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Section 5. File formats. Range (R - U).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
r2test.conf(5) OpenR2 r2test program configuration file.
rabbitmq-env.conf(5) Default settings for RabbitMQ AMQP server.
racoon-tool.conf(5) Configuration file for racoon-tool(8).
racoon.conf(5) Configuration file for racoon.
radiusd.conf(5) Configuration file for the FreeRADIUS server.
radrelay.conf(5) Configuration file for the FreeRADIUS server "radrelay" personality.
radsecproxy.conf(5) Radsec proxy configuration file.
radvd.conf(5) Configuration file of the router advertisement daemon radvd.
ragator(5) Ragator flow model definitions.
raidfile.conf(5) Userland RAID for Box Backup.
ramond.conf(5) Configuration file for ramond(8).
rancid.conf(5) Rancid environment configuration file.
rancid.types.base(5) ↣ rancid.types.conf(5) Rancid device type configuration file.
rancid.types.conf(5) Rancid device type configuration file.
ranonymize(5) Ranonymize(1) configuration file.
rarc(5) Ra client resource file.
rate-files(5) Format of rate-files.
razor-agent.conf(5) Configuration file for Razor Agents.
razor-agents(5) Collection of files for checking, reporting, and revoking spam.
razor-whitelist(5) Format for Vipul's Razor Whitelist.
rcS(5) Variables that affect the behavior of boot scripts.
rcsfile(5) RCS file format.
reader.conf(5) Configuration file for pcscd readers' drivers.
readers.conf(5) Access control and configuration for nnrpd.
realmd.conf(5) Tweak behavior of realmd.
recoll.conf(5) Main personal configuration file for Recoll.
records.config(5) Traffic Server configuration file.
recvq(5) Received facsimile document format.
redshift(5) Configuration file for redshift and gtk-redshift.
regexp_table(5) Format of Postfix regular expression tables.
regulatory.bin(5) The Linux wireless regulatory database.
regulatory.db(5) ↣ regulatory.bin(5) The Linux wireless regulatory database.
rel(5) Release resource file.
relocated(5) Postfix relocated table format.
relup(5) Release upgrade file.
remap.config(5) Traffic Server remap rules configuration file.
remotetrx.conf(5) Configuration file for the SvxLink remote transceiver server.
removable_context(5) The SELinux removable devices context configuration file.
repertoiremap(5) Map symbolic character names to Unicode code points.
reportbug.conf(5) The configuration file for reportbug.
request-key.conf(5) Instantiation handler configuration file.
resolv.conf(5) Resolver configuration file.
resolvconf.conf(5) Resolvconf configuration file.
resolved.conf(5) Network Name Resolution configuration files.
resolved.conf.d(5) ↣ resolved.conf(5) Network Name Resolution configuration files.
resolver(5) ↣ resolv.conf(5) Resolver configuration file.
rhosts(5) Grants or denies password-free r-command access to a specific user account.
rip98d.conf(5) Control RIP98 routing messages.
rlinetd.conf(5) Rlinetd configuration file.
rlm_acct_unique(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_always(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_attr_filter(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_attr_rewrite(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_chap(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_counter(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_detail(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_digest(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_expr(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_files(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_mschap(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_pap(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_passwd(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_policy(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_realm(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_sql(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_sql_log(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlm_unix(5) FreeRADIUS Module.
rlprrc(5) Remote printing resource file.
rndc.conf(5) Rndc configuration file.
router.db(5) Rancid group configuration file.
rpc(5) RPC program number data base.
rplay.conf(5) Rplay sound database.
rplay.helpers(5) Rplay helper applications.
rplay.hosts(5) Rplay host authentication database.
rplay.servers(5) Rplay servers database.
rsl(5) GRAM5 RSL Attributes.
rsports(5) Rose port configuration file.
rssh.conf(5) Configuration file for rssh.
rsyncd.conf(5) Configuration file for rsync in daemon mode.
rsyslog.conf(5) Rsyslogd(8) configuration file.
rxecho.conf(5) Control rxecho AX.25 packet routing.
rygel.conf(5) Rygel configuration file.
SALVAGE.fs(5) Triggers salvaging of AFS server partitions.
salvage.lock(5) Prevents multiple simultaneous salvage operations on a partition.
