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Section 7. Overview, conventions, and miscellany. Range (R - U).

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RAND(7ssl) The OpenSSL random generator.
RAND_DRBG(7ssl) The deterministic random bit generator.
random(7) Overview of interfaces for obtaining randomness.
raw(7) Linux IPv4 raw sockets.
rdma_cm(7) RDMA communication manager.
rdup-backups(7) Introduction into making backups with rdup.
re_format(7) ↣ regex(7) POSIX.2 regular expressions.
reference_element(7rheolef) Reference element.
regalgebra(7) Boolean Algebra on Spatial Regions.
regbounds(7) Region Boundaries.
regcoords(7) Spatial Region Coordinates.
regdiff(7) Differences Between Funtools and IRAF Regions.
regex(7) POSIX.2 regular expressions.
regex.h(7posix) Regular expression matching types.
regexp(7) Plan 9 regular expression notation.
reggeometry(7) Geometric Shapes in Spatial Region Filtering.
release.c.tmpl(7) ↣ shape_tmpl(7) Templates in the shapeTools RMS.
Release.tmpl(7) ↣ shape_tmpl(7) Templates in the shapeTools RMS.
renaissance(7) GNUstep Development Framework.
RFC1213-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for RFC-1213.
RoarAudio(7) RoarAudio sound system and package.
roardecnet(7) Hints for DECnet users or RoarAudio.
roartips(7) Tips for RoarAudio users.
roartut(7) RoarAudio sound library developer tutorial.
roarvio(7) RoarAudio sound library.
roarvs(7) RoarAudio sound library.
roff(7) Concepts and history of roff typesetting.
ronn-format(7) Manual authoring format based on Markdown.
rpcinfo(7) Report RPC information.
RSA-PSS(7ssl) EVP_PKEY RSA-PSS algorithm support.
rsocket(7) RDMA socket API.
rtld-audit(7) Auditing API for the dynamic linker.
rtnetlink(7) Linux IPv4 routing socket.
runtime_tools(7) The Runtime tools Application.
rxe(7) Software RDMA over Ethernet.
salt(7) Salt Documentation.
samba(7) A Windows AD and SMB/CIFS fileserver for UNIX.
sane(7) Scanner Access Now Easy: API for accessing scanners.
sap(7) Service Access Point specification.
sasl(7) The SASL application.
sbuild-setup(7) Sbuild setup procedure.
sched(7) Overview of CPU scheduling.
sched.h(7posix) Execution scheduling.
schroot-faq(7) Frequently asked questions.
scrypt(7ssl) EVP_PKEY scrypt KDF support.
sctp(7) SCTP protocol.
search.h(7posix) Search tables.
securelevel(7freebsd) Introduction to security under FreeBSD.
security(7freebsd) Introduction to security under FreeBSD.
selfhtml(7) A German HTML reference and tutorial.
sem_overview(7) Overview of POSIX semaphores.
semaphore.h(7posix) Semaphores.
semver(7) The semantic versioner for npm.
session-keyring(7) Session shared process keyring.
setjmp.h(7posix) Stack environment declarations.
shairport-sync(7) Synchronised Audio Player for iTunes / AirPlay.
shape_stdrul(7) ShapeTools RMS general version selection rules.
shape_stdvar(7) ShapeTools RMS project wide variant definitions.
shape_tmpl(7) Templates in the shapeTools RMS.
Shapefile.tmpl(7) ↣ shape_tmpl(7) Templates in the shapeTools RMS.
sharedreadme(7bobcat) Description of Bobcat’s shared memory classes.
shm_overview(7) Overview of POSIX shared memory.
sigevent(7) Structure for notification from asynchronous routines.
signal(7) Overview of signals.
signal-safety(7) Async-signal-safe functions.
signal.h(7posix) Signals.
simple-tpm-pk11(7) Simple PKCS11 provider for TPM chips.
sinfo_rec_detlin(7) Detector's linearity & non linear bad pixels determination.
sinfo_rec_distortion(7) Finds optical distortions and slitlets distances.
sinfo_rec_jitter(7) Object or STD star or PSF star data reduction.
sinfo_rec_mdark(7) Master dark and hot pixels mask generation.
sinfo_rec_mflat(7) Master flat determination.
sinfo_rec_pupil(7) Pupil data reduction.
sinfo_rec_wavecal(7) Wavelength calibration and slitpos determination.
sinfo_utl_bp_mask_add(7) Add bad pixels masks.
sinfo_utl_cube2ima(7) Cube to image conversion.
sinfo_utl_cube2spectrum(7) Collapse a cube to an image over an aperture.
sinfo_utl_cube_arith(7) Cube arithmetics.
sinfo_utl_cube_combine(7) Coadd cubes in an output cube according to user defined offsets.
sinfo_utl_cube_create(7) Generate a cube.
