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Section 3. Library functions. Range (R - U).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
radians(3clc) Converts degrees to radians.
radians(3G) Convert a quantity in degrees to radians.
radiobutton(3tcl) Mutually exclusive option widget.
radiobutton(3tk) Create and manipulate 'radiobutton' pick-one widgets.
radixsort(3) Radix sort.
radtofix_r(3alleg4) Constant to convert radians to fixed point angles. Allegro game programming library.
raise(3) Send a signal to the caller.
raise(3posix) Send a signal to the executing process.
raise(3tk) Change a window's position in the stacking order.
raiseCDKObject(3) ↣ cdk_screen(3) Cdk Screen and Widget Manipulation Functions.
Ramp(3) Initialize an array with a piecewise-linear ramp.
rancid(3) Rancid perl module.
rand(3) Pseudo-random number generator.
rand(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr) : General utilities.
rand(3erl) Pseudo random number generation.
rand(3posix) Pseudo-random number generator.
rand(3ssl) Pseudo-random number generator.
RAND_add(3ssl) Add entropy to the PRNG.
RAND_bytes(3ssl) Generate random data.
RAND_cleanup(3ssl) Erase the PRNG state.
RAND_egd(3ssl) Query entropy gathering daemon.
RAND_egd_bytes(3ssl) ↣ RAND_egd(3ssl) Query entropy gathering daemon.
RAND_event(3ssl) ↣ RAND_add(3ssl) Add entropy to the PRNG.
RAND_file_name(3ssl) ↣ RAND_load_file(3ssl) PRNG seed file.
RAND_get_rand_method(3ssl) ↣ RAND_set_rand_method(3ssl) Select RAND method.
RAND_load_file(3ssl) PRNG seed file.
RAND_MAX(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr) : General utilities.
RAND_pseudo_bytes(3ssl) ↣ RAND_bytes(3ssl) Generate random data.
RAND_query_egd_bytes(3ssl) ↣ RAND_egd(3ssl) Query entropy gathering daemon.
rand_r(3) ↣ rand(3) Pseudo-random number generator.
rand_r(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr) : General utilities.
RAND_screen(3ssl) ↣ RAND_add(3ssl) Add entropy to the PRNG.
RAND_seed(3ssl) ↣ RAND_add(3ssl) Add entropy to the PRNG.
RAND_set_rand_method(3ssl) Select RAND method.
RAND_SSLeay(3ssl) ↣ RAND_set_rand_method(3ssl) Select RAND method.
RAND_status(3ssl) ↣ RAND_add(3ssl) Add entropy to the PRNG.
RAND_write_file(3ssl) ↣ RAND_load_file(3ssl) PRNG seed file.
randbuffer(3bobcat) Std::streambuf generating random numbers.
random(3) Random number generator.
random(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr) : General utilities.
random(3erl) Pseudo random number generation.
Random(3o) Pseudo-random number generators (PRNG).
random(3posix) Generate pseudo-random number.
random(3tcl) Create and manipulate randomizer channels.
Random.State(3o) No description.
RANDOM_MAX(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr) : General utilities.
random_r(3) Reentrant random number generator.
random_r(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr) : General utilities.
randseed(3tcl) Utilities for random channels.
range_arrayinbuf(3) Range check for array in buffer.
range_bufinbuf(3) Range check for buf in buffer.
range_ptrinbuf(3) Range check pointer in buffer.
range_str2inbuf(3) Range check for string in buffer.
range_str4inbuf(3) Range check for string in buffer.
range_strinbuf(3) Range check for string in buffer.
range_validbuf(3) Range check buffer.
rangecheck(3) Pointer range checking.
ranger(3bobcat) Generalizes ranges for range-based for-loops.
RasterComp(3U) Raster component subject, view, and PostScript external representation.
RasterRect(3U) Structured graphic displaying a raster image.
rational_funcs(3tcl) Polynomial functions.
raw(3ncurses) ↣ inopts(3ncurses)
raw_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
rawmemchr(3) ↣ memchr(3) Scan memory for a character.
RawVoxels(3) Specify an array of volume data.
Razor2::Errorhandler(3pm) Error handling mechanism for Razor.
Razor2::Preproc::deHTMLxs(3pm) Perl extension for libpreproc deHTMLxs code.
rb(3erl) The Report Browser Tool.
RC4(3ssl) ↣ rc4(3ssl) RC4 encryption.
rc4(3ssl) RC4 encryption.
rc4(3tcl) Implementation of the RC4 stream cipher.
RC4_set_key(3ssl) ↣ rc4(3ssl) RC4 encryption.
rcmd(3) Routines for returning a.
rcmd_af(3) ↣ rcmd(3) Routines for returning a.
Rcs(3pm) Perl Object Class for Revision Control System (RCS).
rcs(3tcl) RCS low level utilities.
RDF::ACL(3pm) Access control lists for the semantic web.
RDF::aREF(3pm) Another RDF Encoding Form.
RDF::aREF::Decoder(3pm) Decode another RDF Encoding Form (to RDF triples).
RDF::aREF::Encoder(3pm) Encode RDF to another RDF Encoding Form.
RDF::aREF::Query(3pm) AREF query expression.
RDF::Closure(3pm) Pure Perl RDF inferencing.
RDF::Closure::AxiomaticTriples(3pm) Exports lists of axiomatic triples.
RDF::Closure::DatatypeHandling(3pm) Validate and canonicalise typed literals.
RDF::Closure::DatatypeTuple(3pm) Classes used internally by
RDF::Closure::Engine(3pm) An engine for inferring triples.
RDF::Closure::Engine::Core(3pm) Common code used by inference engines.
RDF::Closure::Engine::OWL2Plus(3pm) As much OWLish inference as possible.
RDF::Closure::Engine::OWL2RL(3pm) OWL 2 RL inference.
RDF::Closure::Engine::RDFS(3pm) RDF Schema inference.
RDF::Closure::Model(3pm) RDF::Trine::Model-compatible inferface.
RDF::Closure::XsdDatatypes(3pm) Exports lists of datatypes.
RDF::Crypt(3pm) Semantic cryptography.
RDF::Crypt::Decrypter(3pm) Decrypts encrypted RDF graphs.
RDF::Crypt::Encrypter(3pm) Encrypts RDF graphs.
RDF::Crypt::ManifestItem(3pm) Item in a manifest.
RDF::Crypt::Role::DoesDecrypt(3pm) Unscrambling methods.
RDF::Crypt::Role::DoesEncrypt(3pm) Scrambling methods.
RDF::Crypt::Role::DoesSign(3pm) Signing methods.
RDF::Crypt::Role::DoesVerify(3pm) Verification methods.
RDF::Crypt::Role::StandardSignatureMarkers(3pm) Provides SIG_MARK method.
RDF::Crypt::Role::ToString(3pm) Provides a data dump.
RDF::Crypt::Role::WithPrivateKey(3pm) Role for objects that have public keys.
RDF::Crypt::Role::WithPublicKeys(3pm) Role for objects that have public keys.
RDF::Crypt::Signer(3pm) Signs RDF graphs with RSA.
RDF::Crypt::Verifier(3pm) Verifies signed RDF graphs.
RDF::DOAP(3pm) An object-oriented interface for DOAP (Description of a Project) data.
RDF::DOAP::ChangeSets(3pm) Create pretty ChangeLogs from RDF.
RDF::DOAP::Lite(3pm) Write DOAP data quickly and easily.
RDF::Endpoint(3pm) A SPARQL Protocol Endpoint implementation.
RDF::Generator::Void(3pm) Generate VoID descriptions based on data in an RDF model.
RDF::Generator::Void::Meta::Attribute::ObjectList(3pm) Trait for list of RDF objects.
RDF::Generator::Void::Stats(3pm) Generate statistics needed for good VoID descriptions.
RDF::Helper::Properties(3pm) Module that provides shortcuts to retrieve certain information.
RDF::iCalendar(3pm) Convert from RDF to iCalendar.
RDF::iCalendar::Entity(3pm) Represents an iCalendar calendar, event, todo, etc.
RDF::iCalendar::Exporter(3pm) Export RDF data to iCalendar format.
RDF::iCalendar::Line(3pm) Represents a line within a vCard.
RDF::KML::Exporter(3pm) Export RDF geo data to KML (Google Earth).
RDF::LDF(3pm) Linked Data Fragments client.
RDF::LinkedData(3pm) A Linked Data server implementation.
RDF::NS(3pm) Just use popular RDF namespace prefixes from
RDF::NS::Curated(3pm) A curated set of RDF prefixes.
RDF::NS::Trine(3pm) Popular RDF namespace prefixes from as RDF::Trine nodes.
RDF::NS::URIS(3pm) Popular RDF namespace prefixes from as URI objects.
RDF::Prefixes(3pm) Simple way to turn URIs into QNames.
RDF::Query(3pm) A complete SPARQL 1.1 Query and Update implementation for use with RDF::Trine.
RDF::Query::Algebra(3pm) Base class for Algebra expressions.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Aggregate(3pm) Algebra class for aggregate patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::BasicGraphPattern(3pm) Algebra class for BasicGraphPattern patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Clear(3pm) Algebra class for CLEAR operations.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Construct(3pm) Algebra class for construct query results.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Copy(3pm) Algebra class for COPY operations.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Create(3pm) Algebra class for CREATE GRAPH operations.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Distinct(3pm) Algebra class for distinct query results.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Extend(3pm) Algebra class for extending the variable projection.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Filter(3pm) Algebra class for Filter expressions.
RDF::Query::Algebra::GroupGraphPattern(3pm) Algebra class for GroupGraphPattern patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Limit(3pm) Algebra class for limiting query results.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Load(3pm) Algebra class for LOAD operations.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Minus(3pm) Algebra class for Minus patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Move(3pm) Algebra class for MOVE operations.
RDF::Query::Algebra::NamedGraph(3pm) Algebra class for NamedGraph patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Offset(3pm) Algebra class for offseting query results.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Optional(3pm) Algebra class for Optional patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Path(3pm) Algebra class for path patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Project(3pm) Algebra class for projection.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Quad(3pm) Algebra class for Quad patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Sequence(3pm) Algebra class for a sequence of algebra operations.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Service(3pm) Algebra class for SERVICE (federation) patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Sort(3pm) Algebra class for sorting.
RDF::Query::Algebra::SubSelect(3pm) Algebra class for Subselects.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Table(3pm) Algebra class for constant table data.
RDF::Query::Algebra::TimeGraph(3pm) Algebra class for temporal patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Triple(3pm) Algebra class for Triple patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Union(3pm) Algebra class for Union patterns.
RDF::Query::Algebra::Update(3pm) Algebra class for UPDATE operations.
RDF::Query::BGPOptimizer(3pm) Optimizer for ordering the joins of triple patterns in a BGP.
RDF::Query::Client(3pm) Get data from W3C SPARQL Protocol 1.0 servers.
RDF::Query::Compiler::SQL(3pm) Compile a SPARQL query directly to SQL.
RDF::Query::Error(3pm) Error classes for RDF::Query.
RDF::Query::ExecutionContext(3pm) Query execution context.
RDF::Query::Expression(3pm) Class for Expr expressions.
RDF::Query::Expression::Alias(3pm) Class for aliasing expressions with variable names.
RDF::Query::Expression::Binary(3pm) Algebra class for binary expressions.
RDF::Query::Expression::Function(3pm) Class for Function expressions.
RDF::Query::Expression::Nary(3pm) Class for n-ary expressions.
RDF::Query::Expression::Unary(3pm) Class for unary expressions.
RDF::Query::Federate(3pm) A subclass of RDF::Query for efficient federated query execution.
RDF::Query::Federate::Plan(3pm) Executable query plan nodes.
RDF::Query::Functions(3pm) Standard Extension Functions.
RDF::Query::Functions::Geo(3pm) Geographic extension functions.
RDF::Query::Functions::Jena(3pm) Jena/ARQ work-alike functions.
RDF::Query::Functions::Kasei(3pm) RDF-Query-specific functions.
RDF::Query::Functions::SPARQL(3pm) SPARQL built-in functions.
RDF::Query::Functions::Xpath(3pm) XPath functions.
RDF::Query::Node(3pm) Base class for RDF Nodes.
RDF::Query::Node::Blank(3pm) RDF Node class for blank nodes.
RDF::Query::Node::Literal(3pm) RDF Node class for literals.
RDF::Query::Node::Resource(3pm) RDF Node class for resources.
RDF::Query::Node::Variable(3pm) RDF Node class for variables.
RDF::Query::Parser(3pm) Parser base class.
RDF::Query::Parser::RDQL(3pm) An RDQL parser for RDF::Query.
RDF::Query::Parser::SPARQL(3pm) SPARQL Parser.
RDF::Query::Parser::SPARQL11(3pm) SPARQL 1.1 Parser.
RDF::Query::Plan(3pm) Executable query plan nodes.
RDF::Query::Plan::Aggregate(3pm) Executable query plan for Aggregates.
RDF::Query::Plan::BasicGraphPattern(3pm) Executable query plan for BasicGraphPatterns.
RDF::Query::Plan::Clear(3pm) Executable query plan for CLEAR operations.
RDF::Query::Plan::ComputedStatement(3pm) Executable query plan for computed triples.
RDF::Query::Plan::Constant(3pm) Executable query plan for Constants.
RDF::Query::Plan::Construct(3pm) Executable query plan for constructing a graph from a set of variable bindings.
RDF::Query::Plan::Copy(3pm) Executable query plan for COPY operations.
RDF::Query::Plan::Distinct(3pm) Executable query plan for Distincts.
RDF::Query::Plan::Extend(3pm) Executable query plan for Extends.
RDF::Query::Plan::Filter(3pm) Executable query plan for Filters.
RDF::Query::Plan::Iterator(3pm) Executable query plan for result-generating iterators.
RDF::Query::Plan::Join(3pm) Join query plan base class.
RDF::Query::Plan::Join::NestedLoop(3pm) Executable query plan for nested loop joins.
RDF::Query::Plan::Join::PushDownNestedLoop(3pm) Executable query plan for nested loop joins.
RDF::Query::Plan::Limit(3pm) Executable query plan for Limits.
RDF::Query::Plan::Load(3pm) Executable query plan for LOAD operations.
RDF::Query::Plan::Minus(3pm) Executable query plan for minus operations.
RDF::Query::Plan::Move(3pm) Executable query plan for MOVE operations.
RDF::Query::Plan::NamedGraph(3pm) Executable query plan for named graphs.
RDF::Query::Plan::Offset(3pm) Executable query plan for Offsets.
RDF::Query::Plan::Path(3pm) Executable query plan for Paths.
RDF::Query::Plan::Project(3pm) Executable query plan for Projects.
RDF::Query::Plan::Quad(3pm) Executable query plan for Quads.
RDF::Query::Plan::Sequence(3pm) Executable query plan for a sequence of operations.
RDF::Query::Plan::Service(3pm) Executable query plan for remote SPARQL queries.
RDF::Query::Plan::Sort(3pm) Executable query plan for Sorts.
RDF::Query::Plan::SubSelect(3pm) Executable query plan for sub-select queries.
RDF::Query::Plan::ThresholdUnion(3pm) Executable query plan for unions.
RDF::Query::Plan::Triple(3pm) Executable query plan for Triples.
RDF::Query::Plan::Union(3pm) Executable query plan for unions.
RDF::Query::Plan::Update(3pm) Executable query plan for DELETE/INSERT operations.
RDF::Query::ServiceDescription(3pm) Class for describing federated query data sources.
RDF::Query::Temporal(3pm) TSPARQL temporal extensions to the RDF::Query engine.
RDF::Query::Util(3pm) Miscellaneous utility functions to support work with RDF::Query.
RDF::Query::VariableBindings(3pm) Variable bindings.
RDF::QueryX::Lazy(3pm) Yeah, all those PREFIX definitions get boring.
RDF::RDFa::Generator(3pm) Generate some data in RDFa.
RDF::RDFa::Generator::HTML::Pretty::Note(3pm) A note about something.
RDF::RDFa::Parser(3pm) Flexible RDFa parser.
RDF::RDFa::Parser::Config(3pm) Configuration sets for RDFa parser.
RDF::RDFa::Parser::InitialContext(3pm) Initially defined lists of prefixes and terms.
RDF::RDFa::Parser::OpenDocumentObjectModel(3pm) DOM representation of an OpenDocument Format 1.2 file.
RDF::Redland(3pm) Redland RDF Class.
RDF::Redland::BlankNode(3pm) Redland RDF Blank Node Class.
RDF::Redland::Iterator(3pm) Redland RDF Iterator Class.
RDF::Redland::LiteralNode(3pm) Redland RDF Literal Node Class.
RDF::Redland::Model(3pm) Redland RDF Model Class.
RDF::Redland::Node(3pm) Redland RDF Node (RDF Resource, Property, Literal) Class.
RDF::Redland::Parser(3pm) Redland RDF Syntax Parsers Class.
RDF::Redland::Query(3pm) Redland RDF Syntax Query Class.
RDF::Redland::QueryResults(3pm) Redland RDF Syntax Query Results Class.
RDF::Redland::RSS(3pm) Redland RSS 1.0 Class.
RDF::Redland::Serializer(3pm) Redland RDF Serializing to Syntax Class.
RDF::Redland::Statement(3pm) Redland RDF Statement Class.
RDF::Redland::Storage(3pm) Redland RDF Storage Class.
RDF::Redland::Stream(3pm) Redland RDF Stream of RDF::Redland::Statement objects Class.
RDF::Redland::URI(3pm) Redland RDF URI Class.
RDF::Redland::URINode(3pm) Redland RDF URI Node Class.
RDF::Redland::XMLLiteralNode(3pm) Redland RDF URI Node Class.
RDF::SN(3pm) Short names for URIs with prefixes from
RDF::TriN3(3pm) Notation 3 extensions for RDF::Trine.
RDF::Trine(3pm) An RDF Framework for Perl.
RDF::Trine::Error(3pm) Error classes for RDF::Trine.
RDF::Trine::Exporter::CSV(3pm) Export RDF data to CSV.
RDF::Trine::Exporter::RDFPatch(3pm) RDF-Patch Export.
RDF::Trine::Graph(3pm) Materialized RDF Graphs for testing isomorphism.
RDF::Trine::Iterator(3pm) Iterator class for SPARQL query results.
RDF::Trine::Iterator::Bindings(3pm) Iterator class for bindings query results.
RDF::Trine::Iterator::Bindings::Materialized(3pm) Materialized bindings class.
RDF::Trine::Iterator::Boolean(3pm) Iterator class for boolean query results.
RDF::Trine::Iterator::Graph(3pm) Iterator class for graph query results.
RDF::Trine::Iterator::Graph::Materialized(3pm) Materialized graph class.
RDF::Trine::Iterator::JSONHandler(3pm) JSON Handler for parsing SPARQL JSON Results format.
RDF::Trine::Iterator::SAXHandler(3pm) SAX Handler for parsing SPARQL XML Results format.
RDF::Trine::Model(3pm) Model class.
RDF::Trine::Model::Dataset(3pm) Model for SPARQL datasets.
RDF::Trine::Model::StatementFilter(3pm) Model for filtering statements based on a user-specified criteria.
RDF::Trine::Model::Union(3pm) Union models for joining multiple stores together.
RDF::Trine::Namespace(3pm) Abbreviated syntax for constructing RDF node objects.
RDF::Trine::NamespaceMap(3pm) Collection of Namespaces.
RDF::Trine::Node(3pm) Base class for RDF Nodes.
RDF::Trine::Node::Blank(3pm) RDF Node class for blank nodes.
RDF::Trine::Node::Formula(3pm) RDF Node class for formulae / graph literals.
RDF::Trine::Node::Literal(3pm) RDF Node class for literals.
RDF::Trine::Node::Literal::XML(3pm) RDF Node class for XMLLiterals.
RDF::Trine::Node::Nil(3pm) RDF Node class for the nil node.
RDF::Trine::Node::Resource(3pm) RDF Node class for IRI resources.
RDF::Trine::Node::Variable(3pm) RDF Node class for variables.
RDF::Trine::Parser(3pm) RDF Parser class.
RDF::Trine::Parser::LineProtocol(3pm) RDF LineProtocol Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::Notation3(3pm) Notation 3 Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::NQuads(3pm) N-Quads Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::NTriples(3pm) N-Triples Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::OwlFn(3pm) OWL Functional Syntax Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::OwlFn::Grammar(3pm) Provides a Parse::RecDescent grammar for OWL 2.0 Functional Syntax.
RDF::Trine::Parser::RDFa(3pm) RDFa Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::RDFJSON(3pm) RDF/JSON RDF Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::RDFPatch(3pm) RDF-Patch Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::RDFXML(3pm) RDF/XML Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::Redland(3pm) RDF Parser using the Redland library.
RDF::Trine::Parser::ShorthandRDF(3pm) Shorthand RDF Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::TriG(3pm) TriG RDF Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::Turtle(3pm) Turtle RDF Parser.
RDF::Trine::Parser::Turtle::Constants(3pm) Constant definitions for use in parsing Turtle, TriG, and N-Triples.
RDF::Trine::Parser::Turtle::Lexer(3pm) Tokenizer for parsing Turtle, TriG, and N-Triples.
RDF::Trine::Pattern(3pm) Class for basic graph patterns.
RDF::Trine::Serializer(3pm) RDF Serializer class.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::Notation3(3pm) Notation 3 Serializer.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::NQuads(3pm) N-Quads Serializer.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::NTriples(3pm) N-Triples Serializer.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::NTriples::Canonical(3pm) Canonical representation of an RDF model.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::OwlFn(3pm) OWL Functional Syntax Serializer.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::RDFJSON(3pm) RDF/JSON Serializer.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::RDFPatch(3pm) RDF-Patch Serializer.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::RDFXML(3pm) RDF/XML Serializer.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::TriG(3pm) TriG Serializer.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::TSV(3pm) TSV Serializer.
RDF::Trine::Serializer::Turtle(3pm) Turtle Serializer.
RDF::Trine::Statement(3pm) Class for triples and triple patterns.
RDF::Trine::Statement::Quad(3pm) Class for quads and quad patterns.
RDF::Trine::Store(3pm) RDF triplestore base class.
RDF::Trine::Store::DBI(3pm) Persistent RDF storage based on DBI.
RDF::Trine::Store::DBI::mysql(3pm) Mysql subclass of DBI store.
RDF::Trine::Store::DBI::Pg(3pm) PostgreSQL subclass of DBI store.
RDF::Trine::Store::DBI::SQLite(3pm) SQLite subclass of DBI store.
RDF::Trine::Store::Dydra(3pm) RDF Store proxy for a Dydra endpoint.
RDF::Trine::Store::Hexastore(3pm) RDF store implemented with the hexastore index.
RDF::Trine::Store::LanguagePreference(3pm) RDF Store proxy for filtering language tagged literals.
RDF::Trine::Store::LDF(3pm) RDF Store proxy for a Linked Data Fragment endpoint.
RDF::Trine::Store::Memory(3pm) Simple in-memory RDF store.
RDF::Trine::Store::Redis(3pm) RDF Store for Redis.
RDF::Trine::Store::Redland(3pm) Redland-backed RDF store for RDF::Trine.
RDF::Trine::Store::SPARQL(3pm) RDF Store proxy for a SPARQL endpoint.
RDF::Trine::VariableBindings(3pm) Variable bindings.
RDF::TrineX::Functions(3pm) Some shortcut functions for RDF::Trine's object-oriented interface.
RDF::TrineX::Parser::Pretdsl(3pm) The Perl RDF Extended Turtle Domain-Specific Language.
RDF::TrineX::Parser::RDFa(3pm) RDF::Trine::Parser-compatible interface for RDF::RDFa::Parser.
RDF::TrineX::Serializer::MockTurtleSoup(3pm) He's a bit slow, but he's sure good lookin'.
RDF::vCard(3pm) Convert between RDF and vCard.
RDF::vCard::Entity(3pm) Represents a single vCard.
RDF::vCard::Entity::WithXmlSupport(3pm) Subclass of RDF::vCard::Entity.
RDF::vCard::Exporter(3pm) Export RDF data to vCard format.
RDF::vCard::Importer(3pm) Import RDF data from vCard format.
RDF::vCard::Line(3pm) Represents a line within a vCard.
rdma_accept(3) Called to accept a connection request.
rdma_ack_cm_event(3) Free a communication event.
rdma_bind_addr(3) Bind an RDMA identifier to a source address.
rdma_connect(3) Initiate an active connection request.
rdma_create_ep(3) Allocate a communication identifier and optional QP.
rdma_create_event_channel(3) Open a channel used to report communication events.
rdma_create_id(3) Allocate a communication identifier.
rdma_create_qp(3) Allocate a QP.
rdma_create_srq(3) Allocate a shared receive queue.
rdma_dereg_mr(3) Deregisters a registered memory region.
rdma_destroy_ep(3) Release a communication identifier.
rdma_destroy_event_channel(3) Close an event communication channel.
rdma_destroy_id(3) Release a communication identifier.
rdma_destroy_qp(3) Deallocate a QP.
rdma_destroy_srq(3) Deallocate a SRQ.
rdma_disconnect(3) This function disconnects a connection.
rdma_event_str(3) Returns a string representation of an rdma cm event.
rdma_free_devices(3) Frees the list of devices returned by rdma_get_devices.
rdma_get_cm_event(3) Retrieves the next pending communication event.
rdma_get_devices(3) Get a list of RDMA devices currently available.
rdma_get_dst_port(3) Returns the remote port number of a bound rdma_cm_id.
rdma_get_local_addr(3) Returns the local IP address of a bound rdma_cm_id.
rdma_get_peer_addr(3) Returns the remote IP address of a bound rdma_cm_id.
rdma_get_recv_comp(3) Retrieves a completed receive request.
rdma_get_request(3) Retrieves the next pending connection request event.
rdma_get_send_comp(3) Retrieves a completed send, read, or write request.
rdma_get_src_port(3) Returns the local port number of a bound rdma_cm_id.
rdma_getaddrinfo(3) Provides transport independent address translation.
rdma_join_multicast(3) Joins a multicast group.
rdma_leave_multicast(3) Leaves a multicast group.
rdma_listen(3) Listen for incoming connection requests.
rdma_migrate_id(3) Move a communication identifer to a different event channel.
rdma_notify(3) Notifies the librdmacm of an asynchronous event.
rdma_post_read(3) Post an RDMA read work request.
rdma_post_readv(3) Post an RDMA read work request.
rdma_post_recv(3) Post a work request to receive an incoming message.
rdma_post_recvv(3) Post a work request to receive incoming messages.
rdma_post_send(3) Post a work request to send a message.
rdma_post_sendv(3) Post a work request to send a message.
rdma_post_ud_send(3) Post a work request to send a datagram.
rdma_post_write(3) Post an RDMA write work request.
rdma_post_writev(3) Post an RDMA write work request.
rdma_reg_msgs(3) Register data buffer(s) for sending or receiving messages.
rdma_reg_read(3) Register data buffer(s) for remote RDMA read access.
rdma_reg_write(3) Register data buffer(s) for remote RDMA write access.
rdma_reject(3) Called to reject a connection request.
rdma_resolve_addr(3) Resolve destination and optional source addresses.
rdma_resolve_route(3) Resolve the route information needed to establish a connection.
rdma_set_option(3) Set communication options for an rdma_cm_id.
rdsalloc(3) Memory allocation function.
rdsenv(3) Set user preference.
rdsfree(3) Free memory place.
re(3erl) Perl like regular expressions for Erlang.
re(3perl) Perl pragma to alter regular expression behaviour.
re_comp(3) BSD regex functions.
re_syntax(3tcl) Syntax of Tcl regular expressions.
read(3posix) Read from a file.
read(3tcl) Read from a channel.
read2exp(3) ↣ scf2read(3) Translate to and from the Read structure.
read2scf(3) ↣ scf2read(3) Translate to and from the Read structure.
read_all_mibs(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
read_allocate(3) Allocate and deallocate the Read structure.
read_config_print_usage(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
read_configs(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
read_deallocate(3) ↣ read_allocate(3) Allocate and deallocate the Read structure.
read_imagef1d(3clc) Do an element lookup in the 1D image object, returning floating-point values.
read_imagef2d(3clc) Do an element lookup in the 2D image object, returning floating-point values.
read_imagef3d(3clc) Do an element lookup in the 3D image object, returning floating-point values.
read_imageh1d(3clc) Do an element lookup in the 1D image object, returning half floating-point values.
read_imageh2d(3clc) Do an element lookup in the 2D image object, returning half floating-point values.
read_imageh3d(3clc) Do an element lookup in the 3D image object, returning half floating-point values.
read_imagei1d(3clc) Do an element lookup in the 1D image object, returning unnormalized signed integer and.
read_imagei2d(3clc) Do an element lookup in the 2D image object, returning unnormalized signed integer and.
read_imagei3d(3clc) Do an element lookup in the 3D image object, returning unnormalized signed integer and.
read_mem_fence(3clc) Read memory barrier that orders only loads.
read_mib(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
read_objid(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
read_premib_configs(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
read_reading(3) Read a trace file into a Read structure.
read_scf(3) Read SCF files.
read_scf_header(3) ↣ read_scf(3) Read SCF files.
read_sound_input(3alleg4) Retrieves the last recorded audio buffer. Allegro game programming library.
readclose(3) Read a whole file into a stralloc.
readclose_append(3) Read a whole file into a stralloc.
readdir(3) Read a directory.
readdir(3am) Directory input parser for gawk.
readdir(3posix) Read a directory.
readdir_r(3) ↣ readdir(3) Read a directory.
readFile(3) ↣ cdk_compat(3) Cdk4 compatibility functions.
readfile(3am) Return the entire contents of a file as a string.
readkey(3alleg4) Returns the next character from the keyboard buffer. Allegro game programming library.
readline(3readline) Get a line from a user with editing.
readlinebuf(3bobcat) Std::streambuf offering line-editing and history.
readlinehistory(3bobcat) Std::streambuf offering line-editing and history.
readlinestream(3bobcat) Std::istream offering line-editing and history.
readlink(3posix) Read the contents of a symbolic link.
readlink_by_handle(3) ↣ path_to_handle(3)
README_md(3elektra) Libelektra Elektra provides a universal and secure framework to store configuration parameters in.
readMP3Header(3) Reads a MP3 header.
Readonly(3pm) Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes.
Readonly::XS(3pm) Companion module for, to speed up read-only scalar variables.
readpassphrase(3) Get a passphrase from the user.
readproc(3) Read information from next /proc/## entry.
readproctab(3) Read information for all current processes at once.
readv(3posix) Read a vector.
real_matgen(3) Real.
realGBauxiliary(3) Real.
realGBcomputational(3) Real.
realGBsolve(3) Real.
realGEauxiliary(3) Real.
realGEcomputational(3) Real.
realGEeigen(3) Real.
realGEsing(3) Real.
realGEsolve(3) Real.
realGTauxiliary(3) RealThis is the group of real auxiliary functions for GT matrices.
realGTcomputational(3) Real.
realGTsolve(3) Real.
realloc(3) ↣ malloc(3) Allocate and free dynamic memory.
realloc(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr) : General utilities.
realloc(3posix) Memory reallocator.
__realloc_hook(3) ↣ malloc_hook(3)
reallocarray(3) Memory allocation and deallocation.
reallocate_voice(3alleg4) Switches the sample of an already-allocated voice. Allegro game programming library.
reallocf(3) General purpose memory allocation functions.
realpath(3) Return the canonicalized absolute pathname.
realpath(3posix) Resolve a pathname.
realPOauxiliary(3) RealThis is the group of real auxiliary functions for PO matrices.
realPOcomputational(3) Real.
realPOsolve(3) Real.
realPTauxiliary(3) RealThis is the group of real auxiliary functions for PT matrices.
realPTcomputational(3) Real.
realPTsolve(3) Real.
realSYauxiliary(3) Real.
realSYcomputational(3) Real.
realSYeigen(3) Real.
realSYsolve(3) Real.
receive(3tcl) General input from terminals.
receiver(3tcl) Data source.
recip(3clc) Floating point reciprocal.
recno(3) Record number database access method.
recommended(3pm) Load recommended modules on demand when available.
record(3tcl) Define and create records (similar to 'C' structures).
rect(3alleg4) Draws an outline rectangle. Allegro game programming library.
RectComp(3U) Rectangle component subject, view, and PostScript external representation.
rectfill(3alleg4) Draws a solid filled rectangle. Allegro game programming library.
RectObj(3) The RectObj widget class "RectObj" "widget class" "RectObj".
recursive_key_scan(3) Apply a function to all keys in a keyring tree.
recursive_session_key_scan(3) ↣ recursive_key_scan(3) Apply a function to all keys in a keyring tree.
recv(3posix) Receive a message from a connected socket.
recvfrom(3posix) Receive a message from a socket.
recvmsg(3posix) Receive a message from a socket.
redirector(3bobcat) Redirects a file descriptor to another descriptor.
Redis(3pm) Perl binding for Redis database.
Redis::Hash(3pm) Tie Perl hashes to Redis hashes.
Redis::List(3pm) Tie Perl arrays to Redis lists.
Redis::Sentinel(3pm) Redis Sentinel interface.
redland(3) Resource Description Framework (RDF) Library.
redrawwin(3ncurses) ↣ refresh(3ncurses) Refresh curses windows and lines.
refchan(3tcl) Command handler API of reflected channels.
RefDB::CGI(3pm) CGI support for RefDB Perl scripts.
RefDB::Client(3pm) Perl extension for talking to a RefDB server.
RefDB::Log(3pm) Perl extension providing logging support for RefDB applications.
RefDB::Makestyle(3pm) Methods used by refdb-ms (RefDB style generator).
RefDB::Prefs(3pm) Perl extension for managing preferences of RefDB apps.
RefDB::Pubmed(3pm) Perl extension for converting Pubmed bibliographic data to RIS.
RefDB::SRU(3pm) Module for a SRU service for RefDB.
RefDB::SRUserver(3pm) Lightweight SRU server for RefDB.
reflect(3G) Calculate the reflection direction for an incident vector.
refmbkrds(3) Adds to RDS figure a references from a MBK figure.
refract(3G) Calculate the refraction direction for an incident vector.
refresh(3ncurses) Refresh curses windows and lines.
refreshCDKScreen(3) ↣ cdk_screen(3) Cdk Screen and Widget Manipulation Functions.
Reg::Asused(3pm) Perl module for asused.
regcomp(3) ↣ regex(3) POSIX regex functions.
regcomp(3posix) Regular expression matching.
regerror(3) ↣ regex(3) POSIX regex functions.
regex(3) POSIX regex functions.
regexec(3) ↣ regex(3) POSIX regex functions.
Regexp(3I) Regular expression searching.
regexp(3tcl) Match a regular expression against a string.
Regexp::Assemble(3pm) Assemble multiple Regular Expressions into a single RE.
Regexp::Common(3pm) Provide commonly requested regular expressions.
Regexp::Common::Email::Address(3pm) Returns a pattern for Email Addresses.
Regexp::Common::time(3pm) Date and time regexps.
Regexp::Debugger(3pm) Visually debug regexes in-place.
Regexp::Grammars(3pm) Add grammatical parsing features to Perl 5.10 regexes.
Regexp::IPv6(3pm) Regular expression for IPv6 addresses.
Regexp::List(3pm) Assemble multiple Regular Expressions into a single RE.
Regexp::Log(3pm) A base class for log files regexp builders.
Regexp::Optimizer(3pm) Optimizes regular expressions.
Regexp::RegGrp(3pm) Groups a regular expressions collection.
Regexp::Shellish(3pm) Shell-like regular expressions.
Regexp::Stringify(3pm) Stringify a Regexp object.
regfree(3) ↣ regex(3) POSIX regex functions.
register_app_config_handler(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
register_app_prenetsnmp_mib_handler(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
register_assert_handler(3alleg4) Registers a custom handler for assert failures. Allegro game programming library.
register_bitmap_file_type(3alleg4) Registers custom bitmap loading/saving functions. Allegro game programming.
register_config_handler(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
register_const_config_handler(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
register_datafile_object(3alleg4) Registers load/destroy functions for custom object types. Allegro game programming.
register_font_file_type(3alleg4) Register a new font loading function. Allegro game programming library.
register_mib_handlers(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
register_prenetsnmp_mib_handler(3) ↣ netsnmp_config_api(3)
register_sample_file_type(3alleg4) Registers custom loading/saving sample routines. Allegro game programming library.
register_trace_handler(3alleg4) Registers a custom handler for trace output. Allegro game programming library.
register_uformat(3alleg4) Installs handler functions for a new text encoding format. Allegro game programming.
registerCDKObject(3) ↣ cdk_screen(3) Cdk Screen and Widget Manipulation Functions.
registerrpc(3) ↣ rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
registry(3erl) Store and backup key-value pairs.
registry(3tcl) Manipulate the Windows registry.
regsub(3tcl) Perform substitutions based on regular expression pattern matching.
relationalFunctions(3clc) Click an item in the table below for details about that function.
relative(3pm) Load modules with relative names.
release_bitmap(3alleg4) Releases a previously locked bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
release_handler(3erl) Unpacking and Installation of Release Packages.
release_method(3avr) Release Numbering and Methodology.
release_screen(3alleg4) Shortcut of release_bitmap(screen); Allegro game programming library.
release_voice(3alleg4) Releases a sound card voice. Allegro game programming library.
relic(3) The NDBM-compatible API of QDBM.
Religion::Islam::PrayerTimes(3pm) Calculates Muslim Prayers Times and Sunrise.
reload_config_texts(3alleg4) Reloads translated strings returned by get_config_text(). Allegro game programming.
relprodbddnodeassoc(3) Computes a relational product.
reltool(3erl) Main API of the Reltool application.
rem(3avr) ↣ div_t(3avr)
remainder(3) Floating-point remainder function.
remainder(3clc) Floating point remainder function.
remainder(3posix) Remainder function.
remainderf(3) ↣ remainder(3) Floating-point remainder function.
remainderl(3) ↣ remainder(3) Floating-point remainder function.
remctl(3) Simple remctl call to a remote server.
remctl_close(3) Close a remctl connection and free the client object.
remctl_command(3) Send a command to a remctl server.
remctl_commandv(3) ↣ remctl_command(3) Send a command to a remctl server.
remctl_error(3) Retrieve the error from a failed remctl operation.
remctl_new(3) Create a new remctl client.
remctl_noop(3) Send a NOOP message to a remctl server.
remctl_open(3) Connect to a remote remctl server.
remctl_open_addrinfo(3) ↣ remctl_open(3) Connect to a remote remctl server.
remctl_open_fd(3) ↣ remctl_open(3) Connect to a remote remctl server.
remctl_open_sockaddr(3) ↣ remctl_open(3) Connect to a remote remctl server.
remctl_output(3) Retrieve the results of a remctl command.
remctl_result_free(3) ↣ remctl(3) Simple remctl call to a remote server.
remctl_set_ccache(3) Set credential cache for remctl client connections.
remctl_set_source_ip(3) Set source IP for remctl client connections.
remctl_set_timeout(3) Set timeout for subsequent remctl client operations.
remove(3) Remove a file or directory.
remove(3posix) Remove a file.
remove_display_switch_callback(3alleg4) Removes a switching notification callback. Allegro game programming library.
remove_int(3alleg4) Removes a timers. Allegro game programming library.
remove_joystick(3alleg4) Removes the joystick handler. Allegro game programming library.
remove_keyboard(3alleg4) Removes the Allegro keyboard handler.
remove_mouse(3alleg4) Removes the mouse handler. Allegro game programming library.
remove_param_int(3alleg4) Removes a timer with a customizable parameter. Allegro game programming library.
remove_sound(3alleg4) Cleans up after you are finished with the sound routines. Allegro game programming library.
remove_sound_input(3alleg4) Cleans up after you are finished with the sound input routines. Allegro game programming.
remove_timer(3alleg4) Removes the Allegro time handler.
removeCDKCalendarMarker(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
removedTypes(3G) Describes types removed and replaced in the OpenGL API in OpenGL 4.2.
remque(3) ↣ insque(3) Insert/remove an item from a queue.
remque(3posix) Remove an element from a queue.
remquo(3) Remainder and part of quotient.
remquo(3clc) Floating point remainder and quotient function.
remquo(3posix) Remainder functions.
remquof(3) ↣ remquo(3) Remainder and part of quotient.
remquol(3) ↣ remquo(3) Remainder and part of quotient.
rename(3posix) Rename file relative to directory file descriptor.
rename(3tcl) Rename or delete a command.
Render(3) Render a volume.
render_scene(3alleg4) Renders all the queued scene polygons. Allegro game programming library.
reorderbddsystemdynamic(3) Specifies the dynamic bdd reorder parameters.
reorderbddsystemsimple(3) Reorders the bdd nodes of a bdd system.
reorderbddsystemtop(3) Reorders the bdd nodes of a bdd system.
reorderbddsystemwindow(3) Reorders the bdd nodes of a bdd system.
repeat(3bobcat) Call a (member) function a fixed number of times.
repeat(3tcl) Procedures to repeat strings.
replace_extension(3alleg4) Replaces filename+extension with a new extension tail. Allegro game programming library.
replace_filename(3alleg4) Replaces path+filename with a new filename tail. Allegro game programming library.
replace_panel(3curses) ↣ panel(3curses) Panel stack extension for curses.
Reply(3pm) Read, eval, print, loop, yay!.
Reply::App(3pm) Command line app runner for Reply.
Reply::Config(3pm) Config loading for Reply.
Reply::Plugin(3pm) Base class for Reply plugins.
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Commands(3pm) Tab completion for reply commands.
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Functions(3pm) Tab completion for function names.
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Globals(3pm) Tab completion for global variables.
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Keywords(3pm) Tab completion for perl keywords.
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Lexicals(3pm) Tab completion for lexical variables.
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Methods(3pm) Tab completion for methods.
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Packages(3pm) Tab completion for package names.
Reply::Plugin::AutoRefresh(3pm) Automatically refreshes the external code you use.
Reply::Plugin::CollapseStack(3pm) Display error stack traces only on demand.
Reply::Plugin::Colors(3pm) Colorize output.
Reply::Plugin::DataDump(3pm) Format results using Data::Dump.
Reply::Plugin::DataDumper(3pm) Format results using Data::Dumper.
Reply::Plugin::DataPrinter(3pm) Format results using Data::Printer.
Reply::Plugin::Editor(3pm) Command to edit the current line in a text editor.
Reply::Plugin::FancyPrompt(3pm) Provides a more informative prompt.
Reply::Plugin::Hints(3pm) Persists lexical hints across input lines.
Reply::Plugin::Interrupt(3pm) Allows using Ctrl+C to interrupt long-running lines.
Reply::Plugin::LexicalPersistence(3pm) Persists lexical variables between lines.
Reply::Plugin::LoadClass(3pm) Attempts to load classes implicitly if possible.
Reply::Plugin::Nopaste(3pm) Command to nopaste a transcript of the current session.
Reply::Plugin::Packages(3pm) Persist the current package between lines.
Reply::Plugin::ReadLine(3pm) Use Term::ReadLine for user input.
Reply::Plugin::ResultCache(3pm) Retain previous results to be able to refer to them later.
Reply::Plugin::Timer(3pm) Time commands.
Reply::Plugin::TypeTiny(3pm) Improved type constraint exceptions in Reply.
report(3tcl) Create and manipulate report objects. Octopussy Report module.
reporting(3) The lmbench reporting subsystem.
ReqErr(3I) Handle request errors.
request_init(3) ↣ hosts_access(3) Access control library.
request_refresh_rate(3alleg4) Requests a specific refresh rate during graphic mode switch. Allegro game programming.
request_scroll(3alleg4) Queues a hardware scroll request with triple buffering. Allegro game programming library.
request_set(3) ↣ hosts_access(3) Access control library.
request_video_bitmap(3alleg4) Triple buffering page flip request. Allegro game programming library.
requestname(3form) Handle printable form request names.
requestname(3menu) Handle printable menu request names.
res_init(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_mkquery(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_ninit(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_nmkquery(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_nquery(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_nquerydomain(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_nsearch(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_nsend(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_query(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_querydomain(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_search(3) ↣ resolver(3)
res_send(3) ↣ resolver(3)
Resample(3) Resample an array.
reserve_voices(3alleg4) Reserve a number of voices for the digital and MIDI drivers. Allegro game programming.
reservedDataTypes(3clc) Built-in reserved Data Types.
reset(3NCARG) The "super" version of RESET zeroes the internal integer array used to detect crowded lines; other.
reset_fli_variables(3alleg4) Resets the bitmap and palette dirty global variables. Allegro game programming library.
reset_prog_mode(3ncurses) ↣ kernel(3ncurses)
reset_prog_mode_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
reset_shell_mode(3ncurses) ↣ kernel(3ncurses)
reset_shell_mode_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
resetBdd(3) Resets the BDDs system.
resetbddcircuit(3) Resets a bdd circuit.
resetbddsystem(3) Resets a bdd system.
resetCDKScreen(3) ↣ cdk_traverse(3) Functions to support keyboard traversal.
resetCDKScreenOf(3) ↣ cdk_traverse(3) Functions to support keyboard traversal.
resetty(3ncurses) ↣ kernel(3ncurses)
resetty_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
ReshapeTool(3U) Tool for reshaping or otherwise altering components' structures.
resize_term(3ncurses) ↣ resizeterm(3ncurses) Change the curses terminal size.
resize_term_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
resizeterm(3ncurses) Change the curses terminal size.
resizeterm_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
resolv_conf_get(3) ↣ libval(3) Manage validator context.
resolv_conf_set(3) ↣ libval(3) Manage validator context.
Resource(3I) Shared object.
rest(3alleg4) Waits a specified number of milliseconds or yields CPU. Allegro game programming library.
rest(3pm) RESTful interface to LedgerSMB.
rest(3tcl) Define REST web APIs and call them inline or asychronously.
REST::Application(3pm) A framework for building RESTful web-applications.
REST::Application::Routes(3pm) An implementation of Ruby on Rails type routes.
rest_callback(3alleg4) Like rest(), but calls the callback during the wait. Allegro game programming library.
restartterm(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
restartterm_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
restorealldir(3) Restore all instances' connectors directions.
restoredirvbe(3) Restore connectors directions from behavioral view.
restrictbddnode(3) Substitutes a variable by a zero or one, in a bdd.
results(3) The lmbench results subsys‐.
reti(3avr) ↣ avr_interrupts(3avr) : Interrupts.
retrace_count(3alleg4) Retrace count simulator. Allegro game programming library.
retsr(3NCARG) Called by a user to return to a saved state of the recovery mode in NCAR Graphics.
return(3tcl) Return from a procedure, or set return code of a script.
Return::MultiLevel(3pm) Return across multiple call levels.
Return::Type(3pm) Specify a return type for a function (optionally with coercion).
reverse(3) Reverse a list of chained elements.
