Manual pages

Section 7. Overview, conventions, and miscellany. Range (W - Z).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
waffle(7) A library for selecting an OpenGL API and window system at runtime.
waffle_feature_test_macros(7) Macros to control definitions exposed by Waffle's headers.
warning::debuginfo(7stap) Systemtap missing-debuginfo warnings.
warning::symbols(7stap) Systemtap missing-symbols warnings.
wchar.h(7posix) Wide-character handling.
wctype.h(7posix) Wide-character classification and mapping utilities.
weston-drm(7) The DRM backend for Weston.
wicked(7) A lua library for dynamic widgets in awesome.
winbind_krb5_locator(7) A plugin for MIT and Heimdal Kerberos for detecting KDCs using Windows semantics.
wireless(7) Wireless Tools and Wireless Extensions.
wml_faq(7) Frequently Asked Questions on WML.
wml_intro(7) An introduction to WML's basic concepts.
wml_macros(7) Writing powerful WML macros.
wml_tags(7) Permutated index of defined WML tags.
wml_tutorial(7) Understanding WML step-by-step.
wngloss(7WN) Glossary of terms used in WordNet system.
wngroups(7WN) Discussion of WordNet search code to group similar verb senses.
wnintro(7WN) Introduction to miscellaneous WordNet information.
wnlicens(7WN) Text of WordNet license.
wnpkgs(7WN) Description of various WordNet system packages.
wnstats(7WN) WordNet 3.0 database statistics.
wordexp.h(7posix) Word-expansion types.
ws-monitor(7) Real-time NorduGrid monitoring tool.
X(7) A portable, network-transparent window system.
x25(7) ITU-T X.25 / ISO-8208 protocol interface.
xattr(7) Extended attributes.
xautomation(7) Control X from the command line, and find things on the screen.
XConsortium(7) X Consortium information.
xkeyboard-config(7) XKB data description files.
xml_ez_out(7) Simple Ada utility package for generating XML output.
XOrgFoundation(7) X.Org Foundation information.
xpa(7) Public Access to Data and Algorithms.
xpaacl(7) Access Control for XPA Messaging.
xpachanges(7) Changes For Users from XPA 1.0 and 2.0.
xpacode(7) Where to Find Example/Test Code.
xpacommon(7) Getting Common Information About Access Points.
xpaconvert(7) Converting the XPA API to 2.0.
xpaenv(7) Environment Variables for XPA Messaging.
xpainet(7) XPA Communication Between Hosts.
xpaintro(7) Introduction to the XPA Messaging System.
xpamethod(7) XPA Communication Methods.
xpaname(7) What does XPA stand for?.
xpaoom(7) What happens when XPA runs out of memory?.
xpatemplate(7) Access Point Names and Templates.
xpausers(7) Distinguishing Users.
xpaxt(7) The XPA Interface to Xt (X Windows).
XProjectTeam(7) X.Org Group information.
xs(7) Crossroads I/O, a lightweight messaging layer.
xs_inproc(7) Local in-process (inter-thread) transport.
xs_ipc(7) Local inter-process transport.
xs_pgm(7) Reliable multicast transport via PGM protocol.
xs_tcp(7) Crossroads unicast transport using TCP.
xs_zmq(7) Crossroads I/O ZeroMQ compatibility library.
Xsecurity(7) X display access control.
xsh_2dmap(7) Creates a wavelength and spatial resampling solution, a clean arc line list.
xsh_cfg_recover(7) Optimizes a model configuration to match data taken after a major format change.
xsh_flexcomp(7) Compute the flexure of the instrument.
xsh_geom_ifu(7) Produces the spatial geometry of the IFU pattern on the sky.
xsh_lingain(7) Computes detector's gain/linearity-map.
xsh_mbias(7) Create the master bias frame.
xsh_mdark(7) Create the master dark frame.
xsh_mflat(7) Create the master flat and the orders edges traces table frames.
xsh_orderpos(7) Create the orders centre traces table file.
xsh_predict(7) Compute a first guess dispersion solution and order table.
xsh_respon_slit_nod(7) Reduce STD star frames in SLIT configuration and nod mode.
xsh_respon_slit_offset(7) Compute the response function in SLIT and on/off mode.
xsh_respon_slit_stare(7) Compute the response function in SLIT stare mode.
xsh_scired_ifu_offset(7) Reduce science IFU on-off exposures and build a 3D cube.
xsh_scired_ifu_offset_drl(7) Reduce science exposure in IFU configuration and on/off mode.
xsh_scired_ifu_stare(7) Reduce science IFU stare exposures and build a 3D cube.
xsh_scired_ifu_stare_drl(7) Reduce science exposure in IFU configuration and stare mode.
xsh_scired_slit_nod(7) Reduce science frames in SLIT configuration and nod mode.
xsh_scired_slit_offset(7) Reduce science exposure in SLIT configuration and on/off mode.
xsh_scired_slit_stare(7) Reduce science exposure in SLIT configuration and stare mode.
xsh_util_physmod(7) Generate physical model products.
xsh_wavecal(7) Compute arclines tilt and instrument resolution.
XStandards(7) X Window System Standards and Specifications.
xview(7) Xview toolkit information.
xwiimote(7) Nintendo Wii Remote Linux Device Driver.
xymon(7) Introduction to Xymon.
yasm_arch(7) Yasm Supported Target Architectures.
yasm_dbgfmts(7) Yasm Supported Debugging Formats.
yasm_objfmts(7) Yasm Supported Object Formats.
yasm_parsers(7) Yasm Supported Parsers (Assembler Syntaxes).
yaz(7) Z39.50 toolkit.
yaz-log(7) Log handling in all yaz-based programs.
yodlbuiltins(7) Builtins for the Yodl converters.
yodlletter(7) Yodl’s `letter’ document type.
yodlmacros(7) Macros for the Yodl converters.
yodlmanpage(7) Yodl’s `manpage’ document type.
zmq(7) 0MQ lightweight messaging kernel.
zmq_cpp(7) Interface between 0MQ and C++ applications.
zmq_curve(7) Secure authentication and confidentiality.
zmq_epgm(7) 0MQ reliable multicast transport using PGM.
zmq_inproc(7) 0MQ local in-process (inter-thread) communication transport.
zmq_ipc(7) 0MQ local inter-process communication transport.
zmq_null(7) No security or confidentiality.
zmq_pgm(7) 0MQ reliable multicast transport using PGM.
zmq_plain(7) Clear-text authentication.
zmq_tcp(7) 0MQ unicast transport using TCP.
zmq_tipc(7) 0MQ unicast transport using TIPC.