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Scope: SystemTap Translator Tapset.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
probe::stap.cache_add_mod(3stap) Adding kernel instrumentation module to cache.
probe::stap.cache_add_nss(3stap) Add NSS (Network Security Services) information to cache.
probe::stap.cache_add_src(3stap) Adding C code translation to cache.
probe::stap.cache_clean(3stap) Removing file from stap cache.
probe::stap.cache_get(3stap) Found item in stap cache.
probe::stap.pass0(3stap) Starting stap pass0 (parsing command line arguments).
probe::stap.pass0.end(3stap) Finished stap pass0 (parsing command line arguments).
probe::stap.pass1.end(3stap) Finished stap pass1 (parsing scripts).
probe::stap.pass1a(3stap) Starting stap pass1 (parsing user script).
probe::stap.pass1b(3stap) Starting stap pass1 (parsing library scripts).
probe::stap.pass2(3stap) Starting stap pass2 (elaboration).
probe::stap.pass2.end(3stap) Finished stap pass2 (elaboration).
probe::stap.pass3(3stap) Starting stap pass3 (translation to C).
probe::stap.pass3.end(3stap) Finished stap pass3 (translation to C).
probe::stap.pass4(3stap) Starting stap pass4 (compile C code into kernel module).
probe::stap.pass4.end(3stap) Finished stap pass4 (compile C code into kernel module).
probe::stap.pass5(3stap) Starting stap pass5 (running the instrumentation).
probe::stap.pass5.end(3stap) Finished stap pass5 (running the instrumentation).
probe::stap.pass6(3stap) Starting stap pass6 (cleanup).
probe::stap.pass6.end(3stap) Finished stap pass6 (cleanup).
probe::stap.system(3stap) Starting a command from stap.
probe::stap.system.return(3stap) Finished a command from stap.
probe::stap.system.spawn(3stap) Stap spawned new process.
probe::stapio.receive_control_message(3stap) Received a control message.
probe::staprun.insert_module(3stap) Inserting SystemTap instrumentation module.
probe::staprun.remove_module(3stap) Removing SystemTap instrumentation module.
probe::staprun.send_control_message(3stap) Sending a control message.
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