(8) Call aide binary for Debian mechanisms.
aideinit(8) Create a new AIDE database.
airbase-ng(8) Multi-purpose tool aimed at attacking clients as opposed to the Access Point (AP) itself.
aireplay-ng(8) Inject packets into a wireless network to generate traffic.
airmon-ng(8) Bash script designed to turn wireless cards into monitor mode.
airmon-zc(8) Bash script designed to turn wireless cards into monitor mode, Zero_Chaos version.
airodump-ng(8) A wireless packet capture tool for aircrack-ng.
airserv-ng(8) A wireless card server.
airtun-ng(8) A virtual tunnel interface creator for aircrack-ng.
alta-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the chip Sundance ST201 "Alta".
amavisd-new(8) Interface between MTA and virus scanner/content filters.
amavisd-new-cronjob(8) Cronjobs for the Debian amavisd-new package.
amd(8) Automatically mount file systems.
amd-fsinfo(8) Coordinate site-wide filesystem information.
amiga-fdisk(8) Amiga disk partitioning program.
amoldrecover(8) Amrecover variant compantible with old Amanda protocols.
amq(8) Automounter query tool.
amq-check-wrap(8) Check loopback RPC connection to amd.
anon-proxy(8) ↣ mix(8) Starts the proxyserver of the an.on anonymizing proxy project.
aoe-discover(8) Tell aoe driver to discover AoE devices.
aoe-flush(8) Flush the down devices out of the aoe driver.
aoe-interfaces(8) Restrict aoe driver to specified network interfaces.
aoe-mkdevs(8) Create special device files for aoe driver.
aoe-mkshelf(8) Create special device files for one shelf address.
aoe-revalidate(8) Revalidate the disk size of an aoe device.
aoe-sancheck(8) Verify storage network capabilities.
aoe-stat(8) Print aoe device status report.
aoe-version(8) Print AoE-related software version information.
aoecfg(8) Manipulate AoE configuration strings.
aoeping(8) Simple communication with AoE device.
ap-auth(8) AP authorized MAC change utility.
ap-config(8) Configure and monitor Atmel and NWN based APs.
ap-gl(8) Configure and monitor ATMEL_PRISM based APs.
ap-mrtg(8) AP statistics translators.
ap-rrd(8) ↣ ap-mrtg(8) AP statistics translators.
ap-tftp(8) TFTP client for upgrading ATMEL AT76C510 WiSOC-based APs.
ap-trapd(8) A SNMP trap processing daemon.
apache2ctl(8) Apache HTTP server control interface.
apachectl(8) ↣ apache2ctl(8) Apache HTTP server control interface.
apcupsd(8) Daemon for Most APCC's UPS support under Linux and UNIX.
applydeltaiso(8) Reconstruct an iso from the old iso and the deltaiso.
applydeltarpm(8) Reconstruct an rpm from a deltarpm.
approx(8) Proxy server for Debian archive files.
approx-gc(8) Garbage-collect the cache of Debian archive files.
approx-import(8) Copy local .deb files into the approx cache.
aprsdigi(8) APRS(™) digipeater.
aprx(8) An APRS iGate application with integrated Digipeater.
aprx-stat(8) Statistics utility for aprx(8).
apt-cacher(8) Caching proxy for Debian packages.
apt-forktracer(8) A utility for managing package versions.
apt-move(8) Move cache of Debian packages into a mirror hierarchy.
apt-p2p(8) Apt helper for peer-to-peer downloads of Debian packages.
apturl(8) Graphical apt-protocol interpreting package installer.
apturl-gtk(8) ↣ apturl(8) Graphical apt-protocol interpreting package installer.
argus(8) Audit record generation and utilization system.
argus_linux(8) ↣ argus(8) Audit record generation and utilization system.
arp2ethers(8) Convert arpwatch address database to ethers file format.
arpd(8) Userspace arp daemon.
arpfetch(8) Obtain ethernet/ip address pairings via snmp.
arpon(8) ARP handler inspection.
arpsnmp(8) Keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings.
arpspoof(8) Intercept packets on a switched LAN.
arptables(8) ARP table administration.
arptables-compat(8) ↣ arptables(8) ARP table administration.
arpwatch(8) Keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings.
atd(8) Run jobs queued for later execution.
atftpd(8) Trivial File Transfer Protocol Server.
athcool(8) Control power-saving mode on AMD Athlon/Duron CPUs.
atheme-services(8) A modular IRC services daemon.
atk6-address6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-alive6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-covert_send6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-covert_send6d(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-denial6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-detect-new-ip6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-detect_sniffer6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dnsdict6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dnsrevenum6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dnssecwalk(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dos-new-ip6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dos_mld(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dump_dhcp6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-dump_router6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-exploit6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-extract_hosts6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-extract_networks6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_advertise6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_dhcps6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_dns6d(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_dnsupdate6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_mipv6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_mld26(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_mld6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_mldrouter6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_pim6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_router26(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_router6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fake_solicitate6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-firewall6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_advertise6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_dhcpc6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_mld26(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_mld6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_mldrouter6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_redir6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_router26(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_router6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_rs6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-flood_solicitate6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-four2six(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fragmentation6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fuzz_dhcps6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-fuzz_ip6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-implementation6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-implementation6d(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-inject_alive6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-inverse_lookup6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-kill_router6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-ndpexhaust26(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-ndpexhaust6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-node_query6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-parasite6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-passive_discovery6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-randicmp6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-redir6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-redirsniff6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-rsmurf6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-sendpees6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-sendpeesmp6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-smurf6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-thcping6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-thcsyn6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-toobig6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atk6-trace6(8) ↣ thc-ipv6(8)
atmel_fwl(8) Load firmware into Atmel at76c50x wireless networking chips.
autodir(8) Manage home directories.
automount(8) Manage autofs mount points.
avahi-autoipd(8) IPv4LL network address configuration daemon.
avahi-autoipd.action(8) Avahi-autoipd action script.
avahi-daemon(8) The Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon.
avahi-dnsconfd(8) Unicast DNS server from mDNS/DNS-SD configuration daemon.
avahi-dnsconfd.action(8) Avahi-dnsconfd action script.
avisd(8) Run the avis router.
avr-evtd(8) Linkstation AVR Event daemon.
axe(8fun) ↣ knife(8fun) Tools to improve network performance via SNIP.
axfr-get(8) A DNS zone-transfer client.
axfrdns(8) A DNS zone-transfer server.
axfrdns-conf(8) Sets up a DNS zone-transfer service.
babeld(8) Ad-hoc network routing daemon.
backup-manager(8) An easy to use backup tool for your Linux box.
backup2l(8) Low-maintenance backup/restore tool.
bacula(8) The Network Backup Solution.
badblocks(8) Search a device for bad blocks.
bak2db(8) Directory Server script for restoring a backup.
bak2db-online(8) Directory Server perl script for restoring a backup.
bandwidthd(8) Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs.
barbican-db-manage(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - DB Manager.
barbican-keystone-listener(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - Keystone Listener.
barbican-manage(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - Manager.
barbican-retry(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - Retry.
barbican-worker(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - Worker.
bareos(8) Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced.
basic_getpwnam_auth(8) Local Users auth helper for Squid.
basic_ldap_auth(8) LDAP authentication helper for Squid.
basic_ncsa_auth(8) NCSA httpd-style password file authentication helper for Squid.
basic_pam_auth(8) PAM Basic authentication helper for Squid.
basic_radius_auth(8) Squid RADIUS authentication helper.
basic_sasl_auth(8) Basic Authentication using SASL (specifically the cyrus-sasl authentication method).
batmand(8) Better approach to mobile ad‐hoc networking.
battery-stats-collector(8) Collect statistics about battery charge.
bcache-super-show(8) Print the bcache superblock.
bcron-exec(8) Execute jobs on behalf of bcron-sched.
bcron-sched(8) Bcron system scheduler.
bcron-spool(8) Manage user crontab submissions.
bcron-start(8) Start the bcron scheduling system.
bcron-update(8) Update system crontabs.
bd_pgsql_purge(8) Summarizer script for bandwidthd (postgresql mode).
besside-ng(8) Crack a WEP or WPA key without user intervention and collaborate with WPA cracking statistics.
bihourly(8) Track ethernet/ip address pairs.
binkd(8) Transfer files between two Fidonet systems over TCP/IP.
binkdlogstat(8) Binkd log analyser and statistic generator.
biosdecode(8) BIOS information decoder.
bitesize(8) Show disk I/O size as a histogram. Uses Linux perf_events.
bitlbee(8) IRC gateway to IM chat networks.
bld(8) A black list daemon.
bld-mrtg(8) Return MRTG-friendly statistics about local BLD status.
bld-pf_log(8) Feed BLD with Postifx log files.
bld-pf_policy(8) BLD policy server for Postfix.
blddecr(8) Decrement the counter of an IP address on a bld host.
bldinsert(8) Submit an IP address to a bld host.
bldquery(8) Query a bld host.
bldread(8) Read bld dumps.
bldsubmit(8) Submit an IP address to a bld host.
blkmapd(8) PNFS block layout mapping daemon.
blktool(8) Display or change block device settings.
bonnie++(8) Program to test hard drive performance.
bootpef(8) BOOTP Extension File compiler.
bootptest(8) Send BOOTP queries and print responses.
bosskill(8fun) Send a signal to your boss, or terminate your boss.
br2684ctl(8) RFC1483/2684 Bridge Daemon.
builddbm(8) Build radius user database.
bum(8) Graphical runlevel configuration tool.
burp(8) BackUp and Restore Program.
bwbar(8) Generates text and graphical readout of current bandwidth use.
bwctld(8) Bandwidth Control server.
c-icap(8) ICAP filtering server.
c-icap-client(8) Simple ICAP client.
c-icap-config(8) Script to get information about c-icap server.
c-icap-libicapapi-config(8) Script to get information about c-icap library.
c-icap-mkbdb(8) Simple ICAP clientutility to create Berkeley DB lookup tables.
c-icap-mods-sguardDB(8) Simple utility to create Berkeley DB lookup tables.
c-icap-stretch(8) A simple utility for stretching ICAP servers.
cachefilesd(8) CacheFiles userspace management daemon.
cachemgr.cgi(8) Squid HTTP proxy manager CGI web interface.
calibrate_ppa(8) Pnm2ppa calibration tool.
capiinfo(8) Show supported features of all installed CAPI2.0 controllers.
capiinit(8) Start or stop CAPI-capable ISDN cards.
capiplugin(8) Plugin for pppd (Point-to-Point Protocol daemon).
capstats(8) Print statistics about the current load on a network interface.
cdpr(8) Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter.
cfagent(8) System configuration agent.
cfdoc(8) Simple utility to document a cfengine configuration file.
cfengine(8) Network configuration engine.
cfenvd(8) Network configuration engine.
cfenvgraph(8) Network configuration engine.
cfetool(8) Standalone UI for Long term state registry.
cfexecd(8) Network configuration engine.
cfkey(8) Network configuration engine.
cfrun(8) Execute remote cfagents.
cfservd(8) Cfengine server daemon.
cfshow(8) Dump cfengine databases.
chainsaw(8fun) ↣ knife(8fun) Tools to improve network performance via SNIP.
chat(8) Automated conversational script with a modem.
chcp(8) Change mode of NILFS2 checkpoints.
check-diskfree(8) Check for mounted filesystems nearing capacity.
check-passwd(8) Check for empty or duplicate system accounts.
check-selinux-installation(8) Perform configuration checks in SELinux installation.
check-setuid(8) Check for changes to setuid programs.
check_backuppc(8) A Nagios plugin to monitor BackupPC.
check_db(8) Check the integrity of a Mailman mailing list's database file.
check_forensic(8) Tool to extract mod_log_forensic output from apache log files.
check_perms(8) Check permissions of Mailman's files.
checkapoppw(8) Checks APOP password against the file ~/Maildir/.password.
checkgid(8) Checks the gid.
checkinstall(8) Track installation of local software, and produce a binary manageable with your package.
checkmodule(8) SELinux policy module compiler.
checkpassword.login(8) Check a password.
checkpolicy(8) SELinux policy compiler.
checkpw(8) Checks password against the file ~/Maildir/.password.
checksecurity(8) Run a collection of simple system checks.
chkconf(8) Check ircd config-file.
chntpw(8) Utility to overwrite passwords of Windows systems.
choptest(8) HylaFAX page chopping test program.
chpst(8) Runs a program with a changed process state.
cinder(8) Please fill.
cinder-api(8) Frontend API server for cinder.
cinder-manage(8) Manages the cinder daemons.
cinder-rootwrap(8) Authorizes and executes sudo commands on cinder's behalf.
cinder-scheduler(8) Frontend API server for cinder.
cinder-volume(8) Frontend API server for cinder.
citserver(8) Core of the Citadel Suite.
clc-update-customized-images(8) ↣ register-common-lisp-implementation(8) Internal clc commands.
clean-crl(8) Remove orphaned CRL like files from a certificate directory. Directory Server perl script for issuing a cleanAllRUV task.
clone_member(8) Clone a Mailman mailing list subscriber address.
cmospwd(8) A cmos/bios password recovery tool.
combinedeltarpm(8) Combine multiple deltarpms to a single one.
comedi_calibrate(8) COMEDI calibration utility.
comedi_config(8) COMEDI configuration utility.
config_list(8) Configure a Mailman mailing list from a text file description.
config_ndpmon.xml(8) Configuration file for ndpmon.
connman(8) Network management daemon.
consolehelper(8) A wrapper that helps console users run system programs.
consolehelper-gtk(8) A helper program for consolehelper.
convertquota(8) Convert quota from old file format to new one.
coraid-update(8) Upload an update file to a CORAID appliance.
corosync(8) The Corosync Cluster Engine.
corosync-blackbox(8) Dump live "flight data" from the corosync "blackbox".
corosync-cmapctl(8) A tool for accessing the object database.
corosync-cpgtool(8) A tool for displaying cpg groups and members.
corosync-keygen(8) Generate an authentication key for Corosync.
corosync-notifyd(8) Listen for important corosync events and send dbus and/or snmp traps.
corosync-quorumtool(8) Set and display quorum settings.
corosync-xmlproc(8) Converts corosync.xml to the Corosync configuration file.
cpgr(8) Copy with locking the given file to the password or group file.
cppw(8) Copy with locking the given file to the password or group file.
cpu(8) A tool for user and group administration.
cpu-ldap(8) A user administration tool for LDAP backends.
cpupcstat(8) Measure the DTLB miss rate.
cpustat(8) A tool to measure CPU utilization.
cputool(8) CPUTool is a utility which manages CPU usage and system load.
cqtest(8) HylaFAX copy quality checking test program.
