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Section 8. Administration and privileged commands. Range (E - H).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
e2freefrag(8) Report free space fragmentation information.
e2fsck(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
e2fsck.static(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
e2image(8) Save critical ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem metadata to a file.
e2label(8) Change the label on an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.
e2undo(8) Replay an undo log for an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.
e4defrag(8) Online defragmenter for ext4 filesystem.
easside-ng(8) An auto-magic tool which allows you to communicate via an WEP-encrypted AP without knowing the.
ebsmount-udev(8) Triggered by udev on EBS attach and detach.
ebtables(8) Ethernet bridge frame table administration.
ebtables-compat(8) ↣ ebtables(8) Ethernet bridge frame table administration.
ecryptfs-manager(8) ECryptfs key manager.
ecryptfs-migrate-home(8) Migrate a user's home directory to an encrypted home setup.
ecryptfsd(8) User-space eCryptfs daemon.
edac-ctl(8) EDAC admin utility.
edge(8) N2n edge node daemon.
editkeep(8) Frontend for deborphan.
editmap(8) Query and edit single records in database maps for sendmail.
edquota(8) Edit user quotas.
eepro100-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for Intel EtherExpress Pro100B, and EEPro PCI 10+ ethernet.
efibootmgr(8) Manipulate the EFI Boot Manager.
efingerd(8) Another finger daemon for linux.
eiconctrl(8) Configure Eicon active ISDN card.
ejabberd2prosody(8) Ejabbed db dump importer for prosody.
ejabberdctl(8) A control interface of ejabberd Jabber/XMPP server.
ekey-rekey(8) Entropy Key Long Term Session Key tool.
ekey-setkey(8) Entropy Key Long Term Key programmer.
ekeyd(8) Entropy Key Daemon.
ekeyd-egd-linux(8) EGD Entropy Daemon.
ekeydctl(8) Entropy Key Daemon Control tool.
elogd(8) Web server program for Electronic Logbook ELOG.
emacspeakconfig(8) Configure emacspeak.
enadis.cgi(8) CGI program to enable/disable Xymon tests.
enitune(8) ↣ atm-tools(8) Preliminary manpage aread awrite enitune ilmid saaldump sonetdiag ttcp_atm zntune.
envdir(8) Runs another program with environment modified according to files in a specified directory.
envuidgid(8) Runs another program with environment variables indicating a specified account's uid and gid.
epic-diag(8) EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for SMC EtherPowerII ethernet cards and others.
epoptes-client(8) Client side daemon for epoptes.
eppfpga(8) Baycom EPP modem with FPGA configuration/diagnostics tool.
epylog(8) Syslog new log notifier and parser.
eql_enslave(8) Enslave a network interface with a master interface.
era_check(8) Validate era metadata on device or file.
era_dump(8) Dump era metadata from device or file to standard output.
era_invalidate(8) Provide a list of blocks that have changed since a particular era.
error(8postfix) Postfix error/retry mail delivery agent.
esi(8) Get or set the end system identifier (ESI).
esmtpd(8) The Courier mail server mail server ESMTP daemon.
esmtpd-msa(8) ↣ esmtpd(8) The Courier mail server mail server ESMTP daemon.
esmtpd-ssl(8) ↣ esmtpd(8) The Courier mail server mail server ESMTP daemon.
espeakup(8) Connect Speakup to the ESpeak TTS engine.
essidscan(8) Scan for ESSID corresponding to available WLAN access points.
etapro(8) Driver for ETA UPS equipment.
etckeeper(8) Store /etc in git, mercurial, bazaar, or darcs.
etherwake(8) A tool to send a Wake-On-LAN "Magic Packet".
ethtool(8) Query or control network driver and hardware settings.
ettercap(8) Multipurpose sniffer/content filter for man in the middle attacks.
ettercap-pkexec(8) Graphical pkexec-based launcher for ettercap.
ettercap_curses(8) Man page for the Ncurses GUI.
ettercap_plugins(8) A collection of plugins for ettercap.
etterfilter(8) Filter compiler for ettercap content filtering engine.
etterlog(8) Log analyzer for ettercap log files.
eventlogadm(8) Push records into the Samba event log store.
eventstat(8) A tool to measure system events.
everups(8) Driver for Ever UPS models.
exec-cd(8) Executes commands within a safely changed cwd.
execsnoop(8) Trace process exec() with arguments. Uses Linux ftrace.
execstack(8) Tool to set, clear, or query executable stack flag of ELF binaries and shared libraries.
exfatfsck(8) Check an exFAT file system.
exfatlabel(8) Get or set an exFAT file system label.
exicyclog(8) Cycle exim's logfiles.
exigrep(8) Search Exim's main log.
exim(8) A Mail Transfer Agent.
exim4(8) ↣ exim(8) A Mail Transfer Agent.
exim_checkaccess(8) Check address acceptance from given IP.
exim_convert4r4(8) Convert Exim configuration from v3 to v4 format.
