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Section 5. File formats. Range (I - L).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
iauth.conf(5) The Internet Relay Chat Authentication Configuration File.
ibid.ini(5) Configuration file for Ibid.
ibm_hosts(5) Host database for x3270 and c3270.
icp.config(5) Traffic Server ICP configuration file.
idmapd.conf(5) Configuration file for libnfsidmap.
ietd.conf(5) Configuration for iSCSI Enterprise Target Daemon.
if.conf(5) ↣ netscript-2.4.conf(5) Interface, firewalling, and QoS configuration file.
ifplugd.conf(5) Ifplugd configuration file.
ifupdown-addons-interfaces(5) Ifupdown2 addon modules interface configuration.
ifupdown-multi-interfaces(5) Ifupdown-multi extension for the interfaces(5) file format.
imapd.conf(5) IMAP configuration file.
imapfilter_config(5) Imapfilter configuration file.
imcrc(5) IMC scheme configuration commands file.
inadyn.conf(5) Inadyn DDNS client configuration file.
incoming.conf(5) Configuration of incoming news feeds.
incron.conf(5) Main config file for inotify cron (incron).
incrontab(5) Tables for driving inotify cron (incron).
inetutils-netrc(5) User configuration for ftp.
info(5) Readable online documentation.
init(5) ↣ upstart(5) Upstart init daemon job configuration.
init-d-script(5) Interpreter for short and simple init.d scripts.
initramfs.conf(5) Configuration file for mkinitramfs.
inittab(5) Init daemon configuration.
inn-radius.conf(5) Configuration for nnrpd RADIUS authenticator.
inn.conf(5) Configuration data for InterNetNews programs.
innfeed.conf(5) Configuration file for innfeed.
innwatch.ctl(5) Control Usenet supervision by innwatch.
input(5) Input data file format.
instances.conf(5) Zorp(8) instances database.
interface-order(5) Resolvconf configuration file.
interfaces(5) Network interface configuration for ifupdown.
intro(5) Introduction to file formats.
ionconfig(5) ION node configuration parameters file.
ionrc(5) ION node management commands file.
ionsecrc(5) ION security policy management commands file.
ip_allow.config(5) Traffic Server IP access control configuration file.
ipfilter.conf(5) ↣ netscript-ipfilter.conf(5) Firewalling configuration file.
ipfm.conf(5) IP Flow Meter configuration file.
ipmi-config.conf(5) IPMI configuration file details.
ipmidetect.conf(5) Specify alternate default values for the ipmidetect library.
ipmidetectd.conf(5) Ipmidetectd configuration file.
ipmiseld.conf(5) Ipmiseld configuration file.
ipnrc(5) IPN scheme configuration commands file.
ippl.conf(5) IP Protocols Logger configuration file.
ipptoolfile(5) Ipptool file format.
ipsec.conf(5) IPsec configuration and connections.
ipsec.secrets(5) Secrets for IKE/IPsec authentication.
ipsvd-instruct(5) Format of the ipsvd(8) instructions directory.
iptotal_config(5) Iptotal configuration file.
ipv6toolkit.conf(5) Configuration file for the SI6 Networks' IPv6 address monitoring daemon (ipv6mon).
ipwatchd.conf(5) Configuration file of IPwatchD daemon.
irish(5) A list of Irish words.
isakmpd.conf(5) Configuration file for isakmpd.
isakmpd.policy(5) Policy configuration file for isakmpd.
isdn.conf(5) Config file for isdnlog.
isdnformat(5) Common isdn config file format.
isdnlog(5) Isdn log file.
isdnlog.users(5) User base isdnlog config file.
isodump(5) Format of IEEE 1394 isochronous packets dump file.
ispell(5) Format of ispell dictionaries and affix files.
isrcsubmit-config(5) Isrcsubmit Documentation.
issue(5) Prelogin message and identification file. Identification file for telnet sessions.
italian(5) A list of italian words.
jailer.conf(5) Configuration file of jailer.
jazip.conf(5) Jazip(1) configuration file.
jng(5) JPEG Network Graphics (JNG) sub-format.
journal-remote.conf(5) Journal remote service configuration files.
journal-remote.conf.d(5) ↣ journal-remote.conf(5) Journal remote service configuration files.
journald.conf(5) Journal service configuration files.
journald.conf.d(5) ↣ journald.conf(5) Journal service configuration files.
jython.conf(5) Jython registry for system-wide options.
k5identity(5) Kerberos V5 client principal selection rules.
k5login(5) Kerberos V5 acl file for host access.
kadm5.acl(5) Kerberos ACL file.
kamailio.cfg(5) Kamailio configuration file.
kanif.conf(5) Configuration file for kanif.
kdc.conf(5) Kerberos V5 KDC configuration file.
kdump-tools(5) Configuration file for the kdump-tools init script.
keepalived.conf(5) Configuration file for Keepalived.
kernel-img.conf(5) Site wide configuration file for kernel image packages.
kernel-package(5) System for creating kernel related packages.
kernel-pkg.conf(5) Configuration file for make-kpkg.
keyboard(5) Keyboard configuration file.
