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Section 6. Games. Range (M - Q).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
macopix(6) Mascot Constructive Pilot for X.
madbomber(6) A clone of Activision's classic Atari 2600 game, "Kaboom!.
Maelstrom(6) An arcade-style game resembling Asteroids.
magicmaze(6) Simple monster-bashing game.
magicor(6) Puzzle game in the spirit of solomon's key.
magicor-editor(6) Level editor for Magicor.
magictouch(6) A libavg based multitouch TRON clone.
mailgo(6) Shell script for using mgt to automate email go games.
makebearoff(6) Generate a GNU Backgammon bearoff database.
makehyper(6) Generate a GNU Backgammon Hypergammon position database.
makeobj(6) Compile data sets for Simutrans.
makeweights(6) Generate a GNU Backgammon binary weights file.
mame(6) Multi-purpose emulation framework.
manaplus(6) ManaPlus: A 2D MMORPG client.
manaplustest(6) ManaPlusTest: test tool for manaplus.
mancala(6) Simple board game for human player and computer.
mancala-text(6) ↣ mancala(6) Simple board game for human player and computer.
marsshooter(6) A ridiculous shooter.
matanza(6) Space war multiuser ascii game.
matanza-ai(6) Execute a Matanza Artificial Inteligence from FILE.
maxqi(6) ↣ fairymax(6) Xboard-compatible chess and chess-variant engine 'Fairy-Max'.
maze(6x) An automated X11 demo repeatedly creating and solving a random maze.
mednafen(6) Multi-system emulator.
megaglest(6) 3D multi-player real time strategy game.
megaglest_editor(6) Map editor for the popular 3D realtime strategy game.
megaglest_g3dviewer(6) G3D Model editor for the popular 3D realtime strategy game.
meltdown(6) ↣ xflip(6) Astonish your friends with interesting X effects.
memscroller(6x) Scrolls a dump of its own RAM across the screen.
menger(6x) 3D menger gasket fractal.
meritous(6) An action adventure dungeon-crawl game.
metaballs(6x) Draws 2D metaballs.
mgba(6) Game Boy Advance emulator.
mgba-qt(6) Game Boy Advance emulator.
mgt(6) Game record display/editor for the oriental game of go.
mgt2short(6) Converts Smart-Go files to the short format.
miceamaze(6) Video game with mice in a maze.
micropolis(6) A real-time city management simulator.
mille(6) Play Mille Bornes.
minetest(6) Multiplayer infinite-world block sandbox.
minetest-mapper(6) Creates 2D maps of your world.
mirrorblob(6x) Draws a wobbly blob that distorts the image behind it.
mirrormagic(6) Mindbender/Deflektor clone.
moebius(6x) Escher's Moebuis Strip II, with ants.
moebiusgears(6x) Draw a moebius strip of interlocking gears.
mog(6) Maze of Galious.
moire(6x) Draw circular interference patterns.
moire2(6x) Circular interference patterns.
mokomaze(6) Ball-in-the-labyrinth game.
molecule(6x) Draws 3D molecular structures.
monop(6) Monopoly game.
monopd(6) Monopoly™ like game server.
monsterz(6) A puzzle game of monsters.
moon-buggy(6) Drive some car across the moon.
moon-lander(6) Fun game based on the classic moon lander.
mori1(6) ↣ blackhole(6) Draws funny things on an XDisplay.
mori2(6) ↣ blackhole(6) Draws funny things on an XDisplay.
moria(6) A dungeon game.
morph3d(6x) 3d morphing objects.
morris(6) Nine Men's Morris game for the Gnome desktop.
morse(6) ↣ bcd(6) Reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code.
mountain(6x) Random 3D plots that look vaguely mountainous.
mousetrap(6) An arcade puzzle game using SDL.
mrboom(6) 8 player Bomberman.
mrrescue(6) 2d arcade platform game.
mttroff(6) A libavg based multitouch TRON clone.
mu-cade(6) Chase action game.
multitet(6) Multitouch-enabled cooperative multiplayer tetris-like game.
munch(6x) Munching squares.
mupen64plus(6) Console front‐end for the Mupen64Plus N64 emulator.
mupen64plus-qt(6) A basic launcher for Mupen64Plus.
nerverot(6x) Induces edginess in the viewer.
nestopia(6) Nintento Entertainment System / Famicom emulator.
nethack(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
nethack-console(6) ↣ nethack(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
nethack-lisp(6) ↣ nethack(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
nethackify(6) ↣ filters(6)
netpanzer(6) An online multiplayer tactical warfare game.
