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Section 5. File formats. Range (M - Q).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
mac-vendor(5) Ethernet vendor file for arp-scan.
machine-id(5) Local machine ID configuration file.
machine-info(5) Local machine information file.
mag(5) Format of .mag files read/written by Magic.
magic(5) File command's magic pattern file.
mailcap(5) Metamail capabilities file.
mailcap.order(5) The mailcap ordering specifications.
maildir(5) Directory for incoming mail messages.
maildir.courier(5) E-mail directory.
maildir.maildrop(5) E-mail directory.
mailexporter.conf(5) Export metrics about mail server functionalty.
mailfilterex(5) Mailfilter configuration file examples.
mailfilterrc(5) Mailfilter configuration file.
mailto.conf(5) Configuration file for cups email notifier.
mairixrc(5) Configuration file for mairix(1).
makedumpfile.conf(5) The filter configuration file for makedumpfile(8).
man.conf(5) Configuration file for man.
mandoc.db(5) Manual page database.
mandos-clients.conf(5) Configuration file for the Mandos server.
mandos.conf(5) Configuration file for the Mandos server.
manpath(5) Format of the /etc/manpath.config file.
manx(5) A list of Manx Gaelic words.
mararc(5) Format of the mararc zone file that MaraDNS uses.
masqmail.aliases(5) Masqmail alias file format.
masqmail.conf(5) Masqmail configuration file.
masqmail.route(5) Masqmail route configuration file.
master(5) Postfix master process configuration file format.
matrix.conf(5) configuration file.
mblaze-profile(5) Configuration of the mblaze message system.
mbox(5) Format for mail message storage.
mbox(5qmail) File containing mail messages.
mbox_neomutt(5) Format for mail message storage.
mdadm.conf(5) Configuration for management of Software RAID with mdadm.
mdbCharsetList(5) List of character set definitions.
mdbCodingList(5) List of coding system definitions.
mdbDir(5) List of data in a database directory.
mdbFLT(5) Font Layout Table.
mdbFontEncoding(5) Font Encoding.
mdbFontset(5) Fontset.
mdbFontSize(5) Font Size.
mdbGeneral(5) General Format.
mdbIM(5) Input Method.
mdbTutorialIM(5) Tutorial of input method.
mdoc(5) Mono Documentation XML Format.
mech(5) GSS-API Mechanism and QOP files.
media(5) ↣ selabel_media(5) Userspace SELinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the media contexts.
megarc(5) Configuration file for megatools.
memcache_table(5) Postfix memcache client configuration.
menufile(5) Entry in the Debian menu system.
META(5) [File that specifies metainformation of OCaml packages].
metrics.config(5) This configuration file is used to define dynamic metrics on Traffic Server activity. Met‐.
mfschunkserver.cfg(5) Main configuration file for *mfschunkserver*.
mfsexports.cfg(5) LizardFS access control for mfsmounts.
mfsgoals.cfg(5) Replication goals configuration file.
mfshdd.cfg(5) List of LizardFS storage directories for mfschunkserver.
mfsmaster.cfg(5) Main configuration file for mfsmaster.
mfsmetalogger.cfg(5) Configuration file for mfsmetalogger.
mfstopology.cfg(5) LizardFS network topology definitions.
mgl(5) MathGL script.
mh-alias(5mh) Format of nmh email-address alias files.
mh-draft(5mh) Draft folder facility for nmh message system.
mh-folders(5mh) Storage format used by nmh message system.
mh-format(5mh) Formatting language for nmh message system.
mh-mail(5mh) Message format for nmh message system.
mh-profile(5mh) User customization for nmh message handler.
mh-sequence(5mh) Sequence specification for nmh message system.
mh-tailor(5mh) Mail transport configuration for nmh message handler.
mhc(5) Message Harmonized Calendaring system.
mib2c.conf(5) How to write mib2c.conf files to do ANYTHING based on MIB input.
midicsv(5) MIDI Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file format.
mime.convs(5) Mime type conversion file for cups.
