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Section 6. Games. Range (E - H).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
eboard(6) A graphical chess board.
eco2pgn(6) ↣ scid(6)
edgar(6) A 2D platform game with a persistent world.
efp.nes(6) Escape from Pong NES game.
einstein(6) Puzzle game inspired on Einstein's puzzle.
eleet(6) ↣ filters(6)
eleeye_engine(6) A chess program engine to communicate with its user interface.
emp_hub(6) Empire multiplexer.
empire(6) The wargame of the century.
endgame(6x) Endgame chess screensaver.
endless-sky(6) A space exploration and combat game.
enemylines3(6) A game (shoot'em up).
enemylines7(6) A shoot'em up game.
engine(6x) Draws a 3D four-stroke engine.
engine-engine-match(6) Utility script to act as xboard replacement.
enigma(6) Puzzle game reminiscent of Oxyd.
epicycle(6x) Draws a point moving around a circle which moves around a cicle which...
epiphany-game(6) Boulderdash clone.
eruption(6x) Eruption of pieces of hot volcanic rock.
espdiff(6) Apply the appropriate transformation to a set of patches.
etoys(6) A media-rich model, simulation construction kit and authoring tool.
etr(6) 3D racing game featuring Tux, the Linux penguin.
etw(6) Eat The Whistle.
euler2d(6x) Two dimensional incompressible inviscid fluid flow.
eureka(6) A DOOM map editor.
excellent-bifurcation(6) An abstract two-sided vertical shooter.
extrusion(6x) Various rotating extruded shapes.
exult(6) An engine for running Ultima VII.
fadeplot(6x) Draws a waving ribbon following a sinusoidal path.
fairymax(6) Xboard-compatible chess and chess-variant engine 'Fairy-Max'.
fanboy(6) ↣ filters(6)
fc-solve(6) Automated solver for Freecell and related Solitiare variants.
fceux(6) An emulator for the original (8-bit) Nintendo / Famicom game console.
fceux-net-server(6) FCE Ultra game server.
ffrenzy(6) Multiplayer platform game with dwarfs fighting with/for food.
ffrenzy-menu(6) Graphical launcher menu for the Feeding Frenzy! game.
fgo(6) A graphical launcher for FlightGear.
fiberlamp(6x) Fiber Optic Lamp.
figlet-figlet(6) Display large characters made up of ordinary screen characters.
figlist(6) Lists figlet fonts and control files.
fillets(6) Puzzle game about witty fish saving the world sokoban style.
fireworkx(6x) Pyrotechnic explosions eye-candy.
five-or-more(6) GNOME port of the once-popular Colour Lines game.
fizmo-console(6) Bare-bone console implementation of the fizmo Z-Maschine Interpreter.
fizmo-ncursesw(6) Wide-character-ncurses implementation of the fizmo Z-Machine Interpreter.
flame(6x) Draw weird cosmic fractals.
flare(6) Diablo like rpg game.
flblocks(6) The fltk block attack! game.
flcheckers(6) The fltk checkers game.
flipflop(6x) Draws a grid of 3D squares that change positions.
flipscreen3d(6x) Rotates an image of the screen through 3 dimensions.
fliptext(6x) Draws pages of text whose lines transparently flip around.
flobopuyo(6) A clone of the Japanese PuyoPuyo game.
flow(6x) Strange attractors.
flsudoku(6) The fltk sudoku game.
fluidballs(6x) The physics of bouncing balls.
flurry(6x) A colorful particle system.
flyingtoasters(6x) 3d space-age jet-powered flying toasters (and toast).
fofix(6) Rock Band(tm)-like OpenGL rhythm game.
fontglide(6x) Characters float onto the screen to form words.
foobillardplus(6) 3D OpenGL Billiard Game.
fortune(6) Print a random, hopefully interesting, adage.
fortune-zh(6) Chinese Data files for fortune.
four-in-a-row(6) Four-in-a-row game for GNOME.
fprint_demo(6) Simple GTK+ testing libfprint's functions.
freecell-solver-range-parallel-solve(6) The Freecell Solver utility for solving a range of Microsoft.
freeciv(6) ↣ freeciv-client(6) The clients for the Freeciv game.
freeciv-client(6) The clients for the Freeciv game.
freeciv-gtk2(6) ↣ freeciv-client(6) The clients for the Freeciv game.
freeciv-modpack(6) Custom content installers for the Freeciv.
freeciv-qt(6) ↣ freeciv-client(6) The clients for the Freeciv game.
freeciv-sdl(6) ↣ freeciv-client(6) The clients for the Freeciv game.
freeciv-server(6) The server for the Freeciv game.
