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Section 6. Games. Range (A - D).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
a7xpg(6) Chase action game.
abe(6) Abe's Amazing Adventure.
abstractile(6x) Draw abstract mosaic patterns of interlocking tiles.
accc(6) Ac3d Compiler.
ace-canfield(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-freecell(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-golf(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-mastermind(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-merlin(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-minesweeper(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-pegged(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-solitaire(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-spider(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-taipedit(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-taipei(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
ace-thornq(6) ↣ ace-of-penguins(6) Solitaire-games with penguin-look.
acm(6) An aerial combat simulator for X.
adanaxisgpl(6) A deep space 4d action game.
adonthell(6) A Free Role Playing Game engine.
adonthell-wastesedge(6) Waste's Edge game for the Adonthell engine.
adventure(6) An exploration game.
aiColson(6x) ↣ aiDummy(6x) Computer players for xfrisk.
aiConway(6x) ↣ aiDummy(6x) Computer players for xfrisk.
aiDummy(6x) Computer players for xfrisk.
airstrike(6) 2d dogfight game in the tradition of 'Biplanes' and 'BIP'.
alex4(6) Alex the Allegator 4, a retro platform game.
alien-arena(6) Wrapper script to run the Alien Arena client.
alien-arena-server(6) Wrapper script to run an Alien Arena dedicated server.
alienblaster(6) 2D arcade shooter game.
amoebax(6) Match-3 action-puzzle game.
amph(6) Exciting Jump'n run game that offers some unique visual effects.
amphetamine(6) ↣ amph(6) Exciting Jump'n run game that offers some unique visual effects.
an(6) Anagram generator.
anagramarama(6) Cute anagram game using SDL.
anemone(6x) Wiggling tentacles.
anemotaxis(6x) Directional search on a plane.
angband(6) Is a graphical dungeon adventure game in the vein of rogue.
angrydd(6) A falling block puzzle game.
animals(6) Traditional AI game that learns about animals from the player.
antigrav(6) Multiplayer flying saucer racing game.
antinspect(6x) Ant model inspection screenhack.
antmaze(6x) Ant maze walker.
antspotlight(6x) Ant spotlight screenhack.
apollonian(6x) Descartes Circle Theorem.
apple2(6x) Apple ][ display emulator.
ardentryst(6) Action/RPG sidescoller, focused on story and character development.
arithmetic(6) Quiz on simple arithmetic.
armagetronad(6) A 3D Tron-like high speed game.
armagetronad-dedicated(6) An Armagetron Advanced dedicated game server.
armagetronad-dedicated.real(6) ↣ armagetronad-dedicated(6) An Armagetron Advanced dedicated game server.
armagetronad.real(6) ↣ armagetronad(6) A 3D Tron-like high speed game.
asc(6) Advanced Strategic Command - turn based strategy game.
asc_demount(6) Advanced Strategic Command demount.
asc_mapedit(6) Map editor for Advanced Strategic Command game.
asc_mount(6) Advanced Strategic Command mount.
asc_weaponguide(6) Advanced Strategic Command weaponguide generator.
asciijump(6) Small and funny ASCII-art game about ski jumping.
assaultcube(6) AssaultCube client.
assaultcube-server(6) AssaultCube server.
AstroMenace(6) Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities.
asylum(6) A surreal platform shooting game.
atanks(6) Obliterate each other with oversize weapons.
atc(6) Air traffic controller game.
atlantis(6x) Draw swimming sharks, whales, and dolphins.
atom4(6) Two-player color puzzle game.
atomix(6) Molecule puzzle game.
attal-ai(6) Turn-based strategy game, ai player.
attal-campaign-editor(6) Turn-based strategy game, campaign editor.
attal-client(6) Turn-based strategy game, client.
attal-scenario-editor(6) Turn-based strategy game, scenario editor.
attal-server(6) Turn-based strategy game, server.
attal-theme-editor(6) Turn-based strategy game, theme editor.
attraction(6x) Interactions of opposing forces.
atunnel(6x) Hypnotic GL tunnel journey.
