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[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
a2j(1) Wrapper script to simulate a2jmidid's non-DBUS behaviour though a2jmidid actually being in DBUS mode.
a2j_control(1) Utility to control a2jmidid daemon.
a2jmidi_bridge(1) Static bridge with one ALSA playback port and one JACK MIDI input port.
a2jmidid(1) JACK MIDI daemon for ALSA MIDI.
acminfo(8) Display the header info of a TXT ACM.
aj-snapshot(1) Command line utility to store/restore ALSA and/or JACK connections to/from an XML file.
alifmt(5) Aligned sequences formats.
amispammer(1) The way to know if your MX IPs are blacklisted.
anfo(1) Find best alignment of short reads to database.
anfo-tool(1) Process native ANFO binary files.
anomaly(1) Anomalous data detection.
atdcat(1) Syntax check and transformations of ATD files.
atdgen(1) ATD compiler and code generator.
avibox(1) Merge multimedia files into an AVI file.
away(1) Terminal locking program.
awayrc(5) Configuration file for Away.
bauble(1) Software application to manage a collection of botanical specimens.
bauble-admin(1) Create bauble's database and change some of its properties.
bdump(1) Visualization of biniou data.
bitz-server(1) An ICAP server.
blockfinder(1) Enumerates network information for countries.
cadaver(1) A command-line WebDAV client for Unix.
caja-actions-config-tool(5) Configure programs to launch from the caja file manager.
camelot(1) Gmerlin webcam application.
caml2html(1) Pretty print OCaml in html and latex.
camlmix(1) Preprocessor which converts text with embedded OCaml.
chemeq(1) Chemical Equation Parser and Renderer.
claws-mail(1) A GTK+ based fast email and news client.
cldump(1) Clarion database extractor.
clog(1) Colorized log filter.
clsync(1) Live sync tool, written in GNU C.
coin-config(1) Display Coin Library Configuration.
coldreboot(8) Force a cold reboot bypassing kexec-tools default.
cppman(1) C++ manual page viewer / fetcher.
cppo(1) Lightweight cpp-like preprocessor for OCaml.
cqrlog(1) Advanced logging program for hamradio operators.
cramfsswap(1) Swap endianess of a cram filesystem (cramfs).
crrcsim(1) A model-airplane flight simulation program.
CuteSdr(1) A simple demodulation and spectrum display program.
cvc4(1) An automated theorem prover.
cyr(1) Setup Cyrillic on Linux console.
daemonize(1) Run a program as a Unix daemon.
darksnow(1) A simple frontend to DarkIce.
devcal(1) An FM deviation calibration utility for the SvxLink system.
direnv(1) Unclutter your .profile.
direnv-stdlib(1) The ".envrc" stdlib.
direnv.toml(1) The direnv configuration file.
dnaindex(1) Index dna file for use with ANFO.
duplicity(1) Encrypted incremental backup to local or remote storage.
dvdcpy(1) Copy selected data from dvd.
ebook2cw(1) Convert ebooks to Morse code audio files (MP3/OGG).
ebook2cwgui(1) Graphical user interface for ebook2cw (text to Morse converter).
ed2k-link(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
edonr256-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
edonr512-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
espctag(1) Edit tags of SPC files (ID666).
express.conf(5) Configuration file for OpenShift.
fa2dna(1) Format fasta database for use with ANFO.
fapg(1) Fast Audio Playlist Generator.
file-info(1) Format fasta database for use with ANFO.
flowblade(1) Non-Linear Video Editor.
freedroid(6) A free Paradroid clone.
gendesc(1) Generate a test case description file.
genhtml(1) Generate HTML view from LCOV coverage data files.
geninfo(1) Generate tracefiles from .da files.
genpng(1) Generate an overview image from a source file.
gle(1) Graphics Layout Engine.
gmerlin(1) Gmerlin GUI Player.
gmerlin-record(1) Commandline audio/video recorder.
gmerlin-video-thumbnailer(1) Video thumbnailer.
gmerlin_alsamixer(1) Graphical soundcard mixer from the Gmerlin project.
gmerlin_imgconvert(1) Image converter.
gmerlin_imgdiff(1) Compare two images.
gmerlin_kbd(1) Keyboard shortcut daemon.
gmerlin_kbd_config(1) ↣ gmerlin_kbd(1) Keyboard shortcut daemon.
gmerlin_launcher(1) Remote control command for the Gmerlin GUI Player.
gmerlin_play(1) Commandline Multimedia player.
gmerlin_plugincfg(1) Gmerlin plugin configurator.
gmerlin_psnr(1) Compare two images.