SalvageLog(5) Traces Salvager operations.
sam(5) Sequence Alignment/Map file format.
samhainrc(5) Samhain(8) configuration file.
sane-abaton(5) SANE backend for Abaton flatbed scanners.
sane-agfafocus(5) SANE backend for AGFA Focus flatbed scanners.
sane-apple(5) SANE backend for Apple flatbed scanners.
sane-artec(5) SANE backend for Artec flatbed scanners.
sane-artec_eplus48u(5) SANE backend for the scanner Artec E+ 48U and re-badged models.
sane-as6e(5) SANE backend for using the Artec AS6E parallel port interface scanner.
sane-avision(5) SANE backend for original Avision and Avision OEM scanners (HP, Minolta, Mitsubishi, UMAX and.
sane-bh(5) SANE backend for Bell+Howell Copiscan II series document scanners.
sane-canon(5) SANE backend for Canon SCSI scanners.
sane-canon630u(5) SANE backend for the Canon 630u USB flatbed scanner.
sane-canon_dr(5) SANE backend for Canon DR-series scanners.
sane-canon_pp(5) SANE backend for Canon CanoScan Parallel Port flatbed scanners.
sane-cardscan(5) SANE backend for Corex CardScan usb scanners.
sane-coolscan(5) SANE backend for Nikon film-scanners.
sane-coolscan2(5) SANE backend for Nikon Coolscan film scanners.
sane-coolscan3(5) SANE backend for Nikon Coolscan film scanners.
sane-dc210(5) SANE backend for Kodak DC210 Digital Camera.
sane-dc240(5) SANE backend for Kodak DC240 Digital Camera.
sane-dc25(5) SANE backend for Kodak DC20/DC25 Digital Cameras.
sane-dmc(5) SANE backend for the Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera.
sane-epjitsu(5) SANE backend for Epson-based Fujitsu USB scanners.
sane-epson(5) SANE backend for EPSON scanners.
sane-epson2(5) SANE backend for EPSON scanners.
sane-epsonds(5) SANE backend for EPSON ESC/I-2 scanners.
sane-fujitsu(5) SANE backend for Fujitsu flatbed and ADF scanners.
sane-genesys(5) SANE backend for GL646, GL841, GL843, GL847 and GL124 based USB flatbed scanners.
sane-geniusvp2(5) SANE backend for Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro II (PP) scanner.
sane-gphoto2(5) SANE backend for gphoto2 supported cameras.
sane-gt68xx(5) SANE backend for GT-68XX based USB flatbed scanners.
sane-hp(5) SANE backend for HP ScanJet scanners.
sane-hp3500(5) SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3500 series scanners.
sane-hp3900(5) SANE backend for RTS8822 chipset based scanners.
sane-hp4200(5) SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard 4200 scanners.
sane-hp5400(5) SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard 54XX scanners.
sane-hp5590(5) SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard 4500C/4570C/5500C/5550C/5590/7650 Workgroup/Document scanners.
sane-hpljm1005(5) SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard LaserJet M1005 MFP Scanner.
sane-hpsj5s(5) SANE backend for HP ScanJet 5S sheet-fed scanner.
sane-hs2p(5) SANE backend for Ricoh SCSI flatbed/ADF scanners.
sane-ibm(5) SANE backend for IBM and Ricoh SCSI flatbed scanners.
sane-kodak(5) SANE backend for big Kodak flatbed and ADF scanners.
sane-kodakaio(5) SANE backend for Kodak aio printer / scanners.
sane-kvs1025(5) SANE backend for Panasonic KV-S102xC USB ADF scanners.
sane-kvs20xx(5) SANE backend for Panasonic KV-S20xxC USB/SCSI ADF scanners.
sane-kvs40xx(5) SANE backend for Panasonic KV-S40xxC USB/SCSI ADF scanners.
sane-leo(5) SANE backend for LEO Technologies scanners.
sane-lexmark(5) SANE backend for Lexmark X1100/X1200 Series scanners.
sane-ma1509(5) SANE backend for Mustek BearPaw 1200F USB scanner.
sane-magicolor(5) SANE backend for KONICA MINOLTA magicolor scanners.
sane-matsushita(5) SANE backend for Panasonic KV-SS high speed scanners.
sane-microtek(5) SANE backend for Microtek scanners.
sane-microtek2(5) SANE backend for Microtek scanners with SCSI-2 command set.
sane-mustek(5) SANE backend for Mustek SCSI flatbed scanners (and some other devices).
sane-mustek_pp(5) SANE backend for Mustek parallel port flatbed scanners.
sane-mustek_usb(5) SANE backend for Mustek USB flatbed scanners.
sane-mustek_usb2(5) SANE backend for SQ113 based USB flatbed scanners.
sane-nec(5) SANE backend for NEC scanners.
sane-net(5) SANE network backend.
sane-niash(5) SANE backend for scanners based on the NIASH chipset.
sane-p5(5) SANE backend for the Primax PagePartner.
sane-pie(5) SANE backend for PIE, Devcom and AdLib SCSI flatbed scanners.
sane-pixma(5) SANE backend for Canon Multi-Function Printers and CanoScan Scanners.
sane-plustek(5) SANE backend for LM983[1/2/3] based USB flatbed scanners.
sane-plustek_pp(5) SANE backend for Plustek parallel port flatbed scanners.
