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Section 8. Administration and privileged commands. Range (I - L).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
i2c-stub-from-dump(8) Feed i2c-stub with dump files.
i2cdetect(8) Detect I2C chips.
i2cdump(8) Examine I2C registers.
i2cget(8) Read from I2C/SMBus chip registers.
i2cset(8) Set I2C registers.
i2ctransfer(8) Send user-defined I2C messages in one transfer.
i386(8) ↣ setarch(8) Change reported architecture in new program environment and set personality flags.
ialarms(8) Display and set alarm indicators.
iauth(8) The Internet Relay Chat Authentication Program.
ibaddr(8) Query InfiniBand address(es).
ibcacheedit(8) Edit an ibnetdiscover cache.
ibccconfig(8) Configure congestion control settings.
ibccquery(8) Query congestion control settings/info.
ibfindnodesusing(8) Find a list of end nodes which are routed through the specified switch and port.
ibhosts(8) Show InfiniBand host nodes in topology.
ibidsverify(8) Validate IB identifiers in subnet and report errors.
iblinkinfo(8) Report link info for all links in the fabric.
ibnetdiscover(8) Discover InfiniBand topology.
ibnodes(8) Show InfiniBand nodes in topology.
ibping(8) Ping an InfiniBand address.
ibportstate(8) Handle port (physical) state and link speed of an InfiniBand port.
ibqueryerrors(8) Query and report IB port counters.
ibroute(8) Query InfiniBand switch forwarding tables.
ibrouters(8) Show InfiniBand router nodes in topology.
ibstat(8) Query basic status of InfiniBand device(s).
ibstatus(8) Query basic status of InfiniBand device(s).
ibswitches(8) Show InfiniBand switch nodes in topology.
ibsysstat(8) System status on an InfiniBand address.
ibtracert(8) Trace InfiniBand path.
icinga(8) Network/systems status monitoring daemon.
icinga2(8) The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon.
icingastats(8) Report statistics information from the Icinga system.
icmd(8) A tool to send specific IPMI commands via the command line.
icmpinfo(8) Interpret ICMP messages.
icmpush(8) ICMP packet builder.
icnctrl(8) Configure ICN ISDN adaptor.
iconfig(8) List, save, and restore BMC configuration parameters.
iconvconfig(8) Create iconv module configuration cache.
icupkg(8) Extract or modify an ICU .dat archive.
idcmi(8) Handle DCMI functions.
idecrypt(8) Encrypted IDENT response decryption utility.
idelloem(8) OEM commands for Dell servers.
ident(8) Nnrpd ident resolver.
ident2(8) An advanced ident daemon.
identd(8) TCP/IP IDENT protocol server.
idiscover(8) Discover IPMI LAN-enabled nodes.
idle3ctl(8) Disable, get or set the idle3 timer on Western Digital HDD.
idmap_ad(8) Samba's idmap_ad Backend for Winbind.
idmap_autorid(8) Samba's idmap_autorid Backend for Winbind.
idmap_hash(8) DO NOT USE THIS BACKEND.
idmap_ldap(8) Samba's idmap_ldap Backend for Winbind.
idmap_nss(8) Samba's idmap_nss Backend for Winbind.
idmap_rfc2307(8) Samba's idmap_rfc2307 Backend for Winbind.
idmap_rid(8) Samba's idmap_rid Backend for Winbind.
idmap_script(8) Samba's idmap_script Backend for Winbind.
idmap_sss(8) SSSD's idmap_sss Backend for Winbind.
idmap_tdb(8) Samba's idmap_tdb Backend for Winbind.
idmap_tdb2(8) Samba's idmap_tdb2 Backend for Winbind.
idmapd(8) NFSv4 ID Name Mapper.
idmapwb(8) Winbind ID mapping plugin for cifs-utils.
ido2db(8) Store icinga events and configs in database.
iekanalyzer(8) Run FRU-Ekeying analyzer with FRU files.
ievents(8) Decode IPMI and PET event data.
ifcfg(8) Simplistic script which replaces ifconfig IP management.
ifcico(8) Establish connections with other FTN nodes.
ifconfig(8) Configure a network interface.
ifdown(8) ↣ netscript(8) Netscript network configuration command.
ifenslave(8) Attach and detach slave network devices to a bonding device.
ifenslave-2.6(8) ↣ ifenslave(8) Attach and detach slave network devices to a bonding device.
ifhp(8) Almost Universal LPRng Print Filter.
ifindex(8) Create nodelist index.
ifinfo(8) Query node information.
ifirewall(8) Configure the IPMI firmware firewall functions.
ifmail(8) Convert RFC-822 and RFC-1036 mail/news to FTN Fidonet packets.
ifmetric(8) An IPv4 route metrics manipulation tool.
ifnews(8) ↣ ifmail(8) Convert RFC-822 and RFC-1036 mail/news to FTN Fidonet packets.
ifplugd(8) A link detection daemon for ethernet devices.