gmerlin_recorder(1) Gmerlin recording application.
gmerlin_remote(1) Remote control command for the Gmerlin GUI Player.
gmerlin_ssim(1) Compare two images.
gmerlin_transcoder(1) GTK multimedia transcoder.
gmerlin_transcoder_remote(1) Remote control command for the Gmerlin GUI transcoder.
gmerlin_vanalyze(1) Compare two videos.
gmerlin_visualize(1) Visualize audio files and save as A/V files.
gmerlin_visualizer(1) Soundcard input visualization program.
gmerlin_vpsnr(1) ↣ gmerlin_psnr(1) Compare two images.
goaccess(1) Fast web log analyzer and interactive viewer.
gost-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
gperiodic(1) Periodic table application.
greenbone-nvt-sync(8) Updates the OpenVAS NVTs from Greenbone Security Feed or Community Feed.
gsmc(1) A GTK Smith Chart Calculator for RF impedance matching.
gummi(1) LaTeX editor.
gwhois(1) Generic whois client / server.
gyoto(1) The General relativitY Orbit Tracer of Observatoire de Paris.
gyoto-mpi-worker.6(1) The General relativitY Orbit Tracer of Observatoire de Paris.
gyotoy(1) Visualize one geodesic in Kerr metric.
has160-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
hodie(1) Print current date and time... in Latin.
hp-align(1) Printer Cartridge Alignment Utility.
hp-check(1) Dependency/Version Check Utility.
hp-check-plugin(1) AutoConfig Utility for Plug-in Installation.
hp-clean(1) Printer Printhead Cleaning Utility.
hp-colorcal(1) Printer Cartridge Color Calibration Utility.
hp-config_usb_printer(1) HP device config using USB.
hp-devicesettings(1) Device Setup Utility.
hp-diagnose_plugin(1) Diagnose Plugin Utility.
hp-diagnose_queues(1) AutoConfig Utility to check queues configuration.
hp-doctor(1) Self Diagnse Utility and Healing Utility.
hp-fab(1) Fax Address Book.
hp-faxsetup(1) Fax Device Setup Utility.
hp-firmware(1) Firmware Download Utility.
hp-info(1) Device Information Utility.
hp-levels(1) Supply Levels Utility.
hp-linefeedcal(1) Printer Line Feed Calibration Utility.
hp-logcapture(1) HPLIP logs capture Utility.
hp-makecopies(1) Make Copies Utility.
hp-makeuri(1) Device URI Creation Utility.
hp-pkservice(1) Policy Kit Service.
hp-plugin(1) Plugin Download and Install Utility.
hp-pqdiag(1) Print Quality Diagnostic Utility.
hp-print(1) Print Utility.
hp-printsettings(1) Printer Settings Utility.
hp-probe(1) Printer Discovery Utility.
hp-query(1) Model Query Utility.
hp-scan(1) Scan Utility.
hp-sendfax(1) PC Sendfax Utility.
hp-setup(1) Printer/Fax Setup Utility.
hp-systray(1) System Tray Status Service.
hp-testpage(1) Testpage Print Utility.
hp-timedate(1) Time/Date Utility.
hp-toolbox(1) HP Device Manager.
hp-wificonfig(1) Wifi Configuration Utility.
i3lock(1) Improved screen locker.
iperf(1) Perform network throughput tests.
iperf3(1) Perform network throughput tests.
j2amidi_bridge(1) Static bridge with one ALSA input port and one JACK MIDI output port.
jed(1) Programmers editor.
kexec(8) Directly boot into a new kernel.
lbdb-fetchaddr(1) Grab addresses from mails add append them to lbdb database.
lbdb_dotlock(1) Lock mail spool files.
lbdbq(1) Query program for the little brother's database.
lcov(1) A graphical GCOV front-end.
lcovrc(5) Lcov configuration file.
lcp_crtpconf(8) Create a platform configuration measurement for v1 policies.
lcp_crtpol(8) Create a TXT v1 Launch Control Policy.
lcp_crtpol2(8) Create an Intel(R) TXT policy (and policy data file).
lcp_crtpolelt(8) Create an Intel(R) TXT policy element of specified type.
lcp_crtpollist(8) Create an Intel(R) TXT policy list.
lcp_mlehash(8) Generate a SHA-1 hash of a TXT MLE binary file suitable for use in a TXT launch control policy.
lcp_readpol(8) Read the contents of an LCP policy index.
lcp_writepol(8) Write LCP policy into a TPM NV index.
ldraw-mklist(1) Create parts.lst files.
