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Section 4. Special files. Range (M - Q).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
m-acr(4) ACR/NEMA medical image format (MedCon).
m-anlz(4) Analyze (SPM) medical image format (MedCon).
m-ecat(4) CTI ECAT 6/7 medical image format (MedCon).
m-gif(4) GIF87a and annimated GIF89a format (MedCon).
m-intf(4) InterFile 3.3 medical image format (MedCon).
m-inw(4) RUG INW1.0 medical image format (MedCon).
mac(4freebsd) Mandatory Access Control.
mac_biba(4freebsd) Biba data integrity policy.
mac_bsdextended(4freebsd) File system firewall policy.
mac_ifoff(4freebsd) Interface silencing policy.
mac_lomac(4freebsd) Low-watermark Mandatory Access Control data integrity policy.
mac_mls(4freebsd) Multi-Level Security confidentiality policy.
mac_none(4freebsd) Null MAC policy module.
mac_partition(4freebsd) Process partition policy.
mac_portacl(4freebsd) Network port access control policy.
mac_seeotheruids(4freebsd) Simple policy controlling whether users see other users.
mac_stub(4freebsd) MAC policy stub module.
mac_test(4freebsd) MAC framework testing policy.
malo(4freebsd) Marvell Libertas IEEE 802.11b/g wireless network driver.
mcd(4freebsd) Mitsumi CD-ROM driver.
mce(4freebsd) Mellanox ConnectX-4 and ConnectX-4 LX based 100Gb, 50Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb and 10Gb Ethernet adapter driver.
md(4) Multiple Device driver aka Linux Software RAID.
md(4freebsd) Memory disk.
mdio(4freebsd) IEEE 802.3 Management Data Input/Output interface.
me(4freebsd) Encapsulating network device.
mem(4) System memory, kernel memory and system ports.
mem(4freebsd) Memory files.
meteor(4freebsd) Video capture driver interface.
mfi(4freebsd) LSI MegaRAID SAS driver.
mfi_linux(4freebsd) LSI MegaRAID SAS driver.
mfip(4freebsd) LSI MegaRAID SAS driver.
mgettydefs(4) Speed and terminal settings used by mgetty.
miff(4) Magick Image File Format.
miibus(4freebsd) IEEE 802.3 Media Independent Interface network bus.
mk48txx(4freebsd) Mostek time-of-day clock driver.
mld(4freebsd) Multicast Listener Discovery Protocol.
mlx(4freebsd) Mylex DAC-family RAID driver.
mlx4en(4freebsd) Mellanox ConnectX-3 10GbE/40GbE network adapter driver.
mlx5en(4freebsd) Mellanox ConnectX-4 and ConnectX-4 LX based 100Gb, 50Gb, 40Gb, 25Gb and 10Gb Ethernet adapter driver.
mly(4freebsd) Mylex AcceleRAID/eXtremeRAID family driver.
mmc(4freebsd) MultiMediaCard and SD Card bus driver.
mmcsd(4freebsd) MMC and SD memory card driver.
mn(4freebsd) Siemens Easy321-R1 E1/T1 device driver.
mod_cc(4freebsd) Modular congestion control.
modesetting(4) Video driver for framebuffer device.
modulefile(4) Files containing Tcl code for the Modules package.
modulefile-compat(4) Files containing Tcl code for the Modules package.
mos(4freebsd) Moschip MCS7730/MCS7830/MCS7832 USB Ethernet driver.
mouse(4) Serial mouse interface.
mouse(4freebsd) Mouse and pointing device drivers.
mousedrv(4) Xorg mouse input driver.
mpr(4freebsd) LSI Fusion-MPT 3/3.5 IT/IR 12Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI/SATA/PCIe driver.
mps(4freebsd) LSI Fusion-MPT 2 IT/IR 6Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI/SATA driver.
mpt(4freebsd) LSI Fusion-MPT SCSI/Fibre Channel driver.
mrsas(4freebsd) LSI MegaRAID 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s SAS+SATA RAID controller driver.
mse(4freebsd) Bus and InPort mice driver.
msk(4freebsd) Marvell/SysKonnect Yukon II Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver.
msr(4) X86 CPU MSR access device.
mtio(4freebsd) FreeBSD magtape interface.
multicast(4freebsd) Multicast Routing.
mutouch(4) Microtouch input driver.
mvs(4freebsd) Marvell Serial ATA Host Controller driver.
mwl(4freebsd) Marvell 88W8363 IEEE 802.11n wireless network driver.
mwlfw(4freebsd) Firmware Module for Marvell 88W8363 Wireless driver.
mwmrc(4) The Motif Window Manager Resource Description File.
mxge(4freebsd) Myricom Myri10GE 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver.
my(4freebsd) Myson Technology Ethernet PCI driver.
nand(4freebsd) NAND Flash framework.