sane-pnm(5) SANE PNM image reader pseudo-backend.
sane-qcam(5) SANE backend for Connectix QuickCam cameras.
sane-ricoh(5) SANE backend for Ricoh flatbed scanners.
sane-rts8891(5) SANE backend for rts8891 based scanners.
sane-s9036(5) SANE backend for Siemens 9036 flatbed scanners.
sane-sceptre(5) SANE backend for SCEPTRE scanners.
sane-scsi(5) SCSI adapter tips for scanners.
sane-sharp(5) SANE backend for SHARP scanners.
sane-sm3600(5) SANE backend for Microtek scanners with M011 USB chip.
sane-sm3840(5) SANE backend for Microtek scanners with SCAN08 USB chip.
sane-snapscan(5) SANE backend for AGFA SnapScan flatbed scanners.
sane-sp15c(5) SANE backend for Fujitsu ScanPartner 15C flatbed scanner.
sane-st400(5) SANE backend for Siemens ST/Highscan flatbed scanners.
sane-stv680(5) SANE backend for STV680 camera's.
sane-tamarack(5) SANE backend for Tamarack flatbed scanners.
sane-teco1(5) SANE backend for TECO / RELISYS scanners.
sane-teco2(5) SANE backend for TECO / RELISYS scanners.
sane-teco3(5) SANE backend for TECO / RELISYS scanners.
sane-test(5) SANE backend for testing frontends.
sane-u12(5) SANE backend for Plustek USB flatbed scanners, based on older parport designs.
sane-umax(5) SANE backend for UMAX scanners.
sane-umax1220u(5) SANE backend for the UMAX Astra 1220U and similar scanners.
sane-umax_pp(5) SANE backend for Umax Astra parallel port flatbed scanners.
sane-usb(5) USB configuration tips for SANE.
sane-xerox_mfp(5) SANE backend for Xerox Phaser 3200MFP device.
sbuild.conf(5) Configuration file for sbuild.
scanfile(5) Pmkscan specification file.
schroot-script-config(5) Schroot chroot setup script configuration.
schroot-setup(5) Schroot chroot setup scripts.
schroot.conf(5) Chroot definition file for schroot.
script(5) Boot script.
sddm-state.conf(5) Sddm display manager configuration.
sddm.conf(5) Sddm display manager configuration.
secolor.conf(5) The SELinux color configuration file.
secsh(5) The Secure Shell protocol.
securetty(5) File which lists terminals from which root can log in.
securetty_types(5) The SELinux secure tty type configuration file.
selabel_db(5) Userspace SELinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the RDBMS objects context.
selabel_file(5) Userspace SELinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the file contexts back‐.
selabel_media(5) Userspace SELinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the media contexts.
selabel_x(5) Userspace SELinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the X Window System con‐.
selinux_config(5) The SELinux sub-system configuration file.
semanage.conf(5) Global configuration file for the SELinux Management library.
send_nsca.cfg(5) NSCA-ng client configuration file.
sendq(5) HylaFAX outbound job description.
senseidx(5WN) WordNet's sense index.
sensors.conf(5) Libsensors configuration file.
sepermit.conf(5) Configuration file for the pam_sepermit module.
sepgsql_contexts(5) ↣ selabel_db(5) Userspace SELinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the RDBMS objects context.
seqfmt(5) Sequences formats.
service_seusers(5) The SELinux GNU/Linux user and service to SELinux user mapping configuration files.
services(5) Internet network services list.
services.xml(5) Libtranslate generic service definitions.
sesman.ini(5) Configuration file for sesman(8).
sestatus.conf(5) The sestatus(8) configuration file.
setup.types(5) Epm gui setup types file format.
seusers(5) The SELinux GNU/Linux user to SELinux user mapping configuration file.
sge_access_list(5) Sun Grid Engine access list file format.
sge_accounting(5) Sun Grid Engine accounting file format.
sge_aliases(5) Sun Grid Engine path aliases file format.
sge_bootstrap(5) Sun Grid Engine bootstrap file.
sge_calendar_conf(5) Sun Grid Engine calendar configuration file format.
sge_checkpoint(5) Sun Grid Engine checkpointing environment configuration file format.
sge_complex(5) Sun Grid Engine complexes configuration file format.
sge_conf(5) Sun Grid Engine configuration files.
sge_host_aliases(5) Sun Grid Engine host aliases file format.
sge_host_conf(5) Sun Grid Engine execution host configuration file format.
sge_hostgroup(5) Host group entry file format.
sge_pe(5) Sun Grid Engine parallel environment configuration file format.
sge_priority(5) Sun Grid Engine job priorities.
sge_project(5) Sun Grid Engine project entry file format.
sge_qstat(5) Sun Grid Engine default qstat file format.
sge_qtask(5) File format of the qtask file.
sge_queue_conf(5) Sun Grid Engine queue configuration file format.
sge_reporting(5) Sun Grid Engine reporting file format.
sge_request(5) Sun Grid Engine default request definition file format.
sge_resource_quota(5) Sun Grid Engine resource quota file format.
sge_sched_conf(5) Sun Grid Engine default scheduler configuration file.
sge_share_tree(5) Sun Grid Engine share tree file format.
sge_user(5) Sun Grid Engine user entry file format.
sge_usermapping(5) User mapping entry file format.
sgepasswd(5) Sun Grid Engine password file format.