ReverseProxy::FormFiller(3pm) Let Apache fill and submit any html form in place of the user.
revoutput(3am) Reverse output strings sample extension.
revtwoway(3am) Reverse strings sample two-way processor extension.
rewind(3) ↣ fseek(3) Reposition a stream.
rewind(3posix) Reset the file position indicator in a stream.
rewinddir(3) Reset directory stream.
rewinddir(3posix) Reset the position of a directory stream to the beginning of a directory.
Rex(3pm) Remote Execution.
Rex::Box::Amazon(3pm) Rex/Boxes Amazon Module.
Rex::Box::Base(3pm) Rex/Boxes Base Module.
Rex::Box::KVM(3pm) Rex/Boxes KVM Module.
Rex::Box::VBox(3pm) Rex/Boxes VirtualBox Module.
Rex::CMDB(3pm) Function to access the CMDB (configuration management database).
Rex::Commands(3pm) All the basic commands.
Rex::Commands::Augeas(3pm) An augeas module for (R)?ex.
Rex::Commands::Box(3pm) Functions / Class to manage Virtual Machines.
Rex::Commands::Cloud(3pm) Cloud Management Commands.
Rex::Commands::Cron(3pm) Simple Cron Management.
Rex::Commands::DB(3pm) Simple Database Access.
Rex::Commands::Download(3pm) Download remote files.
Rex::Commands::File(3pm) Transparent File Manipulation.
Rex::Commands::Fs(3pm) Filesystem commands.
Rex::Commands::Gather(3pm) Hardware and Information gathering.
Rex::Commands::Host(3pm) Edit /etc/hosts.
Rex::Commands::Inventory(3pm) Get an inventory of your systems.
Rex::Commands::Iptables(3pm) Iptable Management Commands.
Rex::Commands::Kernel(3pm) Load/Unload Kernel Modules.
Rex::Commands::LVM(3pm) Get LVM Information.
Rex::Commands::MD5(3pm) Calculate MD5 sum of files.
Rex::Commands::Network(3pm) Network Module.
Rex::Commands::Notify(3pm) Notify a resource to execute.
Rex::Commands::Partition(3pm) Partition module.
Rex::Commands::Pkg(3pm) Install/Remove Software packages.
Rex::Commands::PkgConf(3pm) Configure packages.
Rex::Commands::Process(3pm) Process management commands.
Rex::Commands::Rsync(3pm) Simple Rsync Frontend.
Rex::Commands::Run(3pm) Execute a remote command.
Rex::Commands::SCM(3pm) Sourcecontrol for Subversion and Git.
Rex::Commands::Service(3pm) Manage System Services.
Rex::Commands::SimpleCheck(3pm) Simple tcp/alive checks.
Rex::Commands::Sync(3pm) Sync directories.
Rex::Commands::Sysctl(3pm) Manipulate sysctl.
Rex::Commands::Tail(3pm) Tail a file.
Rex::Commands::Upload(3pm) Upload a local file to a remote server.
Rex::Commands::User(3pm) Manipulate users and groups.
Rex::Commands::Virtualization(3pm) Virtualization module.
Rex::Config(3pm) Handles the configuration.
Rex::FS::File(3pm) File Class.
Rex::Group::Lookup::Command(3pm) Read hostnames from a command.
Rex::Group::Lookup::DBI(3pm) Read hostnames and groups from a DBI source.
Rex::Group::Lookup::File(3pm) Read hostnames from a file.
Rex::Group::Lookup::INI(3pm) Read hostnames and groups from a INI style file.
Rex::Group::Lookup::XML(3pm) Read hostnames and groups from a XML file.
Rex::Group::Lookup::YAML(3pm) Read hostnames and groups from a YAML file.
Rex::Hardware(3pm) Base Class for hardware / information gathering.
Rex::Helper::SSH2::Expect(3pm) An Expect like module for Net::SSH2.
Rex::Logger(3pm) Logging Module.
Rex::Task(3pm) The Task Object.
Rex::Template(3pm) Simple Template Engine.
Rex::Test::Base(3pm) Basic Test Module.
Rex::Transaction(3pm) Transaction support.
Rex::Virtualization::Docker(3pm) Docker Virtualization Module.
Rex::Virtualization::LibVirt(3pm) LibVirt Virtualization Module.
Rex::Virtualization::VBox(3pm) VirtualBox Virtualization Module.
rexec(3) Return stream to a remote command.
rexec_af(3) ↣ rexec(3) Return stream to a remote command.
rfc2822(3tcl) Parsing ISO 8601 dates/times.
rfio_access(3) Check existence/accessibility of a file/directory.
rfio_chmod(3) Change access mode of a directory/file.
rfio_chown(3) Change owner and group of a directory/file.
rfio_close(3) Closes a file.
rfio_closedir(3) Close directory opened by rfio_opendir.
rfio_fchmod(3) Change access mode of a directory/file.
rfio_fclose(3) Closes a file.
rfio_feof(3) Checks file status.
rfio_ferror(3) Checks file status.
rfio_fflush(3) Flush a file.
rfio_fileno(3) Maps stream pointer to file descriptor.
rfio_fopen(3) Opens a file.
rfio_fopen64(3) Opens a file.
rfio_fread(3) Reads in a file.
rfio_fseek(3) Positions/repositions a file.
rfio_fseeko64(3) Positions/repositions a file.
rfio_fstat(3) Get information about a file or directory.
rfio_fstat64(3) Get information about a file or directory.
rfio_ftell(3) Tells the position in a stream.
rfio_ftello64(3) Tells the position in a stream.
rfio_fwrite(3) Writes to a file.
rfio_lockf(3) Provide record locking on files.
rfio_lockf64(3) Provide record locking on files.
rfio_lseek(3) Positions/repositions a file.
rfio_lseek64(3) Positions/repositions a file.
rfio_lstat(3) Get information about a file or directory.
rfio_lstat64(3) Get information about a file or directory.
rfio_mkdir(3) Create a new directory.
rfio_mstat(3) Get information about a file or directory.
rfio_mstat64(3) Get information about a file or directory.
rfio_msymlink(3) Create a symbolic link to a file.
rfio_munlink(3) Remove a file entry.
rfio_open(3) Opens a file.
rfio_open64(3) Opens a file.
rfio_opendir(3) Open a directory.
rfio_pclose(3) Start a process and open a pipe to it.
rfio_perror(3) Print error message corresponding to the last RFIO function failure.
rfio_popen(3) Start a process and open a pipe to it.
rfio_pread(3) Reads in a file.
rfio_preseek(3) Prefetch chunks of data from a file.
rfio_preseek64(3) Prefetch chunks of data from a file.
rfio_pwrite(3) Writes to a file.
rfio_rcp(3) Third party copy of a file.
rfio_read(3) Reads in a file.
rfio_readdir(3) Read directory opened by rfio_opendir.
rfio_readlink(3) Get the content of a symbolic link.
rfio_rename(3) Rename a file or directory.
rfio_rewinddir(3) Reset position to the beginning of a directory opened by rfio_opendir.
rfio_rmdir(3) Remove a directory.
rfio_serror(3) Print error message corresponding to the last RFIO function failure.
rfio_setbufsize(3) Set RFIO options.
rfio_stat(3) Get information about a file or directory.
rfio_stat64(3) Get information about a file or directory.
rfio_statfs(3) Get information about a mounted filesystem.
rfio_statfs64(3) Get information about a mounted filesystem.
rfio_symlink(3) Create a symbolic link to a file.
rfio_unlink(3) Remove a file entry.
rfio_write(3) Writes to a file.
rfioreadopt(3) Get RFIO options.
rfiosetopt(3) Set RFIO options.
rflattenlofig(3) Recursivly flatten a figure.
rflattenphfig(3) Recursivly flatten a figure.
RG::Blast::Parser(3pm) Fast NCBI BLAST parser.
RG::PP::ACL(3pm) PredictProtein access control list methods.
RG::Reprof(3pm) Protein secondary structure and accessibility predictor.
RG::Utils::Conv_hssp2saf(3pm) Rost Lab perl utilities.
RG::Utils::Copf(3pm) Rost Lab perl utilities.
RG::Utils::Hssp_filter(3pm) Rost Lab perl utilities.
RGB(3alleg4) Single palette entry. Allegro game programming library.
rgb_map(3alleg4) Look up table to speed up reducing RGB values to palette colors. Allegro game programming library.
RGB_MAP(3alleg4) Stores an rgb map to accelerate conversions. Allegro game programming library.
rgb_to_hsv(3alleg4) ↣ hsv_to_rgb(3alleg4) Converts color values between the HSV and RGB color spaces. Allegro game programming.
rgbhls(3NCARG) Converts a color specification given in the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) color space to color values in the.
rgbhsv(3NCARG) Converts a color specification given in the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) color space to color values in the.
rgbyiq(3NCARG) Converts a color specification given in the RGB Red, Green, Blue, (RGB) color space to a color.
rgxg_net_cidr_ipv4(3) ↣ rgxg_net_cidr_string(3) Create regex that matches all addresses of the.
rgxg_net_cidr_ipv6(3) ↣ rgxg_net_cidr_string(3) Create regex that matches all addresses of the.
rgxg_net_cidr_string(3) Create regex that matches all addresses of the.
rgxg_number_greaterequal(3) ↣ rgxg_number_range(3) Create regex that matches integers in the given range.
rgxg_number_range(3) Create regex that matches integers in the given range.
rgxg_utils_alternation(3) Create regex that matches any of the given patterns.
rgxg_utils_escape_string(3) Escape the given string for use in a regular expression.
Rinci(3pm) Language-neutral metadata for your code.
Rinci::FAQ(3pm) Metadata for your functions/methods.
Rinci::function(3pm) Metadata for your functions/methods.
Rinci::package(3pm) Metadata for your namespaces/packages.
Rinci::resmeta(3pm) Function/method result metadata.
Rinci::Transaction(3pm) A transactional system based on functions.
Rinci::Undo(3pm) (DEPRECATED) Protocol for undo operations in functions.
Rinci::Upgrading(3pm) Upgrading from previous version of specification.
Rinci::variable(3pm) Metadata for your variables.
rindex(3) ↣ index(3) Locate character in string.
rint(3) Round to nearest integer.
rint(3clc) Round to nearest even integer.
rint(3posix) Round-to-nearest integral value.
rintf(3) ↣ rint(3) Round to nearest integer.
rintl(3) ↣ rint(3) Round to nearest integer.
ripemd(3ssl) RIPEMD-160 hash function.
ripemd128(3tcl) RIPEMD-128 Message-Digest Algorithm.
ripemd128(3trf) Message digest "ripemd-128".
RIPEMD160(3ssl) ↣ ripemd(3ssl) RIPEMD-160 hash function.
ripemd160(3tcl) RIPEMD-160 Message-Digest Algorithm.
ripemd160(3trf) Message digest "ripemd-160".
RIPEMD160_Final(3ssl) ↣ ripemd(3ssl) RIPEMD-160 hash function.
RIPEMD160_Init(3ssl) ↣ ripemd(3ssl) RIPEMD-160 hash function.
RIPEMD160_Update(3ssl) ↣ ripemd(3ssl) RIPEMD-160 hash function.
RipeWhois(3pm) Perl extension to retrieve information from RIPE Whois database.
ripoffline(3ncurses) ↣ kernel(3ncurses)
ripoffline_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
RiveScript(3pm) Rendering Intelligence Very Easily.
RiveScript::WD(3pm) RiveScript 2.00 Working Draft (2014/11/30).
RkBgnBun(3) Convert the reading of a specified length to kanji.
RkCloseRoma(3) Close the dictionary used for Romaji-kana conversion.
RkCvtEuc(3) Convert shift JIS code to EUC code.
RkCvtHan(3) Convert double-width symbols, alphanumeric characters, hiragana, and katakana to sin‐.
RkCvtHira(3) Convert double-width katakana to double-width hiragana.
RkCvtKana(3) Convert double-width hiragana to double-width katakana.
RkCvtRoma(3) Convert an entire character string from Romaji to kana by iteratively using RkMapRoma.
RkCvtZen(3) Convert ASCII characters and single-width katakana to double-width characters.
RkDefineDic(3) Define specified candidates in the dictionary.
RkDeleteDic(3) Delete specified candidates from a dictionary.
RkEndBun(3) Terminate kana-kanji conversion.
RkEnlarge(3) Enlarge the reading of the current clause.
RkFinalize(3) Terminate the kana-kanji conversion functions.
RkGetDicList(3) Get the name of a dictionary that can be added to the dictionary list.
RkGetKanji(3) Get the current candidate for the current clause.
RkGetLex(3) Get morphemic information on each word that makes up the current candidate.
RkGetStat(3) Get analysis information about the current candidate.
RkGetYomi(3) Get the reading of the current clause.
RkGoto(3) Change the current clause.
RkInitialize(3) Initialize the kana-kanji conversion functions.
RkIntro(3) Dictionary access library introduction.
RkLeft(3) Move the current clause to the clause to its left.
RkMapPhonogram(3) Perform Romaji-kana conversion by using a specified Romaji-kana conversion table.
RkMapRoma(3) Perform Romaji-kana conversion by using a specified Romaji-kana conversion table.
RkMountDic(3) Mount a dictionary in the dictionary list.
RkNext(3) Set the next candidate as the current candidate.
RkNfer(3) Set a reading itself as the current candidate.
RkOpenRoma(3) Open the dictionary to use for Romaji-kana conversion.
RkPrev(3) Set the previous candidate as the current candidate.
RkRemountDic(3) Modify the priority order of a dictionary already in the dictionary list.
RkResize(3) Change the reading length of the current clause to len bytes.
RkRight(3) Move the current clause to the clause to its right.
RkShorten(3) Shorten the reading of the current clause.
RkStoreYomi(3) Change the reading of the current clause, reconverting the subsequent clauses.
RkUnmountDic(3) Unmount a dictionary from the dictionary list.
RkXfer(3) Change the current candidate.
RLE_SPRITE(3alleg4) Stores the contents of an RLE sprite. Allegro game programming library.
RlwrapFilter(3pm) Perl class for rlwrap filters.
RMD160Data(3) ↣ rmd160(3)
RMD160End(3) ↣ rmd160(3)
RMD160File(3) ↣ rmd160(3)
RMD160FileChunk(3) ↣ rmd160(3)
RMD160Final(3) ↣ rmd160(3)
RMD160Init(3) ↣ rmd160(3)
RMD160Pad(3) ↣ rmd160(3)
RMD160Transform(3) ↣ rmd160(3)
RMD160Update(3) ↣ rmd160(3)
rmdir(3posix) Remove a directory.
roar_codec2str(3) Get codec ID by codec name.
roar_connect(3) Connects to RoarAudio's sound server.
roar_connectionref(3) Change reference counter for RoarAudio connections.
roar_connectionunref(3) Change reference counter for RoarAudio connections.
roar_disconnect(3) Change reference counter for RoarAudio connections.
roar_error(3) RoarAudio error code.
roar_error2str(3) Convert an error code into a lion readable string.
roar_errorstring(3) Lion readable error string for current RoarAudio error value.
roar_exit(3) Let RoarAudio's sound server quit.
roar_get_standby(3) Get and set RoarAudio's sound servers standby state.
roar_get_vol(3) Set mixer levels or RoarAudio streams.
roar_server_oinfo(3) Gets information on the output stream of RoarAudio's sound server.
roar_set_standby(3) Get and set RoarAudio's sound servers standby state.
roar_set_vol(3) Set mixer levels or RoarAudio streams.
roar_simple_close(3) Close a simple RoarAudio connection.
roar_simple_connect(3) Opens a connection to RoarAudio's sound server.
roar_simple_filter(3) Simple playback, monetoring,.
roar_simple_get_standby(3) Get RoarAudio's standby state.
roar_simple_monitor(3) Simple playback, monetoring,.
roar_simple_new_stream(3) Create a new stream via RoarAudio.
roar_simple_new_stream_obj(3) Create a new stream via RoarAudio.
roar_simple_play(3) Simple playback, monetoring,.
roar_simple_record(3) Simple playback, monetoring,.
roar_simple_stream(3) Opens a stream to RoarAudio's sound server.
roar_socket_listen(3) Opens a new listen socket.
roar_socket_nonblock(3) Sets blocking state of a socket.
roar_str2codec(3) Get codec ID by codec name.
roar_stream_add_data(3) Adds data to a stream's input buffer using the controll connection.
roar_stream_connect(3) Connect a stream to RoarAudio's sound server.
roar_stream_connect_to(3) Connects a stream to some listening socket.
roar_stream_exec(3) Set a stream as master stream of a client.
roar_stream_new(3) Creates a new stream object.
roar_terminate(3) Let RoarAudio's sound server quit.
roar_vio_close(3) Close a RoarAudio virtual IO object.
roar_vs_blocking(3) Change blocking mode of VS object.
roar_vs_buffer(3) Use buffered mode streams.
roar_vs_close(3) Closes a VS object.
roar_vs_connection_obj(3) VS API interface for use of main API.
roar_vs_ctl(3) Interface to private interals of VS object.
roar_vs_file(3) File mode for VS API.
roar_vs_file_simple(3) Set up stream parameters for VS object.
roar_vs_get_avail_read(3) Use buffered mode streams.
roar_vs_get_avail_write(3) Use buffered mode streams.
roar_vs_iterate(3) Iterate streams.
roar_vs_latency(3) Get stream position information.
roar_vs_latency2(3) Get stream position information.
roar_vs_meta(3) Update meta data for a stream.
roar_vs_mute(3) Alter stream flags.
roar_vs_new(3) Create new VS objects.
roar_vs_new_from_con(3) Create new VS objects.
roar_vs_new_from_file(3) Set up stream parameters for VS object.
roar_vs_new_playback(3) Create new VS objects.
roar_vs_new_simple(3) Create new VS objects.
roar_vs_noop(3) Send NOOP command to server.
roar_vs_pause(3) Alter stream flags.
roar_vs_position(3) Get stream position information.
roar_vs_read(3) Read or write data from or to sound server.
roar_vs_reset_buffer(3) Use buffered mode streams.
roar_vs_role(3) Update role for a stream.
roar_vs_run(3) Iterate streams.
roar_vs_stream(3) Set up stream parameters for VS object.
roar_vs_stream_obj(3) VS API interface for use of main API.
roar_vs_strerr(3) Convert an error code into a lion readable string.
roar_vs_sync(3) Sync VS object with server.
roar_vs_vio_obj(3) VS API interface for use of main API.
roar_vs_volume_get(3) Get or set volume for audio stream.
roar_vs_volume_mono(3) Get or set volume for audio stream.
roar_vs_volume_stereo(3) Get or set volume for audio stream.
roar_vs_write(3) Read or write data from or to sound server.
Role::Basic(3pm) Just roles. Nothing else.
Role::Basic::Philosophy(3pm) Why Role::Basic exists.
Role::Commons(3pm) Roles that can be commonly used, for the mutual benefit of all.
Role::Commons::Authority(3pm) A class method indicating who published the package.
Role::Commons::ObjectID(3pm) An object method providing a unique identifier.
Role::Commons::Tap(3pm) An object method which helps with chaining, inspired by Ruby.
Role::HasMessage(3pm) A thing with a message method.
Role::HasMessage::Errf(3pm) A thing with a String::Errf-powered message.
Role::Identifiable::HasIdent(3pm) A thing with an ident attribute.
Role::Identifiable::HasTags(3pm) A thing with a list of tags.
Role::Tiny(3pm) Roles. Like a nouvelle cuisine portion size slice of Moose.
Role::Tiny::With(3pm) Neat interface for consumers of Role::Tiny roles.
Roman(3pm) Functions for converting between Roman and Arabic numerals.
roman(3tcl) Tools for creating and manipulating roman numerals.
romberg(3tcl) Romberg integration.
root_hints_get(3) ↣ libval(3) Manage validator context.
root_hints_set(3) ↣ libval(3) Manage validator context.
rootn(3clc) Compute x to the power 1/y.
RootWindow(3) ↣ AllPlanes(3)
RootWindowOfScreen(3) ↣ BlackPixelOfScreen(3)
RoPkg(3pm) Collection of perl classes.
RoPkg::DB(3pm) A Singleton database pool class.
RoPkg::DBCollection(3pm) Base class who can be used for collections of database objects.
RoPkg::DBObject(3pm) General pourpose database object.
RoPkg::Exceptions(3pm) Exceptions used by RoPkg packages.
RoPkg::Rsync::Atom(3pm) The smallest unit in a rsync configuration file.
RoPkg::Rsync::LogParser(3pm) A rsync log parser class.
RoPkg::Simba(3pm) The main class of simba.
RoPkg::Simba::Mirror(3pm) A mirror class.
RoPkg::Simba::Plugin::GenHTML(3pm) Html generator plugin for Simba.
RoPkg::Utils(3pm) General pourpose class.
rose(3) ROSE Address manipulation routines.
Rose::Class(3pm) A very simple class base class.
Rose::Class::MakeMethods::Generic(3pm) Create simple class methods.
Rose::Class::MakeMethods::Set(3pm) Create class methods to manage sets.
Rose::DateTime(3pm) DateTime helper functions and objects.
Rose::DateTime::Parser(3pm) DateTime parser object.
Rose::DateTime::Util(3pm) Some simple DateTime wrapper functions.
Rose::DB(3pm) A DBI wrapper and abstraction layer.
Rose::DB::Cache(3pm) A mod_perl-aware cache for Rose::DB objects.
Rose::DB::Cache::Entry(3pm) A cache entry for use with Rose::DB::Cache objects.
Rose::DB::Constants(3pm) Symbolic names for important Rose::DB constants.
Rose::DB::Generic(3pm) Generic driver class for Rose::DB.
Rose::DB::Informix(3pm) Informix driver class for Rose::DB.
Rose::DB::MySQL(3pm) MySQL driver class for Rose::DB.
Rose::DB::Object(3pm) Extensible, high performance object-relational mapper (ORM).
Rose::DB::Object::Cached(3pm) Memory cached object representation of a single row in a database table.
Rose::DB::Object::ConventionManager(3pm) Provide missing metadata by convention.
Rose::DB::Object::ConventionManager::Null(3pm) A singleton convention manager that does nothing.
Rose::DB::Object::Helpers(3pm) A mix-in class containing convenience methods for Rose::DB::Object.
Rose::DB::Object::Iterator(3pm) Iterate over a series of Rose::DB::Objects.
Rose::DB::Object::Loader(3pm) Automatically create Rose::DB::Object subclasses based on database table.
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::BigNum(3pm) Create object methods for arbitrary-precision numeric attributes for.
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Date(3pm) Create date-related methods for Rose::DB::Object-derived objects.
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Generic(3pm) Create generic object methods for Rose::DB::Object-derived objects.
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Pg(3pm) Create PostgreSQL-specific object methods for Rose::DB::Object-derived.
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Std(3pm) Create object methods related to Rose::DB::Object::Std-derived objects.
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Time(3pm) Create time-related methods for Rose::DB::Object-derived objects.
Rose::DB::Object::Manager(3pm) Fetch multiple Rose::DB::Object-derived objects from the database using complex.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata(3pm) Database object metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column(3pm) Base class for database column metadata objects.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Array(3pm) Array column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::BigInt(3pm) Big integer column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::BigSerial(3pm) Big serial column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Bitfield(3pm) Bitfield column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Blob(3pm) Binary large object column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Boolean(3pm) Boolean column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Character(3pm) Character column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Date(3pm) Date column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Datetime(3pm) Datetime column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToFraction(3pm) Datetime year to fraction column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToFraction1(3pm) Datetime year to fraction(1) column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToFraction2(3pm) Datetime year to fraction(2) column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToFraction3(3pm) Datetime year to fraction(3) column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToFraction4(3pm) Datetime year to fraction(4) column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToFraction5(3pm) Datetime year to fraction(5) column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToMinute(3pm) Datetime year to minute column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToMonth(3pm) Datetime year to month column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToSecond(3pm) Datetime year to second column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Decimal(3pm) Decimal column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DoublePrecision(3pm) Double-precision column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Enum(3pm) Enumerated column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Epoch(3pm) Seconds since the epoch column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Epoch::HiRes(3pm) Fractional seconds since the epoch column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Float(3pm) Floating-point column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Integer(3pm) Integer column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Interval(3pm) Interval column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Numeric(3pm) Numeric column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Pg::Bytea(3pm) PostgreSQL BYTEA column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Pg::Chkpass(3pm) PostgreSQL CHKPASS column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Scalar(3pm) Scalar column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Serial(3pm) Serial column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Set(3pm) Set column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Text(3pm) Text column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Time(3pm) Time column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Timestamp(3pm) Timestamp column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::TimestampWithTimeZone(3pm) Timestamp with time zone column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Varchar(3pm) Variable-length character column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::ForeignKey(3pm) Foreign key metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::PrimaryKey(3pm) Primary key metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Relationship(3pm) Base class for table relationship metadata objects.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Relationship::ManyToMany(3pm) Many to many table relationship metadata object.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Relationship::ManyToOne(3pm) Many to one table relationship metadata object.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Relationship::OneToMany(3pm) One to many table relationship metadata object.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Relationship::OneToOne(3pm) One to one table relationship metadata object.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::UniqueKey(3pm) Unique key metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::MixIn(3pm) A base class for mix-ins.
Rose::DB::Object::QueryBuilder(3pm) Build SQL queries on behalf of Rose::DB::Object::Manager.
Rose::DB::Object::Std(3pm) Standardized object representation of a single row in a database table.
Rose::DB::Object::Std::Cached(3pm) Memory cached standardized object representation of a single row in a database.
Rose::DB::Object::Std::Metadata(3pm) Standardized database object metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Tutorial(3pm) A guided tour of the basics of Rose::DB::Object.
Rose::DB::Object::Util(3pm) Utility functions for use in Rose::DB::Object subclasses and method makers.
Rose::DB::Oracle(3pm) Oracle driver class for Rose::DB.
Rose::DB::Pg(3pm) PostgreSQL driver class for Rose::DB.
Rose::DB::Registry(3pm) Data source registry.
Rose::DB::Registry::Entry(3pm) Data source registry entry.
Rose::DB::SQLite(3pm) SQLite driver class for Rose::DB.
Rose::DB::Tutorial(3pm) Best practices for using Rose::DB.
Rose::Object(3pm) A simple object base class.
Rose::Object::MakeMethods(3pm) A simple method maker base class.
Rose::Object::MakeMethods::DateTime(3pm) Create methods that store DateTime objects.
Rose::Object::MakeMethods::Generic(3pm) Create simple object methods.
Rose::Object::MixIn(3pm) A base class for mix-ins.
Rose::URI(3pm) A URI class that allows easy and efficient manipulation of URI components.
rose_aton(3) ↣ rose(3) ROSE Address manipulation routines.
rose_cmp(3) ↣ rose(3) ROSE Address manipulation routines.
rose_ntoa(3) ↣ rose(3) ROSE Address manipulation routines.
rot(3tcl) Rot-encryption.
Rotate(3) Multiply the current transformation matrix by a rotation matrix.
rotate(3clc) Rotate bits left.
rotate_scaled_sprite(3alleg4) Rotates and stretches a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_scaled_sprite_lit(3alleg4) Rotates and stretches a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_scaled_sprite_trans(3alleg4) Rotates and stretches a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_scaled_sprite_v_flip(3alleg4) Rotates, stretches and flips a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_scaled_sprite_v_flip_lit(3alleg4) Rotates, stretches and flips a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_scaled_sprite_v_flip_trans(3alleg4) Rotates, stretches and flips a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_sprite(3alleg4) Rotates a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_sprite_lit(3alleg4) Rotates a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_sprite_trans(3alleg4) Rotates a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_sprite_v_flip(3alleg4) Rotates and flips a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_sprite_v_flip_lit(3alleg4) Rotates and flips a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
rotate_sprite_v_flip_trans(3alleg4) Rotates and flips a sprite. Allegro game programming library.
RotateTool(3U) Tool for rotating components.
round(3) Round to nearest integer, away from zero.
round(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
round(3clc) Rounding function.
round(3G) Find the nearest integer less than or equal to the parameter.
round(3posix) Round to the nearest integer value in a floating-point format.
roundEven(3G) Find the nearest even integer to the parameter.
roundf(3) ↣ round(3) Round to nearest integer, away from zero.
roundf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
roundl(3) ↣ round(3) Round to nearest integer, away from zero.
roundrdsrec(3) Adjusts a rectangle to lambda grid step.
Router::Simple(3pm) Simple HTTP router.
Router::Simple::Cookbook(3pm) The Router::Simple Cookbook.
Router::Simple::Declare(3pm) Declarative interface for Router::Simple.
Router::Simple::Route(3pm) Route object.
Router::Simple::SubMapper(3pm) Submapper.
RowMajorStrg(3) ↣ cblas_globals.c(3)
rpc(3) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
rpc(3erl) Remote Procedure Call Services.
rpc(3t) Library routines for remote procedure calls.
RPC::pClient(3pm) Perl extension for writing pRPC clients.
RPC::pServer(3pm) Perl extension for writing pRPC servers.
RPC::XML(3pm) A set of classes for core data, message and XML handling.
RPC::XML::Client(3pm) An XML-RPC client class.
RPC::XML::Parser(3pm) Interface for parsers created by RPC::XML::ParserFactory.
RPC::XML::Parser::XMLLibXML(3pm) A container class for XML::LibXML.
RPC::XML::Parser::XMLParser(3pm) A container class for XML::Parser.
RPC::XML::ParserFactory(3pm) A factory class for RPC::XML::Parser objects.
RPC::XML::Procedure(3pm) Object encapsulation of server-side RPC procedures.
RPC::XML::Server(3pm) A server base-class for XML-RPC.
rpc_clnt_auth(3t) Library routines for client side remote.
rpc_secure(3t) Library routines for secure remote procedure calls.
rpc_svc_reg(3t) Library routines for.
rpcbind(3t) Library routines for RPC bind.
rpcbuf(3I) Streambuf specialized for sending and receiving RPC requests.
RpcHdr(3I) Header for remote procedure calls.
RpcPeer(3I) Support bi-directional RPC between two services.
RpcReader(3I) Read RPC requests from a client.
RpcRegistry(3I) Name space for finding RPC services.
RpcService(3I) Support RPC between a service and its clients.
rpcstream(3I) Iostreamb specialized to RPC requests.
RpcWriter(3I) Write RPC requests to a server.
rpm_execcon(3) ↣ getexeccon(3) Get or set the SELinux security context used for executing a new process.
rpmatch(3) Determine if the answer to a question is affirmative or negative.
rquota(3) Implement quotas on remote machines.
RRD::Simple(3pm) Simple interface to create and store data in RRD files.
RRD::Simple::Examples(3pm) Examples using RRD::Simple.
RRDp(3pm) Attach RRDtool from within a perl script via a set of pipes;.
RRDs(3pm) Access RRDtool as a shared module. Octopussy RRDTool module.
RRDTool::OO(3pm) Object-oriented interface to RRDTool.
rresvport(3) ↣ rcmd(3) Routines for returning a.
rresvport_af(3) ↣ rcmd(3) Routines for returning a.
rs_ecc(3trf) Reed-Solomon error correcting code.
rsa(3ssl) RSA public key cryptosystem.
RSA_blinding_off(3ssl) ↣ RSA_blinding_on(3ssl) Protect the RSA operation from timing attacks.
RSA_blinding_on(3ssl) Protect the RSA operation from timing attacks.
RSA_check_key(3ssl) Validate private RSA keys.
RSA_flags(3ssl) ↣ RSA_set_method(3ssl)
RSA_free(3ssl) ↣ RSA_new(3ssl) Allocate and free RSA objects.
RSA_generate_key(3ssl) Generate RSA key pair.
RSA_generate_key_ex(3ssl) ↣ RSA_generate_key(3ssl) Generate RSA key pair.
RSA_get_default_method(3ssl) ↣ RSA_set_method(3ssl)
RSA_get_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ RSA_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Add application specific data to RSA structures.
RSA_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Add application specific data to RSA structures.
RSA_get_method(3ssl) ↣ RSA_set_method(3ssl)
RSA_new(3ssl) Allocate and free RSA objects.
RSA_new_method(3ssl) ↣ RSA_set_method(3ssl)
RSA_null_method(3ssl) ↣ RSA_set_method(3ssl)
RSA_padding_add_none(3ssl) ↣ RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1(3ssl)
RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_OAEP(3ssl) ↣ RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1(3ssl)
RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_2(3ssl) ↣ RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1(3ssl)
RSA_padding_add_SSLv23(3ssl) ↣ RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1(3ssl)
RSA_padding_check_none(3ssl) ↣ RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1(3ssl)
RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_OAEP(3ssl) ↣ RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1(3ssl)
RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_1(3ssl) ↣ RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1(3ssl)
RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_2(3ssl) ↣ RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1(3ssl)
RSA_padding_check_SSLv23(3ssl) ↣ RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1(3ssl)
RSA_PKCS1_SSLeay(3ssl) ↣ RSA_set_method(3ssl)
RSA_print_fp(3ssl) ↣ RSA_print(3ssl)
RSA_private_decrypt(3ssl) ↣ RSA_public_encrypt(3ssl) RSA public key cryptography.
RSA_private_encrypt(3ssl) Low level signature operations.
RSA_public_decrypt(3ssl) ↣ RSA_private_encrypt(3ssl) Low level signature operations.
RSA_public_encrypt(3ssl) RSA public key cryptography.
RSA_set_default_method(3ssl) ↣ RSA_set_method(3ssl)
RSA_set_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ RSA_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Add application specific data to RSA structures.
RSA_sign(3ssl) RSA signatures.
RSA_sign_ASN1_OCTET_STRING(3ssl) RSA signatures.
RSA_size(3ssl) Get RSA modulus size.
RSA_verify(3ssl) ↣ RSA_sign(3ssl) RSA signatures.
RSA_verify_ASN1_OCTET_STRING(3ssl) ↣ RSA_sign_ASN1_OCTET_STRING(3ssl) RSA signatures.
RT::Action::SMSNotify(3pm) An action to send SMS notifications.
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth(3pm) RT Authentication using External Sources.
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth::DBI(3pm) External database source for RT authentication.
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth::DBI::Cookie(3pm) Database-backed, cookie SSO source for RT authentication.
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth::LDAP(3pm) LDAP source for RT authentication.
RT::Extension::JSGantt(3pm) Gantt charts for your tickets.
RT::Extension::Nagios(3pm) Merge and resolve Nagios tickets.
RT::Extension::SMSNotify(3pm) Send SMS notifications from RT via SMS::Send.
RT::Extension::SMSNotify::OnShift(3pm) Enable notifications based on shifts.
RT::Extension::SMSNotify::PagerForUser(3pm) Pager number lookup handler.
rtcore(3tcl) Runtime core for file type recognition engines written in pure Tcl.
RTCPCompoundHandler(3) Low level structs and RTCP packet parsing and building methods.
RTCPCompoundHandler_APPPacket(3) Struct for APP (application specific) RTCP packets.
RTCPCompoundHandler_BYEPacket(3) Struct for BYE (leaving session) RTCP packets.
RTCPCompoundHandler_FIRPacket(3) Struct for Full Intra-frame Request (FIR) RTCP packet.
RTCPCompoundHandler_NACKPacket(3) Struct for Negative ACKnowledgements (NACK) RTCP packet.
RTCPCompoundHandler_ReceiverInfo(3) Struct for the data contained in a receiver info block.
RTCPCompoundHandler_RecvReport(3) Raw structure of the source and every receiver report in an SR or RR RTCP.
RTCPCompoundHandler_RRBlock(3) Struct for a receiver info block in a SR (sender report) or an RR (receiver.
RTCPCompoundHandler_RTCPFixedHeader(3) Fixed RTCP packet header.
RTCPCompoundHandler_RTCPPacket(3) Struct representing general RTCP packet headers as they are sent through the.
RTCPCompoundHandler_SDESChunk(3) Struct for a chunk of items in a SDES RTCP packet.
RTCPCompoundHandler_SDESItem(3) Struct for an item description of a SDES packet.
RTCPCompoundHandler_SenderInfo(3) Struct for the sender info block in a SR (sender report) RTCP packet.
RTCPCompoundHandler_SendReport(3) Struct for SR (sender report) RTCP packets.
rtcppacket(3) RTCP compound packets manipulation.
rtcppkt.h(3) RTCP packets handling.
RTCPReceiverInfo(3) Report block information of SR/RR RTCP reports.
RTCPSenderInfo(3) Sender block information of SR RTCP reports.
RTF::Document(3pm) Perl extension for generating Rich Text (RTF) Files.
RTF::Writer(3pm) For generating documents in Rich Text Format.
RTF::Writer::TableRowDecl(3pm) Class for RTF table settings.
rtf_create_bandpass_analytic(3) Creates an IIR filter estimating the analytic signal in a bandpass.
rtf_create_butterworth(3) ↣ rtf_create_chebychev(3) Creates IIR Chebychev and Butterwoth filters.
rtf_create_chebychev(3) Creates IIR Chebychev and Butterwoth filters.
rtf_create_downsampler(3) Creates downsampling filter.
rtf_create_filter(3) Creates a custom filter.
rtf_create_fir_bandpass(3) ↣ rtf_create_fir_lowpass(3) Creates FIR lowpass, highpass and.
rtf_create_fir_highpass(3) ↣ rtf_create_fir_lowpass(3) Creates FIR lowpass, highpass and.
rtf_create_fir_lowpass(3) Creates FIR lowpass, highpass and.
rtf_destroy_filter(3) Destroys a filter.
rtf_filter(3) Filters a chunk of data.
rtf_get_type(3) Gets the input or output data type of a filter.
rtf_get_version(3) Returns the version of the library.
rtf_init_filter(3) Reinitialize the filter with given data.
rtime(3) Get time from a remote machine.
rtime(3t) Get remote time.
rtnetlink(3) Macros to manipulate rtnetlink messages.
rtp.h(3) Generic and audio/video profile specific RTP interface of ccRTP.
RTPApplication(3) An RTP application, holding identifying RTCP SDES item values.
RTPApplication_ParticipantsIterator(3) Iterator through the list of participants in this session.
RTPBaseUDPIPv4Socket(3) A UDP/IPv4 socket class targeted at RTP stacks.
RTPDataQueue(3) A packet queue handler for building different kinds of RTP protocol systems.
RTPDuplex(3) A peer associated RTP socket pair for physically connected peer hosts.
rtpext(3) CcRTP Extension classes.
RTPPacket(3) A base class for both IncomingRTPPkt and OutgoingRTPPkt.
rtppacket(3) RTP data packets manipulation.
RTPPacket_RFC2833Payload(3) A structure defining RFC2833 Telephony events.
rtppkt.h(3) RTP packets handling.
RTPQueueBase(3) A virtual base class for RTP queue hierarchies.
RTPSessionBase(3) Generic RTP protocol stack for exchange of realtime data.
RTPSessionPool(3) This class is a base class for classes that define a group of RTP sessions that will be.
RTx::Calendar(3pm) Calendar for RT due dates.
Rubband(3I) Rubberbanding graphical objects.
rudecgi(3) Access formdata in CGI applications.
ruli(3) Library for querying DNS SRV resource records (RFC 2782).
Run::Parts(3pm) Offers functionality of Debian's run-parts tool in Perl.
Run::Parts::Common(3pm) Common helpers for Run::Parts and its backends.
Run::Parts::Debian(3pm) Perl interface to Debian's run-parts tool.
Run::Parts::Perl(3pm) Pure Perl implementation of Debian's run-parts tool.
RunApp(3pm) A generic module to run web-applications.
RunApp::Apache(3pm) Apache control for RunApp.
RunApp::Base(3pm) Base class for RunApp.
RunApp::Control(3pm) Control class for RunApp.
RunApp::Control::ApacheCtl(3pm) Class for invoking apachectl.
RunApp::Control::AppControl(3pm) Class for controlling daemon with App::Control.
RunApp::Cron(3pm) Build and install/remove a crontab.
RunApp::Template(3pm) Base class for RunApp template service.
RunApp::Template::Apache(3pm) Apache control from RunApp.
runawk_modules(3) Wrapper for AWK interpreter.
Running::Commentary(3pm) Call "system" cleanly, with tracking messages.
ruserok(3) ↣ rcmd(3) Routines for returning a.
ruserok_af(3) ↣ rcmd(3) Routines for returning a.
rwarray(3am) Write and read gawk arrays to/from files.
S3(3tcl) Amazon S3 Web Service Interface.
s3d_angle_to_cam(3) Calculate angle between vector and cam.
s3d_clear_callback(3) Clears a callback.
s3d_clone(3) Clone object.
s3d_clone_target(3) Changes the target of a clone-object.
s3d_del_object(3) Delete an object.
s3d_delete_event(3) Delete event from stack.
s3d_draw_string(3) Draw a simple string.
s3d_find_event(3) Find eevnt on stack.
s3d_flags_off(3) Disable flags of object.
s3d_flags_on(3) Enable flags of object.
s3d_get_callback(3) Get callback of event.
s3d_ignore_callback(3) Ignores an event.
s3d_import_model_file(3) Read model from file.
s3d_init(3) Initialize s3d library.
s3d_link(3) Link object to another one.
s3d_load_line_normals(3) Add normals to line.
s3d_load_materials_a(3) Add materials with alpha to polygons.
s3d_load_polygon_normals(3) Add normals to polygon.
s3d_load_polygon_tex_coords(3) Add texture coordinates to polygons.
s3d_load_texture(3) Load texture from memory.
s3d_mainloop(3) Set mainloop of program.
s3d_mcp_focus(3) Focus mcp object.
s3d_net_check(3) Get events from server.
s3d_new_object(3) Create new object.
s3d_open_file(3) Copy file into memory.
s3d_pep_line(3) Rewrite line.
s3d_pep_line_normals(3) Add normals to lines.
s3d_pep_lines(3) Rewrite lines.
s3d_pep_material(3) Rewrite material.
s3d_pep_material_a(3) Rewrite material with alpha.
s3d_pep_material_texture(3) Add texture to material.
s3d_pep_materials_a(3) Rewrite materials with alpha.
s3d_pep_polygon_normals(3) Add normals to polygon.
s3d_pep_polygon_tex_coord(3) Add texture coordinates to polygon.
s3d_pep_polygon_tex_coords(3) Add texture coordinates to polygons.
s3d_pep_vertex(3) Rewrite vertex.
s3d_pep_vertices(3) Rewrite lines.
s3d_pop_event(3) Pop event from stack.
s3d_pop_line(3) Remove lines.
s3d_pop_material(3) Remove materials.
s3d_pop_polygon(3) Remove polygons.
s3d_pop_texture(3) Remove textures.
s3d_pop_vertex(3) Remove vertices.
s3d_process_stack(3) Process all events on stack.
s3d_push_event(3) Push event onto stack.
s3d_push_line(3) Push line.
s3d_push_lines(3) Push many lines.
s3d_push_material(3) Push material.
s3d_push_material_a(3) Push material with alpha.
s3d_push_materials_a(3) Push many materials.
s3d_push_polygon(3) Push polygon.
s3d_push_polygons(3) Push many polygons.
s3d_push_texture(3) Push texture.
s3d_push_textures(3) Push many textures.
s3d_push_vertex(3) Push vertex.
s3d_push_vertices(3) Push many vertices.
s3d_quit(3) Shutdown s3d library.
s3d_rotate(3) Rotate object.
s3d_scale(3) Scale object.
s3d_select_font(3) Select font.
s3d_set_callback(3) Sets a callback.
s3d_strlen(3) Get rendered string size.
s3d_translate(3) Move object to absolute position.
s3d_unlink(3) Removes link from another object.
s3d_usage(3) Print s3d parameter.
s3d_vector_angle(3) Calculate angle between two vectors.
s3d_vector_cross_product(3) Calculate cross product of two vectors.
s3d_vector_dot_product(3) Calculate dot product of two vectors.
s3d_vector_length(3) Calculate length of vector.
s3d_vector_subtract(3) Substract two vectors.
s3dw_ani_mate(3) Doing the whole animation thing.
s3dw_button_new(3) Create a new button in the surface.
s3dw_delete(3) Delete widget.
s3dw_focus(3) Give widget focus.
s3dw_getroot(3) Get the root.
s3dw_handle_click(3) Handle click on widget.
s3dw_handle_key(3) Handle key input on widget.
s3dw_input_change_text(3) Changes the text of the input.
s3dw_input_gettext(3) Get text of input.
s3dw_input_new(3) Create a new input in the surface.
s3dw_label_change_text(3) Change label text.
s3dw_label_new(3) Create a new label in the surface.
s3dw_moveit(3) Apply widgets moving function.
s3dw_object_info(3) Handle object info events.
s3dw_show(3) Make widget visible.
s3dw_surface_new(3) Create a new surface.
s3dw_textbox_change_text(3) Change text.
s3dw_textbox_new(3) Create a new textbox in the surface.
s3dw_textbox_scrolldown(3) Scroll text down.
s3dw_textbox_scrollleft(3) Scroll text left.
s3dw_textbox_scrollright(3) Scroll text right.
s3dw_textbox_scrollto(3) Scroll text to position.
s3dw_textbox_scrollup(3) Scroll text up.
sa(3) Socket Abstraction.
Safe(3perl) Compile and execute code in restricted compartments.
safe(3tcl) Creating and manipulating safe interpreters.
Safe::Hole(3pm) Make a hole to the original main compartment in the Safe compartment.
Safe::Isa(3pm) Call isa, can, does and DOES safely on things that may not be objects.
safe_loadTk(3tk) Load Tk into a safe interpreter.
SafeBase(3tcl) A mechanism for creating and manipulating safe interpreters.
sage(3) The SDL library for OpenGL extensions.
sage_init(3) Initialize sage library.
Sah::Schema::DefHash(3pm) Sah schemas to validate DefHash.
Sah::Schema::Rinci(3pm) Sah schemas for Rinci metadata.
sam_data_getsize(3) Return size of stored data in bytes.
sam_data_restore(3) Restore previously saved user data.
sam_data_store(3) Store user data.
sam_finalize(3) Terminate SAM service.
sam_hc_callback_register(3) Register health check callback.
sam_hc_send(3) Send health check confirmation.
sam_initialize(3) Initialize health checking.
sam_mark_failed(3) Mark process failed.
sam_register(3) Register component for health checking.
sam_start(3) Start health checking.
sam_stop(3) Stop health checking.
sam_warn_signal_set(3) Set warn signal.
SAMPLE(3alleg4) Stores sound data. Allegro game programming library.
sampler_t(3clc) A type used to control how elements of an image object are read by read_image{f|i|ui}.
