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Section 6. Games. Range (R - U).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
rafkill(6) A vertical shoot'em-up.
rain(6) Animated raindrops display.
raincat(6) 2D puzzle game featuring a fuzzy little cat.
random(6) Random lines from a file or random numbers.
rasterman(6) ↣ filters(6)
raverhoop(6x) Simulates an LED hula hoop in a dark room.
rbdoom3bfg(6) Robert Beckeban's Doom 3 BFG Edition.
rd-bomb(6x) Reaction/diffusion textures.
recover(6) Recover a NetHack game interrupted by disaster.
redeclipse(6) Script to launch the Red Eclipse FPS game client.
redeclipse-server(6) Script to launch the server for the Red Eclipse FPS game.
regeln(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
reminiscence(6) A wrapper around rs with changed defaults.
renpy(6) Engine for creating visual novels.
renpy-demo(6) Demo script for the Ren'Py engine.
residualvm(6) Interpreter for several 3D games.
retroarch(6) The reference frontend for the libretro API.
ri-li(6) A toy simulator game.
ricochet(6) Client application for multi-player ricochet robots game.
rig(6) Random Identity Generator.
ripples(6x) Interference patterns.
risk(6x) Start up a single-player version of risk.
rlvm(6) RealLive interpreter clone.
robocode(6) Java programming game with battle tanks.
robotfindskitten(6) Help robot find kitten.
robots(6) Fight off villainous robots.
rockdodger(6) Dodge and blow up rocks with your spaceship.
rocks(6x) Animation of flying through an asteroid field.
rogue(6) Exploring The Dungeons of Doom.
rolldice(6) Rolls virtual dice.
romanboy(6x) Draws a 3d immersion of the real projective plane that smoothly deforms between the Roman surface.
rorschach(6x) Simulate ink-blot patterns.
rot13(6) ↣ caesar(6) Decrypt caesar ciphers.
rott(6) Rise of the Triad.
rott-commercial(6) ↣ rott(6) Rise of the Triad.
rott-shareware(6) ↣ rott(6) Rise of the Triad.
rotzoomer(6x) Animated rotations and scalings of portions of the screen.
rrootage(6) An abstract arcade shooter.
rrserve(6) Server application for multi-player ricochet robots game.
rs(6) A free port of Flashback engine.
rubik(6x) Screen saver that solves Rubik's Cube.
rubikblocks(6x) Animates the Rubik's Mirror Blocks puzzle.
runescape(6) Offers players a huge variety of benefits such as hundreds of additional quests and adventures, a.
running-bear(6) The launcher for games made with the Bear Engine.
sail(6) Multi-user wooden ships and iron men.
salat(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
sandbox_unix(6) Launcher Script for Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker.
sardec(6) SAR archive decompresser.
sauce(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
sauerbraten(6) A 3D first-person shooter.
sauerbraten-server(6) Network server for sauerbraten.
sballs(6x) Draws balls spinning like crazy in GL.
sc_addmove(6) ↣ scid(6)
sc_eco(6) ↣ scid(6)
sc_epgn(6) ↣ scid(6)
sc_import(6) ↣ scid(6)
sc_remote(6) ↣ scid(6)
sc_spell(6) ↣ scid(6)
sc_tree(6) ↣ scid(6)
scidlet(6) ↣ scid(6)
scidpgn(6) ↣ scid(6)
scidt(6) ↣ scid(6)
scmerge(6) ↣ scid(6)
scorched3d(6) 3D game similar to Scorched Earth.
scorched3dc(6) Scorched 3D game client.
scorched3ds(6) Scorched 3D network server.
scottfree(6) Interpreter for Scott Adams database game files.
scottish(6) ↣ filters(6)
scramble(6) ↣ filters(6)
scummvm(6) Graphic adventure game interpreter.
sdl-ball(6) Brick-breaking game like DX-Ball/Arkanoid.
sdl-instead(6) ↣ instead(6) Simple Text Adventure Engine, The Interpreter.
sdlgnuboy(6) Gnuboy Game Boy Emulator.
seahorse-adventures(6) Help Barbie the seahorse float on bubbles to the moon.
SearchAndRescue(6) Air rescue flight simulator.
sgt-blackbox(6) Ball-finding puzzle.
sgt-bridges(6) Bridge-placing puzzle.
sgt-cube(6) Rolling cube puzzle.
sgt-dominosa(6) Domino tiling puzzle.
sgt-fifteen(6) Sliding block puzzle.
sgt-filling(6) Polyomino puzzle.
sgt-flip(6) Tile inversion puzzle.
sgt-flood(6) Flood-filling puzzle.
sgt-galaxies(6) Symmetric polyomino puzzle.
sgt-guess(6) Combination-guessing puzzle.
sgt-inertia(6) Gem-collecting puzzle.
sgt-keen(6) Arithmetic Latin square puzzle.
sgt-lightup(6) Light-bulb placing puzzle.