Crack(8) Programs to break password files.
Crack-Reporter(8) ↣ Crack(8) Programs to break password files.
cracklib-check(8) Check passwords using libcrack2.
crash(8) Analyze Linux crash dump data or a live system.
create-cracklib-dict(8) Check passwords using libcrack2.
cron(8) Daemon to execute scheduled commands (Vixie Cron).
cron-apt(8) Program to update the system using apt-get.
crosspost(8) Create the links for cross posted articles.
cruft(8) Check the filesystem for cruft (missing and unexplained files).
cruft-ng(8) Check the filesystem for cruft (missing and unexplained files).
cserver(8) To start the Chinese server.
ctermd(8) CTERM services for Linux.
ctluser(8fun) Control lusers.
ctstat(8) ↣ lnstat(8) Unified linux network statistics.
cutter(8) Cut tcp/ip connections.
cutter(8fun) ↣ knife(8fun) Tools to improve network performance via SNIP.
cvm-benchclient(8) Testing the performance of a CV module.
cvm-checkpassword(8) Checkpassword interface for CVM modules.
cvm-mysql(8) MySQL module.
cvm-pgsql(8) PgSQL module.
cvm-pwfile(8) POSIX-style passwd file module.
cvm-qmail(8) Qmail configuration lookup module.
cvm-testclient(8) Testing CV modules from the command line.
cvm-unix(8) UNIX/POSIX-standard module.
cvm-vmailmgr(8) Vmailmgr virtual user validation module.
cvsd(8) Chroot wrapper to run ‘cvs pserver’ more securely.
cvsd-buginfo(8) Print out cvsd configuration information for bug reports.
cvsd-buildroot(8) Create a chrooted directory structure for use in cvsd.
cvsd-passwd(8) Generate password entries for repositories.
cvsd.conf(5) Configuration file for cvsd.
cwdaemon(8) Morse daemon for the serial or parallel port.
cwnnkill(8) To terminate the cserver.
cyclictest(8) High resolution test program.
cyrdeliver(8) Deliver mail to an IMAP mailbox.
cyrmaster(8) Master Cyrus process.
cyrus-arbitron(8) Arbitron mailboxes.
cyrus-arbitronsort(8) Sorts arbitron(8) output.
cyrus-chk_cyrus(8) Perform a consistency check of the cyrus mailstore.
cyrus-ctl_cyrusdb(8) Perform operations common to all Cyrus databases.
cyrus-ctl_deliver(8) Perform operations on the duplicate delivery database.
cyrus-ctl_mboxlist(8) Perform operations on the mailbox list database.
cyrus-cvt_cyrusdb(8) Convert a database file between cyrus database formats.
cyrus-cyr_dbtool(8) Manage Cyrus databases.
cyrus-cyr_df(8) Report Cyrus spool partition disk space usage.
cyrus-cyr_expire(8) Expire messages and duplicate delivery database entries.
cyrus-cyr_synclog(8) Add entries to the replication log.
cyrus-dump(8) Dump mailboxes to stdout.
cyrus-ipurge(8) Delete mail from IMAP mailbox or partition based on age or size.
cyrus-makedirs(8) Sets up the Cyrus IMAPd system directories (spools).
cyrus-mbpath(8) Translate mailbox names to filesystem paths.
cyrus-quota(8) Report and optionally fix quota usage.
cyrus-reconstruct(8) Reconstruct mailboxes.
cyrus-squatter(8) Create SQUAT indexes for mailboxes.
cyrus-sync_client(8) Client side of the synchronization (replication) engine.
cyrus-sync_reset(8) Account reset utility. DANGER.
cyrus-tls_prune(8) Prune expired sessions from the TLS sessions database.
cyrus-unexpunge(8) Restore expunged (but yet unremoved) messages.
d2cs(8) Program needed to host Diablo II open and closed servers.
d2dbs(8) Program needed to host Diablo II open and closed servers.
dahdi_scan(8) Print Configuration of DAHDI Spans.
dahdi_test(8) Test if the DAHDI timer provides timely response.
danted(8) Network proxyserver.
daptup(8) Plugin for apt[itude] and cupt to list repository changes.
darkstat(8) Network statistics gatherer.
db2bak(8) Directory Server script for making a backup of the database.
db2bak-online(8) Directory Server perl script for creating a backup.
db2index(8) Directory Server script for indexing attributes.
db2index-online(8) Directory Server perl script for indexing a database.
db2ldif(8) Directory Server script for exporting the database.
db2ldif-online(8) Directory Server perl script for exporting a database to a LDIF file.
dbackup(8) AWIT-DBackup is a powerful per-directory backup utility.
dbck(8) LysKOM database maintenance program. Directory Server script for monitoring database and entry cache usage.
dbskkd-cdb(8) A dictionary server for the SKK.
dbverify(8) Directory Server script for indexing attributes.
dcbd(8) Data Center Bridging capabilities exchange daemon.
dcbtool(8) Manage the Data Center Bridging (DCB) settings of a CEE DCB interface.
debbugs-dbhash(8) Migrate a debbugs database to hashed format.
debbugsconfig(8) Copy basic debbugs configuration files from templates.
debootstick(8) Generate a bootable image from a Debian-based chroot environment.
debugedit(8) Debuginfo editing helper.
debugfs(8) Ext2/ext3/ext4 file system debugger.
debugreiserfs(8) The debugging tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
decnetconf(8) Simple configuration script for DECnet.
defrag.f2fs(8) Relocate blocks in a given area to the specified region.
delgroup(8) ↣ deluser(8) Remove a user or group from the system.
delrconsole(8) Delete a remote console user.
deluser(8) Remove a user or group from the system.
designate-agent(8) OpenStack DNS as a Service - agent.
designate-api(8) OpenStack DNS as a Service - API server.
designate-central(8) OpenStack DNS as a Service - central daemon.
designate-manage(8) OpenStack DNS as a Service - database service.
designate-mdns(8) OpenStack DNS as a Service - Mini DNS.
designate-pool-manager(8) OpenStack DNS as a Service - Pool manager service.
designate-rootwrap(8) OpenStack DNS as a Service - sudo helper.
designate-sink(8) OpenStack DNS as a Service - sink service.
designate-zone-manager(8) OpenStack DNS as a Service - zone manager.
dhcp-helper(8) A DHCP/BOOTP relay agent.
dhcp_probe(8) Locate DCHP and BootP servers on a directly-attached network.
dhcpcd-gtk(8) A GTK+ frontend for network configuration.
dialtest(8) HylaFAX dial string processing rules test program.
digest_file_auth(8) File based digest authentication helper for Squid.
dirvish(8) Disk based virtual image network backup system.
dirvish-expire(8) Delete expired dirvish images.
dirvish-runall(8) Run a set of dirvish backup jobs.
discover-modprobe(8) Kernel module loading using discover(1).
discover-pkginstall(8) Intsall packages for available hardware using discover(1). SMTP proxy for verifying DKIM signatures.
dkimproxy.out(8) SMTP proxy for adding DKIM signatures to email.
dkms(8) Dynamic Kernel Module Support.
dmidecode(8) DMI table decoder.
dn2rdn(8) Directory Server script to check for outdated index versions.
dncopynodes(8) Copy a list of nodes from a remote DEC system.
dneigh(8) ↣ dnetinfo(8) DECnet Routing Information.
dnetd(8) DECnet Super-server.
dnetinfo(8) DECnet Routing Information.
dnetnml(8) DECnet Network Management Listener.
dnetstat(1) Lists DECnet connections.
dnroute(8) DECnet Routing Daemon.
dnscache(8) A DNS cache.
dnscache-conf(8) Sets up a DNS cache service.
dnsmasq(8) A lightweight DHCP and caching DNS server.
dnsspoof(8) Forge replies to DNS address / pointer queries.
do_auth(8) Program allowing more granular control than tac_plus.
dog(8) Command line utility for the sheep daemon.
domainname(8) Set or display name of current domain.
downtimed(8) System downtime monitoring and reporting daemon.
dphys-swapfile(8) Set up, mount/unmount, and delete an swap file.
dpkg-www(8) WWW Debian package browser.
dpkg-www-installer(8) ↣ dpkg-www(8) WWW Debian package browser.
drbdlinks(8) Manages links into a shared DRBD partition.
dropbear(8) Lightweight SSH server.
drpmsync(8) Sync a file tree with deltarpms.
ds_removal(8) Remove a directory server instance and un-register it from the console.
ds_unregister(8) Un-register a directory server instance from the console.
dsniff(8) Password sniffer.
dtc-soap-server(8) This is a SOAP server running over HTTPS with Auth to remotly start/stop/reinstall/fsck a.
dtc-xen-client(8) Tests the dtc-xen soap daemon.
dtc-xen-volgroup(8) This script is a part of the SOAP server of dtc-xen running over HTTPS with Auth.
dtc-xen_domU_gen_xen_conf(8) Configure the Xen startup file of a VPS.
dtc-xen_domUconf_network_debian(8) Configure a debian VPS for using network.
dtc-xen_domUconf_network_redhat(8) Configure a redhat VPS for using network.
dtc-xen_domUconf_standard(8) Configure a debian VPS for using network.
dtc-xen_finish_install(8) Configure your server after the package dtc-xen is installed.
dtc-xen_migrate(8) Migrate a VPS to another Xen server.
dtc_change_bsd_kernel(8) Rewrites the xen startup script with selected kernel.
dtc_install_centos(8) Bootstrap a CentOS install to use in a chroot or VM.
dtc_kill_vps_disk(8) Destroy LVM disks for freeing space.
dtc_reinstall_os(8) Reinstall an operating system in a VM.
dtc_setup_vps_disk(8) Setup LVM disks for using it as a VM.
dtc_write_xenhvm_conf(8) Rewrites the xen startup script with selected params.
dummy_server(8) A simple server that binds to a user-specified port and does nothing.
dump.f2fs(8) Retrieve directory and file entries from an F2FS-formated image.
dump_sockdfc(8) Display contents of frozen configuratyion file for SOCKS server.
dump_sockdfr(8) Display contents of frozen route file for SOCKS server.
dump_socksfc(8) Display contents of frozen configuratyion file for SOCKS clients.
dumpe2fs(8) Dump ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem information.
dumpexfat(8) Dump exFAT file system.
dumpseg(8) Print segment information of NILFS2.
dvhtool(8) Disk volume header manipulation tool.
e2freefrag(8) Report free space fragmentation information.
e2fsck(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
e2fsck.static(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
e2image(8) Save critical ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem metadata to a file.
e2label(8) Change the label on an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.
e2undo(8) Replay an undo log for an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.
e4defrag(8) Online defragmenter for ext4 filesystem.
easside-ng(8) An auto-magic tool which allows you to communicate via an WEP-encrypted AP without knowing the.
ebsmount-udev(8) Triggered by udev on EBS attach and detach.
ebtables(8) Ethernet bridge frame table administration.
ebtables-compat(8) ↣ ebtables(8) Ethernet bridge frame table administration.
editmap(8) Query and edit single records in database maps for sendmail.
edquota(8) Edit user quotas.
eepro100-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for Intel EtherExpress Pro100B, and EEPro PCI 10+ ethernet.
efingerd(8) Another finger daemon for linux.
ekey-rekey(8) Entropy Key Long Term Session Key tool.
ekey-setkey(8) Entropy Key Long Term Key programmer.
ekeyd(8) Entropy Key Daemon.
ekeyd-egd-linux(8) EGD Entropy Daemon.
ekeydctl(8) Entropy Key Daemon Control tool.
elogd(8) Web server program for Electronic Logbook ELOG.
emacspeakconfig(8) Configure emacspeak.
enadis.cgi(8) CGI program to enable/disable Xymon tests.
envdir(8) Runs another program with environment modified according to files in a specified directory.
envuidgid(8) Runs another program with environment variables indicating a specified account's uid and gid.
epic-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for SMC EtherPowerII ethernet cards and others.
eql_enslave(8) Enslave a network interface with a master interface.
espeakup(8) Connect Speakup to the ESpeak TTS engine.
etherwake(8) A tool to send a Wake-On-LAN "Magic Packet".
ethtool(8) Query or control network driver and hardware settings.
ettercap(8) Multipurpose sniffer/content filter for man in the middle attacks.
ettercap-pkexec(8) Graphical pkexec-based launcher for ettercap.
ettercap_curses(8) Man page for the Ncurses GUI.
ettercap_plugins(8) A collection of plugins for ettercap.
etterfilter(8) Filter compiler for ettercap content filtering engine.
etterlog(8) Log analyzer for ettercap log files.
eventstat(8) A tool to measure system events.
execsnoop(8) Trace process exec() with arguments. Uses Linux ftrace.
execstack(8) Tool to set, clear, or query executable stack flag of ELF binaries and shared libraries.
exfatfsck(8) Check an exFAT file system.
exfatlabel(8) Get or set an exFAT file system label.
exicyclog(8) Cycle exim's logfiles.
exigrep(8) Search Exim's main log.
exim(8) A Mail Transfer Agent.