Sane(3pm) Perl extension for the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Project.
sasl(3) SASL authentication library.
sasl(3tcl) Implementation of SASL mechanisms for Tcl.
sasl_authorize_t(3) The SASL authorization callback.
sasl_auxprop(3) How to work with SASL auxiliary properties.
sasl_auxprop_getctx(3) Acquire an auxiliary property context.
sasl_auxprop_request(3) Request Auxiliary Properties from SASL.
sasl_callbacks(3) How to work with SASL callbacks.
sasl_canon_user_t(3) Plaintext Password Verification Callback.
sasl_chalprompt_t(3) Realm Acquisition Callback.
sasl_checkapop(3) Check an APOP challenge/response.
sasl_checkpass(3) Check a plaintext password.
sasl_client_init(3) SASL client authentication initialization.
sasl_client_new(3) Create a new client authentication object.
sasl_client_start(3) Begin an authentication negotiation.
sasl_client_step(3) Perform a step in the authentication negotiation.
sasl_decode(3) Decode data received.
sasl_dispose(3) Dispose of a SASL connection object.
sasl_done(3) Dispose of a SASL connection object.
sasl_encode(3) Encode data for transport to authenticated host.
sasl_encodev(3) Encode data for transport to authenticated host.
sasl_errdetail(3) Retrieve detailed information about an error.
sasl_errors(3) SASL error codes.
sasl_errstring(3) Translate a SASL return code to a human-readable form.
sasl_getconfpath_t(3) The SASL callback to indicate location of the config files.
sasl_getopt_t(3) The SASL get option callback.
sasl_getpath_t(3) The SASL callback to indicate location of the mechanism drivers.
sasl_getprop(3) Get a SASL property.
sasl_getrealm_t(3) Realm Acquisition Callback.
sasl_getsecret_t(3) The SASL callback for secrets (passwords).
sasl_getsimple_t(3) The SASL callback for username/authname/realm.
sasl_global_listmech(3) Retrieve a list of the supported SASL mechanisms.
sasl_idle(3) Perform precalculations during an idle period.
sasl_listmech(3) Retrieve a list of the supported SASL mechanisms.
sasl_log_t(3) The SASL logging callback.
sasl_server_init(3) SASL server authentication initialization.
sasl_server_new(3) Create a new server authentication object.
sasl_server_start(3) Begin an authentication negotiation.
sasl_server_step(3) Perform a step in the authentication negotiation.
sasl_server_userdb_checkpass_t(3) Plaintext Password Verification Callback.
sasl_server_userdb_setpass_t(3) UserDB Plaintext Password Setting Callback.
sasl_setpass(3) Check a plaintext password.
sasl_setprop(3) Set a SASL property.
sasl_user_exists(3) Check if a user exists on server.
sasl_verifyfile_t(3) The SASL file verification.
sasum(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
sasumsub(3) ↣ sasumsub.f(3)
satisfybddnode(3) Finds a satisfying path for a bdd node.
save_bitmap(3alleg4) Saves a bitmap into any supported file format. Allegro game programming library.
save_bmp(3alleg4) Saves a bitmap into a BMP file. Allegro game programming library.
save_bmp_pf(3alleg4) Packfile version of save_bmp. Allegro game programming library.
save_d(3) AA-lib driver used to save ascii-art image into file in used specified format.
save_joystick_data(3alleg4) Saves joystick calibration data. Allegro game programming library.
save_pcx(3alleg4) Saves a bitmap into a PCX file. Allegro game programming library.
save_pcx_pf(3alleg4) Packfile version of save_pcx. Allegro game programming library.
save_sample(3alleg4) Writes a sample into a file. Allegro game programming library.
save_tga(3alleg4) Saves a bitmap into a TGA file. Allegro game programming library.
save_tga_pf(3alleg4) Packfile version of save_tga. Allegro game programming library.
saveCDKSwindowInformation(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
savelofig(3) Save a logical figure on disk.
savephfig(3) Save a physical figure on disk.
saverdsfig(3) Save a physical figure on disk.
savetty(3ncurses) ↣ kernel(3ncurses)
savetty_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
saxpy(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
sbbcsd(3) ↣ sbbcsd.f(3)
SbBool(3iv) A Boolean type.
SbBox2f(3iv) 2D box class.
SbBox2s(3iv) 2D box class.
SbBox3f(3iv) 3D box class.
SbColor(3iv) Color vector class.
SbCylinder(3iv) Class for representing a cylinder.
SbCylinderPlaneProjector(3iv) Cylinder-plane projector.
SbCylinderProjector(3iv) Cylinder projector.
SbCylinderSectionProjector(3iv) Cylinder-section projector.
SbCylinderSheetProjector(3iv) Cylinder-sheet projector.
sbdsdc(3) ↣ sbdsdc.f(3)
sbdsqr(3) ↣ sbdsqr.f(3)
sbdsvdx(3) ↣ sbdsvdx.f(3)
sbdt01(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sbdt02(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sbdt03(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sbdt04(3) ↣ double_eig(3) Double.
sbdt05(3) ↣ double_eig(3) Double.
sbeg(3) ↣ c_sblat2.f(3)
sbi(3avr) ↣ deprecated_items(3avr) : Deprecated items.
sblat1(3) ↣ single_blas_testing(3) Real.
sblat2(3) ↣ c_sblat2.f(3)
sblat3(3) ↣ c_sblat3.f(3)
SbLine(3iv) Directed line in 3D.
SbLineProjector(3iv) Line projector.
SbMatrix(3iv) 4x4 matrix class.
SbName(3iv) Character string stored in a hash table.
SbPlane(3iv) Oriented plane in 3D.
SbPlaneProjector(3iv) Plane projector.
SbPList(3iv) List of generic (void *) pointers.
SbProjector(3iv) Base class for representing projectors.
SbRotation(3iv) Class for representing a rotation.
SbSphere(3iv) Class for representing a sphere.
SbSpherePlaneProjector(3iv) Sphere-plane projector.
SbSphereProjector(3iv) Sphere projector.
SbSphereSectionProjector(3iv) Sphere-section projector.
SbSphereSheetProjector(3iv) Sphere-sheet projector.
SbString(3iv) Class for smart character strings.
SbTime(3iv) Class for representation of a time.
SbVec2f(3iv) 2D vector class.
SbVec2s(3iv) 2D vector class.
SbVec3f(3iv) 3D vector class.
SbVec4f(3iv) 4D vector class.
SbViewportRegion(3iv) Class for representing a viewport.
SbViewVolume(3iv) 3D viewing volume class.
SbXfBox3f(3iv) 3D box with an associated transformation matrix.
scabs1(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
Scalar::Defer(3pm) Lazy evaluation in Perl.
Scalar::Does(3pm) Like ref() but useful.
Scalar::Does::MooseTypes(3pm) (DEPRECATED) additional constants for Scalar::Does, inspired by the built-in Moose.
Scalar::Listify(3pm) Produces an array(ref)? from a scalar value or array ref.
Scalar::Properties(3pm) Run-time properties on scalar variables.
Scalar::String(3pm) String aspects of scalars.
Scalar::Util(3perl) A selection of general-utility scalar subroutines.
Scalar::Util(3pm) A selection of general-utility scalar subroutines.
Scalar::Util::Numeric(3pm) Numeric tests for perl scalars.
scalarDataTypes(3clc) Built-in scalar data types.
scalb(3) Multiply floating-point number by integral power of radix (OBSOLETE).
scalbf(3) ↣ scalb(3) Multiply floating-point number by integral power of radix (OBSOLETE).
scalbl(3) ↣ scalb(3) Multiply floating-point number by integral power of radix (OBSOLETE).
scalbln(3) Multiply floating-point number by integral power of.
scalbln(3posix) Compute exponent using FLT_RADIX.
scalblnf(3) ↣ scalbln(3) Multiply floating-point number by integral power of.
scalblnl(3) ↣ scalbln(3) Multiply floating-point number by integral power of.
scalbn(3) ↣ scalbln(3) Multiply floating-point number by integral power of.
scalbnf(3) ↣ scalbln(3) Multiply floating-point number by integral power of.
scalbnl(3) ↣ scalbln(3) Multiply floating-point number by integral power of.
Scale(3) Multiply the current transformation matrix by a scaling matrix.
scale(3tk) Create and manipulate 'scale' value-controlled slider widgets.
scale_form(3form) ↣ win(3form) Make and break form window and subwindow associations.
scale_menu(3menu) ↣ win(3menu) Make and break menu window and subwindow associations.
ScaleTool(3U) Tool for rotating components.
scan(3tcl) Parse string using conversion specifiers in the style of sscanf.
scan_8int(3) Parse an unsigned integer in octal ASCII representation.
scan_8long(3) Parse an unsigned long integer in octal ASCII representation.
scan_8short(3) Parse an unsigned short integer in octal ASCII representation.
scan_asn1derlength(3) Decode an unsigned integer from ASN.1 DER length encoding.
scan_asn1dertag(3) Decode an unsigned integer from ASN.1 DER length encoding.
scan_charsetnskip(3) Skip characters from set.
scan_double(3) Parse a floating point number in decimal ASCII representation.
scan_httpdate(3) Parse a HTTP date.
scan_int(3) Parse an integer in decimal ASCII representation.
scan_ip4(3) Parse an IPv4 number in dotted-decimal notation.
scan_ip6(3) Parse an IPv6 number in ASCII representation.
scan_ip6_flat(3) Parse an IPv6 number in flat ASCII representation.
scan_ip6if(3) Parse an IPv6 number and interface in ASCII representation.
scan_long(3) Parse an long integer in decimal ASCII representation.
scan_longlong(3) Parse a long integer in decimal ASCII representation.
scan_noncharsetnskip(3) Skip characters not from set.
scan_nonwhitenskip(3) Skip non-whitespace.
scan_plusminus(3) Parse '+' or '-'.
scan_short(3) Parse an integer in decimal ASCII representation.
scan_uint(3) Parse an unsigned integer in decimal ASCII representation.
scan_ulong(3) Parse an unsigned long integer in decimal ASCII representation.
scan_ulonglong(3) Parse an unsigned long integer in decimal ASCII representation.
scan_ushort(3) Parse an unsigned short integer in decimal ASCII representation.
scan_utf8(3) Decode an unsigned integer from UTF-8 encoding.
scan_whitenskip(3) Skip whitespace.
scan_xint(3) Parse an unsigned integer in hexadecimal ASCII representation.
scan_xlong(3) Parse an unsigned long integer in hexadecimal ASCII representation.
scan_xlonglong(3) Parse an unsigned long long integer in hexadecimal ASCII representation.
scan_xshort(3) Parse an unsigned short integer in hexadecimal ASCII representation.
scancode_to_ascii(3alleg4) Converts a scancode to an ASCII character. Allegro game programming library.
scancode_to_name(3alleg4) Converts a scancode to a key name. Allegro game programming library.
scandir(3) Scan a directory for matching entries.
scandir(3posix) Scan a directory.
scandirat(3) ↣ scandir(3) Scan a directory for matching entries.
scanf(3) Input format conversion.
scanf(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
Scanf(3o) Formatted input functions.
scanf(3posix) Convert formatted input.
Scanf.Scanning(3o) No description.
scanf_P(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
ScanNormals(3) Compute surface normal vectors and gradient magnitudes for a scanline.
scanw(3ncurses) Convert formatted input from a curses window.
scare_mouse(3alleg4) Helper for hiding the mouse pointer before drawing. Allegro game programming library.
scare_mouse_area(3alleg4) Helper for hiding the mouse cursor before drawing in an area. Allegro game programming.
scasum(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
scasumsub(3) ↣ scasumsub.f(3)
scatterscreenshots(3) Scatter Plot.
scblat1(3) ↣ c_sblat1.f(3)
sceil(3) ↣ sceil.f(3)
Scene(3I) Composite interactors.
scene_gap(3alleg4) Number controlling the scene z-sorting algorithm behaviour. Allegro game programming library.
scene_polygon3d(3alleg4) Puts a polygon in the scene rendering list. Allegro game programming.
scene_polygon3d_f(3alleg4) ↣ scene_polygon3d(3alleg4) Puts a polygon in the scene rendering list. Allegro game programming.
scf2read(3) Translate to and from the Read structure.
sched_get_priority_max(3posix) Get priority limits (REALTIME).
sched_getcpu(3) Determine CPU on which the calling thread is running.
sched_getparam(3posix) Get scheduling parameters (REALTIME).
sched_getscheduler(3posix) Get scheduling policy (REALTIME).
sched_rr_get_interval(3posix) Get execution time limits (REALTIME).
sched_setparam(3posix) Set scheduling parameters (REALTIME).
sched_setscheduler(3posix) Set scheduling policy and parameters (REALTIME).
sched_yield(3posix) Yield the processor. Octopussy Schedule module.
Schedule::At(3pm) OS independent interface to the Unix 'at' command.
Schedule::Cron(3pm) Cron-like scheduler for Perl subroutines.
Schedule::Cron::Events(3pm) Take a line from a crontab and find out when events will occur.
Schedule::RateLimiter(3pm) Prevent events from happening too quickly.
Schema::Kwalify(3pm) Kwalify Schema.
schk1(3) ↣ c_sblat2.f(3)
schk2(3) ↣ c_sblat2.f(3)
schk3(3) ↣ c_sblat2.f(3)
schk4(3) ↣ c_sblat2.f(3)
schk5(3) ↣ c_sblat2.f(3)
schk6(3) ↣ c_sblat2.f(3)
schkaa(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkbb(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schkbd(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schkbk(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schkbl(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schke(3) ↣ sblat2.f(3)
schkec(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schkee(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schkeq(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkgb(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkge(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkgg(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schkgk(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schkgl(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schkgt(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkhs(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schklq(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkpb(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkpo(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkpp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkps(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkpt(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkq3(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkql(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkqr(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkqrt(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkqrtp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkrfp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkrq(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schksb(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schksp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schkst(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
schksy(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schksy_rook(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schktb(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schktp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schktr(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
schktz(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sckcsd(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sckglm(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sckgqr(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sckgsv(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
scklse(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
SCNd16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNd32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNdFAST16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNdFAST32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNdLEAST16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNdLEAST32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNdPTR(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNi16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNi32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNiFAST16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNiFAST32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNiLEAST16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNiLEAST32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNiPTR(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNo16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNo32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNoFAST16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNoFAST32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNoLEAST16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNoLEAST32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNoPTR(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
scnrm2(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
scnrm2sub(3) ↣ scnrm2sub.f(3)
SCNu16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNu32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNuFAST16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNuFAST32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNuLEAST16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNuLEAST32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNuPTR(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNx16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNx32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNxFAST16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNxFAST32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNxLEAST16(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNxLEAST32(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
SCNxPTR(3avr) ↣ avr_inttypes(3avr) : Integer Type conversions.
scope(3itcl) Capture the namespace context for a variable.
Scope::Guard(3pm) Lexically-scoped resource management.
Scope::Upper(3pm) Act on upper scopes.
scopy(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
scr_dump(3ncurses) Read (write) a curses screen from (to) a file.
scr_init(3ncurses) ↣ scr_dump(3ncurses) Read (write) a curses screen from (to) a file.
scr_init_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
scr_restore(3ncurses) ↣ scr_dump(3ncurses) Read (write) a curses screen from (to) a file.
scr_restore_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
scr_set(3ncurses) ↣ scr_dump(3ncurses) Read (write) a curses screen from (to) a file.
scr_set_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
scram(3tcl) Implementation of SASL SCRAM mechanism for Tcl.
Scrappy(3pm) The All Powerful Web Spidering, Scraping, Creeping Crawling Framework.
Scrappy::Logger(3pm) Scrappy Scraper Event Logging.
Scrappy::Queue(3pm) Scrappy HTTP Request Flow-Control System.
Scrappy::Scraper::Control(3pm) Scrappy HTTP Request Constraints System.
Scrappy::Scraper::Parser(3pm) Scrappy Scraper Data Extrator.
Scrappy::Session(3pm) Scrappy Scraper Session Handling.
screen(3alleg4) Global pointer to the screen hardware video memory. Allegro game programming library.
SCREEN_H(3alleg4) ↣ SCREEN_W(3alleg4) Global define to obtain the size of the screen. Allegro game programming library.
SCREEN_W(3alleg4) Global define to obtain the size of the screen. Allegro game programming library.
ScreenCount(3) ↣ AllPlanes(3)
ScreenNumberOfCCC(3) ↣ DisplayOfCCC(3) Color Conversion.
ScreenOfDisplay(3) ↣ AllPlanes(3)
ScreenWhitePointOfCCC(3) ↣ DisplayOfCCC(3) Color Conversion.
Scriptalicious(3pm) Make scripts more delicious to SysAdmins.
scrl(3ncurses) ↣ scroll(3ncurses) Scroll a curses window.
scroll(3ncurses) Scroll a curses window.
scroll_screen(3alleg4) Requests a hardware scroll request. Allegro game programming library.
scrollbar(3tcl) Control the viewport of a scrollable widget.
scrollbar(3tk) Create and manipulate 'scrollbar' scrolling control and indicator widgets.
scrolled_title(3NCARG) Creates movie titles. The titles can be scrolled, faded in, and/or faded out. Foreground and.
scrolled_title_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all Scrolled_title internal parameters.
Scroller(3I) Scrolling an interactor.
scrollok(3ncurses) ↣ outopts(3ncurses) Curses output options.
scsdts(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
scsum1(3) ↣ scsum1.f(3)
sctp_bindx(3) Add or remove bind addresses on a socket.
sctp_connectx(3) Initiate a connection on an SCTP socket using multiple destination addresses.
sctp_getladdrs(3) Returns all locally bound addresses on a socket.
sctp_getpaddrs(3) Returns all peer addresses in an association.
sctp_opt_info(3) Get options on a SCTP socket.
sctp_peeloff(3) Branch off an association into a separate socket.
sctp_recvmsg(3) Receive a message from a SCTP socket.
sctp_send(3) Send a message from a SCTP socket.
sctp_sendmsg(3) Send a message from a SCTP socket.
sd-bus(3) A lightweight D-Bus and kdbus client library.
sd-daemon(3) APIs for new-style.
sd-event(3) A generic event loop implementation.
sd-journal(3) APIs for submitting and querying log entries to and from the journal.
sd-login(3) APIs for tracking logins.
SD_ALERT(3) ↣ sd-daemon(3) APIs for new-style.
sd_booted(3) Test whether the system is running the systemd init system.
sd_bus_creds_get_audit_login_uid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_audit_session_id(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_augmented_mask(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_new_from_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_cgroup(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_cmdline(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_comm(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_description(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_egid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_euid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_exe(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_fsgid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_fsuid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_gid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_mask(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_new_from_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_owner_uid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_ppid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_selinux_context(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_session(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_sgid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_slice(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_suid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_supplementary_gids(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_tid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_tid_comm(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_tty(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_uid(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_unique_name(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_unit(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_user_slice(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_user_unit(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_get_well_known_names(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_has_bounding_cap(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_has_effective_cap(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_has_inheritable_cap(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_has_permitted_cap(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_get_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_ref(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_new_from_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_unref(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_new_from_pid(3)
sd_bus_creds_unrefp(3) ↣ sd_bus_creds_new_from_pid(3)
sd_bus_default_system(3) ↣ sd_bus_default(3)
sd_bus_default_user(3) ↣ sd_bus_default(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
sd_bus_error_add_map(3) Additional sd-dbus error mappings.
SD_BUS_ERROR_ADDRESS_IN_USE(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_AUTH_FAILED(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_BAD_ADDRESS(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
sd_bus_error_copy(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_DISCONNECTED(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_END(3) ↣ sd_bus_error_add_map(3) Additional sd-dbus error mappings.
SD_BUS_ERROR_FAILED(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_FILE_EXISTS(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
sd_bus_error_free(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
sd_bus_error_get_errno(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
sd_bus_error_has_name(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_INVALID_ARGS(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_INVALID_SIGNATURE(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_IO_ERROR(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
sd_bus_error_is_set(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_LIMITS_EXCEEDED(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_MAKE_CONST(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_MAP(3) ↣ sd_bus_error_add_map(3) Additional sd-dbus error mappings.
sd_bus_error_map(3) ↣ sd_bus_error_add_map(3) Additional sd-dbus error mappings.
SD_BUS_ERROR_MATCH_RULE_INVALID(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_MATCH_RULE_NOT_FOUND(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_NAME_HAS_NO_OWNER(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_NO_MEMORY(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_NO_NETWORK(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_NO_REPLY(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_NO_SERVER(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_NULL(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_PROPERTY_READ_ONLY(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_SERVICE_UNKNOWN(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
sd_bus_error_set(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
sd_bus_error_set_const(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
sd_bus_error_set_errno(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
sd_bus_error_set_errnof(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
sd_bus_error_set_errnofv(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
sd_bus_error_setf(3) ↣ sd_bus_error(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_TIMEOUT(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_INTERFACE(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_METHOD(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_OBJECT(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
SD_BUS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_PROPERTY(3) ↣ sd-bus-errors(3)
sd_bus_message_append(3) Attach fields to a D-Bus message based on a type string.
sd_bus_message_append_array_iovec(3) ↣ sd_bus_message_append_array(3)
sd_bus_message_append_array_memfd(3) ↣ sd_bus_message_append_array(3)
sd_bus_message_append_array_space(3) ↣ sd_bus_message_append_array(3)
sd_bus_message_append_basic(3) Attach a single field to a message.
sd_bus_message_append_string_iovec(3) ↣ sd_bus_message_append_string_memfd(3)
sd_bus_message_append_string_space(3) ↣ sd_bus_message_append_string_memfd(3)
sd_bus_message_append_strv(3) Attach an array of strings to a message.
sd_bus_message_get_cookie(3) Returns the transaction cookie of a message.
sd_bus_message_get_monotonic_usec(3) Retrieve the.
sd_bus_message_get_realtime_usec(3) ↣ sd_bus_message_get_monotonic_usec(3) Retrieve the.
sd_bus_message_get_reply_cookie(3) ↣ sd_bus_message_get_cookie(3) Returns the transaction cookie of a message.
sd_bus_message_get_seqnum(3) ↣ sd_bus_message_get_monotonic_usec(3) Retrieve the.
sd_bus_negotiate_creds(3) ↣ sd_bus_negotiate_fds(3) Control feature negotiation on bus.
sd_bus_negotiate_fds(3) Control feature negotiation on bus.
sd_bus_negotiate_timestamp(3) ↣ sd_bus_negotiate_fds(3) Control feature negotiation on bus.
sd_bus_new(3) Create a new bus object and create or destroy references.
sd_bus_open(3) ↣ sd_bus_default(3)
sd_bus_open_system(3) ↣ sd_bus_default(3)
sd_bus_open_system_machine(3) ↣ sd_bus_default(3)
sd_bus_open_system_remote(3) ↣ sd_bus_default(3)
sd_bus_open_user(3) ↣ sd_bus_default(3)
sd_bus_path_decode(3) ↣ sd_bus_path_encode(3) Convert an external.
sd_bus_path_decode_many(3) ↣ sd_bus_path_encode(3) Convert an external.
sd_bus_path_encode(3) Convert an external.
sd_bus_path_encode_many(3) ↣ sd_bus_path_encode(3) Convert an external.
sd_bus_ref(3) ↣ sd_bus_new(3) Create a new bus object and create or destroy references.
sd_bus_release_name(3) ↣ sd_bus_request_name(3) Request or release a well-known service name on a bus.
sd_bus_request_name(3) Request or release a well-known service name on a bus.
sd_bus_unref(3) ↣ sd_bus_new(3) Create a new bus object and create or destroy references.
sd_bus_unrefp(3) ↣ sd_bus_new(3) Create a new bus object and create or destroy references.
SD_CRIT(3) ↣ sd-daemon(3) APIs for new-style.
SD_DEBUG(3) ↣ sd-daemon(3) APIs for new-style.
SD_EMERG(3) ↣ sd-daemon(3) APIs for new-style.
SD_ERR(3) ↣ sd-daemon(3) APIs for new-style.
sd_event(3) ↣ sd_event_new(3)
sd_event_add_child(3) Add a child process state change.
sd_event_add_defer(3) Add static event sources to an.
sd_event_add_exit(3) ↣ sd_event_add_defer(3) Add static event sources to an.
sd_event_add_post(3) ↣ sd_event_add_defer(3) Add static event sources to an.
sd_event_add_signal(3) Add a UNIX process signal event.
SD_EVENT_ARMED(3) ↣ sd_event_wait(3)
sd_event_child_handler_t(3) ↣ sd_event_add_child(3) Add a child process state change.
sd_event_default(3) ↣ sd_event_new(3)
sd_event_dispatch(3) ↣ sd_event_wait(3)
sd_event_exit(3) Ask the event loop to exit.
SD_EVENT_EXITING(3) ↣ sd_event_wait(3)
SD_EVENT_FINISHED(3) ↣ sd_event_wait(3)
sd_event_get_exit_code(3) ↣ sd_event_exit(3) Ask the event loop to exit.
sd_event_get_fd(3) Obtain a file descriptor to poll for event loop events.
sd_event_get_state(3) ↣ sd_event_wait(3)
sd_event_get_tid(3) ↣ sd_event_new(3)
sd_event_get_watchdog(3) ↣ sd_event_set_watchdog(3) Enable event loop watchdog support.
sd_event_handler_t(3) ↣ sd_event_add_defer(3) Add static event sources to an.
SD_EVENT_INITIAL(3) ↣ sd_event_wait(3)
sd_event_io_handler_t(3) ↣ sd_event_add_io(3)
sd_event_loop(3) ↣ sd_event_run(3) Run an event loop.
sd_event_now(3) Retrieve current event loop iteration timestamp.
SD_EVENT_OFF(3) ↣ sd_event_source_set_enabled(3) Enable.
SD_EVENT_ON(3) ↣ sd_event_source_set_enabled(3) Enable.
SD_EVENT_ONESHOT(3) ↣ sd_event_source_set_enabled(3) Enable.
SD_EVENT_PENDING(3) ↣ sd_event_wait(3)
sd_event_prepare(3) ↣ sd_event_wait(3)
SD_EVENT_PREPARING(3) ↣ sd_event_wait(3)
SD_EVENT_PRIORITY_IDLE(3) ↣ sd_event_source_set_priority(3)
SD_EVENT_PRIORITY_IMPORTANT(3) ↣ sd_event_source_set_priority(3)
SD_EVENT_PRIORITY_NORMAL(3) ↣ sd_event_source_set_priority(3)
sd_event_ref(3) ↣ sd_event_new(3)
sd_event_run(3) Run an event loop.
SD_EVENT_RUNNING(3) ↣ sd_event_wait(3)
sd_event_set_watchdog(3) Enable event loop watchdog support.
sd_event_signal_handler_t(3) ↣ sd_event_add_signal(3) Add a UNIX process signal event.
sd_event_source(3) ↣ sd_event_add_io(3)
sd_event_source_get_child_pid(3) ↣ sd_event_add_child(3) Add a child process state change.
sd_event_source_get_description(3) ↣ sd_event_source_set_description(3) Set or retrieve descriptive names of event.
sd_event_source_get_enabled(3) ↣ sd_event_source_set_enabled(3) Enable.
sd_event_source_get_event(3) Retrieve the event loop of an event source.
sd_event_source_get_io_events(3) ↣ sd_event_add_io(3)
sd_event_source_get_io_fd(3) ↣ sd_event_add_io(3)
sd_event_source_get_io_revents(3) ↣ sd_event_add_io(3)
sd_event_source_get_pending(3) Determine pending state of event sources.
sd_event_source_get_priority(3) ↣ sd_event_source_set_priority(3)
sd_event_source_get_signal(3) ↣ sd_event_add_signal(3) Add a UNIX process signal event.
sd_event_source_get_time(3) ↣ sd_event_add_time(3)
sd_event_source_get_time_accuracy(3) ↣ sd_event_add_time(3)
sd_event_source_get_time_clock(3) ↣ sd_event_add_time(3)
sd_event_source_get_userdata(3) ↣ sd_event_source_set_userdata(3) Set or retrieve user data pointer of event.
sd_event_source_ref(3) ↣ sd_event_source_unref(3) Increase or decrease event source.
sd_event_source_set_description(3) Set or retrieve descriptive names of event.
sd_event_source_set_enabled(3) Enable.
sd_event_source_set_io_events(3) ↣ sd_event_add_io(3)
sd_event_source_set_io_fd(3) ↣ sd_event_add_io(3)
sd_event_source_set_prepare(3) Set a preparation callback for event sources.
sd_event_source_set_time(3) ↣ sd_event_add_time(3)
sd_event_source_set_time_accuracy(3) ↣ sd_event_add_time(3)
sd_event_source_set_userdata(3) Set or retrieve user data pointer of event.
sd_event_source_unref(3) Increase or decrease event source.
sd_event_source_unrefp(3) ↣ sd_event_source_unref(3) Increase or decrease event source.
sd_event_time_handler_t(3) ↣ sd_event_add_time(3)
sd_event_unref(3) ↣ sd_event_new(3)
sd_event_unrefp(3) ↣ sd_event_new(3)
sd_get_machine_names(3) ↣ sd_get_seats(3) Determine available seats, sessions, logged.
sd_get_seats(3) Determine available seats, sessions, logged.
sd_get_sessions(3) ↣ sd_get_seats(3) Determine available seats, sessions, logged.
sd_get_uids(3) ↣ sd_get_seats(3) Determine available seats, sessions, logged.
SD_ID128_CONST_STR(3) ↣ sd-id128(3)
sd_id128_equal(3) ↣ sd-id128(3)
SD_ID128_FORMAT_STR(3) ↣ sd-id128(3)
SD_ID128_FORMAT_VAL(3) ↣ sd-id128(3)
sd_id128_from_string(3) ↣ sd_id128_to_string(3) Format or parse 128-bit IDs as strings.
sd_id128_get_boot(3) ↣ sd_id128_get_machine(3) Retrieve 128-bit IDs.
sd_id128_get_machine(3) Retrieve 128-bit IDs.
SD_ID128_MAKE(3) ↣ sd-id128(3)
sd_id128_randomize(3) Generate 128-bit IDs.
sd_id128_t(3) ↣ sd-id128(3)
sd_id128_to_string(3) Format or parse 128-bit IDs as strings.
SD_INFO(3) ↣ sd-daemon(3) APIs for new-style.
sd_is_fifo(3) Check the type of a.
sd_is_mq(3) ↣ sd_is_fifo(3) Check the type of a.
sd_is_socket(3) ↣ sd_is_fifo(3) Check the type of a.
sd_is_socket_inet(3) ↣ sd_is_fifo(3) Check the type of a.
sd_is_socket_unix(3) ↣ sd_is_fifo(3) Check the type of a.
sd_is_special(3) ↣ sd_is_fifo(3) Check the type of a.
sd_journal(3) ↣ sd_journal_open(3)
sd_journal_add_conjunction(3) ↣ sd_journal_add_match(3) Add.
sd_journal_add_disjunction(3) ↣ sd_journal_add_match(3) Add.
sd_journal_add_match(3) Add.
SD_JOURNAL_APPEND(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_fd(3)
sd_journal_close(3) ↣ sd_journal_open(3)
SD_JOURNAL_CURRENT_USER(3) ↣ sd_journal_open(3)
sd_journal_enumerate_data(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_data(3)
sd_journal_enumerate_fields(3) Read used field names from.
sd_journal_enumerate_unique(3) ↣ sd_journal_query_unique(3)
sd_journal_flush_matches(3) ↣ sd_journal_add_match(3) Add.
SD_JOURNAL_FOREACH(3) ↣ sd_journal_next(3)
SD_JOURNAL_FOREACH_BACKWARDS(3) ↣ sd_journal_next(3)
SD_JOURNAL_FOREACH_DATA(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_data(3)
SD_JOURNAL_FOREACH_FIELD(3) ↣ sd_journal_enumerate_fields(3) Read used field names from.
SD_JOURNAL_FOREACH_UNIQUE(3) ↣ sd_journal_query_unique(3)
sd_journal_get_catalog(3) Retrieve message catalog entry.
sd_journal_get_catalog_for_message_id(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_catalog(3) Retrieve message catalog entry.
sd_journal_get_cursor(3) Get cursor string for or test cursor string against the.
sd_journal_get_cutoff_monotonic_usec(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_cutoff_realtime_usec(3) Read cut-off timestamps from the.
sd_journal_get_cutoff_realtime_usec(3) Read cut-off timestamps from the.
sd_journal_get_data_threshold(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_data(3)
sd_journal_get_events(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_fd(3)
sd_journal_get_monotonic_usec(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_realtime_usec(3) Read timestamps from the current journal entry.
sd_journal_get_realtime_usec(3) Read timestamps from the current journal entry.
sd_journal_get_timeout(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_fd(3)
sd_journal_get_usage(3) Journal disk usage.
sd_journal_has_persistent_files(3) ↣ sd_journal_has_runtime_files(3) Query availability of runtime or persistent.
sd_journal_has_runtime_files(3) Query availability of runtime or persistent.
SD_JOURNAL_INVALIDATE(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_fd(3)
SD_JOURNAL_LOCAL_ONLY(3) ↣ sd_journal_open(3)
sd_journal_next_skip(3) ↣ sd_journal_next(3)
SD_JOURNAL_NOP(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_fd(3)
sd_journal_open_container(3) ↣ sd_journal_open(3)
sd_journal_open_directory(3) ↣ sd_journal_open(3)
sd_journal_open_files(3) ↣ sd_journal_open(3)
sd_journal_perror(3) ↣ sd_journal_print(3)
sd_journal_previous(3) ↣ sd_journal_next(3)
sd_journal_previous_skip(3) ↣ sd_journal_next(3)
sd_journal_printv(3) ↣ sd_journal_print(3)
sd_journal_process(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_fd(3)
sd_journal_reliable_fd(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_fd(3)
sd_journal_restart_data(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_data(3)
sd_journal_restart_fields(3) ↣ sd_journal_enumerate_fields(3) Read used field names from.
sd_journal_restart_unique(3) ↣ sd_journal_query_unique(3)
SD_JOURNAL_RUNTIME_ONLY(3) ↣ sd_journal_open(3)
sd_journal_seek_cursor(3) ↣ sd_journal_seek_head(3)
sd_journal_seek_monotonic_usec(3) ↣ sd_journal_seek_head(3)
sd_journal_seek_realtime_usec(3) ↣ sd_journal_seek_head(3)
sd_journal_seek_tail(3) ↣ sd_journal_seek_head(3)
sd_journal_send(3) ↣ sd_journal_print(3)
sd_journal_sendv(3) ↣ sd_journal_print(3)
sd_journal_set_data_threshold(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_data(3)
sd_journal_stream_fd(3) Create log stream file descriptor to the journal.
SD_JOURNAL_SUPPRESS_LOCATION(3) ↣ sd_journal_print(3)
SD_JOURNAL_SYSTEM(3) ↣ sd_journal_open(3)
sd_journal_test_cursor(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_cursor(3) Get cursor string for or test cursor string against the.
sd_journal_wait(3) ↣ sd_journal_get_fd(3)
sd_listen_fds(3) Check for file descriptors passed by the system.
SD_LISTEN_FDS_START(3) ↣ sd_listen_fds(3) Check for file descriptors passed by the system.
sd_listen_fds_with_names(3) ↣ sd_listen_fds(3) Check for file descriptors passed by the system.
sd_login_monitor(3) ↣ sd_login_monitor_new(3)
sd_login_monitor_flush(3) ↣ sd_login_monitor_new(3)
sd_login_monitor_get_events(3) ↣ sd_login_monitor_new(3)
sd_login_monitor_get_fd(3) ↣ sd_login_monitor_new(3)
sd_login_monitor_get_timeout(3) ↣ sd_login_monitor_new(3)
sd_login_monitor_unref(3) ↣ sd_login_monitor_new(3)
sd_login_monitor_unrefp(3) ↣ sd_login_monitor_new(3)
sd_machine_get_class(3) Determine the class and network interface indices of a.
sd_machine_get_ifindices(3) ↣ sd_machine_get_class(3) Determine the class and network interface indices of a.
SD_NOTICE(3) ↣ sd-daemon(3) APIs for new-style.
sd_notify(3) Notify service manager about.
sd_notifyf(3) ↣ sd_notify(3) Notify service manager about.
sd_peer_get_cgroup(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_peer_get_machine_name(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_peer_get_owner_uid(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_peer_get_session(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_peer_get_slice(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_peer_get_unit(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_peer_get_user_slice(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_peer_get_user_unit(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_pid_get_cgroup(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_pid_get_machine_name(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_pid_get_owner_uid(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_pid_get_slice(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_pid_get_unit(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_pid_get_user_slice(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_pid_get_user_unit(3) ↣ sd_pid_get_session(3)
sd_pid_notify(3) ↣ sd_notify(3) Notify service manager about.
sd_pid_notify_with_fds(3) ↣ sd_notify(3) Notify service manager about.
sd_pid_notifyf(3) ↣ sd_notify(3) Notify service manager about.
sd_seat_can_graphical(3) ↣ sd_seat_get_active(3)
sd_seat_can_multi_session(3) ↣ sd_seat_get_active(3)
sd_seat_can_tty(3) ↣ sd_seat_get_active(3)
sd_seat_get_sessions(3) ↣ sd_seat_get_active(3)
sd_session_get_class(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_desktop(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_display(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_remote_host(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_remote_user(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_seat(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_service(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_state(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_tty(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_type(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_uid(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_get_vt(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_session_is_remote(3) ↣ sd_session_is_active(3)
sd_uid_get_display(3) ↣ sd_uid_get_state(3) Determine.
sd_uid_get_seats(3) ↣ sd_uid_get_state(3) Determine.
sd_uid_get_sessions(3) ↣ sd_uid_get_state(3) Determine.
sd_uid_get_state(3) Determine.
sd_uid_is_on_seat(3) ↣ sd_uid_get_state(3) Determine.
SD_WARNING(3) ↣ sd-daemon(3) APIs for new-style.
sd_watchdog_enabled(3) Check whether the service manager expects watchdog keep-alive notifications from a.
SDBM_File(3perl) Tied access to sdbm files.
SDESItemsHolder(3) Holds the SDES items and related information from a participant in an RTP application.
sdiff(3) ↣ c_cblat1.f(3)
sdisna(3) ↣ sdisna.f(3)
SDL(3pm) Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl.
SDL::Audio(3pm) SDL Bindings for Audio.
SDL::Color(3pm) Format independent color description.
SDL::ConfigData(3pm) Configuration for SDL.
SDL::Cookbook(3pm) SDL recipes.
SDL::Cookbook::OpenGL(3pm) Using SDL with OpenGL.
SDL::Credits(3pm) Authors and contributors of the SDL Perl project.
SDL::Cursor(3pm) Mouse cursor structure.
SDL::Deprecated(3pm) Log of Deprecated items per release.
SDL::Event(3pm) General event structure.
SDL::Events(3pm) Bindings to the Events Category in SDL API.
SDL::GFX::BlitFunc(3pm) Blitting functions.
SDL::GFX::FPSManager(3pm) Data structure used by SDL::GFX::Framerate.
SDL::GFX::Framerate(3pm) Framerate calculating functions.
SDL::GFX::ImageFilter(3pm) Image filtering functions.
SDL::GFX::Primitives(3pm) Basic drawing functions.
SDL::GFX::Rotozoom(3pm) Rotation and zooming functions for surfaces.
SDL::Image(3pm) Bindings for the SDL_Image library.
SDL::Mixer(3pm) Sound and music functions.
SDL::Mixer::Effects(3pm) Sound effect functions.
SDL::Mixer::Groups(3pm) Audio channel group functions.
SDL::Mixer::MixMusic(3pm) SDL Bindings for structure SDL_MixMusic.
SDL::Mixer::Music(3pm) Functions for music.
SDL::Mixer::Samples(3pm) Functions for loading sound samples.
SDL::Mouse(3pm) SDL Bindings for the Mouse device.
SDL::MPEG(3pm) A SDL perl extension.
SDL::MultiThread(3pm) Bindings to the MultiThread category in SDL API.
SDL::Overlay(3pm) YUV Video overlay.
SDL::Pango(3pm) Text rendering engine.
SDL::Pango::Context(3pm) Context object for SDL::Pango.
SDL::PixelFormat(3pm) Stores surface format information.
SDL::Platform(3pm) Platform Specific Information about SDL Perl.
SDL::Rect(3pm) Defines a rectangular area.
SDL::SMPEG(3pm) A SDL perl extension.
SDL::Surface(3pm) Graphic surface structure.
SDL::Time(3pm) An SDL Perl extension for managing timers.
SDL::TTF(3pm) True Type Font functions (libfreetype).
SDL::TTF::Font(3pm) Font object type for SDL_ttf.
SDL::Tutorial(3pm) Introduction to Perl SDL.
SDL::Tutorial::Animation(3pm) Creating animations with SDL.
SDL::Tutorial::LunarLander(3pm) A small tutorial on Perl SDL.
SDL::Version(3pm) SDL Bindings for structure SDL_Version.
SDL::Video(3pm) Bindings to the video category in SDL API.
SDL::VideoInfo(3pm) Video Target Information.
SDL_ActiveEvent(3) Application visibility event structure.
SDL_AddTimer(3) Add a timer which will call a callback after the specified number of milliseconds has elapsed.
SDL_AudioCVT(3) Audio Conversion Structure.
SDL_AudioSpec(3) Audio Specification Structure.
SDL_BlitSurface(3) This performs a fast blit from the source surface to the destination surface.
SDL_BuildAudioCVT(3) Initializes a SDL_AudioCVT structure for conversion.
SDL_CD(3) CDROM Drive Information.
SDL_CDClose(3) Closes a SDL_CD handle.
SDL_CDEject(3) Ejects a CDROM.
SDL_CDName(3) Returns a human-readable, system-dependent identifier for the CD-ROM.
SDL_CDNumDrives(3) Returns the number of CD-ROM drives on the system.
SDL_CDOpen(3) Opens a CD-ROM drive for access.
SDL_CDPause(3) Pauses a CDROM.
SDL_CDPlay(3) Play a CD.
SDL_CDPlayTracks(3) Play the given CD track(s).
SDL_CDResume(3) Resumes a CDROM.
SDL_CDStatus(3) Returns the current status of the given drive.
SDL_CDStop(3) Stops a CDROM.
SDL_CDtrack(3) CD Track Information Structure.
SDL_CloseAudio(3) Shuts down audio processing and closes the audio device.
SDL_Color(3) Format independent color description.
SDL_CondBroadcast(3) Restart all threads waiting on a condition variable.
SDL_CondSignal(3) Restart a thread wait on a condition variable.
SDL_CondWait(3) Wait on a condition variable.
SDL_CondWaitTimeout(3) Wait on a condition variable, with timeout.
SDL_ConvertAudio(3) Convert audio data to a desired audio format.
SDL_ConvertSurface(3) Converts a surface to the same format as another surface.
SDL_CreateCond(3) Create a condition variable.
SDL_CreateCursor(3) Creates a new mouse cursor.
SDL_CreateMutex(3) Create a mutex.
SDL_CreateRGBSurface(3) Create an empty SDL_Surface.
SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom(3) Create an SDL_Surface from pixel data.
SDL_CreateSemaphore(3) Creates a new semaphore and assigns an initial value to it.
SDL_CreateThread(3) Creates a new thread of execution that shares its parent's properties.
SDL_CreateYUVOverlay(3) Create a YUV video overlay.
SDL_Delay(3) Wait a specified number of milliseconds before returning.
SDL_DestroyCond(3) Destroy a condition variable.
SDL_DestroyMutex(3) Destroy a mutex.
SDL_DestroySemaphore(3) Destroys a semaphore that was created by SDL_CreateSemaphore.
SDL_DisplayFormat(3) Convert a surface to the display format.
SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha(3) Convert a surface to the display format.
SDL_DisplayYUVOverlay(3) Blit the overlay to the display.
SDL_EnableKeyRepeat(3) Set keyboard repeat rate.
SDL_EnableUNICODE(3) Enable UNICODE translation.
SDL_Event(3) General event structure.
SDL_EventState(3) This function allows you to set the state of processing certain events.
SDL_ExposeEvent(3) Quit requested event.
SDL_FillRect(3) This function performs a fast fill of the given rectangle with some color.
SDL_Flip(3) Swaps screen buffers.
SDL_FreeCursor(3) Frees a cursor created with SDL_CreateCursor.
SDL_FreeSurface(3) Frees (deletes) a SDL_Surface.
SDL_FreeWAV(3) Frees previously opened WAV data.
SDL_FreeYUVOverlay(3) Free a YUV video overlay.
SDL_GetAppState(3) Get the state of the application.
SDL_GetAudioStatus(3) Get the current audio state.
SDL_GetClipRect(3) Gets the clipping rectangle for a surface.
SDL_GetCursor(3) Get the currently active mouse cursor.
SDL_GetError(3) Get SDL error string.
SDL_GetEventFilter(3) Retrieves a pointer to he event filter.
SDL_GetGamma(3) Gets the gamma of the display.
SDL_GetGammaRamp(3) Gets the color gamma lookup tables for the display.
SDL_GetKeyName(3) Get the name of an SDL virtual keysym.
SDL_GetKeyState(3) Get a snapshot of the current keyboard state.
SDL_GetModState(3) Get the state of modifier keys.
SDL_GetMouseState(3) Retrieve the current state of the mouse.
SDL_GetRelativeMouseState(3) Retrieve the current state of the mouse.
SDL_GetRGB(3) Get RGB values from a pixel in the specified pixel format.
SDL_GetRGBA(3) Get RGBA values from a pixel in the specified pixel format.
SDL_GetRowStretchCode(3) (src/SDL_stretchcode.h).
SDL_GetThreadID(3) Get the SDL thread ID of a SDL_Thread.
SDL_GetTicks(3) Get the number of milliseconds since the SDL library initialization.
SDL_GetVideoInfo(3) Returns a pointer to information about the video hardware.
SDL_GetVideoSurface(3) Returns a pointer to the current display surface.
SDL_GL_GetAttribute(3) Get the value of a special SDL/OpenGL attribute.
SDL_GL_GetProcAddress(3) Get the address of a GL function.
SDL_GL_LoadLibrary(3) Specify an OpenGL library.
SDL_GL_SetAttribute(3) Set a special SDL/OpenGL attribute.
SDL_GL_SwapBuffers(3) Swap OpenGL framebuffers/Update Display.
SDL_GLattr(3) SDL GL Attributes.
SDL_Init(3) Initializes SDL.
SDL_InitSubSystem(3) Initialize subsystems.
SDL_JoyAxisEvent(3) Joystick axis motion event structure.
SDL_JoyBallEvent(3) Joystick trackball motion event structure.
SDL_JoyButtonEvent(3) Joystick button event structure.
SDL_JoyHatEvent(3) Joystick hat position change event structure.
SDL_JoystickClose(3) Closes a previously opened joystick.
SDL_JoystickEventState(3) Enable/disable joystick event polling.
SDL_JoystickGetAxis(3) Get the current state of an axis.
SDL_JoystickGetBall(3) Get relative trackball motion.
SDL_JoystickGetButton(3) Get the current state of a given button on a given joystick.
SDL_JoystickGetHat(3) Get the current state of a joystick hat.
SDL_JoystickIndex(3) Get the index of an SDL_Joystick.
SDL_JoystickName(3) Get joystick name.
SDL_JoystickNumAxes(3) Get the number of joystick axes.
SDL_JoystickNumBalls(3) Get the number of joystick trackballs.
SDL_JoystickNumButtons(3) Get the number of joysitck buttons.
SDL_JoystickNumHats(3) Get the number of joystick hats.
SDL_JoystickOpen(3) Opens a joystick for use.