sgt-loopy(6) Loop-drawing puzzle.
sgt-magnets(6) Magnet-placing puzzle.
sgt-map(6) Map-colouring puzzle.
sgt-mines(6) Mine-finding puzzle.
sgt-net(6) Network jigsaw puzzle.
sgt-netslide(6) Toroidal sliding network puzzle.
sgt-palisade(6) Grid-division puzzle.
sgt-pattern(6) Pattern puzzle.
sgt-pearl(6) Loop-drawing puzzle.
sgt-pegs(6) Peg solitaire puzzle.
sgt-range(6) Visible-distance puzzle.
sgt-rect(6) Rectangles puzzle.
sgt-samegame(6) Block-clearing puzzle.
sgt-signpost(6) Square-connecting puzzle.
sgt-singles(6) Number-removing puzzle.
sgt-sixteen(6) Toroidal sliding block puzzle.
sgt-slant(6) Maze-drawing puzzle.
sgt-solo(6) Number placement puzzle.
sgt-tents(6) Tent-placing puzzle.
sgt-towers(6) Tower-placing Latin square puzzle.
sgt-tracks(6) Path-finding railway track puzzle.
sgt-twiddle(6) Rotational sliding block puzzle.
sgt-undead(6) Monster-placing puzzle.
sgt-unequal(6) Latin square puzzle.
sgt-unruly(6) Black and white grid puzzle.
sgt-untangle(6) Planar graph layout puzzle.
shadebobs(6x) Oscillating vapor trails.
shamax(6) ↣ fairymax(6) Xboard-compatible chess and chess-variant engine 'Fairy-Max'.
shogivar(6) Program to play shogi variants.
showfigfonts(6) Prints a list of available figlet fonts.
sierpinski(6x) Draws Sierpinski triangle fractals.
sierpinski3d(6x) 3D Sierpinski triangle fractal.
simutrans(6) Transportation simulator.
singularity(6) A game where you can become the singularity.
sjaakii(6) Xboard-compatible chess and chess-variant engine 'SjaakII'.
sjeng(6) Chess program which supports several variants.
sky(6) Science fiction adventure game.
skytentacles(6x) 3D tentacles from the sky!.
sl(6) Display animations aimed to correct users who accidentally enter sl instead of ls.
sl-h(6) Display animations aimed to entertain users who liked to see SL runs on their screen.
slashem(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
slashem-gtk(6) ↣ slashem(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
slashem-sdl(6) ↣ slashem(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
slashem-x11(6) ↣ slashem(6) Exploring The Mazes of Menace.
slidescreen(6x) Permute the screen image like an 8-puzzle.
slimevolley(6) Unrealistic 2D volleyball simulation.
slip(6x) Sucks your screen into a jet engine.
sm(6) Displays a short text fullscreen.
snake(6) Display chase game.
snake4(6) Game starring a fruit-eating snake.
snake4scores(6) ↣ snake4(6) Game starring a fruit-eating snake.
snipe2d(6) Orbital Eunuchs Sniper is an overhead shooting game.
snowballz(6) Fun RTS game featuring snowball fights with penguins.
snscore(6) ↣ snake(6) Display chase game.
sol(6) A collection of card games which are easy to play with the aid of a mouse.
solarwolf(6) Collect the boxes and don't become mad.
sonar(6x) Display a sonar scope.
sopwith(6) Classic aerial combat shoot em up game.
spacearyarya(6) A third person shoot'em-up.
spacezero(6) Explore and conquer all space.
spammer(6) ↣ filters(6)
speedmine(6x) Simulates speeding down a rocky mineshaft, or a funky dancing worm.
spellcast(6) A game of duelling wizards.
spf2spi(6) ↣ scid(6)
spheremonics(6x) 3d spherical harmonic shapes.
spliteco(6) ↣ scid(6)
splitflap(6x) A simulation of a split-flap electromechanical display.
splodesic(6x) K A geodesic sphere experiences a series of eruptions.
sponc(6) Multitouch Pong clone.
spotlight(6x) Move spotlight around desktop.
spout(6) A simple cave-flying game.
spring(6) An open source RTS game engine - Default Engine.
spring-dedicated(6) An open source RTS game engine - Dedicated Server.
spring-headless(6) An open source RTS game engine - Headless Engine.
spring-legacy(6) An open source RTS game engine - Legacy Engine.
springlobby(6) A spring lobby.
sproingies(6x) Q-Bert meets Marble Madness!.
spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
squiral(6x) Square spirals screensaver.
stairs(6x) Escher's infinite staircase.
starfighter(6) 2D scrolling shooter game.
starfish(6x) Radially-symmetric throbbing colormap-hacking graphics demo.
starvoyager(6) 'Star Trek' themed 2D space arcade game.
starwars(6x) Draws a perspective text crawl, like at the beginning of the movie.
stax(6) Stax is a collection of puzzle games.