ifplugstatus(8) A link beat detection tool.
ifpps(8) Top-like networking and system statistics.
ifquery(8) Query network interface configuration.
ifreload(8) Reload network interface configuration.
ifru(8) Show Field Replaceable Unit configuration data.
ifscheme(8) Scheme control for network interfaces.
ifscheme-mapping(8) ↣ ifscheme(8) Scheme control for network interfaces.
ifstat(8) Handy utility to read network interface statistics.
ifstatus(8) ↣ ifplugstatus(8) A link beat detection tool.
iftop(8) Display bandwidth usage on an interface by host.
iftoss(8) Convert Fidonet FTN packets to RFC-822 and RFC-1036 mail/news.
ifup(8) Network interface management commands.
ifwum(8) Update IPMC using Kontron OEM Firmware Update Manager.
igetevent(8) Wait for IPMI events.
igmpproxy(8) Multicast router utilizing IGMP forwarding.
ihpm(8) PICMG HPM.1 Upgrade Agent.
iipsrv(8) IIPImage Image Server.
iked(8) Internet Key Exchange Daemon.
iked.conf(8) Internet Key Exchange Daemon Configuration File.
ikeygen(8) Generate a random DES key.
ikiwiki-mass-rebuild(8) Rebuild all ikiwiki wikis on a system.
ilan(8) Show and configure IPMI LAN parameters, users, and set up a PEF rule to send BMC LAN Alerts for.
ilmid(8) ↣ atm-tools(8) Preliminary manpage aread awrite enitune ilmid saaldump sonetdiag ttcp_atm zntune.
im-config(8) Set up input method configuration for X Window System.
imap4d(8) The IMAP4D daemon.
imapd(8) The Courier IMAP server.
imapd-ssl(8) ↣ imapd(8) The Courier IMAP server.
imapfeed(8) ↣ innfeed(8) Multi-host, multi-connection, streaming NNTP feeder.
imapfront-auth(8) IMAP Front End.
imapproxyd(8) IMAP proxy daemon.
in.aspd(8) Address Search Protocol Daemon.
in.comsat(8) Biff server.
in.fingerd(8) Remote user information server.
in.ftpd(8) Internet File Transfer Protocol server.
in.identtestd(8) A small daemon that can be used to test Ident servers.
in.nnrpd(8) NNTP server for on-campus hosts.
in.ntalkd(8) Remote user communication server.
in.rexecd(8) Remote execution server.
in.rlogind(8) Remote login server.
in.rshd(8) Remote shell server.
in.talkd(8) ↣ in.ntalkd(8) Remote user communication server.
in.telnetd(8) DARPA telnet protocol server.
in.tftpd(8) Trivial File Transfer Protocol server.
in.uucpd(8) Run uucico from inetd.
inadyn(8) A small DDNS client to maintain your presence on the Internet.
incrond(8) Inotify cron (incron) daemon.
inetd(8) Internet super-server.
inetd2rlinetd(8) Configuration file converter.
inetutils-inetd(8) Internet “super-server”.
infiniband-diags(8) Diagnostics for InfiniBand Fabrics.
influx(8) InfluxDB Shell.
influxd(8) InfluxDB Server.
infond(8) Program bugs to compete for food and survival.
initramfs-tools(8) An introduction to writing scripts for mkinitramfs.
innbind(8) Helper program to bind sockets to privileged ports.
inncheck(8) Check INN configuration and database files.
innd(8) InterNetNews daemon.
inndf(8) Report free disk, inodes, and overview information.
inndstart(8) ↣ innd(8) InterNetNews daemon.
innfeed(8) Multi-host, multi-connection, streaming NNTP feeder. Summarize innd and nnrpd log files.
innreport(8) Summarize INN log files.
innstat(8) Print snapshot of INN system.
innupgrade(8) Upgrade INN configuration files.
innwatch(8) Monitor the state of INN and the system.
innxbatch(8) Send xbatched Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server.
innxmit(8) Send Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server.
inpaths(8) ↣ ninpaths(8) Report Usenet Path: statistics (new inpaths).
input-events(8) Print input events.
input-kbd(8) Print or modify keyboard maps for input devices.
inputlircd(8) Zeroconf LIRC daemon using input event devices.
insmod(8) Simple program to insert a module into the Linux Kernel.
install-docs(8) Manage online Debian documentation.
install-keymap(8) Expand a given keymap and install it as boot-time keymap.
install-mbr(8) Install a Master Boot Record manager.
install-mh(8mh) Initialize the nmh environment.
install-sgmlcatalog(8) Maintain transitional SGML catalog.
install_packages(8) Install FAI configured packages.
installkernel(8) Install a new kernel image.
integritysetup(8) Manage dm-integrity (block level integrity) volumes.
inteltool(8) A tool for dumping Intel(R) CPU / chipset configuration parameters.
intltool-extract(8) Generate header files which can be read by gettext.
intltool-merge(8) Merge translated strings into various types of file.