exim4(8) ↣ exim(8) A Mail Transfer Agent.
exim_checkaccess(8) Check address acceptance from given IP.
exim_convert4r4(8) Convert Exim configuration from v3 to v4 format.
exim_db(8) Exim's hint databases maintenance (exim_dumpdb, exim_fixdb, exim_tidydb).
exim_dbmbuild(8) Build a DBM file.
exim_dumpdb(8) ↣ exim_db(8) Exim's hint databases maintenance (exim_dumpdb, exim_fixdb, exim_tidydb).
exim_fixdb(8) ↣ exim_db(8) Exim's hint databases maintenance (exim_dumpdb, exim_fixdb, exim_tidydb).
exim_lock(8) Mailbox maintenance.
exim_tidydb(8) ↣ exim_db(8) Exim's hint databases maintenance (exim_dumpdb, exim_fixdb, exim_tidydb).
eximon(8) Monitor Exim.
exinext(8) Finding individual retry times.
exiqgrep(8) Search in the exim queue.
exiqsumm(8) Summarising the queue.
exiwhat(8) Finding out what Exim processes are doing.
exportfs(8) Maintain table of exported NFS file systems.
ext_ldap_group_acl(8) Squid LDAP external acl group helper.
ext_session_acl(8) Squid session tracking external acl helper.
ext_unix_group_acl(8) Squid UNIX Group ACL helper.
fai(8) Fully Automatic Installation.
fai-cd(8) Make a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick that performs an FAI.
fai-chboot(8) Manage the network boot configuration files.
fai-make-nfsroot(8) Create the FAI nfsroot directory.
fai-monitor(8) Fai monitor daemon.
fai-setup(8) Setup script for Fully Automatic Installation (FAI).
fai-statoverride(8) Dpkg-statoverride for multiple files.
fake(8) IP address takeover tool.
fake-hwclock(8) Control fake hardware clock.
fakepop(8) ↣ in.fakepop(8) A fake pop3 daemon.
fal(8) File Access Listener for DECnet.
fancontrol(8) Automated software based fan speed regulation.
fastrm(8) Quickly remove a set of files.
faxabort(8) Tell a HylaFAX server to abort a receive.
faxaddmodem(8) Configure a modem for use with HylaFAX.
faxadduser(8) Add a fax user to the permissions file.
faxanswer(8) Tell a HylaFAX server to answer the telephone.
faxconfig(8) Dynamically change HylaFAX configuration parameters.
faxcron(8) HylaFAX routine maintenance script.
faxdeluser(8) Delete a fax user from the permissions file.
faxgetty(8) HylaFAX front-door process.
faxinfo(8) Print information about a received facsimile.
faxlock(8) Tell a HylaFAX server to switch to LOCKWAIT state.
faxmodem(8) Dynamically add a modem to a HylaFAX server system.
faxmsg(8) Back end to faxabort, faxanswer and faxquit.
faxq(8) HylaFAX queue manager process.
faxqclean(8) HylaFAX queue cleaner process.
faxquit(8) Tell a HylaFAX server to terminate.
faxrcvd(8) HylaFAX notification script for received facsimile.
faxsend(8) HylaFAX facsimile transmit program.
faxsetup(8) Setup a machine for use with HylaFAX.
faxstate(8) Control ``modem state'' of a device used by HylaFAX.
faxwatch(8) Monitor low-level HylaFAX server actions.
fbb(8) Script to start the fbb daemon.
fcgiwrap(8) Serve CGI applications over FastCGI.
fcopy(8) Copy files using classes.
fdflush(8) Force floppy disk drive to detect disk change.
fdutilsconfig(8) Configure the suid bit of fdmount.
fence_alom(8) Fence agent for Sun ALOM.
fence_amt(8) Fence agent for AMT.
fence_apc(8) Fence agent for APC over telnet/ssh.
fence_apc_snmp(8) Fence agent for APC, Tripplite PDU over SNMP.
fence_bladecenter(8) Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter.
fence_brocade(8) Fence agent for HP Brocade over telnet/ssh.
fence_cisco_mds(8) Fence agent for Cisco MDS.
fence_cisco_ucs(8) Fence agent for Cisco UCS.
fence_compute(8) Fence agent for the automatic resurrection of OpenStack compute instances.
fence_docker(8) Fence agent for Docker.
fence_drac(8) I/O Fencing agent for Dell DRAC IV.
fence_drac5(8) Fence agent for Dell DRAC CMC/5.
fence_dummy(8) Dummy fence agent.
fence_eaton_snmp(8) Fence agent for Eaton over SNMP.
fence_emerson(8) Fence agent for Emerson over SNMP.
fence_eps(8) Fence agent for ePowerSwitch.
fence_hds_cb(8) Fence agent for Hitachi Compute Blade systems.
fence_hpblade(8) Fence agent for HP BladeSystem.
fence_ibmblade(8) Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter over SNMP.
fence_idrac(8) Fence agent for IPMI.
fence_ifmib(8) Fence agent for IF MIB.
fence_ilo(8) Fence agent for HP iLO.
fence_ilo2(8) Fence agent for HP iLO.
fence_ilo3(8) Fence agent for IPMI.
fence_ilo3_ssh(8) Fence agent for HP iLO over SSH.
fence_ilo4(8) Fence agent for IPMI.
fence_ilo4_ssh(8) Fence agent for HP iLO over SSH.
fence_ilo_moonshot(8) Fence agent for HP Moonshot iLO.
fence_ilo_mp(8) Fence agent for HP iLO MP.
fence_ilo_ssh(8) Fence agent for HP iLO over SSH.
fence_imm(8) Fence agent for IPMI.
fence_intelmodular(8) Fence agent for Intel Modular.
fence_ipdu(8) Fence agent for iPDU over SNMP.
fence_ipmilan(8) Fence agent for IPMI.
fence_kdump(8) Fencing agent for use with kdump crash recovery service.
fence_kdump_send(8) Send kdump acknowlegement message to cluster nodes.
fence_ldom(8) Fence agent for Sun LDOM.
fence_lpar(8) Fence agent for IBM LPAR.
fence_mpath(8) Fence agent for multipath persistent reservation.
fence_netio(8) I/O Fencing agent for Koukaam NETIO-230B.
fence_ovh(8) Fence agent for OVH.
fence_pve(8) Fencing agent for the Proxmox Virtual Environment.
fence_raritan(8) I/O Fencing agent for Raritan Dominion PX.
fence_rcd_serial(8) Rcd_serial fence agent.
fence_rhevm(8) Fence agent for RHEV-M REST API.
fence_rsa(8) Fence agent for IBM RSA.
fence_rsb(8) I/O Fencing agent for Fujitsu-Siemens RSB.
fence_sanbox2(8) Fence agent for QLogic SANBox2 FC switches.
fence_sbd(8) Fence agent for sbd.
fence_scsi(8) Fence agent for SCSI persistentl reservation.
fence_tripplite_snmp(8) Fence agent for APC, Tripplite PDU over SNMP.
fence_vbox(8) Fence agent for VirtualBox.
fence_virsh(8) Fence agent for virsh.
fence_vmware(8) Fence agent for VMWare.
fence_vmware_soap(8) Fence agent for VMWare over SOAP API.
fence_wti(8) Fence agent for WTI.
fence_xenapi(8) Fence agent for Citrix XenServer over XenAPI.
fence_zvmip(8) Fence agent for use with z/VM Virtual Machines.
fetch-crl(8) Retrieve certificate revocation lists.
fgadm(8) Filtergen command program.
fghack(8) Is an anti-backgrounding tool.
fh-sync(8) Synchronize all changes to the permanent storage.
fiforead(8) Test program for aprsdigi.
fifowrite(8) Test program for aprsdigi.
filechan(8) File-writing backend for InterNetNews.
filefrag(8) Report on file fragmentation.
filesnarf(8) Sniff files from NFS traffic.
filetea(8) Web based file sharing service daemon.
filetraq(8) Keep track of changes in config files.
filtergen(8) Packet filter compiler.
find_member(8) Find all Mailman mailing lists that a member's address is on.
fixmount(8) Fix remote mount entries. Directory Server perl script for creating a "fixup" task for linked attributes. Directory Server perl script for memberOf attributes.
flashrom(8) Detect, read, write, verify and erase flash chips.
fnotifystat(8) A tool to show file system activity.
fontdump(8) Extract fonts from files.
foomatic-addpjloptions(8) Format PJL option information the for foomatic database.
foomatic-kitload(8) Installs a data kit into the foomatic database.
foremost(8) Recover files using their headers, footers, and data structures.
forkstat(8) A tool to show process fork/exec/exit activity.
fprobe(8) A NetFlow probe.
fprobe-ulog(8) A NetFlow probe.
fragiso(8) Split rpm packages from an iso and reassemble the iso later on.
fs2ram(8) Manage post-mount/pre-mount scripts.
fsarchiver(8) Filesystem archiver.
fsck.exfat(8) ↣ exfatfsck(8) Check an exFAT file system.
fsck.ext2(8) ↣ e2fsck(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
fsck.ext3(8) ↣ e2fsck(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
fsck.ext4(8) ↣ e2fsck(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
fsck.ext4dev(8) ↣ e2fsck(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
fsck.f2fs(8) Check a Linux F2FS file system.
fsck.gfs2(8) Offline GFS and GFS2 file system checker.
fsck.nfs(8) Dummy fsck.nfs script that always returns success.
fsck.reiserfs(8) ↣ reiserfsck(8) The checking tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
fsck.xfs(8) Do nothing, successfully.
fstab-decode(8) Run a command with fstab-encoded arguments.
ftar(8) Extract tar files using classes.
ftpcloudfs(8) FTP interface to Rackspace Cloud Files and OpenStack Object Storage.
ftpdctl(8) ProFTPD control program.
ftpscrub(8) Scrub the proftpd scoreboard file of stale entries.
ftpshut(8) Shut down all proftpd servers at a given time.
ftpstats(8) FTP Log summarizer.
ftpwatch(8) Notifies you of changes on remote ftp servers.
ftwire2bro(8) Converts NetFlow v5 files in wire format to bro format.
fud(8) Provide information about user mailboxes.
funccount(8) Count kernel function calls matching specified wildcards. Uses Linux ftrace.
functrace(8) Trace kernel function calls matching specified wildcards. Uses Linux ftrace.
fwcheck_psad(8) Look for iptables rules that log and block unwanted packets.
fwlogwatch(8) A firewall log analyzer and realtime response agent.
fwlw_notify(8) ↣ fwlogwatch(8) A firewall log analyzer and realtime response agent.
fwlw_respond(8) ↣ fwlogwatch(8) A firewall log analyzer and realtime response agent.
fwsnort(8) Firewall Snort.
ganglia-nagios-bridge(8) Transfer Ganglia metrics to Nagios.
genext2fs(8) Ext2 filesystem generator for embedded systems.
genl-ctrl-list(8) List available kernel-side Generic Netlink families.
genromfs(8) Create a romfs image.
geoip-database-contrib_update(8) ↣ update-geoip-database(8) Script to download the latest version of the MaxMind GeoIP Lite database.
gesftpserver(8) Green End SFTP Server.
get-news(8) Debian Suck front end.
get6x86(8) ↣ set6x86(8) Access Cyrix control registers.
getc_putc(8) Program to test hard drive performance.
getcap(8) Examine file capabilities.
geximon(8) A Gtk2 exim MTA monitor.
gfs2_convert(8) Convert a GFS1 filesystem to GFS2.
gfs2_edit(8) Display, print or edit GFS2 or GFS internal structures.
gfs2_grow(8) Expand a GFS2 filesystem.
gfs2_jadd(8) Add journals to a GFS2 filesystem.
gfs2_lockcapture(8) Capture locking information from GFS2 file systems and DLM.
gfs2_trace(8) Can enable trace events, disable trace events, and capture data from GFS2 trace events.
ggsn(8) Gateway GPRS Support Node.
gld(8) GreyListing Daemon for postfix.
gm-adjust_db_settings(8) GNUmed server adjust database settings.
gm-backup_data(8) Backup of GNUmed data.
gm-backup_database(8) Complete backup of GNUmed database.
gm-bootstrap_server(8) Bootstrap the latest released version of the SQL database for GNUmed.
gm-dump_schema(8) GNUmed server dump schema and roles.
gm-fingerprint_db(8) GNUmed server fingerprint database.
gm-fixup_server(8) Apply fixup scripts to an SQL database for GNUmed.
gm-install_arriba(8) Installiert den ARRIBA-Rechner für Schlaganfall/Herzinfarkt-Risiko.
gm-move_backups_offsite(8) Move GNUmed backups to elsewhere.
gm-restore_data(8) Restoring data into an empty GNUmed database.
gm-restore_database(8) Restoring a GNUmed database.
gm-set_gm-dbo_password(8) GNUmed server set gm-dbo password.
gm-upgrade_server(8) Upgrade an existing SQL database for GNUmed to the next version.
gm-zip+sign_backups(8) Pack and sign backups of GNUmed databases.
gpart(8) Guess PC-type hard disk partitions.
gpm(8) A cut and paste utility and mouse server for virtual consoles.
gpm-mouse-test(8) A tool for determining mouse type and device it's attached to.
gradm2(8) Administration program for the grsecurity RBAC system.
grlearn(8) Automatic learning daemon for grsecurity RBAC system.
gsm0710muxd(8) A GSM 07.10 muxer.
gsmctl(8) GSM mobile phone control program.
gsmpb(8) GSM mobile phone phonebook manipulation program.
gsmsendsms(8) SMS message sender utility.
gsmsmsd(8) SMS message reception daemon.
gsmsmsstore(8) SMS store manipulation program.
gssd(8) RPCSEC_GSS daemon.
guessnet(8) Guess which LAN a network interface is connected to.
guessnet-ifupdown(8) Guess which LAN a network interface is connected to.