sinfo_utl_ima_arith(7) Computes result of ima1 op ima2.
sinfo_utl_ima_line_corr(7) Computes result of ima1 op ima2.
sinfo_utl_line_oh_select(7) OH line table creation.
sinfo_utl_skycor(7) Sky lines residuals correction.
sinfo_utl_skymap(7) Flags sky lines as bad pixels, with map generation.
sinfo_utl_spectrum_divide_by_blackbody(7) Spectrum normalization by a blackbody.
sinfo_utl_spectrum_wavelength_shift(7) Spectrum wavelength shift.
sisu-complete(7) Structured information, Serialized Units - a document publishing system, complete dependency package.
sisu-markup-samples(7) Structured information, Serialized Units - a document publishing system.
sisu-pdf(7) Structured information, Serialized Units - a document publishing system, complete dependency package.
sisu-postgresql(7) Structured information, Serialized Units - a document publishing system, complete dependency package.
sisu-sqlite(7) Structured information, Serialized Units - a document publishing system, complete dependency package.
SLONIK_ADMIN_CONNINFO(7) Preamble - identifying PostgreSQL database.
SLONIK_CLONE_FINISH(7) Complete cloning a node.
SLONIK_CLONE_PREPARE(7) Prepare for cloning a node.
SLONIK_CLUSTER_NAME(7) Preamble - identifying Slony-I cluster.
SLONIK_CREATE_SET(7) Create Slony-I replication set.
SLONIK_DATE(7) Display current date.
SLONIK_DEFINE(7) Defining a named symbol.
SLONIK_DROP_LISTEN(7) Eliminate configuration indicating how Slony-I node listens for events.
SLONIK_DROP_NODE(7) Remove the node from participating in the replication.
SLONIK_DROP_PATH(7) Delete Slony-I connection information.
SLONIK_DROP_SET(7) Discard Slony-I replication set.
SLONIK_DROP_TRIGGER(7) Return a trigger to default behavior, where it will not fire on subscriber nodes.
SLONIK_ECHO(7) Generic output tool.
SLONIK_EXIT(7) Terminate Slonik script with signal.
SLONIK_FAILOVER(7) Fail a broken replication set over to a backup node.
SLONIK_INCLUDE(7) Pulling in slonik code from another file.
SLONIK_INIT_CLUSTER(7) Initialize Slony-I cluster.
SLONIK_LOCK_SET(7) Guard Slony-I replication set to prepare for MOVE SET.
SLONIK_MERGE_SET(7) Merge Slony-I replication sets together.
SLONIK_MOVE_SET(7) Change origin of a Slony-I replication set.
SLONIK_REPAIR_CONFIG(7) Resets the name-to-oid mapping of tables in a replication set, useful for restoring a node.
SLONIK_RESTART_NODE(7) Restart Slony-I node.
SLONIK_RESUBSCRIBE_NODE(7) Change the provider of a replication set.
SLONIK_SET_ADD_SEQUENCE(7) Add a sequence to a Slony-I replication set.
SLONIK_SET_ADD_TABLE(7) Add a table to a Slony-I replication set.
SLONIK_SET_DROP_SEQUENCE(7) Remove a sequence from a Slony-I replication set.
SLONIK_SET_DROP_TABLE(7) Remove a table from a Slony-I replication set.
SLONIK_SET_MOVE_SEQUENCE(7) Move a sequence from one Slony-I replication set to another.
SLONIK_SET_MOVE_TABLE(7) Move a table from one Slony-I replication set to another.
SLONIK_SLEEP(7) Sleep using system sleep().
SLONIK_STORE_LISTEN(7) Configure Slony-I node to indicate where to listen for events.
SLONIK_STORE_NODE(7) Initialize Slony-I node.
SLONIK_STORE_PATH(7) Configure Slony-I node connection.
SLONIK_STORE_TRIGGER(7) Indicate that a trigger should not be disabled by Slony-I on a subscriber node.
SLONIK_SUBSCRIBE_SET(7) Start replication of Slony-I set.
SLONIK_SYNC(7) Generate an ordinary SYNC event.
SLONIK_TABLE_ADD_KEY(7) Add primary key for use by Slony-I for a table with no suitable key.
SLONIK_TABLE_DROP_KEY(7) Removes a primary key added by TABLE ADD KEY.
SLONIK_UNINSTALL_NODE(7) Decommission Slony-I node.
SLONIK_UNLOCK_SET(7) Unlock a Slony-I set that was locked.
SLONIK_UNSUBSCRIBE_SET(7) End replication of Slony-I set.
SLONIK_UPDATE_FUNCTIONS(7) Reload stored functions.
SLONIK_WAIT_FOR_EVENT(7) Have Slonik script wait for previous event to complete.