intltool-prepare(8) Prepare software to make use of intltool.
intltool-update(8) Updates PO template file and merge translations with it.
intltoolize(8) Copy intltool related files to software package.
intro(8) Introduction to administration and privileged commands.
intro(8mandos) Introduction to the Mandos system.
invoke-rc.d(8) Executes System-V style init script actions.
iodine(8) Tunnel IPv4 over DNS.
iodine-client-start(8) Start an iodine IPv4-over-DNS tunnel.
iodined(8) ↣ iodine(8) Tunnel IPv4 over DNS.
iolatency-perf(8) Summarize block device I/O latency as a histogram. Uses Linux ftrace.
iorheo(8rheolef) Input and output functions and manipulation.
iosnoop-perf(8) Trace block I/O events as they occur. Uses Linux ftrace.
iotop(8) Simple top-like I/O monitor.
ip(8) Show / manipulate routing, network devices, interfaces and tunnels.
ip-address(8) Protocol address management.
ip-addrlabel(8) Protocol address label management.
ip-fou(8) Foo-over-UDP receive port configuration.
ip-gue(8) ↣ ip-fou(8) Foo-over-UDP receive port configuration.
ip-l2tp(8) L2TPv3 static unmanaged tunnel configuration.
ip-link(8) Network device configuration.
ip-macsec(8) MACsec device configuration.
ip-maddress(8) Multicast addresses management.
ip-monitor(8) State monitoring.
ip-mroute(8) Multicast routing cache management.
ip-neighbour(8) Neighbour/arp tables management.
ip-netconf(8) Network configuration monitoring.
ip-netns(8) Process network namespace management.
ip-ntable(8) Neighbour table configuration.
ip-route(8) Routing table management.
ip-rule(8) Routing policy database management.
ip-sr(8) IPv6 Segment Routing management.
ip-tcp_metrics(8) Management for TCP Metrics.
ip-token(8) Tokenized interface identifier support.
ip-tunnel(8) Tunnel configuration.
ip-vrf(8) Run a command against a vrf.
ip-xfrm(8) Transform configuration.
ip6tables(8) ↣ iptables(8) Administration tool for IPv4/IPv6 packet filtering and NAT.
ip6tables-apply(8) ↣ iptables-apply(8) A safer way to update iptables remotely.
ip6tables-compat(8) ↣ xtables-compat(8) Compat tools to migrate from iptables to nftables.
ip6tables-compat-restore(8) ↣ xtables-compat(8) Compat tools to migrate from iptables to nftables.
ip6tables-compat-save(8) ↣ xtables-compat(8) Compat tools to migrate from iptables to nftables.
ip6tables-converter(8) Program to convert ip6tables commands from file to ip6tables-restore format.
ip6tables-optimizer(8) Optimize ip6tables filter-chains in kernel depending on their usage counters.
ip6tables-restore(8) ↣ iptables-restore(8) Restore IP Tables.
ip6tables-save(8) ↣ iptables-save(8) Dump iptables rules to stdout.
ipactl(8) IPA Server Control Interface.
ipband(8) IP bandwidth watchdog.
ipcheck(8) client to register your dynamic IP address.
ipfm(8) IP Flow Meter.
ipgrab(8) A Verbose Packet Sniffer.
ipicmg(8) Send specific PICMG extended IPMI commands.
ipkungfu(8) An iptables-based firewall for Linux.
ipmi-chassis(8) IPMI chassis management utility.
ipmi-chassis-config(8) ↣ ipmi-config(8) Configure IPMI values.
ipmi-config(8) Configure IPMI values.
ipmi-console(8) ↣ ipmiconsole(8) IPMI console utility.
ipmi-dcmi(8) IPMI DCMI utility.
ipmi-detect(8) ↣ ipmidetect(8) List detected and/or undetected IPMI interfaces in a cluster.
ipmi-fru(8) Display FRU information.
ipmi-locate(8) IPMI probing utility.
ipmi-oem(8) IPMI OEM utility.
ipmi-pef-config(8) ↣ ipmi-config(8) Configure IPMI values.
ipmi-pet(8) IPMI Platform Event Trap Interpreter.
ipmi-ping(8) ↣ ipmiping(8) Send IPMI Get Authentication Capabilitiy request to network hosts.
ipmi-power(8) ↣ ipmipower(8) IPMI power control utility.
ipmi-raw(8) Execute IPMI commands by hex values.
ipmi-sel(8) Display SEL entries.
ipmi-sensors(8) Display IPMI sensor information.
ipmi-sensors-config(8) ↣ ipmi-config(8) Configure IPMI values.
ipmi_port(8) A daemon to bind RMCP port 623 to prevent portmap from using it.
ipmiconsole(8) IPMI console utility.
ipmidetect(8) List detected and/or undetected IPMI interfaces in a cluster.
ipmidetectd(8) IPMI node detection monitoring daemon.
ipmievd(8) IPMI event daemon for sending events to syslog.