freecol(6) A free clone of Colonization.
freedink(6) Adventure and role-playing game (engine).
freedinkedit(6) Adventure and role-playing game (editor).
freedm(6) Automatically launch Freedoom with an engine.
freedoom1(6) Automatically launch Freedoom with an engine.
freedoom2(6) Automatically launch Freedoom with an engine.
freedroid(6) A free Paradroid clone.
freedroidRPG(6) A futuristic immersive RPG about fighting bots.
freegish(6) A physics based arcade game.
freeorion(6) Turn-based space empire and galactic conquest game.
freespace2-launcher(6) ↣ wxlauncher(6) Launcher for the Freespace 2 Source Code Project.
freesweep(6) A curses minesweeper-style game.
freetennis(6) Free tennis simulation game.
freevial(6) Trivia platform for community events.
fretsonfire(6) Game of musical skill and fast fingers.
friskserver(6x) Network risk board-game server.
frogatto(6) 2D platformer game starring a quixotic frog.
frotz(6) Interpreter for Infocom and other Z-Machine games.
fruit(6) Fruit is a UCI-only chess engine.
fs2_open(6) Manual page for FreeSpace 2 Open.
fs2_open_3.7.2(6) ↣ fs2_open(6) Manual page for FreeSpace 2 Open.
fs2_open_3.7.2_DEBUG(6) ↣ fs2_open(6) Manual page for FreeSpace 2 Open.
fs2_open_DEBUG(6) ↣ fs2_open(6) Manual page for FreeSpace 2 Open.
fudd(6) ↣ filters(6)
funguloids(6) "Those Funny Funguloids!".
funnyboat(6) An arcade boat game.
fuzzyflakes(6x) Falling snowflakes/flower shapes.
galaxy(6x) Draws spinning galaxies.
gamazons(6) Amazons Boardgame for GNOME.
game-data-packager(6) Build a .deb of game data.
gameclock(6) A simple game clock.
gamine(6) A simple game for young children.
garden(6) Garden of Coloured Lights.
gargoyle-free(6) Interactive fiction player.
gav(6) A simple graphical 2-player volleyball game.
gbnclient(6) GNOME client for Batalla Naval.
gbnrobot(6) GNOME AI client for Batalla Naval.
gbnserver(6) GNOME server for Batalla Naval.
gbrainy(6) A brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained.
gcompris(6) Manual page for gcompris GCompris.
gearhead(6) Roguelike mecha role playing game.
gears(6x) Draw interlocking gears, for xscreensaver.
geki2(6) A vertical shoot'em-up.
geki3(6) A horizontal shoot'em-up.
gemdropx(6) An interesting one-player puzzle game for X-Window.
gemrb(6) Emulator for Infinity Engine-based games.
geneatd(6) Multi-touch tower defense game.
geodesic(6x) Animates a mesh geodesic sphere.
geodesicgears(6x) Gears on the surface of a sphere.
gflux(6x) Rippling surface graphics hack.
gfpoken(6) Recreate a grid of mirrors from clues.
ghextris(6) Hextris game for GNOME.
gl-117(6) An OpenGL action flight simulator.
glaurung(6) Free UCI chess engine, to calculate chess moves.
glblur(6x) 3D radial blur texture fields.
glcells(6x) Growing cells graphics hack.
gleidescope(6x) A tiled OpenGL kaleidescope.
glhack(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
glhanoi(6x) OpenGL Towers of Hanoi.
glhexen2(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
glhwcl(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
glknots(6x) Generates some twisting 3d knot patterns.
glmatrix(6x) Simulates the title sequence effect of the movie.
glob2(6) Real Time Strategy Game.
glotski(6) A sliding blocks puzzle.
glpeces(6) Tangram game.
glplanet(6x) Rotating 3d texture-mapped planet.
glschool(6x) A 3D schooling simulation.
glslideshow(6x) Slideshow of images using smooth zooming and fades.
glsnake(6x) OpenGL enhanced Rubik's Snake cyclewaster.
gltext(6x) Draws text spinning around in 3D.
gltron(6) A tron-like 3D lightcycle game.
gmchess(6) A Chinese Chess game.
gmult(6) Figure out which letters are which numbers.
gnome-breakout(6) Addictive breakout game for GNOME.
gnome-chess(6) A simple chess application for GNOME.
gnome-hearts(6) Play a game of hearts.
gnome-klotski(6) Sliding block puzzles game for GNOME.
gnome-mahjongg(6) A matching game played with Mahjongg tiles.
gnome-mines(6) The popular logic puzzle minesweeper.
gnome-nibbles(6) A worm game for GNOME.
gnome-robots(6) Based on classic BSD Robots.
gnome-sudoku(6) Puzzle game for the popular Japanese sudoku logic puzzle.
gnome-taquin(6) A sliding puzzle game for GNOME.
gnome-tetravex(6) A simple puzzle game for GNOME.
gnubg(6) GNU Backgammon program.
gnubik(6) An interactive, graphic Magic cube program.
gnuchessu(6) Start GNU Chess in UCI mode.
gnuchessx(6) Plays a game of chess, either against the user or against itself.
