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Section 7. Overview, conventions, and miscellany. Range (A - D).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
afnix-guide(7) Afnix programmer's guide.
afnix-notes(7) Afnix installation guide.
afnix-reference(7) Afnix reference manual.
aio(7) POSIX asynchronous I/O overview.
aio.h(7posix) Asynchronous input and output.
alsactl_init(7) Alsa control management - initialization.
amanda-applications(7) Application-api for amanda.
amanda-auth(7) Communication/Authentication methods between Amanda server and client.
amanda-auth-ssl(7) SSL Communication/Authentication methods between Amanda server and client.
amanda-changers(7) Configuring and Using Amanda Changers.
amanda-compatibility(7) Compatibility between Amanda versions.
amanda-devices(7) Configuring and Using Amanda Devices.
amanda-interactivity(7) Configuring Interactivity with Amanda Amanda.
amanda-match(7) Common Amanda Match Expression.
amanda-scripts(7) Configuring and using the Script API.
amanda-taperscan(7) Amanda Taperscan Algorithms.
amber_ascii_export(7) AMBER frame data to ASCII export.
amber_BeamPos(7) AMBER Beam Monitoring Recipe.
amber_calibrate(7) AMBER Derives calibrated visibilities.
amber_detector(7) AMBER raw data detector.
amber_oimerge(7) AMBER Merge OI-Fits files.
amber_p2vm(7) AMBER Pixel-To-Visibility-Matrix for 2- and 3-Telescopes Mode.
amber_raw_to_fitsimage(7) AMBER raw data display.
amber_SciCal(7) AMBER Science and Calibration Recipe.
amber_selector(7) AMBER OI frame selector.
amber_spectral_calibration(7) AMBER Offset between photo. and interf. channels.
amber_trf(7) AMBER Derives the transfer function.
amt-howto(7) Intel AMT with linux mini howto.
apache-icons(7) Alternative icons for Apache autoindex.
apparmor(7) Kernel enhancement to confine programs to a limited set of resources.
armscii-8(7) Armenian character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
arp(7) Linux ARP kernel module.
arpa_inet.h(7posix) Definitions for internet operations.
ascii(7) ASCII character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
assert.h(7posix) Verify program assertion.
attributes(7) POSIX safety concepts.
audit.rules(7) A set of rules loaded in the kernel audit system.
backend(7) Cups backend transmission interfaces.
backend-spec(7) Interface between jw and its backends.
bash-builtins(7) Bash built-in commands, see bash(1).
basis(7rheolef) Polynomial basis.
bats(7) Bats test file format.
bib1-attr(7) Bib-1 Attribute Set.
bilibop(7) Run Debian GNU/Linux from an external media.
bindrules(7) ShapeTools version bind rules.
bio(7ssl) Basic I/O abstraction.
bisonc++input(7) Organization of bisonc++’s grammar file(s).
blosxom(7) A lightweight yet feature-packed weblog.
bluemon-dbus(7) DBUS interface to bluemon(1).
bobcat(7) Overview of classes in the Bobcat library.
boot(7) System bootup process based on UNIX System V Release 4.
bootparam(7) Introduction to boot time parameters of the Linux kernel.
bootup(7) System bootup process.
c++-annotations(7) Extensive tutorial about the C++ programming language.
calf(7) Audio plugin library.
capabilities(7) Overview of Linux capabilities.
casper(7) A hook for initramfs-tools to boot live systems.
cbios(7) Provides open source BIOS ROM files for MSX computers.
ccze-plugin(7) A robust log colorizer, plugin infrastructure.
cdist-type__apt_key(7) Manage the list of keys used by apt.
cdist-type__apt_key_uri(7) Add apt key from uri.
cdist-type__apt_mark(7) Set package state as 'hold' or 'unhold'.
cdist-type__apt_norecommends(7) Configure apt to not install recommended packages.
cdist-type__apt_ppa(7) Manage ppa repositories.
cdist-type__apt_source(7) Manage apt sources.
cdist-type__apt_update_index(7) Update apt's package index.
cdist-type__block(7) Manage blocks of text in files.
cdist-type__ccollect_source(7) Manage ccollect sources.
cdist-type__cdist(7) Manage cdist installations.
cdist-type__cdistmarker(7) Add a timestamped cdist marker.
cdist-type__chroot_mount(7) Mount a chroot.