SDL_JoystickOpened(3) Determine if a joystick has been opened.
SDL_JoystickUpdate(3) Updates the state of all joysticks.
SDL_KeyboardEvent(3) Keyboard event structure.
SDL_keysym(3) Keysym structure.
SDL_KillThread(3) Gracelessly terminates the thread.
SDL_ListModes(3) Returns a pointer to an array of available screen dimensions for the given format and video.
SDL_LoadBMP(3) Load a Windows BMP file into an SDL_Surface.
SDL_LoadWAV(3) Load a WAVE file.
SDL_LockAudio(3) Lock out the callback function.
SDL_LockSurface(3) Lock a surface for directly access.
SDL_LockYUVOverlay(3) Lock an overlay.
SDL_MapRGB(3) Map a RGB color value to a pixel format.
SDL_MapRGBA(3) Map a RGBA color value to a pixel format.
SDL_MixAudio(3) Mix audio data.
SDL_MouseButtonEvent(3) Mouse button event structure.
SDL_MouseMotionEvent(3) Mouse motion event structure.
SDL_mutexP(3) Lock a mutex.
SDL_mutexV(3) Unlock a mutex.
SDL_NewRowStretchCode(3) ↣ SDL_GetRowStretchCode(3) (src/SDL_stretchcode.h).
SDL_NumJoysticks(3) Count available joysticks.
SDL_OpenAudio(3) Opens the audio device with the desired parameters.
SDL_Overlay(3) YUV video overlay.
SDL_Palette(3) Color palette for 8-bit pixel formats.
SDL_PauseAudio(3) Pauses and unpauses the audio callback processing.
SDL_PeepEvents(3) Checks the event queue for messages and optionally returns them.
SDL_PixelFormat(3) Stores surface format information.
SDL_PollEvent(3) Polls for currently pending events.
SDL_PumpEvents(3) Pumps the event loop, gathering events from the input devices.
SDL_PushEvent(3) Pushes an event onto the event queue.
SDL_PutRowStretchCode(3) ↣ SDL_SetRowStretchCode(3)
SDL_Quit(3) Shut down SDL.
SDL_QuitEvent(3) Quit requested event.
SDL_QuitSubSystem(3) Shut down a subsystem.
SDL_Rect(3) Defines a rectangular area.
SDL_RemoveTimer(3) Remove a timer which was added with SDL_AddTimer.
SDL_ResizeEvent(3) Window resize event structure.
SDL_RunRowStretchCode(3) ↣ SDL_SetRowStretchCode(3)
SDL_RWFromFile(3) Short description of function.
SDL_SaveBMP(3) Save an SDL_Surface as a Windows BMP file.
SDL_SemPost(3) Unlock a semaphore.
SDL_SemTryWait(3) Attempt to lock a semaphore but don't suspend the thread.
SDL_SemValue(3) Return the current value of a semaphore.
SDL_SemWait(3) Lock a semaphore and suspend the thread if the semaphore value is zero.
SDL_SemWaitTimeout(3) Lock a semaphore, but only wait up to a specified maximum time.
SDL_SetAlpha(3) Adjust the alpha properties of a surface.
SDL_SetClipRect(3) Sets the clipping rectangle for a surface.
SDL_SetColorKey(3) Sets the color key (transparent pixel) in a blittable surface and RLE acceleration.
SDL_SetColors(3) Sets a portion of the colormap for the given 8-bit surface.
SDL_SetCursor(3) Set the currently active mouse cursor.
SDL_SetEventFilter(3) Sets up a filter to process all events before they are posted to the event queue.
SDL_SetGamma(3) Sets the color gamma function for the display.
SDL_SetGammaRamp(3) Sets the color gamma lookup tables for the display.
SDL_SetModState(3) Set the current key modifier state.
SDL_SetPalette(3) Sets the colors in the palette of an 8-bit surface.
SDL_SetTimer(3) Set a callback to run after the specified number of milliseconds has elapsed.
SDL_SetVideoMode(3) Set up a video mode with the specified width, height and bits-per-pixel.
SDL_ShowCursor(3) Toggle whether or not the cursor is shown on the screen.
SDL_stretch.h(3) Library.
SDL_StretchInfo(3) (src/SDL_stretch.h).
SDL_StretchRow1(3) ↣ SDL_SetRowStretchCode(3)
SDL_StretchRow2(3) ↣ SDL_SetRowStretchCode(3)
SDL_StretchRow3(3) ↣ SDL_SetRowStretchCode(3)
SDL_StretchRow4(3) ↣ SDL_SetRowStretchCode(3)
SDL_StretchRowInfo(3) (src/SDL_stretchcode.h).
SDL_StretchSurface_23(3) (src/SDL_stretch.h).
SDL_StretchSurfaceBlit(3) Perform a stretch blit between two surfaces of the same format.
SDL_StretchSurfaceRect(3) Perform a stretch blit between two surfaces of the same format.
SDL_Surface(3) Graphical Surface Structure.
SDL_SysWMEvent(3) Platform-dependent window manager event.
SDL_ThreadID(3) Get the 32-bit thread identifier for the current thread.
SDL_UnlockAudio(3) Unlock the callback function.
SDL_UnlockSurface(3) Unlocks a previously locked surface.
SDL_UnlockYUVOverlay(3) Unlock an overlay.
SDL_UpdateRect(3) Makes sure the given area is updated on the given screen.
SDL_UpdateRects(3) Makes sure the given list of rectangles is updated on the given screen.
SDL_UserEvent(3) A user-defined event type.
SDL_VideoDriverName(3) Obtain the name of the video driver.
SDL_VideoInfo(3) Video Target information.
SDL_VideoModeOK(3) Check to see if a particular video mode is supported.
SDL_WaitEvent(3) Waits indefinitely for the next available event.
SDL_WaitThread(3) Wait for a thread to finish.
SDL_WarpMouse(3) Set the position of the mouse cursor.
SDL_WasInit(3) Check which subsystems are initialized.
SDL_WM_GetCaption(3) Gets the window title and icon name.
SDL_WM_GrabInput(3) Grabs mouse and keyboard input.
SDL_WM_IconifyWindow(3) Iconify/Minimise the window.
SDL_WM_SetCaption(3) Sets the window tile and icon name.
SDL_WM_SetIcon(3) Sets the icon for the display window.
SDL_WM_ToggleFullScreen(3) Toggles fullscreen mode.
SDLKey(3) SDL Keysym Definitions.
SDLx::App(3pm) A SDL perl extension.
SDLx::Controller(3pm) Handles the loops for events, movement and rendering.
SDLx::Controller::Interface(3pm) Interface Physics and Rendering with the Controller with callbacks.
SDLx::Controller::State(3pm) The state of a SDLx::Controller::Interface.
SDLx::FPS(3pm) A more convenient way to set a framerate.
SDLx::Layer(3pm) Storage object for surface and position information.
SDLx::LayerManager(3pm) Extension for managing layers in a 2D world.
SDLx::Music(3pm) A powerful, convenient interface to "SDL::Mixer::Music".
SDLx::Rect(3pm) SDL extension for storing and manipulating rectangular coordinates.
SDLx::SFont(3pm) Extension making fonts out of images and printing them.
SDLx::Sound(3pm) SDL sound extension.
SDLx::Sprite(3pm) Interact with images quick and easily in SDL.
SDLx::Sprite::Animated(3pm) Create animated SDL sprites easily!.
SDLx::Surface(3pm) Graphic surface matrix extension.
SDLx::Text(3pm) SDL extension for manipulating text.
sdot(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
sdotsub(3) ↣ sdotsub.f(3)
sdr(3) Simple Data Recorder library.
sdrges(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrges3(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrgev(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrgev3(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrgsx(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrgvx(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrhash(3) Simple Data Recorder hash table management functions.
sdrlist(3) Simple Data Recorder list management functions.
sdrstring(3) Simple Data Recorder string functions.
sdrtable(3) Simple Data Recorder table management functions.
sdrvbd(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrves(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrvev(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrvgb(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvge(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvgt(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvls(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvpb(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvpo(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvpp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvpt(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvrf1(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvrf2(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvrf3(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvrf4(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvrfp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvsg(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrvsp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvst(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrvsx(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdrvsy(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sdrvsy_rook(3) ↣ double_lin(3) Double.
sdrvvx(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sdsdot(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
sdsdotsub(3) ↣ sdsdotsub.f(3)
sdttrf(3) Compute an LU factorization of a complex tridiagonal matrix A using elimination without partial piv‐.
sdttrsv(3) Solve one of the systems of equations L * X = B, L**T * X = B, or L**H * X = B,.
Search::Dict(3perl) Look - search for key in dictionary file.
Search::Estraier(3pm) Pure perl module to use Hyper Estraier search engine.
Search::GIN(3pm) Generalized Inverted Indexing.
Search::GIN::Callbacks(3pm) Provide callbacks.
Search::GIN::Core(3pm) Core of Search::GIN.
Search::GIN::Driver::Pack::UUID(3pm) UUID key packing.
Search::GIN::Query::Attributes(3pm) Create attributes-based GIN queries.
Search::GIN::Query::Class(3pm) Create class-based GIN queries.
Search::GIN::Query::Manual(3pm) Create manual GIN queries.
Search::GIN::Query::Set(3pm) Create queries with set operations.
Search::QueryParser(3pm) Parses a query string into a data structure suitable for external search engines.
Search::Xapian(3pm) Perl XS frontend to the Xapian C++ search library.
Search::Xapian::AssertionError(3pm) AssertionError is thrown if a logical assertion inside Xapian fails.
Search::Xapian::BM25Weight(3pm) BM25 Weighting scheme.
Search::Xapian::BoolWeight(3pm) Boolean Weighting scheme.
Search::Xapian::Database(3pm) Search database object.
Search::Xapian::DatabaseCorruptError(3pm) DatabaseCorruptError indicates database corruption was detected.
Search::Xapian::DatabaseCreateError(3pm) DatabaseCreateError indicates a failure to create a database.
Search::Xapian::DatabaseError(3pm) DatabaseError indicates some sort of database related error.
Search::Xapian::DatabaseLockError(3pm) DatabaseLockError indicates failure to lock a database.
Search::Xapian::DatabaseModifiedError(3pm) DatabaseModifiedError indicates a database was modified.
Search::Xapian::DatabaseOpeningError(3pm) DatabaseOpeningError indicates failure to open a database.
Search::Xapian::DatabaseVersionError(3pm) DatabaseVersionError indicates that a database is in an unsupported.
Search::Xapian::DocNotFoundError(3pm) Indicates an attempt to access a document not present in the database.
Search::Xapian::Document(3pm) Document object.
Search::Xapian::Enquire(3pm) Make queries against a database.
Search::Xapian::Error(3pm) Base class for all exceptions in Search::Xapian.
Search::Xapian::FeatureUnavailableError(3pm) Indicates an attempt to use a feature which is unavailable.
Search::Xapian::InternalError(3pm) InternalError indicates a runtime problem of some sort.
Search::Xapian::InvalidArgumentError(3pm) InvalidArgumentError indicates an invalid parameter value was passed.
Search::Xapian::InvalidOperationError(3pm) InvalidOperationError indicates the API was used in an invalid way.
Search::Xapian::LogicError(3pm) The base class for exceptions indicating errors in the program logic.
Search::Xapian::MultiValueSorter(3pm) Allows sorting by a several values.
Search::Xapian::NetworkError(3pm) Indicates a problem communicating with a remote database.
Search::Xapian::NetworkTimeoutError(3pm) Indicates a timeout expired while communicating with a remote database.
Search::Xapian::PositionIterator(3pm) Iterate over sets of positions.
Search::Xapian::PostingIterator(3pm) Iterate over the list of documents indexed by a term.
Search::Xapian::QueryParser(3pm) Parse a query string into a Search::Xapian::Query object.
Search::Xapian::QueryParserError(3pm) Indicates a query string can't be parsed.
Search::Xapian::RangeError(3pm) RangeError indicates an attempt to access outside the bounds of a container.
Search::Xapian::RuntimeError(3pm) The base class for exceptions indicating errors only detectable at runtime.
Search::Xapian::SerialisationError(3pm) Indicates an error in the std::string serialisation of an object.
Search::Xapian::Stem(3pm) Snowball stemmer.
Search::Xapian::TermGenerator(3pm) Parses a piece of text and generates terms.
Search::Xapian::TermIterator(3pm) Iterate over sets of terms.
Search::Xapian::TradWeight(3pm) Traditional Probabilistic Weighting scheme.
Search::Xapian::UnimplementedError(3pm) UnimplementedError indicates an attempt to use an unimplemented feature.
Search::Xapian::ValueIterator(3pm) Iterate over value slots in a document.
Search::Xapian::Weight(3pm) Base class for Weighting schemes.
Search::Xapian::WritableDatabase(3pm) Writable database object. Octopussy Search Template module.
searchbddcircuitin(3) Searchs an input in a bdd circuit.
searchbddcircuitout(3) Searchs an output in a bdd circuit.
searchList(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
searchrdsfig(3) Searchs by name a figure in the list of figures.
sebchvxx(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
seccomp_arch_add(3) Manage seccomp filter archi‐.
seccomp_arch_exist(3) ↣ seccomp_arch_add(3) Manage seccomp filter archi‐.
seccomp_arch_native(3) ↣ seccomp_arch_add(3) Manage seccomp filter archi‐.
seccomp_arch_remove(3) ↣ seccomp_arch_add(3) Manage seccomp filter archi‐.
seccomp_arch_resolve_name(3) ↣ seccomp_arch_add(3) Manage seccomp filter archi‐.
seccomp_attr_get(3) ↣ seccomp_attr_set(3) Manage the seccomp filter attributes.
seccomp_attr_set(3) Manage the seccomp filter attributes.
seccomp_export_bpf(3) Export the seccomp filter.
seccomp_export_pfc(3) ↣ seccomp_export_bpf(3) Export the seccomp filter.
seccomp_init(3) Initialize the seccomp filter state.
seccomp_load(3) Load the current seccomp filter into the kernel.
seccomp_merge(3) Merge two seccomp filters.
seccomp_release(3) Release the seccomp filter state.
seccomp_reset(3) ↣ seccomp_init(3) Initialize the seccomp filter state.
seccomp_rule_add(3) Add a seccomp filter rule.
seccomp_rule_add_array(3) ↣ seccomp_rule_add(3) Add a seccomp filter rule.
seccomp_rule_add_exact(3) ↣ seccomp_rule_add(3) Add a seccomp filter rule.
seccomp_rule_add_exact_array(3) ↣ seccomp_rule_add(3) Add a seccomp filter rule.
seccomp_syscall_priority(3) Prioritize syscalls in the seccomp filter.
seccomp_syscall_resolve_name(3) Resolve a syscall name.
seccomp_syscall_resolve_name_arch(3) ↣ seccomp_syscall_resolve_name(3) Resolve a syscall name.
seccomp_syscall_resolve_name_rewrite(3) ↣ seccomp_syscall_resolve_name(3) Resolve a syscall name.
seccomp_syscall_resolve_num_arch(3) ↣ seccomp_syscall_resolve_name(3) Resolve a syscall name.
seccomp_version(3) Query the libseccomp version information.
second(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
__secondtst.f__(3) ↣ secondtst.f(3)
secure_getenv(3) ↣ getenv(3) Get an environment variable.
security_av_perm_to_string(3) ↣ security_class_to_string(3)
security_av_string(3) ↣ security_class_to_string(3)
security_check_context(3) Check the validity of a SELinux context.
security_check_context_raw(3) ↣ security_check_context(3) Check the validity of a SELinux context.
security_commit_booleans(3) ↣ security_load_booleans(3)
security_compute_av_flags(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_av_flags_raw(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_av_raw(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_create(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_create_name(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_create_name_raw(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_create_raw(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_member(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_member_raw(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_relabel(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_relabel_raw(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_user(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_compute_user_raw(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_deny_unknown(3) ↣ security_getenforce(3) Get or set the enforcing state of SELinux.
security_disable(3) Disable the SELinux kernel code at runtime.
security_get_boolean_active(3) ↣ security_load_booleans(3)
security_get_boolean_names(3) ↣ security_load_booleans(3)
security_get_boolean_pending(3) ↣ security_load_booleans(3)
security_get_initial_context(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_get_initial_context_raw(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
security_getenforce(3) Get or set the enforcing state of SELinux.
security_load_policy(3) Load a new SELinux policy.
security_mkload_policy(3) ↣ security_load_policy(3) Load a new SELinux policy.
security_policyvers(3) Get the version of the SELinux policy.
security_set_boolean(3) ↣ security_load_booleans(3)
security_setenforce(3) ↣ security_getenforce(3) Get or set the enforcing state of SELinux.
seed48(3) ↣ drand48(3) Generate uniformly distrib‐.
seed48(3posix) Seed a uniformly distributed pseudo-random non-negative long integer generator.
seed48_r(3) ↣ drand48_r(3) Generate.
seek(3tcl) Change the access position for an open channel.
SEEK_CUR(3avr) ↣ stdio.h(3avr)
SEEK_END(3avr) ↣ stdio.h(3avr)
SEEK_SET(3avr) ↣ stdio.h(3avr)
seekdir(3) Set the position of the next readdir() call in the directory stream.
seekdir(3posix) Set the position of a directory stream.
segmbkrds(3) Adds to RDS figure a segment from a MBK figure.
sei(3avr) ↣ avr_interrupts(3avr) : Interrupts.
selabel_close(3) ↣ selabel_open(3) Userspace SELinux labeling interface.
selabel_lookup(3) Obtain SELinux security context from a string label.
selabel_lookup_raw(3) ↣ selabel_lookup(3) Obtain SELinux security context from a string label.
selabel_open(3) Userspace SELinux labeling interface.
selabel_stats(3) Obtain SELinux labeling statistics.
select(3clc) For each component of a vector type, result[i] = if MSB of c[i] is set ? b[i] : a[i]. For scalar.
select(3posix) Synchronous I/O multiplexing.
select_mouse_cursor(3alleg4) Tells Allegro to select software or hardware cursor drawing.
select_palette(3alleg4) Sets the internal palette for color conversion. Allegro game programming library.
selectFile(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
selection(3tk) Manipulate the X selection.
Selection(3U) Maintains a list of selected graphical component views.
selector(3bobcat) Timed delays, Alarms and Multiple File I/O.
SelectSaver(3perl) Save and restore selected file handle.
SelectTool(3U) Tool for modifying an editor's current selection.
self(3tcl) Method call internal introspection.
SelfLoader(3perl) Load functions only on demand.
selinux_booleans_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_check_access(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
selinux_check_passwd_access(3) ↣ security_compute_av(3)
selinux_check_securetty_context(3) Check whether a SELinux tty security context is defined as a securetty con‐.
selinux_colors_path(3) Return a path to the active SELinux policy color configuration file.
selinux_contexts_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_current_policy_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_default_context_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_default_type_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_failsafe_context_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_file_context_cmp(3) Compare two SELinux security contexts excluding the 'user' component.
selinux_file_context_homedir_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_file_context_local_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_file_context_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_file_context_verify(3) Compare the SELinux security context on disk to the default security context.
selinux_getenforcemode(3) Get the enforcing state of SELinux.
selinux_getpolicytype(3) Get the type of SELinux policy running on the system.
selinux_homedir_context_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_init_load_policy(3) ↣ security_load_policy(3) Load a new SELinux policy.
selinux_lsetfilecon_default(3) Set the file context to the system defaults.
selinux_media_context_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_mkload_policy(3) ↣ security_load_policy(3) Load a new SELinux policy.
selinux_netfilter_context_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_policy_root(3) Return the path of the SELinux policy files for this machine selinux_set_policy_root -.
selinux_raw_context_to_color(3) Return RGB color string for an SELinux security context.
selinux_removable_context_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_securetty_types_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_set_callback(3) Userspace SELinux callback facilities.
selinux_set_mapping(3) Establish dynamic object class and permission mapping.
selinux_set_policy_root(3) ↣ selinux_policy_root(3) Return the path of the SELinux policy files for this machine selinux_set_policy_root -.
selinux_status_close(3) ↣ selinux_status_open(3)
selinux_status_deny_unknown(3) ↣ selinux_status_open(3)
selinux_status_getenforce(3) ↣ selinux_status_open(3)
selinux_status_policyload(3) ↣ selinux_status_open(3)
selinux_status_updated(3) ↣ selinux_status_open(3)
selinux_user_contexts_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_usersconf_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
selinux_x_context_path(3) ↣ selinux_binary_policy_path(3)
sem_close(3) Close a named semaphore.
sem_close(3posix) Close a named semaphore.
sem_destroy(3) Destroy an unnamed semaphore.
sem_destroy(3posix) Destroy an unnamed semaphore.
sem_getvalue(3) Get the value of a semaphore.
sem_getvalue(3posix) Get the value of a semaphore.
sem_init(3) Initialize an unnamed semaphore.
sem_init(3posix) Initialize an unnamed semaphore.
sem_open(3) Initialize and open a named semaphore.
sem_open(3posix) Initialize and open a named semaphore.
sem_post(3) Unlock a semaphore.
sem_post(3posix) Unlock a semaphore.
sem_timedwait(3) ↣ sem_wait(3) Lock a semaphore.
sem_timedwait(3posix) Lock a semaphore.
sem_trywait(3) ↣ sem_wait(3) Lock a semaphore.
sem_trywait(3posix) Lock a semaphore.
sem_unlink(3) Remove a named semaphore.
sem_unlink(3posix) Remove a named semaphore.
sem_wait(3) Lock a semaphore.
sem_wait(3posix) Lock a semaphore.
semanage_bool(3) SELinux Policy Booleans Management API.
semanage_bool_count(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_count_active(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_count_local(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_del_local(3) ↣ semanage_del(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_exists(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_exists_active(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_exists_local(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_iterate(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_iterate_active(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_iterate_local(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_list(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_bool_list_active(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_bool_list_local(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_bool_modify_local(3) ↣ semanage_modify(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_query(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_query_active(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_query_local(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_bool_set_active(3) Update an existing SELinux boolean in the currently active policy.
semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_del(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_fcontext(3) SELinux File Context Management API.
semanage_fcontext_count(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_fcontext_count_local(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_fcontext_del_local(3) ↣ semanage_del(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_fcontext_exists(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_fcontext_exists_local(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_fcontext_iterate(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_fcontext_iterate_local(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_fcontext_list(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_fcontext_list_local(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_fcontext_modify_local(3) ↣ semanage_modify(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_fcontext_query(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_fcontext_query_local(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iface(3) SELinux Network Interfaces Management API.
semanage_iface_count(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iface_count_local(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iface_del_local(3) ↣ semanage_del(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iface_exists(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iface_exists_local(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iface_iterate(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iface_iterate_local(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iface_list(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_iface_list_local(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_iface_modify_local(3) ↣ semanage_modify(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iface_query(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iface_query_local(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_modify(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_node(3) SELinux Network Nodes Management API.
semanage_node_count(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_node_count_local(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_node_del_local(3) ↣ semanage_del(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_node_exists(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_node_exists_local(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_node_iterate(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_node_iterate_local(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_node_list(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_node_list_local(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_node_modify_local(3) ↣ semanage_modify(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_node_query(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_node_query_local(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_port(3) SELinux Network Ports Management API.
semanage_port_count(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_port_count_local(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_port_del_local(3) ↣ semanage_del(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_port_exists(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_port_exists_local(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_port_iterate(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_port_iterate_local(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_port_list(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_port_list_local(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_port_modify_local(3) ↣ semanage_modify(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_port_query(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_port_query_local(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_set_root(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_seuser(3) Linux UID to SELinux User Management API.
semanage_seuser_count(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_seuser_count_local(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_seuser_del_local(3) ↣ semanage_del(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_seuser_exists(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_seuser_exists_local(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_seuser_iterate(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_seuser_iterate_local(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_seuser_list(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_seuser_list_local(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_seuser_modify_local(3) ↣ semanage_modify(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_seuser_query(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_seuser_query_local(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_user(3) SELinux User Management API.
semanage_user_count(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_user_count_local(3) ↣ semanage_count(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_user_del_local(3) ↣ semanage_del(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_user_exists(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_user_exists_local(3) ↣ semanage_exists(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_user_iterate(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_user_iterate_local(3) ↣ semanage_iterate(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_user_list(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_user_list_local(3) ↣ semanage_list(3) SELinux Lists Management API.
semanage_user_modify_local(3) ↣ semanage_modify(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_user_query(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semanage_user_query_local(3) ↣ semanage_query(3) SELinux Management API.
semaphore(3bobcat) Implements the Semaphore type designed by Dijkstra.
semctl(3posix) XSI semaphore control operations.
semess(3NCARG) Called by a user to get a specified portion of the current error message.
semget(3posix) Get set of XSI semaphores.
semop(3posix) XSI semaphore operations.
send(3posix) Send a message on a socket.
send(3tk) Execute a command in a different application.
send_easy_trap(3) ↣ netsnmp_trap_api(3) Send TRAPs or INFORMs from a Net-SNMP MIB module.
send_trap_vars(3) ↣ netsnmp_trap_api(3) Send TRAPs or INFORMs from a Net-SNMP MIB module.
send_v2trap(3) ↣ netsnmp_trap_api(3) Send TRAPs or INFORMs from a Net-SNMP MIB module.
Sendmail::Milter(3pm) Compatibility interface for Sendmail::PMilter.
Sendmail::PMilter(3pm) Perl binding of Sendmail Milter protocol.
Sendmail::PMilter::Context(3pm) Per-connection milter context.
sendmsg(3posix) Send a message on a socket using a message structure.
Sendpage::Db(3pm) Encapsulates the data of a single recipient.
Sendpage::KeesConf(3pm) Implements a configuration file reader.
Sendpage::KeesLog(3pm) Implements a logging subsystem.
Sendpage::Modem(3pm) Extends the Device::SerialPort package.
Sendpage::Page(3pm) Encapsulates the data of an actual page.
Sendpage::PageQueue(3pm) Extends the Queue module, adding the Page module smarts.
Sendpage::PagingCentral(3pm) Implements the TAP protocol over the Modem module.
Sendpage::Queue(3pm) Implements a simple directory-based file queue.
Sendpage::Recipient(3pm) Encapsulates the data of a single recipient.
sendto(3posix) Send a message on a socket.
Sensor(3I) Describe input interest.
separator(3tcl) Separator bar.
Sepia(3pm) Simple Emacs-Perl Interface.
Sepia::Xref(3pm) Generates cross reference database for use by Perl programs.
sepol_check_context(3) Check the validity of a security context against a binary policy.
sepol_genbools(3) Rewrite a binary policy with different boolean settings.
sepol_genusers(3) Generate a new binary policy image with a customized user configuration.
seq_trace(3erl) Sequential Tracing of Messages.
serd(3) Serd.
Sereal(3pm) Fast, compact, powerful binary (de-)serialization.
Sereal::Decoder(3pm) Fast, compact, powerful binary deserialization.
Sereal::Encoder(3pm) Fast, compact, powerful binary serialization.
Sereal::Performance(3pm) Getting the most out of the Perl-Sereal implementation.
serial.h(3) Serial I/O services.
serrbd(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
serrec(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
serred(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
serrge(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrgg(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
serrgt(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrhs(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
serrlq(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrls(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrno(3) LCG internal error variable.
serrpo(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrps(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrql(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrqp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrqr(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrqrt(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrqrtp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrrfp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrrq(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrst(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
serrsy(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrtr(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrtz(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
serrvx(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
Server::Starter(3pm) A superdaemon for hot-deploying server programs.
serversocket(3bobcat) Server socket accepting Internet connection requests.
ServerVendor(3) ↣ AllPlanes(3) Octopussy Service module. Octopussy ServiceGroup Module.
Session::Storage::Secure(3pm) Encrypted, expiring, compressed, serialized session data with integrity.
Session::Token(3pm) Secure, efficient, simple random session token generation.
SessionListElement(3) Class for tracking session status.
sessions(3) RTP sessions.
Set(3) Set the value of an option.
set(3NCARG) Defines the mapping between fractional and user coordinates: sets the values of the SPPS internal.
Set(3o) Sets over ordered types.
set(3tcl) Read and write variables.
Set.Make(3o) Functor building an implementation of the set structure given a totally ordered type.
Set.OrderedType(3o) Input signature of the functor Set.Make.
Set.S(3o) Output signature of the functor Set.Make.
set3(3NCARG) Defines the transformation from three dimensions to two dimensions.
Set::Crontab(3pm) Expand crontab(5)-style integer lists.
Set::Infinite(3pm) Sets of intervals.
Set::Infinite::_recurrence(3pm) Extends Set::Infinite with recurrence functions.
Set::Infinite::Basic(3pm) Sets of intervals 6 =head1 SYNOPSIS.
Set::IntSpan(3pm) Manages sets of integers.
Set::NestedGroups(3pm) Grouped data eg ACL's, city/state/country etc.
Set::NestedGroups::Member(3pm) Set of nested groups.
Set::Object(3pm) Set of objects and strings.
Set::Object::Weak(3pm) Sets without the referant reference increment.
Set::Scalar(3pm) Basic set operations.
Set::Scalar::Base(3pm) Base class for Set::Scalar.
Set::Scalar::Null(3pm) Internal class for Set::Scalar.
Set::Scalar::Real(3pm) Internal class for Set::Scalar.
Set::Scalar::Universe(3pm) Universes for set members.
Set::Scalar::Valued(3pm) Valued sets.
Set::Scalar::ValuedUniverse(3pm) Universes for valued set members.
Set::Scalar::Virtual(3pm) Internal class for Set::Scalar.
Set::Tiny(3pm) Simple sets of strings.
set_add_blender(3alleg4) Enables an additive blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_allegro_resource_path(3alleg4) Sets a specific resource search path. Allegro game programming library.
set_alpha_blender(3alleg4) Enables a special alpha-channel blending mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_aumessage_mode(3) Sets the message mode.
set_blender_mode(3alleg4) Specifies a custom set of truecolor blender routines. Allegro game programming library.
set_blender_mode_ex(3alleg4) An even more complex version of set_blender_mode(). Allegro game programming library.
set_burn_blender(3alleg4) Enables a burn blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_clip_rect(3alleg4) Sets the clipping rectangle of a bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
set_clip_state(3alleg4) Turns on or off the clipping of a bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
set_close_button_callback(3alleg4) Handles the user clicking on the close button of the window. Allegro game program‐.
set_color(3alleg4) Sets the specified palette entry to the specified RGB triplet. Allegro game programming library.
_set_color(3alleg4) Inline version of set_color(). Allegro game programming library.
set_color_blender(3alleg4) Enables a color blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_color_conversion(3alleg4) Tells Allegro how to convert images during loading time.
set_color_depth(3alleg4) Sets the global pixel color depth. Allegro game programming library.
set_config_data(3alleg4) Sets a block of configuration data. Allegro game programming library.
set_config_file(3alleg4) Sets the configuration file. Allegro game programming library.
set_config_float(3alleg4) Writes a float in the configuration file. Allegro game programming library.
set_config_hex(3alleg4) Writes a hexadecimal integer in the configuration file. Allegro game programming library.
set_config_id(3alleg4) Writes a driver ID in the configuration file. Allegro game programming library.
set_config_int(3alleg4) Writes an integer in the configuration file. Allegro game programming library.
set_config_string(3alleg4) Writes a string in the configuration file. Allegro game programming library.
set_current_field(3form) ↣ page(3form) Set and get form page number.
set_current_item(3menu) ↣ menu_current(3menu) Set and get current_menu_item.
set_curterm(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
set_curterm_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
set_dialog_color(3alleg4) Sets the colors of an array of dialog objects. Allegro game programming library.
set_difference_blender(3alleg4) Enables a difference blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_display_switch_callback(3alleg4) Installs a switching notification callback. Allegro game programming library.
set_display_switch_mode(3alleg4) Tells Allegro how the program handles background switching.
set_dissolve_blender(3alleg4) Enables a dissolve blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_dodge_blender(3alleg4) Enables a dodge blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_escdelay(3ncurses) ↣ threads(3ncurses) Curses thread support.
set_escdelay_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
set_field_back(3form) ↣ field_attributes(3form) Color and attribute control for form fields.
set_field_buffer(3form) ↣ field_buffer(3form) Field buffer control.
set_field_fore(3form) ↣ field_attributes(3form) Color and attribute control for form fields.
set_field_init(3form) ↣ hook(3form) Set hooks for automatic invocation by applications.
set_field_just(3form) ↣ field_just(3form) Retrieve field characteristics.
set_field_opts(3form) ↣ field_opts(3form) Set and get field options.
set_field_pad(3form) ↣ field_attributes(3form) Color and attribute control for form fields.
set_field_status(3form) ↣ field_buffer(3form) Field buffer control.
set_field_term(3form) ↣ hook(3form) Set hooks for automatic invocation by applications.
set_field_type(3form) ↣ field_validation(3form) Data type validation for fields.
set_field_userptr(3form) ↣ field_userptr(3form) Associate application data with a form field.
set_fieldtype_arg(3form) ↣ fieldtype(3form) Define validation-field types.
set_fieldtype_choice(3form) ↣ fieldtype(3form) Define validation-field types.
set_filename_encoding(3alleg4) Sets the encoding to use for filenames. Allegro game programming library.
set_form_fields(3form) ↣ field(3form) Make and break connections between fields and forms.
set_form_init(3form) ↣ hook(3form) Set hooks for automatic invocation by applications.
set_form_opts(3form) ↣ opts(3form) Set and get form options.
set_form_page(3form) ↣ page(3form) Set and get form page number.
set_form_sub(3form) ↣ win(3form) Make and break form window and subwindow associations.
set_form_term(3form) ↣ hook(3form) Set hooks for automatic invocation by applications.
set_form_userptr(3form) ↣ userptr(3form) Associate application data with a form item.
set_form_win(3form) ↣ win(3form) Make and break form window and subwindow associations.
set_gfx_mode(3alleg4) Sets a graphic video mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_hardware_volume(3alleg4) Alters the hardware sound output volume. Allegro game programming library.
set_hue_blender(3alleg4) Enables a hue blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_invert_blender(3alleg4) Enables an invert blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_item_init(3menu) ↣ hook(3menu) Set hooks for automatic invocation by applications.
set_item_opts(3menu) ↣ menu_opts(3menu) Set and get menu item options.
set_item_term(3menu) ↣ hook(3menu) Set hooks for automatic invocation by applications.
set_item_userptr(3menu) ↣ menu_userptr(3menu) Associate application data with a menu item.
set_item_value(3menu) ↣ menu_value(3menu) Set and get menu item values.
set_keyboard_rate(3alleg4) Sets the keyboard repeat rate. Allegro game programming library.
set_leds(3alleg4) Sets the state of the keyboard LED indicators. Allegro game programming library.
__set_liberror(3pub) Modify error handling for publib.
set_luminance_blender(3alleg4) Enables a luminance blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_matchpathcon_flags(3) Set flags controlling the oper‐.
set_matchpathcon_invalidcon(3) ↣ set_matchpathcon_flags(3) Set flags controlling the oper‐.
set_matchpathcon_printf(3) ↣ set_matchpathcon_flags(3) Set flags controlling the oper‐.
set_max_field(3form) ↣ field_buffer(3form) Field buffer control.
set_menu_back(3menu) ↣ attributes(3menu) Color.
set_menu_fore(3menu) ↣ attributes(3menu) Color.
set_menu_format(3menu) ↣ format(3menu) Set and get menu sizes.
set_menu_grey(3menu) ↣ attributes(3menu) Color.
set_menu_init(3menu) ↣ hook(3menu) Set hooks for automatic invocation by applications.
set_menu_items(3menu) ↣ items(3menu) Make and break connections between items and menus.
set_menu_mark(3menu) ↣ mark(3menu) Get and set the menu mark string.
set_menu_opts(3menu) ↣ opts(3menu) Set and get menu options.
set_menu_pad(3menu) ↣ attributes(3menu) Color.
set_menu_pattern(3menu) ↣ pattern(3menu) Set and get a menu's pattern buffer.
set_menu_spacing(3menu) ↣ spacing(3menu) Set and get spacing between menu items.
set_menu_sub(3menu) ↣ win(3menu) Make and break menu window and subwindow associations.
set_menu_term(3menu) ↣ hook(3menu) Set hooks for automatic invocation by applications.
set_menu_userptr(3menu) ↣ userptr(3menu) Associate application data with a menu item.
set_menu_win(3menu) ↣ win(3menu) Make and break menu window and subwindow associations.
set_mixer_quality(3alleg4) Sets the resampling quality of the mixer. Allegro game programming library.
set_mouse_cursor_bitmap(3alleg4) Changes the image Allegro uses for mouse cursors.
set_mouse_range(3alleg4) Sets the area of the screen restricting mouse movement. Allegro game programming library.
set_mouse_speed(3alleg4) Sets the mouse speed. Allegro game programming library.
set_mouse_sprite(3alleg4) Sets the mouse sprite. Allegro game programming library.
set_mouse_sprite_focus(3alleg4) Sets the mouse sprite focus. Allegro game programming library.
set_multiply_blender(3alleg4) Enables a multiply blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_new_page(3form) ↣ new_page(3form) Form pagination functions.
set_palette(3alleg4) Sets the entire palette of 256 colors. Allegro game programming library.
set_palette_range(3alleg4) Sets a specific range of the palette. Allegro game programming library.
set_panel_userptr(3curses) ↣ panel(3curses) Panel stack extension for curses.
set_progname(3pub) ↣ errormsg(3pub) Printing error messages.
set_projection_viewport(3alleg4) Sets the viewport used to scale the output of persp_project(). Allegro game program‐.
set_saturation_blender(3alleg4) Enables a saturation blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_screen_blender(3alleg4) Enables a screen blender mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_selinuxmnt(3) ↣ init_selinuxmnt(3) Initialize the global variable selinux_mnt.
set_sound_input_source(3alleg4) Selects the audio input source. Allegro game programming library.
set_tabsize(3ncurses) ↣ threads(3ncurses) Curses thread support.
set_tabsize_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
set_term(3ncurses) ↣ initscr(3ncurses) Curses screen initialization and manipulation.
set_top_row(3menu) ↣ menu_current(3menu) Set and get current_menu_item.
set_trans_blender(3alleg4) Enables a truecolor blender. Allegro game programming library.
set_ucodepage(3alleg4) Sets 8-bit to Unicode conversion tables. Allegro game programming library.
set_uformat(3alleg4) Set the global current text encoding format. Allegro game programming library.
set_volume(3alleg4) Alters the global sound output volume. Allegro game programming library.
set_volume_per_voice(3alleg4) Sets the volume of a voice. Allegro game programming library.
set_window_title(3alleg4) Sets the window title of the Allegro program.
set_write_alpha_blender(3alleg4) Enables the special alpha-channel editing mode. Allegro game programming library.
set_zbuffer(3alleg4) Makes the given Z-buffer the active one. Allegro game programming library.
setaliasent(3) Read an alias entry.
setbddrefext(3) Increments the external reference, and decrements the internal reference of a bdd node.
setbuf(3) Stream buffering operations.
setbuf(3posix) Assign buffering to a stream.
setbuffer(3) ↣ setbuf(3) Stream buffering operations.
setcchar(3ncurses) ↣ getcchar(3ncurses) Get a wide character string and rendition from a cchar_t or set a cchar_t from a wide-.
setCDKAlphalist(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistBox(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistContents(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistCurrentItem(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistFillerChar(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistULChar(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistURChar(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKAlphalistVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_alphalist(3) Curses sorted list widget.
setCDKButton(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonBox(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonbox(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonboxBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxBox(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxCurrentButton(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxULChar(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxURChar(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonboxVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_buttonbox(3) Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget.
setCDKButtonHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonMessage(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonULChar(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonURChar(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKButtonVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_button(3) Create and manage a curses button widget.
setCDKCalendar(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarBox(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarDate(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarDayAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarDaysNames(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarMarker(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarMonthAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarMonthsNames(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarULChar(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarURChar(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKCalendarYearAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_calendar(3) Curses calendar widget.
setCDKDialog(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogBox(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogSeparator(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogULChar(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogURChar(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDialogVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_dialog(3) Curses dialog widget.
setCDKDScale(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleBox(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleDigits(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleLowHigh(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScalePostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScalePreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleULChar(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleURChar(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleValue(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKDScaleVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_dscale(3) Curses scale widget (type double).
setCDKEntry(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryBox(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryCB(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryFillerChar(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryHiddenChar(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryMax(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryMin(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryULChar(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryURChar(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryValue(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCDKEntryVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_entry(3) Curses text-entry widget.
setCdkExitType(3) ↣ cdk_objs(3) Cdk object-support functions.
setCDKFocusCurrent(3) ↣ cdk_traverse(3) Functions to support keyboard traversal.
setCDKFocusFirst(3) ↣ cdk_traverse(3) Functions to support keyboard traversal.
setCDKFocusLast(3) ↣ cdk_traverse(3) Functions to support keyboard traversal.
setCDKFocusNext(3) ↣ cdk_traverse(3) Functions to support keyboard traversal.
setCDKFocusPrevious(3) ↣ cdk_traverse(3) Functions to support keyboard traversal.
setCDKFScale(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleBox(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleDigits(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleLowHigh(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScalePostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScalePreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleULChar(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleURChar(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleValue(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFScaleVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_fscale(3) Curses scale widget (type float).
setCDKFselect(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectBox(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectContents(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectCurrentItem(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectDirAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectDirContents(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectDirectory(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectFileAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectFillerChar(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectLinkAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectSocketAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectULChar(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectURChar(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFselectVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_fselect(3) Curses file selector widget.
setCDKFSlider(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderBox(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderDigits(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderLowHigh(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderULChar(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderURChar(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderValue(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKFSliderVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_fslider(3) Curses slider widget (type float).
setCDKGraph(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphBox(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphCharacter(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphCharacters(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphDisplayType(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphULChar(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphURChar(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphValue(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphValues(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKGraphVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_graph(3) Curses graph widget.
setCDKHistogram(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramBox(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramDisplayType(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramFillerChar(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramStatsAttr(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramStatsPos(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramULChar(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramURChar(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramValue(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKHistogramViewType(3) ↣ cdk_histogram(3) Curses histogram widget.
setCDKItemlist(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistBox(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistCurrentItem(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistDefaultItem(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistULChar(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistURChar(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistValues(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKItemlistVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_itemlist(3) Curses itemlist widget.
setCDKLabel(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelBox(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelMessage(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelULChar(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelURChar(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKLabelVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_label(3) Creates a managed curses label widget.
setCDKMarqueeBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
setCDKMarqueeBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
setCDKMarqueeBox(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
setCDKMarqueeBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
setCDKMarqueeHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
setCDKMarqueeLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
setCDKMarqueeLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
setCDKMarqueeULChar(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
setCDKMarqueeURChar(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
setCDKMarqueeVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_marquee(3) Curses marquee widget.
setCDKMatrix(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixBox(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixCB(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixCell(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixCells(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixULChar(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixURChar(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMatrixVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_matrix(3) Curses matrix widget.
setCDKMentry(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryBox(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryCB(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryFillerChar(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryHiddenChar(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryMin(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryULChar(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryURChar(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryValue(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMentryVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_mentry(3) Curses multiple line entry widget.
setCDKMenu(3) ↣ cdk_menu(3) Curses menu widget.
setCDKMenuBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_menu(3) Curses menu widget.
setCDKMenuBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_menu(3) Curses menu widget.
setCDKMenuCurrentItem(3) ↣ cdk_menu(3) Curses menu widget.
setCDKMenuPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_menu(3) Curses menu widget.
setCDKMenuPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_menu(3) Curses menu widget.
setCDKMenuSubTitleHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_menu(3) Curses menu widget.
setCDKMenuTitleHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_menu(3) Curses menu widget.
setCDKObjectBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_objs(3) Cdk object-support functions.
setCDKObjectPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_objs(3) Cdk object-support functions.
setCDKObjectPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_objs(3) Cdk object-support functions.
setCDKRadio(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioBox(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioChoiceCharacter(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioCurrentItem(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioItems(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioLeftBrace(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioRightBrace(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioSelectedItem(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioULChar(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioURChar(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKRadioVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_radio(3) Curses radio list widget.
setCDKScale(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleBox(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleDigits(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleLowHigh(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScalePostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScalePreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleULChar(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleURChar(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleValue(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScaleVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_scale(3) Curses scale widget (type int).
setCDKScroll(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollBox(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollCurrent(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollCurrentItem(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollCurrentTop(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollItems(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollPosition(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollULChar(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollURChar(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKScrollVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_scroll(3) Curses scrolling list widget.
setCDKSelection(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionBox(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionChoice(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionChoices(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionCurrent(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionItems(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionMode(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionModes(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionTitle(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionULChar(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionURChar(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSelectionVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_selection(3) Curses selection list widget.
setCDKSlider(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderBox(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderDigits(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderLowHigh(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderULChar(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderURChar(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderValue(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSliderVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_slider(3) Curses slider widget (type int).
setCDKSwindow(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowBox(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowContents(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowULChar(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowURChar(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKSwindowVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_swindow(3) A curses scrolling window widget.
setCDKTemplate(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateBox(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateCB(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateMin(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplatePostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplatePreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateULChar(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateURChar(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateValue(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCDKTemplateVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_template(3) A curses template widget.
setCdkTitle(3) ↣ cdk_objs(3) Cdk object-support functions.
setCDKUScale(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleBox(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleDigits(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleLowHigh(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScalePostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScalePreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleULChar(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleURChar(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleValue(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUScaleVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_uscale(3) Curses scale widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSlider(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderBox(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderDigits(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderLowHigh(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderPostProcess(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderPreProcess(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderULChar(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderURChar(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderValue(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKUSliderVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_uslider(3) Curses slider widget (type unsigned).
setCDKViewer(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerBackgroundAttrib(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerBackgroundColor(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerBox(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerBoxAttribute(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerHighlight(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerHorizontalChar(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerInfo(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerInfoLine(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerLLChar(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerLRChar(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerTitle(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerULChar(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerURChar(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setCDKViewerVerticalChar(3) ↣ cdk_viewer(3) Curses viewer list widget.
setcon(3) ↣ getcon(3) Get SELinux security context of a process.
setcon_raw(3) ↣ getcon(3) Get SELinux security context of a process.
setcontext(3) ↣ getcontext(3) Get or set the user context.
setegid(3posix) Set the effective group ID.
setenv(3) Change or add an environment variable.
setenv(3posix) Add or change environment variable.
seter(3NCARG) Called by NCAR Graphics routines when errors occur.
seteuid(3posix) Set effective user ID.
setexeccon(3) ↣ getexeccon(3) Get or set the SELinux security context used for executing a new process.
setexeccon_raw(3) ↣ getexeccon(3) Get or set the SELinux security context used for executing a new process.
setfilecon(3) Set SELinux security context of a file.
setfilecon_raw(3) ↣ setfilecon(3) Set SELinux security context of a file.
