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Section 7. Overview, conventions, and miscellany. Range (M - Q).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
mailaddr(7) Mail addressing description.
maildirquota.courier(7) Voluntary Maildir quotas.
maildirquota.maildrop(7) Voluntary Maildir quotas.
maildropex(7) Maildrop filtering language examples.
maildropfilter(7) Maildrop's filtering language.
maildropgdbm(7) GDBM/DB support in maildrop.
Makefile.tmpl(7) ↣ shape_tmpl(7) Templates in the shapeTools RMS.
man(7) Macros to format man pages.
man-pages(7) Conventions for writing Linux man pages.
mandoc_char(7) Mandoc special characters.
mandoc_eqn(7) Eqn language reference for mandoc.
mandoc_man(7) Legacy formatting language for manual pages.
mandoc_mdoc(7) Semantic markup language for formatting manual pages.
mandoc_roff(7) Roff language reference for mandoc.
mandoc_tbl(7) Tbl language reference for mandoc.
markdown(7) The Markdown text formatting syntax.
math.h(7posix) Mathematical declarations.
math_error(7) Detecting errors from mathematical functions.
mblaze(7) Introduction to the mblaze message system.
mdoc(7) Quick reference guide for the -mdoc macro package.
mdoc.samples(7) Tutorial sampler for writing BSD manuals with -mdoc.
megatools(7) command line tools.
mfs(7) ↣ lizardfs(7) A networking, distributed, highly available file system.
mh(7) ↣ nmh(7mh) New MH message system.
mh-chart(7mh) Chart of nmh commands and their options.
mh-draft(7mh) Draft folder facility for mmh.
mh-mime(7mh) Overview of nmh MIME message composition and display.
mh-sequence(7mh) Sequence specification for mh message system.
midi(7) Open Sound System MIDI devices.
mimedefang-notify(7) Conventions used by mimedefang-multiplexor(8) to notify an external program of state.
mimedefang-protocol(7) Conventions used by mimedefang(8) to communicate with filter programs.
mixer(7) Open Sound System mixer (control panel) device.
mk-configure(7) Lightweight replacement for GNU autotools.
mkd-extensions(7) Extensions to the Markdown text formatting syntax.
mlx4dv(7) Direct verbs for mlx4 devices.
mlx5dv(7) Direct verbs for mlx5 devices.
mmh-intro(7mh) Introduction to the Modern MH message system.
mmsg(7) Mblaze message argument syntax.
monetary.h(7posix) Monetary types.
monkeysphere(7) Ssh and TLS authentication framework using OpenPGP Web of Trust.
moosefs(7) ↣ lizardfs(7) A networking, distributed, highly available file system.
morphy(7WN) Discussion of WordNet's morphological processing.
mosquitto-tls(7) Configure SSL/TLS support for Mosquitto.
mount_namespaces(7) Overview of Linux mount namespaces.
MPI(7) LAM/MPI implementation.
mpi(7) LAM/MPI implementation.
mq_overview(7) Overview of POSIX message queues.
mqtt(7) MQ Telemetry Transport.
mqueue.h(7posix) Message queues (REALTIME).
msxpertsuite-data(7) Linear (bio)-polymer chemistry definitions for use with msXpertSuite.
msxpertsuite-dev-doc(7) The developer documentation was generated using the Doxygen processor.
msxpertsuite-doc(7) User manuals for the three programs shipped in the msxpertsuite soft‐.
mtbl(7) Immutable sorted string library.
munge(7) MUNGE overview.
muse_ampl(7) Determine the instrumental throughput from exposures taken with the pico-amplifier / photo diode.
muse_astrometry(7) Compute an astrometric solution.
muse_bias(7) Combine several separate bias images into one master bias file.
muse_create_sky(7) Create night sky model from selected pixels of an exposure of empty sky.
muse_dark(7) Combine several separate dark images into one master dark file and locate hot pixels.
muse_exp_align(7) Create a coordinate offset table to be used to align exposures during exposure combination.
muse_exp_combine(7) Combine several exposures into one datacube.
muse_flat(7) Combine several separate flat images into one master flat file, trace slice locations, and locate.
muse_geometry(7) Compute relative location of the slices within the field of view and measure the instrumental.