guessnet-scan(8) Guess network configuration data by looking at network traffic.
gufw(8) Graphic user interface for managing ufw.
guru(8fun) System administration.
hddtemp(8) Utility to monitor hard drive temperature.
hdparm(8) Get/set SATA/IDE device parameters.
health-check(8) A tool to measure system events.
hfaxd(8) HylaFAX client-server protocol server.
hg-ssh(8) Restricted ssh login shell for Mercurial.
hlfsd(8) Home-link file system daemon.
horst(8) Highly Optimized Radio Scanning Tool.
hping3(8) Send (almost) arbitrary TCP/IP packets to network hosts.
htdigconfig(8) Script to create fuzzy databases for ht://Dig.
htpdate(8) Time synchronization (daemon).
hugeadm(8) Configure the system huge page pools.
hugectl(8) Control policy for backing text, data and malloc() with hugepages.
hugeedit(8) Set default policy for backing text and data with hugepages.
hv_kvp_daemon(8) Hyper-V Key Value Pair daemon.
hwlatdetect(8) Program to control the kernel hardware latency detection module.
hwstamp_ctl(8) Set time stamping policy at the driver level.
i2c-stub-from-dump(8) Feed i2c-stub with dump files.
i2cdetect(8) Detect I2C chips.
i2cdump(8) Examine I2C registers.
i2cget(8) Read from I2C/SMBus chip registers.
i2cset(8) Set I2C registers.
ialarms(8) Display and set alarm indicators.
iauth(8) The Internet Relay Chat Authentication Program.
icinga2(8) The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon.
icmd(8) A tool to send specific IPMI commands via the command line.
icmpinfo(8) Interpret ICMP messages.
icmpush(8) ICMP packet builder.
iconfig(8) List, save, and restore BMC configuration parameters.
idcmi(8) Handle DCMI functions.
idecrypt(8) Encrypted IDENT response decryption utility.
idelloem(8) OEM commands for Dell servers.
ident2(8) An advanced ident daemon.
identd(8) TCP/IP IDENT protocol server.
idiscover(8) Discover IPMI LAN-enabled nodes.
idle3ctl(8) Disable, get or set the idle3 timer on Western Digital HDD.
idled(8) Provide near real-time updates for IMAP IDLE.
iekanalyzer(8) Run FRU-Ekeying analyzer with FRU files.
ievents(8) Decode IPMI and PET event data.
ifdown(8) ↣ netscript(8) Netscript network configuration command.
ifhp(8) Almost Universal LPRng Print Filter.
ifirewall(8) Configure the IPMI firmware firewall functions.
ifmail(8) Convert RFC-822 and RFC-1036 mail/news to FTN Fidonet packets.
ifmetric(8) An IPv4 route metrics manipulation tool.
ifnews(8) ↣ ifmail(8) Convert RFC-822 and RFC-1036 mail/news to FTN Fidonet packets.
ifplugd(8) A link detection daemon for ethernet devices.
ifplugstatus(8) A link beat detection tool.
ifru(8) Show Field Replacable Unit configuration data.
ifstatus(8) ↣ ifplugstatus(8) A link beat detection tool.
iftop(8) Display bandwidth usage on an interface by host.
iftoss(8) Convert Fidonet FTN packets to RFC-822 and RFC-1036 mail/news.
ifwum(8) Update IPMC using Kontron OEM Firmware Update Manager.
igetevent(8) Wait for IPMI events.
ihpm(8) PICMG HPM.1 Upgrade Agent.
ikeygen(8) Generate a random DES key.
ikiwiki-mass-rebuild(8) Rebuild all ikiwiki wikis on a system.
ilan(8) Show and configure BMC LAN parameters and set up a PEF entry to send BMC LAN Alerts for OS.
im-config(8) Set up input method configuration for X Window System.
imapd(8) IMAP server process.
imapd-ssl(8) ↣ imapd(8) IMAP server process.
imapfront-auth(8) IMAP Front End.
in.fakepop(8) A fake pop3 daemon.
in.nnrpd(8) NNTP server for on-campus hosts.
in.tftpd(8) Trivial File Transfer Protocol server.
inadyn.conf(5) Inadyn DDNS client configuration file.
infond(8) Program bugs to compete for food and survival.
init-checkconf(8) Manual page for init-checkconf.
initctl(8) Init daemon control tool.
initctl2dot(8) Manual page for initctl2dot. Summarize innd and nnrpd log files.
innreport(8) Summarize INN log files.
innstat(8) Print snapshot of INN system.
innxbatch(8) Send xbatched Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server.
insserv(8) Boot sequence organizer using LSB init.d script dependency information.
install-keymap(8) Expand a given keymap and install it as boot-time keymap.
install_packages(8) Install FAI configured packages.
installkernel(8) Install a new kernel image.
inteltool(8) A tool for dumping Intel(R) CPU / chipset configuration parameters.
intltool-extract(8) Generate header files which can be read by gettext.
intltool-merge(8) Merge translated strings into various types of file.
intltool-prepare(8) Prepare software to make use of intltool.
intltool-update(8) Updates PO template file and merge translations with it.
intltoolize(8) Copy intltool related files to software package.
iodine(8) Tunnel IPv4 over DNS.
iodined(8) ↣ iodine(8) Tunnel IPv4 over DNS.
iolatency(8) Summarize block device I/O latency as a histogram. Uses Linux ftrace.
iosnoop(8) Trace block I/O events as they occur. Uses Linux ftrace.
iotop(8) Simple top-like I/O monitor.
ipfm(8) IP Flow Meter.
ipgrab(8) A Verbose Packet Sniffer.
ipicmg(8) Send specific PICMG extended IPMI commands.
ipkungfu(8) An iptables-based firewall for Linux.
ipmi_port(8) A daemon to bind RMCP port 623 to prevent portmap from using it.
ipmiutil(8) A meta-command to invoke various IPMI functions.
ippl(8) IP Protocols Logger.
ipsvd-cdb(8) Create constant database from ipsvd instructions directory.
iptotal(8) IP Traffic-based monitor, not requiring SNMP.
iptotald(8) Iptotal daemon.
iptraf(8) Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor.
iptraf-ng(8) Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor.
ipwatchd(8) IP conflict detection tool for Linux.
ircd(8) The Internet Relay Chat Program Server.
ircd-hybrid(8) The IRCD-Hybrid Internet Relay Chat server.
ircd-ircu(8) The Undernet Internet Relay Chat Daemon.
ircd-mkpasswd(8) Generate password hashes for ircd.
ircdwatch(8) Check ircds current state.
ireset(8) Perform a hardware reset on the system.
isadump(8) Examine ISA registers.
isaset(8) Set ISA registers.
iscsi_discovery(8) Discover iSCSI targets.
isel(8) Show firmware System Event Log records.
iseltime(8) Synchronize BMC SEL time with OS system time.
isensor(8) Show Sensor Data Records.
iserial(8) Configure a system for Serial/EMP management functions, such as Terminal Mode, and option‐.
ismcoem(8) OEM commands for SuperMicro servers.
isol(8) An IPMI Serial-Over-LAN Console application.
isunoem(8) OEM commands for Sun servers.
italc_auth_helper(8) ITALC PAM Authentication Helper.
itox(8) Converts inetd.conf style configuration files to xinetd.conf.
itsol(8) Tyan IPMIv1.5 Serial-Over-LAN Console application.
jabberd-irc(8) IRC gateway for jabber server.
jailer(8) Jailer is a script for creating jails from Debian packages.
jazipconfig(8) Jazip(1) configuration tool.
jnettop(8) View hosts/ports taking up the most network traffic.
jobcontrol(8) Per-job controls for HylaFAX servers.
john(8) A tool to find weak passwords of your users.
kacpimon(8) Kernel ACPI Event Monitor.
kbd-config(8) Configure the console keyboard.
kdump(8) This is just a placeholder until real man page has been written.
keepalived(8) Load-balancing and high-availability service.
kerneloops(8) Program to collect and submit kernel oopses to
keyd(8) Backend key serving daemon for the onak PGP keyserver.
keydctl(8) Control an onak keyd instance.
keytouch-editor(8) An editor for keytouch keyboard definition files.
kinect_fetch_fw(8) Download the Usb Audio Class firmware for the Kinect.
kinect_upload_fw(8) Kinect firmware uploader to have an Usb Audio Class device.
kissbridge(8) Connect scc port to a pty device.
kmsgsd(8) Separates iptables messages from all other kernel messages.
knife(8fun) Tools to improve network performance via SNIP.
komrunning(8) Program to control if the LysKOM server is running.
kprobe(8) Trace a given kprobe definition. Kernel dynamic tracing. Uses Linux ftrace.
krb5_newrealm(8) Create a new Kerberos Realm.
kuser(8) Configures users on the system.
ladvd(8) Send link layer advertisements.
ladvdc(8) Display link layer advertisements.
laptop-mode.conf(8) Configuration file for laptop-mode-tools.
laptop_mode(8) Apply laptop mode settings.
latcp(8) LAT Control Program.
latd(8) LAT daemon.
latencytop(8) A tool for developers to visualize system latencies.
lcmaps_ban_dn.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to ban a user based on the Subject DN.
lcmaps_ban_fqan.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to ban a user based on any of its FQANs.
lcmaps_dummy_bad.mod(8) Dummy LCMAPS plugin that always returns failure.
lcmaps_dummy_good.mod(8) Dummy LCMAPS plugin that always returns success.
lcmaps_ldap_enf.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to update ldap according to credentials.
lcmaps_localaccount.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to switch user identity.
lcmaps_poolaccount.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to switch user identity by pool accounts.
lcmaps_posix_enf.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to switch user identity.
lcmaps_verify_proxy.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to verify a certificate chain including proxies.
ld-musl-config(8) Configures musl dynamic linker path's.
ldif2db(8) Directory Server script for importing a LDIF file.
ldif2db-online(8) Directory Server perl script for importing a LDIF file.
ldif2ldap(8) Directory Server script for adding entries.
lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings(8) Settings editor for LightDM GTK+ Greeter.
lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings-pkexec(8) ↣ lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings(8) Settings editor for LightDM GTK+ Greeter.
linux-user-chroot(8) Safely allow normal users to chroot.
list_admins(8) List all the owners of a Mailman mailing list.
list_lists(8) List all Mailman mailing lists on this host.
list_members(8) List all the members of a Mailman mailing list.
lldpad(8) Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) agent daemon.
lm-profiler(8) Laptop mode profiler.
lm-profiler.conf(8) Configuration file for lm-profiler, a profiler for laptop-mode-tools.
lm-syslog-setup(8) Configure laptop mode tools to switch syslog.conf based on power state.
lmtpd(8) LMTP server process.
lnpd(8) A LinuX Interface to the BrickOS Networking Protocol.
lnstat(8) Unified linux network statistics.
loadndisdriver(8) Userspace ndis driver loader for the ndiswrapper Linux kernel module.
loadunimap(8) Load the kernel unicode-to-font mapping table.
locale-gen(8) Generates localisation files from templates.
localepurge(8) Reclaim disk space removing unneeded localizations.
lock-util(8) Short desc goes here.
lockname(8) Generate a UUCP lock filename.
logcheck(8) Program to scan system logs for interesting lines.
logkeys(8) A GNU/Linux keylogger that works!.
logsave(8) Save the output of a command in a logfile.
lookupconfig(8) Program to create index files for lookup program.
lowntfs-3g(8) ↣ ntfs-3g(8) Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver.
lpc(8) Line printer control program.
lsb(8) Linux Standard Base support for Debian.
lsof(8) List open files.
lspcmcia(8) ↣ pccardctl(8) PCMCIA card control utility.
lsvmbus(8) List Hyper-V VMBus devices.
luckybackup(8) A powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool.
luser(8fun) Process to control the clueless individuals who (mis)use computer systems, peripheral devices and sys‐.
lvm-util(8) Short desc goes here.
lvmdump(8) Create lvm2 information dumps for diagnostic purposes.
lyskomd(8) LysKOM server.
macof(8) Flood a switched LAN with random MAC addresses.
mail.local(8) Store mail in a mailbox.
mailer(8) Script to warn users about their weak passwords.
mailgraph(8) Daemon which produces graphs of SMTP traffic.
mailq(8) Show contents of the mail queue.
mailsnarf(8) Sniff mail messages in Berkeley mbox format.
mailstats(8) Display mail statistics.
make-bcache(8) Create a cache device.
make-ssl-cert(8) Debconf wrapper for openssl.
make_sockdfc(8) Generates frozen configuratyion file for SOCKS server.
make_sockdfr(8) Generates frozen route file for SOCKS server.
make_socksfc(8) Generates frozen configuratyion file for SOCKS clients.
makeactive(8) Tool to recover Usenet active file.
makedbm(8) Create or dump a ypserv database file.
makedeltaiso(8) Create a deltaiso from two isos.
makedeltarpm(8) Create a deltarpm from two rpms.
makejail(8) Helps creating and maintaining a chroot jail.
makemap(8) Create database maps for sendmail.
massagevendor(8) Convert the ethernet vendor codes master list to arpwatch format.
mbexamine(8) Examine a cyrus-format mailbox.
mcsender(8) Multicast test tool to send multicast test packets.
md-mx-ctrl(8) Control mimedefang-multiplexor.
mdadm(8) Manage MD devices aka Linux Software RAID.
mdmon(8) Monitor MD external metadata arrays.
memlockd(8) Daemon to lock files in memory with mlock.
memtool(8) Display and modify memory.
metche(8) Reducing root bus factor.
micro_proxy(8) Really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy.
migrate-ds(8) Directory Server Migration script.
migrate-ds-admin(8) Admin Server and Directory Server Migration script.
mii-tool(8) View, manipulate media-independent interface status.
miltertest(8) Milter unit test utility.
mimedefang(8) Sendmail MIME mail filter.