__setfpucw(3) Set FPU control word on i386 architecture (obsolete).
setfscreatecon(3) ↣ getfscreatecon(3) Get or set the SELinux security context used for creating a new file system.
setfscreatecon_raw(3) ↣ getfscreatecon(3) Get or set the SELinux security context used for creating a new file system.
setfsent(3) ↣ getfsent(3) Handle fstab entries.
setgid(3posix) Set-group-ID.
setgrent(3) ↣ getgrent(3) Get group file entry.
setgrent(3posix) Reset the group database to the first entry.
sethostent(3) ↣ gethostbyname(3)
sethostent(3posix) Network host database functions.
sethostid(3) ↣ gethostid(3) Get or set the unique identifier of the current host.
sethtitem(3) Test and set an item in an hash table.
seti(3NCARG) Sets the exponents which define the plotting range in the plotter address unit coordinate system.
setitimer(3posix) Set the value of an interval timer.
setjmp(3) Save stack context for nonlocal goto.
setjmp(3avr) : Non-local goto.
setjmp(3posix) Set jump point for a non-local goto.
setkey(3) ↣ encrypt(3) Encrypt 64-bit messages.
setkey(3posix) Set encoding key (CRYPT).
setkey_r(3) ↣ encrypt(3) Encrypt 64-bit messages.
setkeycreatecon(3) ↣ getkeycreatecon(3) Get or set the SELinux security context used for creating a new kernel.
setkeycreatecon_raw(3) ↣ getkeycreatecon(3) Get or set the SELinux security context used for creating a new kernel.
setlinebuf(3) ↣ setbuf(3) Stream buffering operations.
setlocale(3) Set the current locale.
setlocale(3posix) Set program locale.
setlocap(3) Set the capacitance value of a logical capacitor.
setlogmask(3) Set log priority mask.
setlogmask(3posix) Set the log priority mask.
setlores(3) Set the resistance value of a logical resistor.
setloself(3) Set the inductance value of a logical inductor.
SetMatrix(3) Load a matrix into the current transformation matrix.
setmntent(3) ↣ getmntent(3) Get filesystem descriptor file entry.
setmode(3) Modify mode bits.
setnetent(3) ↣ getnetent(3) Get network entry.
setnetent(3posix) Network database function.
setnetgrent(3) Handle network group entries.
setnodeent(3) DECnet database seek function.
setPalette(3pm) ↣ Tk::palette(3pm) Modify the Tk color palette.
setpgid(3posix) Set process group ID for job control.
setpgrp(3posix) Set the process group ID.
setpriority(3posix) Set the nice value.
setproctitle(3) Set process title.
setprogname(3) ↣ getprogname(3) Get or set the program name.
setprotoent(3) ↣ getprotoent(3) Get protocol entry.
setprotoent(3posix) Network protocol database functions.
setpwent(3) ↣ getpwent(3) Get password file entry.
setpwent(3posix) User database function.
setr(3NCARG) Establishes certain constants so that SRFACE produces a picture whose size changes with respect to the.
setregid(3posix) Set real and effective group IDs.
setreuid(3posix) Set real and effective user IDs.
setrlimit(3posix) Control maximum resource consumption.
setrpcent(3) ↣ getrpcent(3) Get RPC entry.
sets(3erl) Functions for Set Manipulation.
setscrreg(3ncurses) ↣ outopts(3ncurses) Curses output options.
setservent(3) ↣ getservent(3) Get service entry.
setservent(3posix) Network services database functions.
setsid(3posix) Create session and set process group ID.
setsockcreatecon(3) ↣ getsockcreatecon(3) Get or set the SELinux security context used for creating a new labeled.
setsockcreatecon_raw(3) ↣ getsockcreatecon(3) Get or set the SELinux security context used for creating a new labeled.
setsockopt(3posix) Set the socket options.
setspent(3) ↣ getspnam(3)
setstate(3) ↣ random(3) Random number generator.
setstate(3posix) Switch pseudo-random number generator state arrays.
setstate_r(3) ↣ random_r(3) Reentrant random number generator.
setsyx(3ncurses) ↣ kernel(3ncurses)
setterm(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
setttyent(3) ↣ getttyent(3) Get ttys file entry.
setuid(3posix) Set user ID.
setupterm(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo(3ncurses)
setusershell(3) ↣ getusershell(3) Get permitted user shells.
setusv(3NCARG) Sets the value of one of the internal parameters of SPPS.
setutent(3) ↣ getutent(3) Access utmp file entries.
setutxent(3) ↣ getutent(3) Access utmp file entries.
setutxent(3posix) Reset the user accounting database to the first entry.
setvbuf(3) ↣ setbuf(3) Stream buffering operations.
setvbuf(3posix) Assign buffering to a stream.
setWidgetDimension(3) ↣ cdk_util(3) Cdk utility functions.
sfgetc(3NCARG) Used to retrieve the current value of a specified internal parameter.
sfgeti(3NCARG) Used to retrieve the current integer value of a specified parameter.
sfgetp(3NCARG) Used to retrieve the current dot pattern.
sfgetr(3NCARG) Used to retrieve the current real value of a specified parameter.
sflush(3NCARG) Flushes polylines, accumulated through calls to the routines PLOTIF and PLOTIT, from the SPPS.
sfnorm(3NCARG) The subroutines SFWRLD and SFNORM are used to fill that portion of the plotter frame inside the area.
sfsetc(3NCARG) Used to set the character value of a specified internal parameter.
sfseti(3NCARG) Used to set the current integer value of a specified internal parameter.
sfsetp(3NCARG) Defines a new dot pattern.
sfsetr(3NCARG) Used to set the current real value of a specified internal parameter.
sfsgfa(3NCARG) (which stands for "SOFTFILL - Simulate GFA") fills, in one of various ways, an area of the plotter.
sfwrld(3NCARG) The subroutines SFWRLD and SFNORM are used to fill that portion of the plotter frame inside the area.
sg_clear_error(3) Sets the error condition.
sg_comp_destroy(3) Managing system statistics.
sg_comp_get_tls(3) Managing system statistics.
sg_comp_init(3) Managing system statistics.
sg_drop_privileges(3) Initialise libstatgrab.
sg_free_host_info(3) Get general operating system statistics.
sg_free_load_stats(3) Get system load.
sg_free_user_stats(3) Get the current logged in users.
sg_get_error(3) Get.
sg_get_error_arg(3) Get.
sg_get_error_details(3) Get.
sg_get_error_errno(3) Get.
sg_get_host_info(3) Get general operating system statistics.
sg_get_host_info_r(3) Get general operating system statistics.
sg_get_load_stats(3) Get system load.
sg_get_load_stats_r(3) Get system load.
sg_get_user_stats(3) Get the current logged in users.
sg_get_user_stats_r(3) Get the current logged in users.
sg_global_lock(3) Managing system statistics.
sg_global_unlock(3) Managing system statistics.
sg_init(3) Initialise libstatgrab.
sg_internal-intro(3) Get system statistics.
sg_intro(3) Get system statistics.
sg_lock_mutex(3) Guard not MT-safe system API.
sg_set_error(3) Sets the error condition.
sg_set_error_with_errno(3) Sets the error condition.
sg_set_error_with_errno_code(3) Sets the error condition.
sg_shutdown(3) Initialise libstatgrab.
sg_snapshot(3) Initialise libstatgrab.
sg_str_error(3) Get.
sg_strperror(3) Get.
sg_unlock_mutex(3) Guard not MT-safe system API.
sgbbrd(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sgbcon(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sgbequ(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sgbequb(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sgbmv(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
sgbrfs(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sgbrfsx(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sgbsv(3) ↣ realGBsolve(3) Real.
sgbsvx(3) ↣ realGBsolve(3) Real.
sgbsvxx(3) ↣ realGBsolve(3) Real.
sgbt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgbt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgbt05(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgbtf2(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sgbtrf(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sgbtrs(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sgebak(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgebal(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgebd2(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgebrd(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgecon(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeequ(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeequb(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgees(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sgeesx(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sgeev(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sgeevx(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sgegs(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sgegv(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sgehd2(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgehrd(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgejsv(3) ↣ realGEsing(3) Real.
sgelq2(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgelqf(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgelqs(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgels(3) ↣ realGEsolve(3) Real.
sgelsd(3) ↣ realGEsolve(3) Real.
sgelss(3) ↣ realGEsolve(3) Real.
sgelsx(3) ↣ realGEsolve(3) Real.
sgelsy(3) ↣ realGEsolve(3) Real.
sgemm(3) ↣ single_blas_level3(3) Real.
sgemqrt(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgemv(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
sgennd(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgeql2(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeqlf(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeqls(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgeqp3(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeqpf(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeqr2(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeqr2p(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeqrf(3) ↣ VARIANTS_qr_LL_sgeqrf.f(3)
sgeqrfp(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeqrs(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgeqrt(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeqrt2(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgeqrt3(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sger(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
sgerfs(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgerfsx(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgerq2(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgerqf(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgerqs(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgesc2(3) ↣ realGEauxiliary(3) Real.
sgesdd(3) ↣ realGEsing(3) Real.
sgesv(3) ↣ realGEsolve(3) Real.
sgesvd(3) ↣ realGEsing(3) Real.
sgesvdx(3) ↣ realGEsing(3) Real.
sgesvj(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgesvx(3) ↣ realGEsolve(3) Real.
sgesvxx(3) ↣ realGEsolve(3) Real.
sget01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sget02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sget03(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sget04(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sget06(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sget07(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sget10(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget22(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget23(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget24(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget31(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget32(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget33(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget34(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget35(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget36(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget37(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget38(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget39(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget51(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget52(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget53(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sget54(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sgetc2(3) ↣ realGEauxiliary(3) Real.
sgetf2(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgetopt(3) Get option character from command line.
sgetrf(3) ↣ VARIANTS_lu_CR_sgetrf.f(3)
sgetrf2(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgetri(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgetrs(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sgetspent(3) ↣ getspnam(3)
sgetspent_r(3) ↣ getspnam(3)
sggbak(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sggbal(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sgges(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sgges3(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sggesx(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sggev(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sggev3(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sggevx(3) ↣ realGEeigen(3) Real.
sggglm(3) ↣ sggglm.f(3)
sgghd3(3) ↣ sgghd3.f(3)
sgghrd(3) ↣ sgghrd.f(3)
sgglse(3) ↣ sgglse.f(3)
sggqrf(3) ↣ sggqrf.f(3)
sggrqf(3) ↣ sggrqf.f(3)
sggsvd(3) ↣ sggsvd.f(3)
sggsvd3(3) ↣ sggsvd3.f(3)
sggsvp(3) ↣ sggsvp.f(3)
sggsvp3(3) ↣ sggsvp3.f(3)
SGIextensions(3cxx) SGIBecause libstdc++ based its implementation of the STL subsections of the library on the SGI.
sglmts(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
SGML::DTDParse(3pm) Parse an SGML or XML DTD.
SGML::DTDParse::DTD(3pm) Parse an SGML or XML DTD.
SGML::DTDParse::Util(3pm) DTDParse utility routines.
SGML::Parser::OpenSP(3pm) Parse SGML documents using OpenSP.
SGML::Parser::OpenSP::Tools(3pm) Tools to process OpenSP output.
SGMLS(3pm) Class for postprocessing the output from the onsgmls, sgmls, and nsgmls parsers.
SGMLS::Output(3pm) Stack-based Output Procedures.
SGMLS::Refs(3pm) Forward reference handling.
sgqrts(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sgrqts(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sgsvj0(3) ↣ sgsvj0.f(3)
sgsvj1(3) ↣ sgsvj1.f(3)
sgsvts3(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sgtcon(3) ↣ realGTcomputational(3) Real.
sgtrfs(3) ↣ realGTcomputational(3) Real.
sgtsv(3) ↣ realGTsolve(3) Real.
sgtsvx(3) ↣ realGTsolve(3) Real.
sgtt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgtt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgtt05(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sgttrf(3) ↣ realGTcomputational(3) Real.
sgttrs(3) ↣ realGTcomputational(3) Real.
sgtts2(3) ↣ realGTcomputational(3) Real.
sha(3trf) Message digest "sha".
sha1(3) Calculate.
SHA1(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
sha1(3tcl) SHA1 Message-Digest Algorithm.
sha1(3trf) Message digest "sha1".
SHA1_Final(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA1_Init(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
sha1_otp(3trf) Message digest "sha1_otp".
SHA1_Update(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA1Data(3) ↣ sha1(3) Calculate.
SHA1End(3) ↣ sha1(3) Calculate.
SHA1File(3) ↣ sha1(3) Calculate.
SHA1FileChunk(3) ↣ sha1(3) Calculate.
SHA1Final(3) ↣ sha1(3) Calculate.
SHA1Init(3) ↣ sha1(3) Calculate.
SHA1Pad(3) ↣ sha1(3) Calculate.
SHA1Transform(3) ↣ sha1(3) Calculate.
SHA1Update(3) ↣ sha1(3) Calculate.
SHA224(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA224_Final(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA224_Init(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA224_Update(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA256(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
sha256(3tcl) SHA256 Message-Digest Algorithm.
SHA256_Final(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA256_Init(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA256_Update(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA256Data(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA256End(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA256File(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA256FileChunk(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA256Final(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA256Init(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA256Pad(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA256Transform(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA256Update(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA384(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA384_Final(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA384_Init(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA384_Update(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA384Data(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA384End(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA384File(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA384FileChunk(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA384Final(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA384Init(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA384Pad(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA384Transform(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA384Update(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA512(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA512_Final(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA512_Init(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA512_Update(3ssl) ↣ sha(3ssl)
SHA512Data(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA512End(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA512File(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA512FileChunk(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA512Final(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA512Init(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA512Pad(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA512Transform(3) ↣ sha2(3)
SHA512Update(3) ↣ sha2(3)
ShadeTable(3) Compute the contents of the shading lookup table.
Shadow(3) Specify shading lookup tables for rendering shadows.
Shape(3I) What shape a canvas should have.
sharedblock(3bobcat) Shared memory data block info.
sharedcondition(3bobcat) Shared Memory Condition Variable.
sharedmemory(3bobcat) Shared Memory memory structure.
sharedmutex(3bobcat) Mutex for shared memory.
sharedpos(3bobcat) Shared Memory offset controller.
sharedsegment(3bobcat) Shared Memory data structure.
sharedstream(3bobcat) I/O operations on shared memory.
sharedstreambuf(3bobcat) Streambuf interfacing to shared memory.
SHARYANTO::Array::Util(3pm) Array-related utilities.
SHARYANTO::File::Flock(3pm) Yet another flock module.
SHARYANTO::File::Util(3pm) File-related utilities.
SHARYANTO::Hash::Util(3pm) Hash utilities.
SHARYANTO::HTML::Extract::ImageLinks(3pm) Extract image links from HTML document.
SHARYANTO::HTTP::DetectUA::Simple(3pm) A very simple and generic browser detection library.
SHARYANTO::List::Util(3pm) List utilities.
SHARYANTO::Log::Util(3pm) Log-related utilities.
SHARYANTO::String::Util(3pm) String utilities.
SHARYANTO::Template::Util(3pm) Recursively process .tt files.
SHARYANTO::Utils(3pm) SHARYANTO's temporary namespace for various routines.
Shell(3) The Shell widget class "Shell" "widget class" "Shell".
shell(3erl) The Erlang Shell.
Shell(3pm) Run shell commands transparently within perl.
Shell::Command(3pm) Cross-platform functions emulating common shell commands.
Shell::Perl(3pm) A read-eval-print loop in Perl.
Shell::Perl::Dumper(3pm) Dumpers for Shell::Perl.
Shell::POSIX::Select(3pm) The POSIX Shell's "select" loop for Perl.
shell_default(3erl) Customizing the Erlang Environment.
shellexp(3) Match string against a cruft filter pattern.
shevek_absolute_time(3) The absolute_time class stores a date and time.
shevek_args(3) Commandline and configuration file parsing helper.
shevek_args_option(3) Define an option which can be given to the program.
shevek_avahi(3) Serve and browse the local network using avahi.
shevek_avahi_browser(3) Class for browsing other hosts.
shevek_avahi_browser_details(3) Details about a discovered service. These are internally created and may be.
shevek_avahi_browser_owner(3) Information about a discovered server.
shevek_closure(3) Block and resume without blocking the main loop.
shevek_crefbase(3) Circular-dependancy-protected reference-counting object base class.
shevek_crefptr(3) Keep a pointer to an object derived from crefbase.
shevek_dir(3) Get information about files in a directory.
shevek_dir_file(3) Information about a single file in a directory.
shevek_dl(3) Load symbols from dynamic libraries.
shevek_fd(3) The fd class is a generic wrapper for a file descriptor to use it in the Glib event loop.
shevek_file(3) Use normal files with the fd class.
shevek_istring(3) Shevek::istring is a C++ version of scanf.
shevek_ostring(3) Shevek::ostring is a C++ version of printf.
shevek_process(3) Create a process, optionally connection its standard in- and output streams to the calling.
shevek_refbase(3) Base class for classes which want reference counting through Glib::RefPtr.
shevek_regexp(3) Use regular expressions.
shevek_relative_time(3) Time interval.
shevek_ristring(3) Shevek::ristring is identical to shevek::istring, but it uses std::string instead of.
shevek_rostring(3) Shevek::rostring is identical to shevek::ostring, but it uses std::string instead of.
shevek_server(3) Set up a network server using shevek::telnet.
shevek_server_connection(3) Base of the client class which is implemented by the.
shevek_shm(3) This class implements an interface for sharing memory between processes.
shevek_socket(3) Use a unix-domain, tcp or avahi network connection with shevek::fd.
shevek_split(3) Split a string into words and retrieve them individually.
shevek_telnet(3) Input and output filters for shevek::socket to make them telnet sockets.
shgeqz(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
shgeti(3NCARG) Retrieves the value of an internal parameter of type INTEGER.
shgetnp(3NCARG) Find the nearest points to a specified point in 3-space.
shgrid(3NCARG) Interpolate random data in 3-space using a modified Shepard's algorithm.
shgrid_errors(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all the errors reported from Shgrid.
shgrid_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all the internal parameters of Shgrid.
shisa(3) API function.
shisa_cfg(3) API function.
shisa_cfg_db(3) API function.
shisa_cfg_default_systemfile(3) API function.
shisa_cfg_from_file(3) API function.
shisa_done(3) API function.
shisa_enumerate_principals(3) API function.
shisa_enumerate_realms(3) API function.
shisa_info(3) API function.
shisa_init(3) API function.
shisa_init_with_paths(3) API function.
shisa_key_add(3) API function.
shisa_key_free(3) API function.
shisa_key_remove(3) API function.
shisa_key_update(3) API function.
shisa_keys_find(3) API function.
shisa_keys_free(3) API function.
shisa_principal_add(3) API function.
shisa_principal_find(3) API function.
shisa_principal_remove(3) API function.
shisa_principal_update(3) API function.
shisa_strerror(3) API function.
shishi(3) API function.
shishi_3des(3) API function.
shishi_aes_cts(3) API function.
shishi_ap(3) API function.
shishi_ap_authenticator(3) API function.
shishi_ap_authenticator_cksumdata(3) API function.
shishi_ap_authenticator_cksumdata_set(3) API function.
shishi_ap_authenticator_cksumraw_set(3) API function.
shishi_ap_authenticator_cksumtype(3) API function.
shishi_ap_authenticator_cksumtype_set(3) API function.
shishi_ap_authenticator_set(3) API function.
shishi_ap_done(3) API function.
shishi_ap_encapreppart(3) API function.
shishi_ap_encapreppart_set(3) API function.
shishi_ap_etype(3) API function.
shishi_ap_etype_tktoptionsdata(3) API function.
shishi_ap_key(3) API function.
shishi_ap_nosubkey(3) API function.
shishi_ap_option2string(3) API function.
shishi_ap_rep(3) API function.
shishi_ap_rep_asn1(3) API function.
shishi_ap_rep_build(3) API function.
shishi_ap_rep_der(3) API function.
shishi_ap_rep_der_set(3) API function.
shishi_ap_rep_set(3) API function.
shishi_ap_rep_verify(3) API function.
shishi_ap_rep_verify_asn1(3) API function.
shishi_ap_rep_verify_der(3) API function.
shishi_ap_req(3) API function.
shishi_ap_req_asn1(3) API function.
shishi_ap_req_build(3) API function.
shishi_ap_req_decode(3) API function.
shishi_ap_req_der(3) API function.
shishi_ap_req_der_set(3) API function.
shishi_ap_req_process(3) API function.
shishi_ap_req_process_keyusage(3) API function.
shishi_ap_req_set(3) API function.
shishi_ap_set_tktoptions(3) API function.
shishi_ap_set_tktoptionsasn1usage(3) API function.
shishi_ap_set_tktoptionsdata(3) API function.
shishi_ap_set_tktoptionsraw(3) API function.
shishi_ap_string2option(3) API function.
shishi_ap_tkt(3) API function.
shishi_ap_tkt_set(3) API function.
shishi_ap_tktoptions(3) API function.
shishi_ap_tktoptionsasn1usage(3) API function.
shishi_ap_tktoptionsdata(3) API function.
shishi_ap_tktoptionsraw(3) API function.
shishi_aprep(3) API function.
shishi_aprep_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_aprep_get_enc_part_etype(3) API function.
shishi_aprep_parse(3) API function.
shishi_aprep_print(3) API function.
shishi_aprep_read(3) API function.
shishi_aprep_save(3) API function.
shishi_aprep_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_apreq(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_add_authenticator(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_get_authenticator_etype(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_get_ticket(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_mutual_required_p(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_options(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_options_add(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_options_remove(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_options_set(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_parse(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_print(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_read(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_save(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_set_authenticator(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_set_ticket(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_apreq_use_session_key_p(3) API function.
shishi_arcfour(3) API function.
shishi_as(3) API function.
shishi_as_check_cname(3) API function.
shishi_as_check_crealm(3) API function.
shishi_as_derive_salt(3) API function.
shishi_as_done(3) API function.
shishi_as_krberror(3) API function.
shishi_as_krberror_der(3) API function.
shishi_as_krberror_set(3) API function.
shishi_as_process(3) API function.
shishi_as_rep(3) API function.
shishi_as_rep_build(3) API function.
shishi_as_rep_der(3) API function.
shishi_as_rep_der_set(3) API function.
shishi_as_rep_process(3) API function.
shishi_as_rep_set(3) API function.
shishi_as_req(3) API function.
shishi_as_req_build(3) API function.
shishi_as_req_der(3) API function.
shishi_as_req_der_set(3) API function.
shishi_as_req_set(3) API function.
shishi_as_sendrecv(3) API function.
shishi_as_sendrecv_hint(3) API function.
shishi_as_tkt(3) API function.
shishi_as_tkt_set(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_aprep(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_apreq(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_asrep(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_asreq(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_authenticator(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_done(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_encapreppart(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_encasreppart(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_enckdcreppart(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_encprivpart(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_encrypteddata(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_encticketpart(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_etype_info(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_etype_info2(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_krberror(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_krbsafe(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_methoddata(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_msgtype(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_pa_enc_ts_enc(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_padata(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_print(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_priv(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_read(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_read_inline(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_read_optional(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_tgsrep(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_tgsreq(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_ticket(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_to_der(3) API function.
shishi_asn1_to_der_field(3) API function.
shishi_asrep(3) API function.
shishi_asreq(3) API function.
shishi_asreq_clientrealm(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_add_authorizationdata(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_add_cksum(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_add_cksum_type(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_add_random_subkey(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_add_random_subkey_etype(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_add_subkey(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_authorizationdata(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_cksum(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_clear_authorizationdata(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_client(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_client_set(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_clientrealm(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_ctime(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_ctime_set(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_cusec_get(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_cusec_set(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_get_subkey(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_parse(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_print(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_read(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_remove_subkey(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_save(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_seqnumber_get(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_seqnumber_remove(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_seqnumber_set(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_set_cksum(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_set_cname(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_set_crealm(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_set_subkey(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_subkey(3) API function.
shishi_authenticator_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_authorization_parse(3) API function.
shishi_authorize_k5login(3) API function.
shishi_authorize_strcmp(3) API function.
shishi_authorized_p(3) API function.
shishi_cfg(3) API function.
shishi_cfg_authorizationtype_set(3) API function.
shishi_cfg_clientkdcetype(3) API function.
shishi_cfg_clientkdcetype_fast(3) API function.
shishi_cfg_clientkdcetype_set(3) API function.
shishi_cfg_default_systemfile(3) API function.
shishi_cfg_default_userdirectory(3) API function.
shishi_cfg_default_userfile(3) API function.
shishi_cfg_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_cfg_print(3) API function.
shishi_cfg_userdirectory_file(3) API function.
shishi_check_version(3) API function.
shishi_checksum(3) API function.
shishi_checksum_cksumlen(3) API function.
shishi_checksum_name(3) API function.
shishi_checksum_parse(3) API function.
shishi_checksum_supported_p(3) API function.
shishi_cipher_blocksize(3) API function.
shishi_cipher_confoundersize(3) API function.
shishi_cipher_defaultcksumtype(3) API function.
shishi_cipher_keylen(3) API function.
shishi_cipher_name(3) API function.
shishi_cipher_parse(3) API function.
shishi_cipher_randomlen(3) API function.
shishi_cipher_supported_p(3) API function.
shishi_crc(3) API function.
shishi_crypto(3) API function.
shishi_crypto_close(3) API function.
shishi_crypto_decrypt(3) API function.
shishi_crypto_encrypt(3) API function.
shishi_ctime(3) API function.
shishi_decrypt(3) API function.
shishi_decrypt_etype(3) API function.
shishi_decrypt_iv(3) API function.
shishi_decrypt_iv_etype(3) API function.
shishi_decrypt_ivupdate(3) API function.
shishi_decrypt_ivupdate_etype(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_aprep(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_apreq(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_asrep(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_asreq(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_authenticator(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_encapreppart(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_encasreppart(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_enckdcreppart(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_encprivpart(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_enctgsreppart(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_encticketpart(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_etype_info(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_etype_info2(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_kdcrep(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_kdcreq(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_krberror(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_krbsafe(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_methoddata(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_padata(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_priv(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_tgsrep(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_tgsreq(3) API function.
shishi_der2asn1_ticket(3) API function.
shishi_der_msgtype(3) API function.
shishi_derive_default_salt(3) API function.
shishi_des(3) API function.
shishi_des_cbc_mac(3) API function.
shishi_dk(3) API function.
shishi_done(3) API function.
shishi_dr(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_ctime(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_ctime_set(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_cusec_get(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_cusec_set(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_get_key(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_parse(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_print(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_read(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_save(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_seqnumber_get(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_seqnumber_remove(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_seqnumber_set(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_time_copy(3) API function.
shishi_encapreppart_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_authtime_set(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_endtime_set(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_flags_set(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_get_key(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_key_set(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_nonce_set(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_populate_encticketpart(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_renew_till_set(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_sname_set(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_srealm_set(3) API function.
shishi_enckdcreppart_starttime_set(3) API function.
shishi_encprivpart_set_user_data(3) API function.
shishi_encprivpart_user_data(3) API function.
shishi_encrypt(3) API function.
shishi_encrypt_etype(3) API function.
shishi_encrypt_iv(3) API function.
shishi_encrypt_iv_etype(3) API function.
shishi_encrypt_ivupdate(3) API function.
shishi_encrypt_ivupdate_etype(3) API function.
shishi_encticketpart_authtime_set(3) API function.
shishi_encticketpart_client(3) API function.
shishi_encticketpart_clientrealm(3) API function.
shishi_encticketpart_cname_set(3) API function.
shishi_encticketpart_crealm_set(3) API function.
shishi_encticketpart_endtime_set(3) API function.
shishi_encticketpart_flags_set(3) API function.
shishi_encticketpart_get_key(3) API function.
shishi_encticketpart_key_set(3) API function.
shishi_encticketpart_transited_set(3) API function.
shishi_error(3) API function.
shishi_error_clear(3) API function.
shishi_error_outputtype(3) API function.
shishi_error_printf(3) API function.
shishi_error_set(3) API function.
shishi_error_set_outputtype(3) API function.
shishi_generalize_ctime(3) API function.
shishi_generalize_now(3) API function.
shishi_generalize_time(3) API function.
shishi_hmac_md5(3) API function.
shishi_hmac_sha1(3) API function.
shishi_hostkeys_default_file(3) API function.
shishi_hostkeys_default_file_set(3) API function.
shishi_hostkeys_for_localservice(3) API function.
shishi_hostkeys_for_localservicerealm(3) API function.
shishi_hostkeys_for_server(3) API function.
shishi_hostkeys_for_serverrealm(3) API function.
shishi_info(3) API function.
shishi_init(3) API function.
shishi_init_server(3) API function.
shishi_init_server_with_paths(3) API function.
shishi_init_with_paths(3) API function.
shishi_kdc_check_nonce(3) API function.
shishi_kdc_copy_cname(3) API function.
shishi_kdc_copy_crealm(3) API function.
shishi_kdc_copy_nonce(3) API function.
shishi_kdc_process(3) API function.
shishi_kdc_sendrecv(3) API function.
shishi_kdc_sendrecv_hint(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_add_enc_part(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_clear_padata(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_client_set(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_cname_set(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_crealm_set(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_get_enc_part_etype(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_get_ticket(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_parse(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_print(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_read(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_save(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_set_enc_part(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_set_ticket(3) API function.
shishi_kdcrep_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_add_padata(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_add_padata_preauth(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_add_padata_tgs(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_allow_postdate_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_clear_padata(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_client(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_disable_transited_check_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_enc_tkt_in_skey_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_etype(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_forwardable_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_forwarded_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_get_padata(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_get_padata_tgs(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_nonce_set(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_options(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_options_add(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_options_set(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_parse(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_postdated_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_print(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_proxiable_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_proxy_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_read(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_realm(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_renew_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_renewable_ok_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_renewable_p(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_save(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_server(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_set_cname(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_set_etype(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_set_realm(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_set_sname(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_till(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_tillc(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_kdcreq_validate_p(3) API function.
shishi_key(3) API function.
shishi_key_copy(3) API function.
shishi_key_done(3) API function.
shishi_key_from_base64(3) API function.
shishi_key_from_name(3) API function.
shishi_key_from_random(3) API function.
shishi_key_from_string(3) API function.
shishi_key_from_value(3) API function.
shishi_key_length(3) API function.
shishi_key_name(3) API function.
shishi_key_principal(3) API function.
shishi_key_principal_set(3) API function.
shishi_key_print(3) API function.
shishi_key_random(3) API function.
shishi_key_realm(3) API function.
shishi_key_realm_set(3) API function.
shishi_key_timestamp(3) API function.
shishi_key_timestamp_set(3) API function.
shishi_key_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_key_type(3) API function.
shishi_key_type_set(3) API function.
shishi_key_value(3) API function.
shishi_key_value_set(3) API function.
shishi_key_version(3) API function.
shishi_key_version_set(3) API function.
shishi_keys(3) API function.
shishi_keys_add(3) API function.
shishi_keys_add_keytab_file(3) API function.
shishi_keys_add_keytab_mem(3) API function.
shishi_keys_done(3) API function.
shishi_keys_for_localservicerealm_in_file(3) API function.
shishi_keys_for_server_in_file(3) API function.
shishi_keys_for_serverrealm_in_file(3) API function.
shishi_keys_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_keys_from_keytab_file(3) API function.
shishi_keys_from_keytab_mem(3) API function.
shishi_keys_nth(3) API function.
shishi_keys_print(3) API function.
shishi_keys_remove(3) API function.
shishi_keys_size(3) API function.
shishi_keys_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_keys_to_keytab_file(3) API function.
shishi_keys_to_keytab_mem(3) API function.
shishi_krberror(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_build(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_client(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_client_set(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_crealm(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_ctime(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_ctime_set(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_cusec(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_cusec_set(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_der(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_edata(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_errorcode(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_errorcode_fast(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_errorcode_message(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_errorcode_set(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_etext(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_message(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_methoddata(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_parse(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_pretty_print(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_print(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_read(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_realm(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_remove_cname(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_remove_crealm(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_remove_ctime(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_remove_cusec(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_remove_edata(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_remove_etext(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_remove_sname(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_save(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_server(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_server_set(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_set_cname(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_set_crealm(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_set_edata(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_set_etext(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_set_realm(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_set_sname(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_stime(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_stime_set(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_susec(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_susec_set(3) API function.
shishi_krberror_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_md4(3) API function.
shishi_md5(3) API function.
shishi_n_fold(3) API function.
shishi_parse_name(3) API function.
shishi_pbkdf2_sha1(3) API function.
shishi_principal_default(3) API function.
shishi_principal_default_guess(3) API function.
shishi_principal_default_set(3) API function.
shishi_principal_name(3) API function.
shishi_principal_name_realm(3) API function.
shishi_principal_name_set(3) API function.
shishi_principal_set(3) API function.
shishi_priv(3) API function.
shishi_priv_build(3) API function.
shishi_priv_done(3) API function.
shishi_priv_enc_part_etype(3) API function.
shishi_priv_encprivpart(3) API function.
shishi_priv_encprivpart_der(3) API function.
shishi_priv_encprivpart_der_set(3) API function.
shishi_priv_encprivpart_set(3) API function.
shishi_priv_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_priv_key(3) API function.
shishi_priv_key_set(3) API function.
shishi_priv_parse(3) API function.
shishi_priv_print(3) API function.
shishi_priv_priv(3) API function.
shishi_priv_priv_der(3) API function.
shishi_priv_priv_der_set(3) API function.
shishi_priv_priv_set(3) API function.
shishi_priv_process(3) API function.
shishi_priv_read(3) API function.
shishi_priv_save(3) API function.
shishi_priv_set_enc_part(3) API function.
shishi_priv_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_prompt_password(3) API function.
shishi_prompt_password_callback_get(3) API function.
shishi_prompt_password_callback_set(3) API function.
shishi_random_to_key(3) API function.
shishi_randomize(3) API function.
shishi_realm_default(3) API function.
shishi_realm_default_guess(3) API function.
shishi_realm_default_set(3) API function.
shishi_realm_for_server(3) API function.
shishi_realm_for_server_dns(3) API function.
shishi_realm_for_server_file(3) API function.
shishi_resolv(3) API function.
shishi_resolv_free(3) API function.
shishi_safe(3) API function.
shishi_safe_build(3) API function.
shishi_safe_cksum(3) API function.
shishi_safe_done(3) API function.
shishi_safe_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_safe_key(3) API function.
shishi_safe_key_set(3) API function.
shishi_safe_parse(3) API function.
shishi_safe_print(3) API function.
shishi_safe_read(3) API function.
shishi_safe_safe(3) API function.
shishi_safe_safe_der(3) API function.
shishi_safe_safe_der_set(3) API function.
shishi_safe_safe_set(3) API function.
shishi_safe_save(3) API function.
shishi_safe_set_cksum(3) API function.
shishi_safe_set_user_data(3) API function.
shishi_safe_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_safe_user_data(3) API function.
shishi_safe_verify(3) API function.
shishi_server(3) API function.
shishi_server_for_local_service(3) API function.
shishi_strerror(3) API function.
shishi_string_to_key(3) API function.
shishi_tgs(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_ap(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_done(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_krberror(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_krberror_der(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_krberror_set(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_process(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_rep(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_rep_build(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_rep_der(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_rep_process(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_req(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_req_build(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_req_der(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_req_der_set(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_req_process(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_req_set(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_sendrecv(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_sendrecv_hint(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_set_realm(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_set_realmserver(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_set_server(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_tgtkt(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_tgtkt_set(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_tkt(3) API function.
shishi_tgs_tkt_set(3) API function.
shishi_tgsrep(3) API function.
shishi_tgsreq(3) API function.
shishi_ticket(3) API function.
shishi_ticket_add_enc_part(3) API function.
shishi_ticket_get_enc_part_etype(3) API function.
shishi_ticket_realm_get(3) API function.
shishi_ticket_realm_set(3) API function.
shishi_ticket_server(3) API function.
shishi_ticket_set_enc_part(3) API function.
shishi_ticket_sname_set(3) API function.
shishi_time(3) API function.
shishi_tkt(3) API function.
shishi_tkt2(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_authctime(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_client(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_client_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_clientrealm(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_clientrealm_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_done(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_enckdcreppart(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_enckdcreppart_set(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_encticketpart(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_encticketpart_set(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_endctime(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_expired_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_flags(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_flags_add(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_flags_set(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_forwardable_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_forwarded_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_hw_authent_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_initial_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_invalid_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_kdcrep(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_key(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_key_set(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_keytype(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_keytype_fast(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_keytype_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_lastreq_pretty_print(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_lastreqc(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_match_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_may_postdate_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_ok_as_delegate_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_postdated_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_pre_authent_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_pretty_print(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_proxiable_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_proxy_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_realm(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_renew_tillc(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_renewable_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_server(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_server_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_startctime(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_ticket(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_ticket_set(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_transited_policy_checked_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_valid_at_time_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkt_valid_now_p(3) API function.
shishi_tkts(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_add(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_add_ccache_file(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_add_ccache_mem(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_default(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_default_ccache(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_default_ccache_guess(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_default_ccache_set(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_default_file(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_default_file_guess(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_default_file_set(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_done(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_expire(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_find(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_find_for_clientserver(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_find_for_server(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_from_ccache_file(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_from_ccache_mem(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_from_file(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_get(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_get_for_clientserver(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_get_for_localservicepasswd(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_get_for_server(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_get_tgs(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_get_tgt(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_new(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_nth(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_print(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_print_for_service(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_read(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_remove(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_size(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_to_file(3) API function.
shishi_tkts_write(3) API function.
shishi_verbose(3) API function.
shishi_verify(3) API function.
shishi_warn(3) API function.
shishi_x509ca_default_file(3) API function.
shishi_x509ca_default_file_guess(3) API function.
shishi_x509ca_default_file_set(3) API function.
shishi_x509cert_default_file(3) API function.
shishi_x509cert_default_file_guess(3) API function.
shishi_x509cert_default_file_set(3) API function.
shishi_x509key_default_file(3) API function.
shishi_x509key_default_file_guess(3) API function.
shishi_x509key_default_file_set(3) API function.
shm_open(3) Create/open or unlink POSIX shared memory objects.
shm_open(3posix) Open a shared memory object (REALTIME).
shm_unlink(3) ↣ shm_open(3) Create/open or unlink POSIX shared memory objects.
shm_unlink(3posix) Remove a shared memory object (REALTIME).
shmalloc.openmpi(3) Symmetric heap memory management functions.
shmat(3posix) XSI shared memory attach operation.
shmctl(3posix) XSI shared memory control operations.
shmdt(3posix) XSI shared memory detach operation.
shmem_addr_accessible.openmpi(3) Indicates if an address is accessible via OpenSHMEM operations from the specified.
shmem_barrier.openmpi(3) Performs a barrier operation on a subset of processing elements (PEs).
shmem_barrier_all.openmpi(3) Suspends the execution of the calling PE until all other PEs issue a call to this particu‐.
shmem_broadcast32.openmpi(3) Copy a data object from.
shmem_fence.openmpi(3) Provides a separate ordering on the sequence of puts issued by this PE to each destination PE.
shmem_finalize.openmpi(3) A collective operation that releases resources used by the OpenSHMEM library. This only ter‐.
shmem_global_exit.openmpi(3) A routine that allows any PE to force termination of an entire program.
shmem_info_get_name.openmpi(3) This routine returns the vendor defined character string.
shmem_info_get_version.openmpi(3) Returns the major and minor version of the library implementation.
shmem_init.openmpi(3) Allocates a block of memory from the symmetric heap.
shmem_int_add.openmpi(3) Performs an.
shmem_int_fadd.openmpi(3) Per‐.
shmem_int_finc.openmpi(3) Per‐.
shmem_int_inc.openmpi(3) These rou‐.
shmem_my_pe.openmpi(3) Returns the virtual PE number of the calling PE.
shmem_n_pes.openmpi(3) Returns the number of processing elements (PEs) used to run the application.
shmem_pe_accessible.openmpi(3) Determines whether a processing element (PE) is accessible via SHMEM data transfer oper‐.
shmem_ptr.openmpi(3) Returns a pointer to a data object on a specified processing element (PE).
shmem_quiet.openmpi(3) Waits for completion of all outstanding remote writes issued by a processing element (PE).
shmem_set_lock.openmpi(3) Releases, locks, and tests a mutual exclusion.
shmget(3posix) Get an XSI shared memory segment.
show_mouse(3alleg4) Tells Allegro to display a mouse pointer on the screen.
show_os_cursor(3alleg4) Low level function to display the operating system cursor. Allegro game programming library.
show_panel(3curses) ↣ panel(3curses) Panel stack extension for curses.
show_video_bitmap(3alleg4) Flips the hardware screen to use the specified page. Allegro game programming library.
shsein(3) ↣ shsein.f(3)
shseqr(3) ↣ shseqr.f(3)
shseti(3NCARG) Sets the value of an internal parameter of type INTEGER.
shst01(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
shuffle(3clc) Constructs a permutation of elements from one (or two) input vectors.
shutdown(3posix) Shut down socket send and receive operations.
shutdown_dialog(3alleg4) Destroys a dialog player returned by init_dialog(). Allegro game programming library.
shutdown_menu(3alleg4) Destroys a menu player object returned by init_menu(). Allegro game programming library.
shutdown_mib(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
sidget(3) ↣ avc_context_to_sid(3) Obtain and manipulate SELinux security ID's.
sidput(3) ↣ avc_context_to_sid(3) Obtain and manipulate SELinux security ID's.
SIG_ATOMIC_MAX(3avr) ↣ avr_stdint(3avr) : Standard Integer Types.
SIG_ATOMIC_MIN(3avr) ↣ avr_stdint(3avr) : Standard Integer Types.
sigaction(3posix) Examine and change a signal action.
sigaddset(3) ↣ sigsetops(3) POSIX signal set operations.
sigaddset(3posix) Add a signal to a signal set.
sigaltstack(3posix) Set and get signal alternate stack context.
sigandset(3) ↣ sigsetops(3) POSIX signal set operations.
sigblock(3) ↣ sigvec(3) BSD signal API.
sigdelset(3) ↣ sigsetops(3) POSIX signal set operations.
sigdelset(3posix) Delete a signal from a signal set.
sigemptyset(3) ↣ sigsetops(3) POSIX signal set operations.
sigemptyset(3posix) Initialize and empty a signal set.
sigfillset(3) ↣ sigsetops(3) POSIX signal set operations.
sigfillset(3posix) Initialize and fill a signal set.
siggetmask(3) ↣ sigvec(3) BSD signal API.
sighold(3) ↣ sigset(3) System V signal API.
sighold(3posix) Signal management.
sigignore(3) ↣ sigset(3) System V signal API.
siginterrupt(3) Allow signals to interrupt system calls.
siginterrupt(3posix) Allow signals to interrupt functions.
sigisemptyset(3) ↣ sigsetops(3) POSIX signal set operations.
sigismember(3) ↣ sigsetops(3) POSIX signal set operations.
sigismember(3posix) Test for a signal in a signal set.
siglongjmp(3) ↣ longjmp(3) Nonlocal jump to a saved stack context.
siglongjmp(3posix) Non-local goto with signal handling.
sigmask(3) ↣ sigvec(3) BSD signal API.
sign(3clc) Sign of a value.
sign(3G) Extract the sign of the parameter.
SIGNAL(3avr) ↣ avr_interrupts(3avr) : Interrupts.
signal(3bobcat) Signal Handler.
signal(3posix) Signal management.
signal(3tcl) Dynamically loadable signal handling for Tcl/Tk.
Signal::Mask(3pm) Signal masks made easy.
Signal::Pending(3pm) Signal pending status made easy.
signatures(3pm) Subroutine signatures with no source filter.
signbit(3) Test sign of a real floating-point number.
signbit(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
signbit(3clc) Test for sign bit.
signbit(3posix) Test sign.
signbitf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
signgam(3) ↣ lgamma(3) Log gamma function.
signgam(3posix) Log gamma function.
significand(3) Get mantissa of floating-point number.
significandf(3) ↣ significand(3) Get mantissa of floating-point number.
significandl(3) ↣ significand(3) Get mantissa of floating-point number.
sigorset(3) ↣ sigsetops(3) POSIX signal set operations.
sigpause(3) Atomically release blocked signals and wait for interrupt.
sigpause(3posix) Remove a signal from the signal mask and suspend the thread.
sigpending(3posix) Examine pending signals.
sigprocmask(3posix) Examine and change blocked signals.
sigqueue(3) Queue a signal and data to a process.
sigqueue(3posix) Queue a signal to a process.
sigrelse(3) ↣ sigset(3) System V signal API.
sigrelse(3posix) Signal management.
sigset(3) System V signal API.
sigsetjmp(3) ↣ setjmp(3) Save stack context for nonlocal goto.
sigsetjmp(3posix) Set jump point for a non-local goto.
sigsetmask(3) ↣ sigvec(3) BSD signal API.
sigsetops(3) POSIX signal set operations.
sigsuspend(3posix) Wait for a signal.
sigtimedwait(3posix) Wait for queued signals.
sigtrap(3perl) Perl pragma to enable simple signal handling.
sigvec(3) BSD signal API.
sigwait(3) Wait for a signal.
sigwait(3posix) Wait for queued signals.
sigwaitinfo(3posix) Wait for queued signals.
simpablexpr(3) Simplies an expression.
simpbddnodedcoff(3) Simplifies a bdd with don't cares on its off-set part.
simpbddnodedcon(3) Simplifies a bdd with don't cares on its on-set part.
simpdupablexpr(3) Duplicates and simplies an expression.
simplesmartptr.h(3) Header file that defines SimpleSmartPointer and ReferenceCount.
simplifDcOneBdd(3) Simplifies a BDD with don't cares on its on-set part.
simplifDcZeroBdd(3) Simplifies a BDD with don't cares on its off-set part.
simulate_keypress(3alleg4) Stuffs a key into the keyboard buffer. Allegro game programming library.
simulate_ukeypress(3alleg4) Stuffs an unicode key into the keyboard buffer. Allegro game programming library.
simulation_random(3tcl) Pseudo-random number generators.
sin(3) Sine function.
sin(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
sin(3clc) Sine functions.
sin(3G) Return the sine of the parameter.
sin(3posix) Sine function.
sincos(3) Calculate sin and cos simultaneously.
sincosf(3) ↣ sincos(3) Calculate sin and cos simultaneously.
sincosl(3) ↣ sincos(3) Calculate sin and cos simultaneously.
sinf(3) ↣ sin(3) Sine function.
sinf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
singGE(3) Singular Value.
single_blas_level1(3) Real.
single_blas_level2(3) Real.
single_blas_level3(3) Real.
single_blas_testing(3) Real.
single_eig(3) Real.
single_lin(3) Real.