auralquiz(6) Simple music quiz game using your own music files.
b1ff(6) ↣ filters(6)
backgammon(6) The game of backgammon.
balder2d(6) 2D zero gravity shooter.
baldurs-gate(6) ↣ gemrb(6) Emulator for Infinity Engine-based games.
baldurs-gate-2(6) ↣ gemrb(6) Emulator for Infinity Engine-based games.
baldurs-gate-2-tob(6) ↣ gemrb(6) Emulator for Infinity Engine-based games.
ballerburg(6) A castle combat game.
ballz(6) Platform/puzzle game where you control a rolling ball.
bambam(6) A keyboard mashing and doodling game for babies.
barcode(6x) Draws a random sequence of barcodes for the products you enjoy.
barrage(6) Rather destructive action game.
bastet(6) Tetris(r) clone with "bastard" block-choosing AI.
battlestar(6) A tropical adventure game.
bcd(6) Reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code.
bearoffdump(6) Dump a position from the GNU Backgammon bearoff database.
beilagen(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
berusky(6) Logic game based on an ancient puzzle named Sokoban.
berusky2(6) Logic game Bugs Escape 3D.
Between(6) A game about consciousness and isolation.
bi2cf(6) A map conversion tool for Crimson Fields.
billard-gl(6) OpenGL billiards game.
biloba(6) Multiplayer strategy board game.
biloba-server(6) Multiplayer strategy board game server tool.
binaryring(6x) A system of path tracing particles evolves continuously from an initial creation.
biniax2(6) Logic game with arcade and tactics modes.
black-box(6) Find the crystals.
blackhole(6) Draws funny things on an XDisplay.
blaster(6x) Simulation of space combat.
blinkbox(6x) Shows a ball inside a box.
blinken(6) A memory enhancement game.
blitspin(6x) Rotate a bitmap in an interesting way.
blobAndConquer(6) 3D platform shooting game.
blobby(6) A volleyball game with blobs.
blobby-server(6) A volleyball game with blobs.
bloboats(6) A boat racing game.
blobwars(6) Platform shooting game.
blockattack(6) Rise of the Blocks.
blockout2(6) The tetris like game (3D tetris).
blocks-of-the-undead(6) ↣ BlocksOfTheUndead(6) Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones.
BlocksOfTheUndead(6) Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones.
blocktube(6x) Draws a swirling, falling tunnel of reflective slabs.
boggle(6) Word search game.
boing(6x) Draws a bouncing ball like the ancient Amiga demo.
bombardier(6) The GNU Bombing utility.
bomberclone(6) Free Bomberman-like game.
boswars(6) Futuristic real-time strategy game.
bouboule(6x) Draws spinning 3D blobs.
bouncingcow(6x) A happy cow on a trampoline in 3D. Moo.
bouncy(6) Game for kids.
bovo(6) KDE Five in a Row Board Game.
boxed(6x) Draws a box full of 3D bouncing balls that explode.
boxfit(6x) Fills space with a gradient of growing boxes or circles.
braid(6x) Draws random color-cycling braids around a circle.
brainparty(6) 36 puzzle games for all the family.
briquolo(6) Fast paced 3d breakout game.
brot(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
brutalchess(6) 3d chess game.
bsod(6x) Blue Screen of Death emulator.
btanks(6) Fast 2D tank arcade game.
bubble3d(6x) 3d rising bubbles.
bubbros(6) Generic startup script for bub-n-bros.
bubbros-client(6) The bub-n-bros client.
bubbros-server(6) The bub-n-bros server.
bugsquish(6) Bugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm!.
bumprace(6) A simple arcade game.
bumps(6x) Move distorting spotlight around desktop.
burgerspace(6) A hamburger-smashing video game.
burgerspace-server(6) UDP server for the networked version of BurgerSpace.
bygfoot(6) Football (a.k.a soccer) management game.
bzadmin(6) A text based client for BZFlag.
bzflag(6) A tank battle game.
bzfs(6) BZFlag game server.