exim_db(8) Exim's hint databases maintenance (exim_dumpdb, exim_fixdb, exim_tidydb).
exim_dbmbuild(8) Build a DBM file.
exim_dumpdb(8) ↣ exim_db(8) Exim's hint databases maintenance (exim_dumpdb, exim_fixdb, exim_tidydb).
exim_fixdb(8) ↣ exim_db(8) Exim's hint databases maintenance (exim_dumpdb, exim_fixdb, exim_tidydb).
exim_lock(8) Mailbox maintenance.
exim_tidydb(8) ↣ exim_db(8) Exim's hint databases maintenance (exim_dumpdb, exim_fixdb, exim_tidydb).
eximon(8) Monitor Exim.
eximstats(8) Generates statistics from Exim mainlog or syslog files.
exinext(8) Finding individual retry times.
exipick(8) Selectively display messages from an Exim queue.
exiqgrep(8) Search in the exim queue.
exiqsumm(8) Summarising the queue.
exiwhat(8) Finding out what Exim processes are doing.
expire(8) Usenet article and history expiration program.
expireover(8) Expire entries from the news overview database.
expirerm(8) Remove articles that have been expired.
exportfs(8) Maintain table of exported NFS file systems.
ext3grep(8) Ext3 file recovery tool.
ext4magic(8) Recover deleted files on ext3/4 filesystems.
ext_ldap_group_acl(8) Squid LDAP external acl group helper.
ext_session_acl(8) Squid session tracking external acl helper.
ext_sql_session_acl(8) SQL Database session lookup helper for Squid.
ext_unix_group_acl(8) Squid UNIX Group ACL helper.
ext_wbinfo_group_acl(8) External ACL helper for Squid to verify NT Domain group membership using wbinfo.
ez-ipupdate(8) Dynamic DNS client.
facter(8) Gather system information.
fai(8) Fully Automatic Installation.
fai-cd(8) Make a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick that performs an FAI.
fai-chboot(8) Manage the network boot configuration files.
fai-deps(8) Class dependencies for FAI.
fai-make-nfsroot(8) Create the FAI nfsroot directory.
fai-monitor(8) Fai monitor daemon.
fai-setup(8) Setup script for Fully Automatic Installation (FAI).
fai-statoverride(8) Dpkg-statoverride for multiple files.
faifa(8) Configure HomePlug 1.0/AV devices.
faillog(8) Display faillog records or set login failure limits.
fake(8) IP address takeover tool.
fake-hwclock(8) Control fake hardware clock.
fakepop(8) ↣ in.fakepop(8) A fake pop3 daemon.
fal(8) File Access Listener for DECnet.
famd(8) The File Alteration Monitor (FAM) daemon.
fanatic(8) Fan bridge configuration and test wizard.
fancontrol(8) Automated software based fan speed regulation.
fanctl(8) Fan bridge administration.
farpd(8) ARP reply daemon.
fastrm(8) Quickly remove a set of files.
fatlabel(8) Set or get MS-DOS filesystem label.
faxabort(8) Tell a HylaFAX server to abort a receive.
faxaddmodem(8) Configure a modem for use with HylaFAX.
faxadduser(8) Add a fax user to the permissions file.
faxanswer(8) Tell a HylaFAX server to answer the telephone.
faxconfig(8) Dynamically change HylaFAX configuration parameters.
faxcron(8) HylaFAX routine maintenance script.
faxdeluser(8) Delete a fax user from the permissions file.
faxgetty(8) HylaFAX front-door process.
faxinfo(8) Print information about a received facsimile.
faxlock(8) Tell a HylaFAX server to switch to LOCKWAIT state.
faxmodem(8) Dynamically add a modem to a HylaFAX server system.
faxmsg(8) Back end to faxabort, faxanswer and faxquit.
faxq(8) HylaFAX queue manager process.
faxqclean(8) HylaFAX queue cleaner process.
faxquit(8) Tell a HylaFAX server to terminate.
faxrcvd(8) HylaFAX notification script for received facsimile.
faxsend(8) HylaFAX facsimile transmit program.
faxsetup(8) Setup a machine for use with HylaFAX.
faxstate(8) Control ``modem state'' of a device used by HylaFAX.
faxwatch(8) Monitor low-level HylaFAX server actions.
fbb(8) Script to start the fbb daemon.
fcgistarter(8) Start a FastCGI program.
fcgiwrap(8) Serve CGI applications over FastCGI.
fcheck(8) IDS filesystem baseline integrity checker.
fcnsq(8) Fibre Channel Name Server Query Tool.
fcoeadm(8) The Open-FCoE Administration Tool.
fcoemon(8) Open-FCoE service daemon.
fcopy(8) Copy files using classes.
fcping(8) Fibre Channel Ping (ELS ECHO) tool.
fcrls(8) Fibre Channel Read Link Error Status Block (RLS) tool.
fdflush(8) Force floppy disk drive to detect disk change.