SingleThreadRTPSession(3) This template class adds the threading.
sinh(3) Hyperbolic sine function.
sinh(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
sinh(3G) Return the hyperbolic sine of the parameter.
sinh(3posix) Hyperbolic sine functions.
sinhf(3) ↣ sinh(3) Hyperbolic sine function.
sinhf(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
sinhl(3) ↣ sinh(3) Hyperbolic sine function.
sinl(3) ↣ sin(3) Sine function.
sinl(3posix) Sine function.
sio_close(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_eof(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_getcap(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_getpar(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_initpar(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_nfds(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_onmove(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_onvol(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_pollfd(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_read(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_revents(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_setpar(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_setvol(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_start(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_stop(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sio_write(3) ↣ sio_open(3)
sisnan(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
SIZE_MAX(3avr) ↣ avr_stdint(3avr) : Standard Integer Types.
sizegrip(3tcl) A silly widget.
sk_new_session(3) Create a new SNMPSESSION.
skipDelete(3) Delete an item.
skipFreeList(3) Free a skip list.
skipInsert(3) Insert an item.
skiplist(3tcl) Create and manipulate skiplists.
skipNewList(3) Create a skip list.
skipNext(3) Find next item.
skipRelease(3) Release lock on value.
skipSearch(3) Search a skip list.
sla_gbamv(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sla_gbrcond(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sla_gbrfsx_extended(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sla_gbrpvgrw(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sla_geamv(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sla_gercond(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sla_gerfsx_extended(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sla_gerpvgrw(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
sla_lin_berr(3) ↣ sla_lin_berr.f(3)
sla_porcond(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
sla_porfsx_extended(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
sla_porpvgrw(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
sla_syamv(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
sla_syrcond(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
sla_syrfsx_extended(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
sla_syrpvgrw(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
sla_wwaddw(3) ↣ sla_wwaddw.f(3)
slabad(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slabrd(3) ↣ slabrd.f(3)
slacn2(3) ↣ slacn2.f(3)
slacon(3) ↣ slacon.f(3)
slacpy(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slacsg(3) ↣ sckcsd.f(3)
sladiv(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
sladiv1(3) ↣ sladiv.f(3)
sladiv2(3) ↣ sladiv.f(3)
slae2(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slaebz(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slaed0(3) ↣ slaed0.f(3)
slaed1(3) ↣ slaed1.f(3)
slaed2(3) ↣ slaed2.f(3)
slaed3(3) ↣ slaed3.f(3)
slaed4(3) ↣ slaed4.f(3)
slaed5(3) ↣ slaed5.f(3)
slaed6(3) ↣ slaed6.f(3)
slaed7(3) ↣ slaed7.f(3)
slaed8(3) ↣ slaed8.f(3)
slaed9(3) ↣ slaed9.f(3)
slaeda(3) ↣ slaeda.f(3)
slaein(3) ↣ slaein.f(3)
slaev2(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slaexc(3) ↣ slaexc.f(3)
slafts(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
slag2(3) ↣ slag2.f(3)
slag2d(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slagge(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slags2(3) ↣ slags2.f(3)
slagsy(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slagtf(3) ↣ slagtf.f(3)
slagtm(3) ↣ slagtm.f(3)
slagts(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slagv2(3) ↣ slagv2.f(3)
slahd2(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
slahilb(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slahqr(3) ↣ slahqr.f(3)
slahr2(3) ↣ slahr2.f(3)
slahrd(3) ↣ slahrd.f(3)
slaic1(3) ↣ slaic1.f(3)
slaisnan(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slakf2(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slaln2(3) ↣ slaln2.f(3)
slals0(3) ↣ slals0.f(3)
slalsa(3) ↣ slalsa.f(3)
slalsd(3) ↣ slalsd.f(3)
slamc1(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slamc2(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slamc3(3) ↣ slamchf77.f(3)
slamc4(3) ↣ slamchf77.f(3)
slamc5(3) ↣ slamchf77.f(3)
slamch(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
__slamchtst.f__(3) ↣ slamchtst.f(3)
slamrg(3) ↣ slamrg.f(3)
slamsh(3) Send multiple shifts through a small (single node) matrix to see how consecutive small subdiagonal.
slaneg(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slangb(3) ↣ realGBauxiliary(3) Real.
slange(3) ↣ realGEauxiliary(3) Real.
slangt(3) ↣ slangt.f(3)
slanhs(3) ↣ slanhs.f(3)
slansb(3) ↣ slansb.f(3)
slansf(3) ↣ slansf.f(3)
slansp(3) ↣ slansp.f(3)
slanst(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slansy(3) ↣ realSYauxiliary(3) Real.
slantb(3) ↣ slantb.f(3)
slantp(3) ↣ slantp.f(3)
slantr(3) ↣ slantr.f(3)
slanv2(3) ↣ slanv2.f(3)
slaord(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slapll(3) ↣ slapll.f(3)
slapmr(3) ↣ slapmr.f(3)
slapmt(3) ↣ slapmt.f(3)
slaptm(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slapy2(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slapy3(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slaqgb(3) ↣ realGBauxiliary(3) Real.
slaqge(3) ↣ realGEauxiliary(3) Real.
slaqp2(3) ↣ slaqp2.f(3)
slaqps(3) ↣ slaqps.f(3)
slaqr0(3) ↣ slaqr0.f(3)
slaqr1(3) ↣ slaqr1.f(3)
slaqr2(3) ↣ slaqr2.f(3)
slaqr3(3) ↣ slaqr3.f(3)
slaqr4(3) ↣ slaqr4.f(3)
slaqr5(3) ↣ slaqr5.f(3)
slaqsb(3) ↣ slaqsb.f(3)
slaqsp(3) ↣ slaqsp.f(3)
slaqsy(3) ↣ realSYauxiliary(3) Real.
slaqtr(3) ↣ slaqtr.f(3)
slar1v(3) ↣ slar1v.f(3)
slar2v(3) ↣ slar2v.f(3)
slaran(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slaref(3) Applie one or several Householder reflectors of size 3 to one or two matrices (if column is speci‐.
slarf(3) ↣ slarf.f(3)
slarfb(3) ↣ slarfb.f(3)
slarfg(3) ↣ slarfg.f(3)
slarfgp(3) ↣ slarfgp.f(3)
slarft(3) ↣ slarft.f(3)
slarfx(3) ↣ slarfx.f(3)
slarfy(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
slarge(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slargv(3) ↣ slargv.f(3)
slarhs(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slarnd(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slarnv(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slaror(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slarot(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slarra(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slarrb(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slarrc(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slarrd(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slarre(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slarrf(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slarrj(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slarrk(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slarrr(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slarrv(3) ↣ slarrv.f(3)
slarscl2(3) ↣ slarscl2.f(3)
slartg(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slartgp(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slartgs(3) ↣ slartgs.f(3)
slartv(3) ↣ slartv.f(3)
slaruv(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slarz(3) ↣ slarz.f(3)
slarzb(3) ↣ slarzb.f(3)
slarzt(3) ↣ slarzt.f(3)
slas2(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slascl(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slascl2(3) ↣ slascl2.f(3)
slasd0(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasd1(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasd2(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasd3(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasd4(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasd5(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasd6(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasd7(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasd8(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasda(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasdq(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasdt(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slaset(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasorte(3) Sort eigenpairs so that real eigenpairs are together and complex are together.
slasq1(3) ↣ slasq1.f(3)
slasq2(3) ↣ slasq2.f(3)
slasq3(3) ↣ slasq3.f(3)
slasq4(3) ↣ slasq4.f(3)
slasq5(3) ↣ slasq5.f(3)
slasq6(3) ↣ slasq6.f(3)
slasr(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasrt(3) ↣ slasrt.f(3)
slasrt2(3) The numbers in D in increasing order (if ID = 'I') or in decreasing order (if ID = 'D' ).
slassq(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slasum(3) ↣ slasum.f(3)
slasv2(3) ↣ auxOTHERauxiliary(3) Other Auxiliary Routines.
slaswp(3) ↣ slaswp.f(3)
slasy2(3) ↣ realSYauxiliary(3) Real.
slasyf(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
slasyf_rook(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
slatb4(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slatb5(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slatb9(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
slatbs(3) ↣ slatbs.f(3)
slatdf(3) ↣ slatdf.f(3)
slatm1(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slatm2(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slatm3(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slatm4(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
slatm5(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slatm6(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slatm7(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slatme(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slatmr(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slatms(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slatmt(3) ↣ real_matgen(3) Real.
slatps(3) ↣ slatps.f(3)
slatrd(3) ↣ slatrd.f(3)
slatrs(3) ↣ slatrs.f(3)
slatrz(3) ↣ slatrz.f(3)
slattb(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slattp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slattr(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slatzm(3) ↣ slatzm.f(3)
slauu2(3) ↣ slauu2.f(3)
slauum(3) ↣ slauum.f(3)
slave(3erl) Functions to Starting and Controlling Slave Nodes.
slavsp(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slavsy(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slavsy_rook(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slctes(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
slctsx(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sleep(3) Sleep for the specified number of seconds.
sleep(3posix) Suspend execution for an interval of time.
sleep_bod_disable(3avr) ↣ sleep.h(3avr)
_SLEEP_CONTROL_REG(3avr) ↣ sleep.h(3avr)
sleep_cpu(3avr) ↣ avr_sleep(3avr) : Power Management and Sleep Modes.
sleep_disable(3avr) ↣ avr_sleep(3avr) : Power Management and Sleep Modes.
sleep_enable(3avr) ↣ avr_sleep(3avr) : Power Management and Sleep Modes.
_SLEEP_ENABLE_MASK(3avr) ↣ sleep.h(3avr)
sleep_mode(3avr) ↣ sleep.h(3avr)
slgeti(3NCARG) Gets the current integer value of an internal parameter of Scrolled_title of type INTEGER or REAL.
slgetr(3NCARG) Gets the current real value of an internal parameter of Scrolled_title of type INTEGER or REAL. See.
SLIST_EMPTY(3) ↣ queue(3)
SLIST_ENTRY(3) ↣ queue(3)
SLIST_FIRST(3) ↣ queue(3)
SLIST_FOREACH(3) ↣ queue(3)
SLIST_HEAD(3) ↣ queue(3)
SLIST_INIT(3) ↣ queue(3)
SLIST_INSERT_AFTER(3) ↣ queue(3)
SLIST_INSERT_HEAD(3) ↣ queue(3)
SLIST_NEXT(3) ↣ queue(3)
SLIST_REMOVE(3) ↣ queue(3)
SLIST_REMOVE_HEAD(3) ↣ queue(3)
slk_attr(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_attr_off(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_attr_on(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_attr_set(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_attr_set_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_attr_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_attroff(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_attroff_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_attron(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_attron_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_attrset(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_attrset_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_clear(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_clear_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_color(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_color_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_init(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_init_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_label(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_label_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_noutrefresh(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_noutrefresh_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_refresh(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_refresh_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_restore(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_restore_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_set(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_set_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_touch(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slk_touch_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
slk_wset(3ncurses) ↣ slk(3ncurses)
slog.h(3) System logging facilities abstraction.
slogap(3NCARG) Generates TIME seconds worth of blank frames in a manner consistent with FTITLE.
SlotComp(3U) Abstract base class and.
slqt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slqt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slqt03(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
slrset(3NCARG) Resets all parameters of Scrolled_title to the initial default values.
slseti(3NCARG) Provides a new integer value for an internal parameter of Scrolled_title of type INTEGER or REAL.
slsetr(3NCARG) Provides a new real value for an internal parameter of Scrolled_title of type INTEGER or REAL. See.
slsets(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
Slurm(3pm) Perl API for libslurm.
Slurm::Bitstr(3pm) Bitstring functions in libslurm.
Slurm::Constant(3pm) Constants for use with Slurm.
Slurm::Hostlist(3pm) Hostlist functions in libslurm.
Slurm::Stepctx(3pm) Step launching functions in libslurm.
slurm_allocate_resources_blocking(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_allocation_lookup(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_allocation_lookup_lite(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_allocation_msg_thr_create(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_allocation_msg_thr_destroy(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_api_version(3) ↣ slurm_free_ctl_conf(3) Slurm information reporting functions.
slurm_checkpoint(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_checkpoint_able(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_checkpoint_complete(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_checkpoint_create(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_checkpoint_disable(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_checkpoint_enable(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_checkpoint_failed(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_checkpoint_restart(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_checkpoint_task_complete(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_checkpoint_tasks(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_checkpoint_vacate(3) ↣ slurm_checkpoint_error(3)
slurm_complete_job(3) Slurm job completion call.
slurm_confirm_allocation(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_create_partition(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_create_reservation(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_delete_partition(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_delete_reservation(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_free_ctl_conf(3) Slurm information reporting functions.
slurm_free_job_alloc_info_response_msg(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_free_job_array_resp(3) ↣ slurm_resume(3)
slurm_free_job_step_create_response_msg(3) ↣ slurm_job_step_create(3) Slurm job step initiation functions.
slurm_free_node_info_msg(3) ↣ slurm_free_node_info(3)
slurm_free_partition_info_msg(3) ↣ slurm_free_partition_info(3)
slurm_free_reservation_info_msg(3) ↣ slurm_load_reservations(3)
slurm_free_resource_allocation_response_msg(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_free_slurmd_status(3) ↣ slurm_slurmd_status(3) Slurmd status functions.
slurm_free_submit_response_response_msg(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_free_trigger_msg(3) ↣ slurm_clear_trigger(3)
slurm_get_end_time(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_get_errno(3) Slurm error handling functions.
slurm_get_job_steps(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_step_info_response_msg(3)
slurm_get_rem_time(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_get_select_jobinfo(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_get_triggers(3) ↣ slurm_clear_trigger(3)
slurm_hostlist_create(3) Slurm host list support functions.
slurm_hostlist_destroy(3) ↣ slurm_hostlist_create(3) Slurm host list support functions.
slurm_hostlist_shift(3) ↣ slurm_hostlist_create(3) Slurm host list support functions.
slurm_init_job_desc_msg(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_init_part_desc_msg(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_init_resv_desc_msg(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_init_trigger_msg(3) ↣ slurm_clear_trigger(3)
slurm_init_update_front_end_msg(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_init_update_node_msg(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_init_update_step_msg(3) ↣ slurm_update_job(3)
slurm_job_cpus_allocated_on_node(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_job_cpus_allocated_on_node_id(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_job_step_create(3) Slurm job step initiation functions.
slurm_job_step_launch_t_init(3) ↣ slurm_step_launch(3)
slurm_job_step_layout_free(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_step_info_response_msg(3)
slurm_job_step_layout_get(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_step_info_response_msg(3)
slurm_job_will_run(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_job_will_run2(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_jobinfo_ctx_get(3) ↣ slurm_step_ctx_create(3)
slurm_kill_job_step(3) ↣ slurm_kill_job(3)
slurm_load_ctl_conf(3) ↣ slurm_free_ctl_conf(3) Slurm information reporting functions.
slurm_load_front_end(3) ↣ slurm_free_front_end_info_msg(3)
slurm_load_job(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_load_job_user(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_load_jobs(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_load_node(3) ↣ slurm_free_node_info(3)
slurm_load_node_single(3) ↣ slurm_free_node_info(3)
slurm_load_partitions(3) ↣ slurm_free_partition_info(3)
slurm_load_slurmd_status(3) ↣ slurm_slurmd_status(3) Slurmd status functions.
slurm_notify_job(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_perror(3) ↣ slurm_get_errno(3) Slurm error handling functions.
slurm_pid2jobid(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_ping(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_print_ctl_conf(3) ↣ slurm_free_ctl_conf(3) Slurm information reporting functions.
slurm_print_front_end_info_msg(3) ↣ slurm_free_front_end_info_msg(3)
slurm_print_front_end_table(3) ↣ slurm_free_front_end_info_msg(3)
slurm_print_job_info(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_print_job_info_msg(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_print_job_step_info(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_step_info_response_msg(3)
slurm_print_job_step_info_msg(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_step_info_response_msg(3)
slurm_print_node_info_msg(3) ↣ slurm_free_node_info(3)
slurm_print_node_table(3) ↣ slurm_free_node_info(3)
slurm_print_partition_info(3) ↣ slurm_free_partition_info(3)
slurm_print_partition_info_msg(3) ↣ slurm_free_partition_info(3)
slurm_print_reservation_info(3) ↣ slurm_load_reservations(3)
slurm_print_reservation_info_msg(3) ↣ slurm_load_reservations(3)
slurm_print_slurmd_status(3) ↣ slurm_slurmd_status(3) Slurmd status functions.
slurm_read_hostfile(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_requeue(3) ↣ slurm_resume(3)
slurm_requeue2(3) ↣ slurm_resume(3)
slurm_resume2(3) ↣ slurm_resume(3)
slurm_set_debug_level(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_set_trigger(3) ↣ slurm_clear_trigger(3)
slurm_shutdown(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_signal_job(3) ↣ slurm_kill_job(3)
slurm_signal_job_step(3) ↣ slurm_kill_job(3)
slurm_slurmd_status(3) Slurmd status functions.
slurm_sprint_front_end_table(3) ↣ slurm_free_front_end_info_msg(3)
slurm_sprint_job_info(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_info_msg(3)
slurm_sprint_job_step_info(3) ↣ slurm_free_job_step_info_response_msg(3)
slurm_sprint_node_table(3) ↣ slurm_free_node_info(3)
slurm_sprint_partition_info(3) ↣ slurm_free_partition_info(3)
slurm_sprint_reservation_info(3) ↣ slurm_load_reservations(3)
slurm_step_ctx_create_no_alloc(3) ↣ slurm_step_ctx_create(3)
slurm_step_ctx_daemon_per_node_hack(3) ↣ slurm_step_ctx_create(3)
slurm_step_ctx_destroy(3) ↣ slurm_step_ctx_create(3)
slurm_step_ctx_get(3) ↣ slurm_step_ctx_create(3)
slurm_step_ctx_params_t_init(3) ↣ slurm_step_ctx_create(3)
slurm_step_launch_abort(3) ↣ slurm_step_launch(3)
slurm_step_launch_fwd_signal(3) ↣ slurm_step_launch(3)
slurm_step_launch_wait_finish(3) ↣ slurm_step_launch(3)
slurm_step_launch_wait_start(3) ↣ slurm_step_launch(3)
slurm_strerror(3) ↣ slurm_get_errno(3) Slurm error handling functions.
slurm_submit_batch_job(3) ↣ slurm_allocate_resources(3)
slurm_suspend(3) ↣ slurm_resume(3)
slurm_suspend2(3) ↣ slurm_resume(3)
slurm_takeover(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_terminate_job(3) ↣ slurm_kill_job(3)
slurm_terminate_job_step(3) ↣ slurm_kill_job(3)
slurm_update_front_end(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_update_job2(3) ↣ slurm_update_job(3)
slurm_update_node(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_update_partition(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_update_reservation(3) ↣ slurm_reconfigure(3)
slurm_update_step(3) ↣ slurm_update_job(3)
Slurmdb(3pm) Perl extension for slurmdb library.
slv2(3) SLV2 is a host library to simplify the discovery, loading, and use of LV2 plugins (
slv2_collections(3) Ordered collections of typed values which are fast for random access by index.
slv2_data(3) These functions work exclusively with the plugin's RDF data, they do not access the.
slv2_library(3) An SLV2Instance is an instantiated SLV2Plugin (ie a loaded dynamic library).
slv2_util(3) Convert a full URI to a local path.
slv2_world(3) The 'world' represents all library state, and the data found in bundles' manifest.ttl.
smake(3) ↣ c_sblat2.f(3)
Smart::Comments(3pm) Comments that do more than just sit there.
smi_class(3) SMI.
smi_event(3) SMI identity information routines.
smi_identity(3) SMI.
smi_macro(3) SMI macro and extension information rou‐.
smi_render(3) SMI data and MIB data rendering routines.
smi_util(3) SMI type utility functions.
smiExit(3) ↣ smi_config(3)
smiGetAttribute(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetAttributeFirstNamedNumber(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetAttributeFirstRange(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetAttributeNextNamedNumber(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetAttributeNextRange(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetAttributeParentClass(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetAttributeParentType(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetClass(3) ↣ smi_class(3) SMI.
smiGetClassModule(3) ↣ smi_class(3) SMI.
smiGetElementNode(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetEvent(3) ↣ smi_event(3) SMI identity information routines.
smiGetFirstAttribute(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetFirstChildNode(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetFirstClass(3) ↣ smi_class(3) SMI.
smiGetFirstElement(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetFirstEvent(3) ↣ smi_event(3) SMI identity information routines.
smiGetFirstIdentity(3) ↣ smi_identity(3) SMI.
smiGetFirstImport(3) ↣ smi_module(3)
smiGetFirstMacro(3) ↣ smi_macro(3) SMI macro and extension information rou‐.
smiGetFirstModule(3) ↣ smi_module(3)
smiGetFirstNamedNumber(3) ↣ smi_type(3)
smiGetFirstNode(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetFirstOption(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetFirstRange(3) ↣ smi_type(3)
smiGetFirstRefinement(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetFirstRevision(3) ↣ smi_module(3)
smiGetFirstType(3) ↣ smi_type(3)
smiGetFirstUniqueAttribute(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetFlags(3) ↣ smi_config(3)
smiGetIdentity(3) ↣ smi_identity(3) SMI.
smiGetIdentityModule(3) ↣ smi_identity(3) SMI.
smiGetMacro(3) ↣ smi_macro(3) SMI macro and extension information rou‐.
smiGetMacroModule(3) ↣ smi_macro(3) SMI macro and extension information rou‐.
smiGetMaxSize(3) ↣ smi_util(3) SMI type utility functions.
smiGetMinSize(3) ↣ smi_util(3) SMI type utility functions.
smiGetModule(3) ↣ smi_module(3)
smiGetModuleIdentityNode(3) ↣ smi_module(3)
smiGetNextAttribute(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetNextChildNode(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetNextClass(3) ↣ smi_class(3) SMI.
smiGetNextElement(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetNextEvent(3) ↣ smi_event(3) SMI identity information routines.
smiGetNextIdentity(3) ↣ smi_identity(3) SMI.
smiGetNextImport(3) ↣ smi_module(3)
smiGetNextMacro(3) ↣ smi_macro(3) SMI macro and extension information rou‐.
smiGetNextModule(3) ↣ smi_module(3)
smiGetNextNamedNumber(3) ↣ smi_type(3)
smiGetNextNode(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetNextOption(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetNextRange(3) ↣ smi_type(3)
smiGetNextRefinement(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetNextRevision(3) ↣ smi_module(3)
smiGetNextType(3) ↣ smi_type(3)
smiGetNextUniqueAttribute(3) ↣ smi_attribute(3)
smiGetNode(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetNodeByOID(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetNodeLine(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetNodeModule(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetNodeType(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetOptionNode(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetParentClass(3) ↣ smi_class(3) SMI.
smiGetParentIdentity(3) ↣ smi_identity(3) SMI.
smiGetParentNode(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetParentType(3) ↣ smi_type(3)
smiGetPath(3) ↣ smi_config(3)
smiGetRefinementModule(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetRefinementNode(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetRefinementType(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetRefinementWriteType(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetRelatedNode(3) ↣ smi_node(3)
smiGetType(3) ↣ smi_type(3)
smiGetTypeLine(3) ↣ smi_type(3)
smiGetTypeModule(3) ↣ smi_type(3)
smiInit(3) ↣ smi_config(3)
smiIsClassScalar(3) ↣ smi_class(3) SMI.
smiIsImported(3) ↣ smi_module(3)
smiLoadModule(3) ↣ smi_config(3)
SMIME(3pm) S/MIME message signing, verification, encryption and decryption.
SMIME::JA(3pm) S/MIMEの署名、検証、暗号化、復号.
SMIME_read_CMS(3ssl) Parse S/MIME message.
SMIME_read_PKCS7(3ssl) Parse S/MIME message.
SMIME_write_CMS(3ssl) Convert CMS structure to S/MIME format.
SMIME_write_PKCS7(3ssl) Convert PKCS#7 structure to S/MIME format.
smiPack(3) ↣ smi_util(3) SMI type utility functions.
smiReadConfig(3) ↣ smi_config(3)
smiRenderNode(3) ↣ smi_render(3) SMI data and MIB data rendering routines.
smiRenderOID(3) ↣ smi_render(3) SMI data and MIB data rendering routines.
smiRenderType(3) ↣ smi_render(3) SMI data and MIB data rendering routines.
smiRenderValue(3) ↣ smi_render(3) SMI data and MIB data rendering routines.
smiSetErrorLevel(3) ↣ smi_config(3)
smiSetFlags(3) ↣ smi_config(3)
smiSetPath(3) ↣ smi_config(3)
smiUnpack(3) ↣ smi_util(3) SMI type utility functions.
smlist(3) Shared memory list management library.
smmch(3) ↣ c_sblat3.f(3)
Smokeping_matchers_Avgratio(3) Detect changes in average median latency.
Smokeping_matchers_base(3) Base Class for implementing SmokePing Matchers.
Smokeping_matchers_CheckLatency(3) Edge triggered alert to check latency is under a value for x number of.
Smokeping_matchers_CheckLoss(3) Edge triggered alert to check loss is under a value for x number of samples.
Smokeping_matchers_ExpLoss(3) Exponential weighting matcher for packet loss with RMON-like thresholds.
Smokeping_matchers_Median(3) Find persistant changes in latency.
Smokeping_matchers_Medratio(3) Detect changes in the latency median.
Smokeping_probes_AnotherDNS(3) Alternate DNS Probe.
Smokeping_probes_AnotherSSH(3) Another SSH probe.
Smokeping_probes_base(3) Base Class for implementing SmokePing Probes.
Smokeping_probes_basefork(3) Yet Another Base Class for implementing SmokePing Probes.
Smokeping_probes_basevars(3) Another Base Class for implementing SmokePing Probes.
Smokeping_probes_CiscoRTTMonDNS(3) Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_CiscoRTTMonEchoICMP(3) Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_CiscoRTTMonTcpConnect(3) Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_Curl(3) A curl(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_DismanPing(3) DISMAN-PING-MIB Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_DNS(3) Name Service Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPing(3) An echoping(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPingChargen(3) An echoping(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPingDiscard(3) An echoping(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPingDNS(3) An echoping(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPingHttp(3) An echoping(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPingHttps(3) An echoping(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPingIcp(3) An echoping(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPingLDAP(3) An echoping(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPingPlugin(3) A basis for using echoping(1) plugins as probes for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPingSmtp(3) An echoping(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_EchoPingWhois(3) An echoping(1) probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_FPing(3) FPing Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_FPing6(3) FPing6 Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_FTPtransfer(3) Intrusive bandwidth probe.
Smokeping_probes_IOSPing(3) Cisco IOS Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_LDAP(3) A LDAP probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_NFSping(3) NFSping Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_OpenSSHEOSPing(3) Arista EOS SSH Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_OpenSSHJunOSPing(3) Juniper SSH JunOS Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_passwordchecker(3) A Base Class for implementing SmokePing Probes.
Smokeping_probes_Qstat(3) Qstat Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_Radius(3) A RADIUS authentication probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_RemoteFPing(3) Remote FPing Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_SendEmail(3) A Smokeping probe that measure time neeed to send an mail.
Smokeping_probes_SipSak(3) Tests sip server.
Smokeping_probes_skel(3) A skeleton for Smokeping Probes.
Smokeping_probes_SSH(3) Secure Shell Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_TacacsPlus(3) A TacacsPlus authentication probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_TCPPing(3) TCPPing Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_TelnetIOSPing(3) Cisco IOS Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_TelnetJunOSPing(3) Juniper JunOS Probe for SmokePing.
Smokeping_probes_WebProxyFilter(3) Tests webproxy filter performance and function.
Smokeping_sorters_base(3) Base Class for implementing SmokePing Sorters.
Smokeping_sorters_Loss(3) Order the target charts by loss.
Smokeping_sorters_Max(3) Order the target charts by Max RTT.
Smokeping_sorters_Median(3) Order the target charts by Median RTT.
Smokeping_sorters_StdDev(3) Order the target charts by StdDev.
smoothstep(3clc) Step and interpolate.
smoothstep(3G) Perform Hermite interpolation between two values.
SMS::AQL(3pm) Perl extension to send SMS text messages via AQL's SMS service.
SMS::Send(3pm) Driver-based API for sending SMS messages.
SMS::Send::AQL(3pm) SMS::Send driver to send messages via AQL (
SMS::Send::AU::Test(3pm) SMS::Send Regional-Class Testing Driver.
SMS::Send::Driver(3pm) Base class for SMS::Send drivers.
SMS::Send::Test(3pm) SMS::Send International-Class Testing Driver.
smtp(3tcl) Client-side tcl implementation of the smtp protocol. AAT SMTP module.
smtpd(3tcl) Tcl SMTP server implementation.
smvch(3) ↣ c_sblat2.f(3)
snit(3tcl) Snit's Not Incr Tcl.
snitfaq(3tcl) Snit Frequently Asked Questions.
snmp(3erl) Interface functions to the SNMP toolkit.
SNMP::Extension::PassPersist(3pm) Generic pass/pass_persist extension framework for Net-SNMP.
SNMP::Info(3pm) OO Interface to Network devices and MIBs through SNMP.
SNMP::Info::AdslLine(3pm) SNMP Interface to the ADSL-LINE-MIB.
SNMP::Info::Aggregate(3pm) SNMP Interface to ifStackTable Aggregated Links.
SNMP::Info::Airespace(3pm) SNMP Interface to data from AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB and AIRESPACE-SWITCHING-MIB.
SNMP::Info::AMAP(3pm) SNMP Interface to Alcatel Mapping Adjacency Protocol (AMAP).
SNMP::Info::Bridge(3pm) SNMP Interface to SNMP data available through the BRIDGE-MIB (RFC1493).
SNMP::Info::CDP(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) using SNMP.
SNMP::Info::CiscoAgg(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Aggregated Links.
SNMP::Info::CiscoConfig(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Configuration Files.
SNMP::Info::CiscoPortSecurity(3pm) SNMP Interface to data from CISCO-PORT-SECURITY-MIB and CISCO-PAE-MIB.
SNMP::Info::CiscoPower(3pm) SNMP Interface to data stored in CISCO-POWER-ETHERNET-EXT-MIB.
SNMP::Info::CiscoQOS(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco's Quality of Service MIBs.
SNMP::Info::CiscoRTT(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco's Round Trip Time MIBs.
SNMP::Info::CiscoStack(3pm) SNMP Interface to data from CISCO-STACK-MIB and CISCO-PORT-SECURITY-MIB.
SNMP::Info::CiscoStats(3pm) Perl5 Interface to CPU and Memory stats for Cisco Devices.
SNMP::Info::CiscoStpExtensions(3pm) SNMP Interface to "CISCO-STP-EXTENSIONS-MIB".
SNMP::Info::CiscoVTP(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco's VLAN Management MIBs.
SNMP::Info::EDP(3pm) SNMP Interface to the Extreme Discovery Protocol (EDP).
SNMP::Info::Entity(3pm) SNMP Interface to data stored in ENTITY-MIB. RFC 2737.
SNMP::Info::EtherLike(3pm) SNMP Interface to SNMP ETHERLIKE-MIB RFC 1398.
SNMP::Info::FDP(3pm) SNMP Interface to Foundry Discovery Protocol (FDP) using SNMP.
SNMP::Info::IEEE802dot11(3pm) SNMP Interface to data from IEEE802dot11-MIB.
SNMP::Info::IEEE802dot3ad(3pm) SNMP Interface to IEEE Aggregated Links.
SNMP::Info::IPv6(3pm) SNMP Interface for obtaining IPv6 addresses and IPv6 address mappings.
SNMP::Info::Layer1(3pm) SNMP Interface to network devices serving Layer1 only.
SNMP::Info::Layer1::Allied(3pm) SNMP Interface to old Allied Hubs.
SNMP::Info::Layer1::Asante(3pm) SNMP Interface to old Asante 1012 Hubs.
SNMP::Info::Layer1::Bayhub(3pm) SNMP Interface to Bay/Nortel/Avaya Hubs.
SNMP::Info::Layer1::Cyclades(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cyclades terminal servers.
SNMP::Info::Layer1::S3000(3pm) SNMP Interface to Synoptics / Nortel Hubs.
SNMP::Info::Layer2(3pm) SNMP Interface to network devices serving Layer2 only.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::3Com(3pm) SNMP Interface to L2 3Com Switches.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Airespace(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco (Airespace) Wireless Controllers.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Aironet(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Aironet devices running IOS.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Allied(3pm) SNMP Interface to Allied Telesis switches.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Baystack(3pm) SNMP Interface to Avaya Ethernet Switch (Baystack) and VSP 7000 series switches.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::C1900(3pm) SNMP Interface to data from Cisco Catalyst 1900 Network Switches running CatOS.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::C2900(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Catalyst 2900 Switches running IOS.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Catalyst(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Catalyst devices running Catalyst OS.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Centillion(3pm) SNMP Interface to Nortel Centillion based ATM Switches.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Cisco(3pm) SNMP Interface to L2 Cisco devices that are not covered in other classes and the.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::CiscoSB(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Small Business series.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::HP(3pm) SNMP Interface to HP Procurve Switches.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::HP4000(3pm) SNMP Interface to older HP ProCurve Switches (1600, 2400, 2424M, 4000 and 8000).
SNMP::Info::Layer2::HPVC(3pm) SNMP Interface to HP Virtual Connect Switches.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Kentrox(3pm) SNMP Interface to L2 Kentrox DataSMART DSU/CSU.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::N2270(3pm) SNMP Interface to Nortel 2270 Series Wireless Switch.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::NAP222x(3pm) SNMP Interface to Nortel 2220 Series Access Points.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Netgear(3pm) SNMP Interface to Netgear switches.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::NWSS2300(3pm) SNMP Interface to Avaya (Trapeze) Wireless Controllers.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Orinoco(3pm) SNMP Interface to Orinoco Series Access Points.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Trapeze(3pm) SNMP Interface to Juniper (Trapeze) Wireless Controllers.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::Ubiquiti(3pm) SNMP Interface to Ubiquiti Access Points.
SNMP::Info::Layer2::ZyXEL_DSLAM(3pm) SNMP Interface to ZyXEL DSLAM.
SNMP::Info::Layer3(3pm) SNMP Interface to network devices serving Layer3 or Layers 2 & 3.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Aironet(3pm) Perl5 Interface to Cisco Aironet Wireless Devices running Aironet software, not.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::AlcatelLucent(3pm) SNMP Interface to Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::AlteonAD(3pm) SNMP Interface to Radware Alteon ADC Switches.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Altiga(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco (formerly Altiga) VPN concentrators.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Arista(3pm) SNMP Interface to Arista Networks EOS.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Aruba(3pm) SNMP Interface to Aruba wireless switches.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::BayRS(3pm) SNMP Interface to Avaya/Nortel routers running BayRS.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::BlueCoatSG(3pm) SNMP Interface to Blue Coat SG Series proxy devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::C3550(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Catalyst 3550 Layer 2/3 Switches running IOS.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::C4000(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Catalyst 4000 Layer 2/3 Switches running IOS.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::C6500(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Catalyst 6500 Layer 2/3 Switches running IOS and/or CatOS.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Cisco(3pm) SNMP Interface to L3 and L2+L3 IOS Cisco Device that are not covered in other.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::CiscoASA(3pm) Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::CiscoFWSM(3pm) SNMP Interface to Firewall Services Modules for features not covered.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::CiscoSwitch(3pm) Base class for L3 Cisco switches.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Contivity(3pm) SNMP Interface to Avaya/Nortel VPN Routers (formerly Contivity Extranet.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Dell(3pm) SNMP Interface to Dell Power Connect Network Devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Enterasys(3pm) SNMP Interface to Enterasys Network Devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Extreme(3pm) Perl5 Interface to Extreme Network Devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::F5(3pm) SNMP Interface to F5 network devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Force10(3pm) SNMP Interface to Force10 Networks FTOS.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Fortinet(3pm) SNMP Interface to Fortinet network devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Foundry(3pm) SNMP Interface to Brocade (Foundry) Network Devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::H3C(3pm) SNMP Interface to L3 Devices, H3C & HP A-series.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::HP9300(3pm) SNMP Interface to HP Foundry OEM Network Devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Huawei(3pm) SNMP Interface to Huawei Layer 3 switches and routers.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::IBMGbTor(3pm) SNMP Interface to IBM Rackswitch devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Juniper(3pm) SNMP Interface to L3 Juniper Devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Lantronix(3pm) SNMP Interface to Lantronix devices such as terminal servers.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Microsoft(3pm) SNMP Interface to L3 Microsoft Windows router.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Mikrotik(3pm) SNMP Interface to Mikrotik devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::N1600(3pm) SNMP Interface to Avaya/Nortel 16XX Network Devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Netscreen(3pm) SNMP Interface to Juniper Netscreen Devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::NetSNMP(3pm) SNMP Interface to L3 Net-SNMP Devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Nexus(3pm) SNMP Interface to Cisco Nexus Switches running NX-OS.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::PacketFront(3pm) SNMP Interface to PacketFront devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Passport(3pm) SNMP Interface to modular Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 8000 Series and VSP.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Pf(3pm) SNMP Interface to FreeBSD-Based Firewalls using Pf /Pf Sense.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Pica8(3pm) SNMP Interface to L3 Devices, Pica8.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::SonicWALL(3pm) SNMP Interface to L3 SonicWALL Firewall.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Steelhead(3pm) SNMP Interface to Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimization appliances.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Sun(3pm) SNMP Interface to L3 Sun Solaris.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Tasman(3pm) SNMP Interface to Avaya Secure Routers.
SNMP::Info::Layer3::Timetra(3pm) SNMP Interface to Alcatel-Lucent SR.
SNMP::Info::Layer7(3pm) SNMP Interface to network devices serving Layer7 only.
SNMP::Info::Layer7::APC(3pm) SNMP Interface to APC UPS devices.
SNMP::Info::Layer7::Neoteris(3pm) SNMP Interface to Juniper SSL VPN appliances.
SNMP::Info::Layer7::Netscaler(3pm) SNMP Interface to Citrix Netscaler appliances.
SNMP::Info::LLDP(3pm) SNMP Interface to the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).
SNMP::Info::MAU(3pm) SNMP Interface to Medium Access Unit (MAU) MIB (RFC 2668) via SNMP.
SNMP::Info::MRO(3pm) Method resolution introspection for SNMP::Info.
SNMP::Info::NortelStack(3pm) SNMP Interface to the Avaya/Nortel S5-AGENT-MIB and S5-CHASSIS-MIB.
SNMP::Info::PowerEthernet(3pm) SNMP Interface to data stored in POWER-ETHERNET-MIB.
SNMP::Info::RapidCity(3pm) SNMP Interface to the Avaya/Nortel RapidCity MIB.
SNMP::Info::SONMP(3pm) SNMP Interface to SynOptics Network Management Protocol (SONMP).
SNMP::MIB::Compiler(3pm) A MIB Compiler supporting SMIv1 and SMIv2.
SNMP::Multi(3pm) Perform SNMP operations on multiple hosts simultaneously.
snmp_add_null_var(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snmp_alarm(3) Alarm functions.
snmp_alarm_register(3) ↣ snmp_alarm(3) Alarm functions.
snmp_alarm_register_hr(3) ↣ snmp_alarm(3) Alarm functions.
snmp_alarm_unregister(3) ↣ snmp_alarm(3) Alarm functions.
snmp_api_errstring(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_async_send(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_clone_pdu(3) ↣ netsnmp_pdu_api(3) Netsnmp_pdu_api functions.
snmp_clone_varbind(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snmp_close(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_community_mib(3erl) Instrumentation Functions for SNMP-COMMUNITY-MIB.
snmp_error(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_fix_pdu(3) ↣ netsnmp_pdu_api(3) Netsnmp_pdu_api functions.
snmp_framework_mib(3erl) Instrumentation Functions for SNMP-FRAMEWORK-MIB.
snmp_free_pdu(3) ↣ netsnmp_pdu_api(3) Netsnmp_pdu_api functions.
snmp_free_var(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snmp_free_varbind(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snmp_generic(3erl) Generic Functions for Implementing SNMP Objects in a Database.
snmp_index(3erl) Abstract Data Type for SNMP Indexing.
snmp_notification_mib(3erl) Instrumentation Functions for SNMP-NOTIFICATION-MIB.
snmp_open(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_parse_oid(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
snmp_pdu_add_variable(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snmp_pdu_create(3) ↣ netsnmp_pdu_api(3) Netsnmp_pdu_api functions.
snmp_pdus(3erl) Encode and Decode Functions for SNMP PDUs.
snmp_perror(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_read(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_select_info(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_send(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_sess_async_send(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
snmp_sess_close(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
snmp_sess_error(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
snmp_sess_init(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
snmp_sess_open(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
snmp_sess_perror(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_sess_read(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
snmp_sess_select_info(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
snmp_sess_send(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
snmp_sess_session(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
snmp_sess_synch_response(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
snmp_sess_timeout(3) ↣ netsnmp_sess_api(3)
SNMP_session(3) C++ object for specifying an SNMP Agent which can then be the managed via SNMP set, get, and.
snmp_set_mib_errors(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
snmp_set_mib_warnings(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
snmp_set_save_descriptions(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
snmp_set_var_objid(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snmp_set_var_typed_integer(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snmp_set_var_typed_value(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snmp_set_var_value(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snmp_standard_mib(3erl) Instrumentation Functions for STANDARD-MIB and SNMPv2-MIB.
SNMP_structFiller(3) C++ object to contain data for SNMP queries.
snmp_synch_response(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
SNMP_table(3) C++ object for requesting and storing a table of SNMP settings.
snmp_target_mib(3erl) Instrumentation Functions for SNMP-TARGET-MIB.
snmp_timeout(3) ↣ netsnmp_session_api(3)
snmp_user_based_sm_mib(3erl) Instrumentation Functions for SNMP-USER-BASED-SM-MIB.
snmp_varlist_add_variable(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snmp_view_based_acm_mib(3erl) Instrumentation Functions for SNMP-VIEW-BASED-ACM-MIB.
snmpa(3erl) Interface Functions to the SNMP toolkit agent.
snmpa_conf(3erl) Utility functions for handling the agent config files.
snmpa_discovery_handler(3erl) Behaviour module for the SNMP agent discovery handler.
snmpa_error(3erl) Functions for Reporting SNMP Errors.
snmpa_error_io(3erl) Functions for Reporting SNMP Errors on stdio.
snmpa_error_logger(3erl) Functions for Reporting SNMP Errors through the error_logger.
snmpa_error_report(3erl) Behaviour module for reporting SNMP agent errors.
snmpa_local_db(3erl) The SNMP built-in database.
snmpa_mib_data(3erl) Behaviour module for the SNMP agent mib-server.
snmpa_mpd(3erl) Message Processing and Dispatch module for the SNMP agent.
snmpa_network_interface(3erl) Behaviour module for the SNMP agent network interface.
snmpa_network_interface_filter(3erl) Behaviour module for the SNMP agent network-interface filter.
snmpa_notification_filter(3erl) Behaviour module for the SNMP agent notification filters.
snmpa_supervisor(3erl) A supervisor for the SNMP agent Processes.
snmpc(3erl) Interface Functions to the SNMP toolkit MIB compiler.
snmpm(3erl) Interface functions to the SNMP toolkit manager.
snmpm_conf(3erl) Utility functions for handling the manager config files.
snmpm_mpd(3erl) Message Processing and Dispatch module for the SNMP manager.
snmpm_network_interface(3erl) Behaviour module for the SNMP manager network interface.
snmpm_network_interface_filter(3erl) Behaviour module for the SNMP manager network-interface filter.
snmpm_user(3erl) Behaviour module for the SNMP manager user.
snmpsession(3) Snmpkit functions dealing with a particular snmpsession.
snmpstructfiller(3) Snmpkit functions for taking making snmp requests based upon a structure.
snmpstructfiller_append(3) Snmpkit functions for taking making snmp requests based upon a structure.
snprint_description(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
snprint_objid(3) ↣ netsnmp_mib_api(3)
snprint_value(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snprint_variable(3) ↣ netsnmp_varbind_api(3)
snprintf(3) ↣ printf(3) Formatted out‐.
snprintf(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
snprintf(3posix) Print formatted output.
snprintf_P(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
snrm2(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
snrm2sub(3) ↣ snrm2sub.f(3)
SoAction(3iv) Abstract base class for all actions.
SoAlarmSensor(3iv) Triggers a callback once sometime in the future.
SoAnnotation(3iv) Annotation group node.
SoAntiSquish(3iv) Transformation node that undoes non-uniform 3D scales.
SOAP::Client(3pm) Exists purely as a superclass for client classes declared by the various SOAP::Lite transport.
SOAP::Constants(3pm) SOAP::Lite provides several variables to allows programmers and users to modify the behavior.
SOAP::Data(3pm) This class provides the means by which to explicitly manipulate and control all aspects of the.
SOAP::Deserializer(3pm) The means by which the toolkit manages the conversion of XML into an object manageable by.
SOAP::Fault(3pm) Encapsulates SOAP faults prior to their serialization or after their deserialization.
SOAP::Header(3pm) Similar to SOAP::Data elements, a SOAP::Header object simply is encoded in the SOAP Header.
SOAP::Lite(3pm) Perl's Web Services Toolkit.
SOAP::Lite::Packager(3pm) This class is an abstract class which allows for multiple types of packaging agents.
SOAP::Packager(3pm) This class is an abstract class which allows for multiple types of packaging agents such as.
SOAP::Schema(3pm) Provides an umbrella for the way in which SOAP::Lite manages service description schemas.
SOAP::Serializer(3pm) The means by which the toolkit manages the expression of data as XML.
SOAP::Server(3pm) Provides the basic framework for the transport-specific server classes to build upon.
SOAP::SOM(3pm) Provides access to the values contained in SOAP Response.
SOAP::Test(3pm) Test framework for SOAP::Lite.
SOAP::Trace(3pm) Used only to manage and manipulate the runtime tracing of execution within the toolkit.
SOAP::Transport(3pm) An abstract class extended by more specialized transport modules.
SOAP::Transport::LOOPBACK(3pm) Test loopback transport backend (Client only).
SOAP::Transport::POP3(3pm) Server side POP3 support for SOAP::Lite.
SOAP::Transport::TCP(3pm) TCP Transport Support for SOAP::Lite.
SOAP::Utils(3pm) A utility package for SOAP::Lite.
SOAP::WSDL(3pm) SOAP with WSDL support.
SOAP::WSDL::Client(3pm) SOAP::WSDL's SOAP Client.
SOAP::WSDL::Client::Base(3pm) Factory class for WSDL-based SOAP access.
SOAP::WSDL::Definitions(3pm) Model a WSDL >definitions< element.
SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::Hash(3pm) Deserializer SOAP messages into perl hash refs.
SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM(3pm) Deserializer SOAP messages into SOM objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::XSD(3pm) Deserializer SOAP messages into SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib:: objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Expat::Base(3pm) Base class for XML::Parser::Expat based XML parsers.
SOAP::WSDL::Expat::Message2Hash(3pm) Convert SOAP messages to perl hash refs.
SOAP::WSDL::Expat::MessageParser(3pm) Convert SOAP messages to custom object trees.