libiperf(3) API for iperf3 network throughput tester.
logwatch(8) System log analyzer and reporter.
lrcalc(1) Calculate with Littlewood-Richardson coefficients.
lxhotkey(1) A lightweight global keyboard shortcuts configurator.
magnet-link(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
mailfilter(1) Filters e-mail, gets rid of spam.
mbox(5) Format for mail message storage.
mbox_neomutt(5) Format for mail message storage.
mdbus2(1) Interactive DBus introspection, interaction, and monitoring.
mgl(5) MathGL script.
mgl.cgi(1) Execute MathGL scripts to produce PNG image.
mglconv(1) Execute MathGL scripts to generate graphical output.
mglview(1) Execute MathGL scripts and show in an window.
mikmatch_pcre(1) OCaml toplevels with mikmatch loaded.
mikmatch_str(1) ↣ mikmatch_pcre(1) OCaml toplevels with mikmatch loaded.
mkThumbs(1) Script to create thumbnails from an ogg video file.
mmdf(5) Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility mailbox format.
mmdf_neomutt(5) Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility mailbox format.
mpdscribble(1) A Music Player Daemon (MPD) client which submits information about tracks being played to a.
mutt(1) The Mutt Mail User Agent.
mutt_dotlock(1) Lock mail spool files.
muttrc(5) Configuration file for the Mutt Mail User Agent.
mxallowd(1) Dynamically whitelist your Mail eXchanger.
neomutt(1) The Neomutt Mail User Agent.
neomuttrc(5) Configuration file for the Mutt Mail User Agent.
NetAnim(1) Network animator based on Qt4 working with ns-3.
newsbody(1) Run a program on the body of a mail or news message.
ngrep(8) Network grep.
nodelist2lbdb(1) Convert Fido nodelist and pointlist to lbdb format.
nse(1) Ns in emulation mode to emulate real network.
nstk(1) Ns with tk support.
oggCat(1) Concatenates two or more ogg files.
oggCut(1) Extracts parts of an ogg file (.ogv, .ogg and .oga).
oggDump(1) Prints out information of ogg video files (.ogv, .ogg or oga).
oggJoin(1) Multiplexes ogg streams (.ogv, .ogg or oga).
oggLength(1) Gives the length of an ogg video/audio file.
oggSilence(1) Creates a silence period in vorbis format.
oggSlideshow(1) Creates slideshows from pictures.
oggSplit(1) Demultiplexes ogv files.
oggThumb(1) Creates thumbnails from an ogg video file.
oggTranscode(1) Transcodes ogg files in multiple ways.
openvassd(8) The Scanner of the Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS).
otags(1) Generate tags files for emacs and vi/vim from OCaml sources.
otcldoc(1) Simple script for translating otcl classes into an html hyperlinked document.
otclsh(1) Tcl Shell containing object-oriented scripting language OTcl.
owish(1) Graphical shell containing object-oriented scripting language OTcl.
patchelf(1) Modify ELF files.
patman(1) Search for approximate patterns in DNA libraries.
pcmanfm(1) A lightweight Gtk+ based file manager for X Window.
pcvc4(1) An automated theorem prover.
pdfshuffler(1) Application for PDF Merging, Rearranging, and Splitting.
pk4(1) Make available the Debian source package producing the specified package.
pk4-generate-index(1) (Re-)generate index files for pk4.
pk4-replace(1) Build sources and replace currently installed packages.
pngnq(1) Quantize png images.
pospell(1) Run a program on the translation strings of a .po-file.
prooftree(1) Proof-tree display for Proof General.
pv(1) Monitor the progress of data through a pipe.
pwrkap_aggregate(5) Configuration file for pwrkap_aggregate.
pwrkap_aggregate(8) Present a large number of pwrkap servers as if they were one.
pwrkap_cli(1) Command line monitor and control program for pwrkap.
pwrkap_gtk(1) Graphical monitor and control program for pwrkap.
pwrkap_main(8) Main pwrkap system daemon.
pwsafe(1) Secure Password Manager.
qrq(1) High speed Morse telegraphy trainer.
qrqscore(1) ↣ qrq(1) High speed Morse telegraphy trainer.
qsf(1) Quick spam filter.
qtads(6) Multimedia interpreter for TADS games.
ratpoints(1) A program to find rational points on hyperelliptic curves.
ratpoints-debug(1) ↣ ratpoints(1) A program to find rational points on hyperelliptic curves.
rdiff-backup(1) Local/remote mirror and incremental backup.
rdiff-backup-statistics(1) Summarize rdiff-backup statistics files.
rdiffdir(1) Compute and apply signatures and diffs to directories.
