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Section 5. File formats. Range (A - D).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
abookrc(5) Configuration file for abook address book program.
access(5) Postfix SMTP server access table.
access.conf(5) The login access control table file.
account-server.conf(5) Configuration file for the openstack-swift account server.
acct(5) Process accounting file.
acct_gather.conf(5) Slurm configuration file for the acct_gather plugins.
acct_users(5) User accounting file for the FreeRADIUS server.
acheck(5) Acheck configuration file.
acheck-rules(5) Rules set for acheck.
acl(5) Access Control Lists.
acsrc(5) Aggregate Custody Signal management commands file.
active(5) List of newsgroups carried by the server.
active.times(5) List of local creation times of newsgroups.
addresses(5) Formats for Internet mail addresses.
adduser.conf(5) Configuration file for adduser(8) and addgroup(8).
aecattr(5) Aegis change attributes file.
aecstate(5) Aegis change state file.
aedir(5) Aegis directory structures.
aefattr(5) Aegis file attribute file format.
aefstate(5) Aegis file state file.
aegis(5) Meta-data file format.
aegstate(5) Aegis global state file.
aelock(5) How locking works, and which commands use them.
aemetrics(5) Metrics values file format.
aepattr(5) Aegis project attribute file.
aepconf(5) Aegis project configuration file.
aepstate(5) Aegis project state file.
aer(5) Aegis report script language definition.
aerptidx(5) Aegis report index file format.
aesub(5) Aegis command substitutions.
aetest(5) Aegis test results file format.
aeuconf(5) User configuration file.
aeustate(5) Aegis user state file.
aewan(5) File format documentation.
afp_ldap.conf(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to configure a LDAP connection to an LDAP server. That is.
afp_signature.conf(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to specify server signature.
afp_voluuid.conf(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to specify UUID for Time Machine volume.
afpd.conf(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the setup of its file sharing services.
afs(5) Introduction to AFS files.
afs_cache(5) Format of data stored in an AFS client disk cache.
afs_volume_header(5) Represents an AFS volume.
afsmonitor(5) Provides instructions for the afsmonitor command. Error message catalog for debugging the Cache Manager.
aide.conf(5) The configuration file for Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment.
al(5) Alliance logical format.
alerts.cfg(5) Configuration for for xymond_alert module.
aliases(5) Postfix local alias database format.
aliases.sendmail(5) Aliases file for sendmail.
alifmt(5) Aligned sequences formats.
amanda-archive-format(5) Format of amanda archive streams.
amanda-client.conf(5) Client configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk.
amanda.conf(5) Main configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver.
amd.conf(5) Amd configuration file.
american-english(5) A list of English words.
american-english-huge(5) A list of English words.
american-english-insane(5) A list of English words.
american-english-large(5) A list of English words.
american-english-small(5) A list of English words.
ample.conf(5) Configuration file for Ample.
ample.html(5) Html template for Ample.
amsrc(5) CCSDS Asynchronous Message Service MIB initialization file.
amsxml(5) CCSDS Asynchronous Message Service MIB initialization XML file.
anacrontab(5) Monotonic jobs.
analysis.cfg(5) Configuration file for the xymond_client module.
and.conf(5) General configuration parameters for the auto nice daemon.
and.priorities(5) Priority database for the auto nice daemon.
ap(5) Alliance physical format.
app(5) Application resource file.
apparmor.d(5) Syntax of security profiles for AppArmor.
apparmor.vim(5) Vim syntax highlighting file for AppArmor profiles.
AppleVolumes(5) ↣ AppleVolumes.default(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the.
AppleVolumes.default(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the.
AppleVolumes.system(5) ↣ AppleVolumes.default(5) Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the.
approx.conf(5) Configuration file for approx proxy server.
appschema(5) LAM application schema format.
appup(5) Application upgrade file.
apsfilterrc(5) Configuration file for magic print filter.
apt-cudf.conf(5) Configuration file for apt-cudf.
apt-dater.xml(5) Configuration file of apt-dater(8).
apt-p2p.conf(5) Configuration file for apt-p2p.conf.
apt.conf(5) Configuration file for APT.
apt_preferences(5) Preference control file for APT.
arc.conf(5) ARC configuration.
argus(5) IP Network Auditing Facility.
argus.conf(5) Argus resource file.
asmailrc(5) The asmail resource file.
asmtpd.conf(5) Avenger SMTP Daemon configuration file.
at.allow(5) Determine who can submit jobs via at or batch.
at.deny(5) ↣ at.allow(5) Determine who can submit jobs via at or batch.
