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Section 7. Overview, conventions, and miscellany. Range (E - H).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
e2tools(7) Utilities to manipulate files in an ext2/ext3 filesystem.
ecm(7) Extra CMake Modules.
ecm-developer(7) ECM Developer Reference.
ecm-find-modules(7) ECM Find Modules Reference.
ecm-kde-modules(7) ECM KDE Modules Reference.
ecm-modules(7) ECM Modules Reference.
ecm-toolchains(7) ECM Toolchains Reference.
ecpp(7) Template-language for tntnet(8).
ecryptfs(7) An enterprise-class cryptographic filesystem for linux.
Ed25519(7ssl) EVP_PKEY Ed25519 and Ed448 support.
Ed448(7ssl) ↣ Ed25519(7ssl) EVP_PKEY Ed25519 and Ed448 support.
edb-sqlite(7) Eurephia SQLite3 database driver.
edge(7rheolef) Edge reference element.
elektra-algorithm(7) Core algorithm of elektra.
elektra-architecture(7) Architecture of elektra.
elektra-backends(7) The backend concept.
elektra-bootstrapping(7) Default backend.
elektra-cascading(7) Of key names.
elektra-classes(7) Introduction in Elektra´s classes.
elektra-contracts(7) Contracts for plugins.
elektra-data-structures(7) Data structures.
elektra-error-handling(7) Error handling in Elektra.
elektra-glossary(7) Glossary of Elektra.
elektra-granularity(7) Relation of keys to files.
elektra-introduction(7) An introduction to Elektra.
elektra-key-names(7) The names of keys.
elektra-merge-strategy(7) How to merge key sets.
elektra-meta-data(7) Meta data.
elektra-mounting(7) Mounting.
elektra-namespaces(7) Namespaces.
elektra-plugins(7) Plugins overview.
elektra-plugins-framework(7) Background about plugins framework.
elektra-plugins-ordering(7) Ordering of plugins.
elektra-related(7) Related configuration systems.
elektra-semantics(7) Semantics of KDB.
elektra-sync-flag(7) Detection for writing.
elektra-values(7) Values of elektra keys.
environ(7) User environment.
epoll(7) I/O event notification facility.
errno.h(7posix) System error numbers.
error::buildid(7stap) Build-id verification failures.
error::dwarf(7stap) Dwarf debuginfo quality problems.
error::fault(7stap) Memory access faults.
error::inode-uprobes(7stap) Limitations of inode-uprobes.
error::pass1(7stap) Systemtap pass-1 errors.
error::pass2(7stap) Systemtap pass-2 errors.
error::pass3(7stap) Systemtap pass-3 errors.
error::pass4(7stap) Systemtap pass-4 errors.
error::pass5(7stap) Systemtap pass-5 errors.
error::process-tracking(7stap) Process-tracking facilities are not available.
error::reporting(7stap) Systemtap error reporting.
error::sdt(7stap) Marker failures.
esil(7) Evaluable Strings Intermediate Language.
euca2ools(7) Eucalyptus command line client tools.
eurephia-auth(7) The eurephia OpenVPN authentication plug-in.
eurephia-variables(7) Eurephia configuration variables.
eurephia_init(7) Initialisation utility for the eurephia OpenVPN plug-in.
eurephia_saltdecode(7) Debug utility for eurephia.
eurephiadm(7) Eurephia administration utility.
eurephiadm-adminaccess(7) Access control for eurephia administration features.
eurephiadm-attempts(7) Manage the attempts log in eurephia.
eurephiadm-blacklist(7) Manage the eurephia blacklist.
eurephiadm-certs(7) Certificate management for eurephia.
eurephiadm-config(7) Show and modify eurephia configuration settings.
eurephiadm-fwprofiles(7) Configuring eurephia firewall profiles.
eurephiadm-lastlog(7) View the eurephia lastlog.
eurephiadm-users(7) User management module.