SHA(5) Secure Hash Algorithm.
shadow(5) Shadowed password file.
shells(5) Pathnames of valid login shells.
shield.conf(5) Pam_shield configuration file.
shogun(5) A Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox.
shorewall-accounting(5) Shorewall Accounting file.
shorewall-actions(5) Shorewall action declaration file.
shorewall-arprules(5) Shorewall ARP rules file.
shorewall-blrules(5) Shorewall Blacklist file.
shorewall-conntrack(5) Shorewall conntrack file.
shorewall-ecn(5) Shorewall ECN file.
shorewall-exclusion(5) Exclude a set of hosts from a definition in a shorewall configuration file.
shorewall-hosts(5) Shorewall file.
shorewall-interfaces(5) Shorewall interfaces file.
shorewall-ipsets(5) Specifying the name if an ipset in Shorewall configuration files.
shorewall-lite-vardir(5) Shorewall Lite file.
shorewall-lite.conf(5) Shorewall Lite global configuration file.
shorewall-maclist(5) Shorewall MAC Verification file.
shorewall-mangle(5) Shorewall Packet marking/mangling rules file.
shorewall-masq(5) Shorewall Masquerade/SNAT definition file.
shorewall-modules(5) Shorewall file.
shorewall-nat(5) Shorewall one-to-one NAT file.
shorewall-nesting(5) Shorewall Nested Zones.
shorewall-netmap(5) Shorewall NETMAP definition file.
shorewall-params(5) Shorewall parameters file.
shorewall-policy(5) Shorewall policy file.
shorewall-providers(5) Shorewall Providers file.
shorewall-proxyarp(5) Shorewall Proxy ARP file.
shorewall-routes(5) Shorewall file.
shorewall-rtrules(5) Shorewall Routing Rules file.
shorewall-rules(5) Shorewall rules file.
shorewall-secmarks(5) Shorewall file.
shorewall-stoppedrules(5) The Shorewall file that governs what traffic flows through the firewall while it is in the.
shorewall-tcclasses(5) Shorewall file to define HTB and HFSC classes.
shorewall-tcdevices(5) Shorewall Traffic Shaping Devices file.
shorewall-tcfilters(5) Shorewall u32/basic classifier rules file.
shorewall-tcinterfaces(5) Shorewall file.
shorewall-tcpri(5) Shorewall file.
shorewall-tunnels(5) Shorewall VPN definition file.
shorewall-vardir(5) Shorewall file.
shorewall-zones(5) Shorewall zone declaration file.
shorewall.conf(5) Shorewall global configuration file.
shorewall6-accounting(5) Shorewall6 Accounting file.
shorewall6-actions(5) Shorewall6 action declaration file.
shorewall6-blrules(5) Shorewall6 Blacklist file.
shorewall6-conntrack(5) Shorewall6 conntrack file.
shorewall6-exclusion(5) Exclude a set of hosts from a definition in a shorewall6 configuration file.
shorewall6-hosts(5) Shorewall6 file.
shorewall6-interfaces(5) Shorewall6 interfaces file.
shorewall6-ipsets(5) Specifying the name if an ipset in Shorewall6 configuration files.
shorewall6-lite-vardir(5) Shorewall6 Lite file.
shorewall6-lite.conf(5) Shorewall6 Lite global configuration file.
shorewall6-maclist(5) Shorewall6 MAC Verification file.
shorewall6-mangle(5) Shorewall Packet marking/mangling rules file.
shorewall6-masq(5) Shorewall6 Masquerade/SNAT definition file.
shorewall6-modules(5) Shorewall6 file.
shorewall6-nat(5) Shorewall6 one-to-one NAT file.
shorewall6-nesting(5) Shorewall6 Nested Zones.
shorewall6-netmap(5) Shorewall6 NETMAP definition file.
shorewall6-params(5) Shorewall6 parameters file.
shorewall6-policy(5) Shorewall6 policy file.
shorewall6-providers(5) Shorewall6 Providers file.
shorewall6-proxyndp(5) Shorewall6 Proxy NDP file.
shorewall6-routes(5) Shorewall6 file.
shorewall6-rtrules(5) Shorewall6 Routing Rules file.
shorewall6-rules(5) Shorewall6 rules file.