atalkd.conf(5) Configuration file used by atalkd(8) to determine the interfaces used by the master Netatalk.
atoprc(5) Atop/atopsar related rcfile.
attr(5) Extended attributes.
audiotools.cfg(5) Configuration data for Python Audio Tools.
audisp-prelude.conf(5) The audisp-prelude configuration file.
audisp-remote.conf(5) The audisp-remote configuration file.
audispd.conf(5) The audit event dispatcher configuration file.
auditd.conf(5) Audit daemon configuration file.
aufs(5) Advanced multi layered unification filesystem. version 4.x-rcN-20160111.
ausearch-expression(5) Audit search expression format.
authkeys(5) Authentication file for the Heartbeat cluster messaging layer.
auto.master(5) Master Map for automounter.
autofs(5) Format of the automounter maps.
autofs_ldap_auth.conf(5) Autofs LDAP authentication configuration.
autolog.conf(5) Configuration file for the autolog command.
automx.conf(5) Automx configuration parameters.
automx_ldap(5) Automx LDAP backend configuration parameters.
automx_script(5) Automx script backend configuration parameters.
automx_sql(5) Automx SQL backend configuration parameters.
avahi-daemon.conf(5) Avahi-daemon configuration file.
avahi.hosts(5) Avahi-daemon static host name file.
avahi.service(5) Avahi-daemon static service file.
avgrc(5) Avg configuration file.
awayrc(5) Configuration file for Away.
awesomerc(5) Configuration file for the awesome window manager.
awffull.conf(5) A Webalizer Fork, Full o' features.
ax25d.conf(5) Ax25d configuration file.
ax25ipd.conf(5) Control the operation of ax25ipd.
ax25mond.conf(5) Specify the sockets which axcall will provide.
ax25rtd.conf(5) Ax25 routing daemon configuration file.
axmail.conf(5) A powerful but simple SMTP plugin for URONode.
axports(5) AX.25 port configuration file.
axspawn.conf(5) Control the operation of axspawn.
backup.d(5) Action configuration files for backupninja(1).
BackupLog(5) Traces Backup Server operations.
backupninja.conf(5) Configuration file(s) for backupninja (1).
bandwidthd.conf(5) Configuration file for bandwidthd.
barman(1) Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL.
barman(5) Backup and recovery manager for PostgreSQL.
battery-stats(5) Collected battery statistics.
bbackupd.conf(5) Box Backup client daemon configuration file.
bbstored.conf(5) Box Backup store daemon configuration file.
bcfg2-lint.conf(5) Configuration parameters for bcfg2-lint.
bcfg2.conf(5) Configuration parameters for Bcfg2.
bcrontab(5) Tables for driving bcron.
bdb.DB0(5) Contain the Backup Database and associated log.
beetsconfig(5) Beets configuration file.
bhost(5) LAM boot schema (host file) format.
bilibop.conf(5) Configuration file of bilibop packages.
binfmt.d(5) Configure additional binary formats for executables at boot.
bip.conf(5) Configuration file for BIP IRC Proxy.
bitlbee.conf(5) Configuration file for bitlbee(8).
bitz-server.conf(5) Bitz-server configuration file.
bld.conf(5) Configuration file for BLD.
bld_acl.conf(5) Access lists for BLD.
bld_whitelist.conf(5) White lists for BLD.
blinkenlights.conf(5) Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools B.
bnetd.conf(5) Configuration for the Unix daemon.
bntext(5) Messages for the Unix daemon.
bochsrc(5) Configuration file for Bochs.
booleans(5) The SELinux booleans configuration files.
bootcd2disk.conf(5) Configuration file for bootcd2disk.
bootcdbackup.conf(5) Configuration file for bootcdbackup.
bootcdwrite.conf(5) Configuration file for bootcdwrite.
bootchart.conf(5) Boot performance analysis graphing tool configuration files.
bootchart.conf.d(5) ↣ bootchart.conf(5) Boot performance analysis graphing tool configuration files.
bootparams(5) Boot parameter database.
bootptab(5) Internet Bootstrap Protocol server database.
BosConfig(5) Defines server processes for the BOS Server to monitor.
