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Section 5. File formats. Range (W - Z).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
warnquota.conf(5) Configuration for warnquota.
watchcatd.conf(5) Configuration file for watchcatd(8).
watchdog.conf(5) Configuration file for the watchdog daemon.
wavemonrc(5) Wavemon configuration file.
wayv.conf(5) Configuration file for wayV.
wdm.options(5) Configuration options for WINGs display manager.
wdmlogin.conf(5) Configuration options for wdmLogin.
weatherrc(5) Configuration file format for the weather(1) utility.
weborf.conf(5) Configuration file for weborf daemon.
weston.ini(5) Configuration file for Weston - the reference Wayland compositor.
whereami.conf(5) Configuration file for whereami.
whois.conf(5) Alternative WHOIS servers list for whois client.
wicd-manager-settings.conf(5) Contains settings that control Wicd's behavior.
wicd-wired-settings.conf(5) Controls Wicd's wired network settings.
wicd-wireless-settings.conf(5) Controls Wicd's wireless network settings.
wifi-radar.conf(5) Configuration file for WiFi Radar.
wiki.conf(5) Slurm configuration file for wiki and wiki2 scheduler plugins.
wildmidi.cfg(5) Config file for libWildMidi.
wmbiffrc(5) Configuration file for wmbiff(1).
wmfrc(5) Configuration file for wmf.
WML(5) The widget meta-language file format for creating uil compilers "widget meta-language" "WML".
wndb(5WN) WordNet database.
wnintro(5WN) Introduction to descriptions of WordNet file formats.
wpa_supplicant.conf(5) Configuration file for wpa_supplicant.
writable-paths(5) Make select paths writable.
writeboosttab(5) Mappings of cache(d) devices.
wtmp(5) ↣ utmp(5) Login records.
wvdial.conf(5) Wvdial configuration file.
wyrdrc(5) The configuration textfile for the wyrd(1) console calendar application.
x509v3_config(5ssl) X509 V3 certificate extension configuration format.
x_contexts(5) ↣ selabel_x(5) Userspace SELinux labeling interface and configuration file format for the X Window System con‐.
XCompose(3) X client mappings for multi-key input sequences.
XCompose(5) ↣ Compose(5) X client mappings for multi-key input sequences.
xdm.options(5) Configuration options for the X display manager.
xferfaxlog(5) HylaFAX activity log.
xferlog(5) ProFTPD server logfile.
xfm(5) File format for application window contents of xfm.
xfm_dev(5) Xfm device configuration.
xfm_magic(5) Xfm's magic file format.
xfm_mailcap(5) Mailcap information for usage within xfm or xfmmailcap.
xfm_mime.types(5) Suffix based fall back mime type information.
xforms(5) A GUI Toolkit for X Window Systems.
xfs(5) Layout, mount options, and supported file attributes for the XFS filesystem.
xine(5) A free video player.
xinetd.conf(5) Extended Internet Services Daemon configuration file.
xinetd.log(5) Xinetd service log format.
xl.cfg(5) XL Domain Configuration File Syntax.
xl.conf(5) XL Global/Host Configuration.
xl2tpd.conf(5) L2TPD configuration file.
xlcpupool.cfg(5) XL Cpupool Configuration File Syntax.
xneurrc(5) Configuration file for XNeur.
xorg.conf(5) Configuration files for Xorg X server.
xorg.conf.d(5) ↣ xorg.conf(5) Configuration files for Xorg X server.
xpdfrc(5) Configuration file for Xpdf tools (version 3.04).
xrdp.ini(5) Configuration file for xrdp(8).
Xsession(5) Initialize X session.
Xsession.options(5) Configuration options for Xsession(5).
xymon-xmh(5) Configuration items available online.
xymonclient.cfg(5) Xymon client environment variables.
xymonserver.cfg(5) Xymon environment variables.
xymonweb(5) Web page headers, footers and forms.
xymonwebaccess(5) Web-based access controls in Xymon.
yadifa.rc(5) Is the configuration file for yadifa(8).
yadifad.conf(5) Configuration file for yadifad(8).
yagi(5) Yagi binary output format.
yapet_colors(5) Format of YAPET color configuration.
yapet_config(5) Format of YAPET configuration file.
yaws.conf(5) Configuration file for the Yaws web server.
yaws_api(5) Api available to yaws web server programmers.
yaws_soap_lib(5) Api for the yaws soap-functionality.
yp.conf(5) NIS binding configuration file.
ypserv.conf(5) Configuration file for ypserv and rpc.ypxfrd.
yum.conf(5) Configuration file for yum(8).
yuv4mpeg(5) Video stream format used by pipe-based MJPEGtools.
zathurarc(5) Zathura configuration file.
zbackup(5) Versatile deduplicating backup tool.
zfs-events(5) Events created by the ZFS filesystem.
zfs-module-parameters(5) ZFS module parameters.
zone.conf(5) Fiaif zone configuration files.
zorpctl.conf(5) Zorpctl(8) configuration file.
zos-remote.conf(5) The audisp-racf plugin configuration file.
zpool-features(5) ZFS pool feature descriptions.