fdformat(8) Low-level format a floppy disk.
fdisk(8) Manipulate disk partition table.
fdutilsconfig(8) Configure the suid bit of fdmount.
fence_ack_manual(8) A program to override fenced fencing operations.
fence_alom(8) Fence agent for Sun ALOM.
fence_amt(8) Fence agent for AMT.
fence_apc(8) Fence agent for APC over telnet/ssh.
fence_apc_snmp(8) Fence agent for APC, Tripplite PDU over SNMP.
fence_bladecenter(8) Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter.
fence_brocade(8) Fence agent for HP Brocade over telnet/ssh.
fence_cisco_mds(8) Fence agent for Cisco MDS.
fence_cisco_ucs(8) Fence agent for Cisco UCS.
fence_compute(8) Fence agent for the automatic resurrection of OpenStack compute instances.
fence_docker(8) Fence agent for Docker.
fence_drac(8) I/O Fencing agent for Dell DRAC IV.
fence_drac5(8) Fence agent for Dell DRAC CMC/5.
fence_dummy(8) Dummy fence agent.
fence_eaton_snmp(8) Fence agent for Eaton over SNMP.
fence_emerson(8) Fence agent for Emerson over SNMP.
fence_eps(8) Fence agent for ePowerSwitch.
fence_hds_cb(8) Fence agent for Hitachi Compute Blade systems.
fence_hpblade(8) Fence agent for HP BladeSystem.
fence_ibmblade(8) Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter over SNMP.
fence_idrac(8) Fence agent for IPMI.
fence_ifmib(8) Fence agent for IF MIB.
fence_ilo(8) Fence agent for HP iLO.
fence_ilo2(8) Fence agent for HP iLO.
fence_ilo3(8) Fence agent for IPMI.
fence_ilo3_ssh(8) Fence agent for HP iLO over SSH.
fence_ilo4(8) Fence agent for IPMI.
fence_ilo4_ssh(8) Fence agent for HP iLO over SSH.
fence_ilo_moonshot(8) Fence agent for HP Moonshot iLO.
fence_ilo_mp(8) Fence agent for HP iLO MP.
fence_ilo_ssh(8) Fence agent for HP iLO over SSH.
fence_imm(8) Fence agent for IPMI.
fence_intelmodular(8) Fence agent for Intel Modular.
fence_ipdu(8) Fence agent for iPDU over SNMP.
fence_ipmilan(8) Fence agent for IPMI.
fence_kdump(8) Fencing agent for use with kdump crash recovery service.
fence_kdump_send(8) Send kdump acknowlegement message to cluster nodes.
fence_ldom(8) Fence agent for Sun LDOM.
fence_legacy(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
fence_lpar(8) Fence agent for IBM LPAR.
fence_mpath(8) Fence agent for multipath persistent reservation.
fence_netio(8) I/O Fencing agent for Koukaam NETIO-230B.
fence_ovh(8) Fence agent for OVH.
fence_pcmk(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
fence_pve(8) Fencing agent for the Proxmox Virtual Environment.
fence_raritan(8) I/O Fencing agent for Raritan Dominion PX.
fence_rcd_serial(8) Rcd_serial fence agent.
fence_rhevm(8) Fence agent for RHEV-M REST API.
fence_rsa(8) Fence agent for IBM RSA.
fence_rsb(8) I/O Fencing agent for Fujitsu-Siemens RSB.
fence_sanbox2(8) Fence agent for QLogic SANBox2 FC switches.
fence_sbd(8) Fence agent for sbd.
fence_scsi(8) Fence agent for SCSI persistentl reservation.
fence_tripplite_snmp(8) Fence agent for APC, Tripplite PDU over SNMP.
fence_vbox(8) Fence agent for VirtualBox.
fence_virsh(8) Fence agent for virsh.
fence_vmware(8) Fence agent for VMWare.
fence_vmware_soap(8) Fence agent for VMWare over SOAP API.
fence_wti(8) Fence agent for WTI.
fence_xenapi(8) Fence agent for Citrix XenServer over XenAPI.
fence_zvmip(8) Fence agent for use with z/VM Virtual Machines.
fetch-crl(8) Retrieve certificate revocation lists.
fetchnews(8) Fetch news via NNTP.
ffproxy(8) Filtering HTTP/HTTPS proxy server.
fgadm(8) Filtergen command program.
fgetty(8) A small getty for linux.
fghack(8) Is an anti-backgrounding tool.
fh-sync(8) Synchronize all changes to the permanent storage.
fiaif(8) FIAIF is an Intelligent Firewall.
fiaif-getdev(8) Retrieve interface data and print information to standard out.
fiaif-scan(8) Print syslog entries in human readable form.
fiaif-update(8) Tests for new version and updated reserved_networks file.
fidentify(8) Determine file type using PhotoRec database.
fiforead(8) Test program for aprsdigi.
fifowrite(8) Test program for aprsdigi.