BosLog(5) Traces BOS Server operations.
bounce(5) Postfix bounce message template format.
bprc(5) Bundle Protocol management commands file.
bpython-config(5) User configuration file for bpython.
bpython3-config(5) User configuration file for bpython.
bridge-utils-interfaces(5) Bridge-utils extensions for the interfaces(5) file format.
british-english(5) A list of English words.
british-english-huge(5) A list of English words.
british-english-insane(5) A list of English words.
british-english-large(5) A list of English words.
british-english-small(5) A list of English words.
bssprc(5) Bundle Streaming Service Protocol management commands file.
bssrc(5) IPN scheme configuration commands file adapted for Bundle Streaming Service.
btrbk.conf(5) Btrbk configuration file.
btrfs(5) Topics about the BTRFS filesystem (mount options, supported file attributes and other).
buffindexed.conf(5) Configuration for the buffindexed overview method.
build.xml(5) Configuration file used by Apache Ant to build projects.
buildd.conf(5) Configuration file for buildd.
butc(5) Defines Tape Coordinator instructions for automated tape devices.
butc_logs(5) Message logs from the Tape Coordinator process.
bwctld.conf(5) Bandwidth Control daemon configuration file.
bwctld.keys(5) Bandwidth Control Daemon AES keyfile database.
bwctld.limits(5) Bandwidth Control daemon policy configuration file.
bwctlrc(5) Bandwidth Control configuration file.
byteprefix(5) Configuration for display of sizes.
bzw(5) BZFlag world file format.
cache.config(5) The cache.config file (by default, located in /usr/local/etc/trafficserver/) defines how Traf‐.
cachefilesd.conf(5) Local file caching configuration file.
cacheinfo(5) Defines configuration parameters for the Cache Manager.
calife.auth(5) Format of the calife authorization file.
callerid.conf(5) Config file for isdnlog numbers and scripts.
canadian-english(5) A list of English words.
canadian-english-huge(5) A list of English words.
canadian-english-insane(5) A list of English words.
canadian-english-large(5) A list of English words.
canadian-english-small(5) A list of English words.
canonical(5) Postfix canonical table format.
capability.conf(5) Configuration file for the pam_cap module.
catal(5) Catalog file format.
cdb(5) Constant DataBase file format.
cdde.xml(5) Configuration file for cdde.
CellAlias(5) Maps cell names to aliases in /afs.
CellServDB(5) Lists the database server machines in AFS cells.
certmonger.conf(5) Configuration file for certmonger.
cfdprc(5) CCSDS File Delivery Protocol management commands file.
cfingerd.conf(5) Configurable finger daemon configuration file.
cfingerd.text(5) Cfingerd text rules.
cgconfig.conf(5) Libcgroup configuration file.
cgi(5) Common Gateway Interface.
cgioptions.cfg(5) Command-line parameters for the Xymon CGI tools.
cgitrc(5) Runtime configuration for cgit.
cgred.conf(5) Libcgroup configuration file.
cgroup.conf(5) Slurm configuration file for the cgroup support.
cgrules.conf(5) Libcgroup configuration file.
charmap(5) Character set description file.
chocolate-doom.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chocolate-heretic.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chocolate-hexen.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chocolate-strife.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
chrony.conf(5) Chronyd configuration file.
cidr_table(5) Format of Postfix CIDR tables.
clamav-milter.conf(5) Configuration file for clamav-milter.
clamd.conf(5) Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus Daemon.
clamsmtpd.conf(5) The configuration file for clamsmtpd(8).
classes.conf(5) Class configuration file for cups.
cliapp(5) Config file and option conventions for Python command line framework.
client-ini(5) Ubuntu System Image Upgrader configuration files.
client-local.cfg(5) Local configuration settings for Xymon clients.
client.conf(5) Client configuration file for cups (deprecated).
clientlaunch.cfg(5) Task definitions for the xymonlaunch utility.
clients.conf(5) FreeRADIUS client configuration.
cloginrc(5) Clogin configuration file.
clush.conf(5) Configuration file for clush.
cmap(5) Format of .cmap files (color maps).
cmtab(5) Static information about filesystems managed by cryptmount.
cntlist(5WN) File listing number of times each tagged sense occurs in a semantic concordance, sorted most to.
cockpit.conf(5) Cockpit configuration file.
collectd-email(5) Documentation of collectd's "email plugin".
collectd-exec(5) Documentation of collectd's "exec plugin".
collectd-java(5) Documentation of collectd's "java plugin".
collectd-perl(5) Documentation of collectd's "perl plugin".
collectd-python(5) Documentation of collectd's "python plugin".
collectd-snmp(5) Documentation of collectd's "snmp plugin".
collectd-threshold(5) Documentation of collectd's Threshold plugin.
collectd-unixsock(5) Documentation of collectd's "unixsock plugin".
collectd.conf(5) Configuration for the system statistics collection daemon collectd.
colorgccrc(5) Configuration file for colorgcc.
combo.cfg(5) Configuration of combostatus tool.