mimedefang-multiplexor(8) Process pool controller for mail filters. Perl script to scan MIME messages.
minbif(8) The IRC instant messaging gateway.
mini_httpd(8) Small HTTP server.
miniupnpd(8) UPnP Internet Gateway Device Daemon.
miredo(8) Teredo IPv6 tunneling for Unix.
miredo-checkconf(8) Miredo configuration file syntax checking tool.
miredo-server(8) Teredo server for Unix.
miredo-server.conf(5) Configuration for miredo-server.
miredo.conf(5) Configuration for Miredo.
mix(8) Starts the proxyserver of the an.on anonymizing proxy project.
mk-amd-map(8) Create database maps for Amd.
mk_modmap(8) Translate a Linux keytable file into an xmodmap file.
mkcover(8) HylaFAX continuation cover page generation command.
mkcp(8) Make a NILFS2 checkpoint.
mke2fs(8) Create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.
mkelfImage(8) Make an elf network bootable image for linux.
mkexfatfs(8) Create an exFAT file system.
mkfs.exfat(8) ↣ mkexfatfs(8) Create an exFAT file system.
mkfs.ext2(8) ↣ mke2fs(8) Create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.
mkfs.ext3(8) ↣ mke2fs(8) Create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.
mkfs.ext4(8) ↣ mke2fs(8) Create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.
mkfs.ext4dev(8) ↣ mke2fs(8) Create an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.
mkfs.f2fs(8) Create an F2FS file system.
mkfs.gfs2(8) Make a GFS2 filesystem.
mkfs.nilfs2(8) Create a NILFS2 filesystem.
mkfs.ntfs(8) ↣ mkntfs(8) Create an NTFS file system.
mkfs.reiserfs(8) ↣ mkreiserfs(8) The create tool for the Linux ReiserFS filesystem.
mkfs.xfs(8) Construct an XFS filesystem.
mkjigsnap(8) Create a snapshot tree on a jigdo server.
mklost+found(8) Create a lost+found directory on a mounted Linux second extended file system.
mkntfs(8) Create an NTFS file system.
mkreiserfs(8) The create tool for the Linux ReiserFS filesystem.
mkrescue(8) Make rescue floppy or CD.
mksmbpasswd(8) Formats a /etc/passwd entry for a smbpasswd file.
mma-libdoc(8) Maintain mma library files.
mmarch(8) Rebuild a Mailman mailing list's archive.
mmsitepass(8) Set the Mailman site password, prompting from the terminal.
modem-cmd(8) Send arbitrary AT commands to your modem.
ModemManager(8) Mobile broadband modem management daemon.
moin-mass-migrate(8) Migrate all moin wikis on a system.
monitor(8) Directory Server script for monitoring database performance.
monthly(8) Httpd log rotation for wwwstat.
moprc(8) MOP Remote console requestor.
mount.dapfs(8) Mount DAP filesystem over DECnet.
mount.exfat(8) ↣ mount.exfat-fuse(8) Mount an exFAT file system.
mount.exfat-fuse(8) Mount an exFAT file system.
mount.fuse(8) Format and options for the fuse file systems.
mount.lowntfs-3g(8) ↣ ntfs-3g(8) Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver.
mount.nfs(8) Mount a Network File System.
mount.nilfs2(8) Mount a NILFS2 file system.
mount.ntfs(8) ↣ ntfs-3g(8) Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver.
mount.ntfs-3g(8) ↣ ntfs-3g(8) Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver.
mountall(8) Mount filesystems during boot.
mountd(8) NFS mount daemon.
mountro(8) Remount the root file systems as read only.
mountrw(8) Remount the root file systems as read/write.
mountstats(8) Displays NFS client per-mount statistics.
mouseemu(8) Emulate mouse buttons and mouse wheel.
mpt-status(8) Retrieve configuration and health status from LSI hardware RAID controllers.
mrb(8) Manage incremental snapshots with rsync/make.
mrd6(8) An IPv6 Multicast routing daemon and framework.
msgcache(8) Cache client messages for later pickup by xymonfetch.
msgsnarf(8) Sniff chat messages.
multilog(8) Reads a sequence of lines from stdin and appends selected lines to any number of logs.
multinet(8) Connect to a Multinet* DECnet over IP server.
multipathd(8) Multipath daemon.
mumudvb(8) Multicast a DVB transponder over multiples ip addresses.
myson-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the Myson MTD803 chip.
mysqmail-courier-logger(8) Logs courier-imap traffic to a mysql database.
mysqmail-dovecot-logger(8) Logs dovecot-imapd and dovecot-pop3d traffic to a mysql database.
mysqmail-postfix-logger(8) Logs smtp traffic to a mysql database.
mysqmail-pure-ftpd-logger(8) Logs pureftpd traffic to a mysql database.
nacctd(8) Network accounting daemon.
nast(8) Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool.
natsemi-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the National Semiconductor.
ndisc6(8) ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery tool.
ndiswrapper(8) Linux kernel module and user space tool to load and run Windows XP drivers for wireless cards.
ndpmon(8) Neighbor Discovery Protocol Monitor.
ndptool(8) Neighbor Discovery Protocol tool.
ne2k-pci-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for PCI NE2000 ethernet cards.
neard(8) Near Field Communication daemon.
negotiate_kerberos_auth(8) Squid kerberos based authentication helper.
netenv(8) Configure your system for different network environments.
netfilter-persistent(8) Load, flush and save netfilter rule sets.
nethogs(8) Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process.
netplan(8) IP server for plan(1) appointment lists.
netscript(8) Netscript network configuration command.
netscript-ipfilter(8) Netscript network configuration command.
network-config(8) Simple network configuration tool.
neutron-linuxbridge-agent(8) OpenStack Virtual network service - linuxbridge agent.
neutron-openvswitch-agent(8) OpenStack Virtual network service - openvswitch agent.
neutron-rootwrap(8) OpenStack Virtual network service - sudo helper.
neutron-server(8) OpenStack Virtual network service - server.
newaliases(8) Update /etc/aliases database.
newaliases.sendmail(8) Rebuild the data base for the mail aliases file.
newlist(8) Create a new, unpopulated Mailman mailing list.
news-recovery(8) Tools to recover Usenet databases.
newslog(8) Programs to manipulate or summarize.
newsrequeue(8) Tool to rewrite batchfiles.
nfcollector(8) Collects NetFlow data and writes it to a file.
nfsd(8) NFS server process.
nfsiostat(8) Emulate iostat for NFS mount points using /proc/self/mountstats.
nfslogsum(8) Summarize nfswatch log file.
nfsstat(8) List NFS statistics.
nfstrace(8) NFS and CIFS tracing/monitoring/capturing/analyzing tool.
nfswatch(8) Monitor an NFS server.
ngetty(8) Daemon for virtual console terminals.
ngetty-argv(8) ↣ ngetty(8) Daemon for virtual console terminals.
ngetty-helper(8) ↣ ngetty(8) Daemon for virtual console terminals.
nilfs(8) The new implementation of a log-structured file system.
nilfs-clean(8) Run garbage collector on NILFS file system.
nilfs-resize(8) Resize NILFS file system volume size.
nilfs-tune(8) Adjust tunable file system parameters on NILFS file system.
nilfs_cleanerd(8) NILFS2 garbage collector.
nl-classid-lookup(8) Lookup classid definitions.
nl-pktloc-lookup(8) Lookup packet location definitions.
nl-qdisc-add(8) Manage queueing disciplines.
nl-qdisc-delete(8) ↣ nl-qdisc-add(8) Manage queueing disciplines.
nl-qdisc-list(8) ↣ nl-qdisc-add(8) Manage queueing disciplines.
nnmaster(8) Nn database manager.
nnspew(8) Subject database manager (nn).
nntpd(8) NNTP server process.
notify(8) HylaFAX user notification script.
notifyd(8) Cyrus notification server.
nrpe(8) Nagios Remote Plugin Executor - Server. Directory Server perl script for checking the status of entries. Directory Server perl script for activating entries. Directory Server perl script for inactivating entries. Directory Server perl script for preparing new password policies.
ns-slapd(8) The main Directory Server daemon.
ns820-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the National Semiconductor.
nslcd(8) Local LDAP name service daemon.
nslcd.conf(5) Configuration file for LDAP nameservice daemon.
nslint(8) Perform consistency checks on dns files.
nss_updatedb(8) Cache name service directories in DB format.
nstat(8) ↣ rtacct(8) Network statistics tools.
ntfs-3g(8) Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver.
ntfs-3g.probe(8) Probe an NTFS volume mountability.
ntfs-3g.secaudit(8) NTFS Security Data Auditing.
ntfs-3g.usermap(8) NTFS Building a User Mapping File.
ntfscat(8) Print NTFS files and streams on the standard output.
ntfsclone(8) Efficiently clone, image, restore or rescue an NTFS.
ntfscluster(8) Identify files in a specified region of an NTFS volume.
ntfscmp(8) Compare two NTFS filesystems and tell the differences.
ntfscp(8) Copy file to an NTFS volume.
ntfsdecrypt(8) Decrypt or update NTFS files encrypted according to EFS.
ntfsfallocate(8) Preallocate space to a file on an NTFS volume.
ntfsfix(8) Fix common errors and force Windows to check NTFS.
ntfsinfo(8) Dump a file's attributes.
ntfslabel(8) Display/change the label on an ntfs file system.
ntfsls(8) List directory contents on an NTFS filesystem.
ntfsprogs(8) Tools for doing neat things with NTFS.
ntfsresize(8) Resize an NTFS filesystem without data loss.
ntfstruncate(8) Truncate a file on an NTFS volume.
ntfsundelete(8) Recover a deleted file from an NTFS volume.
ntfswipe(8) Overwrite unused space on an NTFS volume.
ntop(8) Display top network users.
ntopng(8) Display top network users.
ntp-keygen(8) Generate public and private keys.
ntp-wait(8) Wait for NTP server to synchronize.
ntpdate(8) Set the date and time via NTP.
ntpdate-debian(8) Set the date and time via NTP.
ntptime(8) Read kernel time variables.
nuke(8fun) Launch nuclear weapons at mapped USENET sites.
nullmailer-queue(8) Insert mail messages into the queue.
nullmailer-send(8) Send queued messages.
nullmailer-smtpd(8) Sendmail emulator interface for nullmailer.
numatop(8) A tool for memory access locality characterization and analysis.
nutcracker(8) Fast, light-weight proxy for memcached and Redis.
nwepgen(8) Generates Neesus Datacom compatible WEP keys.
oddjobd(8) Privileged operations for unprivileged processes.
ofonod(8) OFono mobile telephony daemon.
oidentd(8) TCP/IP IDENT protocol server.
oldlog2new(8) Convert an NCSA httpd 1.1 access_log file to CLF access_log.
olsr_switch(8) Olsrd network simulator.
olsrd(8) Optimized Link State Routing protocol daemon.
omniMapper(8) Simple proxy for CORBA naming service from omniORB.
omniNames(8) OmniORB Interoperable Naming Service. Process OpenPGP keyserver emails.
ondelay(8) Open device without waiting for carrier.
openconnect(8) Connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN.
opendkim(8) DKIM signing and verifying filter for MTAs.
opendkim-atpszone(8) DKIM ATPS zone file generation tool.
opendkim-convert-keylist(8) Convert an OpenDKIM KeyList.
opendkim-genkey(8) DKIM filter key generation tool.
opendkim-genzone(8) DKIM public key zone file generation tool.
opendkim-stats(8) Output opendkim statistics.
opendkim-testkey(8) DKIM filter installation test.
opendkim-testmsg(8) DKIM message tst.
opendmarc(8) DMARC email policy filter for MTAs.
opendmarc-check(8) DMARC record check tool.
opendmarc-expire(8) OpenDMARC history data expiration tool.
opendmarc-import(8) OpenDMARC aggregate report data import tool.
opendmarc-importstats(8) Import OpenDMARC statistics/history data.
opendmarc-params(8) OpenDMARC reporting parameters setup tool.
opendmarc-reports(8) OpenDMARC aggregate report generation tool.
opensnoop(8) Trace open() syscalls with file details. Uses Linux ftrace.
openvpn(8) Secure IP tunnel daemon.
osspd(8) OSS Proxy Daemon.
ownership(8) Compaq ownership tag retriever.
p3scan(8) Fully transparent proxy scanning server for POP3 and SMTP.
p3scan_readme(8) Readme for the p3scan tool.
p910nd(8) Port 9100+n printer daemon.
pads(8) Passive Asset Detection System.
pads-report(8) PADS Text Reporting Module.
pads.conf(8) Pads configuration file.
pagemon(8) A tool to monitor memory pages.
pagesend(8) HylaFAX IXO/TAP and UCP transmit program.
palo(8) Hppa/palinux Linux boot media management (think lilo).
pam-auth-update(8) Manage PAM configuration using packaged profiles.
pam_google_authenticator(8) PAM module for two-step verification.
pam_ldap(8) PAM module for LDAP-based authentication.
pam_oddjob_mkhomedir(8) PAM module to create users home directory via oddjob.
pam_otpw(8) Verify one-time passwords.
pam_sshauth(8) PAM module which authenticates against an ssh server.
paris-traceroute(8) Print the IP-level routes between two Internet hosts.
part-util(8) Short desc goes here.
pawserv(8) CERNLIB program for serving PAW histograms remotely.
paxctld(8) Daemon to automatically apply appropriate PaX flags.
pccardctl(8) PCMCIA card control utility.
pchar(8) Perform network measurements along an Internet path.
pci-config(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the AMD PCnet/PCI series chips.
pcnet-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the AMD PCnet/PCI series chips.
pdf2fax(8) Image Portable Document Format file for facsimile transmission by HylaFAX.
perdition(8) POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server.
perdition.imap4(8) ↣ perdition(8) POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server.
perdition.imap4s(8) ↣ perdition(8) POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server.