mime.types(5) Mime type description file for cups.
mimedefang-filter(5) Configuration file for MIMEDefang mail filter.
minicoredumper.cfg.json(5) The main configuration file for minicoredumper(1).
minicoredumper.recept.json(5) A recept file used by the minicoredumper(1).
minidlna.conf(5) MiniDLNA server configuration file.
miredo-server.conf(5) Configuration for miredo-server.
miredo.conf(5) Configuration for Miredo.
mke2fs.conf(5) Configuration file for mke2fs.
mlocate.db(5) A mlocate database.
mmdf(5) Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility mailbox format.
mmdf_neomutt(5) Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility mailbox format.
mmorph(5) MULTEXT morphology tool formalism syntax.
mmv(5) Memory Mapped Values for Performance Co-Pilot.
mng(5) Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) format.
moderators(5) Submission addresses for moderated groups.
modprobe.d(5) Configuration directory for modprobe.
ModuleDtmfRepeater.conf(5) Configuration file for the SvxLink server DTMF Repeater module.
ModuleEchoLink.conf(5) Configuration file for the SvxLink server EchoLink module.
ModuleFrn.conf(5) Configuration file for the SvxLink server Free Radio Network (FRN) module.
ModuleHelp.conf(5) Configuration file for the SvxLink server Help module.
ModuleParrot.conf(5) Configuration file for the SvxLink server Parrot module.
ModulePropagationMonitor.conf(5) Configuration file for the SvxLink server PropagationMonitor module.
modules(5) Kernel modules to load at boot time.
modules-load.d(5) Configure kernel modules to load at boot.
modules.dep(5) Module dependency information.
modules.dep.bin(5) ↣ modules.dep(5) Module dependency information.
ModuleSelCallEnc.conf(5) Configuration file for the SvxLink server SelCallEnc module.
ModuleTclVoiceMail.conf(5) Configuration file for the SvxLink server TclVoiceMail module.
moduli(5) Diffie-Hellman moduli.
mono-config(5) Mono runtime file format configuration.
mosquitto.conf(5) The configuration file for mosquitto.
motd(5) Message of the day.
motd.innd(5) ↣ Message of the day information for feeders or readers. Message of the day information for feeders or readers.
motd.nnrpd(5) ↣ Message of the day information for feeders or readers.
mpd.conf(5) Music Player Daemon configuration file.
mpd_sima.cfg(5) Mpd-sima will try to maintain some titles ahead in the queue following different policies. This.
mtools.conf(5) ↣ mtools(5)
mtree(5) Format of mtree dir hierarchy files.
mu-bookmarks(5) File with bookmarks (shortcuts) for mu search expressions.
multipath.conf(5) Multipath daemon configuration file.
munin-node.conf(5) Munin-node configuration file.
munin.conf(5) Munin configuration file.
mustache(5) Logic-less templates.
muttrc(5) Configuration file for the Mutt Mail User Agent.
myproxy-server.config(5) Myproxy-server configuration file.
mysql_table(5) Postfix MySQL client configuration.
named.conf(5) Configuration file for named.
namespace.conf(5) The namespace configuration file.
nanorc(5) GNU nano's configuration file.
nasd.conf(5nas) Configuration file for NAS servers.
nbd-server(5) Configuration file for nbd-server.
nbdtab(5) Configuration file for nbd-client.
ndppd.conf(5) Configuration file for ndppd.
neard.conf(5) Neard configuration file.
neomuttrc(5) Configuration file for the Mutt Mail User Agent.
net(5) Format of .net files read/written by Magic's netlist editor.
netatalk.conf(5) Configuration file used by Netatalk to determine its general configuration.
netchange(5) Format of netchange files read by irsim.
netconfig(5) Network configuration data base.
netgroup(5) Specify network groups.
NetInfo(5) Defines machine interfaces to register with AFS servers.
netkit-netrc(5) User configuration for ftp.
netplan(5) YAML network configuration abstraction for various backends.
netrc-ssl(5) User configuration for ftp.