KeyFile(5) Defines AFS server encryption keys.
keymaps(5) Keyboard table descriptions for loadkeys and dumpkeys.
kismet.conf(5) Wireless sniffing and monitoring configuration file.
kismet_drone.conf(5) Wireless sniffing and monitoring drone configuration file.
kloned.conf(5) The configuration file for the kloned daemon.
knot.conf(5) Knot DNS configuration file.
krb.conf(5) Configures the kerberos realm to AFS cell mapping.
krb.equiv(5) Kerberos equivalences.
krb.excl(5) Lists exclusions for mapping kerberos principals to AFS identities.
krb5.conf(5) Kerberos configuration file.
krb5.conf(5heimdal) Configuration file for Kerberos 5.
l2tp-secrets(5) L2TPD secrets file.
labrea.conf(5) Labrea(1) configuration file.
lam-helpfile(5) LAM help message file.
lambda-term-inputrc(5) Key bindings for lambda-term applications.
latd.conf(5) LAT configuration file.
lax(5) Parameter file for logic synthesis.
lazygal.conf(5) Configuration file for lazygal, a static web gallery generator.
lcdproc-config(5) Format of LCDproc's configuration files.
lcovrc(5) Lcov configuration file.
ldap.conf(5) LDAP configuration file/environment variables.
ldap_table(5) Postfix LDAP client configuration.
ldapscripts(5) Scripts to manage POSIX accounts in your LDAP directory.
ldif(5) LDAP Data Interchange Format.
ledctl.conf(5) Configuration file for Intel(R) Enclosure LED Utilities.
lernid-classroom(5) Lernid-classroom configuration files.
lexnames(5WN) List of WordNet lexicographer file names and numbers.
lftp.conf(5) The global configuration file for lftp.
lg.conf(5) Looking glass configuration file.
lgfile(5) ION Load/Go source file.
lgrindef(5) LGrind's language definition data base.
libao.conf(5) Configuration for libao.
libarchive-formats(5) Archive formats supported by the libarchive library.
libaudit.conf(5) Libaudit configuration file.
libforms1(5) ↣ xforms(5) A GUI Toolkit for X Window Systems.
libgfshare(5) Shamir Secret Sharing.
libguestfs-tools.conf(5) Configuration file for guestfish, guestmount, virt-rescue.
libipmiconsole.conf(5) Specify default values for libipmiconsole.
libuser.conf(5) Configuration for libuser and libuser utilities.
lilo.conf(5) Configuration file for lilo.
limits.conf(5) Configuration file for the pam_limits module.
linkcheckerrc(5) Configuration file for LinkChecker.
lj4_font(5) Groff fonts for use with devlj4.
llgalrc(5) Configuration file for llgal.
lltag_config(5) Configuration file for lltag.
lltag_formats(5) Internal formats database file for lltag.
lmdb_table(5) Postfix LMDB adapter.
lmhosts(5) The Samba NetBIOS hosts file.
local.users(5) The SELinux local users configuration file.
locale(5) Describes a locale definition file.
locale.conf(5) Configuration file for locale settings.
locale.gen(5) Configuration file for locale-gen.
localtime(5) Local timezone configuration file.
locatedb(5) Front-compressed file name database.
locks(5) Libzypp locking file.
log_hosts.config(5) Traffic Server log host configuration file.
login.access(5) Login access control table.
login.defs(5) Shadow password suite configuration.
logind.conf(5) Login manager configuration files.
logind.conf.d(5) ↣ logind.conf(5) Login manager configuration files.
logprof.conf(5) Configuration file for expert options that modify the behavior of the AppArmor aa-logprof(1).
logs_xml.config(5) Traffic Server log format configuration file.
logwatch.conf(5) Logwatch configuration files.
lpd.conf(5) Configuration file for the LPRng line printer spooler system.
lpd.perms(5) Permissions control file for the LPRng line printer spooler system.
lrzip.conf(5) Configuration File for lrzip.
lsmboxrc(5) Configuration file for lsmbox.
ltprc(5) Licklider Transmission Protocol management commands file.
ltrace.conf(5) Configuration file for ltrace(1).
lts.conf(5) Main configuration file for LTSP.
luaotfload.conf(5) Luaotfload configuration file.
lvm.conf(5) Configuration file for LVM2.
lwatch.conf(5) Configuration file for lwatch(1), syntax highlighting for syslog/syslog-ng file.
lxc-usernet(5) Unprivileged user network administration file.
lxc.conf(5) Configuration files for LXC.
lxc.container.conf(5) LXC container configuration file.
lxc.system.conf(5) LXC system configuration file.
lyskom(5) LysKOM database format.