cdist-type__chroot_umount(7) Unmount a chroot mounted by __chroot_mount.
cdist-type__config_file(7) _Manages config files.
cdist-type__consul(7) Install consul.
cdist-type__consul_agent(7) Manage the consul agent.
cdist-type__consul_check(7) Manages consul checks.
cdist-type__consul_reload(7) Reload consul.
cdist-type__consul_service(7) Manages consul services.
cdist-type__consul_template(7) Manage the consul-template service.
cdist-type__consul_template_template(7) Manage consul-template templates.
cdist-type__consul_watch_checks(7) Manages consul checks watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_event(7) Manages consul event watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_key(7) Manages consul key watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_keyprefix(7) Manages consul keyprefix watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_nodes(7) Manages consul nodes watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_service(7) Manages consul service watches.
cdist-type__consul_watch_services(7) Manages consul services watches.
cdist-type__cron(7) Installs and manages cron jobs.
cdist-type__debconf_set_selections(7) Setup debconf selections.
cdist-type__directory(7) Manage a directory.
cdist-type__docker(7) Install docker-engine.
cdist-type__docker_compose(7) Install docker-compose.
cdist-type__dog_vdi(7) Manage Sheepdog VM images.
cdist-type__file(7) Manage files.
cdist-type__filesystem(7) Create Filesystems.
cdist-type__firewalld_rule(7) Configure firewalld rules.
cdist-type__firewalld_start(7) Start and enable firewalld.
cdist-type__git(7) Get and or keep git repositories up-to-date.
cdist-type__group(7) Manage groups.
cdist-type__hostname(7) Set the hostname.
cdist-type__install_bootloader_grub(7) Install grub2 bootloader on given disk.
cdist-type__install_chroot_mount(7) Mount a chroot with install command.
cdist-type__install_chroot_umount(7) Unmount a chroot mounted by __install_chroot_mount.
cdist-type__install_config(7) Run cdist config as part of the installation.
cdist-type__install_file(7) Manage files with install command.
cdist-type__install_fstab(7) Generate /etc/fstab during installation.
cdist-type__install_generate_fstab(7) Generate /etc/fstab during installation.
cdist-type__install_mkfs(7) Build a linux file system.
cdist-type__install_mount(7) Mount filesystems in the installer.
cdist-type__install_partition_msdos(7) Creates msdos partitions.
cdist-type__install_partition_msdos_apply(7) Apply dos partition settings.
cdist-type__install_reboot(7) Run reboot.
cdist-type__install_reset_disk(7) Reset a disk.
cdist-type__install_stage(7) Download and unpack a stage file.
cdist-type__install_umount(7) Umount target directory.
cdist-type__iptables_apply(7) Apply the rules.
cdist-type__iptables_rule(7) Deploy iptable rulesets.
cdist-type__issue(7) Manage issue.
cdist-type__jail(7) Manage FreeBSD jails.
cdist-type__jail_freebsd10(7) Manage FreeBSD jails.
cdist-type__jail_freebsd9(7) Manage FreeBSD jails.
cdist-type__key_value(7) Change property values in files.
cdist-type__keyboard(7) Set keyboard layout.
cdist-type__line(7) Manage lines in files.
cdist-type__link(7) Manage links (hard and symbolic).
cdist-type__locale(7) Configure locales.
cdist-type__locale_system(7) Set system-wide locale.
cdist-type__motd(7) Manage message of the day.
cdist-type__mount(7) Manage filesystem mounts.
cdist-type__mysql_database(7) Manage a MySQL database.
cdist-type__package(7) Manage packages.
cdist-type__package_apt(7) Manage packages with apt-get.
cdist-type__package_dpkg(7) Manage packages with dpkg.
cdist-type__package_emerge(7) Manage packages with portage.
cdist-type__package_emerge_dependencies(7) Install dependencies for __package_emerge.
cdist-type__package_luarocks(7) Manage luarocks packages.
cdist-type__package_opkg(7) Manage packages with opkg.
cdist-type__package_pacman(7) Manage packages with pacman.
cdist-type__package_pip(7) Manage packages with pip.
cdist-type__package_pkg_freebsd(7) Manage FreeBSD packages.
cdist-type__package_pkg_openbsd(7) Manage OpenBSD packages.