file-pr(8) Files incoming problem reports in GNATS database.
filecap(8) A program to see capabilities.
filechan(8) File-writing backend for InterNetNews.
filefrag(8) Report on file fragmentation.
fileserver(8) Initializes the File Server component of the fs process.
filesnarf(8) Sniff files from NFS traffic.
filetea(8) Web based file sharing service daemon.
filetraq(8) Keep track of changes in config files.
filter-clamav(8) Smtpd filter for Clam AntiVirus clamd.
filter-dnsbl(8) Smtpd filter for DNSBL checks.
filter-monkey(8) Smtpd filter to arbitrary reject mails.
filter-pause(8) Smtpd filter to pause on new connections.
filter-regex(8) Smtpd filter for regular expression filtering.
filter-spamassassin(8) Smtpd filter for SpamAssassin spamd.
filter-trace(8) Smtpd filter for tracing.
filterctl(8) ↣ courierfilter(8) Courier mail filters.
filtergen(8) Packet filter compiler.
find_member(8) Find all Mailman mailing lists that a member's address is on.
findfs(8) Find a filesystem by label or UUID.
findmnt(8) Find a filesystem.
fipvlan(8) Fibre Channel over Ethernet VLAN Discovery.
fixfiles(8) Fix file SELinux security contexts.
fixmount(8) Fix remote mount entries.
fixparts(8) MBR partition table repair utility. Directory Server perl script for creating a "fixup" task for linked attributes. Directory Server perl script for memberOf attributes.
flashcache_create(8) Create a new flashcache volume.
flashcache_destroy(8) Destroy an existing flashcache volume.
flashcache_load(8) Load an existing writeback cache volume.
flashcache_setioctl(8) Set I/O behavior for special process in flashcache.
flashrom(8) Detect, read, write, verify and erase flash chips.
flashstat(8) Display flashcache statistic information.
fleetd(8) Fleet daemon.
flexd(8) FlexNet polling daemon.
flowtop(8) Top-like netfilter TCP/UDP/SCTP/DCCP/ICMP(v6) flow tracking.
flush(8postfix) Postfix fast flush server.
fms(8) Determine a tape's capacity and a tape device's filemark size.
fmtdump(8mh) Decode nmh format files.
fmtree(8) Map a directory hierarchy.
fnfxd(8) The daemon reacts on Fn-x combinations and hot-keys which are defined in `/etc/fnfxd/fnfxd.conf'.
fnotifystat(8) A tool to show file system activity.
fodtrack(8) Driver for the fodtrack rotor interface.
fontdump(8) Extract fonts from files.
foomatic-addpjloptions(8) Format PJL option information the for foomatic database.
foomatic-kitload(8) Installs a data kit into the foomatic database.
foremost(8) Recover files using their headers, footers, and data structures.
forked-daapd(8) RSP & iTunes-compatible DAAP server.
forkstat(8) A tool to show process fork/exec/exit activity.
fping(8) Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts.
fping6(8) ↣ fping(8) Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts.
fprobe(8) A NetFlow probe.
fprobe-ulog(8) A NetFlow probe.
fragiso(8) Split rpm packages from an iso and reassemble the iso later on.
freebsd-config(8) Build system configuration files.
freeradius(8) Authentication, Authorization and Accounting server.
freeramdisk(8) Frees the memory used by the loadlin ramdisk.
fs2ram(8) Manage post-mount/pre-mount scripts.
fsadm(8) Utility to resize or check filesystem on a device.
fsarchiver(8) Filesystem archiver.
fsck(8) Check and repair a Linux filesystem.
fsck.btrfs(8) Do nothing, successfully.
fsck.cramfs(8) Fsck compressed ROM file system.
fsck.exfat(8) ↣ exfatfsck(8) Check an exFAT file system.
fsck.ext2(8) ↣ e2fsck(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
fsck.ext3(8) ↣ e2fsck(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
fsck.ext4(8) ↣ e2fsck(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
fsck.ext4dev(8) ↣ e2fsck(8) Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system.
fsck.f2fs(8) Check a Linux F2FS file system.
fsck.fat(8) Check and repair MS-DOS filesystems.
fsck.gfs2(8) Offline GFS and GFS2 file system checker.
fsck.hfs(8) ↣ fsck.hfsplus(8) HFS file system consistency check.
fsck.hfsplus(8) HFS file system consistency check.
fsck.jfs(8) Initiate replay of the JFS transaction log, and check and repair a JFS formatted device.
fsck.minix(8) Check consistency of Minix filesystem.
fsck.msdos(8) ↣ fsck.fat(8) Check and repair MS-DOS filesystems.
fsck.nfs(8) Dummy fsck.nfs script that always returns success.
fsck.ocfs2(8) Check an OCFS2 file system.
fsck.ocfs2.checks(8) Consistency checks that fsck.ocfs2(8) performs and its means for fixing inconsistencies.
fsck.reiser4(8) The program for checking and repairing reiser4 filesystem.