Compose(5) X client mappings for multi-key input sequences.
conf(5) LAM node process schema.
config(5) Configuration file.
config(5ssl) OpenSSL CONF library configuration files.
configure.acr(5) Configuration script for ACR.
configure.amr(5) Configuration file for AMR.
congestion.config(5) Traffic Server congestion control configuration file.
conman.conf(5) ConMan daemon configuration file.
connman.conf(5) ConnMan configuration file. Console configuration file for conserver(8).
conserver.passwd(5) User access information for conserver(8).
console-log.conf(5) Main configuration file for console-log.
console-setup(5) Configuration file for setupcon.
CONSTANTS(5) Constants for LAM Fortran programming.
container-server.conf(5) Configuration file for the openstack-swift container server.
control.ctl(5) Specify handling of Usenet control messages.
core(5) Core dump file.
coredump.conf(5) Coredump storage configuration files.
coredump.conf.d(5) ↣ coredump.conf(5) Coredump storage configuration files.
corosync.conf(5) Corosync executive configuration file.
corosync.xml(5) XML version of corosync executive configuration file.
cpio(5) Format of cpio archive files.
cpm(5) CP/M disk and file system format.
cpu.conf(5) Cpu configuration file.
cpufreqd.conf(5) Configuration file for cpufreqd(1).
craftyrc(5) Run control for crafty(6).
cray.conf(5) Slurm configuration file for the Cray-specific information.
critical.cfg(5) Configuration of the showgraph CGI.
crontab(5) Tables for driving systemd-cron.
crypttab(5) Static information about encrypted filesystems.
csv1(5) Format of the csv1 zone file that MaraDNS uses.
csv2(5) Description of the csv2 zone file that MaraDNS uses.
csv2_txt(5) Description of txt and raw resource records in the csv2 zone file.
ctdbd.conf(5) CTDB daemon configuration file.
ctid.conf(5) Configuration file for an OpenVZ container.
ctl(5) Control Temporal Logic file format.
cups-browsed.conf(5) Server configuration file for cups-browsed.
cups-files.conf(5) File and directory configuration file for cups.
cups-snmp.conf(5) Snmp configuration file for cups.
cupsd-logs(5) Cupsd log files (access_log, error_log, and page_log).
cupsd.conf(5) Server configuration file for cups.
cupt.conf(5) Configuration file for Cupt.
cupt_vs_apt(5) Overview of things Cupt and APT differ in.
customizable_types(5) The SELinux customizable types configuration file.
cvs(5) Concurrent Versions System support files.
cvs-autoreleasedeb.conf(5) Configuration for cvs-autoreleasedeb.
cvsd.conf(5) Configuration file for cvsd.
cvsdeb.conf(5) Site-wide configuration file for cvs-buildpackage and friends.
cvsgraph.conf(5) CVS/RCS repository grapher configuration.
cwmrc(5) Calm window manager configuration file.
cycbuff.conf(5) Configuration file for INN CNFS storage method.
cyclades-devices(5) Tables for driving cyclades-serial-client.
cyrus.conf(5) Cyrus configuration file.
dacs.acls(5) DACS access control rules.
dacs.conf(5) DACS configuration files and directives.
dacs.exprs(5) DACS expression language.
dacs.groups(5) DACS groups.
dacs.nat(5) Notice Acknowledgement Token specification.
dacs.vfs(5) The DACS virtual filestore.
dante.conf(5) Socks client configuration file syntax.
danted.conf(5) Dante server configuration file syntax.
darkice.cfg(5) Configuration file for darkice.
dat.conf(5) Configuration file for static registration of user-level DAT rdma providers.
databases(5) The known set of GNATS databases.
davfs2.conf(5) Configuration file for mount.davfs.
dbconfig(5) GNATS database configuration file.
ddtcrc(5) Ddtc script configuration file.
deb(5) Debian binary package format.
deb-control(5) Debian packages' master control file format.
deb-extra-override(5) Debian archive extra override file.
deb-old(5) Old style Debian binary package format.
deb-origin(5) Vendor-specific information files.
deb-override(5) Debian archive override file.
deb-shlibs(5) Debian shared library information file.
deb-split(5) Debian multi-part binary package format.
deb-src-control(5) Debian source packages' master control file format.
deb-substvars(5) Debian source substitution variables.
deb-symbols(5) Debian's extended shared library information file.
deb-triggers(5) Package triggers.
deb-version(5) Debian package version number format.
debconf.conf(5) Debconf configuration file.
