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Scope: TAU Instrumentation API.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
CT(3) Returns the type information for a variable.
TAU_CONTEXT_EVENT(3) Triggers a context event.
TAU_DB_DUMP(3) Dumps the profile database to disk.
TAU_DB_DUMP_INCR(3) Dumps profile database into timestamped profiles on disk.
TAU_DB_DUMP_PREFIX(3) Dumps the profile database into profile files with a given prefix.
TAU_DB_PURGE(3) Purges the performance data.
TAU_DISABLE_ALL_GROUPS(3) Disables instrumentation in all groups.
TAU_DISABLE_CONTEXT_EVENT(3) Disable a context event.
TAU_DISABLE_GROUP(3) Disables tracking of a given group.
TAU_DISABLE_GROUP_NAME(3) Disables a group based on name.
TAU_DISABLE_INSTRUMENTATION(3) Disables instrumentation.
TAU_DISABLE_TRACKING_MEMORY(3) Disables memory tracking.
TAU_DISABLE_TRACKING_MEMORY_HEADROOM(3) Disables memory headroom tracking.
TAU_DUMP_FUNC_NAMES(3) Dumps function names to disk.
TAU_DUMP_FUNC_VALS(3) Dumps performance data for given functions to disk.
TAU_DUMP_FUNC_VALS_INCR(3) Dumps function values with a timestamp.
TAU_ENABLE_ALL_GROUPS(3) Enables instrumentation in all groups.
TAU_ENABLE_CONTEXT_EVENT(3) Enable a context event.
TAU_ENABLE_GROUP(3) Enables tracking of a given group.
TAU_ENABLE_GROUP_NAME(3) Enables a group based on name.
TAU_ENABLE_INSTRUMENTATION(3) Enables instrumentation.
TAU_ENABLE_TRACKING_MEMORY(3) Enables memory tracking.
TAU_ENABLE_TRACKING_MEMORY_HEADROOM(3) Enables memory headroom tracking.
TAU_EVENT(3) Triggers a user event.
TAU_EVENT_DISABLE_MAX(3) Disables tracking of maximum statistic for a given event.
TAU_EVENT_DISABLE_MEAN(3) Disables tracking of mean statistic for a given event.
TAU_EVENT_DISABLE_MIN(3) Disables tracking of minimum statistic for a given event.
TAU_EVENT_DISABLE_STDDEV(3) Disables tracking of standard deviation statistic for a given event.
TAU_EVENT_SET_NAME(3) Sets the name of an event.
TAU_GET_COUNTER_NAMES(3) Gets the counter names.
TAU_GET_EVENT_NAMES(3) Gets the registered user events.
TAU_GET_EVENT_VALS(3) Gets user event data for given user events.
TAU_GET_FUNC_NAMES(3) Gets the function names.
TAU_GET_FUNC_VALS(3) Gets detailed performance data for given functions.
TAU_GET_PROFILE_GROUP(3) Creates groups based on names.
TAU_GLOBAL_PHASE(3) Declares a global phase.
TAU_GLOBAL_PHASE_EXTERNAL(3) Declares a global phase from an external compilation unit.
TAU_GLOBAL_PHASE_START(3) Starts a global phase.
TAU_GLOBAL_PHASE_STOP(3) Stops a global phase.
TAU_GLOBAL_TIMER(3) Declares a global timer.
TAU_GLOBAL_TIMER_EXTERNAL(3) Declares a global timer from an external compilation unit.
TAU_GLOBAL_TIMER_START(3) Starts a global timer.
TAU_GLOBAL_TIMER_STOP(3) Stops a global timer.
TAU_INIT(3) Processes command-line arguments for selective instrumentation.
TAU_PHASE(3) Profile a C++ function as a phase.
TAU_PHASE_CREATE_DYNAMIC(3) Defines a dynamic phase.
TAU_PHASE_CREATE_STATIC(3) Defines a static phase.
TAU_PHASE_START(3) Enters a phase.
TAU_PHASE_STOP(3) Exits a phase.
TAU_PROFILE(3) Profile a C++ function.
TAU_PROFILE_CALLSTACK(3) Generates a callstack trace at a given location.
TAU_PROFILE_CREATE_TIMER(3) Creates a timer for C.
TAU_PROFILE_DECLARE_TIMER(3) Declares a timer for C.
TAU_PROFILE_EXIT(3) Alerts the profiling system to an exit call.
TAU_PROFILE_INIT(3) Processes command-line arguments for selective instrumentation.
TAU_PROFILE_SET_CONTEXT(3) Informs the measurement system of the context id.
TAU_PROFILE_SET_GROUP_NAME(3) Changes the group name of a profiled section.
TAU_PROFILE_SET_NODE(3) Informs the measurement system of the node id.
TAU_PROFILE_START(3) Starts a timer.
TAU_PROFILE_STMT(3) Executes a statement only when TAU is used.
TAU_PROFILE_STOP(3) Stops a timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER(3) Defines a static timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER_DYNAMIC(3) Defines a dynamic timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER_SET_GROUP(3) Change the group of a timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER_SET_GROUP_NAME(3) Changes the group name for a timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER_SET_NAME(3) Changes the name of a timer.
TAU_PROFILE_TIMER_SET_TYPE(3) Changes the type of a timer.
TAU_REGISTER_CONTEXT_EVENT(3) Registers a context event.
TAU_REGISTER_EVENT(3) Registers a user event.
TAU_REGISTER_FORK(3) Informs the measurement system that a fork has taken place.
TAU_REGISTER_THREAD(3) Register a thread with the profiling system.
TAU_REPORT_STATISTICS(3) Outputs statistics.
TAU_REPORT_THREAD_STATISTICS(3) Outputs statistics, plus thread statistics.
TAU_SET_INTERRUPT_INTERVAL(3) Change the inter-interrupt interval for tracking memory and headroom.
TAU_TRACE_RECVMSG(3) Traces a receive operation.
TAU_TRACE_SENDMSG(3) Traces a receive operation.
TAU_TRACK_MEMORY(3) Initializes memory tracking system.
TAU_TRACK_MEMORY_HEADROOM(3) Track the headroom (amount of memory for a process to grow) by periodically.
TAU_TRACK_MEMORY_HEADROOM_HERE(3) Takes a sample of the amount of memory available at a given point.
TAU_TRACK_MEMORY_HERE(3) Triggers memory tracking at a given execution point.
TAU_TYPE_STRING(3) Creates a type string.
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