perdition.imaps(8) ↣ perdition(8) POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server.
perdition.managesieve(8) ↣ perdition(8) POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server.
perdition.pop3(8) ↣ perdition(8) POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server.
perdition.pop3s(8) ↣ perdition(8) POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server.
perditiondb_ldap_makedb(8) Create perdition popmap in LDAP.
perditiondb_mysql_makedb(8) Create perdition database in a MySQL RDMS.
perditiondb_postgresql_makedb(8) Create perdition database in a PostgreSQL RDMS.
perf-stat-hist(8) Histogram summary of tracepoint values. Uses Linux perf_events.
pfqueue(8) A queue realtime scanner for MTA.
pgpool(8) PostgreSQL connection pool daemon.
pgpverify(8) Cryptographically verify Usenet control messages.
pgrphack(8) Runs a program in a separate process group.
phc2sys(8) Synchronize two or more clocks.
phc_ctl(8) Directly control PHC device clock.
phoned(8) DECnet phone server daemon.
pimd(8) PIM-SM/SSM v2 dynamic multicast routing daemon.
pip_stress(8) Test priority inheritance between processes.
pkcs11-kek-rewrap(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - PKCS11 Kek Rewrap.
pkcs11-key-generation(8) OpenStack Keystore as a Service - PKCS11 Key Generator.
pkgsync(8) Automated package synchronization tool.
plotnetcfg(8) Plot diagram of network configuration.
pma-configure(8) Enables configuration of phpMyAdmin installation.
pma-secure(8) Secures phpMyAdmin installation.
pmc(8) PTP management client.
pmsd(8fun) Periodically Manic System Daemon. Manages the bizzare and sometimes unexplainable behavior exhibited by.
pokerconfigupgrade(8) Upgrade poker XML configuration files to match the software version.
policyd-weight(8) Weighted SMTP policy daemon.
pollrcvd(8) HylaFAX script for delivering facsimile received by polling.
pop3front(8) POP3 Front End.
pop3front-auth(8) ↣ pop3front(8) POP3 Front End.
pop3front-maildir(8) ↣ pop3front(8) POP3 Front End.
popfile-bayes(8) Dumps the word matrix for a given message.
popfile-insert(8) Feeds sample emails to a specified bucket to train POPFile.
popfile-pipe(8) Allows message classification via a pipe.
portsentry(8) Detect portscan activity.
postfix-add-filter(8) Add filter service to Postfix
postfix-add-policy(8) Add policy service to Postfix
postfix-nochroot(8) Change /etc/postfix/ to not use chroot.
postsrsd(8) Postfix Sender Rewriting Scheme daemon.
pound(8) HTTP/HTTPS reverse-proxy and load-balancer.
poundctl(8) Control the pound(8) daemon.
power-calibrate(8) A tool to calibrate power consumption.
poweroff(8) ↣ reboot(8) Reboot or stop the system.
powerstat(8) A tool to measure power consumption.
ppp-gatekeeper(8) PPP Gatekeeper is a daemon that manages PPPOE connections.
pppconfig(8) Configure pppd to connect to the Internet.
pppd-radattr(8) RADIUS utility plugin for pppd(8).
pppd-radius(8) RADIUS authentication plugin for pppd(8).
pppdump(8) Convert PPP record file to readable format.
pppoe(8) User-space PPPoE client.
pppoe-connect(8) Shell script to manage a PPPoE link.
pppoe-discovery(8) Perform PPPoE discovery.
pppoe-relay(8) User-space PPPoE relay agent.
pppoe-server(8) User-space PPPoE server.
pppoe-setup(8) Shell script to configure Roaring Penguin PPPoE client.
pppoe-sniff(8) Examine network for non-standard PPPoE frames.
pppoe-start(8) Shell script to bring up a PPPoE link.
pppoe-status(8) Shell script to report on status of PPPoE link.
pppoe-stop(8) Shell script to shut down a PPPoE link.
pppoeconf(8) Configures a PPPoE (ADSL) connection.
pppstats(8) Print PPP statistics.
pps-tools(8) LinuxPPS support tools and headers.
ppsctl(8) ↣ pps-tools(8) LinuxPPS support tools and headers.
ppsfind(8) ↣ pps-tools(8) LinuxPPS support tools and headers.
ppsldisc(8) ↣ pps-tools(8) LinuxPPS support tools and headers.
ppstest(8) ↣ pps-tools(8) LinuxPPS support tools and headers.
ppswatch(8) ↣ pps-tools(8) LinuxPPS support tools and headers.
pptp(8) PPTP driver.
pptpctrl(8) PPTP control connection manager.
pptpd(8) PPTP VPN daemon.
pqos(8) Intel Platform Quality of Service.
praliases(8) Display system mail aliases.
prayer(8) Standalone IMAP-based webmail server.
prayer-accountd(8) Prayer system account helper daemon.
prayer-session(8) Prayer user session backend daemon.
prayer-ssl-prune(8) Purge stale SSL session data.
prelink(8) Prelink ELF shared libraries and binaries to speed up startup time.
prelink.bin(8) ↣ prelink(8) Prelink ELF shared libraries and binaries to speed up startup time.
probe-bcache(8) Probe a bcache device.
probemodem(8) Check modem and report the result of certain commands.
proftpd(8) Professional configurable, secure file transfer protocol server.
ps2fax(8) Image POSTSCRIPT® for facsimile transmission by HylaFAX.
psad(8) The Port Scan Attack Detector.
psadwatchd(8) Checks to make sure kmsgsd and psad are running.
ptp4l(8) PTP Boundary/Ordinary Clock.
pvpgn-support-installer(8) Downloads the support files needed by pvpgn.
pwauth(8) Authenticator for mod_authnz_external and the Apache HTTP Daemon.
pwmconfig(8) Tests the PWM outputs of sensors and configures fancontrol.
pxfw(8) Firmware flashing tool for Plextor CD/DVD devices.
pyca(8) CA written in python.
pyftpd(8) Ftp server in python.
pynslcd(8) Local LDAP name service daemon.
pyroman(8) A firewall configuration utility.
qb-blackbox(8) Display "flight data" from the "blackbox".
qmail-clean(8) Clean up the queue directory.
qmail-command(8) User-specified mail delivery program.
qmail-getpw(8) Give addresses to users.
qmail-inject(8) Preprocess and send a mail message.
qmail-local(8) Deliver or forward a mail message.
qmail-lspawn(8) Schedule local deliveries.
qmail-newmrh(8) Prepare morercpthosts for qmail-smtpd.
qmail-newu(8) Prepare address assignments for qmail-lspawn.
qmail-pop3d(8) Distribute mail via POP.
qmail-popup(8) Read a POP username and password.
qmail-pw2u(8) Build address assignments from a passwd file.
qmail-qmqpc(8) Queue a mail message via QMQP.
qmail-qmqpd(8) Receive mail via QMQP.
qmail-qmtpd(8) Receive mail via QMTP.
qmail-qread(8) List outgoing messages and recipients.
qmail-qstat(8) Summarize status of mail queue.
qmail-queue(8) Queue a mail message for delivery.
qmail-remote(8) Send mail via SMTP.
qmail-rspawn(8) Schedule remote deliveries.
qmail-send(8) Deliver mail messages from the queue.
qmail-showctl(8) Analyze the qmail configuration files.
qmail-smtpd(8) Receive mail via SMTP.
qmail-start(8) Turn on mail delivery.
qmail-tcpok(8) Clear TCP timeout table.
qmail-tcpto(8) Print TCP timeout table.
qpsmtpd-forkserver(8) Fork-on-demand server for qpsmtpd.
qpsmtpd-prefork(8) Preforkin server for qpsmtpd.
qtool(8) Manipulate sendmail queues.
queue-repair(8) Deal with the qmail queue directory structure.
quot(8) Summarize filesystem ownership.
quota_nld(8) Quota netlink message daemon.
quotacheck(8) Scan a filesystem for disk usage, create, check and repair quota files.
quotaoff(8) ↣ quotaon(8) Turn filesystem quotas on and off.
quotaon(8) Turn filesystem quotas on and off.
quotatool(8) Manipulate filesystem quotas.
racoon-tool(8) Program to manage the racoon(8) IPSEC IKE daemon.
radconf2xml(8) Converts radiusd.conf to XML.
radcrypt(8) Generate password hash for use with radius, or validates a password hash.
radeontool(8) Utility to get/set registers and to control backlight on radeon based laptops.
radiusd(8) RADIUS authentication/accounting server.
radsniff(8) Dump radius protocol.
ramond(8) IPv6 Router Advertisement MONitor Daemon.
randomsound(8) ALSA sound card related entropy gathering daemon.
rbldns(8) An IP-address-listing DNS server.
rbldns-conf(8) Sets up an IP-address-listing DNS service.
rbldns-data(8) Data tool for rbldns.
rbldnsd(8) DNS daemon suitable for running DNS-based blocklists.
rcapid(8) Remote CAPI server.
rdisc6(8) ICMPv6 Router Discovery tool.
rdnssd(8) IPv6 Recursive DNS Server discovery Daemon.
readproctitle(8) Maintains an automatically rotated log in memory for inspection by ps(1).
really(8) Gain privilege or run commands a different user.
reboot(8) Reboot or stop the system.
reConServer(8) ReConServer SIP conferencing server.
recvstats(8) Summarize HylaFAX receive accounting information.
redsocks(8) Redirect any TCP connection to a SOCKS or HTTP proxy.
ree(8) Extract ROM extensions.
reged(8) Utility to export/import and edit a Windows registry hives.
regionset(8) Display and set the zone setting of a DVD drive.
register-common-lisp-implementation(8) Internal clc commands.
register-common-lisp-source(8) ↣ register-common-lisp-implementation(8) Internal clc commands.
register-ds-admin(8) Registers Directory Server instances with an Admin Server.
reiserfsck(8) The checking tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
reiserfstune(8) The tunning tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
reload(8) ↣ initctl(8) Init daemon control tool.
remove-ds(8) Remove an instance of Directory Server.
remove-ds-admin(8) Remove all Directory Servers and Admin Server.
remove-shell(8) Remove shells from the list of valid login shells.
remove_members(8) Remove members from a Mailman mailing list.
repquota(8) Summarize quotas for a filesystem.
repro(8) Repro SIP proxy server.
reprocmd(8) Control the repro SIP proxy server.
rescan-scsi-bus(8) Rescan the SCSI bus.
reset-ftrace(8) Reset state of ftrace, disabling all tracing. Written for Linux ftrace.
resize2fs(8) Ext2/ext3/ext4 file system resizer.
resize_reiserfs(8) Resizer tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
restart(8) ↣ initctl(8) Init daemon control tool.
restart-dirsrv(8) Restart script for Directory Server.
restart-ds-admin(8) Restart script for Admin Server.
restoreconfig(8) Directory Server script for restoring the Admin Server configuration.
reTurnServer(8) ReTurn TURN server for NAT traversal.
rfkill(8) Tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices.
rinputd(8) Remote Input Server Daemon.
rkhunter(8) RootKit Hunter.
rlm_dbm_cat(8) List contents of radius database.
rlm_dbm_parser(8) Transforms simple syntax into rlm_dbm format.
rlm_ippool_tool(8) Dump the contents of the FreeRadius ippool database files.
rltraceroute6(8) IPv6 traceroute tool.
rmail(8) Handle remote mail received via uucp.
rmcp(8) Remove NILFS2 checkpoints.
rmlist(8) Remove the components of a Mailman mailing list with impunity - beware!.
rmnews(8) Expunge and remove news articles.
rmtermd(8) Old style DECnet terminal services for Linux.
rngd(8) Check and feed random data from hardware device to kernel random device.
rovclock(8) Utility to control frequency rates of your Radeon card.
rpc.dracd(8) Dynamic Relay Authorization Control server.
rpc.gssd(8) ↣ gssd(8) RPCSEC_GSS daemon.
rpc.mountd(8) ↣ mountd(8) NFS mount daemon.
rpc.nfsd(8) ↣ nfsd(8) NFS server process.
rpc.rquotad(8) Remote quota server.
rpc.svcgssd(8) ↣ svcgssd(8) Server-side rpcsec_gss daemon.
rpcdebug(8) Set and clear NFS and RPC kernel debug flags.
rpl8(8) Firmware loader for DVD drives.
rplayd(8) Rplay sound server.
rpm(8) RPM Package Manager.
rpm2archive(8) Extract archive archive from RPM Package Manager (RPM) package.
rpm2cpio(8) Extract cpio archive from RPM Package Manager (RPM) package.
rpmbuild(8) Build RPM Package(s).
rpmdb(8) RPM Database Tool.
rpmdeps(8) Generate RPM Package Dependencies.
rpmgraph(8) Display RPM Package Dependency Graph.
rpmkeys(8) RPM Keyring.
rpmquery(8) ↣ rpm(8) RPM Package Manager.
rpmsign(8) RPM Package Signing.
rpmspec(8) RPM Spec Tool.
rpmverify(8) ↣ rpm(8) RPM Package Manager.
rsmtp(8) ↣ exim(8) A Mail Transfer Agent.
rsockd(8) SOCKSified SOCKS server.
rst(8) Terminate an established TCP connection.
rt-migrate-test(8) Test to verify the RT threads scheduler balancing.
rtacct(8) Network statistics tools.
rtkitctl(8) Realtime Policy and Watchdog daemon control.
rtl8139-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the Realtek 8129 and 8139.
rtmon(8) Listens to and monitors RTnetlink.
rtmpgw(8) RTMP streaming media gateway.
rtpr(8) Replace backslashes with newlines.
rtstat(8) ↣ lnstat(8) Unified linux network statistics.
run-parts(8) Run scripts or programs in a directory.
runas(8) Program to run daemons as non priviledge users.
runit(8) A UNIX process no 1.
runit-init(8) A UNIX process no 1.