fsck.reiserfs(8) ↣ reiserfsck(8) The checking tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
fsck.vfat(8) ↣ fsck.fat(8) Check and repair MS-DOS filesystems.
fsck.vmfs(8) VMFS file system check utility.
fsck.xfs(8) Do nothing, successfully.
fsck.zfs(8) Dummy ZFS filesystem checker.
fsfreeze(8) Suspend access to a filesystem (Ext3/4, ReiserFS, JFS, XFS).
fssync-debug(8) Introduction to the fssync-debug command suite.
fssync-debug_attach(8) Forces full volume attachment (FSYNC_VOL_ATTACH opcode).
fssync-debug_callback(8) Breaks callbacks for a volume (FSYNC_VOL_BREAKCBKS opcode).
fssync-debug_detach(8) Detaches a volume (FSYNC_VOL_DONE opcode).
fssync-debug_error(8) Forces volume into hard error state (FSYNC_VOL_FORCE_ERROR opcode).
fssync-debug_header(8) Retrieves volume disk data structure (FSYNC_VOL_QUERY_HDR opcode).
fssync-debug_leaveoff(8) Leaves a volume offline (FSYNC_VOL_LEAVE_OFF opcode).
fssync-debug_list(8) Historical sync command (FSYNC_VOL_LISTVOLUMES opcode).
fssync-debug_mode(8) Changes volume attach mode (FSYNC_VOL_NEEDVOLUME opcode).
fssync-debug_move(8) Sets volume moved flag (FSYNC_VOL_MOVE opcode).
fssync-debug_offline(8) Brings a volume offline (FSYNC_VOL_OFF opcode).
fssync-debug_online(8) Brings a volume online (FSYNC_VOL_ON opcode).
fssync-debug_query(8) Displays volume structure (FSYNC_VOL_QUERY opcode).
fssync-debug_stats(8) Displays various statistics.
fssync-debug_vgcadd(8) Add an entry to the VG cache (FSYNC_VG_UPDATE opcode).
fssync-debug_vgcdel(8) Delete an entry from the VG cache (FSYNC_VG_UPDATE opcode).
fssync-debug_vgcquery(8) Displays VG cache contents (FSYNC_VG_QUERY opcode).
fssync-debug_vgcscan(8) Force a VG cache rescan (FSYNC_VG_SCAN opcode).
fssync-debug_vgcscanall(8) Force a VG cache rescan on all partitions (FSYNC_VG_SCAN_ALL opcode).
fssync-debug_vnode(8) Display vnode info (FSYNC_VOL_QUERY_VNODE opcode).
fssync-debug_volop(8) Display pending volume operation info (FSYNC_VOL_QUERY_VOP opcode).
fstab-decode(8) Run a command with fstab-encoded arguments.
fstrace(8) Introduction to the fstrace command suite.
fstrace_apropos(8) Displays each help entry containing a keyword string.
fstrace_clear(8) Clears the trace log.
fstrace_dump(8) Dumps a trace log.
fstrace_help(8) Displays help for fstrace commands.
fstrace_lslog(8) Displays information about a log.
fstrace_lsset(8) Reports the status of an event set.
fstrace_setlog(8) Sets the size of a trace log.
fstrace_setset(8) Sets the status of an event set.
fstrim(8) Discard unused blocks on a mounted filesystem.
ftar(8) Extract tar files using classes.
ftp-proxy(8) Application level proxy for the FTP protocol.
ftpasswd(8) Manipulates ProFTPD authentication files.
ftpcloudfs(8) FTP interface to Rackspace Cloud Files and OpenStack Object Storage.
ftpd(8) Internet File Transfer Protocol server.
ftpd_selinux(8) Security-Enhanced Linux policy for ftp daemons.
ftpdctl(8) ProFTPD control program.
ftpmirror(8) Mirroring directory hierarchy using FTP protocol.
ftpscrub(8) Scrub the proftpd scoreboard file of stale entries.
ftpshut(8) Shut down all proftpd servers at a given time.
ftpstats(8) FTP Log summarizer.
ftpwatch(8) Notifies you of changes on remote ftp servers.
ftwire2bro(8) Converts NetFlow v5 files in wire format to bro format.
fud(8) Provide information about user mailboxes.
funccount(8) Count kernel function calls matching specified wildcards. Uses Linux ftrace.
functrace(8) Trace kernel function calls matching specified wildcards. Uses Linux ftrace.
fusermount-glusterfs(8) ↣ mount.glusterfs(8) Script to mount native GlusterFS volume.
fw_printenv(8) Tool for printing environment for the bootloader U-Boot.
fw_setenv(8) Tool for modifying the environment for the bootloader U-Boot.
fwcheck_psad(8) Look for iptables rules that log and block unwanted packets.
fwknop(8) Firewall Knock Operator.
fwknopd(8) Firewall Knock Operator Daemon.
fwlogwatch(8) A firewall log analyzer and realtime response agent.