SM2(7ssl) Chinese SM2 signature and encryption algorithm support.
smart_pointer(7rheolef) Reference counted safe pointer with true copy semantic.
smlnj(7) An implementation of the Standard ML language with supporting tools and libraries.
smokeping_extend(7) Notes on extending Smokeping.
smokeping_install(7) How to install SmokePing.
smokeping_master_slave(7) How to run multiple distributed instances of SmokePing.
smokeping_upgrade(7) Notes on upgrading Smokeping.
snapd-env-generator(8) Internal tool to set /snap/bin to PATH.
sndio(7) Interface to audio and MIDI.
sndstat(7) Open Sound System status device.
snmp(7) The SNMP Application.
SNMP-COMMUNITY-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for supporting coexistence between SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3.
SNMP-FRAMEWORK-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for textual conventions used in the SNMP management architec‐.
SNMP-MPD-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for message processing and dispatching.
SNMP-NOTIFICATION-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for mechanisms to remotely configure the parameters for the.
SNMP-TARGET-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for mechanisms to remotely configure the parameters for the gener‐.
SNMP-USER-BASED-SM-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for the SNMP user-based security model.
SNMP-USM-AES-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for the use of AES by SNMP's user-based security model.
SNMP-VIEW-BASED-ACM-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for the view-based access control model for SNMP.
SNMPv2-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for SNMP entities.
SNMPv2-TM(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for SNMPv2 Transport Mappings.
sock_diag(7) Obtaining information about sockets.
socket(7) Linux socket interface.
soxformat(7) Sound eXchange, the Swiss Army knife of audio manipulation.
spawn.h(7posix) Spawn (ADVANCED REALTIME).
spufs(7) SPU filesystem.
ssh(7) The ssh application implements the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol and.
ssl(7) The ssl application provides secure communication over.
ssl(7ssl) OpenSSL SSL/TLS library.
stack_allocator(7rheolef) Stack-based allocator.
STANDARD-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for SNMP standard datatypes.
standards(7) C and UNIX Standards.
stappaths(7) Systemtap configurable file paths.
stdarg.h(7posix) Handle variable argument list.
stdbool.h(7posix) Boolean type and values.
stddef.h(7posix) Standard type definitions.
stdint.h(7posix) Integer types.
stdio.h(7posix) Standard buffered input/output.
stdlib(7) The STDLIB application.
stdlib.h(7posix) Standard library definitions.
stonithd(7) Options available for all stonith resources.
storage-tools(7) Additional utilities to manage storage related tasks.
string.h(7posix) String operations.
strings.h(7posix) String operations.
stropts.h(7posix) STREAMS interface (STREAMS).
suffixes(7) List of file suffixes.
survex(7) Cave survey software.
svipc(7) System V interprocess communication mechanisms.
symlink(7) Symbolic link handling.
syncthing-bep(7) Block Exchange Protocol v1.
syncthing-device-ids(7) Understanding Device IDs.
syncthing-event-api(7) Event API.
syncthing-faq(7) Frequently Asked Questions.
syncthing-globaldisco(7) Global Discovery Protocol v3.
syncthing-localdisco(7) Local Discovery Protocol v4.
syncthing-networking(7) Firewall Setup.
syncthing-relay(7) Relay Protocol v1.
syncthing-rest-api(7) REST API.
syncthing-security(7) Security Principles.
syncthing-versioning(7) Keep automatic backups of deleted files by other nodes.
sys_ipc.h(7posix) XSI interprocess communication access structure.
sys_mman.h(7posix) Memory management declarations.
sys_msg.h(7posix) XSI message queue structures.
sys_resource.h(7posix) Definitions for XSI resource operations.
sys_select.h(7posix) Select types.
sys_sem.h(7posix) XSI semaphore facility.
sys_shm.h(7posix) XSI shared memory facility.
sys_socket.h(7posix) Main sockets header.
sys_stat.h(7posix) Data returned by the stat() function.
sys_statvfs.h(7posix) VFS File System information structure.
sys_time.h(7posix) Time types.
sys_times.h(7posix) File access and modification times structure.
sys_types.h(7posix) Data types.
sys_uio.h(7posix) Definitions for vector I/O operations.
sys_un.h(7posix) Definitions for UNIX domain sockets.
sys_utsname.h(7posix) System name structure.
sys_wait.h(7posix) Declarations for waiting.
sysconftool(7) Format of configuration files installed by sysconftool.
syslog.h(7posix) Definitions for system error logging.
systemd.cron(7) Systemd cron units.
systemd.directives(7) Index of configuration directives.
systemd.environment-generator(7) Systemd environment file generators.
systemd.generator(7) Systemd unit generators.
systemd.index(7) List all manpages from the systemd project.
systemd.journal-fields(7) Special journal fields.
systemd.offline-updates(7) Implementation of offline updates in systemd.