cdist-type__package_pkgng_freebsd(7) Manage FreeBSD packages with pkg-ng.
cdist-type__package_rubygem(7) Manage rubygem packages.
cdist-type__package_update_index(7) Update the package index.
cdist-type__package_upgrade_all(7) Upgrade all the installed packages.
cdist-type__package_yum(7) Manage packages with yum.
cdist-type__package_zypper(7) Manage packages with zypper.
cdist-type__pacman_conf(7) Manage pacman configuration.
cdist-type__pacman_conf_integrate(7) Integrate default pacman.conf to cdist conform and vice versa.
cdist-type__pf_apply(7) Apply pf(4) ruleset on *BSD.
cdist-type__pf_ruleset(7) Copy a pf(4) ruleset to $__target_host.
cdist-type__postfix(7) Install postfix.
cdist-type__postfix_master(7) Configure postfix
cdist-type__postfix_postconf(7) Configure postfix
cdist-type__postfix_postmap(7) Run postmap on the given file.
cdist-type__postfix_reload(7) Tell postfix to reload its configuration.
cdist-type__postgres_database(7) Create/drop postgres databases.
cdist-type__postgres_extension(7) Manage postgres extensions.
cdist-type__postgres_role(7) Manage postgres roles.
cdist-type__process(7) Start or stop process.
cdist-type__pyvenv(7) Create or remove python virtual environment.
cdist-type__qemu_img(7) Manage VM disk images.
cdist-type__rbenv(7) Manage rbenv installation.
cdist-type__rsync(7) Mirror directories using rsync.
cdist-type__rvm(7) Install rvm for a given user.
cdist-type__rvm_gem(7) Manage Ruby gems through rvm.
cdist-type__rvm_gemset(7) Manage gemsets through rvm.
cdist-type__rvm_ruby(7) Manage ruby installations through rvm.
cdist-type__ssh_authorized_key(7) Manage a single ssh authorized key entry.
cdist-type__ssh_authorized_keys(7) Manage ssh authorized_keys files.
cdist-type__ssh_dot_ssh(7) Manage .ssh directory.
cdist-type__staged_file(7) Manage staged files.
cdist-type__start_on_boot(7) Manage stuff to be started at boot.
cdist-type__sysctl(7) Manage sysctl settings.
cdist-type__timezone(7) Allows one to configure the desired localtime timezone.
cdist-type__update_alternatives(7) Configure alternatives.
cdist-type__user(7) Manage users.
cdist-type__user_groups(7) Manage user groups.
cdist-type__yum_repo(7) Manage yum repositories.
cdist-type__zypper_repo(7) Repository management with zypper.
cdist-type__zypper_service(7) Service management with zypper.
cenv(7) CWnn Environment Operation Functions.
cgroup_namespaces(7) Overview of Linux cgroup namespaces.
cgroups(7) Linux control groups.
charsets(7) Character set standards and internationalization.
chavier(7) Chart viewer for pycha library.
check_email_delivery(7) Sends email and verifies delivery.
check_imap_quota(7) Connects to an IMAP account and checks the quota.
check_imap_receive(7) Connects to and searches an IMAP account for messages.
check_lm_sensors(7) Nagios plugin to monitor hardware sensors and disk temperatures.
check_rbl(7) A Nagios plugin to check if an SMTP server is blacklisted.
check_smtp_send(7) Connects to an SMTP server and sends a message.
ckey(7) The standard definition of each function key in.
clevis-luks-unlockers(7) Clevis unlockers overview.
cloudprint-service(7) Manage the Google Cloud Print proxy.
cmake-buildsystem(7) CMake Buildsystem Reference.
cmake-commands(7) CMake Language Command Reference.
cmake-compile-features(7) CMake Compile Features Reference.
cmake-developer(7) CMake Developer Reference.
cmake-env-variables(7) CMake Environment Variables Reference.
cmake-generator-expressions(7) CMake Generator Expressions.
cmake-generators(7) CMake Generators Reference.
cmake-language(7) CMake Language Reference.
cmake-modules(7) CMake Modules Reference.
cmake-packages(7) CMake Packages Reference.
cmake-policies(7) CMake Policies Reference.
cmake-properties(7) CMake Properties Reference.
cmake-qt(7) CMake Qt Features Reference.
cmake-server(7) CMake Server.