SOAP::WSDL::Expat::MessageStreamParser(3pm) Convert SOAP messages to custom object trees.
SOAP::WSDL::Expat::WSDLParser(3pm) Parse WSDL files into object trees.
SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Deserializer(3pm) Factory for retrieving Deserializer objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Generator(3pm) Factory for retrieving generator objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Serializer(3pm) Factory for retrieving serializer objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Transport(3pm) Factory for retrieving transport objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Iterator::WSDL11(3pm) WSDL 1.1 Iterator.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::PrefixResolver(3pm) Prefixes for different classes.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Template(3pm) Template-based code generator.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Template::Plugin::XSD(3pm) Template plugin for the XSD generator.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Template::XSD(3pm) XSD code generator.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Visitor(3pm) SOAP::WSDL's Visitor-based Code Generator.
SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Visitor::Typemap(3pm) Visitor class for generating typemaps.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual(3pm) Accessing WSDL based web services.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::CodeFirst(3pm) Writing Code-First Web Services with SOAP::WSDL.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Cookbook(3pm) SOAP::WSDL recipes.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Deserializer(3pm) Deserializer classes.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::FAQ(3pm) Frequently Asked Questions (and answers).
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Glossary(3pm) Those acronyms and stuff.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Parser(3pm) How SOAP::WSDL parses XML messages.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::Serializer(3pm) Serializer classes.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::WS_I(3pm) How SOAP::WSDL complies to WS-I Basic Profile 1.0.
SOAP::WSDL::Manual::XSD(3pm) SOAP::WSDL's XML Schema implementation.
SOAP::WSDL::Serializer::XSD(3pm) Serializer for SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib:: objects.
SOAP::WSDL::Server(3pm) WSDL based SOAP server base class.
SOAP::WSDL::Server::CGI(3pm) CGI based SOAP server.
SOAP::WSDL::Server::Mod_Perl2(3pm) Mod_perl based SOAP server using SOAP::WSDL.
SOAP::WSDL::Server::Simple(3pm) CGI based SOAP server for HTTP::Server::Simple.
SOAP::WSDL::SOAP::Typelib::Fault11(3pm) SOAP 1.1 Fault class.
SOAP::WSDL::Transport::HTTP(3pm) Fallback http(s) transport class.
SOAP::WSDL::Transport::Loopback(3pm) Loopback transport class for SOAP::WSDL.
SOAP::WSDL::Transport::Test(3pm) Test transport class for SOAP::WSDL.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Schema::Builtin(3pm) Provides builtin XML Schema datatypes for parsing WSDL.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib::Builtin(3pm) Built-in XML Schema datatypes.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib::Builtin::list(3pm) List derivation base class.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib::ComplexType(3pm) Base class for complexType node classes.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib::Element(3pm) Element base clase.
SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Typelib::SimpleType(3pm) SimpleType base class.
SoAppearanceKit(3iv) Appearance nodekit class.
SoArray(3iv) Group node that creates a regular IxJxK array of copies of its children.
SoAsciiText(3iv) Simple 3D text shape node.
SoBase(3iv) Base class for all nodes, paths, and engines.
SoBaseColor(3iv) Node that defines an object's base color.
SoBaseKit(3iv) Base class for all node kits.
SoBaseList(3iv) Maintains a list of pointers to instances of the SoBase classes.
SoBlinker(3iv) Animated cycling switch node.
SoBoolOperation(3iv) Performs Boolean operations.
SoBoxHighlightRenderAction(3iv) A selection highlight style.
SoButtonEvent(3iv) Base class for all button events.
SoByteStream(3iv) Converts scene graph objects to character byte streams.
SoCalculator(3iv) A general-purpose calculator.
SoCallback(3iv) Provides custom behavior during actions.
SoCallbackAction(3iv) Performs a generic traversal of the scene graph.
SoCallbackList(3iv) Manages a list of callback functions and associated data.
SoCamera(3iv) Abstract base class for camera nodes.
SoCameraKit(3iv) Camera nodekit class.
SoCenterballDragger(3iv) Striped ball you rotate and re-center by dragging with the mouse.
SoCenterballManip(3iv) Transform node with 3D interface for editing rotation and center.
sockatmark(3) Determine whether socket is at out-of-band mark.
sockatmark(3posix) Determine whether a socket is at the out-of-band mark.
Socket(3perl) Networking constants and support functions.
Socket(3pm) Networking constants and support functions.
socket(3posix) Create an endpoint for communication.
socket(3tcl) Open a TCP network connection.
socket.h(3) Network addresses and sockets related classes.
Socket6(3pm) IPv6 related part of the C socket.h defines and structure manipulators.
Socket::GetAddrInfo(3pm) Address-family independent name resolving functions.
Socket::GetAddrInfo::Emul(3pm) Pure Perl emulation of "getaddrinfo" and "getnameinfo" using IPv4-only legacy.
Socket::GetAddrInfo::Socket6api(3pm) Provide Socket::GetAddrInfo functions using Socket6 API.
Socket::GetAddrInfo::Strict(3pm) Provide Socket::GetAddrInfo functions which throw exceptions.
Socket::Linux(3pm) Socket constants defined in Linux.
Socket::MsgHdr(3pm) Sendmsg, recvmsg and ancillary data operations.
Socket::Multicast6(3pm) Constructors and constants for IPv4 and IPv6 multicast socket operations.
socket_accept4(3) Accept an IPv4 TCP connection on a socket.
socket_accept6(3) Accept an IPv6 TCP connection on a socket.
socket_bind4(3) Set the local IP address and port of a socket.
socket_bind4_reuse(3) Set the local IP address and port of a socket.
socket_bind6(3) Set the local IP address and port of a socket.
socket_bind6_reuse(3) Set the local IP address and port of a socket.
socket_broadcast(3) Set UDP socket to broadcast mode.
socket_connect4(3) Attempt to make a TCP connection.
socket_connect6(3) Attempt to make a TCP connection.
socket_connected(3) Is a connection established on a socket?.
socket_getifidx(3) Get interface number.
socket_getifname(3) Get interface name.
socket_listen(3) Attempt to make a TCP connection.
socket_local4(3) Get local IP address of socket.
socket_local6(3) Get local IP address of socket.
socket_mchopcount6(3) Set multicast hop count.
socket_mcjoin4(3) Join a multicast group.
socket_mcjoin6(3) Join a multicast group.
socket_mcleave4(3) Leave a multicast group.
socket_mcleave6(3) Leave a multicast group.
socket_mcloop4(3) Set multicast loopback.
socket_mcloop6(3) Set multicast loopback.
socket_mcttl4(3) Set multicast ttl.
socket_recv4(3) Receive a UDP datagram.
socket_recv6(3) Receive a UDP datagram.
socket_remote4(3) Get remote IP address of socket.
socket_remote6(3) Get remote IP address of socket.
socket_sctp4(3) Create a non-blocking SCTP/IP stream socket.
socket_sctp4b(3) Create a blocking SCTP/IP stream socket.
socket_sctp6(3) Create a non-blocking IPv6 SCTP/IP stream socket.
socket_sctp6b(3) Create a blocking IPv6 SCTP/IP stream socket.
socket_send4(3) Send a UDP datagram.
socket_send6(3) Send a UDP datagram.
socket_tcp4(3) Create a non-blocking TCP/IP stream socket.
socket_tcp4b(3) Create a blocking TCP/IP stream socket.
socket_tcp6(3) Create a non-blocking IPv6 TCP/IP stream socket.
socket_tcp6b(3) Create a blocking IPv6 TCP/IP stream socket.
socket_udp4(3) Create a non-blocking UDP/IP datagram socket.
socket_udp6(3) Create a non-blocking IPv6 UDP/IP datagram socket.
socketbase(3bobcat) Base class for socket-constructing classes.
socketpair(3posix) Create a pair of connected sockets.
socketport.h(3) Network service framework and design pattern.
sockets(3) Underlying transport protocol socket classes.
SoClipPlane(3iv) Clipping plane node.
SoColorIndex(3iv) Surface color index node.
SoComplexity(3iv) Shape complexity node.
SoComposeMatrix(3iv) Composes a transformation matrix.
SoComposeRotation(3iv) Composes a rotation from axis and angle values.
SoComposeRotationFromTo(3iv) Composes a rotation that rotates from one vector into another.
SoComposeVec2f(3iv) Composes 2D vectors from floating-point values.
SoComposeVec3f(3iv) Composes 3D vectors from floating-point values.
SoComposeVec4f(3iv) Composes 4D vectors from floating-point values.
SoComputeBoundingBox(3iv) Computes the bounding box and center of a scene graph.
SoConcatenate(3iv) Joins separate fields into a single multiple-value field.
SoCone(3iv) Cone shape node.
SoConeDetail(3iv) Stores detail information about the SoCone node.
SoCoordinate3(3iv) Coordinate point node.
SoCoordinate4(3iv) Rational coordinate point node.
SoCounter(3iv) Triggered integer counter.
SoCube(3iv) Cube shape node.
SoCubeDetail(3iv) Stores detail information about the SoCube node.
SoCylinder(3iv) Cylinder shape node.
SoCylinderDetail(3iv) Stores detail information about the SoCylinder node.
SoDataSensor(3iv) Abstract base class for sensors attached to parts of a scene.
SoDB(3iv) Scene graph database class.
SoDebugError(3iv) Debug error handling.
SoDecomposeMatrix(3iv) Decomposes transformation matrices into values for translation, rotation, and scale.
SoDecomposeRotation(3iv) Decomposes rotation values.
SoDecomposeVec2f(3iv) Decomposes 2D vectors into floating-point values.
SoDecomposeVec3f(3iv) Decomposes 3D vectors into floating-point values.
SoDecomposeVec4f(3iv) Decomposes 4D vectors into floating-point values.
SoDelayQueueSensor(3iv) Abstract base class for sensors not dependent on time.
SoDetail(3iv) Base class for describing detail information about a shape node.
SoDetailList(3iv) Maintains a list of instances of details.
SoDirectionalLight(3iv) Node representing a directional light source.
SoDirectionalLightDragger(3iv) Directional icon you rotate and translate by dragging with the mouse.
SoDirectionalLightManip(3iv) Directional light node with 3D interface for editing direction.
SoDragger(3iv) Base class for nodekits that move in response to click-drag-release mouse events.
SoDragPointDragger(3iv) Object you can translate in 3D by dragging with the mouse.
SoDrawStyle(3iv) Node that defines the style to use when rendering.
SoElapsedTime(3iv) Basic controllable time source.
SoEngine(3iv) Base class for all engines.
SoEngineList(3iv) Maintains a list of pointers to engines.
SoEngineOutput(3iv) Class for all engine outputs.
SoEngineOutputList(3iv) Maintains a list of pointers to engine outputs.
SoEnvironment(3iv) Global environment node.
SoError(3iv) Error handling base class.
SoEvent(3iv) Base class for all events.
SoEventCallback(3iv) Node which invokes callbacks for events.
SoFaceDetail(3iv) Stores detail information about vertex-based shapes made of faces.
SoFaceSet(3iv) Polygonal face shape node.
SoField(3iv) Base class for all fields.
SoFieldContainer(3iv) Abstract base class for objects that contain fields.
SoFieldList(3iv) Maintains a list of pointers to fields.
SoFieldSensor(3iv) Sensor class that can be attached to Inventor fields.
SoFile(3iv) Node that reads children from a named file.
SoFont(3iv) Node that defines font type and size for text.
SoFontStyle(3iv) Simple 3D text shape node.
sofs(3erl) Functions for Manipulating Sets of Sets.
softfill(3NCARG) Fills a polygonal subset of the plotter frame.
softfill_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all Softfill internal parameters.
Software::License(3pm) Packages that provide templated software licenses.
Software::License::AGPL_3(3pm) GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3.
Software::License::Apache_1_1(3pm) The Apache Software License, Version 1.1.
Software::License::Apache_2_0(3pm) The Apache License, Version 2.0.
Software::License::Artistic_1_0(3pm) The Artistic License.
Software::License::Artistic_2_0(3pm) The Artistic License 2.0.
Software::License::BSD(3pm) The (three-clause) BSD License.
Software::License::CC0_1_0(3pm) The "public domain"-like CC0 license, version 1.0.
Software::License::Custom(3pm) Custom license handler.
Software::License::FreeBSD(3pm) The FreeBSD License (aka two-clause BSD).
Software::License::GFDL_1_2(3pm) The GNU Free Documentation License v1.2.
Software::License::GFDL_1_3(3pm) The GNU Free Documentation License v1.3.
Software::License::GPL_1(3pm) GNU General Public License, Version 1.
Software::License::GPL_2(3pm) GNU General Public License, Version 2.
Software::License::GPL_3(3pm) GNU General Public License, Version 3.
Software::License::LGPL_2(3pm) GNU Library General Public License, Version 2.
Software::License::LGPL_2_1(3pm) GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1.
Software::License::LGPL_3_0(3pm) GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3.
Software::License::MIT(3pm) The MIT (aka X11) License.
Software::License::Mozilla_1_0(3pm) Mozilla Public License 1.0.
Software::License::Mozilla_1_1(3pm) The Mozilla Public License 1.1.
Software::License::Mozilla_2_0(3pm) Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.
Software::License::None(3pm) Describes a "license" that gives no license for re-use.
Software::License::OpenSSL(3pm) The OpenSSL License.
Software::License::Perl_5(3pm) The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1).
Software::License::PostgreSQL(3pm) The PostgreSQL License.
Software::License::QPL_1_0(3pm) The Q Public License, Version 1.0.
Software::License::SSLeay(3pm) The Original SSLeay License.
Software::License::Sun(3pm) Sun Internet Standards Source License (SISSL).
Software::License::Zlib(3pm) The zlib License.
Software::LicenseUtils(3pm) Little useful bits of code for licensey things.
Software::Release(3pm) Object representing a release of software.
Software::Release::Change(3pm) A change made in a software release.
SoGate(3iv) Selectively copies its input to its output.
SoGetBoundingBoxAction(3iv) Computes bounding box of a scene.
SoGetMatrixAction(3iv) Computes transformation matrix for subgraph.
SoGLRenderAction(3iv) Renders a scene graph using OpenGL.
SoGroup(3iv) Base class for all group nodes.
SoHandleBoxDragger(3iv) Box you can scale, stretch and translate by dragging with the mouse.
SoHandleBoxManip(3iv) Transform node with 3D Interface for Editing ScaleFactor and Translation.
SoHandleEventAction(3iv) Allows nodes in a graph to receive input events.
SoIdleSensor(3iv) Sensor for one-time only callbacks when the application is idle.
SoIndexedFaceSet(3iv) Indexed polygonal face shape node.
SoIndexedLineSet(3iv) Indexed polyline shape node.
SoIndexedNurbsCurve(3iv) Indexed NURBS curve shape node.
SoIndexedNurbsSurface(3iv) Indexed NURBS surface shape node.
SoIndexedShape(3iv) Abstract base class for all indexed vertex-based shapes.
SoIndexedTriangleStripSet(3iv) Indexed triangle strip set shape node.
SoInfo(3iv) Node containing information text string.
SoInput(3iv) Used to read Inventor data files.
SoInteraction(3iv) Initializes Inventor interaction classes.
SoInteractionKit(3iv) Base class for all interaction nodekit classes.
SoInterpolate(3iv) Base class for all interpolator engines.
SoInterpolateFloat(3iv) Interpolates floating-point values.
SoInterpolateRotation(3iv) Interpolates rotation values.
SoInterpolateVec2f(3iv) Interpolates 2D floating-point vectors.
SoInterpolateVec3f(3iv) Interpolates 3D floating-point vectors.
SoInterpolateVec4f(3iv) Interpolates 4D floating-point vectors.
SoJackDragger(3iv) Jack-shaped object you rotate, translate, or scale by dragging with the mouse.
SoJackManip(3iv) Transform node with 3D interface for rotating, scaling, and translating.
SoKeyboardEvent(3iv) Keyboard key press and release events.
SoLabel(3iv) Node containing label text string.
SoLevelOfDetail(3iv) Level-of-detail switching group node.
solid_mode(3alleg4) Shortcut for selecting solid drawing mode. Allegro game programming library.
SoLight(3iv) Abstract base class for all light source nodes.
SoLightKit(3iv) Light nodekit class.
SoLightModel(3iv) Node that defines the lighting model to use when rendering.
SoLinearProfile(3iv) Piecewise-linear profile curve.
SoLineDetail(3iv) Stores detail information about vertex-based shapes made of line segments.
SoLineHighlightRenderAction(3iv) Selection highlight style.
SoLineSet(3iv) Polyline shape node.
SoLocateHighlight(3iv) Special separator that performs locate highlighting.
SoLocation2Event(3iv) 2D location events.
SoLOD(3iv) Distance-based level-of-detail switching group node.
solveGB(3) Linear Solve.
solveGE(3) Linear Solve.
solveGT(3) Linear Solve.
solvePO(3) Linear Solve.
solvePT(3) Linear Solve.
solveSY(3) Linear Solve.
SoMaterial(3iv) Surface material definition node.
SoMaterialBinding(3iv) Node that specifies how multiple materials are bound to shapes.
SoMatrixTransform(3iv) Node that specifies a 3D geometric transformation as a matrix.
SoMemoryError(3iv) Memory error handling.
SoMFBitMask(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of masks of bit flags.
SoMFBool(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of boolean values.
SoMFColor(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of RGB colors stored as three floats.
SoMFEngine(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of pointers to engines.
SoMFEnum(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of enumerated type values.
SoMFFloat(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of floating point values.
SoMField(3iv) Base class for all multiple-valued fields.
SoMFInt32(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of int32_t integers.
SoMFLong(3iv) Synonym for SoMFInt32.
SoMFMatrix(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of 4x4 matrices.
SoMFName(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of names.
SoMFNode(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of pointers to nodes.
SoMFPath(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of pointers to paths.
SoMFPlane(3iv) Field containing several plane equations.
SoMFRotation(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of SbRotations.
SoMFShort(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of short integers.
SoMFString(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of strings.
SoMFTime(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of SbTime values.
SoMFUInt32(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of uint32_tegers.
SoMFULong(3iv) Synonym for SoMFUInt32.
SoMFUShort(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of unsigned short integers.
SoMFVec2f(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of two-dimensional vectors.
SoMFVec3f(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of three-dimensional vectors.
SoMFVec4f(3iv) Multiple-value field containing any number of four-dimensional vectors.
SoMotion3Event(3iv) 3D motion events.
SoMouseButtonEvent(3iv) Mouse button press and release events.
SoMultipleCopy(3iv) Group node that traverses multiple times, applying matrices.
SoNode(3iv) Abstract base class for all database nodes.
SoNodeKit(3iv) Initializes nodekit classes.
SoNodekitCatalog(3iv) Nodekit catalog class.
SoNodeKitDetail(3iv) Stores detail information about a nodekit.
SoNodeKitListPart(3iv) Group node with restricted children.
SoNodeKitPath(3iv) Path that points to a list of hierarchical nodekits.
SoNodeList(3iv) Maintains a list of pointers to nodes.
SoNodeSensor(3iv) Sensor class that can be attached to Inventor nodes.
SoNonIndexedShape(3iv) Abstract base class for all non-indexed vertex-based shapes.
SoNormal(3iv) Node that defines surface normals for shapes.
SoNormalBinding(3iv) Node that specifies how multiple surface normals are bound to shapes.
SoNurbsCurve(3iv) NURBS curve shape node.
SoNurbsProfile(3iv) NURBS profile curve.
SoNurbsSurface(3iv) NURBS surface shape node.
SoOffscreenRenderer(3iv) Renders to an off-screen buffer for printing or generating textures.
SoOneShot(3iv) Timer that runs for a pre-set amount of time.
SoOneShotSensor(3iv) Sensor for one-time only callbacks.
SoOnOff(3iv) Engine that functions as an on/off switch.
SoOrthographicCamera(3iv) Orthographic camera node.
SoOutput(3iv) Used to write Inventor data files.
SoPackedColor(3iv) Node that defines base colors using packed representation.
SoPath(3iv) Path that points to a list of hierarchical nodes.
SoPathList(3iv) Maintains a list of pointers to paths.
SoPathSensor(3iv) Sensor class that can be attached to Inventor paths.
SoPathSwitch(3iv) Group node that traverses only when traversed along a given path.
SoPendulum(3iv) Animated oscillating rotation node.
SoPerspectiveCamera(3iv) Perspective camera node.
sopgtr(3) ↣ sopgtr.f(3)
SoPickAction(3iv) Abstract base class for picking objects in a scene.
SoPickedPoint(3iv) Represents point on surface of picked object.
SoPickedPointList(3iv) Maintains a list of pointers to SoPickedPoint instances.
SoPickStyle(3iv) Picking style node.
sopmtr(3) ↣ sopmtr.f(3)
SoPointDetail(3iv) Stores detail information about vertex-based shapes made of points.
SoPointLight(3iv) Node representing a point light source.
SoPointLightDragger(3iv) Sun-shaped icon you can translate in 3D by dragging with the mouse.
SoPointLightManip(3iv) Point light node with 3D interface for editing location.
SoPointSet(3iv) Point set shape node.
SoPrimitiveVertex(3iv) Represents a vertex of a generated primitive.
SoProfile(3iv) Abstract base class for all profile nodes.
SoProfileCoordinate2(3iv) Profile coordinate node.
SoProfileCoordinate3(3iv) Rational profile coordinate node.
SoQt(3) The SoQt class takes care of Qt initialization and event dispatching.
SoQtComponent(3) The SoQtComponent class is the base class for all GUI components.
SoQtConstrainedViewer(3) The SoQtConstrainedViewer class is the superclass for viewers with constrains on the.
SoQtCursor(3) The SoQtCursor class is used to set cursors for GUI components.
SoQtCursor_CustomCursor(3) The SoQtCursor::CustomCursor class is used to specify bitmap data for SoQtCursor.
SoQtDevice(3) The SoQtDevice class is the base class for the translation devices.
SoQtExaminerViewer(3) The SoQtExaminerViewer class is a 3D-model examination viewer.
SoQtFlyViewer(3) The SoQtFlyViewer class implements controls for moving the camera in a 'flying' motion.
SoQtFullViewer(3) The SoQtFullViewer class adds some user interface components to the viewer canvas.
SoQtGLWidget(3) The SoQtGLWidget class manages OpenGL contexts.
SoQtKeyboard(3) The SoQtKeyboard class is the keyboard input device abstraction.
SoQtMouse(3) The SoQtMouse class is the mouse input device abstraction.
SoQtObject(3) The SoQtObject class is the common superclass for all SoQt component classes.
SoQtPlaneViewer(3) The SoQtPlaneViewer class is for examining 3D models by moving the camera in orthogonal.
SoQtRenderArea(3) The SoQtRenderArea class adds scenegraph handling and event management.
SoQtViewer(3) The SoQtViewer class is the top level base viewer class.
SoQuadMesh(3iv) Quadrilateral mesh shape node.
SoRayPickAction(3iv) Intersects objects with a ray cast into scene.
sorbdb(3) ↣ sorbdb.f(3)
sorbdb1(3) ↣ sorbdb1.f(3)
sorbdb2(3) ↣ sorbdb2.f(3)
sorbdb3(3) ↣ sorbdb3.f(3)
sorbdb4(3) ↣ sorbdb4.f(3)
sorbdb5(3) ↣ sorbdb5.f(3)
sorbdb6(3) ↣ sorbdb6.f(3)
sorcsd(3) ↣ sorcsd.f(3)
sorcsd2by1(3) ↣ sorcsd2by1.f(3)
sord(3) Sord.
SoReadError(3iv) Read error handling.
SoResetTransform(3iv) Node that resets the current transformation to identity.
sorg2l(3) ↣ sorg2l.f(3)
sorg2r(3) ↣ sorg2r.f(3)
sorgbr(3) ↣ realGBcomputational(3) Real.
sorghr(3) ↣ sorghr.f(3)
sorgl2(3) ↣ sorgl2.f(3)
sorglq(3) ↣ sorglq.f(3)
sorgql(3) ↣ sorgql.f(3)
sorgqr(3) ↣ sorgqr.f(3)
sorgr2(3) ↣ sorgr2.f(3)
sorgrq(3) ↣ sorgrq.f(3)
sorgtr(3) ↣ sorgtr.f(3)
sorm22(3) ↣ sorm22.f(3)
sorm2l(3) ↣ sorm2l.f(3)
sorm2r(3) ↣ sorm2r.f(3)
sormbr(3) ↣ sormbr.f(3)
sormhr(3) ↣ sormhr.f(3)
sorml2(3) ↣ sorml2.f(3)
sormlq(3) ↣ sormlq.f(3)
sormql(3) ↣ sormql.f(3)
sormqr(3) ↣ sormqr.f(3)
sormr2(3) ↣ sormr2.f(3)
sormr3(3) ↣ sormr3.f(3)
sormrq(3) ↣ sormrq.f(3)
sormrz(3) ↣ sormrz.f(3)
sormtr(3) ↣ sormtr.f(3)
SoRotateCylindricalDragger(3iv) Object you rotate along a cylindrical surface by dragging with the mouse.
SoRotateDiscDragger(3iv) Object you can rotate like a knob by dragging With the mouse.
SoRotateSphericalDragger(3iv) Object you can rotate about a spherical surface by dragging with the mouse.
SoRotation(3iv) Node representing a 3D rotation about an arbitrary axis.
SoRotationXYZ(3iv) Node representing a 3D rotation about the x-, y-, or z-axis.
SoRotor(3iv) Animated rotation node.
Sort(3o) Sorting and merging lists.
sort(3perl) Perl pragma to control sort() behaviour.
sort01(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sort03(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
Sort::Fields(3pm) Sort lines containing delimited fields.
Sort::Key(3pm) The fastest way to sort anything in Perl.
Sort::Key::Maker(3pm) Multi-key sorter creator.
Sort::Key::Multi(3pm) Simple multi-key sorts.
Sort::Key::Natural(3pm) Fast natural sorting.
Sort::Key::Register(3pm) Tell Sort::Key how to sort new data types.
Sort::Key::Top(3pm) Select and sort top n elements.
Sort::Key::Types(3pm) Handle Sort::Key data types.
Sort::Versions(3pm) A perl 5 module for sorting of revision-like numbers.
sortList(3) ↣ cdk_misc(3) Curses Development Kit Miscellaneous Routines.
sortlocon(3) Sort the logical connectors of a figure by name.
sortlosig(3) Sort the logical signals of a figure by name.
SoScale(3iv) Node representing a 3D geometric scaling.
SoScale1Dragger(3iv) Object you can scale in one dimension by dragging with the mouse.
SoScale2Dragger(3iv) Object you can scale in two dimensions by dragging with the mouse.
SoScale2UniformDragger(3iv) Object you can scale uniformly in two dimensions by dragging with the mouse.
SoScaleUniformDragger(3iv) Object you can scale uniformly in 3D by dragging with the mouse.
SoSceneKit(3iv) Scene nodekit class.
SoSceneManager(3iv) Manages scene graph rendering and event handling.
SoSearchAction(3iv) Searches for nodes in a scene graph.
SoSelection(3iv) Manages a list of selected objects.
SoSelectOne(3iv) Selects one value from a multiple-value field.
SoSensor(3iv) Abstract base class for Inventor sensors.
SoSeparator(3iv) Group node that saves and restores traversal state.
SoSeparatorKit(3iv) Separator nodekit class.
SoSFBitMask(3iv) Single-value field containing a set of bit flags.
SoSFBool(3iv) Field containing a single boolean value.
SoSFColor(3iv) Field containing an RGB color.
SoSFEngine(3iv) Field containing a pointer to a engine.
SoSFEnum(3iv) Field containing an enumerated value.
SoSFFloat(3iv) Field containing a floating-point value.
SoSField(3iv) Abstract base class for all single-value fields.
SoSFImage(3iv) Field containing a 2D image.
SoSFInt32(3iv) Field containing a int32_t integer.
SoSFLong(3iv) Synonym for SoSFInt32.
SoSFMatrix(3iv) Field containing a 4x4 matrix.
SoSFName(3iv) Field containg a name.
SoSFNode(3iv) Field containing a pointer to a node.
SoSFPath(3iv) Field containing a pointer to an SoPath.
SoSFPlane(3iv) Field containing a plane equation.
SoSFRotation(3iv) Field containing a rotation.
SoSFShort(3iv) Field containing a short integer.
SoSFString(3iv) Field containing a string.
SoSFTime(3iv) Field containing an SbTime.
SoSFTrigger(3iv) Field used to trigger engines or connection networks.
SoSFUInt32(3iv) Field containing an unsinged int32_t integer.
SoSFULong(3iv) Synonym for SoSFUInt32.
SoSFUShort(3iv) Field containing an unsigned short integer.
SoSFVec2f(3iv) Field containing a two-dimensional vector.
SoSFVec3f(3iv) Field containing a three-dimensional vector.
SoSFVec4f(3iv) Field containing a homogeneous three-dimensional vector.
SoShape(3iv) Abstract base class for all shape nodes.
SoShapeHints(3iv) Node that provides hints about shapes.
SoShapeKit(3iv) Shape nodekit class.
SoShuttle(3iv) Animated oscillating translation node.
SoSpaceballButtonEvent(3iv) Spaceball button press and release events.
SoSphere(3iv) Sphere shape node.
SoSpotLight(3iv) Node representing a spotlight source.
SoSpotLightDragger(3iv) Spotlight shaped dragger that allows you to change position, direction, and width of the.
SoSpotLightManip(3iv) Spotlight node with 3D interface for editing location, direction, and beam width.
SoSurroundScale(3iv) Transformation node that adjusts the current matrix so a default cube will surround other.
SoSwitch(3iv) Group node that traverse one chosen child.
SoTabBoxDragger(3iv) Cubic object you can translate and scale by dragging with the mouse.
SoTabBoxManip(3iv) Transform node with 3D Interface for editing scale and translation.
SoTabPlaneDragger(3iv) Object you can translate or scale within a plane by dragging with the mouse.
SoText2(3iv) Screen-aligned 2D text shape node.
SoText3(3iv) 3D text shape node.
SoTextDetail(3iv) Stores detail information about a text node.
SoTexture2(3iv) Texture mapping node.
SoTexture2Transform(3iv) 2D texture transformation node.
SoTextureCoordinate2(3iv) 2D texture coordinate node.
SoTextureCoordinateBinding(3iv) Node that specifies how texture coordinates are bound to shapes.
SoTextureCoordinateDefault(3iv) Node that removes texture coordinates from state.
SoTextureCoordinateEnvironment(3iv) Node that specifies texture coordinates by projection from a environment.
SoTextureCoordinateFunction(3iv) Abstract base class for texture coordinate function nodes.
SoTextureCoordinatePlane(3iv) Node that specifies texture coordinates by projection from a plane.
SoTimeCounter(3iv) Timed integer counter.
SoTimerQueueSensor(3iv) Abstract base class for sensors dependent on time.
SoTimerSensor(3iv) Sensor that triggers callback repeatedly at regular intervals.
SoTrackballDragger(3iv) Striped ball you can rotate or scale uniformly by dragging with the mouse.
SoTrackballManip(3iv) Transform node with 3D interface for changing rotation and scaling.
SoTranReceiver(3iv) Interprets database changes for transcription.
SoTranSender(3iv) Sends database changes for transcription.
SoTransform(3iv) General 3D geometric transformation node.
SoTransformation(3iv) Abstract base class for all geometric transformation nodes.
SoTransformBoxDragger(3iv) Box-like object you scale, rotate, and translate by dragging with the mouse.
SoTransformBoxManip(3iv) Transform node with 3D interface for changing scaling, rotation, and translation.
SoTransformerDragger(3iv) Box-like object you scale, rotate, and translate by dragging with the mouse.
SoTransformerManip(3iv) Transform node with 3D interface for changing scaling, rotation, and translation.
SoTransformManip(3iv) Base class for all transform Nodes with built-in 3D user interfaces.
SoTransformSeparator(3iv) Group node that saves and restores transformation state.
SoTransformVec3f(3iv) Transforms a 3D vector by a 4x4 matrix.
SoTranslate1Dragger(3iv) Object you can translate along a line by dragging With the mouse.
SoTranslate2Dragger(3iv) Object you can translate within a plane by dragging with the mouse.
SoTranslation(3iv) Node representing a 3D translation.
SoTriangleStripSet(3iv) Triangle strip set shape node.
SoTriggerAny(3iv) Provides fan-in for triggers.
SoType(3iv) Stores runtime type information.
SoTypeList(3iv) Maintains a list of SoTypes.
soundex(3tcl) Soundex.
SoUnits(3iv) Node that scales to convert units of length.
source(3tcl) Evaluate a file or resource as a Tcl script.
sources(3) Participants and synchronization sources.
sources.h(3) Sources of synchronization and participants related clases.
SoVertexProperty(3iv) Vertex property node.
SoVertexShape(3iv) Abstract base class for all vertex-based shape nodes.
SoWrapperKit(3iv) Wrapper nodekit class.
SoWriteAction(3iv) Writes a scene graph to a file.
SoWWWAnchor(3iv) Separator group node with a URL hyperlink.
SoWWWInline(3iv) Node that refers to children through a URL.
SoXt(3iv) Routines for Inventor/Xt compatibility.
SoXtClipboard(3iv) Provides Inventor copy/paste support.
SoXtComponent(3iv) Abstract base class for all Inventor Xt components.
SoXtConstrainedViewer(3iv) Base viewer class which adds camera constraints given a world up direction.
SoXtDevice(3iv) Abstract base class device for use with the SoXtRenderArea.
SoXtDirectionalLightEditor(3iv) Component for editing directional lights.
SoXtExaminerViewer(3iv) Viewer component which uses a virtual trackball to view the data.
SoXtFlyViewer(3iv) Viewer component for flying through space, with a constant world up.
SoXtFullViewer(3iv) Base viewer class which adds a decoration around the rendering area.
SoXtGLWidget(3iv) Wrapper around GLwMDraw for OpenGL rendering in a motif widget.
SoXtInputFocus(3iv) Reports input focus change events.
SoXtKeyboard(3iv) Translates and reports events for the keyboard.
SoXtLightSliderSet(3iv) Component with Motif sliders for editing SoLight nodes.
SoXtMaterialEditor(3iv) Component which lets you edit a material interactively.
SoXtMaterialList(3iv) Component which lets you edit a material interactively.
SoXtMaterialSliderSet(3iv) Component with Motif sliders for editing SoMaterial nodes.
SoXtMouse(3iv) Translates and reports events for the mouse.
SoXtPlaneViewer(3iv) Viewer component which moves the camera in a plane.
SoXtPrintDialog(3iv) Dialog box for controlling printing.
SoXtRenderArea(3iv) Xt Component for rendering Inventor scene graphs.
SoXtResource(3iv) Used to retrieve X resources for SoXtComponents and widgets.
SoXtSliderSet(3iv) Base class for Motif-only slider components.
SoXtSliderSetBase(3iv) Abstract base class for Motif-only slider components.
SoXtSpaceball(3iv) Translates and reports events for the spaceball.
SoXtTransformSliderSet(3iv) Component with Motif sliders for editing SoTransform nodes.
SoXtViewer(3iv) Viewer component lowest base class.
SoXtWalkViewer(3iv) Viewer component which moves the camera in a plane.
SP(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo_variables(3ncurses)
sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
spacer(3tcl) Space insertation and removal.
spacing(3menu) Set and get spacing between menu items.
spamassassin-run(3pm) Simple front-end filtering script for SpamAssassin.
spbcon(3) ↣ spbcon.f(3)
spbequ(3) ↣ spbequ.f(3)
spbrfs(3) ↣ spbrfs.f(3)
spbstf(3) ↣ spbstf.f(3)
spbsv(3) ↣ spbsv.f(3)
spbsvx(3) ↣ spbsvx.f(3)
spbt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
spbt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
spbt05(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
spbtf2(3) ↣ spbtf2.f(3)
spbtrf(3) ↣ spbtrf.f(3)
spbtrs(3) ↣ spbtrs.f(3)
special(3tcl) Special mathematical functions.
spectrogramscreenshots(3) Spectrogram, Contour Plot.
spftrf(3) ↣ spftrf.f(3)
spftri(3) ↣ spftri.f(3)
spftrs(3) ↣ spftrs.f(3)
Sphinx::Search(3pm) Sphinx search engine API Perl client.
Spiffy(3pm) Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You.
spinbox(3tk) Create and manipulate 'spinbox' value spinner widgets.
spline(3alleg4) Draws a Bezier spline using four control points. Allegro game programming library.
SplineComp(3U) Open and closed spline.
split(3tcl) Split a string into a proper Tcl list.
splitString(3) ↣ cdk_compat(3) Cdk4 compatibility functions.
spocon(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
spoequ(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
spoequb(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
sporfs(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
sporfsx(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
sposv(3) ↣ realPOsolve(3) Real.
sposvx(3) ↣ realPOsolve(3) Real.
sposvxx(3) ↣ realPOsolve(3) Real.
spot01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
spot02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
spot03(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
spot05(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
spotf2(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
spotrf(3) ↣ VARIANTS_cholesky_RL_spotrf.f(3)
spotrf2(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
spotri(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
spotrs(3) ↣ realPOcomputational(3) Real.
sppcon(3) ↣ sppcon.f(3)
sppequ(3) ↣ sppequ.f(3)
spprfs(3) ↣ spprfs.f(3)
spps(3NCARG) A collection of routines for defining and managing NCAR Graphics coordinate systems, for drawing lines,.
spps_converters(3NCARG) A set of functions, each of which transforms a coordinate from one of the NCAR Graphics.
spps_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all of the internal parameters of SPPS.
sppsv(3) ↣ sppsv.f(3)
sppsvx(3) ↣ sppsvx.f(3)
sppt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sppt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sppt03(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sppt05(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
spptrf(3) ↣ spptrf.f(3)
spptri(3) ↣ spptri.f(3)
spptrs(3) ↣ spptrs.f(3)
sprcn1(3) ↣ c_sblat3.f(3)
sprcn2(3) ↣ c_sblat3.f(3)
sprcn3(3) ↣ c_sblat3.f(3)
sprcn4(3) ↣ c_sblat3.f(3)
sprcn5(3) ↣ c_sblat3.f(3)
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel(3pm) Read information from an Excel file.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Cell(3pm) A class for Cell data and formatting.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Dump(3pm) A class for dumping Excel records.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtDefault(3pm) A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtJapan(3pm) A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtJapan2(3pm) A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtUnicode(3pm) A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Font(3pm) A class for Cell fonts.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Format(3pm) A class for Cell formats.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser(3pm) Rewrite an existing Excel file.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser::Workbook(3pm) A class for SaveParser Workbooks.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser::Worksheet(3pm) A class for SaveParser Worksheets.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Simple(3pm) A simple interface to Excel data.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Utility(3pm) Utility functions for Spreadsheet::ParseExcel.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Workbook(3pm) A class for Workbooks.
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Worksheet(3pm) A class for Worksheets.
Spreadsheet::Read(3pm) Read the data from a spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet::Wright(3pm) Simple spreadsheet worker.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel(3pm) Write to a cross-platform Excel binary file.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::BIFFwriter(3pm) An abstract base class for Excel workbooks and worksheets.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Big(3pm) A class for creating Excel files > 7MB.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart(3pm) A writer class for Excel Charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Area(3pm) A writer class for Excel Area charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Bar(3pm) A writer class for Excel Bar charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Column(3pm) A writer class for Excel Column charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::External(3pm) A writer class for Excel external charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Line(3pm) A writer class for Excel Line charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Pie(3pm) A writer class for Excel Pie charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Scatter(3pm) A writer class for Excel Scatter charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Chart::Stock(3pm) A writer class for Excel Stock charts.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Examples(3pm) Spreadsheet::WriteExcel example programs.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Format(3pm) A class for defining Excel formatting.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Formula(3pm) A class for generating Excel formulas.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::OLEwriter(3pm) A writer class to store BIFF data in a OLE compound storage file.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Properties(3pm) A module for creating Excel property sets.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Utility(3pm) Helper functions for Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Workbook(3pm) A writer class for Excel Workbooks.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Worksheet(3pm) A writer class for Excel Worksheets.
Spreadsheet::XLSX(3pm) Perl extension for reading MS Excel 2007 files;.
Spreadsheet::XLSX::Utility2007(3pm) Utility function for Spreadsheet::XLSX.
sprintf(3) ↣ printf(3) Formatted out‐.
sprintf(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
sprintf(3posix) Print formatted output.
sprintf_P(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
spst01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
spstf2(3) ↣ spstf2.f(3)
spstrf(3) ↣ spstrf.f(3)
sptcon(3) ↣ realPTcomputational(3) Real.
spteqr(3) ↣ realPTcomputational(3) Real.
sptrfs(3) ↣ realPTcomputational(3) Real.
sptsv(3) ↣ realPTsolve(3) Real.
sptsvx(3) ↣ realPTsolve(3) Real.
sptt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sptt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sptt05(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
spttrf(3) ↣ spttrf.f(3)
spttrs(3) ↣ realPTcomputational(3) Real.
spttrsv(3) Solve one of the triangular systems L**T* X = B, or L * X = B,.
sptts2(3) ↣ realPTcomputational(3) Real.
SQL::Abstract(3pm) Generate SQL from Perl data structures.
SQL::Abstract::Limit(3pm) Portable LIMIT emulation.
SQL::Abstract::More(3pm) Extension of SQL::Abstract with more constructs and more flexible API.
SQL::Abstract::Test(3pm) Helper function for testing SQL::Abstract.
SQL::Abstract::Tree(3pm) Represent SQL as an AST.
SQL::Dialects::Role(3pm) The role of being a SQL::Dialect.
SQL::Eval(3pm) Base for deriving evaluation objects for SQL::Statement.
SQL::ReservedWords(3pm) Reserved SQL words by ANSI/ISO.
SQL::ReservedWords::DB2(3pm) Reserved SQL words by DB2.
SQL::ReservedWords::MySQL(3pm) Reserved SQL words by MySQL.
SQL::ReservedWords::ODBC(3pm) Reserved SQL words by ODBC.
SQL::ReservedWords::Oracle(3pm) Reserved SQL words by Oracle.
SQL::ReservedWords::PostgreSQL(3pm) Reserved SQL words by PostgreSQL.
SQL::ReservedWords::SQLite(3pm) Reserved SQL words by SQLite.
SQL::ReservedWords::SQLServer(3pm) Reserved SQL words by SQL Server.
SQL::ReservedWords::Sybase(3pm) Reserved SQL words by Sybase.
SQL::Statement(3pm) SQL parsing and processing engine.
SQL::Statement::Embed(3pm) Embed a SQL engine in a DBD or module.
SQL::Statement::Function(3pm) Abstract base class for all function executing terms.
SQL::Statement::Functions(3pm) Built-in & user-defined SQL functions.
SQL::Statement::Operation(3pm) Base class for all operation terms.
SQL::Statement::Placeholder(3pm) Implements getting the next placeholder value.
SQL::Statement::Roadmap(3pm) Planned Enhancements for SQL::Statement and SQL::Parser.
SQL::Statement::Structure(3pm) Parse and examine structure of SQL queries.
SQL::Statement::Syntax(3pm) Documentation of SQL::Statement's SQL Syntax.
SQL::Statement::Term(3pm) Base class for all terms.
SQL::Statement::TermFactory(3pm) Factory for SQL::Statement::Term instances.
SQL::Translator(3pm) Manipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more).
SQL::Translator::Diff(3pm) Determine differences between two schemas.
SQL::Translator::Filter::DefaultExtra(3pm) Set default extra data values for schema objects.
SQL::Translator::Filter::Globals(3pm) Add global fields and indices to all tables.
SQL::Translator::Filter::Names(3pm) Tweak the names of schema objects.
SQL::Translator::Generator::DDL::MySQL(3pm) A Moo based MySQL DDL generation engine.
SQL::Translator::Generator::DDL::PostgreSQL(3pm) A Moo based PostgreSQL DDL generation engine.
SQL::Translator::Generator::DDL::SQLite(3pm) A Moo based SQLite DDL generation engine.
SQL::Translator::Generator::DDL::SQLServer(3pm) A Moo based MS SQL Server DDL generation engine.
SQL::Translator::Generator::Role::DDL(3pm) Role implementing common parts of DDL generation.
SQL::Translator::Generator::Role::Quote(3pm) Role for dealing with identifier quoting.
SQL::Translator::Manual(3pm) Sqlfairy user manual.
SQL::Translator::Parser(3pm) Describes how to write a parser.
SQL::Translator::Parser::Access(3pm) Parser for Access as produced by mdbtools.
SQL::Translator::Parser::DB2(3pm) Parser for DB2.
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI(3pm) "parser" for DBI handles.
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::DB2(3pm) Parser for DBD::DB2.
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::MySQL(3pm) Parser for DBD::mysql.
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::Oracle(3pm) Parser for DBD::Oracle.
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::PostgreSQL(3pm) Parser for DBD::Pg.
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::SQLite(3pm) Parser for DBD::SQLite.
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::SQLServer(3pm) Parser for SQL Server through DBD::ODBC.
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::Sybase(3pm) Parser for DBD::Sybase.
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBIx::Class(3pm) Create a SQL::Translator schema from a DBIx::Class::Schema instance.
SQL::Translator::Parser::Excel(3pm) Parser for Excel.
SQL::Translator::Parser::JSON(3pm) Parse a JSON representation of a schema.
SQL::Translator::Parser::MySQL(3pm) Parser for MySQL.
SQL::Translator::Parser::Oracle(3pm) Parser for Oracle.
SQL::Translator::Parser::PostgreSQL(3pm) Parser for PostgreSQL.
SQL::Translator::Parser::SQLite(3pm) Parser for SQLite.
SQL::Translator::Parser::SQLServer(3pm) Parser for SQL Server.
SQL::Translator::Parser::Storable(3pm) Parser for Schema objects serialized.
SQL::Translator::Parser::Sybase(3pm) Parser for Sybase.
SQL::Translator::Parser::XML(3pm) Alias to XML::SQLFairy parser.
SQL::Translator::Parser::XML::SQLFairy(3pm) Parser for SQL::Translator's XML.
SQL::Translator::Parser::xSV(3pm) Parser for arbitrarily delimited text files.
SQL::Translator::Parser::YAML(3pm) Parse a YAML representation of a schema.
SQL::Translator::Producer(3pm) Describes how to write a producer.
SQL::Translator::Producer::ClassDBI(3pm) Create Class::DBI classes from schema.
SQL::Translator::Producer::DB2(3pm) DB2 SQL producer.
SQL::Translator::Producer::DBIx::Class::File(3pm) DBIx::Class file producer.
SQL::Translator::Producer::Diagram(3pm) ER diagram producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::Dumper(3pm) SQL Dumper producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::GraphViz(3pm) GraphViz producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::HTML(3pm) HTML producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::JSON(3pm) A JSON producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::MySQL(3pm) MySQL-specific producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::Oracle(3pm) Oracle SQL producer.