c4(6) Chip's Challenge combined converter.
caesar(6) Decrypt caesar ciphers.
cage(6x) Escher's impossible cage, for xscreensaver.
canfield(6) The solitaire card game canfield.
carousel(6x) Displays multiple images rotating in a circular formation.
castle-combat(6) Enclose land and destroy your opponent's castle.
ccurve(6x) Self-similar linear fractals.
cdbdiff(6) Program to operate cookie (fortune) database.
cdbsplit(6) Program to operate cookie (fortune) database.
ceferino(6) Action game similar to Super Pang.
ceferinoeditor(6) ↣ ceferino(6) Action game similar to Super Pang.
ceferinosetup(6) ↣ ceferino(6) Action game similar to Super Pang.
celtic(6x) Draws celtic cross-stich patterns.
censor(6) ↣ filters(6)
cf2bmp(6) Convert Crimson Fields levels to BMP images.
cfed(6) A level compiler for Crimson Fields.
cfscores(6) ↣ canfield(6) The solitaire card game canfield.
cfsndserv(6) Crossfire client sound server.
cgoban(6) X11 Go Toolset.
chef(6) ↣ filters(6)
chessx(6) Chess database.
childsplay(6) Educational games for young children.
chkfont(6) Checks figlet 2.0 and up font files for format errors.
chocolate-doom(6) Historically compatible Doom engine.
chocolate-doom-setup(6) ↣ chocolate-setup(6) Configuration tool for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-heretic(6) Historically compatible Heretic engine.
chocolate-heretic-setup(6) ↣ chocolate-setup(6) Configuration tool for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-hexen(6) Historically compatible Hexen engine.
chocolate-hexen-setup(6) ↣ chocolate-setup(6) Configuration tool for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-server(6) Dedicated server for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-setup(6) Configuration tool for chocolate-doom.
chocolate-strife(6) Historically compatible strife engine.
chocolate-strife-setup(6) ↣ chocolate-setup(6) Configuration tool for chocolate-doom.
chromium-bsu(6) Slick scrolling space shooter.
circuit(6x) Animates a number of 3D electronic components.
circuslinux(6) The clowns are trying to pop balloons to score points!.
cityflow(6x) Waves of boxes.
ckifzs(6) Verifies a QUETZAL/IFZS file.
cloudlife(6x) A cellular automaton based on Conway's Life.
cmail(6) ↣ xboard(6) X graphical user interface for chess.
cockney(6) ↣ filters(6)
colobot(6) Educational programming strategy game.
colorcode(6) Advanced clone of the MasterMind code-breaking game.
comet(6) A mission editor for Crimson Fields.
companioncube(6x) A vital aparatus.
compass(6x) Draws a spinning compass.
convert_pgn(6) Convert format of given chess book from one format to another.
cookietool(6) Program to operate cookie (fortune) database.
coral(6x) Simulates coral growth, albeit somewhat slowly.
countmail(6) Be obnoxious about how much mail you have.
cowsay(6) Configurable speaking/thinking cow (and a bit more).
cowthink(6) ↣ cowsay(6) Configurable speaking/thinking cow (and a bit more).
crack-attack(6) Multiplayer OpenGL puzzle game like "Tetris Attack".
crackberg(6x) Lose your way wandering some height fields, and enjoy candy.
crafty(6) Chess engine.
crawl(6) The roguelike game of Crawl.
crawl-tiles(6) The roguelike game of Crawl.
cribbage(6) The card game cribbage.
crimson(6) A hex-based tactical combat game.
critter(6) Space shootemup resembling galaxian.
crossfire-client-gtk2(6) Second generation GTK client for Crossfire servers.
crossfire-config(6) Give information to plugin about crossfire server.
crossfire-server(6) A multiplayer adventure and arcade game server.
crosstable(6) Utility script to print a crosstable from a set of .pgn files.
crystal(6x) Kaleidescope.
csmash(6) A table tennis simulation game.
cual(6) Cuyo Animation Language.
cube2(6) A 3D first-person shooter engine.
cube2-server(6) Network server for cube2.
cube21(6x) Animates the Cube 21 puzzle.
cubenetic(6x) Cubist 3D undulating blob.
cubestorm(6x) A series of 3D boxes that fill space.
cubicgrid(6x) Rotating 3D lattice seen from inside.