ipmilan(8) IPMI LAN to System Interface Converter.
ipmimonitoring(8) ↣ ipmi-sensors(8) Display IPMI sensor information.
ipmiping(8) Send IPMI Get Authentication Capabilitiy request to network hosts.
ipmipower(8) IPMI power control utility.
ipmiseld(8) IPMI SEL logging daemon.
ipmiutil(8) A meta-command to invoke various IPMI functions.
ippl(8) IP Protocols Logger.
ipppd(8) (ISDN) Point to Point Protocol daemon.
ippproxy(8) A simple ipp proxy client.
ipppstats(8) Print PPP statistics.
ippserver(8) A simple ipp server.
ippusbxd(8) Communication driver for IPP-over-USB class printers.
iprofd(8) Modem-register daemon.
iprop(8) Propagate transactions from a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs.
iprop-log(8) Examine and maintain the iprop log file.
ipropd-master(8) Propagate transactions from a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs.
ipropd-slave(8) Propagate transactions from a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs.
ipsec(8) Invoke IPsec utilities.
ipsec__import_crl(8) Helper program for importing a crl to the NSS database.
ipsec__keycensor(8) Internal routine to remove sensitive information.
ipsec__plutorun(8) Internal script to (re)start pluto on old SYSV initscript systems.
ipsec__secretcensor(8) Internal routing to sanitize files.
ipsec__stackmanager(8) Internal script to bring up kernel components for Libreswan.
ipsec__unbound-hook(8) Opportunistic IPsec DNS unbound hook script.
ipsec__updown(8) Kernel and routing manipulation script.
ipsec__updown.netkey(8) Klips manipulation script.
ipsec_addconn(8) Load a given policy into the pluto IKE daemon.
ipsec_auto(8) Control automatically-keyed IPsec connections.
ipsec_barf(8) Spew out collected IPsec debugging information.
ipsec_import(8) Import PKCS#12 (*.p12) files into the IPsec NSS database.
ipsec_initnss(8) Initialise the IPsec NSS database.
ipsec_look(8) Get a quick summary of Libreswan status.
ipsec_newhostkey(8) Generate a new raw RSA authentication key for a host.
ipsec_pluto(8) Ipsec whack : IPsec IKE keying daemon and control interface.
ipsec_readwriteconf(8) Validate and output an Libreswan IPsec configuration file.
ipsec_rsasigkey(8) Generate RSA signature key.
ipsec_setup(8) Wrapper routine to the Libreswan init system.
ipsec_show(8) See if a target IP address would get encrypted or not.
ipsec_showhostkey(8) Show host's authentication key.
ipsec_verify(8) See if the IPsec subsystem has been installed correctly.
ipsec_whack(8) ↣ ipsec_pluto(8) Ipsec whack : IPsec IKE keying daemon and control interface.
ipset(8) Administration tool for IP sets.
ipsvd-cdb(8) Create constant database from ipsvd instructions directory.
iptables(8) Administration tool for IPv4/IPv6 packet filtering and NAT.
iptables-apply(8) A safer way to update iptables remotely.
iptables-compat(8) ↣ xtables-compat(8) Compat tools to migrate from iptables to nftables.
iptables-compat-restore(8) ↣ xtables-compat(8) Compat tools to migrate from iptables to nftables.
iptables-compat-save(8) ↣ xtables-compat(8) Compat tools to migrate from iptables to nftables.
iptables-converter(8) Program to convert iptables commands from file to iptables-restore format.
iptables-extensions(8) List of extensions in the standard iptables distribution.
iptables-optimizer(8) Optimize iptables filter-chains in kernel depending on their usage counters.
iptables-restore(8) Restore IP Tables.
iptables-save(8) Dump iptables rules to stdout.
iptotal(8) IP Traffic-based monitor, not requiring SNMP.
iptotald(8) Iptotal daemon.
iptraf-ng(8) Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor.
iptstate(8) A top-like display of IP Tables state table entries.
ipv6loganon(8) HTTP server log file anonymizer.
ipv6logconv(8) HTTP server log file converter for statistics.
ipvsadm(8) Linux Virtual Server administration.
ipvsadm-restore(8) Restore the IPVS table from stdin.
ipvsadm-save(8) Save the IPVS table to stdout.
ipwatchd(8) IP conflict detection tool for Linux.
irattach(8) Binds the Linux-IrDA stack to a IrDA port.
ircd(8) The Internet Relay Chat Program Server.
ircd-hybrid(8) Ircd-hybrid: an advanced, lightweight Internet Relay Chat Daemon.
ircd-ircu(8) The Undernet Internet Relay Chat Daemon.
ircd-mkpasswd(8) Generate password hashes for ircd.
ircdwatch(8) Check ircds current state.
irdadump(8) Monitors the IrDA traffic on one or more links.
irdaping(8) Sends IrDA test frames.
ireset(8) Perform a hardware reset on the system.
