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Scope: vimos recipes.

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
vmbias(7) Create a master bias from set of raw bias frames.
vmdark(7) Create a master dark from set of raw dark frames.
vmdet(7) Determine RON, gain, and bad pixels from a set of flat field exposures.
vmifucalib(7) Generate IFU calibrations from a set of flat and arc lamp exposures.
vmifucombine(7) Combine partial IFU field-of-views reconstructed by vmifuscience from different quadrants.
vmifucombinecube(7) Rearrange into cube format images of extracted spectraproduced by vmifucalib, vmifuscience,.
vmifuscience(7) Extract spectra from an IFU scientific exposure.
vmifustandard(7) Extract a standard star spectrum.
vmimcalphot(7) Determine photometric calibration from a set of observed standard stars.
vmimflatscreen(7) Create a master screen flat field from set of raw screen flat field frames.
vmimflatsky(7) Create a master sky flat field from set of raw sky flat field frames.
vmimobsjitter(7) Reduce and combine a set of jittered imaging exposures.
vmimobsstare(7) Reduce an imaging science exposure.
vmimpreimaging(7) Reduce a preimaging science exposure.
vmimstandard(7) Reduce an imaging standard star exposure.
vmmoscalib(7) Determination of the extraction mask.
vmmoscombine(7) Combine reduced MOS observations from different OBs.
vmmosobsjitter(7) Reduce and combine a set of jittered MOS observations.
vmmosobsstare(7) Reduce a MOS science exposure.
vmmosscience(7) Extraction of scientific spectra.
vmmosstandard(7) Reduce a MOS standard star exposure.
vmspcaldisp(7) Determine spectral distortion models from flat field and arc lamp exposure.
vmspflat(7) Build master flat field from a set of raw MOS flat fields.
vmspphot(7) Apply to IFU or MOS 1D-extracted spectra a flux correction.
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