Cultivation(6) Game about the interactions within a gardening community.
curseofwar(6) Real Time Strategy Game for Linux.
cutechess(6) A graphical user interface for chess engines.
cutechess-cli(6) A command-line tool for chess engines matches.
cuyo(6) Tetris-like game with many suprises.
cwaves(6x) Languid sinusoidal colors.
cyaddrules(6) ↣ cyphesis-tools(6) Cyphesis tools.
cyclient(6) Cyphesis world building client.
cycmd(6) Cycmd game server process.
cyconfig(6) ↣ cyphesis-tools(6) Cyphesis tools.
cyconvertrules(6) ↣ cyphesis-tools(6) Cyphesis tools.
cydb(6) ↣ cyphesis-tools(6) Cyphesis tools.
cydumprules(6) ↣ cyphesis-tools(6) Cyphesis tools.
cyloadrules(6) ↣ cyphesis-tools(6) Cyphesis tools.
cynosure(6x) Gentle overlapping squares screen saver.
cypasswd(6) ↣ cyphesis-tools(6) Cyphesis tools.
cyphesis(6) Cyphesis game server process.
cyphesis-tools(6) Cyphesis tools.
cypython(6) ↣ cyphesis-tools(6) Cyphesis tools.
cytadela(6) Old-school first person shooter.
d1x-rebirth(6) Port of the 1995 classic game "Descent: First Strike".
d2x-rebirth(6) Port of the 1996 classic game "Descent 2: Counterstrike".
dab(6) Dots and Boxes game.
dangen(6) Shoot 'em up game where accurate shooting matters.
dangerball(6x) A 3D ball that periodically extrudes spikes. Ouch!.
darkplaces(6) An engine for iD software's Quake and related games.
darkplaces-server(6) An engine for iD software's Quake and related games.
date(1fun) Get and print a date.
dds(6) Double dummy solver frontend.
deal(6) Bridge hand generator.
dealer(6) Bridge hand generator.
dealer.dpp(6) Preprocessor for dealer scripts.
decayscreen(6x) Make a screen meltdown.
deco(6x) Draw tacky 70s basement wall panelling.
defendguin(6) A bidirectionally scrolling space game based on Defender.
deluxe(6x) Pulsing sequence of stars, circles, and lines.
demon(6x) Cellular automaton.
dessert(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
deusf(6) ↣ deutex(6) Do things with wad files.
deutex(6) Do things with wad files.
dgn_comp(6) NetHack dungeon compiler.
dhewm3(6) Doom 3 engine.
dink(6) ↣ freedink(6) Adventure and role-playing game (engine).
dinkedit(6) ↣ freedinkedit(6) Adventure and role-playing game (editor).
discrete(6x) Discrete map iterative function fractal systems.
distort(6x) Distort the content of the screen in interesting ways.
dizzy(6) A graphics demo that makes you dizzy using rotating textures.
dlb(6) NetHack data librarian.
dodgindiamond2(6) Little arcade game shooter for one or two players.
dolphin-emu(6) A Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator.
doom2-masterlevels(6) Graphical launcher for DOOM II Master Levels.
doomsday(6) Enhanced source port of Doom, Heretic and Hexen.
doomsday-compat(6) ↣ doomsday(6) Enhanced source port of Doom, Heretic and Hexen.
doomsday-server(6) Doomsday Engine multiplayer daemon.
dopewars(6) Drug dealing game.
dossizola(6) Isola game with nice graphics.
drascula(6) Classic 2D point and click adventure game.
dreamchess(6) User interface for XBoard-compatible chess engines.
dreamer(6) An XBoard-compatible chess engine.
drift(6x) Draws drifting recursive fractal cosmic flames.
dvorak7min(6) Typing tutor for the dvorak keyboard layout.