remotetrx(1) The SvxLink remote transceiver application.
rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
rhc(1) Command line tool for performing operations related to your OpenShift account.
rmligs-german(1) Remove incorrectly used ligatures from German LaTeX documents.
robustirc-bridge(1) Bridge between IRC and RobustIRC.
rudecgi(3) Access formdata in CGI applications.
schubmult(1) Expand a product of two Schubert polynomials in the basis of Schubert polynomials.
seqfmt(5) Sequences formats.
setcd(1) Set various flags to control the behaviour of your cdrom device.
sfv-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
SIBsim4(1) Align RNA sequences with a DNA sequence, allowing for introns.
siglevdetcal(1) The SvxLink signal level detector calibration utility.
simage-config(1) Display Simage Library Configuration.
since(1) Display content of a file since the last time.
sinfo-client(1) A monitoring tool for networked computers (client).
sinfod(8) A monitoring tool for networked computers.
sipgrep(8) Sip packet grep.
sipsak(1) A utility for various tests on sip servers and user agents.
sispmctl(1) Gembird Silver Shield PM ConTroL program.
sitecopy(1) Maintain remote copies of web sites.
slrn(1) An easy to use NNTP / spool based newsreader.
slrnpull(1) Pull a small newsfeed for offline reading.
smime_keys(1) Utility to add S/MIME certificate to the internal database used by mutt.
smime_keys_neomutt(1) Utility to add S/MIME certificate to the internal database used by mutt.
soqt-config(1) Display SoQt Library Configuration.
squizz(1) Sequence format checker.
subp2pgm(1) Convert VobSub DVD subtitles into pgm files and xml description.
subptools(1) Manipulates xml subtitles files.
svm-checkdata(1) A LIBSVM format checking tool.
svm-easy(1) An automatic script for LIBSVM.
svm-grid(1) A parameter selection tool for LIBSVM.
svm-predict(1) Make predictions based on a trained SVM model file and test data.
svm-scale(1) Scale data to a restricted range as preprocessing for SVM training.
svm-subset(1) A subset selection tool for LIBSVM.
svm-train(1) Train one or more SVM instance(s) on a given data set to produce a model file.
svxlink(1) A general purpose voice services system for ham radio use.
svxreflector(1) The SvxLink conference server audio reflector.
sylpheed(1) Light weight e-mail client using GTK+.
task(1) A command line todo manager.
task-color(5) A color tutorial for the Taskwarrior command line todo manager.
task-sync(5) A discussion and tutorial for the various task(1) data synchronization capabilities.
taskd(1) Taskserver.
taskdctl(1) Taskserver control program.
taskdrc(5) Configuration details for the taskd(1) server.
taskrc(5) Configuration details for the task(1) command.
tasksh(1) Interactive taskwarrior shell.
tb_polgen(8) Manage tboot verified launch policy.
tcl2c++(1) Converts tcl scripts into a C++ static character array.
teensy_loader_cli(1) Load and run programs onto your Teensy micro controller.
texsis(1) TeX macros for Physicists.
theorur(1) A simple frontend for ogg/theora streaming.
tictactoe-ng(1) Fun, Simple, Tic Tac Toe game for GNOME.
tiger-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
timew(1) A command line time tracker.
toppred(1) Transmembrane topology prediction.
trbdf(1) Convert BDF-font from one encoding to other.
trcs(1) Convert text files from one codeset to other.
tse3play(1) Play/convert music files (MIDI or TSE3MDL) using the TSE3 sequencer engine library.
tth-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
tudu(1) A command-line tool to manage TODO lists hierarchically.
tv(1) Displays and prints phylogenetic trees.
txt-stat(8) Display the status of TXT.
udav(1) Program for data visualization based on MathGL library.
vnstat(1) A console-based network traffic monitor.
vnstat.conf(5) VnStat configuration file.
vnstatd(1) Daemon based database updating for vnStat.
vnstati(1) Png image output support for vnStat.
vobcopy(1) Copy (rip) files from a dvd to the harddisk.
vramsteg(1) CLI progress bar.
wavemon(1) A wireless network monitor.
wavemonrc(5) Wavemon configuration file.
whirlpool-hash(1) ↣ rhash(1) Calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other hash sums.
wiipdf(1) Present using xpdf and your wiimote.
wmtop(1) WindowMaker dockapp.
xdrawchem(1) Open-source chemical structures editor similar to ChemDraw.
xjed(1) Programmers editor.
ydump(1) JSON pretty printer.
zimpl(1) Zuse Institute Mathematical Programming Language.
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