shorewall6-secmarks(5) Shorewall6 file.
shorewall6-stoppedrules(5) The Shorewall file that governs what traffic flows through the firewall while it is in the.
shorewall6-tcclasses(5) Shorewall6 file to define HTB and HFSC classes.
shorewall6-tcdevices(5) Shorewall6 Traffic Shaping Devices file.
shorewall6-tcfilters(5) Shorewall6 u32/basic classifier rules file.
shorewall6-tcinterfaces(5) Shorewall6 file.
shorewall6-tcpri(5) Shorewall6 file.
shorewall6-tunnels(5) Shorewall6 VPN definition file.
shorewall6-vardir(5) Shorewall6 file.
shorewall6-zones(5) Shorewall6 zone declaration file.
shorewall6.conf(5) Shorewall6 global configuration file.
sidplayfp.ini(5) Configuration file for sidplayfp(1).
siggen.conf(5) The siggen configuration files.
sim(5) Format of .sim files read by esim, crystal, etc.
simplebackup.conf(5) Configuration file for simplebackup(1).
site-lib(5) [Location of package directories].
slabinfo(5) Kernel slab allocator statistics.
slack.conf(5) Configuration file for slack.
slapd-bdb(5) Berkeley DB backends to slapd.
slapd-config(5) Configuration backend to slapd.
slapd-dnssrv(5) DNS SRV referral backend to slapd.
slapd-hdb(5) Berkeley DB backends to slapd.
slapd-ldap(5) LDAP backend to slapd.
slapd-ldbm(5) Discontinued LDBM backend to slapd.
slapd-ldif(5) LDIF backend to slapd.
slapd-mdb(5) Memory-Mapped DB backend to slapd.
slapd-meta(5) Metadirectory backend to slapd.
slapd-monitor(5) Monitor backend to slapd.
slapd-ndb(5) MySQL NDB backend to slapd.
slapd-null(5) Null backend to slapd.
slapd-passwd(5) /etc/passwd backend to slapd.
slapd-perl(5) Perl backend to slapd.
slapd-relay(5) Relay backend to slapd.
slapd-shell(5) Shell backend to slapd.
slapd-sock(5) Socket backend/overlay to slapd.
slapd-sql(5) SQL backend to slapd.
slapd.access(5) Access configuration for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.
slapd.backends(5) Backends for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.
slapd.conf(5) Configuration file for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.
slapd.overlays(5) Overlays for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.
slapd.plugin(5) Plugin configuration for slapd, the stand-alone LDAP daemon.
slapo-accesslog(5) Access Logging overlay to slapd.
slapo-auditlog(5) Audit Logging overlay to slapd.
slapo-chain(5) Chain overlay to slapd.
slapo-collect(5) Collective attributes overlay to slapd.
slapo-constraint(5) Attribute Constraint Overlay to slapd.
slapo-dds(5) Dynamic Directory Services overlay to slapd.
slapo-dyngroup(5) Dynamic Group overlay to slapd.
slapo-dynlist(5) Dynamic List overlay to slapd.
slapo-lastbind(5) Lastbind overlay to slapd.
slapo-memberof(5) Reverse Group Membership overlay to slapd.
slapo-pbind(5) Proxy bind overlay to slapd.
slapo-pcache(5) Proxy cache overlay to slapd.
slapo-ppolicy(5) Password Policy overlay to slapd.
slapo-refint(5) Referential Integrity overlay to slapd.
slapo-retcode(5) Return code overlay to slapd.
slapo-rwm(5) Rewrite/remap overlay to slapd.
slapo-smbk5pwd(5) Samba & Kerberos password sync overlay to slapd.
slapo-sock(5) Socket backend/overlay to slapd.
slapo-sssvlv(5) Server Side Sorting and Virtual List View overlay to slapd.
slapo-syncprov(5) Sync Provider overlay to slapd.
slapo-translucent(5) Translucent Proxy overlay to slapd.
slapo-unique(5) Attribute Uniqueness overlay to slapd.
slapo-valsort(5) Value Sorting overlay to slapd.
sleep.conf.d(5) ↣ systemd-sleep.conf(5) Suspend and hibernation configuration file.
slurm.conf(5) Slurm configuration file.
slurmdbd.conf(5) Slurm Database Daemon (SlurmDBD) configuration file.
sm-archive.conf(5) Configuration file for sm-archive sendmail milter.
smartd.conf(5) SMART Disk Monitoring Daemon Configuration File.
smb.conf(5) The configuration file for the Samba suite.
smbgetrc(5) Configuration file for smbget.
smbpasswd(5) The Samba encrypted password file.
smd-config(5) Configuration file for smd-pull and smd-push.
smokeping_config(5) Reference for the SmokePing Config File.
smokeping_examples(5) Examples of Smokeping configuration.
smtpd.conf(5) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol daemon configuration file.