muse_lingain(7) Compute the gain and a model of the residual non-linearity for each detector quadrant.
muse_lsf(7) Compute the LSF.
muse_qi_mask(7) Create image masks for use with the quick image reconstruction.
muse_scibasic(7) Remove the instrumental signature from the data of each CCD and convert them from an image.
muse_scipost(7) Prepare reduced and combined science products.
muse_scipost_apply_astrometry(7) Calibrate astrometry for MUSE pixel tables.
muse_scipost_calibrate_flux(7) Calibrate flux for MUSE pixel tables.
muse_scipost_combine_pixtables(7) Combine MUSE pixel tables, either from different IFUs, or from different.
muse_scipost_correct_dar(7) Apply DAR correction for MUSE pixel tables.
muse_scipost_correct_rv(7) Apply RV correction for MUSE pixel tables.
muse_scipost_make_cube(7) Make a MUSE cube from a MUSE pixel table.
muse_scipost_subtract_sky(7) Subtract night sky model.
muse_scipost_subtract_sky_simple(7) Subtract night sky spectrum.
muse_standard(7) Create a flux response curve from a standard star exposure.
muse_twilight(7) Combine several twilight skyflats into one cube, compute correction factors for each IFU, and.
muse_wavecal(7) Detect arc emission lines and determine the wavelength solution for each slice.
naco_img_checkfocus(7) Focus check recipe.
naco_img_dark(7) Dark recipe.
naco_img_detlin(7) Detector linearity recipe.
naco_img_jitter(7) Jitter recipe.
naco_img_lampflat(7) Flat recipe using a lamp.
naco_img_slitpos(7) Slit Position recipe.
naco_img_strehl(7) Strehl computation recipe.
naco_img_twflat(7) Twilight flat recipe.
naco_img_zpoint(7) Zero point computation recipe.
naco_spc_combine(7) Combination of spectroscopic science data.
naco_spc_lampflat(7) Spectrocopic flat recipe using a lamp.
naco_spc_wavecal(7) Wavelength calibration using arc lamps.
naco_util_img_std_cat(7) Standard star catalog creation.
naco_util_spc_argon(7) Generate FITS table with argon lines.
naco_util_spc_model(7) Generate FITS table with physical spectro model.
namespaces(7) Overview of Linux namespaces.
ndbm.h(7posix) Definitions for ndbm database operations.
net_if.h(7posix) Sockets local interfaces.
netdb.h(7posix) Definitions for network database operations.
netdevice(7) Low-level access to Linux network devices.
netinet_in.h(7posix) Internet address family.
netinet_tcp.h(7posix) Definitions for the Internet Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
netlink(7) Communication between kernel and user space (AF_NETLINK).
network_namespaces(7) Overview of Linux network namespaces.
nfsd(7) Special filesystem for controlling Linux NFS server.
nl_types.h(7posix) Data types.
nmcli-examples(7) Usage examples of nmcli.
nmh(7mh) New MH message system.
notifier(7) Cups notification interface.
notmuch-properties(7) Notmuch message property conventions and documentation.
notmuch-search-terms(7) Syntax for notmuch queries.
nowebfilters(7) Filters and parsers for use with noweb.
nowebstyle(7) LaTeX package for noweb.
npm-coding-style(7) Npm´s "funny" coding style.
npm-config(7) More than you probably want to know about npm configuration.
npm-developers(7) Developer Guide.
npm-disputes(7) Handling Module Name Disputes.
npm-faq(7) Frequently Asked Questions.
npm-index(7) Index of all npm documentation.
npm-registry(7) The JavaScript Package Registry.
npm-scope(7) Scoped packages.
npm-scripts(7) How npm handles the "scripts" field.
nptl(7) Native POSIX Threads Library.
nullmailer(7) Overview of nullmailer documentation.
numa(7) Overview of Non-Uniform Memory Architecture.
numbering(7rheolef) Global degree of freedom numbering.
o2cb(7) Default cluster stack of the OCFS2 file system.
observer(7) The Observer Application.
ocf_heartbeat_anything(7) Manages an arbitrary service.
ocf_heartbeat_AoEtarget(7) Manages ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) target exports.