NetRestrict(5) Defines interfaces not to register with AFS servers.
netrikrc(5) Netrik configuration file.
netscript-2.4.conf(5) Interface, firewalling, and QoS configuration file.
netscript-ipfilter.conf(5) Firewalling configuration file.
network.conf(5) ↣ netscript-ipfilter.conf(5) Firewalling configuration file.
networkd.conf(5) Global Network configuration files.
networkd.conf.d(5) ↣ networkd.conf(5) Global Network configuration files.
NetworkManager.conf(5) NetworkManager configuration file.
networks(5) Network name information.
newsfeeds(5) Determine where Usenet articles are sent.
newsgroups(5) List of newsgroups and their short descriptions.
newslog(5) Description of INN log files.
nfs(5) Fstab format and options for the nfs file systems.
nfs4_acl(5) NFSv4 Access Control Lists.
nfsidmap(5) The NFS idmapper upcall program.
nfsmount.conf(5) Configuration file for NFS mounts.
nfsroot.conf(5) Nfsroot configuration for FAI.
ngircd.conf(5) Configuration file of ngIRCd.
nicknames(5) Nickname translation table for NIS maps.
nilfs_cleanerd.conf(5) Nilfs_cleanerd(8) configuration file.
nisplus_table(5) Postfix NIS+ client.
nm-settings(5) Description of settings and properties of NetworkManager connection profiles.
nm-settings-keyfile(5) Description of keyfile settings plugin.
nm-system-settings.conf(5) NetworkManager configuration file.
nnrp.access(5) Access file for on-campus NNTP sites.
nnrpd.track(5) File to specify hosts to be tracked by nnrpd.
nntpsend.ctl(5) List of sites to feed via nntpsend.
noannounce.conf(5) List of events that have been marked to not be announced via OSD.
NoAuth(5) Disables authorization checking.
nologin(5) Prevent unprivileged users from logging into the system.
nonstop.conf(5) Slurm configuration file for fault-tolerant computing.
notmuch-hooks(5) Hooks for notmuch.
npd6.conf(5) Configuration file for neighbor proxy daemon ipv6 npd6.
npm-folders(5) Folder Structures Used by npm.
npm-global(5) Folder Structures Used by npm.
npm-json(5) Specifics of npm´s package.json handling.
npmrc(5) The npm config files.
nrbroadcast(5) NET/ROM routing broadcast configuration file.
nrcpt_by_domain.conf(5) Grouping factor for SMTP sessions by recipient domains.
nrpe-ng.cfg(5) Configuration file for nrpe-ng.
nrports(5) NET/ROM port configuration file.
nsca-ng.cfg(5) NSCA-ng server configuration file.
nscd.conf(5) Configuration file for Name Service Caching Daemon.
nsd.conf(5) NSD configuration file.
nslcd.conf(5) Configuration file for LDAP nameservice daemon.
nss(5) Name Service Switch configuration file.
nss_ldap(5) LDAP nameservice provider.
nsscache.conf(5) NSS local cache synchroniser configuration file.
nsswitch.conf(5) Name Service Switch configuration file.
ntp.conf(5) Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon configuration file format.
ntp.keys(5) NTP symmetric key file format.
ntpd.conf(5) Network Time Protocol daemon configuration file.
nut.conf(5) UPS definitions for Network UPS Tools.
nvram-wakeup.conf(5) The configuration file for NVRAM WakeUp.
o2cb.sysconfig(5) Cluster configuration file for the o2cb cluster stack.
object-expirer.conf(5) Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift object expirer daemon.
object-server.conf(5) Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift object server.
ocaml-gettext(5) Common options to manage internationalisation in OCaml program through ocaml-gettext library.
ocfs2.cluster.conf(5) Cluster configuration file for the o2cb cluster stack.
oddjob-mkhomedir.conf(5) System message bus configuration for oddjob-mkhomedir.
oddjob.conf(5) Configuration for oddjob for the system message bus.
oddjobd-introspection.conf(5) Allow introspection of oddjobd.