snap-discard-ns(5) Internal tool for discarding preserved namespaces of snappy applications.
snapper-configs(5) Configuration files for snapper configs.
sniffit(5) Configuration file for sniffit (name arbirtary).
snmp.conf(5) Configuration files for the Net-SNMP applications.
snmp_config(5) Handling of Net-SNMP configuration files.
snmpd.conf(5) Configuration file for the Net-SNMP SNMP agent.
snmpd.examples(5) Example configuration for the Net-SNMP agent.
snmpd.internal(5) Internal configuration of the Net-SNMP agent.
snmptrapd.conf(5) Configuration file for the Net-SNMP notification receiver.
sockd.conf(5) SOCKS server configuration file.
sockd.fc(5) Frozen configuration file for SOCKS server. Frozen route file for multi-homed SOCKS proxy server.
sockd.route(5) Route file for multi-homed SOCKS proxy server.
socketmap_table(5) Postfix socketmap table lookup client.
socks.conf(5) SOCKS clients configuration file.
socks.fc(5) Frozen configuration file for SOCKS clients.
softhsm.conf(5) SoftHSM configuration file.
softhsm2.conf(5) SoftHSM configuration file.
sos.conf(5) Sosreport configuration.
sources.list(5) List of configured APT data sources.
spamoracle.conf(5) SpamOracle configuration file format.
spanish(5) A list of spanish words.
spi(5) Alliance parser and driver for Spice netlist.
SPKI(5) Simple Public Key Infrastructure formats.
spl-module-parameters(5) SPL module parameters.
splat.conf(5) Scalable Periodic LDAP Attribute Transmogrifier configuration file.
splitdns.config(5) Traffic Server split DNS configuration file.
spop3d.conf(5) Configuration data for The Solid POP3 Server.
sqlite_table(5) Postfix SQLite configuration.
srec(5) Motorola S-record record and file format.
srec_aomf(5) Intel Absolute Object Module Format.
srec_ascii_hex(5) Ascii‐Hex file format.
srec_atmel_generic(5) Atmel Generic file format.
srec_binary(5) Binary file format.
srec_brecord(5) Freescale MC68EZ328 Dragonball bootstrap record format.
srec_cosmac(5) RCA Cosmac Elf file format.
srec_dec_binary(5) DEC Binary (XXDP) file format.
srec_emon52(5) Elektor Monitor (EMON52) file format.
srec_fairchild(5) Fairchild Fairbug file format.
srec_fastload(5) LSI Logic Fast Load file format.
srec_formatted_binary(5) Formatted Binary file format.
srec_forth(5) FORTH file format.
srec_fpc(5) Four packed code file format.
srec_intel(5) Intel Hexadecimal object file format specification.
srec_intel16(5) Intel Hexadecimal 16‐bit file format specification.
srec_mif(5) Memory Initialization File (MIF) format.
srec_mos_tech(5) MOS Technology file format.
srec_motorola(5) Motorola S‐Record hexadecimal file format.
srec_msbin(5) Windows CE Binary Image Data Format.
srec_needham(5) Needham EMP‐series programmer ASCII file format.
srec_os65v(5) OS65V Loader file format.
srec_signetics(5) Signetics file format.
srec_spasm(5) SPASM file format.
srec_spectrum(5) Spectrum file format.
srec_stewie(5) Stewie's binary file format.
srec_tektronix(5) Tektronix hexadecimal file format.
srec_tektronix_extended(5) Tektronix Extended hexadecimal file format.
srec_ti_tagged(5) Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC) file format.
srec_ti_tagged_16(5) Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC 320) file format.
srec_ti_txt(5) Texas Instruments ti‐txt (MSP430) file format.
srec_vmem(5) Vmem file format.
srec_wilson(5) Wilson file format.
ssh_config(5) OpenSSH SSH client configuration files.
sshd_config(5) OpenSSH SSH daemon configuration file.
ssl_multicert.config(5) Traffic Server SSL certificate configuration file.
ssmtp.conf(5) Ssmtp configuration file.
sss_rpcidmapd(5) Sss plugin configuration directives for rpc.idmapd.
sssd-ad(5) SSSD Active Directory provider.
sssd-ifp(5) SSSD InfoPipe responder.
sssd-ipa(5) SSSD IPA provider.
sssd-krb5(5) SSSD Kerberos provider.
sssd-ldap(5) SSSD LDAP provider.
sssd-simple(5) The configuration file for SSSD's 'simple' access-control provider.
sssd-sudo(5) Configuring sudo with the SSSD back end.
sssd.conf(5) The configuration file for SSSD.
startup-config(5) Configuration file for l2tpns.
stationlist.xml(5) Tvtime station configuration file.
status(5) Server status database.
storage.conf(5) Configuration file for storage manager.