nandsim(4freebsd) NAND Flash simulator driver.
natm(4freebsd) Native Mode ATM protocol layer.
natmip(4freebsd) IP over ATM PVCs.
ncr(4freebsd) NCR 53C8xx SCSI driver.
ncv(4freebsd) NCR 53C500 based SCSI host adapter driver.
ndis(4freebsd) NDIS miniport driver wrapper.
neomagic(4) Neomagic video driver.
net(4freebsd) Introduction to networking facilities.
net80211(4freebsd) Standard interface to IEEE 802.11 devices.
netfpga10g_nf10bmac(4freebsd) Driver for the NetFPGA-10G Embedded CPU Ethernet Core.
netgraph(4freebsd) Graph based kernel networking subsystem.
netintro(4freebsd) Introduction to networking facilities.
netmap(4freebsd) A framework for fast packet I/O.
netrom(4) NET/ROM amateur packet radio protocol family.
networking(4freebsd) Introduction to networking facilities.
nfe(4freebsd) NVIDIA nForce MCP Ethernet driver.
nfsmb(4freebsd) NVIDIA nForce2/3/4 SMBus 2.0 controller driver.
nfsv4(4freebsd) NFS Version 4 Protocol.
ng_async(4freebsd) Asynchronous framing netgraph node type.
ng_atm(4freebsd) Netgraph ATM node type.
ng_atmllc(4freebsd) ATM LLC netgraph node type.
ng_bluetooth(4freebsd) Placeholder for global Bluetooth variables.
ng_bpf(4freebsd) Berkeley packet filter netgraph node type.
ng_bridge(4freebsd) Ethernet bridging netgraph node type.
ng_bt3c(4freebsd) Netgraph node type that is also a 3Com Bluetooth PC card driver.
ng_btsocket(4freebsd) Bluetooth sockets layer.
ng_car(4freebsd) Committed Access Rate netgraph node type.
ng_ccatm(4freebsd) ATM Call Control netgraph node type.
ng_cisco(4freebsd) Cisco HDLC protocol netgraph node type.
ng_deflate(4freebsd) Deflate PPP compression (RFC 1979) netgraph node type.
ng_device(4freebsd) Device netgraph node type.
ng_echo(4freebsd) Netgraph echo node type.
ng_eiface(4freebsd) Generic Ethernet interface netgraph node type.
ng_etf(4freebsd) Ethertype filtering netgraph node type.
ng_ether(4freebsd) Ethernet netgraph node type.
ng_ether_echo(4freebsd) Netgraph ether_echo node type.
ng_frame_relay(4freebsd) Frame relay netgraph node type.
ng_gif(4freebsd) Generic tunnel interface netgraph node type.
ng_gif_demux(4freebsd) Demultiplexer for packets from ng_gif(4) nodes.
ng_h4(4freebsd) Netgraph node type that is also an H4 line discipline.
ng_hci(4freebsd) Netgraph node type that is also a Bluetooth Host Controller Interface (HCI) layer.
ng_hole(4freebsd) Netgraph discard node type.
ng_hub(4freebsd) Packet distribution netgraph node type.
ng_iface(4freebsd) Interface netgraph node type.
ng_ip_input(4freebsd) Netgraph IP input node type.
ng_ipfw(4freebsd) Interface between netgraph and IP firewall.
ng_ksocket(4freebsd) Kernel socket netgraph node type.
ng_l2cap(4freebsd) Netgraph node type that implements Bluetooth Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP).
ng_l2tp(4freebsd) L2TP protocol netgraph node type.
ng_lmi(4freebsd) Frame relay LMI protocol netgraph node type.
ng_mppc(4freebsd) Microsoft MPPC/MPPE compression and encryption netgraph node type.
ng_nat(4freebsd) NAT netgraph node type.
ng_netflow(4freebsd) Cisco's NetFlow implementation.
ng_one2many(4freebsd) Packet multiplexing netgraph node type.
ng_patch(4freebsd) Trivial mbuf data modifying netgraph node type.
ng_ppp(4freebsd) PPP protocol netgraph node type.
ng_pppoe(4freebsd) RFC 2516 PPPoE protocol netgraph node type.
ng_pptpgre(4freebsd) PPTP GRE protocol netgraph node type.
ng_pred1(4freebsd) Predictor-1 PPP compression (RFC 1978) netgraph node type.
ng_rfc1490(4freebsd) RFC 1490 netgraph node type.
ng_socket(4freebsd) Netgraph socket node type.
ng_source(4freebsd) Netgraph node for traffic generation.
ng_split(4freebsd) Netgraph node to separate incoming and outgoing flows.
ng_sppp(4freebsd) Sppp netgraph node type.
ng_sscfu(4freebsd) Netgraph SSCF at the UNI node type.
ng_sscop(4freebsd) Netgraph SSCOP node type.
