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Scope: Tcl Math Library.

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bigfloat(3tcl) Arbitrary precision floating-point numbers.
bignum(3tcl) Arbitrary precision integer numbers.
calculus(3tcl) Integration and ordinary differential equations.
combinatorics(3tcl) Combinatorial functions in the Tcl Math Library.
constants(3tcl) Mathematical and numerical constants.
exact(3tcl) Exact Real Arithmetic.
fourier(3tcl) Discrete and fast fourier transforms.
fuzzy(3tcl) Fuzzy comparison of floating-point numbers.
interpolate(3tcl) Interpolation routines.
linalg(3tcl) Linear Algebra.
math(3tcl) Tcl Math Library.
math_geometry(3tcl) Geometrical computations.
numtheory(3tcl) Number Theory.
optimize(3tcl) Optimisation routines.
polynomials(3tcl) Polynomial functions.
qcomplex(3tcl) Straightforward complex number package.
roman(3tcl) Tools for creating and manipulating roman numerals.
romberg(3tcl) Romberg integration.
special(3tcl) Special mathematical functions.
statistics(3tcl) Basic statistical functions and procedures.
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