decnet.conf(5) DECnet hosts file.
decnet.proxy(5) DECnet proxy file.
default.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
default.conf(5) IPA configuration file. PulseAudio Sound Server Startup Script.
default_contexts(5) The SELinux default contexts configuration file.
default_type(5) The SELinux default type configuration file.
deluser.conf(5) Configuration file for deluser(8) and delgroup(8).
depmod.d(5) Configuration directory for depmod.
detect.conf(5) Provides the configuration for detection of locations for whereami.
detox.tbl(5) Translation table for detox(1).
detoxrc(5) Configuration file for detox(1).
devscripts.conf(5) Configuration file for the devscripts package.
dgenrc(5) File containing settings for dgen(1).
dhclient.conf(5) DHCP client configuration file.
dhclient.leases(5) DHCP client lease database.
dhcp-eval(5) ISC DHCP conditional evaluation.
dhcp-options(5) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol options.
dhcp6c.conf(5) DHCPv6 client configuration file.
dhcp6s.conf(5) DHCPv6 server configuration file. Configuration file for dhcp_probe.
dhcpcd.conf(5) Dhcpcd configuration file.
dhcpd.conf(5) Dhcpd configuration file.
dhcpd.leases(5) DHCP client lease database.
dhcpy6d-clients.conf(5) Clients configuration file for DHCPv6 server dhcpy6d.
dhcpy6d.conf(5) Configuration file for DHCPv6 server dhcpy6d.
dhex_markers(5) Marker file for dhex.
dhex_searchlog(5) Search log file for dhex.
dhexrc(5) Configuration File for dhex.
dialrules(5) HylaFAX dial string processing rules.
diameter_dict(5) Dictionary interface of the diameter application.
dictionary(5) RADIUS dictionary file.
diod.conf(5) Distributed I/O daemon configuration file.
dir_colors(5) Configuration file for dircolors(1).
directfbrc(5) DirectFB configuration file.
direvent.conf(5) Configuration file for direvent(8).
dirfile(5) A filesystem-based database format for time-ordered binary data.
dirfile-encoding(5) Dirfile database encoding schemes.
dirfile-format(5) The dirfile database format specification file.
dirvish.conf(5) Dirvish configuration file.
discover-modprobe.conf(5) Configuration file for discover-modprobe(5).
discover.conf(5) Configuration file format for discover(1).
disklist(5) List of partitions to back up for Amanda.
dispersion.conf(5) Configuration file for the openstack-swift dispersion tools.
displays(5) Display Configuration File.
distrib.pats(5) Default values for the Distribution: header.
distributions(5) Recommended values for the Distribution: header.
dlm.conf(5) Dlm_controld configuration file.
dlys(5) Format of .dlys files read by the SCALD simulator and timing verifier.
dnetd.conf(5) DECnet objects file.
dnssec-tools.conf(5) Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools programs.
dnssec-trust-anchors.d(5) DNSSEC trust anchor configuration files.
docker-config-json(5) Default Docker configuration file.
Dockerfile(5) Automate the steps of creating a Docker image.
doneq(5) HylaFAX outbound job description.
dot-courier(5) Local mail delivery instructions.
dot-obdgpslogger(5) Configuration file for obdgpslogger.
dot-qmail(5) Control the delivery of mail messages.
dot-spop3d(5) User configuration data for The Solid POP3 Server.
dpkg.cfg(5) Dpkg configuration file.
dput(5) Configuration file format for dput-ng. Debian package upload tool configuration file.
dracut.conf(5) Configuration file(s) for dracut.
dradio(5) Danmarks Radio netradio player configuration file.
drbd.conf(5) ↣ drbd.conf-8.4(5) Configuration file for DRBD´s devices .
drbd.conf-8.3(5) Configuration file for DRBD´s devices .
drbd.conf-8.4(5) Configuration file for DRBD´s devices .
drbd.conf-9.0(5) DRBD Configuration Files.
DSA(5) Digital Signature Algorithm.
dsbl.conf(5) Configuration file for all DSBL testers.
dselect.cfg(5) Dselect configuration file.
dsh.conf(5) Configuration file for distributed shell, or dancer's shell.
dstyle(5) Format of .dstyle files (display styles).
dtaus(5) Converter for DTAUS files.
dtn2rc(5) "dtn" scheme configuration commands file.
dtpcrc(5) Delay-Tolerant Payload Conditioning management commands file.
dupload(5) ↣ dupload.conf(5) Configuration file for dupload.
dupload.conf(5) Configuration file for dupload.
dutch(5) A list of Dutch words.