evp(7ssl) High-level cryptographic functions.
exactimage(7) Image processing library.
fabric(7) Fabric Interface Library.
fair(7) Simple TCP load balancing service.
fanotify(7) Monitoring filesystem events.
fcntl.h(7posix) File control options.
feature_test_macros(7) Feature test macros.
fenv.h(7posix) Floating-point environment.
ffproxy.quick(7) Filtering HTTP/HTTPS proxy server quick introduction.
fi_direct(7) Direct fabric provider access.
fi_provider(7) Fabric Interface Providers.
fi_psm(7) The PSM Fabric Provider.
fi_sockets(7) The Sockets Fabric Provider.
fi_udp(7) The UDP Fabric Provider.
fi_verbs(7) The Verbs Fabric Provider.
fifo(7) First-in first-out special file, named pipe.
file-hierarchy(7) File system hierarchy overview.
filter(7) Cups file conversion filter interface.
filter_backends(7) Output drivers for the filtergen packet filter compiler.
flames_cal_mkmaster(7) Creates a master flat frame to support FIBER mode data reduction.
flames_cal_orderpos(7) Defines uves-echelle-simultaneous calibration fibre order positions.
flames_cal_predict(7) Implements the UVES physical model.
flames_cal_prep_sff_ofpos(7) Determines order and fibre postions.
flames_cal_wavecal(7) Performs the wavelength calibration.
flames_obs_redchain(7) Runs the full UVES-FIBRE reduction chain.
flames_obs_scired(7) Reduces a FLAMES science image.
flames_utl_unpack(7) Unpack flames-uves packed frames.
flaw(7) A Lua OO management framework for awesome WM widgets.
flexc++input(7) Organization of flexc++’s input s.
float.h(7posix) Floating types.
fmtmsg.h(7posix) Message display structures.
fnmatch.h(7posix) Filename-matching types.
forgeries(7) How easy it is to forge mail.
fors_align_sky(7) Upgrade wavelength solution using sky lines.
fors_align_sky_lss(7) Upgrade wavelength solution using sky lines.
fors_bias(7) Compute the master bias frame.
fors_calib(7) Determination of the extraction mask.
fors_config(7) Creation of FORS recipes configuration tables.
fors_dark(7) Compute master dark frame.
fors_detect_objects(7) Detect objects in slit spectra.
fors_detect_spectra(7) Detect MOS/MXU spectra on CCD.
fors_extract(7) Extraction of scientific spectra.
fors_extract_objects(7) Extract objects in slit spectra.
fors_extract_slits(7) Spatial rectification of spectral image.
fors_flatfield(7) Flat field correction of input frame.
fors_img_science(7) Reduce scientific exposure.
fors_img_screen_flat(7) Compute master screen flat frame.
fors_img_sky_flat(7) Compute master img_sky_flat frame.
fors_normalise_flat(7) Normalise master flat spectrum.
fors_photometry(7) Compute corrected flatfield.
fors_pmos_calib(7) Determination of the extraction mask.
fors_pmos_extract(7) Extraction of scientific spectra.
fors_pmos_science(7) Extraction of scientific spectra.
fors_remove_bias(7) Subtract bias from input frame.
fors_resample(7) Resample input spectra at constant wavelength step.
fors_science(7) Extraction of scientific spectra.
fors_spec_mflat(7) Computes master spectroscopic flat, removing bias first.
fors_subtract_sky(7) Subtract sky from scientific spectra.
fors_subtract_sky_lss(7) Subtract sky from calibrated long slit exposure.
fors_sumflux(7) Integrate flux from all or part of the input frame.
fors_trace_flat(7) Determine spectral curvature model.
fors_wave_calib(7) Derive dispersion relation from rectified arc lamp frame.
fors_wave_calib_lss(7) Derive dispersion relation from long-slit arc lamp frame.
fors_zeropoint(7) Compute zeropoint.
freeipmi(7) FreeIPMI overview.