ocf_heartbeat_apache(7) Manages an Apache Web server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_asterisk(7) Manages an Asterisk PBX.
ocf_heartbeat_AudibleAlarm(7) Emits audible beeps at a configurable interval.
ocf_heartbeat_aws-vpc-move-ip(7) Move IP within a APC of the AWS EC2.
ocf_heartbeat_aws-vpc-route53(7) Update Route53 VPC record for AWS EC2.
ocf_heartbeat_awseip(7) Amazon AWS Elastic IP Address Resource Agent.
ocf_heartbeat_awsvip(7) Amazon AWS Secondary Private IP Address Resource Agent.
ocf_heartbeat_ClusterMon(7) Runs crm_mon in the background, recording the cluster status to an HTML file.
ocf_heartbeat_clvm(7) Clvmd.
ocf_heartbeat_conntrackd(7) This resource agent manages conntrackd.
ocf_heartbeat_CTDB(7) CTDB Resource Agent.
ocf_heartbeat_db2(7) Resource Agent that manages an IBM DB2 LUW databases in Standard role as primitive or in.
ocf_heartbeat_Delay(7) Waits for a defined timespan.
ocf_heartbeat_dhcpd(7) Chrooted ISC DHCP server resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_dnsupdate(7) IP take-over via dynamic DNS update.
ocf_heartbeat_docker(7) Docker container resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_Dummy(7) Example stateless resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_eDir88(7) Manages a Novell eDirectory directory server.
ocf_heartbeat_ethmonitor(7) Monitors network interfaces.
ocf_heartbeat_Evmsd(7) Controls clustered EVMS volume management (deprecated).
ocf_heartbeat_EvmsSCC(7) Manages EVMS Shared Cluster Containers (SCCs) (deprecated).
ocf_heartbeat_exportfs(7) Manages NFS exports.
ocf_heartbeat_Filesystem(7) Manages filesystem mounts.
ocf_heartbeat_fio(7) Fio IO load generator.
ocf_heartbeat_galera(7) Manages a galara instance.
ocf_heartbeat_garbd(7) Manages a galera arbitrator instance.
ocf_heartbeat_ICP(7) Manages an ICP Vortex clustered host drive.
ocf_heartbeat_ids(7) Manages an Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) instance.
ocf_heartbeat_iface-bridge(7) Manages Bridge network interfaces.
ocf_heartbeat_iface-vlan(7) Manages VLAN network interfaces.
ocf_heartbeat_IPaddr(7) Manages virtual IPv4 addresses (portable version).
ocf_heartbeat_IPaddr2(7) Manages virtual IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (Linux specific version).
ocf_heartbeat_IPsrcaddr(7) Manages the preferred source address for outgoing IP packets.
ocf_heartbeat_IPv6addr(7) Manages IPv6 aliases.
ocf_heartbeat_iscsi(7) Manages a local iSCSI initiator and its connections to iSCSI targets.
ocf_heartbeat_iSCSILogicalUnit(7) Manages iSCSI Logical Units (LUs).
ocf_heartbeat_iSCSITarget(7) ISCSI target export agent.
ocf_heartbeat_jboss(7) Manages a JBoss application server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_kamailio(7) Resource agent for Kamailio.
ocf_heartbeat_LinuxSCSI(7) Enables and disables SCSI devices through the kernel SCSI hot-plug subsystem.
ocf_heartbeat_LVM(7) Controls the availability of an LVM Volume Group.
ocf_heartbeat_LVM-activate(7) This agent activates/deactivates logical volumes.
ocf_heartbeat_lvmlockd(7) This agent manages the lvmlockd daemon.
ocf_heartbeat_lxc(7) Manages LXC containers.
ocf_heartbeat_MailTo(7) Notifies recipients by email in the event of resource takeover.
ocf_heartbeat_ManageRAID(7) Manages RAID devices.
ocf_heartbeat_ManageVE(7) Manages an OpenVZ Virtual Environment (VE).
ocf_heartbeat_mysql(7) Manages a MySQL database instance.
ocf_heartbeat_mysql-proxy(7) Manages a MySQL Proxy instance.
ocf_heartbeat_nagios(7) Nagios resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_named(7) Manages a named server.
ocf_heartbeat_nfsnotify(7) Sm-notify reboot notifications.