storage.config(5) Traffic Server cache storage configuration file.
strife.cfg(5) Chocolate Doom configuration file.
strongswan.conf(5) StrongSwan configuration file.
subdomain.conf(5) Configuration file for fine-tuning the behavior of the AppArmor security tool.
subgid(5) The subordinate gid file.
subscriptions(5) Default recommended subscriptions.
subscriptions.conf(5) Subscription configuration file for cups.
subuid(5) The subordinate uid file.
sudo.conf(5) Configuration for sudo front end.
sudoers(5) Default sudo security policy plugin.
sudoers.ldap(5) Sudo LDAP configuration. Database of restricted commands for super(1).
svn-autoreleasedeb.conf(5) Configuration for svn-autoreleasedeb.
svnserve.conf(5) Repository configuration file for svnserve.
svxlink.conf(5) Configuration file for the SvxLink server.
swish++.conf(5) SWISH++ configuration file format.
swish++.index(5) SWISH++ index file format.
sxfcgi.conf(5) Configuration file for sx.fcgi.
sxid.conf(5) Configuration settings for sXid.
sxlib(5) A portable CMOS Standard Cell Library.
sxsetup.conf(5) Configuration file for sxsetup.
sync-accounts(5) Configuration file for sync-accounts.
synctex(5) Synchronize TeXnology help file.
sysctl.conf(5) Sysctl preload/configuration file.
sysctl.d(5) Configure kernel parameters at boot.
sysid(5) Lists file server machine interface addresses registered in VLDB.
syslog-ng.conf(5) Syslog-ng configuration file.
syslog.conf(5) Configuration file for syslogd(8).
sysstat(5) Sysstat configuration file.
system.conf.d(5) ↣ systemd-system.conf(5) System and session service manager.
systemd-sleep.conf(5) Suspend and hibernation configuration file.
systemd-system.conf(5) System and session service manager.
systemd-user.conf(5) ↣ systemd-system.conf(5) System and session service manager.
systemd.automount(5) Automount unit configuration.
systemd.device(5) Device unit configuration.
systemd.exec(5) Execution environment configuration.
systemd.kill(5) Process killing procedure configuration. Network device configuration.
systemd.mount(5) Mount unit configuration.
systemd.negative(5) ↣ dnssec-trust-anchors.d(5) DNSSEC trust anchor configuration files.
systemd.netdev(5) Virtual Network Device configuration. Network configuration.
systemd.nspawn(5) Container settings.
systemd.path(5) Path unit configuration.
systemd.positive(5) ↣ dnssec-trust-anchors.d(5) DNSSEC trust anchor configuration files.
systemd.preset(5) Service enablement presets.
systemd.resource-control(5) Resource control unit settings.
systemd.scope(5) Scope unit configuration.
systemd.service(5) Service unit configuration.
systemd.slice(5) Slice unit configuration.
systemd.socket(5) Socket unit configuration.
systemd.swap(5) Swap unit configuration. Target unit configuration.
systemd.timer(5) Timer unit configuration.
systemd.unit(5) Unit configuration.
table(5) Format description for smtpd tables.
table_passwd(5) Format description for smtpd passwd tables.
table_socketmap(5) Format description for smtpd socketmap tables.
table_sqlite(5) Format description for smtpd sqlite tables.
tac_plus.conf(5) Tacacs+ daemon configuration file.
tapeconfig(5) Defines parameters for tape devices and backup data files.
tapelist(5) The list of Amanda volumes in use.
tar(5) Format of tape archive files.
tart-custom(5) Template format for LinuxTaRT.
tartdates(5) Special date configuration for LinuxTaRT.
tartrc(5) Configuration file for LinuxTaRT.
task-color(5) A color tutorial for the Taskwarrior command line todo manager.
task-sync(5) A discussion and tutorial for the various task(1) data synchronization capabilities.
taskdrc(5) Configuration details for the taskd(1) server.
taskrc(5) Configuration details for the task(1) command.
tasks.cfg(5) Task definitions for the xymonlaunch utility.
tayga.conf(5) Configuration file of the TAYGA stateless NAT64 daemon.
tccenv(5) Environments for tcc.
tcp-environ(5) TCP-related environment variables.
tcp_table(5) Postfix client/server table lookup protocol.
tcpspy.rules(5) Configuration file for tcpspy.
tcsd.conf(5) Configuration file for the trousers TCS daemon.
teamd.conf(5) Libteam daemon configuration file.
term(5) Format of compiled term file.
termcap(5) Terminal capability database.
terminal-colors.d(5) Configure output colorization for various utilities.
terminator_config(5) The config file for Terminator terminal emulator.
terminfo(5) Terminal capability data base.
terms(5) Database of blessed terminals for xtermset.
texinfo(5) Software documentation system.
thermal-conf.xml(5) Configuration file for thermal daemon.