irk(8) ↣ irkerd(8) Relay for shipping notifications to IRC servers.
irkerd(8) Relay for shipping notifications to IRC servers.
ironic-inspector(8) Hardware introspection daemon for OpenStack Ironic.
irpsion5(8) IrDA connectivity to a Psion V PDA.
isadump(8) Examine ISA registers.
isakmpd(8) ISAKMP/Oakley a.k.a. IKE key management daemon.
isaset(8) Set ISA registers.
isatapd(8) ISATAP client for Linux.
isbmex(8) Driver for ISBMEX UPS equipment.
isc-hmac-fixup(8) Fixes HMAC keys generated by older versions of BIND.
iscsi-iname(8) ISCSI initiator name generation tool.
iscsi_discovery(8) Discover iSCSI targets.
iscsiadm(8) Open-iscsi administration utility.
iscsid(8) Open-iSCSI daemon.
iscsistart(8) ISCSI boot tool.
iscsiuio(8) ISCSI UserSpace I/O driver.
isdnconfig(8) Configure the Debian isdnutils package.
isdnctrl(8) Get/set ISDN device information.
isdnlog(8) Isdn log system (and more).
isel(8) Show firmware System Event Log records.
iseltime(8) Synchronize BMC SEL time with OS system time.
isenkram-autoinstall-firmware(8) User desktop background process to handle new hardware dongles.
isenkram-pkginstall(8) Locate and install hardware specific packages suitable for the current machine.
isensor(8) Show Sensor Data Records.
iserial(8) Configure a system for Serial/EMP management functions, such as Terminal Mode, and option‐.
isisd(8) An IS-IS routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
ismcoem(8) OEM commands for SuperMicro servers.
isnsadm(8) ISNS client utility.
isnsd(8) ISNS server daemon.
isnsdd(8) ISNS discovery daemon.
iso8601(8) Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager.
isol(8) An IPMI Serial-Over-LAN Console application.
isosize(8) Output the length of an iso9660 filesystem.
ispell-autobuildhash(8) Autobuilding the ispell hash file for some dicts.
isunoem(8) OEM commands for Sun servers.
italc_auth_helper(8) ITALC PAM Authentication Helper.
itox(8) Converts inetd.conf style configuration files to xinetd.conf.
itsol(8) Tyan IPMIv1.5 Serial-Over-LAN Console application.
iucode-tool(8) ↣ iucode_tool(8) Tool to manipulate Intel® IA‐32/X86‐64 microcode bundles.
iucode_tool(8) Tool to manipulate Intel® IA‐32/X86‐64 microcode bundles.
iuser(8) Handle user functions.
ivtscd(8) Driver for the IVT Solar Controller Device.
iw(8) Show / manipulate wireless devices and their configuration.
iwconfig(8) Configure a wireless network interface.
iwevent(8) Display Wireless Events generated by drivers and setting changes.
iwgetid(8) Report ESSID, NWID or AP/Cell Address of wireless network.
iwlist(8) Get more detailed wireless information from a wireless interface.
iwpmd(8) Port mapping services for iWARP.
iwpriv(8) Configure optionals (private) parameters of a wireless network interface.
iwspy(8) Get wireless statistics from specific nodes.
jabberd2-c2s(8) Client-to-server connector.
jabberd2-jabberd(8) Jabberd startup script.
jabberd2-router(8) XML packet distributor.
jabberd2-s2s(8) Server-to-server connector.
jabberd2-sm(8) Jabber IM session manager.
jailer(8) Jailer is a script for creating jails from Debian packages.
jazipconfig(8) Jazip(1) configuration tool.
jetpipe(8) Bind a printer device to a tcp port.
jfs_debugfs(8) Shell-type JFS file system editor.
jfs_fsck(8) Initiate replay of the JFS transaction log, and check and repair a JFS formatted device.
jfs_fscklog(8) Extract a JFS fsck service log into a file and/or format and display the extracted file.
jfs_logdump(8) Dump a JFS formatted device's journal log.
jfs_mkfs(8) Create a JFS formatted partition.
jfs_tune(8) Adjust tunable file system parameters on JFS.
jnettop(8) View hosts/ports taking up the most network traffic.
jobcontrol(8) Per-job controls for HylaFAX servers.
jobrep-admin(8) Manage jobrepository database structure.
john(8) A tool to find weak passwords of your users.
kacpimon(8) Kernel ACPI Event Monitor.
kadmind(8) KADM5 administration server.
kamailio(8) A very fast and configurable SIP server.
kamcmd(8) Kamailio command line tool.
kamctl(8) Kamailio control tool.
kamdbctl(8) Kamailio database control tool.
kannel(8) Parts of Kannel, the WAP and SMS gateway.
kbd-config(8) Configure the console keyboard.
kbdrate(8) Reset the keyboard repeat rate and delay time.
kboot-mkconfig(8) Generate a kboot configuration file.
kbuildsycoca4(8) Rebuilds the system configuration cache.