ocf_heartbeat_nfsserver(7) Manages an NFS server.
ocf_heartbeat_nginx(7) Manages an Nginx web/proxy server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_NodeUtilization(7) Node Utilization.
ocf_heartbeat_oraasm(7) Oracle ASM resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_oracle(7) Manages an Oracle Database instance.
ocf_heartbeat_oralsnr(7) Manages an Oracle TNS listener.
ocf_heartbeat_pgsql(7) Manages a PostgreSQL database instance.
ocf_heartbeat_pgsqlms(7) A PostgreSQL multi-state resource agent for Pacemaker.
ocf_heartbeat_pingd(7) Monitors connectivity to specific hosts or IP addresses ("ping nodes") (deprecated).
ocf_heartbeat_portblock(7) Block and unblocks access to TCP and UDP ports.
ocf_heartbeat_postfix(7) Manages a highly available Postfix mail server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_pound(7) Manage a Pound instance.
ocf_heartbeat_proftpd(7) OCF Resource Agent compliant FTP script.
ocf_heartbeat_Pure-FTPd(7) Manages a Pure-FTPd FTP server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_rabbitmq-cluster(7) Rabbitmq clustered.
ocf_heartbeat_Raid1(7) Manages Linux software RAID (MD) devices on shared storage.
ocf_heartbeat_redis(7) Redis server.
ocf_heartbeat_Route(7) Manages network routes.
ocf_heartbeat_rsyncd(7) Manages an rsync daemon.
ocf_heartbeat_rsyslog(7) Rsyslog resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_SAPDatabase(7) Manages a SAP database instance as an HA resource.
ocf_heartbeat_SAPInstance(7) Manages a SAP instance as an HA resource.
ocf_heartbeat_scsi2reservation(7) Scsi-2 reservation.
ocf_heartbeat_SendArp(7) Broadcasts unsolicited ARP announcements.
ocf_heartbeat_ServeRAID(7) Enables and disables shared ServeRAID merge groups.
ocf_heartbeat_sfex(7) Manages exclusive access to shared storage using Shared Disk File EXclusiveness (SF-EX).
ocf_heartbeat_sg_persist(7) Manages SCSI PERSISTENT RESERVATIONS.
ocf_heartbeat_slapd(7) Manages a Stand-alone LDAP Daemon (slapd) instance.
ocf_heartbeat_SphinxSearchDaemon(7) Manages the Sphinx search daemon.
ocf_heartbeat_Squid(7) Manages a Squid proxy server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_Stateful(7) Example stateful resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_symlink(7) Manages a symbolic link.
ocf_heartbeat_SysInfo(7) Records various node attributes in the CIB.
ocf_heartbeat_syslog-ng(7) Syslog-ng resource agent.
ocf_heartbeat_tomcat(7) Manages a Tomcat servlet environment instance.
ocf_heartbeat_varnish(7) Manage a Varnish instance.
ocf_heartbeat_VIPArip(7) Manages a virtual IP address through RIP2.
ocf_heartbeat_VirtualDomain(7) Manages virtual domains through the libvirt virtualization framework.
ocf_heartbeat_vmware(7) Manages VMWare Server 2.0 virtual machines.
ocf_heartbeat_WAS(7) Manages a WebSphere Application Server instance.
ocf_heartbeat_WAS6(7) Manages a WebSphere Application Server 6 instance.
ocf_heartbeat_WinPopup(7) Sends an SMB notification message to selected hosts.
ocf_heartbeat_Xen(7) Manages Xen unprivileged domains (DomUs).
ocf_heartbeat_Xinetd(7) Manages a service of Xinetd.
ocf_heartbeat_zabbixserver(7) Zabbix server resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_attribute(7) Manages a node attribute.
ocf_pacemaker_ClusterMon(7) Runs crm_mon in the background, recording the cluster status to an HTML file.
ocf_pacemaker_controld(7) DLM Agent for cluster file systems.
ocf_pacemaker_Dummy(7) Example stateless resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_HealthCPU(7) System health CPU usage.
ocf_pacemaker_HealthSMART(7) SMART health status.
ocf_pacemaker_ifspeed(7) Network interface speed monitor.
