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Scope: uves recipes.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
flames_cal_mkmaster(7) Creates a master flat frame to support FIBER mode data reduction.
flames_cal_orderpos(7) Defines uves-echelle-simultaneous calibration fibre order positions.
flames_cal_predict(7) Implements the UVES physical model.
flames_cal_prep_sff_ofpos(7) Determines order and fibre postions.
flames_cal_wavecal(7) Performs the wavelength calibration.
flames_obs_redchain(7) Runs the full UVES-FIBRE reduction chain.
flames_obs_scired(7) Reduces a FLAMES science image.
flames_utl_unpack(7) Unpack flames-uves packed frames.
uves_cal_cd_align(7) Measures the reproducability of the cross disperser positioning.
uves_cal_mbias(7) Creates the master bias frame.
uves_cal_mdark(7) Creates the master dark frame.
uves_cal_mflat(7) Creates the master flat field frame.
uves_cal_mflat_combine(7) Combines the master flat field and the master dflat frames.
uves_cal_mkmaster(7) Creates the master bias/dark/flat frame.
uves_cal_orderpos(7) Defines echelle order positions.
uves_cal_predict(7) Implements the UVES physical model.
uves_cal_response(7) Determines response function and quantum efficiency.
uves_cal_tflat(7) Reduces a TFLAT frame.
uves_cal_wavecal(7) Performs the wavelength calibration.
uves_obs_redchain(7) Runs the full UVES reduction chain.
uves_obs_scired(7) Reduces a science frame.
uves_utl_ima_arith(7) Computes result of ima1 op ima2.
uves_utl_remove_crh_single(7) Remove CRHs from an image.
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