GNUDoQ(6) ↣ gnudoq(6) GNUDoQ A Qt Sudoku game with a sudoku solver and printer support.
gnudoq(6) GNUDoQ A Qt Sudoku game with a sudoku solver and printer support.
gnugo(6) The GNU program to play the game of Go.
gnujump(6) A xjump clone.
gnurobbo(6) Remake of Robbo, the classical Atari game.
gnurobots(6) Program a robot to explore a world.
gnushogi(6) GNU Shogi (Japanese Chess).
go-fish(6) Play “Go Fish”.
golly(6) Conway's Game of Life.
Gomoku(6) Extended TicTacToe game for GNUstep.
gomoku(6) Game of 5 in a row.
goop(6x) Squishy transparent oil and bubble screenhack.
gplanarity(6) Simple puzzle game involving untangling planar graphs.
gpsshell(6) GPSShogi shell like client.
gpsshogi(6) GPSShogi for XShogi and the CSA protocol.
gpsshogi-viewer(6) GPSShogi viewer.
gpsusi(6) GPSShogi for the USI protocol.
grab_cgoban(6) Take a snapshot of a cgoban board.
granatier(6) Bomberman clone.
granule(6) A flashcards program.
grav(6x) Draws a simple orbital simulation.
Gravitation(6) A game about mania, melancholia, and the creative process.
gravitywars(6) Clone of Gravity Force.
greed(6) Eat a game field until you run out of moves.
greynetic(6x) Draw random stippled/color rectangles.
grhino(6) Othello/reversi boardgame.
Gridlock(6) Collection of grid-based board games.
groundhog(6) Simple logic game.
gtans(6) Tangram game for X.
gtetrinet(6) A Tetrinet client for X using Gtk+ and GNOME-libs.
gtkatlantic(6) Game like Monopoly™.
gtkballs(6x) A simple logic game.
gtkboard(6) Play a variety of board games.
gtkpool(6) Simple GTK+ pool billiard game.
gtp-rhino(6) GTP Frontend for Rhino.
gunroar(6) 360-degree gunboat shooter.
h2ded(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
h2patch(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
hachu(6) Xboard-compatible engine for Chu Shogi and other variants.
hack(6) Exploring The Dungeons of Doom.
halftone(6x) Simple halftone pattern of moving mass points.
halo(6x) Draw circular patterns.
hangman(6) Computer version of the game hangman.
hannah(6) Help Hannah's Horse, pacman-like game.
hauptgericht(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
hcc(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
hedgewars(6) A free turn based strategy game.
helix(6x) Draw helical string-art patterns.
heroes(6) A game like Nibbles or Tron, just better.
heroes-sdl(6) ↣ heroes(6) A game like Nibbles or Tron, just better.
heroeslvl(6) Inspect Heroes' level files.
hex-a-hop(6) Puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles.
hexadrop(6x) Shrinking hexagons.
hexalate(6) A color matching game.
hexen2(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
higan(6) Accurate Nintendo multi-system emulator.
higan-accuracy(6) Accurate Nintendo multi-system emulator (accuracy profile).
higan-balanced(6) Accurate Nintendo multi-system emulator (balanced profile).
higan-performance(6) Accurate Nintendo multi-system emulator (performance profile).
hilbert(6x) 3D Hilbert fractal.
hitori(6) Plays the game of hitori.
hoichess(6) Xboard compatible chess engine.
hoixiangqi(6) ↣ hoichess(6) Xboard compatible chess engine.
holdingnuts(6) A poker client and server.
holdingnuts-server(6) A poker client and server.
holotz-castle(6) Platform game with high dosis of mistery.
holotz-castle-editor(6) Editor for holotz-castle game.
hopalong(6x) Draw real plane fractals.
hunt(6) A multi-player multi-terminal game.
huntd(6) Hunt daemon, back-end for hunt game.
hwcl(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
hwmaster(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
hwsv(6) ↣ uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
hyper(6) Non-euclidean graphical rogue-like game.
hypertorus(6x) Draws a hypertorus that rotates in 4d.
hypnowheel(6x) Draws overlapping, translucent spiral patterns.