kbuildsycoca5(8) Rebuilds the KService desktop file system configuration cache.
kcm(8) Process-based credential cache for Kerberos tickets.
kcookiejar4(8) KDE HTTP cookie daemon.
kcookiejar5(8) Command line interface to the KDE HTTP cookie daemon.
kdb5_ldap_util(8) Kerberos configuration utility.
kdb5_util(8) Kerberos database maintenance utility.
kdc(8) Kerberos 5 server.
kded4(8) KDE daemon - triggers Sycoca database updates when needed.
kded5(8) KDE daemon - triggers Sycoca database updates when needed.
kdeinit4(8) KDE process launcher.
kdeinit5(8) Launcher for applications built with kdeinit support, and for KIO slaves.
kdigest(8) Userland tool to access digest interface in the KDC.
kdump(8) This is just a placeholder until real man page has been written.
kdump-config(8) Configure kdump, check status, or save a vmcore file.
kea-dhcp-ddns(8) DHCP-DDNS process in Kea.
kea-dhcp4(8) DHCPv4 server in Kea.
kea-dhcp6(8) DHCPv6 server in Kea.
kea-lfc(8) Lease File Cleanup process in Kea.
keepalived(8) Load-balancing and high-availability service.
kerberos(8) Introduction to the Kerberos system.
kerberos_selinux(8) Security Enhanced Linux Policy for Kerberos.
kernel-install(8) Add and remove kernel and initramfs images to and from /boot.
kernel-packageconfig(8) Internal handler of /etc/kernel-pkg.conf.
kerneloops(8) Program to collect and submit kernel oopses to
kexec(8) Directly boot into a new kernel.
key.dns_resolver(8) Upcall for request-key to handle dns_resolver keys.
keyd(8) Backend key serving daemon for the onak PGP keyserver.
keydctl(8) Control an onak keyd instance.
keymgr(8) Knot DNS key management utility.
keytab-lilo(8) Compile keytables files for use with LILO.
keytouch-editor(8) An editor for keytouch keyboard definition files.
kfd(8) Receive forwarded tickets.
killsnoop-bpfcc(8) Trace signals issued by the kill() syscall. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
killsnoop-perf(8) Trace kill() syscalls with process and signal details. Uses Linux ftrace.
kimpersonate(8) Impersonate a user when there exist a keyfile or KeyFile.
kinect_fetch_fw(8) Download the Usb Audio Class firmware for the Kinect.
kinect_upload_fw(8) Kinect firmware uploader to have an Usb Audio Class device.
kissattach(8) Attach a KISS or 6PACK interface.
kissbridge(8) Connect scc port to a pty device.
kissnetd(8) Create a virtual network.
kissparms(8) Configure KISS TNCs.
kloned(8) Klone daemon.
kmod(8) Program to manage Linux Kernel modules.
kmsgsd(8) Separates iptables messages from all other kernel messages.
knotc(8) Knot DNS control utility.
knotd(8) Knot DNS server daemon.
komrunning(8) Program to control if the LysKOM server is running.
kopano-admin(8) Manages Kopano users and stores.
kopano-archiver(8) Manages kopano archives and performs the archive operation.
kopano-archiver-aclset(8) Reset the archive ACL settings for the owner.
kopano-archiver-aclsync(8) Synchronizes archive ACL settings with those of the primary store.
kopano-archiver-restore(8) Restore all stubbed and removed messages in a primary store with the messages found.
kopano-autorespond(8) Vacation message response script.
kopano-backup(8) The Kopano Backup tool.
kopano-cachestat(8) Provides an easy-to read overview of the kopano-server cache statistics, as compared to the.
kopano-dagent(8) Deliver mails to Kopano.
kopano-gateway(8) Start the Kopano IMAP/POP3 Gateway.
kopano-ical(8) Start the Kopano ICal/CalDAV gateway.
kopano-mailbox-permissions(8) Manage mailbox delegate permissions.
kopano-migration-pst(8) Utility to import PST files into Kopano.
kopano-monitor(8) Start the Kopano monitor.
kopano-mr-accept(8) Automatic accepting of meeting requests.
kopano-mr-process(8) Automatic processing of meeting requests.
kopano-search(8) Kopano Indexed Search Service.
kopano-server(8) Start the Kopano storage server.
kopano-spooler(8) Start the Kopano spooler.
kpartx(8) Create device maps from partition tables.
kpasswdd(8) Kerberos 5 password changing server.
kprobe-perf(8) Trace a given kprobe definition. Kernel dynamic tracing. Uses Linux ftrace.
kprop(8) Propagate a Kerberos V5 principal database to a slave server.
kpropd(8) Kerberos V5 slave KDC update server.
kproplog(8) Display the contents of the Kerberos principal update log.
krb5-sync(8) Synchronize passwords and status with Active Directory.
krb5-sync-backend(8) Manipulate Kerberos password and status change queue.
krb5_newrealm(8) Create a new Kerberos Realm.