steam(6) A launcher for the Steam client from Valve Corporation.
steamcmd(6) Command-line interface for Valve's Steam.
stella(6) Atari 2600 emulator.
stockfish(6) Free UCI chess engine, to calculate chess moves.
stonerview(6x) 3D undulating ribbons of squares.
stormbaancoureur(6) Simulated obstacle course for automobiles.
strange(6x) Draws strange attractors.
studly(6) ↣ filters(6)
substrate(6x) Grow crystal-like lines on a computational substrate.
sudoku(6) Sudoku board game.
superquadrics(6x) Morphing 3d shapes.
supertransball2(6) Thrust type of game.
supertux2(6) Preview release of SuperTux Milestone 2, a classic style 2D platform game.
supertuxkart(6) A Kart Game Featuring Tux and Friends.
suppe(6) ↣ spruch(6) Print a random German adage.
surfaces(6x) Draws some interesting 3d parametric surfaces.
swirl(6x) Draws swirly color-cycling patterns.
tali(6) A variation on poker with dice and less money.
tangram(6x) Watch the computer solve tangram puzzles.
tatan(6) Pointing STG shooter game.
tcscid(6) ↣ scid(6)
tdfsb(6) A 3D filesystem browser.
teachgammon(6) ↣ backgammon(6) The game of backgammon.
tecnoballz(6) A Breakout like game.
teddy(6) ↣ xteddy(6) Cuddly teddy bear for your X Windows desktop.
teeworlds(6) Teeworlds Client.
teeworlds-server(6) Teeworlds Server.
tegclient(6) Tenes Empanadas Graciela client.
tegrobot(6) Tenes Empanadas Graciela robot.
tegserver(6) Tenes Empanadas Graciela server.
tenace(6) Bridge hand viewer and editor.
tenmado(6) Hard-core shoot 'em up game in blue-or-red world.
tennix(6) A funny 2D tennis game with network play support.
tessellimage(6x) Converts an image to triangles using Delaunay tessellation.
tetrinet-client(6) Textmode client program for tetrinet.
tetrinet-server(6) Server program for tetrinet.
tetrinetx(6) TetriNET server.
tetris-bsd(6) The game of tetris.
tetzle(6) Tetromino jigsaw puzzle game.
texmapper(6) Texture Auto Mapper.
the_question(6) A simple visual-novel game with the Ren'Py engine.
thornbird(6x) Bird in a Thornbush fractal.
timetunnel(6x) Plasma tunnels fade in and out.
tint(6) Clone of the original tint.
tinymux(6) The TinyMUX mush server.
titanion(6) Strike down super high-velocity swooping insects.
tkscid(6) ↣ scid(6)
toga2(6) Toga2 is a UCI-only chess engine.
tomatoes(6) Tomatoes smashing game.
topblock(6x) A 3D world of falling blocks that build up and up.
toppler(6) Clone of the old "Nebulous" game.
torcs(6) Racing car simulator.
torus-trooper(6) Speeding ship sailing through barrage.
tourney-manager(6) Perl interface to run chess engine tourneys.
trackballs(6) Marble game similar to the classic arcade game 'Marble Madness'.
trackgen(6) Terrain generator for tracks.
Transcend(6) Retro-style, abstract, 2D shooter. Transpose a Freecell/etc. layout from play-stacks in text-columns to play-stacks.
trek(6) Trekkie game.
triangle(6x) Random mountains using iterative subdivision of triangles.
trigger-rally(6) 3D rally racing car game.
triplane(6) A side-scrolling dogfighting game.
triplea(6) Turn based strategy game.
tronbit(6x) Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.
trophy(6) A 2D car racing action game.
truchet(6x) Draws curved or angular Truchet patterns.
tt++(6) Classic text-based MUD client.
tumiki-fighters(6) Sticky 2D shooter.
tuxfootball(6) Great 2D soccer (sometimes called football) game.
tuxmath(6) A math game for kids with Tux.
tuxpuck(6) "Shufflepuck Cafe" Clone.
twang(6x) Pluck pieces of the screen.
twic2scid(6) ↣ scid(6)
tworld(6) Tile World.
typespeed(6) Test your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS.
uci2wb(6) Protocol adapter for UCI dialects to XBoard.
ufoai(6) UFO: Alien Invasion client.
ufoai-server(6) UFO: Alien Invasion dedicated server.
uhexen2(6) Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion.
uligo(6) Tsumego (go problems) practice tool.
unicode(6x) Displays unicode characters.
unicrud(6x) Bounces a random Unicode character on the screen.
uniencode(6) ↣ filters(6)
unknown-horizons(6) Real-time strategy/simulation game.
unknownpleasures(6x) An animation of the signal from the pulsar PSR B1919+21.
upside-down(6) ↣ filters(6)
uqm(6) Ur-Quan Masters.
uqm_russian(6) ↣ uqm(6) Ur-Quan Masters.
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