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Scope: TCG Software Stack Developer's Reference.

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Tspi_ChangeAuth(3) Change the authorization data of an entity.
Tspi_ChangeAuthAsym(3) Change the authorization data of an entity using asymmetric change protocol.
Tspi_Context_Close(3) Destroy a TSP context handle.
Tspi_Context_CloseObject(3) Destroy resources associated with an object handle.
Tspi_Context_Create(3) Create a TSP context handle.
Tspi_Context_CreateObject(3) Create an empty object and return a handle to that object.
Tspi_Context_GetCapability(3) Provide the capabilities of a TSS Core Service, TSS Service Provider, or TPM.
Tspi_Context_GetKeyByPublicInfo(3) Search the persistent storage for a registered key using the provided public.
Tspi_Context_GetRegisteredKeysByUUID(3) Get an array of TSS_KM_KEYINFO structures based on the state of persis‐.
Tspi_Context_GetRegisteredKeysByUUID2(3) Get an array of TSS_KM_KEYINFO2 structures based on the state of per‐.
Tspi_Context_LoadKeyByUUID(3) Load a key that's been registered in persistent storage.
Tspi_Context_UnregisterKey(3) Unregister a key from the persistent storage device.
Tspi_Data_Seal(3) Encrypt a data blob in a mannar that is only decryptable by Tspi_Data_Unseal on the same sys‐.
Tspi_Data_Unseal(3) Dencrypt data encrypted by Tspi_Data_Seal() only if it was encrypted on the same platform.
Tspi_DecodeBER_TssBlob(3) Unwraps a BER-encoded TSS blob.
Tspi_EncodeDER_TssBlob(3) Generate a DER encoded TSS blob.
Tspi_GetAttribData(3) Get a non 32bit attribute of the object.
Tspi_Key_CertifyKey(3) Sign a public key.
Tspi_Key_CreateKey(3) Create a key pair within the TPM, wrapping it with the key addressed by hWrappingKey.
Tspi_Key_CreateMigrationBlob(3) Create a key blob suitable for migrating to another TPM.
Tspi_Key_WrapKey(3) Wrap a key with the key addressed by hWrappingKey.
Tspi_PcrComposite_GetPcrValue(3) Get the digest value of a given PCR index inside a PCR composite object.
Tspi_Policy_SetSecret(3) Set the authorization data of a policy object and define the handling of its retrieval.
Tspi_SetAttribData(3) Set a non 32bit attribute of an object.
Tspi_TPM_CollateIdentityRequest(3) Gets all the informatin necessary to send to a trusted third party (TTP),.
Tspi_TPM_GetAuditDigest(3) Retrieve the audit digest.
Tspi_TPM_Quote(3) Retreive a signed set of PCR values.
Tspi_TPM_Quote2(3) Retreive a signed set of PCR values with a more complete view than Tspi_TPM_Quote.
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