krb5kdc(8) Kerberos V5 KDC.
kresd(8) Knot DNS 2.1.1 full caching resolver.
ksconfig(8) ↣ system-config-kickstart(8) Graphical interface for creating kickstart files.
kstash(8) Store the KDC master password in a file.
l2tpns(8) Layer 2 tunneling protocol network server (LNS).
ladvd(8) Send link layer advertisements.
ladvdc(8) Display link layer advertisements.
laptop-mode.conf(8) Configuration file for laptop-mode-tools.
laptop_mode(8) Apply laptop mode settings.
lastlog(8) Reports the most recent login of all users or of a given user.
lat_connect(8) Measure interprocess connection latency via TCP/IP.
lat_ctx(8) Context switching benchmark.
lat_fcntl(8) Fcntl file locking benchmark.
lat_fifo(8) FIFO benchmark.
lat_fs(8) Measure file system create/delete performance.
lat_http(8) Fcntl file locking benchmark.
lat_mem_rd(8) Memory read latency benchmark.
lat_mmap(8) Costs of mmapping and unmmapping varying file sizes.
lat_ops(8) Basic CPU operation parallelism.
lat_pagefault(8) Measure the cost of pagefaulting pages from a file.
lat_pipe(8) Measure interprocess communication latency through pipes.
lat_proc(8) Process creation tests.
lat_rpc(8) Measure interprocess communication latency via Sun RPC.
lat_select(8) Select benchmark.
lat_sig(8) Select benchmark.
lat_syscall(8) Time simple entry into the operating system.
lat_tcp(8) Measure interprocess communication latency via TCP/IP.
lat_udp(8) Measure interprocess communication latency via UDP/IP.
lat_unix(8) Measure interprocess communication latency via UNIX sockets.
lat_unix_connect(8) Measure interprocess connection latency via UNIX sockets.
latcp(8) LAT Control Program.
latd(8) LAT daemon.
latencytop(8) A tool for developers to visualize system latencies.
lava-coordinator(8) Coordinator daemon for group messaging in MultiNode LAVA.
lavapdu-listen(8) Daemon to queue PDU requests from pduclient.
lavapdu-runner(8) Daemon to control a PDU and implement instructions from the lavapdu-listen daemon.
lbcd(8) Report system load for remote load balancing.
lcas_lcmaps_gt4_interface(8) A Globus GSI-AuthZ plug-in to run LCAS and LCMAPS.
lcas_lcmaps_gt_interface(8) A Globus GSI-AuthZ plug-in to run LCAS and LCMAPS.
lcd4linux(8) Daemon for ''lcd'' display devices.
LCDd(8) LCDproc server daemon.
lcmaps_ban_dn.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to ban a user based on the Subject DN.
lcmaps_ban_fqan.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to ban a user based on any of its FQANs.
lcmaps_dummy_bad.mod(8) Dummy LCMAPS plugin that always returns failure.
lcmaps_dummy_good.mod(8) Dummy LCMAPS plugin that always returns success.
lcmaps_jobrep.mod(8) Jobrepository LCMAPS plug-in.
lcmaps_ldap_enf.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to update ldap according to credentials.
lcmaps_localaccount.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to switch user identity.
lcmaps_poolaccount.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to switch user identity by pool accounts.
lcmaps_posix_enf.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to switch user identity.
lcmaps_verify_proxy.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to verify a certificate chain including proxies.
lcmaps_voms.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin extract VOMS attributes from the certificate chain - DEPRECATED.
lcmaps_voms_localaccount.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to switch user identity based on VOMS credentials by local.
lcmaps_voms_localgroup.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to switch user identity based on VOMS credentials by local groups.
lcmaps_voms_poolaccount.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to switch user identity based on VOMS credentials by pool accounts.
lcmaps_voms_poolgroup.mod(8) LCMAPS plugin to switch user identity based on VOMS credentials by pool groups.
lcp_crtpconf(8) Create a platform configuration measurement for v1 policies.
lcp_crtpol(8) Create a TXT v1 Launch Control Policy.
lcp_crtpol2(8) Create an Intel(R) TXT policy (and policy data file).
lcp_crtpolelt(8) Create an Intel(R) TXT policy element of specified type.
lcp_crtpollist(8) Create an Intel(R) TXT policy list.
lcp_mlehash(8) Generate a SHA-1 hash of a TXT MLE binary file suitable for use in a TXT launch control policy.
lcp_readpol(8) Read the contents of an LCP policy index.
lcp_writepol(8) Write LCP policy into a TPM NV index.
ld-linux(8) ↣ Dynamic linker/loader. ↣ Dynamic linker/loader.
ld-musl-config(8) Configures musl dynamic linker path's. Dynamic linker/loader.
ld10k1(8) Emu10k1(emu10k2) patch loader daemon.
ldattach(8) Attach a line discipline to a serial line.
ldbashconfig(8) Creates or updates cache file for libbash(7) libraries.