fwlw_notify(8) ↣ fwlogwatch(8) A firewall log analyzer and realtime response agent.
fwlw_respond(8) ↣ fwlogwatch(8) A firewall log analyzer and realtime response agent.
fwsnort(8) Firewall Snort.
fxload(8) Firmware download to EZ-USB devices.
fxotune(8) Automatically tune DAHDI FXO channels.
gadmin-bind(8) GTK+ configuration tool for bind9.
gadmin-openvpn-client(8) GTK+ configuration tool for openvpn (client).
gadmin-openvpn-server(8) GTK+ configuration tool for openvpn (server).
gadmin-proftpd(8) GTK+ configuration tool for proftpd.
gadmin-rsync(8) GTK+ configuration tool for rsync.
gadmin-samba(8) GTK+ configuration tool for samba.
gak(8) GUI APT Key Manager.
gamatronic(8) Driver for Gamatronic UPS equipment.
ganglia-nagios-bridge(8) Transfer Ganglia metrics to Nagios.
gapd(8) GAP Daemon.
garbd(8) Arbitrator daemon for Galera cluster.
gconf-schemas(8) Register gconf schemas with the gconf database.
gdisk(8) Interactive GUID partition table (GPT) manipulator.
gdm3(8) GNOME Display Manager.
gdnsd(8) An authoritative DNS daemon.
gdnsd-plugin-extfile(8) Gdnsd plugin for importing monitor data via file.
gdnsd-plugin-extmon(8) Gdnsd plugin for monitoring via external commands.
gdnsd-plugin-geoip(8) Gdnsd meta-plugin for GSLB + failover via MaxMind's GeoIP databases.
gdnsd-plugin-http_status(8) Gdnsd HTTP monitoring plugin.
gdnsd-plugin-metafo(8) Gdnsd plugin for address meta-failover.
gdnsd-plugin-multifo(8) Gdnsd plugin for multi-address, all-active failover groups.
gdnsd-plugin-null(8) Gdnsd null plugin.
gdnsd-plugin-reflect(8) Gdnsd cache reflector plugin.
gdnsd-plugin-simplefo(8) Gdnsd plugin for simple primary->secondary address failover.
gdnsd-plugin-static(8) Gdnsd static plugin.
gdnsd-plugin-tcp_connect(8) Gdnsd TCP monitoring plugin.
gdnsd-plugin-weighted(8) Gdnsd plugin implementing "weighted" records.
gdomap(8) GNUstep Distributed Objects name server.
gearman_top(8) Monitor the gearman job server.
gearmand(8) Gearmand Documentation,
gen-index(8) Generate new GNATS database index.
genccode(8) Generate C or platform specific assembly code from an ICU data file.
gencert(8) Generate a test NSS database for mod_nss.
gencmn(8) Generate an ICU memory-mappable data file.
genericups(8) Driver for contact-closure UPS equipment.
genext2fs(8) Ext2 filesystem generator for embedded systems.
genhomedircon(8) Generate SELinux file context configuration entries for user home directories.
genl-ctrl-list(8) List available kernel-side Generic Netlink families.
gennorm2(8) Builds binary data file with Unicode normalization data.
genpolbools(8) Rewrite a binary policy with different boolean settings.
genpolusers(8) Generate new binary policy with updated user configuration.
genrandom(8) Generate a file containing random data.
genromfs(8) Create a romfs image.
gensprep(8) Compile StringPrep data from files filtered by
geoip-database-contrib_update(8) ↣ update-geoip-database(8) Script to download the latest version of the MaxMind GeoIP Lite database.
gesftpserver(8) Green End SFTP Server.
get-news(8) Debian Suck front end.
get6x86(8) ↣ set6x86(8) Access Cyrix control registers.
get_agsize(8) Get the best agsize for XFS.
getc_putc(8) Program to test hard drive performance.
getcap(8) Examine file capabilities.
getclose(8) Find PRs fixed in a particular release.
getenforce(8) Get the current mode of SELinux.
getkeycodes(8) Print kernel scancode-to-keycode mapping table.
getsebool(8) Get SELinux boolean value(s).
getstream(8) Lightweight DVB Streaming tool.
getty(8) ↣ agetty(8) Alternative Linux getty.
geximon(8) A Gtk2 exim MTA monitor.
gfdisk(8) ↣ fdisk(8) Manipulate disk partition table.
gfdump.postgresql(8) Dump/restore Gfarm metadata.
gfmd(8) Gfarm metadata server.
gfs2_convert(8) Convert a GFS1 filesystem to GFS2.
gfs2_edit(8) Display, print or edit GFS2 or GFS internal structures.
gfs2_grow(8) Expand a GFS2 filesystem.
gfs2_jadd(8) Add journals to a GFS2 filesystem.
gfs2_lockcapture(8) Capture locking information from GFS2 file systems and DLM.
gfs2_trace(8) Can enable trace events, disable trace events, and capture data from GFS2 trace events.