ng_tag(4freebsd) Mbuf tags manipulating netgraph node type.
ng_tcpmss(4freebsd) Netgraph node to adjust TCP MSS option.
ng_tee(4freebsd) Netgraph ``tee'' node type.
ng_tty(4freebsd) Netgraph node type that is also a TTY hook.
ng_ubt(4freebsd) Netgraph node type that is also a driver for Bluetooth USB devices.
ng_UI(4freebsd) UI netgraph node type.
ng_uni(4freebsd) Netgraph UNI node type.
ng_vjc(4freebsd) Van Jacobson compression netgraph node type.
ng_vlan(4freebsd) IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging netgraph node type.
ngatmbase(4freebsd) Netgraph ATM utility module.
nge(4freebsd) National Semiconductor PCI Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver.
nmdm(4freebsd) Nullmodem terminal driver.
nouveau(4) NVIDIA video driver.
npx(4freebsd) Numeric Processing Extension coprocessor.
nsp(4freebsd) Workbit Ninja SCSI-3 based PC-Card SCSI host adapter driver.
null(4) Data sink.
null(4freebsd) The null device.
numa(4freebsd) Non-Uniform Memory Access.
nvd(4freebsd) NVM Express disk driver.
nvme(4freebsd) NVM Express core driver.
nvram(4freebsd) Non-volatile RAM.
nxge(4freebsd) Neterion Xframe 10GbE Server/Storage adapter driver.
oce(4freebsd) Device driver for Emulex OneConnect 10Gb network adapters.
ohci(4freebsd) OHCI USB Host Controller driver.
onewire(4freebsd) Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire bus.
openchrome(4) Video driver for VIA Unichromes.
opie(4freebsd) One-time Passwords In Everything.
orm(4freebsd) ISA I/O space option ROM(s) driver.
otus(4freebsd) Atheros AR9170 USB IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n wireless network device.
otusfw(4freebsd) Firmware Module for AR9170 driver.
ow(4freebsd) Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire bus.
ow_temp(4freebsd) Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Temperature sensor.
owc(4freebsd) Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Controller.
padlock(4freebsd) Driver for the cryptographic functions and RNG in VIA C3, C7 and Eden processors.
PAE(4freebsd) Physical Address Extensions.
pae(4freebsd) Physical Address Extensions.
pass(4freebsd) CAM application passthrough driver.
patm(4freebsd) Device driver for IDT77252 based ATM interfaces (ProSum and IDT).
pbio(4freebsd) 8255 parallel peripheral interface basic I/O driver.
pccard(4freebsd) PC Card bus driver.
pccbb(4freebsd) Cardbus bridge driver.
pcf(4freebsd) Philips I2C bus controller.
pci(4freebsd) Generic PCI bus driver.
pcib(4freebsd) PCI bridge driver.
pcic(4freebsd) PC Card bridge driver.
pcm(4freebsd) FreeBSD PCM audio device infrastructure.
pcn(4freebsd) AMD PCnet/PCI Fast Ethernet device driver.
pdb(4) (Pilot Database) file format.
perfmon(4freebsd) CPU performance-monitoring interface.
pf(4freebsd) Packet filter.
pflog(4freebsd) Packet filter logging interface.
pfsync(4freebsd) Packet filter state table sychronisation interface.
pim(4freebsd) Protocol Independent Multicast.
plan(4) Database file of plan(1).
plip(4freebsd) Printer port Internet Protocol driver.
pms(4freebsd) PMC-Sierra PM8001/8081/8088/8089/8074/8076/8077 SAS/SATA HBA Controller driver.
pmspcv(4freebsd) PMC-Sierra PM8001/8081/8088/8089/8074/8076/8077 SAS/SATA HBA Controller driver.
pnp(4freebsd) Support for “Plug and Play” (PnP) ISA devices.
pnpbios(4freebsd) Support for embedded devices on the motherboard.
polling(4freebsd) Device polling support.
port(4) ↣ mem(4) System memory, kernel memory and system ports.
ppbus(4freebsd) Parallel Port Bus system.
ppc(4freebsd) Parallel Port Chipset driver.
ppi(4freebsd) User-space interface to ppbus parallel 'geek' port.
procdesc(4freebsd) Process descriptor facility.
proto(4freebsd) Generic prototyping and diagnostics driver.
psm(4freebsd) PS/2 mouse style pointing device driver.
pst(4freebsd) Device driver for Promise Supertrak SX6000.
pt(4freebsd) SCSI processor type driver.
ptmx(4) ↣ pts(4) Pseudoterminal master and slave.
pts(4) Pseudoterminal master and slave.
pts(4freebsd) Pseudo-terminal driver.
pty(4freebsd) BSD-style and System V-style compatibility pseudo-terminal driver.
puc(4freebsd) PCI “Universal” Communications driver.
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