cmake-toolchains(7) CMake Toolchains Reference.
cmake-variables(7) CMake Variables Reference.
cmus-tutorial(7) C* Music Player tutorial.
comedi(7) The Linux Control and Measurement Device Interface.
complex(7) Basics of complex mathematics.
complex.h(7posix) Complex arithmetic.
container-tools(7) Manage systemd-nspawn containers.
courier-unicode(7) Courier Unicode Library.
cp1251(7) CP 1251 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
cp1252(7) CP 1252 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
cpio.h(7posix) Cpio archive values.
cpuset(7) Confine processes to processor and memory node subsets.
credentials(7) Process identifiers.
crmd(7) CRM Daemon Options.
crypto(7) The Crypto Application.
crypto(7ssl) OpenSSL cryptographic library.
cst_end(7) CWnn Startup and Termination.
ct(7ssl) Certificate Transparency.
ctdb(7) Clustered TDB.
ctdb-statistics(7) CTDB statistics output.
ctdb-tunables(7) CTDB tunable configuration variables.
ctype.h(7posix) Character types.
cupt_functionalselectors(7) Syntax of functional selectors in cupt package manager.
cupt_tutorial(7) Tutorial for cupt package manager.
cvm-sql(7) CVM SQL Framework.
cvsweb(7) A CGI interface to your CVS repository.
cw(7) The international Morse code.
cwnn(7) A Chinese Input System Running on Unix Workstations.
czmq(7) Overview of The high-level C binding for 0MQ.
dacs.install(7) DACS installation guide. DACS Java support.
dacs.quick(7) DACS Quick Start Tutorial.
dacs.readme(7) DACS README.
daemon(7) Writing and packaging system daemons.
dbmix(7) Digital Audio Mixing System.
dconf(7) A configuration systen.
ddp(7) Linux AppleTalk protocol implementation.
deb-version(7) Debian package version number format.
debconf(7) Debian package configuration system.
debconf(7cdebconf) Run a debconf-using program.
debconf-devel(7) Developers guide.
debhelper(7) The debhelper tool suite.
debhelper-obsolete-compat(7) List of no longer supported compat levels.
derivations(7) Book: Derivations of Applied Mathematics.
des_modes(7ssl) The variants of DES and other crypto algorithms of OpenSSL.
desktop-profiles(7) Introduction and overview.
dgit(7) Principles of operation.
dgit-maint-gbp(7) Tutorial for package maintainers already using git-buildpackage(1).
dgit-maint-merge(7) Tutorial for package maintainers, using a workflow centered around git-merge(1).
dgit-maint-native(7) Tutorial for package maintainers of Debian-native packages.
dgit-nmu-simple(7) Tutorial for DDs wanting to NMU with git.
dgit-sponsorship(7) Tutorial for Debian upload sponsorship, using git.
dgit-user(7) Making and sharing changes to Debian packages, with git.
dh-autoreconf(7) Debhelper add-on to run autoreconf during build.
dh-dist-zilla(7) Debhelper add-on to run dzil (Dist::Zilla) during build.
directvnc-kbmapping(7) Details of keyboard mapping file syntax for directvnc(1).
dirent.h(7posix) Format of directory entries.
dist(7) Introduction to dist.
ditroff(7) Classical device independent roff.
dlfcn.h(7posix) Dynamic linking.
domain_indirect(7rheolef) A named part of a finite element mesh.
doveadm-search-query(7) Overview of search queries for doveadm mailbox commands.
dovecot-antispam(7) The dovecot antispam plugin.
dpatch(7) Self applying patch.
dpatch.make(7) Simplistic wrapper around dpatch(1) for make(1).
dpkg-sig(7) Debian package archive (.deb) signature generation and verification tool.
dracut.bootup(7) Boot ordering in the initramfs.
dracut.cmdline(7) Dracut kernel command line options.
dracut.modules(7) Dracut modules.
drm(7) Direct Rendering Manager.
drm-gem(7) ↣ drm-memory(7) DRM Memory Management.
drm-kms(7) Kernel Mode-Setting.
drm-memory(7) DRM Memory Management.
drm-mm(7) ↣ drm-memory(7) DRM Memory Management.
drm-ttm(7) ↣ drm-memory(7) DRM Memory Management.
dsp(7) Open Sound System audio devices.
dwww(7) Access documentation via WWW.
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