gfsd(8) Gfarm filesystem daemon.
ggsn(8) Gateway GPRS Support Node.
git_selinux(8) Security Enhanced Linux Policy for the Git daemon.
gld(8) GreyListing Daemon for postfix.
globus-fork-starter(8) Start and monitor a fork job.
globus-gatekeeper(8) Authorize and execute a grid service on behalf of a user.
globus-gatekeeper-admin(8) Manage globus-gatekeeper services.
globus-gram-audit(8) Load GRAM4 and GRAM5 audit records into a database.
globus-gridftp-password(8) Creates an encrypted password to be used for an user of the Globus GridFTP server.
globus-gridftp-server(8) The Globus GridFTP server daemon.
globus-gridftp-server-setup-chroot(8) Set up a chroot for the Globus GridFTP server.
globus-job-manager(8) Execute and monitor jobs.
globus-k5(8) Acquire Kerberos Credentials for use with Grid Services.
globus-rvf-check(8) Edit a GRAM5 RSL validation file.
globus-rvf-edit(8) Edit a GRAM5 RSL validation file.
globus-scheduler-event-generator(8) Process job state change events.
globus-scheduler-event-generator-admin(8) Enable globus-scheduler-event-generator services.
globus-update-certificate-dir(8) Update symlinks in the trusted CA directory.
gluster(8) Gluster Console Manager (command line utility).
glusterd(8) Gluster elastic volume management daemon.
glusterfs(8) Clustered file system.
glusterfsd(8) Clustered Filesystem.
gm-adjust_db_settings(8) GNUmed server adjust database settings.
gm-backup_data(8) Backup of GNUmed data.
gm-backup_database(8) Complete backup of GNUmed database.
gm-bootstrap_server(8) Bootstrap the latest released version of the SQL database for GNUmed.
gm-dump_schema(8) GNUmed server dump schema and roles.
gm-fingerprint_db(8) GNUmed server fingerprint database.
gm-fixup_server(8) Apply fixup scripts to an SQL database for GNUmed.
gm-install_arriba(8) Installiert den ARRIBA-Rechner für Schlaganfall/Herzinfarkt-Risiko.
gm-jobs(8) Displays information and manages current jobs handled by ARC middleware.
gm-move_backups_offsite(8) Move GNUmed backups to elsewhere.
gm-restore_data(8) Restoring data into an empty GNUmed database.
gm-restore_database(8) Restoring a GNUmed database.
gm-set_gm-dbo_password(8) GNUmed server set gm-dbo password.
gm-upgrade_server(8) Upgrade an existing SQL database for GNUmed to the next version.
gm-zip+sign_backups(8) Pack and sign backups of GNUmed databases.
gnatsd(8) GNATS network server.
gnokiid(8) Create a virtual modem for old Nokia mobile phones.
gnovd(1) Query the online Dutch Van Dale dictionary.
gnuvd(1) Query the online Dutch Van Dale dictionary.
go-bindata(8) Embed data in a Go program.
goa-daemon(8) GNOME Online Accounts Daemon.
golang-statik(8) Embed static files into a Go executable.
gomconfig(8) Configuration tool for gom, a generic audio mixer.
gpart(8) Guess PC-type hard disk partitions.
gparted(8) GNOME Partition Editor for manipulating disk partitions.
gpm(8) A cut and paste utility and mouse server for virtual consoles.
gpm-mouse-test(8) A tool for determining mouse type and device it's attached to.
gprostats(8) Statistics generator tool for proftpd.
gpsd(8) Interface daemon for GPS receivers.
gpsdctl(8) Tool for sending commands to gpsd over its control socket.
gpsinit(8) Initialize CAN kernel modules for GPSD.
grab-account(8) Add new account synchronised to remote system.
gradm2(8) Administration program for the grsecurity RBAC system.
grafana(8) Feature rich metrics dashboard and graph editor.
greylistd(8) Simple greylisting system for mail transport agents.
greylistd-setup-exim4(8) Add/remove support for greylistd in Exim 4.
grid-default-ca(8) Select default CA for certificate requests.
grid-mapfile-add-entry(8) Add an entry to a gridmap file.
grid-mapfile-check-consistency(8) Add an entry to a grid map file.
grid-mapfile-delete-entry(8) Remove entries from a gridmap file.
gridftpd(8) ARC GridFTP Server.
gridsite-delegation(8) CGI implementation of GridSite/gLite GSI delegation Web Service.
grlearn(8) Automatic learning daemon for grsecurity RBAC system.
grml-btnet(8) Program to configure ip over bluetooth.
grml-btnetc(8) Program to join a bluetooth network.
grml-btnets(8) Program to setup a bluetooth network access point (NAP).
grml-debootstrap(8) Wrapper around debootstrap for installing plain Debian.
grml2iso(8) Create a multiboot Grml ISO using grml2usb.
grml2usb(8) Install Grml ISO(s) on usb device for booting.