systemd.special(7) Special systemd units.
systemd.time(7) Time and date specifications.
tar.h(7posix) Extended tar definitions.
tc-hfsc(7) Hierarchical Fair Service Curve.
tcp(7) TCP protocol.
tecla(7) The user interface provided by the Tecla library.
term(7) Conventions for naming terminal types.
termio(7) System V terminal driver interface.
termios.h(7posix) Define values for termios.
tetrahedron(7rheolef) Tetraedron reference element.
tgmath.h(7posix) Type-generic macros.
thread-keyring(7) Per-thread keyring.
tigmanual(7) Text-mode interface for Git.
time(7) Overview of time and timers.
time.h(7posix) Time types.
tis-620(7) ↣ iso_8859-11(7) ISO 8859-11 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
tkabber-plugins(7) The set of standard plugins for Tkabber, an XMPP (Jabber) client. Configuration-file for tntnet (8).
tntnet.xml(7) Configuration file for tntnet(8).
torrus_action_notify(7) Generic notification handler for Torrus monitor.
torrus_action_printemail(7) A script for sending email from monitor action.
torrus_action_snmptrap(7) Scripts for sending SNMP traps (version 2c and 1 respectively) from.
torrus_action_snmpv1trap(7) ↣ torrus_action_snmptrap(7) Scripts for sending SNMP traps (version 2c and 1 respectively) from.
torrus_install_plugin(7) Installs the Torrus plugin.
torrus_launcher(7) Torrus utility.
trace.h(7posix) Tracing.
TRANSPORT-ADDRESS-MIB(7) The Erlang/OTP MIB module for commonly used transport address definitions.
triangle(7rheolef) Triangle reference element.
tuned-profiles(7) Description of basic tuned profiles.
tuned-profiles-atomic(7) Description of profiles provided for the Project Atomic.
tuned-profiles-compat(7) Description of profiles provided for backward compatibility.
tuned-profiles-cpu-partitioning(7) Description of profile provided for for CPU partitioning.
tuned-profiles-nfv-guest(7) Description of profile provided for the NFV guest.
tuned-profiles-nfv-host(7) Description of profile provided for the NFV host.
tuned-profiles-oracle(7) Description of profiles provided for the Oracle.
tuned-profiles-realtime(7) Description of profiles provided for the realtime.
tuned-profiles-sap(7) Description of profiles provided for the SAP NetWeaver.
tuned-profiles-sap-hana(7) Description of profiles provided for the SAP HANA.
ubertooth(7) Project Ubertooth.
udev(7) Dynamic device management.
udp(7) User Datagram Protocol for IPv4.
udplite(7) Lightweight User Datagram Protocol.
ulimit.h(7posix) Ulimit commands.
unicode(7) Universal character set.
uniqbeg(7WN) Unique beginners for noun hierarchies.
unistd.h(7posix) Standard symbolic constants and types.
units(7) Decimal and binary prefixes.
unix(7) Sockets for local interprocess communication.
UPower(7) System-wide Power Management.
urfkill(7) RFKill Switches Management.
uri(7) Uniform resource identifier (URI), including a URL or URN.
url(7) ↣ uri(7) Uniform resource identifier (URI), including a URL or URN.
urn(7) ↣ uri(7) Uniform resource identifier (URI), including a URL or URN.
urxvt(7) FAQ, command sequences and other background information.
user-keyring(7) Per-user keyring.
user-session-keyring(7) Per-user default session keyring.
user_namespaces(7) Overview of Linux user namespaces.
utf-8(7) An ASCII compatible multibyte Unicode encoding.
utf8(7) ↣ utf-8(7) An ASCII compatible multibyte Unicode encoding.
utime.h(7posix) Access and modification times structure.
utmpx.h(7posix) User accounting database definitions.
uves_cal_cd_align(7) Measures the reproducability of the cross disperser positioning.
uves_cal_mbias(7) Creates the master bias frame.
uves_cal_mdark(7) Creates the master dark frame.
uves_cal_mflat(7) Creates the master flat field frame.
uves_cal_mflat_combine(7) Combines the master flat field and the master dflat frames.
uves_cal_mkmaster(7) Creates the master bias/dark/flat frame.
uves_cal_orderpos(7) Defines echelle order positions.
uves_cal_predict(7) Implements the UVES physical model.
uves_cal_response(7) Determines response function and quantum efficiency.
uves_cal_tflat(7) Reduces a TFLAT frame.
uves_cal_wavecal(7) Performs the wavelength calibration.
uves_obs_redchain(7) Runs the full UVES reduction chain.
uves_obs_scired(7) Reduces a science frame.
uves_utl_ima_arith(7) Computes result of ima1 op ima2.
uves_utl_remove_crh_single(7) Remove CRHs from an image.
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