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Scope: TaskJuggler.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
tj3(1) Schedules tj3 projects and generates reports.
tj3client(1) Send commands and data to the TaskJuggler daemon.
tj3d(1) The TaskJuggler daemon.
tj3man(1) Get documentation for TaskJuggler keywords or generate user manual.
tj3ss_receiver(1) Receive filled-out status sheets via email.
tj3ss_sender(1) Send out status sheets templates via email.
tj3ts_receiver(1) Receive filled-out time sheets via email.
tj3ts_sender(1) Send out time sheets templates via email.
tj3ts_summary(1) Send out individual copies and a summary of accepted time sheets.
tj3webd(1) TaskJuggler reports web server.
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