netrek-client-cow(6) Manual page for NETREK-CLIENT-COW 3.2.7.
netris(6) Networked version of tetris.
netris-sample-robot(6) Sample robot for netris.
nettoe(6) Networked version of Tic Tac Toe for the console.
neverball(6) 3D floor-tilting game.
neverputt(6) 3D miniature golf game.
newspeak(6) ↣ filters(6)
nexuiz(6) A 3d deathmatch game.
nexuiz-server(6) Nexuiz dedicated server.
nfs2ac(6) Car model converter from 'Need for Speed' to Ac3d.
nfsperf(6) Car Specifications Converter.
nikwi(6) Platform game where the goal is to collect candies.
ninix(6) Ukagaka core program.
ninvaders(6) Ncurses version of space invaders.
njam(6) Pacman-like game with multiplayer support.
noiz2sa(6) An abstract arcade shooter.
noof(6x) Draw rotatey patterns.
noseguy(6x) A little guy with a big nose wanders around being witty.
nsaconv(6) NSA archive converter.
nsadec(6) NSA archive decompresser.
nsnake(6) Classic snake game on the terminal.
nudoku(6) Ncurses based sudoku game.
number(6) Convert Arabic numerals to English.
numptyphysics(6) Crayon-based physics puzzle game.
nyc(6) ↣ filters(6)
omega-rpg(6) A hack-style game with quests.
oneisenough(6) 2D platform game about communist and capitalist balls.
onscripter(6) NScripter-compatible visual novel games engine.
onscripter-1byte(6) ↣ onscripter(6) NScripter-compatible visual novel games engine.
open-invaders(6) Space Invaders clone.
openarena(6) OpenArena client.
openarena-server(6) OpenArena dedicated server.
opencity(6) A 3D city simulator game.
openclonk(6) Multiplayer game of strategy, action and skill.
openmw(6) Reimplementation of the Morrowind Engine.
openmw-cs(6) Construction Set Editor for OpenMW.
openmw-iniimporter(6) Import the ini variables from Morrowind to OpenMW.
openmw-launcher(6) Graphical launcher for OpenMW.
openssn(6) Modern submarine tactical simulator.
OpenStereogram(6) Autostereogram generator.
openttd(6) Open source clone of the Microprose game “Transport Tycoon Deluxe”.
opentyrian(6) An open-source port of the DOS game Tyrian.
openyahtzee(6) Play a classic game of Yahtzee.
osmose-emulator(6) Is for Master System and Game Gear consoles with excellent performance and compatibility in.
out-of-order(6) Comedy science fiction adventure game.
overgod(6) A bi-directional scrolling arcade game.
pachi(6) Platform game featuring Pachi el marciano.
pacman(6) The game of pacman.
pacman(6x) Simulates a game of Pac-Man on a randomly-created level.
pacman4console(6) Console based pacman game.
palapeli(6) KDE Jigsaw Puzzle Game.
pangzero(6) Action game that involves popping balloons with a harpoon.
parsec47(6) Retromodern hispeed shmup.
Passage(6) A game about the passage through life.
pathogen(6) Puzzle game about matching 3D model structures.
pathological(6) A puzzle game involving paths and marbles.
pax-britannica(6) One-button real-time strategy game.
pedal(6x) Pretty geometric picture program.
peg-e(6) Peg elimination solitaire game.
peg-solitaire(6) Board game for one player with pegs.
pegsolitaire(6) Puzzle game for one player.
penetrate(6x) Simulates a classic arcade shooting game.
penguin-command(6) A missile command clone.
penrose(6x) Draws quasiperiodic tilings.
pente(6) Game of five in a row.
pentobi(6) Computer opponent for the board game Blokus.
pentobi-thumbnailer(6) Thumbnailer for game records for the board game Blokus as used by the program Pentobi.
performous(6) The free music and rhythm game.
petri(6x) Simulates mold growing in a petri dish.
petris(6) Petris is Peter's Tetris(TM).
pgnfix(6) ↣ scid(6)
pgnscid(6) ↣ scid(6)
phalanx(6) Chess playing program.
phantasia(6) An interterminal fantasy game.
phear(6) Enter the cavez of phear.
phlipple(6) Puzzle game where you have to reduce 3D shapes to a single square.
phosphor(6x) Simulates an old terminal with long-sustain phosphor.
photopile(6x) Displays multiple images in a periodically shuffled pile.
pianobooster(6) Learn the piano just by playing a game.