frontend-spec(7) Interface between jw and its frontends.
fsf-funding(7gcc) Funding Free Software.
fswatch(7) Ask for notification when the contents of the specified files or directory hierarchies are modified.
ftm(7) ↣ feature_test_macros(7) Feature test macros.
ftw.h(7posix) File tree traversal.
funcombine(7) Combining Region and Table Filters.
funds9(7) Funtools and DS9 Image Display.
funenv(7) Funtools Environment Variables.
funfiles(7) Funtools Data Files.
funfilters(7) Filtering Rows in a Table.
funidx(7) Using Indexes to Filter Rows in a Table.
funregions(7) Spatial Region Filtering.
funtext(7) Support for Column-based Text Files.
funtools(7) FITS Users Need Tools.
funview(7) Database View Support for Tables.
futex(7) Fast user-space locking.
gammu-smsd-dbi(7) Gammu-smsd(1) backend using DBI abstraction layer to use any supported database as a message.
gammu-smsd-files(7) Gammu-smsd(1) backend using filesystem as a message storage.
gammu-smsd-mysql(7) Gammu-smsd(1) backend using MySQL database server as a message storage.
gammu-smsd-null(7) Gammu-smsd(1) backend not storing messages.
gammu-smsd-odbc(7) Gammu-smsd(1) backend using ODBC abstraction layer to use any supported database as a mes‐.
gammu-smsd-pgsql(7) Gammu-smsd(1) backend using PostgreSQL database server as a message storage.
gammu-smsd-run(7) Documentation for RunOnReceive directive.
gammu-smsd-sql(7) Gammu-smsd(1) backend using SQL abstraction layer to use any supported database as a message.
gammu-smsd-tables(7) Description of tables for database backends of gammu-smsd(1).
geo_domain(7rheolef) A named part of a finite element mesh that behaves as a mesh.
geo_domain_indirect(7rheolef) A named part of a finite element mesh.
geo_element(7rheolef) Element of a mesh.
gfdl(7gcc) GNU Free Documentation License.
gfshare(7) Explanation of Shamir Secret Sharing in gf(2**8).
giframestack(7) Creates a stacked image from a set of raw images.
gimasterbias(7) Creates a master bias image from a set of raw biases.
gimasterdark(7) Creates a master dark image from a set of raw dark frames.
gimasterflat(7) Create the fiber master flat field and the localization mask.
giscience(7) Process a science observation.
gistandard(7) Process a spectro-photometric standard star observation and compute the instrument response.
gitcli(7) Git command-line interface and conventions.
gitcore-tutorial(7) A Git core tutorial for developers.
gitcredentials(7) Providing usernames and passwords to Git.
gitcvs-migration(7) Git for CVS users.
gitdiffcore(7) Tweaking diff output.
giteveryday(7) A useful minimum set of commands for Everyday Git.
gitglossary(7) A Git Glossary.
gitnamespaces(7) Git namespaces.
gitrevisions(7) Specifying revisions and ranges for Git.
gitsubmodules(7) Mounting one repository inside another.
gittutorial(7) A tutorial introduction to Git.
gittutorial-2(7) A tutorial introduction to Git: part two.
gitworkflows(7) An overview of recommended workflows with Git.
giwavecalibration(7) Compute dispersion solution from an arc-lamp spectrum.
glibc(7) ↣ libc(7) Overview of standard C libraries on Linux.
glob(7) Globbing pathnames.
glob.h(7posix) Pathname pattern-matching types.
gnats(7) Problem Report Management System.
gnome-options(7) Standard Command Line Options for GNOME 2 Programs.