runlevel(8) Output previous and current runlevel.
runq(8) ↣ exim(8) A Mail Transfer Agent.
runsv(8) Starts and monitors a service and optionally an appendant log service.
runsvchdir(8) Change services directory of runsvdir(8).
runsvdir(8) Starts and monitors a collection of runsv(8) processes.
runsvdir-start(8) Monitor and start runsv(8) processes in /etc/service.
rvnamed(8) Reverse name resolution daemon for iptraf(8).
rvnamed-ng(8) Reverse name resolution daemon for iptraf(8).
s3switch(8) Manage the output devices on an S3 Savage chip.
sa(8) Summarizes accounting information.
sac(8) System accounting.
sagan(8) Real-time System & Event Log Monitoring System.
sampasswd(8) Reset passwords of users in the SAM user database.
samusrgrp(8) Add or remove users from groups in SAM database files.
sanlock(8) Shared storage lock manager.
sasl-sample-client(8) Sample client program for demonstrating and testing SASL authentication.
sasl-sample-server(8) Sample server program for demonstrating and testing SASL authentication.
sasldblistusers2(8) List users in sasldb.
saslpasswd2(8) Set a user's sasl password.
saslpluginviewer(8) List loadable SASL plugins and their properties.
saveconfig(8) Directory Server script for saving the Admin Server configuration.
savecore-lyskom(8) Save core files from lyskomd.
savelog(8) Save a log file.
saveme(8) Unlink
sccinit(8) Initialize scc card.
sccparam(8) Change or list parameters of a scc port.
schedtool(8) Query and set CPU scheduling parameters. Directory Server perl script for updating the schema.
scsi-spin(8) Spin up and down a SCSI device.
scsidev(8) Populate /dev/scsi with device names that are persistent against SCSI configuration changes.
seaudit(8) SELinux graphical audit log analysis tool.
seaudit-report(8) SELinux audit log reporting tool.
selinux-config-enforcing(8) Change /etc/selinux/config to set enforcing or permissive modes.
selinux-policy-upgrade(8) Upgrade the modules in the SE Linux policy database from a policy package.
send_arp(8) Send out one ARP packet with source/target IP and Ethernet hardware addresses suuplied by the user.
sendfiled(8) Simple Asynchronous File Transfer server.
sendmail.sendmail(8) An electronic mail transport agent.
sendmailconfig(8) Configure sendmail for Debian systems.
sendvmsmail(8) Mail forwarder for DECnet.
sensible-mda(8) A generic local MDA router for Debian systems.
sensors-conf-convert(8) Sensors configuration conversion.
sensors-detect(8) Detect hardware monitoring chips.
ser2net(8) Serial to network proxy.
service(8) Run a System V init script.
set6x86(8) Access Cyrix control registers.
setcap(8) Set file capabilities.
setether(8) Set the ethernet address for use with DECnet.
setlock(8) Runs another program with a file locked.
setquota(8) Set disk quotas.
setuidgid(8) Runs another program under a specified account's uid and gid.
setup-ds(8) Set up an instance of Directory Server.
setup-ds-admin(8) Set up an instance of Directory Server and Admin Server.
setup-storage(8) Automatically prepare storage devices.
setvesablank(8) Turn VESA screen blanking on or off.
setvtrgb(8) Set the virtual terminal RGB colors.
sftpcloudfs(8) SFTP interface to Rackspace Cloud Files and OpenStack Object Storage.
sgsnemu(8) Serving GPRS Support Node Emulator.
sheep(8) Distributed Block Storage System for QEMU.
sheepfs(8) A pseudo file system exports both Sheepdog's internal state as well as Sheepdog's storage.
shield-purge(8) Manage hosts rules for the pam_shield package.
shield-trigger(8) Program used with pam_shield PAM module to manage ip blocking.
shield-trigger-iptables(8) Program used with pam_shield PAM module to manage ip blocking.
shield-trigger-ufw(8) Program used with pam_shield PAM module to manage ip blocking.
showfsck(8) Show the number of reboots until a forced fsck.
showmount(8) Show mount information for an NFS server.
shutdown(8) Bring the system down.
siggen(8) Signature gathering routine for Tripwire.
signaltest(8) RT signal roundtrip test software.
skksearch(8) Yet another SKK Dictionary server.
slack(8) Sysadmin's lazy autoconfiguration kit.
slapacl(8) Check access to a list of attributes.
slapadd(8) Add entries to a SLAPD database.
slapauth(8) Check a list of string-represented IDs for LDAP authc/authz.
slapcat(8) SLAPD database to LDIF utility.
slapd(8) Stand-alone LDAP Daemon.
slapdn(8) Check a list of string-represented LDAP DNs based on schema syntax.
slapindex(8) Reindex entries in a SLAPD database.
slappasswd(8) OpenLDAP password utility.
slapschema(8) SLAPD in-database schema checking utility.
slaptest(8) Check the suitability of the OpenLDAP slapd configuration.
slpd(8) SLPv2 Service Agent (SA)/Directory Agent (DA).
slrn_getdescs(8) Weekly update of newsgroups descriptions file.
smcroute(8) SMCRoute, a static multicast router.
smemstat(8) Report memory usage with shared memory divided proportionally.
smmapd(8) Sendmail socket map daemon.
smrsh(8) Restricted shell for sendmail.
smtpctl(8) Control the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol daemon.
smtpd(8) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol daemon.
smtpfront(8) SMTP Front Ends.
smtpfront-echo(8) ↣ smtpfront(8) SMTP Front Ends.
smtpfront-qmail(8) ↣ smtpfront(8) SMTP Front Ends.
smtpfront-reject(8) ↣ smtpfront(8) SMTP Front Ends.
sngrep(8) SIP Messages flow viewer.
SNHELLO(8) Perform initial conversation with a newsserver (used by sn news system).
sniffit(8) Packet sniffer and monitoring tool.
snlockf(8) Lock files from within shell-scripts (used by sn news system).
snmptrapfmt(8) Receive and log SNMP trap messages from a trap handler.
snmptrapfmthdlr(8) Trap handler for receiving SNMP Traps.
snort(8) Open source network intrusion detection system.
SNPOST(8) Handle a part of posting messages (used by sn news system).
sockd(8) Internet firewall secure socket server (proxy server).
socklog(8) Small and secure syslogd replacement for use with runit.
socklog-check(8) Checks for the availability of a socklog(8) service.
socklog-conf(8) Sets up a socklog(8) service.
softlimit(8) Runs another program with new resource limits.
spacenavd(8) Daemon for 3D-input-devices.
spfqueue(8) ↣ pfqueue(8) A queue realtime scanner for MTA.
splitkomdb(8) Split the database for efficient backups.
splogger(8) Make entries in syslog.
spnavd_ctl(8) ↣ spacenavd(8) Daemon for 3D-input-devices.
squid(8) HTTP web proxy caching server.
squid3(8) ↣ squid(8) HTTP web proxy caching server.
squidtaild(8) Squid log monitoring program.
squirrelmail-configure(8) Interactively configure SquirrelMail.
sraw(8) Benchmark raw scsi I/O performance under linux.
ss(8) Another utility to investigate sockets.
sshmitm(8) SSH monkey-in-the-middle.
sshow(8) SSH traffic analysis tool.
ssmtp(8) Send a message using smtp.
stap-server(8) Systemtap compile server management.
staprun(8) Systemtap runtime.
starfire-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the Adaptec 6915 "Starfire".
start(8) ↣ initctl(8) Init daemon control tool.
start-dirsrv(8) Start script for Directory Server.
start-ds-admin(8) Start script for Admin Server.
startsrv(8) Invoke ttysrv for a particular host.
status(8) ↣ initctl(8) Init daemon control tool.
stop(8) ↣ initctl(8) Init daemon control tool.
stop-dirsrv(8) Stop script for Directory Server.
stop-ds-admin(8) Stop script for Admin Server.
sudo_root(8) How to run administrative commands.
suexec-custom(8) Switch User For Exec.
suffix2instance(8) Directory Server script for finding a backend name.
sun2amd(8) Converts Sun automount maps to Amd maps.
superiotool(8) Super I/O detection tool.
supervise(8) Starts and monitors a service.
supfilesrv(8) Sup server processes.
supscan(8) Sup server processes.
suricata(8) Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Tool.
sv(8) Control and manage services monitored by runsv(8).
svc(8) Controls services monitored by supervise(8).
svcgssd(8) Server-side rpcsec_gss daemon.
svlogd(8) Runit's service logging daemon.
svnserve(8) Server for the 'svn' repository access method.
svok(8) Checks whether supervise(8) is running.
svscan(8) Starts and monitors a collection of services.
svscanboot(8) Starts svscan(8) in the /service directory, with output and error messages logged through read‐.
svstat(8) Prints the status of services monitored by supervise(8).
switchconf(8) Change system configuration to one of many predefined.
synaptic(8) Graphical management of software packages.
sync_members(8) Synchronize a Mailman mailing list's membership with a flat file.
sync_server(8) Server side of the synchronization (replication) engine.
synce-serial-chat(8) Starts a serial connection.
syncnews(8) Synchronize IMAP news mailboxes with active file. Directory Server perl script for validating attribute syntax.
syslog-nagios-bridge(8) Transfer SysLog events to Nagios.
syslogout(8) Modular centralized shell logout mechanism.
sysprofile(8) Modular centralized shell configuration.
system-config-samba(8) GUI for managing Samba shares and users.
tac_plus(8) Tacacs plus daemon.
tac_pwd(8) Generate DES or MD5 encryption of a password.
tagtest(8) HylaFAX tag line testing program.
tai64n(8) Puts a precise timestamp on each line.
tai64nlocal(8) Converts precise TAI64N timestamps to a human-readable format.
tally.unwanted(8) Keep track of unwanted newsgroups.
tap-ctl(8) Short desc goes here.
tapdisk(8) Short desc goes here.
tapdisk-stream(8) Short desc goes here.
tapdisk2(8) Short desc goes here.
tcpd(8) Access control facility for internet services.
tcpdchk(8) Tcp wrapper configuration checker.
tcpdmatch(8) Tcp wrapper oracle.
tcpdump(8) Dump traffic on a network.
tcpick(8) Tcp stream sniffer and connection tracker.
tcpkill(8) Kill TCP connections on a LAN.
tcpnice(8) Slow down TCP connections on a LAN.
tcpreen(1) TCP stream monitoring tool.
tcpsvd(8) TCP/IP service daemon.
tcptraceroute6(8) ↣ rltraceroute6(8) IPv6 traceroute tool.
tcsd(8) Daemon that manages Trusted Computing resources.
td-rated(8) Short desc goes here.
td-util(8) Short desc goes here.
telinit(8) Change system runlevel.
tenshi(8) Log Monitoring and Reporting tool.
testsaslauthd(8) Test utility for the SASL authentication server.
textps(8) Text to PostScript filter.
tftpd(8) ↣ in.tftpd(8) Trivial File Transfer Protocol server.
thermald(8) Start Linux thermal daemon.
thpot(8) Tiny honeypot to setup simple (and fake) services.
tiff2fax(8) Convert TIFF for facsimile transmission by HylaFAX.
tiffcheck(8) Check TIFF for HylaFAX conversion requirements.
timemaster(8) Run NTP with PTP as reference clocks.
timsieved(8) CMU hack for getting sieve scripts onto the server.
tinydns(8) A DNS server.
tinydns-conf(8) Sets up a DNS publication service.
tinydns-data(8) Data tool for tinydns.
tinydns-edit(8) Edit the (source form of the) database served by tinydns/axfrdns.
tinydyndns-conf(8) Sets up a pop-before-dyndns service.
tinydyndns-data(8) Add or remove TYPE A record to or from data.cdb.
tinydyndns-update(8) Update TYPE A record in data.cdb.
tkiptun-ng(8) Inject a few frames into a WPA TKIP network with QoS.
tmpreaper(8) Removes files which haven't been accessed for a period of time.
tor-prompt(8) A stem direct access implementation to Tor's control interface.
tpm_changeownerauth(8) Change the authorization data associated with the owner or SRK.
tpm_clear(8) Return the TPM to the default state (unowned, disabled, inactive).
tpm_createek(8) Create an Endorsement Key Pair on the TPM.
tpm_getpubek(8) Display the public portion of the TPM's Endorsement Key.
tpm_resetdalock(8) Reset the dictionary attack lock for the user (require owner authentication).
tpm_restrictpubek(8) Restrict the ability to display the public portion of the Endorsement Key to the owner.
tpm_revokeek(8) Revokes the Endorsement Key Pair of the TPM.
tpm_selftest(8) Request TPM perform selftest and report.
tpm_setactive(8) Change TPM active states.
tpm_setclearable(8) Disable TPM clear operations.
tpm_setenable(8) Change TPM enable states.
tpm_setoperatorauth(8) Sets the operator authorization value in the TPM.
tpm_setownable(8) Change whether the TPM allows tpm_takeownership operations.
tpm_takeownership(8) Setup an owner on the TPM.
tracert6(8) ↣ rltraceroute6(8) IPv6 traceroute tool.
tricklectl(8) Control utility for trickled.
trimhistory(8) Remove old Xymon history-log entries.
tripwire(8) A file integrity checker for UNIX systems.
tsitest(8) HylaFAX TSI access control list checking program.
ttysrv(8) Connect to a serial port and log output.
tulip-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based on the Digital DC21x4* chip.
tumgreyspf(8) An external policy checker for the postfix mail server.
tunctl(8) Create and manage persistent TUN/TAP interfaces.
tune2fs(8) Adjust tunable filesystem parameters on ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems.
tunegfs2(8) View and manipulate gfs2 superblocks.
turbostat(8) Report processor frequency and idle statistics.
twadmin(8) Tripwire administrative and utility tool.
twintro(8) Introduction to Tripwire software.
twprint(8) Tripwire database and report printer.
typetest(8) Test out typerules.