oddjobd-mkhomedir.conf(5) Allow limited use of the mkhomedir functions.
oddjobd.conf(5) Configuration for oddjobd.
ods-kasp(5) OpenDNSSEC kasp specification.
ods-timing(5) OpenDNSSEC timing specification.
oidentd.conf(5) The oidentd configuration file.
oidentd_masq.conf(5) Oidentd IP masquerading/NAT configuration file.
olsrd.conf(5) Configuration file for olsrd(8).
opencryptoki.conf(5) Configuration file for pkcsslotd.
opendkim.conf(5) Configuration file for opendkim.
opendmarc.conf(5) Configuration file for opendmarc.
opensips.cfg(5) Opensips configuration file.
optimise(5) Output data file formats.
oroborusrc(5) Oroborus(1) configuration file.
os-release(5) Operating system identification.
osmium-file-formats(5) OSM file formats known to Osmium.
osmium-index-types(5) Index types used to store node locations.
ostree.repo(5) OSTree repository configuration and layout.
ostree.repo-config(5) OSTree repository configuration.
outlook.pst(5) Format of MS Outlook .pst file.
output(5) Output data file formats.
ovdb(5) Overview storage method for INN.
overview.fmt(5) Format of news overview database.
ovn-nb(5) OVN_Northbound database schema.
ovn-sb(5) OVN_Southbound database schema.
ovs-vswitchd.conf.db(5) Open_vSwitch database schema.
owfs(5) Owfs programs configuration file.
owfs.conf(5) ↣ owfs(5) Owfs programs configuration file.
package.json(5) Specifics of npm´s package.json handling.
pagermap(5) SNPP pager identifier mapping file.
pagesizes(5) HylaFAX page size definitions.
pam(5) Portable arbitrary map file format.
pam.conf(5) PAM configuration files.
pam.d(5) ↣ pam.conf(5) PAM configuration files.
pam_abl.conf(5) Configuration file for pam_abl PAM module.
pam_afs_session(5) AFS PAG and token PAM module.
pam_env.conf(5) The environment variables config file.
pam_krb5(5) Kerberos PAM module.
pam_ldap(5) LDAP pluggable authentication module.
pam_ldap.conf(5) ↣ pam_ldap(5) LDAP pluggable authentication module.
pam_winbind.conf(5) Configuration file of PAM module for Winbind.
papd.conf(5) Configuration file used by papd(8) to determine the configuration of printers used by the Netatalk.
papersize(5) Specify preferred paper size.
parent.config(5) Traffic Server parent cache configuration file.
partimagedusers(5) List of allowed users.
passwd(5) The password file.
passwd.nntp(5) Passwords for connecting to remote NNTP servers.
passwdqc.conf(5) Libpasswdqc configuration file.
pat(5) Pattern description format.
pbgff(5) Pacific Biosciences extended GFFv3 file format.
pbm(5) Portable bitmap file format.
pbuilderrc(5) Configuration files for personal package builder.
pcap-savefile(5) Libpcap savefile format.
pcp-atoprc(5) Pcp-atop/pcp-atopsar related resource file.
pcp.conf(5) The Performance Co-Pilot configuration and environment file.
pcp.env(5) Script to set Performance Co-Pilot run-time environment variables.
pcre_table(5) Format of Postfix PCRE tables.
pdfpcrc(5) Pdfpc configuration file.
pdmenurc(5) Menu definitions file for pdmenu.
pear.conf(5) Configuration file for PEAR applications.
perditiondb(5) Perdition modular popmap support.
perfevent.conf(5) The Performance Co-Pilot perfevent PMDA configuration file.
persistence.conf(5) Configuration file for persistence media in live-boot.
pfqueue.conf(5) Pfqueue configuration file.
pgbouncer(5) Configuration file for pgbouncer.
pgm(5) Portable graymap file format.
pgsql_table(5) Postfix PostgreSQL client configuration.
pkcs11.conf(5) Configuration files for PKCS#11 modules.