ocf_pacemaker_o2cb(7) OCFS2 daemon resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_ping(7) Node connectivity.
ocf_pacemaker_pingd(7) Pingd resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_remote(7) Remote resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_Stateful(7) Example stateful resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_SysInfo(7) SysInfo resource agent.
ocf_pacemaker_SystemHealth(7) SystemHealth resource agent.
ocfs2(7) A Shared-Disk Cluster File System for Linux.
offlineimapui(7) The User Interfaces.
opencryptoki(7) A PKCS#11 implementation.
opendnssec(7) Making DNSSEC easy for DNS administrators.
openhpi(7) An implementation of the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface.
openipmi_conparms(7) Connection parmeters for OpenIPMI.
operator(7) C operator precedence and order of evaluation.
org.debian.apt(7) The main interface of aptdaemon.
org.debian.apt.transaction(7) The main interface of an aptdaemon transaction.
orte_filem(7) Open RTE MCA File Management (FileM) Framework: Overview of Open RTE's FileM framework, and.
orte_hosts(7) OpenRTE Hostfile and HOST Behavior: Overview of OpenRTE's support for user-supplied hostfiles and.
os_mon(7) OS Monitoring Application.
oss_ali5455(7) ALIM5455 audio driver.
oss_atiaudio(7) ATI IXP southbridge audio driver.
oss_audigyls(7) Creative Labs CA106 (AudigyLS/SBLive 24bit) driver.
oss_audioloop(7) Loopback audio driver.
oss_audiopci(7) Creative/Ensoniq Audiopci - ES1370 audio driver.
oss_cmi878x(7) CMedia CMI8788 audio driver.
oss_cmpci(7) CMedia CMI8738/8768 audio driver.
oss_cs4281(7) Cirrus Logic CS4281 driver.
oss_cs461x(7) Cirrus Logic CS461x/CS4280 audio driver.
oss_digi96(7) RME Digi96 professional audio driver.
oss_emu10k1x(7) Creative Labs P16x (EMU10K1X) driver.
oss_envy24(7) ICE Envy24 audio device driver.
oss_envy24ht(7) VIA Envy24HT/PT audio driver.
oss_fmedia(7) Forte Media FM801 driver.
oss_geode(7) National Semiconductor Geode audio driver.
oss_hdaudio(7) Intel High Definition Audio (AZALIA).
oss_ich(7) Intel ICH/SiS7012/Nvidia/AMD audio device driver.
oss_imux(7) Input Muplexer audio driver.
oss_madi(7) RME HDSP MADI and AES32 audio driver.
oss_midiloop(7) Loopback MIDI driver.
oss_sblive(7) Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live/Audigy family driver.
oss_sbpci(7) Creative Labs ES1371 audio driver.
oss_sbxfi(7) SoundBlaster X-Fi audio driver.
oss_solo(7) ESS Solo-1 audio driver.
oss_trident(7) SiS7018, 4Dwave, ALIM5451 audio driver.
oss_usb(7) USB Audio/MIDI/Mixer driver.
oss_userdev(7) OSS client/server audio pseudo device.
oss_via823x(7) Open Sound System driver for VIA 8233/8235/8237 audio controllers.
oss_via97(7) VIA 82C686 audio driver.
oss_ymf7xx(7) Yamaha DS-XG audio driver.
osscore(7) Open Sound Sytem core audio framework.
ossl_store(7ssl) Store retrieval functions.
ossl_store-file(7ssl) The store 'file' scheme loader.
OTP-SNMPEA-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for the SNMPEA component in OTP.
ovn-architecture(7) Open Virtual Network architecture.
package-tracker(7) Compare and track package versions in debian repositories.
packet(7) Packet interface on device level.
pair_set(7rheolef) A set of (index,value) pair (rheolef-6.7).