SQL::Translator::Producer::POD(3pm) POD producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::PostgreSQL(3pm) PostgreSQL producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::SQLite(3pm) SQLite producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::SQLServer(3pm) MS SQLServer producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::Storable(3pm) Serializes the SQL::Translator::Schema.
SQL::Translator::Producer::Sybase(3pm) Sybase producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Producer::TT::Base(3pm) TT (Template Toolkit) based Producer base class.
SQL::Translator::Producer::XML(3pm) Alias to XML::SQLFairy producer.
SQL::Translator::Producer::XML::SQLFairy(3pm) SQLFairy's default XML format.
SQL::Translator::Producer::YAML(3pm) A YAML producer for SQL::Translator.
SQL::Translator::Role::BuildArgs(3pm) Remove undefined constructor arguments.
SQL::Translator::Role::Error(3pm) Error setter/getter for objects and classes.
SQL::Translator::Role::ListAttr(3pm) Context-sensitive list attributes.
SQL::Translator::Schema(3pm) SQL::Translator schema object.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Constants(3pm) Constants module.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Constraint(3pm) SQL::Translator constraint object.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Field(3pm) SQL::Translator field object.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Index(3pm) SQL::Translator index object.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Object(3pm) Base class for SQL::Translator schema objects.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Procedure(3pm) SQL::Translator procedure object.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Role::Compare(3pm) Compare objects.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Role::Extra(3pm) "extra" attribute for schema classes.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Table(3pm) SQL::Translator table object.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Trigger(3pm) SQL::Translator trigger object.
SQL::Translator::Schema::View(3pm) SQL::Translator view object.
SQL::Translator::Types(3pm) Type checking functions.
sqlt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqlt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqlt03(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqpt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt(3) Square root function.
sqrt(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
sqrt(3clc) Square root functions.
sqrt(3G) Return the square root of the parameter.
sqrt(3posix) Square root function.
sqrt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt01p(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt03(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt04(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt05(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt11(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt12(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt13(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt14(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt15(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt16(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrt17(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sqrtf(3) ↣ sqrt(3) Square root function.
sqrtf(3avr) ↣ math.h(3avr)
sqrtl(3) ↣ sqrt(3) Square root function.
square(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
squaref(3avr) ↣ avr_math(3avr) : Mathematics.
Squirrel(3pm) Use Mouse, unless Moose is already loaded. (DEPRECATED).
Squirrel::Role(3pm) Use Mouse::Role, unless Moose::Role is already loaded. (DEPRECATED).
sradixsort(3) ↣ radixsort(3) Radix sort.
srand(3) ↣ rand(3) Pseudo-random number generator.
srand(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr) : General utilities.
srand(3posix) Pseudo-random number generator.
srand48(3) ↣ drand48(3) Generate uniformly distrib‐.
srand48(3posix) Seed the uniformly distributed double-precision pseudo-random number generator.
srand48_r(3) ↣ drand48_r(3) Generate.
srandom(3) ↣ random(3) Random number generator.
srandom(3avr) ↣ avr_stdlib(3avr) : General utilities.
srandom(3posix) Seed pseudo-random number generator.
srandom_r(3) ↣ random_r(3) Reentrant random number generator.
src_backend.cpp(3elektra) Implementation of backend.
srecord(3) Library to manipulate EPROM load files.
srface(3NCARG) Draws a perspective picture of a function of two variables with hidden lines removed. The function is.
srot(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
srotg(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
srotm(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
srotmg(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
srqt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
srqt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
srqt03(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
srscl(3) ↣ srscl.f(3)
SRU(3pm) Search and Retrieval by URL.
SRU::Request(3pm) Factories for creating SRU request objects.
SRU::Request::Explain(3pm) A class for representing SRU explain requests.
SRU::Request::Scan(3pm) A class for representing SRU scan requests.
SRU::Request::SearchRetrieve(3pm) A class for representing SRU searchRetrieve requests.
SRU::Response(3pm) A factory for creating SRU response objects.
SRU::Response::Diagnostic(3pm) An SRU diagnostic message.
SRU::Response::Explain(3pm) A class for representing SRU explain responses.
SRU::Response::Record(3pm) A class for representing a result record in a searchRetrieve response.
SRU::Response::Scan(3pm) A class for representing SRU scan responses.
SRU::Response::SearchRetrieve(3pm) A class for representing SRU searchRetrieve responses.
SRU::Response::Term(3pm) A class for representing terms in a Scan response.
SRU::Server(3pm) Respond to SRU requests via CGI::Application.
SRU::Utils(3pm) Utility functions for SRU.
SRU::Utils::XML(3pm) XML utility functions for SRU.
SRU::Utils::XMLTest(3pm) XML testing utility functions.
srzt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
srzt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
ssbev(3) ↣ ssbev.f(3)
ssbevd(3) ↣ ssbevd.f(3)
ssbevx(3) ↣ ssbevx.f(3)
ssbgst(3) ↣ ssbgst.f(3)
ssbgv(3) ↣ ssbgv.f(3)
ssbgvd(3) ↣ ssbgvd.f(3)
ssbgvx(3) ↣ ssbgvx.f(3)
ssbmv(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
ssbt21(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
ssbtrd(3) ↣ ssbtrd.f(3)
sscal(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
sscanf(3) ↣ scanf(3) Input format conversion.
sscanf(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
sscanf(3posix) Convert formatted input.
sscanf_P(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
ssfrk(3) ↣ ssfrk.f(3)
ssgt01(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
ssh(3erl) Main API of the ssh application.
ssh_channel(3erl) -behaviour(ssh_channel).
ssh_sftp(3erl) SFTP client.
ssh_sftpd(3erl) Specifies the channel process to handle an SFTP subsystem.
ssignal(3) ↣ gsignal(3) Software signal facility.
ssl(3erl) Interface Functions for Secure Socket Layer.
SSL(3ssl) ↣ ssl(3ssl) OpenSSL SSL/TLS library.
ssl(3ssl) OpenSSL SSL/TLS library.
SSL_accept(3ssl) Wait for a TLS/SSL client to initiate a TLS/SSL handshake.
SSL_add0_chain_cert(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_add1_chain_cert(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_add_client_CA(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_client_CA_list(3ssl) Set list of CAs.
SSL_add_session(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add_session(3ssl) Manipulate session cache.
SSL_alert_desc_string(3ssl) ↣ SSL_alert_type_string(3ssl) Get.
SSL_alert_desc_string_long(3ssl) ↣ SSL_alert_type_string(3ssl) Get.
SSL_alert_type_string(3ssl) Get.
SSL_alert_type_string_long(3ssl) ↣ SSL_alert_type_string(3ssl) Get.
SSL_build_cert_chain(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_callback_ctrl(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_ctrl(3ssl) Internal handling functions for SSL_CTX and.
SSL_check_chain(3ssl) Check certificate chain suitability.
SSL_check_private_key(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CIPHER_description(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CIPHER_get_name(3ssl) Get SSL_CIPHER.
SSL_CIPHER_get_bits(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CIPHER_get_name(3ssl) Get SSL_CIPHER.
SSL_CIPHER_get_name(3ssl) Get SSL_CIPHER.
SSL_CIPHER_get_version(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CIPHER_get_name(3ssl) Get SSL_CIPHER.
SSL_clear(3ssl) Reset SSL object to allow another connection.
SSL_clear_chain_certs(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_clear_options(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_options(3ssl)
SSL_COMP_add_compression_method(3ssl) Handle SSL/TLS integrated compression.
SSL_COMP_free_compression_methods(3ssl) ↣ SSL_COMP_add_compression_method(3ssl) Handle SSL/TLS integrated compression.
SSL_CONF_cmd(3ssl) Send configuration command.
SSL_CONF_cmd_argv(3ssl) SSL configuration command line processing.
SSL_CONF_CTX_clear_flags(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CONF_CTX_set_flags(3ssl) Set of clear SSL configuration context flags.
SSL_CONF_CTX_free(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CONF_CTX_new(3ssl) SSL configuration allocation functions.
SSL_CONF_CTX_new(3ssl) SSL configuration allocation functions.
SSL_CONF_CTX_set1_prefix(3ssl) Set configuration context command prefix.
SSL_CONF_CTX_set_flags(3ssl) Set of clear SSL configuration context flags.
SSL_CONF_CTX_set_ssl(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CONF_CTX_set_ssl_ctx(3ssl) Set context to configure.
SSL_CONF_CTX_set_ssl_ctx(3ssl) Set context to configure.
SSL_connect(3ssl) Initiate the TLS/SSL handshake with an TLS/SSL server.
ssl_crl_cache(3erl) CRL cache.
ssl_crl_cache_api(3erl) API for a SSL/TLS CRL (Certificate Revocation List) cache.
SSL_ctrl(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_ctrl(3ssl) Internal handling functions for SSL_CTX and.
SSL_CTX_add0_chain_cert(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_add_client_CA(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_client_CA_list(3ssl) Set list of CAs.
SSL_CTX_add_client_custom_ext(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_custom_cli_ext(3ssl) Custom TLS extension handling.
SSL_CTX_add_extra_chain_cert(3ssl) Add or clear extra chain certificates.
SSL_CTX_add_server_custom_ext(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_custom_cli_ext(3ssl) Custom TLS extension handling.
SSL_CTX_add_session(3ssl) Manipulate session cache.
SSL_CTX_build_cert_chain(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_callback_ctrl(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_ctrl(3ssl) Internal handling functions for SSL_CTX and.
SSL_CTX_check_private_key(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_clear_chain_certs(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_clear_extra_chain_certs(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add_extra_chain_cert(3ssl) Add or clear extra chain certificates.
SSL_CTX_clear_options(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_options(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_ctrl(3ssl) Internal handling functions for SSL_CTX and.
SSL_CTX_flush_sessions(3ssl) Remove expired sessions.
SSL_CTX_free(3ssl) Free an allocated SSL_CTX object.
SSL_CTX_get0_chain_certs(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_get0_param(3ssl) Get and set verification parameters.
SSL_CTX_get_cert_store(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_cert_store(3ssl) Manipulate X509 certificate verification storage.
SSL_CTX_get_client_CA_list(3ssl) ↣ SSL_get_client_CA_list(3ssl) Get list of client CAs.
SSL_CTX_get_client_cert_cb(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_client_cert_cb(3ssl) Handle client certificate callback function.
SSL_CTX_get_default_read_ahead(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_read_ahead(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_get_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Internal application specific data.
SSL_CTX_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Internal application specific data.
SSL_CTX_get_info_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_info_callback(3ssl) Handle.
SSL_CTX_get_max_cert_list(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_max_cert_list(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_get_mode(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_mode(3ssl) Manipulate SSL engine mode.
SSL_CTX_get_options(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_options(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_get_quiet_shutdown(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_quiet_shutdown(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_get_read_ahead(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_read_ahead(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_get_session_cache_mode(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_mode(3ssl) Enable/disable session caching.
SSL_CTX_get_timeout(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_timeout(3ssl) Manipulate timeout values for session caching.
SSL_CTX_get_verify_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_get_verify_mode(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_get_verify_depth(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_get_verify_mode(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations(3ssl) Set default locations for trusted CA certificates.
SSL_CTX_need_tmp_rsa(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa_callback(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_remove_session(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add_session(3ssl) Manipulate session cache.
SSL_CTX_select_current_cert(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_accept(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_accept_good(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_accept_renegotiate(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_cache_full(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_cb_hits(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_connect(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_connect_good(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_connect_renegotiate(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_get_cache_size(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size(3ssl) Manipulate session cache size.
SSL_CTX_sess_get_get_cb(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_set_get_cb(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_get_new_cb(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_set_get_cb(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_get_remove_cb(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_set_get_cb(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_hits(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_misses(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size(3ssl) Manipulate session cache size.
SSL_CTX_sess_set_new_cb(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_set_get_cb(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_set_remove_cb(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_set_get_cb(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sess_timeouts(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_sess_number(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_sessions(3ssl) Access internal session cache.
SSL_CTX_set0_chain(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set0_chain_cert_store(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_verify_cert_store(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set0_verify_cert_store(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_verify_cert_store(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set1_chain(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set1_chain_cert_store(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_verify_cert_store(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set1_curves_list(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_curves(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set1_param(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_get0_param(3ssl) Get and set verification parameters.
SSL_CTX_set_cert_cb(3ssl) Handle certificate callback function.
SSL_CTX_set_cert_store(3ssl) Manipulate X509 certificate verification storage.
SSL_CTX_set_cert_verify_callback(3ssl) Set peer certificate verification procedure.
SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list(3ssl) Choose list of available SSL_CIPHERs.
SSL_CTX_set_client_CA_list(3ssl) Set list of CAs.
SSL_CTX_set_client_cert_cb(3ssl) Handle client certificate callback function.
SSL_CTX_set_current_cert(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set_custom_cli_ext(3ssl) Custom TLS extension handling.
SSL_CTX_set_default_passwd_cb(3ssl) Set passwd callback for encrypted PEM.
SSL_CTX_set_default_passwd_cb_userdata(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_default_passwd_cb(3ssl) Set passwd callback for encrypted PEM.
SSL_CTX_set_default_read_ahead(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_read_ahead(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set_ecdh_auto(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_curves(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Internal application specific data.
SSL_CTX_set_generate_session_id(3ssl) Manipulate.
SSL_CTX_set_info_callback(3ssl) Handle.
SSL_CTX_set_mode(3ssl) Manipulate SSL engine mode.
SSL_CTX_set_msg_callback_arg(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_msg_callback(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set_psk_client_callback(3ssl) Set PSK client callback.
SSL_CTX_set_psk_server_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_psk_identity_hint(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_mode(3ssl) Enable/disable session caching.
SSL_CTX_set_session_id_context(3ssl) Set context within which session can be reused.
SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version(3ssl) Choose a new TLS/SSL method.
SSL_CTX_set_timeout(3ssl) Manipulate timeout values for session caching.
SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_status_arg(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_status_cb(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_ticket_key_cb(3ssl) Set a callback for session ticket processing.
SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callback(3ssl) Handle DH keys for.
SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callback(3ssl) Handle DH keys for.
SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa_callback(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_set_verify(3ssl) Set peer certificate.
SSL_CTX_set_verify_depth(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_verify(3ssl) Set peer certificate.
SSL_CTX_use_certificate_ASN1(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_use_certificate_chain_file(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_use_certificate_file(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey_ASN1(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey_file(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_use_RSAPrivateKey(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_use_RSAPrivateKey_ASN1(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_use_RSAPrivateKey_file(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_CTX_use_serverinfo(3ssl) Use serverinfo extension.
SSL_CTX_use_serverinfo_file(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_serverinfo(3ssl) Use serverinfo extension.
SSL_do_handshake(3ssl) Perform a TLS/SSL handshake.
SSL_flush_sessions(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_flush_sessions(3ssl) Remove expired sessions.
SSL_free(3ssl) Free an allocated SSL structure.
SSL_get0_chain_certs(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_get0_param(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_get0_param(3ssl) Get and set verification parameters.
SSL_get1_curves(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_curves(3ssl)
SSL_get_accept_state(3ssl) ↣ SSL_set_connect_state(3ssl) Prepare SSL object to work in client or server mode.
SSL_get_cipher(3ssl) ↣ SSL_get_current_cipher(3ssl) Get.
SSL_get_cipher_bits(3ssl) ↣ SSL_get_current_cipher(3ssl) Get.
SSL_get_cipher_list(3ssl) ↣ SSL_get_ciphers(3ssl) Get list of available SSL_CIPHERs.
SSL_get_cipher_name(3ssl) ↣ SSL_get_current_cipher(3ssl) Get.
SSL_get_cipher_version(3ssl) ↣ SSL_get_current_cipher(3ssl) Get.
SSL_get_ciphers(3ssl) Get list of available SSL_CIPHERs.
SSL_get_client_CA_list(3ssl) Get list of client CAs.
SSL_get_current_cipher(3ssl) Get.
SSL_get_default_timeout(3ssl) Get default session timeout value.
SSL_get_error(3ssl) Obtain result code for TLS/SSL I/O operation.
SSL_get_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ SSL_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Internal application specific data functions.
SSL_get_ex_data_X509_STORE_CTX_idx(3ssl) Get ex_data index to access SSL structure from X509_STORE_CTX.
SSL_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Internal application specific data functions.
SSL_get_fd(3ssl) Get file descriptor linked to an SSL object.
SSL_get_info_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_info_callback(3ssl) Handle.
SSL_get_max_cert_list(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_max_cert_list(3ssl)
SSL_get_mode(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_mode(3ssl) Manipulate SSL engine mode.
SSL_get_msg_callback_arg(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_msg_callback(3ssl)
SSL_get_options(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_options(3ssl)
SSL_get_peer_cert_chain(3ssl) Get the X509 certificate chain of the peer.
SSL_get_peer_certificate(3ssl) Get the X509 certificate of the peer.
SSL_get_psk_identity(3ssl) Get PSK client identity and hint.
SSL_get_psk_identity_hint(3ssl) ↣ SSL_get_psk_identity(3ssl) Get PSK client identity and hint.
SSL_get_quiet_shutdown(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_quiet_shutdown(3ssl)
SSL_get_rbio(3ssl) Get BIO linked to an SSL object.
SSL_get_read_ahead(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_read_ahead(3ssl)
SSL_get_secure_renegotiation_support(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_options(3ssl)
SSL_get_session(3ssl) Retrieve TLS/SSL session data.
SSL_get_shared_curve(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_curves(3ssl)
SSL_get_shutdown(3ssl) ↣ SSL_set_shutdown(3ssl) Manipulate shutdown state of an SSL connection.
SSL_get_SSL_CTX(3ssl) Get the SSL_CTX from which an SSL is created.
SSL_get_ssl_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version(3ssl) Choose a new TLS/SSL method.
SSL_get_tlsext_status_ocsp_resp(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_status_cb(3ssl)
SSL_get_verify_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_get_verify_mode(3ssl)
SSL_get_verify_depth(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_get_verify_mode(3ssl)
SSL_get_verify_mode(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_get_verify_mode(3ssl)
SSL_get_verify_result(3ssl) Get result of peer certificate verification.
SSL_get_version(3ssl) Get the protocol version of a connection.
SSL_has_matching_session_id(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_generate_session_id(3ssl) Manipulate.
SSL_library_init(3ssl) Initialize SSL library by.
SSL_load_client_CA_file(3ssl) Load certificate names from file.
SSL_load_error_strings(3ssl) ↣ ERR_load_crypto_strings(3ssl) Load and free error strings.
SSL_need_tmp_rsa(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa_callback(3ssl)
SSL_new(3ssl) Create a new SSL structure for a connection.
SSL_pending(3ssl) Obtain number of readable bytes buffered in an SSL object.
SSL_read(3ssl) Read bytes from a TLS/SSL connection.
SSL_remove_session(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add_session(3ssl) Manipulate session cache.
SSL_rstate_string(3ssl) Get textual description of state of an SSL object during read.
SSL_rstate_string_long(3ssl) ↣ SSL_rstate_string(3ssl) Get textual description of state of an SSL object during read.
SSL_select_current_cert(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
ssl_session_cache_api(3erl) TLS session cache API.
SSL_SESSION_free(3ssl) Free an allocated SSL_SESSION structure.
SSL_SESSION_get_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ SSL_SESSION_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Internal application specific.
SSL_SESSION_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Internal application specific.
SSL_SESSION_get_time(3ssl) Retrieve and.
SSL_SESSION_get_timeout(3ssl) ↣ SSL_SESSION_get_time(3ssl) Retrieve and.
SSL_session_reused(3ssl) Query whether a reused session was negotiated during handshake.
SSL_SESSION_set_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ SSL_SESSION_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Internal application specific.
SSL_SESSION_set_time(3ssl) ↣ SSL_SESSION_get_time(3ssl) Retrieve and.
SSL_SESSION_set_timeout(3ssl) ↣ SSL_SESSION_get_time(3ssl) Retrieve and.
SSL_set0_chain(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_set0_chain_cert_store(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_verify_cert_store(3ssl)
SSL_set0_verify_cert_store(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_verify_cert_store(3ssl)
SSL_set1_chain(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_set1_chain_cert_store(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_verify_cert_store(3ssl)
SSL_set1_curves(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_curves(3ssl)
SSL_set1_curves_list(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_curves(3ssl)
SSL_set1_param(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_get0_param(3ssl) Get and set verification parameters.
SSL_set1_verify_cert_store(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_verify_cert_store(3ssl)
SSL_set_bio(3ssl) Connect the SSL object with a BIO.
SSL_set_cert_cb(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_cert_cb(3ssl) Handle certificate callback function.
SSL_set_cipher_list(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list(3ssl) Choose list of available SSL_CIPHERs.
SSL_set_client_CA_list(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_client_CA_list(3ssl) Set list of CAs.
SSL_set_connect_state(3ssl) Prepare SSL object to work in client or server mode.
SSL_set_current_cert(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_add1_chain_cert(3ssl)
SSL_set_ecdh_auto(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set1_curves(3ssl)
SSL_set_ex_data(3ssl) ↣ SSL_get_ex_new_index(3ssl) Internal application specific data functions.
SSL_set_fd(3ssl) Connect the SSL object with a file descriptor.
SSL_set_generate_session_id(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_generate_session_id(3ssl) Manipulate.
SSL_set_info_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_info_callback(3ssl) Handle.
SSL_set_max_cert_list(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_max_cert_list(3ssl)
SSL_set_mode(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_mode(3ssl) Manipulate SSL engine mode.
SSL_set_msg_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_msg_callback(3ssl)
SSL_set_options(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_options(3ssl)
SSL_set_psk_client_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_psk_client_callback(3ssl) Set PSK client callback.
SSL_set_psk_server_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_psk_identity_hint(3ssl)
SSL_set_quiet_shutdown(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_quiet_shutdown(3ssl)
SSL_set_read_ahead(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_read_ahead(3ssl)
SSL_set_session(3ssl) Set a TLS/SSL session to be used during TLS/SSL connect.
SSL_set_session_id_context(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_session_id_context(3ssl) Set context within which session can be reused.
SSL_set_shutdown(3ssl) Manipulate shutdown state of an SSL connection.
SSL_set_ssl_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version(3ssl) Choose a new TLS/SSL method.
SSL_set_tlsext_status_ocsp_resp(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_status_cb(3ssl)
SSL_set_tlsext_status_type(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_status_cb(3ssl)
SSL_set_tmp_dh(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callback(3ssl) Handle DH keys for.
SSL_set_tmp_dh_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callback(3ssl) Handle DH keys for.
SSL_set_tmp_rsa(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa_callback(3ssl)
SSL_set_tmp_rsa_callback(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_tmp_rsa_callback(3ssl)
SSL_set_verify(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_verify(3ssl) Set peer certificate.
SSL_set_verify_depth(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_set_verify(3ssl) Set peer certificate.
SSL_set_verify_result(3ssl) Override result of peer certificate verification.
SSL_shutdown(3ssl) Shut down a TLS/SSL connection.
SSL_state_string(3ssl) Get textual description of state of an SSL object.
SSL_state_string_long(3ssl) ↣ SSL_state_string(3ssl) Get textual description of state of an SSL object.
SSL_use_certificate(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_use_certificate_ASN1(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_use_certificate_file(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_use_PrivateKey(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_use_PrivateKey_ASN1(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_use_PrivateKey_file(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_use_psk_identity_hint(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_psk_identity_hint(3ssl)
SSL_use_RSAPrivateKey(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_use_RSAPrivateKey_ASN1(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_use_RSAPrivateKey_file(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_use_certificate(3ssl)
SSL_want(3ssl) Obtain state information.
SSL_want_nothing(3ssl) ↣ SSL_want(3ssl) Obtain state information.
SSL_want_read(3ssl) ↣ SSL_want(3ssl) Obtain state information.
SSL_want_write(3ssl) ↣ SSL_want(3ssl) Obtain state information.
SSL_want_x509_lookup(3ssl) ↣ SSL_want(3ssl) Obtain state information.
SSL_write(3ssl) Write bytes to a TLS/SSL connection.
SSLeay(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER(3ssl) Retrieve version/build information about OpenSSL library.
SSLeay_add_ssl_algorithms(3ssl) ↣ SSL_library_init(3ssl) Initialize SSL library by.
SSLeay_version(3ssl) ↣ OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER(3ssl) Retrieve version/build information about OpenSSL library.
sslect(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
SSLv23_client_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
SSLv23_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
SSLv23_server_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
SSLv2_client_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
SSLv2_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
SSLv2_server_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
SSLv3_client_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
SSLv3_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
SSLv3_server_method(3ssl) ↣ SSL_CTX_new(3ssl)
sspcon(3) ↣ sspcon.f(3)
sspev(3) ↣ sspev.f(3)
sspevd(3) ↣ sspevd.f(3)
sspevx(3) ↣ sspevx.f(3)
sspgst(3) ↣ sspgst.f(3)
sspgv(3) ↣ sspgv.f(3)
sspgvd(3) ↣ sspgvd.f(3)
sspgvx(3) ↣ sspgvx.f(3)
sspmv(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
sspr(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
sspr2(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
ssprfs(3) ↣ ssprfs.f(3)
sspsv(3) ↣ sspsv.f(3)
sspsvx(3) ↣ sspsvx.f(3)
sspt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
sspt21(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
ssptrd(3) ↣ ssptrd.f(3)
ssptrf(3) ↣ ssptrf.f(3)
ssptri(3) ↣ ssptri.f(3)
ssptrs(3) ↣ ssptrs.f(3)
sstebz(3) ↣ sstebz.f(3)
sstech(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sstect(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sstedc(3) ↣ sstedc.f(3)
sstegr(3) ↣ sstegr.f(3)
sstein(3) ↣ sstein.f(3)
sstein2(3) Compute the eigenvectors of a real symmetric tridiagonal matrix T corresponding to specified eigen‐.
sstemr(3) ↣ sstemr.f(3)
ssteqr(3) ↣ ssteqr.f(3)
ssteqr2(3) I a modified version of LAPACK routine SSTEQR.
ssterf(3) ↣ ssterf.f(3)
sstev(3) ↣ sstev.f(3)
sstevd(3) ↣ sstevd.f(3)
sstevr(3) ↣ sstevr.f(3)
sstevx(3) ↣ sstevx.f(3)
sstt21(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sstt22(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
ssvdch(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
ssvdct(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
sswap(3) ↣ single_blas_level1(3) Real.
ssxt1(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
ssycon(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssycon_rook(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssyconv(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssyequb(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssyev(3) ↣ realSYeigen(3) Real.
ssyevd(3) ↣ realSYeigen(3) Real.
ssyevr(3) ↣ realSYeigen(3) Real.
ssyevx(3) ↣ realSYeigen(3) Real.
ssygs2(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssygst(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssygv(3) ↣ realSYeigen(3) Real.
ssygvd(3) ↣ realSYeigen(3) Real.
ssygvx(3) ↣ realSYeigen(3) Real.
ssymm(3) ↣ single_blas_level3(3) Real.
ssymv(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
ssyr(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
ssyr2(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
ssyr2k(3) ↣ single_blas_level3(3) Real.
ssyrfs(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssyrfsx(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssyrk(3) ↣ single_blas_level3(3) Real.
ssysv(3) ↣ realSYsolve(3) Real.
ssysv_rook(3) ↣ realSYsolve(3) Real.
ssysvx(3) ↣ realSYsolve(3) Real.
ssysvxx(3) ↣ ssysvxx.f(3)
ssyswapr(3) ↣ realSYauxiliary(3) Real.
ssyt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
ssyt01_rook(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
ssyt21(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
ssyt22(3) ↣ single_eig(3) Real.
ssytd2(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytf2(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytf2_rook(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytrd(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytrf(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytrf_rook(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytri(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytri2(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytri2x(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytri_rook(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytrs(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytrs2(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
ssytrs_rook(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
stAbortThis(3) ↣ sttransaction(3) Simple transaction handling.
Stack(3o) Last-in first-out stacks.
stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack(3tcl) Create and manipulate stack objects.
stack_copy(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_create(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_destroy(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_is_empty(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_pop(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
stack_push(3pub) ↣ stack(3pub) Manipulate stacks.
StackTrace::Auto(3pm) A role for generating stack traces during instantiation.
STAILQ_CONCAT(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_EMPTY(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_ENTRY(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_FIRST(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_FOREACH(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_HEAD(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_INIT(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_INSERT_HEAD(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_INSERT_TAIL(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_NEXT(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_REMOVE(3) ↣ queue(3)
STAILQ_REMOVE_HEAD(3) ↣ queue(3)
standend(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
standout(3ncurses) ↣ attr(3ncurses)
stapex(3stap) Systemtap examples.
stapfuncs(3stap) Systemtap functions.
stapprobes(3stap) Systemtap probe points.
stapvars(3stap) Systemtap variables.
STAR::Checker(3pm) Perl extension for checking DataBlock objects.
STAR::DataBlock(3pm) Perl extension for handling DataBlock objects created by STAR::Parser.
STAR::Dictionary(3pm) Perl extension for handling dictionaries that were parsed from STAR compliant files.
STAR::Filter(3pm) Perl extension for filtering DataBlock objects.
STAR::Parser(3pm) Perl extension for parsing STAR compliant files (with no nested loops).
STAR::Writer(3pm) Perl extension for writing STAR::DataBlock objects as files.
Starlet(3pm) A simple, high-performance PSGI/Plack HTTP server.
Starman(3pm) High-performance preforking PSGI/Plack web server.
start_color(3ncurses) ↣ color(3ncurses)
start_color_sp(3ncurses) ↣ sp_funcs(3ncurses) Curses screen-pointer extension.
start_sound_input(3alleg4) Starts recording in the specified format. Allegro game programming library.
starting(3) Getting Started LMDB is compact, fast, powerful, and robust and implements a simplified variant of.
stAskConfirm(3) ↣ stuserio(3)
stat(3bobcat) Determines File Characteristics.
stat(3posix) Get file status.
Stat::lsMode(3pm) Format file modes like the "ls -l" command does.
StateVar(3U) State variable subject base class.
statevars(3U) State.
StateVarView(3U) State variable view base class.
statgrab(3) Get system statistics.
Static(3pm) Data package containing a static PARL.
StaticPayloadFormat(3) Static payload format objects.
statistics(3tcl) Basic statistical functions and procedures.
Statistics::Basic(3pm) A collection of very basic statistics modules.
Statistics::Basic::_OneVectorBase(3pm) Base class objects like Mean.
Statistics::Basic::_TwoVectorBase(3pm) Base class objects like Correlation.
Statistics::Basic::ComputedVector(3pm) A class for computing filtered vectors.
Statistics::Basic::Correlation(3pm) Find the correlation between two lists.
Statistics::Basic::Covariance(3pm) Find the covariance between two lists.
Statistics::Basic::LeastSquareFit(3pm) Find the least square fit for two lists.
Statistics::Basic::Mean(3pm) Find the mean of a list.
Statistics::Basic::Median(3pm) Find the median of a list.
Statistics::Basic::Mode(3pm) Find the mode of a list.
Statistics::Basic::StdDev(3pm) Find the standard deviation of a list.
Statistics::Basic::Variance(3pm) Find the variance of a list.
Statistics::Basic::Vector(3pm) A class for handling lists of numbers.
Statistics::Descriptive(3pm) Module of basic descriptive statistical functions.
Statistics::Descriptive::Smoother(3pm) Base module for smoothing statistical data.
Statistics::Descriptive::Smoother::Exponential(3pm) Implement exponential smoothing.
Statistics::Descriptive::Smoother::Weightedexponential(3pm) Implement weighted exponential smoothing.
Statistics::Distributions(3pm) Perl module for calculating critical values and upper probabilities of common.
Statistics::LineFit(3pm) Least squares line fit, weighted or unweighted.
Statistics::Lite(3pm) Small stats stuff.
Statistics::OnLine(3pm) Pure Perl implementation of the on-line algorithm to produce statistics.
Statistics::R(3pm) Perl interface with the R statistical program.
Statistics::R::Legacy(3pm) Legacy methods for Statistics::R.
Statistics::R::Win32(3pm) Helper functions for Statistics::R on MS Windows platforms.
Statistics::Test::RandomWalk(3pm) Random Walk test for random numbers.
Statistics::Test::Sequence(3pm) Sequence correlation test for random numbers. Octopussy System Stats module.
statvfs(3) Get filesystem statistics.
statvfs(3posix) Get file system information.
stbcon(3) ↣ stbcon.f(3)
stbmv(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
stbrfs(3) ↣ stbrfs.f(3)
stbsv(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
stbt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
stbt03(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
stbt05(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
stbt06(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
stbtrs(3) ↣ stbtrs.f(3)
stcall(3) Call command processor with command string.
stCallCmd(3) ↣ stcall(3) Call command processor with command string.
stCallCmdErrno(3) ↣ stcall(3) Call command processor with command string.
stCallEditor(3) ↣ stcall(3) Call command processor with command string.
stCatchSigs(3) ↣ stsignal(3) Signal handling.
stCleanup(3) ↣ stsignal(3) Signal handling.
stConvertPattern(3) ↣ ststring(3) String handling.
std(3tcl) Standard I/O, unification of stdin and stdout.
stdarg(3) Variable argument lists.
stderr(3) ↣ stdin(3) Standard I/O streams.
stderr(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
stdin(3) Standard I/O streams.
stdin(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
stdin(3posix) Standard I/O streams.
stdio(3) Standard input/output library functions.
stdiodemo(3avr) Using the standard IO facilitiesThis project illustrates how to use the standard IO facilities.
StdLabels(3o) Standard labeled libraries.
StdLabels.Array(3o) No description.
StdLabels.Bytes(3o) No description.
StdLabels.List(3o) No description.
StdLabels.String(3o) No description.
stdlog(3) Standard logging library.
stdout(3) ↣ stdin(3) Standard I/O streams.
stdout(3avr) ↣ avr_stdio(3avr) : Standard IO facilities.
stdscr(3ncurses) ↣ curses_variables(3ncurses) Curses global variables.
StencilComp(3U) Bitmap component subject, view, and PostScript external representation.
step(3clc) Returns 0.0 if x < edge, else 1.0.
step(3G) Generate a step function by comparing two values.
stest(3) ↣ c_cblat1.f(3)
stest1(3) ↣ c_cblat1.f(3)
stExit(3) ↣ stsignal(3) Signal handling.
stFindProgram(3) ↣ stcall(3) Call command processor with command string.
stfl(3) Structured terminal forms language/library.
stfsm(3) ↣ stfsm.f(3)
stftri(3) ↣ stftri.f(3)
stfttp(3) ↣ stfttp.f(3)
stfttr(3) ↣ stfttr.f(3)
stgetc(3NCARG) Gets the current value of a Streamlines parameter of type CHARACTER.
stGetFromStdin(3) ↣ stuserio(3)
stgeti(3NCARG) Gets the current value of an internal parameter of type INTEGER.
stgetr(3NCARG) Gets the current value of an internal parameter of type REAL.
stGetTermWidth(3) ↣ stuserio(3)
stgevc(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
stgex2(3) ↣ realGEauxiliary(3) Real.
stgexc(3) ↣ realGEcomputational(3) Real.
stgsen(3) ↣ stgsen.f(3)
stgsja(3) ↣ stgsja.f(3)
stgsna(3) ↣ stgsna.f(3)
stgsy2(3) ↣ realSYauxiliary(3) Real.
stgsyl(3) ↣ realSYcomputational(3) Real.
stinit(3NCARG) Performs initialization tasks required before STREAM may be called to create a streamline field flow.
stInterruptAction(3) ↣ stsignal(3) Signal handling.
stitle(3NCARG) Creates scrolled movie or video titles. It receives all input through the argument list.
stLog(3) ↣ stuserio(3)
stMessage(3) ↣ stuserio(3)
stMktime(3) ↣ sttime(3) Date and time handling.
Stone(3pm) In-memory storage for hierarchical tag/value data structures.
Stone::Cursor(3pm) Traverse tags and values of a Stone.
Stone::GB_Sequence(3pm) Specialized Access to GenBank Records.
stooop(3tcl) Object oriented extension.
stop_audio_stream(3alleg4) Destroys an audio stream when it is no longer required. Allegro game programming library.
stop_midi(3alleg4) Stops whatever music is currently playing. Allegro game programming library.
stop_sample(3alleg4) Stops a sample from playing. Allegro game programming library.
stop_sound_input(3alleg4) Stops audio recording. Allegro game programming library.
Storable(3perl) Persistence for Perl data structures. Octopussy Storage module.
storageQualifiers(3clc) The typedef, extern and static storage-class specifiers.
store(3) ↣ gdbm(3) The GNU database manager. Includes dbm and ndbm compatability. (Version 1.8.3.).
Store(3) Store volume data structures.
Store::Opaque(3pm) Opaque objects to prevent accidental Dumping or appearance in stack traces.
stparseargs(3) Parse command line arguments.
stParseArgs(3) ↣ stparseargs(3) Parse command line arguments.
stpcon(3) ↣ stpcon.f(3)
stpcpy(3) Copy a string returning a pointer to its end.
stpcpy(3posix) Copy a string and return a pointer to the end of the result.
stpmqrt(3) ↣ stpmqrt.f(3)
stpmv(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
stpncpy(3) Copy a fixed-size string, returning a pointer to its end.
stpncpy(3posix) Copy fixed length string, returning a pointer to the array end.
stpqrt(3) ↣ stpqrt.f(3)
stpqrt2(3) ↣ stpqrt2.f(3)
stprfb(3) ↣ stprfb.f(3)
stprfs(3) ↣ stprfs.f(3)
stProgramName(3) ↣ stuserio(3)
stpsv(3) ↣ single_blas_level2(3) Real.
stpt01(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
stpt02(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
stpt03(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
stpt05(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
stpt06(3) ↣ single_lin(3) Real.
stptri(3) ↣ stptri.f(3)
stptrs(3) ↣ stptrs.f(3)
stpttf(3) ↣ stpttf.f(3)
stpttr(3) ↣ stpttr.f(3)
stQuietFlag(3) ↣ stuserio(3)
stQuitAction(3) ↣ stsignal(3) Signal handling.
Str(3o) Regular expressions and high-level string processing.
str_chr(3) Find character in ASCIIZ string.
str_copy(3) Copy an ASCIIZ string.
str_diff(3) Compare two ASCIIZ strings.
str_diffn(3) Compare two ASCIIZ strings.
str_equal(3) Compare two ASCIIZ strings.
str_len(3) Find length of ASCIIZ string.
str_rchr(3) Find character in ASCIIZ string.
str_start(3) Compare prefixes of strings.
stracat(3pub) Concatenate many strings into an allocated memory block.
stralloc(3) Dynamically allocated strings.
stralloc_0(3) Append \0 to a stralloc.
stralloc_append(3) Append a character to a stralloc.
stralloc_cat(3) Append data to a stralloc.
stralloc_catb(3) Append data to a stralloc.
stralloc_catlong0(3) Append an integer to a stralloc.
stralloc_catm(3) Append string(s) to a stralloc.
stralloc_cats(3) Append data to a stralloc.
stralloc_catulong0(3) Append an integer to a stralloc.
stralloc_chomp(3) Remove trailing CR, LF or CRLF.
stralloc_chop(3) Remove and return last char.
stralloc_copy(3) Copy data into a stralloc.
stralloc_copyb(3) Copy data into a stralloc.
stralloc_copym(3) Copy string(s) to a stralloc.
stralloc_copys(3) Copy data into a stralloc.
stralloc_diff(3) Compare two strallocs.
stralloc_diffs(3) Check if string is prefix of stralloc.
stralloc_free(3) Free storage associated with a stralloc.
stralloc_init(3) Initialize a stralloc.
stralloc_ready(3) Provide space in a stralloc.
stralloc_readyplus(3) Provide space in a stralloc.
stralloc_starts(3) Check if string is prefix of stralloc.
stralloc_zero(3) Set length of stralloc to 0.
stranaxfrm(3pub) Make a string into canonical form for anagram comparison.
StrBrowser(3I) Browse and/or select items in a list.
strbuf(3) Unidata string-buffer.
strcasecmp(3) Compare two strings ignoring case.
strcasecmp(3avr) ↣ string.h(3avr)
strcasecmp(3posix) Case-insensitive string comparisons.
strcasecmp_P(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strcasecmp_PF(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strcasestr(3) ↣ strstr(3) Locate a substring.
strcasestr(3avr) ↣ string.h(3avr)
strcasestr_P(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strcat(3) Concatenate two strings.
strcat(3avr) ↣ string.h(3avr)
strcat(3posix) Concatenate two strings.
strcat_P(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strcat_PF(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strchange(3pub) Replace beginning of string with beginning of another string.
strchar.h(3) Common and portable character string related functions.
StrChooser(3I) Dialog box for choosing items in a list.
strchr(3) Locate character in string.
strchr(3avr) ↣ string.h(3avr)
strchr(3posix) String scanning operation.
strchr_P(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strchrnul(3) ↣ strchr(3) Locate character in string.
strchrnul(3avr) ↣ string.h(3avr)
strchrnul_P(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strcins(3pub) Insert a character at the beginning of a string.
strcmp(3) Compare two strings.
strcmp(3avr) ↣ string.h(3avr)
strcmp(3posix) Compare two strings.
strcmp_P(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strcmp_PF(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strcodes(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo_variables(3ncurses)
strcoll(3) Compare two strings using the current locale.
strcoll(3posix) String comparison using collating information.
strcon(3) ↣ strcon.f(3)
strcpy(3) Copy a string.
strcpy(3avr) ↣ string.h(3avr)
strcpy(3posix) Copy a string and return a pointer to the end of the result.
strcpy_P(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strcpy_PF(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strcspn(3) ↣ strspn(3) Get length of a prefix substring.
strcspn(3avr) ↣ string.h(3avr)
strcspn(3posix) Get the length of a complementary substring.
strcspn_P(3avr) ↣ pgmspace.h(3avr)
strcstr(3pub) Convert memory block to printable C string notation.
strdel(3pub) Delete characters from beginning of string.
strdiff(3pub) Locate first difference between two strings.
strdup(3) Duplicate a string.
strdup(3avr) ↣ avr_string(3avr) : Strings.
strdup(3posix) Duplicate a specific number of bytes from a string.
strdupa(3) ↣ strdup(3) Duplicate a string.
stream(3NCARG) Plots a streamline representation of field flow data, based on conditions established by STINIT and.
Stream(3o) Streams and parsers.
Stream::Buffered(3pm) Temporary buffer to save bytes.
streaming-bson(3) None.
streamlines(3NCARG) Utility for plotting a streamline representation of field flow data given two arrays containing.
streamlines_params(3NCARG) This document briefly describes all Streamlines internal parameters.
stRegisterFile(3) ↣ sttmpfiles(3) Temporary files handling.
strend(3pub) Return pointer to the terminating '\0' of a string.
strendzap(3pub) Remove pattern from end of str, if it is there.
strequate(3) Map a list of characters to the same value.
streqvcmp(3) Compare two strings with an equivalence mapping.
streqvmap(3) Set the character mappings for the streqv functions.
strerror(3) Return string describing error number.
strerror(3posix) Get error message string.
strerror_r(3) ↣ strerror(3) Return string describing error number.
stretch_blit(3alleg4) Scales a rectangular area from one bitmap to another. Allegro game programming library.
stretch_sprite(3alleg4) Stretches a sprite to the destination bitmap. Allegro game programming library.
StretchTool(3U) Tool for rotating components.
strevc(3) ↣ strevc.f(3)
strexc(3) ↣ strexc.f(3)
strfmon(3) Convert monetary value to a string.
strfmon(3posix) Convert monetary value to a string.
strfmon_l(3) ↣ strfmon(3) Convert monetary value to a string.
strfnames(3ncurses) ↣ terminfo_variables(3ncurses)
strfry(3) Randomize a string.
strfry(3fun) String operation.
strftime(3) Format date and time.
strftime(3posix) Convert date and time to a string.
strgsub(3pub) Substitute all occurrences of pattern with another string.
strhash(3pub) Hash function for strings.
strict(3perl) Perl pragma to restrict unsafe constructs.
strictures(3pm) Turn on strict and make most warnings fatal.
strictures::extra(3pm) Enable or disable strictures additional checks.
string(3bobcat) Several operations on std::string objects.
string(3erl) String Processing Functions.
String(3o) String operations.
string(3tcl) Manipulate strings.
string.h(3) Common C++ generic string class.
String::Approx(3pm) Perl extension for approximate matching (fuzzy matching).
String::BufferStack(3pm) Nested buffers for templating systems.
String::CamelCase(3pm) Camelcase, de-camelcase.
String::Compare::ConstantTime(3pm) Timing side-channel protected string compare.
String::CRC32(3pm) Perl interface for cyclic redundency check generation.
String::CRC::Cksum(3pm) Perl extension for calculating checksums in a manner compatible with the POSIX cksum.
String::Diff(3pm) Simple diff to String.
String::Dirify(3pm) Convert a string into a directory name.
String::Errf(3pm) A simple sprintf-like dialect.
String::Escape(3pm) Backslash escapes, quoted phrase, word elision, etc.
String::Expand(3pm) String utility functions for expanding variables in self-referential sets.
String::Flogger(3pm) String munging for loggers.
String::Format(3pm) Sprintf-like string formatting capabilities with arbitrary format definitions.
String::Formatter(3pm) Build sprintf-like functions of your own.
String::Formatter::Cookbook(3pm) Ways to put String::Formatter to use.
String::Glob::Permute(3pm) Expand {foo,bar,baz}[2-4] style string globs.
String::HexConvert(3pm) Converts ascii strings to hex and reverse.
String::Koremutake(3pm) Convert to/from Koremutake Memorable Random Strings.
String::MkPasswd(3pm) Random password generator.
String::Parity(3pm) Parity (odd/even/mark/space) handling functions.
String::Print(3pm) Printf alternative.
String::Random(3pm) Perl module to generate random strings based on a pattern.
String::RewritePrefix(3pm) Rewrite strings based on a set of known prefixes.
String::ShellQuote(3pm) Quote strings for passing through the shell.
String::Similarity(3pm) Calculate the similarity of two strings.
String::ToIdentifier::EN(3pm) Convert Strings to English Program Identifiers.
String::ToIdentifier::EN::Unicode(3pm) Convert Strings to Unicode English Program Identifiers.
String::Tokenizer(3pm) A simple string tokenizer.
String::Trim::More(3pm) Various string trimming utilities.
String::Truncate(3pm) A module for when strings are too long to be displayed in...
String::TT(3pm) Use TT to interpolate lexical variables.
string_to_av_perm(3) ↣ security_class_to_string(3)
string_to_security_class(3) ↣ security_class_to_string(3)
StringEditor(3I) Single line interactive string editor.
StringLabels(3o) String operations.
stringline(3bobcat) Extracting lines using operator>>.
stringlist(3) Stringlist manipulation functions.
stringprep(3) API function.
stringprep(3tcl) Implementation of stringprep.
stringprep_4i(3) API function.
stringprep_4zi(3) API function.
stringprep_check_version(3) API function.