picmi(6) Number logic game.
piecewise(6x) Lots of moving circles intersecting in interesting ways.
pig(6) Eformatray inputway asway Igpay Atinlay.
pinball(6) Addictive pinball simulator.
pinball-config(6) Returns information about installed pinball libraries and binaries.
pingus(6) A puzzle game where you have to save penguins.
pinion(6x) Draws a scrolling sequence of interconnected gears.
pink-pony(6) 3D racing game with ponies.
pioneers(6) Network implementation of Settlers of Catan.
pioneers-editor(6) Editor for the Pioneers boardgame.
pioneers-metaserver(6) Metaserver for Pioneers.
pioneers-server-console(6) Command-line game server for Pioneers.
pioneers-server-gtk(6) Graphical game server for Pioneers.
pioneersai(6) Computer player for Pioneers.
pipenightdreams(6) Just another pipe trip (PipeDream clon).
pipes(6x) Fill the screen with a plumbing system.
pirate(6) ↣ filters(6)
pixbros(6) 2D game inspired in Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros and Tumble Pop.
pixfrogger(6) Help the frog cross the street.
plaetzchen(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
planescape-torment(6) ↣ gemrb(6) Emulator for Infinity Engine-based games.
plee-the-bear(6) 2D platform game.
pokemmo-installer(6) Is a program downloads and installs the PokeMMO client to a user's home directory and pro‐.
pokerth_server(6) Multiplayer and multigame server for PokerTH.
polygen-data(6) Assorted polygen grammars.
polyglot(6) Winboard protocol to UCI protocol adapter.
polyhedra(6x) Draws the 80 uniform polyhedra and their duals.
polyominoes(6x) Fill a rectangle with irregularly-shaped blocks.
polytopes(6x) Draws one of the six regular 4d polytopes rotating in 4d.
pom(6) Display the phase of the moon.
pong(6x) Pong Home Video Game Emulator.
pong2(6) OpenGL version the arcade classic Pong.
powder(6) Graphical dungeon crawling game.
powermanga(6) Shoot-'em-up game.
ppt(6) ↣ bcd(6) Reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code.
pq(6) A next generation computer role-playing game.
pr-downloader(6) Download tool for spring.
prboom-plus(6) PrBoom+, a version of Doom for Unix, Linux and Windows systems.
prboom-plus-game-server(6) Server for network games of PrBoom+.
primes(6) Generate primes.
Primrose(6) A compelling tile-placement puzzle game.
projectiveplane(6x) Draws a 4d embedding of the real projective plane.
projectl(6) Sword action shooting.
providence(6x) Eye in glory screenhack.
pulsar(6x) Intersecting planes, alpha blending, fog, and textures.
purity(6) A general purpose purity test.
purity-ng(6) General purpose purity testing software.
pybik(6) Rubik's cube game.
pybridge(6) A free online bridge game.
pybridge-server(6) A game server for PyBridge.
pycdg(6) Free CDG/MIDI/MPEG karaoke player.
pykar(6) Free CDG/MIDI/MPEG karaoke player.
pykaraoke(6) Free CDG/MIDI/MPEG karaoke player.
pykaraoke_mini(6) Free CDG/MIDI/MPEG karaoke player.
pympg(6) Free CDG/MIDI/MPEG karaoke player.
pynagram(6) Anagram word game.
pyracerz(6) 2d racing car game.
pyro(6x) Simulate fireworks.
pyrogenesis(6) ↣ 0ad(6) A real-time strategy game of ancient warfare.
pysiogame(6) Educational activity pack for kids.
pysolfc(6) A collection of more than 1000 solitaire games.
qix(6x) Bounce colored lines around a window.
qonk(6) Small build-and-conquer strategy game with very simple rules.
qtads(6) Multimedia interpreter for TADS games.
quadrapassel(6) Tetris-like game for GNOME.
quake(6) Classic first person shooter.
quake-server(6) Dedicated server for Quake.
quake2(6) Classic first person shooter.
quake2-server(6) Classic first person shooter (dedicated server).
quake3(6) Quake III Arena client.
quake3-server(6) Quake III Arena dedicated server.
quake4(6) Quake 4 client.
quake4-dedicated(6) Quake 4 dedicated server.
quarry(6) GUI for Go, Reversi/Othello and Amazons.
quasicrystal(6x) Aperiodic plane tilings.
queen(6) Fantasy adventure game.
queens(6x) N queens screensaver.
quiz(6) Random knowledge tests.
qxw(6) Create and publish crosswords.
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