ThisCell(5) Defines the local cell name.
thumbnailer-settings(5) Configuration settings for thumbnailer-service(1).
tigrc(5) Tig configuration file.
time.conf(5) Configuration file for the pam_time module.
timersdone.conf(5) List of current timers created by search timers.
timesyncd.conf(5) Network Time Synchronization configuration files.
timesyncd.conf.d(5) ↣ timesyncd.conf(5) Network Time Synchronization configuration files.
timidity.cfg(5) Configure file of TiMidity++.
tin(5) Related files.
tinc.conf(5) Tinc daemon configuration.
tinyproxy.conf(5) Tinyproxy HTTP proxy daemon configuration file.
tkconrc(5) TkCon resource file.
tlsdated.conf(5) Tlsdated config file.
tmispell.conf(5) Configuration file for tmispell.
tmpfiles.d(5) Configuration for creation, deletion and cleaning of volatile and temporary files.
tmpreaper.conf(5) Defines parameters for daily run of tmpreaper.
tnat64.conf(5) Configuration file for tnat64(8).
topology.conf(5) Slurm configuration file for defining the network topology.
torsocks.conf(5) Configuration file for torsocks(8).
tqsl(5) Digitally sign amateur radio contact logs.
trace-cmd.dat(5) Trace-cmd file format.
Traits(5) Lists the traits used by the Motif Toolkit. "Traits".
transport(5) Postfix transport table format.
trickled.conf(5) Format of the configuration file used by trickled(8).
tsi(5) Transmission Subscriber Identification (TSI) access control list.
tsocks.conf(5) Configuration file for tsocks(8).
ttylinkd.conf(5) Ttylinkd configuration file.
ttytype(5) Terminal device to default terminal type mapping.
turnserver.conf(5) TurnServer configuration file.
tvtime.xml(5) Tvtime configuration file.
twfiles(5) Overview of files used by Tripwire and file backup process.
typerules(5) HylaFAX file type identification and conversion rules.
types.db(5) Data-set specifications for the system statistics collection daemon collectd.
tzfile(5) Timezone information.
ubuntu-dev-tools(5) Configuration for the ubuntu-dev-tools package.
ucf.conf(5) Site-wide configuration file for ucf.
ucimf.conf(5) Ucimf configuration files.
udev.conf(5) Configuration for device event managing daemon.
udhcpd.conf(5) Udhcp server configuration file.
uif.conf(5) Tool for generating optimized packet filter rules.
UIL(5) The user interface language file format "user interface language" "UIL".
umax_pp(5) SANE backend for Umax Astra parallel port flatbed scanners.
unbound.conf(5) Unbound configuration file.
unifont(5) A bitmapped font with full Unicode Plane 0 (BMP) coverage.
unlang(5) FreeRADIUS Processing un-language.
up2date(5) Configuration file for Red Hat Network client programs.
update-initramfs.conf(5) Configuration file for update-initramfs.
update-motd(5) Dynamic MOTD generation.
update.config(5) Traffic Server automated update configuration file.
updatedb.conf(5) A configuration file for updatedb(8).
updmap.cfg(5) Font mapping/inclusion configuration for dvips and friends.
upgrade-system.conf(5) Configuration file for upgrade-system(8).
upnpd.conf(5) Upnpd(8) configuration file.
ups.conf(5) UPS definitions for Network UPS Tools.
upsd.conf(5) Configuration for Network UPS Tools upsd.
upsd.users(5) Administrative user definitions for NUT upsd.
upsmon.conf(5) Configuration for Network UPS Tools upsmon.
upssched.conf(5) Configuration for upssched timer program.
upsset.conf(5) Configuration for Network UPS Tools upsset.cgi.
upsstats.html(5) HTML template for Network UPS Tools upsstats.
upstart(5) Upstart init daemon job configuration.
uptimed.conf(5) The configuration file for uptimed(8).
urls_txt(5) URL database for regression testing.
uronode.conf(5) URONode configuration file.
uronode.perms(5) URONode permissions file.
user-dirs.conf(5) Configuration for xdg-user-dirs-update.
user-dirs.defaults(5) Default settings for XDG user dirs.
user-dirs.dirs(5) Settings for XDG user dirs.
user.conf.d(5) ↣ systemd-system.conf(5) System and session service manager.
user_clusters(5) File linking users to PostgreSQL clusters.
user_contexts(5) The SELinux user contexts configuration files.
UserList(5) Defines privileged administrators.
users(5) User authorization file for the FreeRADIUS server.
uswsusp.conf(5) Config file for the s2disk program.
utmp(5) Login records.
utmpx(5) ↣ utmp(5) Login records.
utoprc(5) Configuration file of utop.
uucpsend.ctl(5) List of sites to feed via uucpsend.
uuencode(5) Format of an encoded uuencode file.