PAM(7) Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux.
pam-script(7) A PAM module that can invoke scripts within the PAM stack.
pam_krb5_migrate_heimdal(7) Kerberos 5 Migration PAM module.
pam_krb5_migrate_mit(7) Kerberos 5 Migration PAM module.
passphrase-encoding(7ssl) How diverse parts of OpenSSL treat pass phrases character encoding.
path_resolution(7) How a pathname is resolved to a file.
pcap-filter(7) Packet filter syntax.
pcap-linktype(7) Link-layer header types supported by libpcap.
pcap-tstamp(7) Packet time stamps in libpcap.
pcilib(7) A library for accessing PCI devices.
pengine(7) Policy Engine Options.
performous-tools(7) Tools for Performous karaoke game.
persistent-keyring(7) Per-user persistent keyring.
pid_namespaces(7) Overview of Linux PID namespaces.
pigeonhole(7) Overview of the Pigeonhole project's Sieve support for the Dovecot secure IMAP and POP3 server.
pilot-link(7) A suite of tools for communicating with Palm handhelds, such as those made by Palm, Handspring,.
pipe(7) Overview of pipes and FIFOs.
pkeys(7) Overview of Memory Protection Keys.
pkg-php-tools(7) Debhelper tool suite for PHP PEAR and Composer packages.
plainbox-category-units(7) Syntax and semantics of Plainbox category unit type.
plainbox-file-units(7) Syntax and semantics of Plainbox file unit type.
plainbox-job-units(7) Syntax and semantics of Plainbox manifest entry unit type.
plainbox-session-structure(7) Structure of per-session directory.
plainbox-template-units(7) Syntax and semantics of Plainbox template unit type.
plainbox-test-plan-units(7) Syntax and semantics of Plainbox test plan unit type.
PLAINBOX_PROVIDER_DATA(7) Per-provider data directory.
PLAINBOX_SESSION_SHARE(7) Per-session runtime shared-state directory.
pmix(7) Exascale.
pmix_constants(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-lvm-snapshots(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops. Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-mysql-deadlocks(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-mysql-deleted-files(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-mysql-file-privs(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-mysql-innodb(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-mysql-pidfile(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-mysql-processlist(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-mysql-replication-delay(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-mysql-replication-running(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-mysql-status(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-mysql-ts-count(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-pt-table-checksum(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
pmp-check-unix-memory(7) Alert when MySQL replication stops.
po-debconf(7) Introduction.
po4a(7) Framework to translate documentation and other materials.
po4a-runtime(7) Po4a and runtime gettext translation without Autotools.
podget(7) Simple tool to automate downloading of podcasts.
point(7rheolef) Point reference element.
poll.h(7posix) Definitions for the poll() function.
polygraph(7) Performance benchmark for web intermediaries.
posixoptions(7) Optional parts of the POSIX standard.
powerman-devices(7) Powerman Device Configuration Notes.
prism(7rheolef) Prism reference element.
process-keyring(7) Per-process shared keyring.
pthread.h(7posix) Threads.
pthreads(7) POSIX threads.
pty(7) Pseudoterminal interfaces.
public_key(7) Provides functions to handle public-key infrastructure.
pwd.h(7posix) Password structure.
python-pymzml(7) MzML mass spectrometric data parsing.
python-pymzml-doc(7) MzML mass spectrometric data parsing (documentation).
python3-pymzml(7) MzML mass spectrometric data parsing.
pytr(7) ↣ pytrainer(7) Sport activity logging tool.
pytrainer(7) Sport activity logging tool.
qemu-cpu-models(7) QEMU / KVM CPU model configuration.
qemu-ga-ref(7) QEMU Guest Agent Protocol Reference.
qemu-qmp-ref(7) QEMU QMP Reference Manual.
qmail(7) Overview of qmail documentation.
qmail-limits(7) Artificial limits in the qmail system.
qos(7) Quality of Service specification.
qt5options(7) Common commandline options for all applications based on the Qt toolkit.
qtoptions(7) Common commandline options for all applications based on the Qt toolkit.
qtsmbstatus(7) Qtsmbstatus client : GUI (graphical user interface) for smbstatus.
qtsmbstatusd(7) Qtsmbstatus server : GUI (graphical user interface) for smbstatus.
qtsmbstatusl(7) Qtsmbstatus light : GUI (graphical user interface) for smbstatus.
quadrangle(7rheolef) Quadrangular reference element.
quadrature(7rheolef) Quadrature formulae on the reference lement.
quvi-modules-0.9(7) Overview of the loadable quvi modules.
quvi-modules-3rdparty-0.9(7) Overview of the loadable 3rd party modules.
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