u2boat(8) Unified2 Binary Output & Alert Tool.
u2spewfoo(8) Tool for dumping the contents of unified2 files to stdout.
ucarp(8) Automatic IP failover.
udpsvd(8) UDP/IP service daemon.
ufiformat(8) Format a USB floppy disk.
uif(8) Tool for generating optimized packetfilter rules.
ulatencyd(8) Latency optimizing daemon.
ulogd(8) Netfilter/iptables logging daemon.
umount.nfs(8) Unmount a Network File System.
umount.nilfs2(8) Unmount NILFS2 file systems.
unafs(8) Script to warn users about their weak passwords.
unattended-upgrade(8) Automatic installation of security (and other) upgrades.
unhide(8) Forensic tool to find hidden processes.
unhide-linux(8) ↣ unhide(8) Forensic tool to find hidden processes.
unhide-posix(8) ↣ unhide(8) Forensic tool to find hidden processes.
unhide-tcp(8) Forensic tool to find hidden TCP/UDP ports.
unhide_rb(8) ↣ unhide(8) Forensic tool to find hidden processes.
uni(8) A program to interface with the UniConf configuration system.
uniconfd(8) A daemon program for the UniConf configuration system.
unique(8) Removes duplicates from a wordlist.
unregister-common-lisp-implementation(8) ↣ register-common-lisp-implementation(8) Internal clc commands.
unregister-common-lisp-source(8) ↣ register-common-lisp-implementation(8) Internal clc commands.
unshadow(8) Combines passwd and shadow files.
update-aide.conf(8) Build run-time AIDE configuration.
update-ca-certificates(8) Update /etc/ssl/certs and ca-certificates.crt.
update-canna-dics_dir(8) Compile dics.dir file.
update-ccache-symlinks(8) Update symlinks in /usr/lib/ccache.
update-cracklib(8) Regenerate cracklib dictionary.
update-distcc-symlinks(8) Update symlinks in /usr/lib/distcc.
update-exim4.conf(8) Generate exim4 configuration files.
update-exim4.conf.template(8) Regenerate exim4 configuration file template.
update-exim4defaults(8) Manage exim4 daemon default file.
update-fmtutil(8) ↣ update-tl-stacked-conffile(8) Generate updmap.cfg files for all the system trees.
update-fonts-alias(8) Compile fonts.alias files.
update-fonts-dir(8) Compile fonts.dir files.
update-fonts-scale(8) Generate fonts.scale files.
update-gconf-defaults(8) Generate GConf defaults shipped in Debian packages.
update-geoip-database(8) Script to download the latest version of the MaxMind GeoIP Lite database.
update-grace-fonts(8) Regenerate font database for xmgrace.
update-grub(8) Stub for grub-mkconfig.
update-grub2(8) ↣ update-grub(8) Stub for grub-mkconfig.
update-gummiboot(8) Install / Remove kernel.
update-hoogle(8) Update hoogle database.
update-icon-caches(8) Update wrapper script for the icon caches.
update-info-dir(8) Update or create index file from all installed info files in directory.
update-java-alternatives(8) Update alternatives for jre/sdk installations.
update-kboot(8) Stub for kboot-mkconfig.
update-locale(8) Modify global locale settings.
update-manager(8) Graphical management of software packages updates.
update-menu-lst(8) Program to generate PV-GRUB's menu.lst file.
update-motd(8) Immediately update the dynamic MOTD and print it to stdout.
update-mozpluggerrc(8) Create or update mozplugger's configuration.
update-openrocket(8) Program to get the newest OpenRocket.
update-passwd(8) Safely update /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and /etc/group.
update-primesense-nite-nonfree(8) Program to get the newest PrimeSense NITE module.
update-rt-siteconfig-4(8) Update the Request Tracker configuration file.
update-service(8) Add/remove a service to/from system-wide service supervision.
update-skkdic(8) Make a local skk dictionariy.
update-software-center(8) Update the database for software-center.
update-texmf(8) Shell script to generate /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf.
update-texmf-config(8) Script used in maintainer scripts to trigger tex-common actions.
update-tl-stacked-conffile(8) Generate updmap.cfg files for all the system trees.
update-updmap(8) ↣ update-tl-stacked-conffile(8) Generate updmap.cfg files for all the system trees.
updatedb(8) Update a database for mlocate.
updatejail(8) Is a script for rebuilding a chrooted environment made with jailer.
updateLysKOM(8) Check that lyskomd is running.
upgrade-windowmaker-defaults(8) Convert old wmaker configuration files.
upgradedb(8) Directory Server script for upgrading the database.
upgradednformat(8) Directory Server script for upgrading the DN format.
uphpmvault(8) Upload recovery images to HP MediaVault2 via Ethernet.
upnpd(8) Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device daemon.
upslug2(8) Utility to upgrade the firmware of a NSLU2 via the network.
upstart(8) Upstart process management daemon.
upstart-dbus-bridge(8) Bridge between Upstart and D-Bus.
upstart-dconf-bridge(8) Bridge between Upstart and dconf/gsettings.
upstart-event-bridge(8) Bridge between system Upstart and session Upstart.
upstart-file-bridge(8) Bridge between Upstart and inotify.
upstart-local-bridge(8) Bridge between Upstart and a local client socket connection.
upstart-monitor(8) Display system and session Upstart events.
upstart-socket-bridge(8) Bridge between Upstart and sockets.
upstart-udev-bridge(8) Bridge between Upstart and udev.
uptimed(8) Daemon to record uptime records.
ureadahead(8) Read files in advance during boot.
urlsnarf(8) Sniff HTTP requests in Common Log Format.
usbhid-dump(8) Dump USB HID device report descriptors and streams.
usbview(8) Display information on USB devices.
userhelper(8) A helper interface to PAM. Directory Server perl script for cleaning up tombstone entries.
utmpset(8) Logout a line from utmp and wtmp file.
uucico(8) UUCP file transfer daemon.
uusched(8) Call all systems which have work in a random order.
uuxqt(8) UUCP execution daemon.
v4l-conf(8) Configure a video4linux driver.
varmon(8) A VA RAID monitor.
vbackup(8) A modular backup program.
vbackup-wizard(8) A wizard for basic vbackup configuration.
vblade(8) Export data via ATA over Ethernet.
vblade-persist(8) Manage persistent exported ATA-over-Ethernet devices.
vbladed(8) ↣ vblade(8) Export data via ATA over Ethernet.
vboxputty(8) A self-dialing/-calling vboxgetty.
vconfig(8) VLAN (802.1q) configuration program.
vde_tunctl(8) Create and manage persistent TUN/TAP interfaces.
vdev_id(8) Generate user-friendly names for JBOD disks.
vdradmind(8) Web-based administration tool for VDR. Directory Server perl script for verifying the database.
vhd-index(8) Short desc goes here.
vhd-update(8) Short desc goes here.
vhd-util(8) Short desc goes here.
vhdpartx(8) Short desc goes here.
via-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for the VIA Rhine vt86c100 and vt3043 Ethernet controller.
vlvindex(8) Directory Server script for VLV indexing.
vmcore-dmesg(8) This is just a placeholder until real man page has been written.
vmdebootstrap(8) Install basic Debian system into virtual disk image.
vmsmaild(8) Mail daemon for DECnet.
vortex-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for the 3Com Vortex series.
vpddecode(8) VPD structure decoder.
vtun(8) ↣ vtund(8) VTun(Virtual Tunnel) daemon.
vtund(8) VTun(Virtual Tunnel) daemon.
walldns(8) A reverse DNS wall.
walldns-conf(8) Sets up a DNS wall service.
warnquota(8) Send mail to users over quota.
watch-mimedefang(8) Keep an eye on mimedefang-multiplexor.
watch-multiple-mimedefangs(8) Keep an eye on a cluster of MIMEDefang machines.
watchdog(8) A software watchdog daemon.
watchquagga(8) A program to monitor the status of quagga daemons.
wd_identify(8) A simplified software watchdog daemon.
wd_keepalive(8) A simplified software watchdog daemon.
wdmd(8) Watchdog multiplexing daemon.
webmitm(8) HTTP / HTTPS monkey-in-the-middle.
webspy(8) Display sniffed URLs in Netscape in real-time.
wedged(8) HylaFAX modem wedged script.
wesside-ng(8) Crack a WEP key of an open network without user intervention.
whereami(8) Non-interatively ascertain the location of the computer and reconfigure the system appropriately.
wicd(8) Wired and Wireless Network Connection Manager.
wicd-cli(8) Command-line interface to wicd.
wicd-curses(8) Curses-based wicd(8) controller.
winbond-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for Winbond w89c840 based Ethernet cards.
wire-test(8) Test your network interfaces and local IP address.
withlist(8) General framework for interacting with a Mailman mailing list object.
wlancfg(8) Manupulate linux-wlan-ng MIB values.
wlanctl-ng(8) Control utility for linux-wlan-ng 802.11 devices.
wland(8) Linux-wlan-ng daemon.
wmaloader(8) Server to download firmware to the Linksys WMA11B media adapter.
wondershaper(8) Simple traffic shaping script.
writelog(8) Add a entry to an INN log file.
writetmp(8) Write special wtmp entries to a wtmp file.
wwwerrs(8) Httpd log rotation for wwwstat.
x86_energy_perf_policy(8) Read or write MSR_IA32_ENERGY_PERF_BIAS.
xfbbC(8) Console for the fbb mailbox.
xfbbd(8) Daemon for the fbb mailbox.
xfce4-kiosk-query(8) Queries Xfce4 kiosk capabilities.
xferfaxstats(8) Summarize HylaFAX transmission accounting.
xfs_admin(8) Change parameters of an XFS filesystem.
xfs_bmap(8) Print block mapping for an XFS file.
xfs_copy(8) Copy the contents of an XFS filesystem.
xfs_db(8) Debug an XFS filesystem.
xfs_estimate(8) Estimate the space that an XFS filesystem will take.
xfs_freeze(8) Suspend access to an XFS filesystem.
xfs_fsr(8) Filesystem reorganizer for XFS.
xfs_growfs(8) Expand an XFS filesystem.
xfs_info(8) ↣ xfs_growfs(8) Expand an XFS filesystem.
xfs_io(8) Debug the I/O path of an XFS filesystem.
xfs_logprint(8) Print the log of an XFS filesystem.
xfs_mdrestore(8) Restores an XFS metadump image to a filesystem image.
xfs_metadump(8) Copy XFS filesystem metadata to a file.
xfs_mkfile(8) Create an XFS file.
xfs_ncheck(8) Generate pathnames from i-numbers for XFS.
xfs_quota(8) Manage use of quota on XFS filesystems.
xfs_repair(8) Repair an XFS filesystem.
xfs_rtcp(8) XFS realtime copy command.
xfsdump(8) XFS filesystem incremental dump utility.
xfsinvutil(8) Xfsdump inventory database checking and pruning utility.
xfsrestore(8) XFS filesystem incremental restore utility.
xinetd(8) The extended Internet services daemon.
xjdicconfig(8) Program to create index files for xjdic program.
xm_info_free_memory(8) This script is a part of the SOAP server of dtc-xen running over HTTPS with Auth.
xmlsysd(8) Provide anonymous information to enable the efficient remote monitoring of a network workstations,.
xmotd(8) Message-of-the-day browser for X (and dumb terminals, VT100, etc.).
xorp_rtrmgr(8) XORP Router Manager.
xrdp-keygen(8) Xrdp RSA keys generation utility.
xringd(8) The Linux extended modem ring server.
xtelld(8) Daemon receiving messages from xtell(1) clients.
xttpd(8) Harmonic tide clock and tide predictor (web server).
xymon-mailack(8) Permit acknowledging alerts via e-mail.
xymoncgimsg.cgi(8) CGI utility used for proxying Xymon data over HTTP.
xymond(8) Master network daemon for a Xymon server.
xymond_alert(8) Xymond worker module for sending out alerts.
xymond_capture(8) Catch selected messages from a xymond channel.
xymond_channel(8) Feed a xymond channel to a worker module.
xymond_client(8) Xymond worker module for client data.
xymond_distribute(8) Xymond worker module for distributing commands.
xymond_filestore(8) Xymond worker module for storing Xymon data.
xymond_history(8) Xymond worker module for logging status changes.
xymond_hostdata(8) Xymond worker module for storing historical client data.
xymond_rrd(8) Xymond worker module for updating Xymon RRD files.
xymond_sample(8) Example of a xymond worker module.
xymonfetch(8) Fetch client data from passive clients.
xymonlaunch(8) Master program to launch other Xymon programs.
xymonproxy(8) Xymon message proxy.
yellowfin-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for Ethernet cards based on the "Yellowfin" G-NIC-I chip.
yp_dump_binding(8) Dump binding files.
ypbind(8) NIS binding process.
ypinit(8) NIS database install and build program.
yppoll(8) Return version and master server of a NIS map.
ypset(8) Bind ypbind to a particular NIS server.
yptest(8) Test NIS configuration.
yrmcdsd(8) Memcached compatible KVS with master/slave replication.
zabbix_agentd(8) Zabbix agent daemon.
zabbix_proxy(8) Zabbix proxy daemon.
zabbix_server(8) Zabbix server daemon.
zcav(8) Program to test raw hard drive throughput.
zephyrd(8) Zephyr server daemon.
zerofree(8) Zero free blocks from ext2, ext3 and ext4 file-systems.
zfcp_ping(8) Send a FPNG request to a remote SAN port.
zfcp_show(8) Show information about the SAN environment.
zhm(8) Zephyr HostManager.
zserv(8) CERNLIB server program for transferring ZEBRA formatted files.
zshutdown_notify(8) Notify users of impending shutdown via Zephyr.
zstat(8) Display Zephyr statistics.
389-console(8) The 389 Directory Server UI.
6x86_reg(8) Register Dump utility for Cyrix 6x86.