GNUstep(7) A free implementation of the OpenStep standard.
go-packages(7) Tool for managing Go source code.
go-path(7) Tool for managing Go source code.
go-remote(7) Tool for managing Go source code.
go-testflag(7) Tool for managing Go source code.
go-testfunc(7) Tool for managing Go source code.
gobi_loader(7) Firmware loader for GobiUSB devices.
gpl(7gcc) GNU General Public License.
gpm-types(7) Pointer types (mice, tablets, etc.) managed by gpm.
graphviz(7) Rich set of graph drawing tools.
groff(7) A short reference for the GNU roff language.
groff_char(7) Groff glyph names.
groff_diff(7) Differences between GNU troff and classical troff.
groff_filenames(7) Filename extensions for roff and groff.
groff_hdtbl(7) Groff `hdtbl' macros for generation of tables.
groff_man(7) Groff man macros to support generation of man pages.
groff_mdoc(7) Reference for groff's mdoc implementation.
groff_me(7) Troff macros for formatting papers.
groff_mm(7) Groff mm macros.
groff_mom(7) Groff `mom' macros, `mom' is a `roff' language, part of `groff'.
groff_ms(7) Groff ms macros.
groff_trace(7) Groff macro package trace.tmac.
groff_www(7) Groff macros for authoring web pages.
grokevt(7) A collection of scripts built for reading windows event log files.
grp.h(7posix) Group structure.
gsminfo(7) GSM general information.
gtk-options(7) Standard Command Line Options for GTK+ Programs.
guilt(7) Quilt on top of git.
gvfs(7) GIO virtual file system.
hack_array(7rheolef) Container in distributed environment (rheolef-6.7).
hashid(7) Identify the different types of hashes used to encrypt data.
hawki_cal_dark(7) (OBSOLETE) Dark recipe.
hawki_cal_distortion(7) (OBSOLETE) Distortion autocalibration.
hawki_cal_flat(7) (OBSOLETE) Twillight flat recipe.
hawki_cal_zpoint(7) (OBSOLETE) Zero point computation recipe.
hawki_dark_combine(7) HAWKI dark combination recipe.
hawki_detector_noise(7) HAWKI detector noise recipe.
hawki_linearity_analyse(7) HAWKI linearity recipe.
hawki_sci_jitter(7) (OBSOLETE) Jitter recipe.
hawki_science_postprocess(7) HAWKI post processing recipe.
hawki_science_process(7) HAWKI jitter recipe.
hawki_standard_process(7) HAWKI standard field recipe.
hawki_step_apply_dist(7) (OBSOLETE) Distortion correction utility.
hawki_step_basic_calib(7) (OBSOLETE) Basic reduction recipe.
hawki_step_combine(7) (OBSOLETE) Jitter image combination recipe.
hawki_step_compute_bkg(7) (OBSOLETE) Background computing utility.
hawki_step_detect_obj(7) (OBSOLETE) Object detection recipe.
hawki_step_photom_2mass(7) (OBSOLETE) 2MASS photometric calibration.
hawki_step_refine_offsets(7) (OBSOLETE) Jitter recipe.
hawki_step_stats(7) (OBSOLETE) Standard statistics utility.
hawki_step_stitch(7) (OBSOLETE) Stitching utility.
hawki_step_subtract_bkg(7) (OBSOLETE) Background subtraction utility.
hawki_tec_filtchk(7) (OBSOLETE) Filter checking recipe.
hawki_twilight_flat_combine(7) HAWKI twilight combination recipe.
hawki_util_gendist(7) (OBSOLETE) Distortion map creation.
hawki_util_stdstars(7) (OBSOLETE) Standard stars catalog creation.
heap_allocator(7rheolef) Heap-based allocator.
herbstluftwm-tutorial(7) A tutorial introduction to herbstluftwm.
hexahedron(7rheolef) Hexaedron reference element.
hfsplus(7) A set of tools to access HFS+ file systems.
hier(7) Description of the filesystem hierarchy.
hostname(7) Hostname resolution description.
hwdb(7) Hardware Database.
hwloc(7) General information about hwloc ("hardware locality").
hypervisor_mode(7) Allows you to run simultaneously many virtual router instances, and to simulate ATM, Ether‐.
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