grossd(8) Greylisting of Suspicious Sources - the Server.
groupadd(8) Create a new group.
groupdel(8) Delete a group.
groupmod(8) Modify a group definition on the system.
grpck(8) Verify integrity of group files.
grpconv(8) Convert to and from shadow passwords and groups.
grpunconv(8) Convert to and from shadow passwords and groups.
grub(8) The grub shell.
grub-bios-setup(8) Set up a device to boot using GRUB.
grub-install(8) Install GRUB to a device.
grub-macbless(8) Bless a mac file/directory.
grub-md5-crypt(8) Encrypt a password in MD5 format.
grub-mkconfig(8) Generate a GRUB configuration file.
grub-mkdevicemap(8) Make a device map file automatically.
grub-probe(8) Probe device information for GRUB.
grub-reboot(8) Set the default boot entry for GRUB, for the next boot only.
grub-set-default(8) Set the saved default boot entry for GRUB.
grub-terminfo(8) Generate a terminfo command from a terminfo name.
gsm0710muxd(8) A GSM 07.10 muxer.
gsmctl(8) GSM mobile phone control program.
gsmpb(8) GSM mobile phone phonebook manipulation program.
gsmsendsms(8) SMS message sender utility.
gsmsmsd(8) SMS message reception daemon.
gsmsmsstore(8) SMS store manipulation program.
gssd(8) RPCSEC_GSS daemon.
gssntlmssp(8) GSSAPI NTLM Security Service Provider mechanism.
gt4-interface-install(8) Install the LCAS/LCMAPS mapper GSI call-out.
gtkorphan(8) A graphical tool to find and remove orphaned libraries.
guacd(8) Guacamole proxy daemon.
guess(8) Tries to guess the configuration by comparing four dumps of the NVRAM.
guess-helper(8) Tries to guess the configuration by comparing four dumps of the NVRAM.
guessnet(8) Guess which LAN a network interface is connected to.
guessnet-ifupdown(8) Guess which LAN a network interface is connected to.
guessnet-scan(8) Guess network configuration data by looking at network traffic.
guestfsd(8) Guestfs daemon.
gufw(8) Graphic user interface for managing ufw.
gui-apt-key(8) ↣ gak(8) GUI APT Key Manager.
guidedog(8) NAT/masquerading/port-forwarding configuration tool.
gummiboot(8) Setup and manage Gummiboot Boot Manager.
gunicorn-debian(8) Control the Gunicorn daemons.
gunicorn3-debian(8) Control the Gunicorn daemons.
guru(8fun) System administration.
gvpe(8) GNU Virtual Private Ethernet Daemon.
gvpectrl(8) GNU Virtual Private Ethernet Control Program.
ha_logd(8) Logging Daemon for High-Availability Linux.
hackbench(8) Scheduler benchmark/stress test.
halt(8) Halt, power-off or reboot the machine.
haveged(8) Generate random numbers and feed linux random device.
hb_report(8) Create report for CRM based clusters (Pacemaker).
hdapsd(8) Park the drive in case of an emergency.
hddtemp(8) Utility to monitor hard drive temperature.
hdparm(8) Get/set SATA/IDE device parameters.
health-check(8) A tool to measure system events.
heartbeat(8) Heartbeat subsystem for High-Availability Linux.
hfaxd(8) HylaFAX client-server protocol server.
hg-ssh(8) Restricted ssh login shell for Mercurial.
hibernate(8) Save your computer's state to disk, and then switch it off.
hibernate-disk(8) ↣ hibernate(8) Save your computer's state to disk, and then switch it off.
hibernate-ram(8) ↣ hibernate(8) Save your computer's state to disk, and then switch it off.
hisaxctrl(8) Configure HiSax-Module.
hitch(8) High performance TLS proxy.
hlfsd(8) Home-link file system daemon.
horst(8) Highly Optimized Radio Scanning Tool.
hostapd(8) IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator.
hostip(8) Resolve a host name to an IP address.
hping3(8) Send (almost) arbitrary TCP/IP packets to network hosts.
hprop(8) Propagate the KDC database.
hpropd(8) Receive a propagated database.
htcacheclean(8) Clean up the disk cache.
htdigconfig(8) Script to create fuzzy databases for ht://Dig.
htpdate(8) Time synchronization (daemon).
httpd_selinux(8) Security Enhanced Linux Policy for the httpd daemon.
httppower(8) Communicate with HTTP based power distribution units.
hugeadm(8) Configure the system huge page pools.
hugectl(8) Control policy for backing text, data and malloc() with hugepages.
hugeedit(8) Set default policy for backing text and data with hugepages.
hv_kvp_daemon(8) Hyper-V Key Value Pair daemon.
hwclock(8) Read or set the hardware clock (RTC).
hwinfo(8) Probe for hardware.
hwlatdetect(8) Program to control the kernel hardware latency detection module.
hwstamp_ctl(8) Set time stamping policy at the driver level.