pkcs15-profile(5) Format of profile for pkcs15-init.
pki-logging(5) PKI Common Logging Configuration.
pki-server-logging(5) PKI Server Logging Configuration.
pki-tps-connector(5) PKI TPS Connector Configuration.
pki-tps-profile(5) PKI TPS Profile Configuration.
pki_default.cfg(5) Certificate Server instance default config file.
plainbox.conf(5) Plainbox configuration file.
plotnetcfg-json(5) Json output format.
plowshare.conf(5) Configuration file for Plowshare.
plugin.config(5) Traffic Server global plugin configuration file.
pmieconf(5) Generalized pmie rules and customizations.
pmns(5) The performance metrics name space.
pmrep.conf(5) Pmrep configuration file.
pnm(5) Portable anymap file format.
po4a-build.conf(5) Configuration file for building translated content.
policyd-rate-limit.yaml(5) Policyd-rate-limit configuration parameters.
policyd-spf.conf(5) Policyd-spf python configuration parameters.
policyd-spf.peruser(5) Policyd-spf python per-user configuration.
policyd-weight.conf(5) Policyd-weight configuration parameters.
polish(5) A list of Polish words.
porgrc(5) Configuration file for porg.
portsentry.conf(5) Portsentry´s main configuration file.
postconf(5) Postfix configuration parameters.
postfix-wrapper(5) Postfix multi-instance API.
postgresqlrc(5) Per-user PostgreSQL cluster configuration.
powerman.conf(5) Configuration file for PowerMan. PowerMan device specification files.
ppdcfile(5) Cups ppd compiler source file format.
ppm(5) Portable pixmap file format.
pptpd.conf(5) PPTP VPN daemon configuration. Main Prayer configuration file.
prboom-plus.cfg(5) Configuration file for PrBoom+.
prdb.DB0(5) Contain the Protection Database and associated log.
printcap(5) Printer capability data base.
printers.conf(5) Printer configuration file for cups.
proc(5) Process information pseudo-filesystem.
procfs(5) ↣ proc(5) Process information pseudo-filesystem.
procmailex(5) Procmail rcfile examples.
procmailrc(5) Procmail rcfile.
procmailsc(5) Procmail weighted scoring technique.
procmeterrc(5) The procmeterrc configuration file for procmeter3, procmeter3-xaw, gprocmeter3, procmeter3-gtk1,.
procschema(5) LAM process schema format.
proftpd.conf(5) ProFTPD server configuration file.
projects(5) Persistent project root definition.
projid(5) The project name mapping file.
prol(5) Define the rules for symbolic to real layout translation.
protocols(5) Protocols definition file.
protocols.cfg(5) Configuration of TCP network services.
proxsmtpd.conf(5) The configuration file for proxsmtpd(8).
proxy-server.conf(5) Configuration file for the OpenStack Swift proxy server.
PtLog(5) Traces Protection Server operations.
ptop-3.0.4.cfg(5) The ptop source-beautifier configuration file.
ptpd.conf(5) Precision Time Protocol daemon config file.
pulse-cli-syntax(5) PulseAudio Command Line Interface Syntax.
pulse-client.conf(5) PulseAudio client configuration file.
pulse-daemon.conf(5) PulseAudio daemon configuration file.
pwquality(3) Documentation of the libpwquality API.
pwquality.conf(5) Configuration for the libpwquality library.
pwrkap_aggregate(5) Configuration file for pwrkap_aggregate.
qmail-control(5) Qmail configuration files.
qmail-header(5) Format of a mail message.
qmail-log(5) The qmail activity record.
qmail-users(5) Assign mail addresses to users.
qop(5) GSS-API Mechanism and QOP files.
qos.conf(5) ↣ netscript-2.4.conf(5) Interface, firewalling, and QoS configuration file.
quantize(5) ImageMagick's color reduction algorithm.
quotagrpadmins(5) Users responsible for group disk usage.
quotatab(5) Descriptions of devices with disk quotas.
quvirc(5) The simple configuration file for the quvi program.
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