ldconfig(8) Configure dynamic linker run-time bindings.
ldif2db(8) Directory Server script for importing a LDIF file.
ldif2db-online(8) Directory Server perl script for importing a LDIF file.
ldif2ldap(8) Directory Server script for adding entries.
ldirectord(8) Linux Director Daemon.
ldminfod(8) Output login sessions and available locales.
leafnode(8) NNTP server for small (dialup) sites.
lecs(8) ATM LAN Emulation service demons.
ledctl(8) Intel(R) LED control application for a storage enclosures.
ledmon(8) Intel(R) LED monitor service for storage enclosures.
les(8) ATM LAN Emulation service demons.
lfc-dli(8) Start the LFC Data Location Interface server.
lft(8) Display the route packets take to a network host/socket; optionally show heuristic network information in. ↣ nss-myhostname(8) Provide hostname resolution for the locally configured system. ↣ nss-mymachines(8) Provide hostname resolution for local container instances. ↣ nss-resolve(8) Provide hostname resolution via systemd-resolved.service. ↣ nss-systemd(8) Provide UNIX user and group name resolution for dynamic users and groups.
librados-config(8) Display information about librados.
libvirtd(8) Libvirtd management daemon.
liebert(8) Driver for Liebert contact-closure UPS equipment.
liebert-esp2(8) Driver for Liebert UPS, using the ESP-II serial protocol.
lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings(8) Settings editor for LightDM GTK+ Greeter.
lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings-pkexec(8) ↣ lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings(8) Settings editor for LightDM GTK+ Greeter.
lighttpd(8) A fast, secure and flexible web server.
lighttpd-angel(8) Monitor/supervise lighttpd daemon.
lilo(8) Install boot loader of LiLO.
lilo-uuid-diskid(8) Convert boot / root options to diskid and uuid in lilo.conf.
liloconfig(8) Create new lilo.conf file (with diskid and uuid).
line(8) Cache line size.
linux-user-chroot(8) Safely allow normal users to chroot.
lircd(8) Decode infrared signals and provide them on a socket.
lircd-setup(8) Run setup commands in lirc_options.conf.
lircd-uinput(8) Forward lirc button presses as uinput events.
lircmd(8) Translate infrared signals into mouse events.
lircrcd(8) Synchronize lircrc state among client applications.
list_admins(8) List all the owners of a Mailman mailing list.
list_lists(8) List all Mailman mailing lists on this host.
list_members(8) List all the members of a Mailman mailing list.
live-update-initramfs(8) Writes out updated kernel and initrd images to the live media.
lizardfs-admin(8) LizardFS monitoring and administration tool.
lizardfs-cgiserver(8) Simple HTTP/CGI server for Lizard File System monitoring.
lizardfs-probe(8) ↣ lizardfs-admin(8) LizardFS monitoring and administration tool.
llcstat-bpfcc(8) Summarize CPU cache references and misses by process. Uses Linux eBPF/bcc.
lldpad(8) Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) agent daemon.
lldpcli(8) Control LLDP daemon.
lldpctl(8) ↣ lldpcli(8) Control LLDP daemon.
lldpd(8) LLDP daemon.
lldptool(8) Manage the LLDP settings and status of lldpad.
lldptool-app(8) Show / manipulate APP TLV configuration.
lldptool-dcbx(8) Show / manipulate DCBX configuration.
lldptool-ets(8) Show / manipulate ETS TLV configuration.
lldptool-evb(8) Show / manipulate EVB TLV configuration.
lldptool-evb22(8) Show / manipulate EVB IEEE 802.1 Ratified Standard TLV configuration.
lldptool-med(8) Show / manipulate MED TLV configurations.
lldptool-pfc(8) Show / manipulate PFC TLV configuration.
lldptool-vdp(8) Show / manipulate VDP TLV configuration.
llmnrd(8) LLMNR (RFC 4795) responder daemon.
lm-profiler(8) Laptop mode profiler.
lm-profiler.conf(8) Configuration file for lm-profiler, a profiler for laptop-mode-tools.
lm-syslog-setup(8) Configure laptop mode tools to switch syslog.conf based on power state.
lmbench(8) System benchmarks.
lmdd(8) Move io for performance and debugging tests.
lmhttp(8) ↣ lmbench(8) System benchmarks.
lnpd(8) A LinuX Interface to the BrickOS Networking Protocol.
lnstat(8) Unified linux network statistics.
load_policy(8) Load a new SELinux policy into the kernel.
loadndisdriver(8) Userspace ndis driver loader for the ndiswrapper Linux kernel module.
loadunimap(8) Load the kernel unicode-to-font mapping table.
local(8postfix) Postfix local mail delivery.
locale-gen(8) Generates localisation files from templates.
localepurge(8) Reclaim disk space removing unneeded localizations.
lockfs_mount_helper(8) Helper script for the mount command.
lockname(8) Generate a UUCP lock filename.
log_db_daemon(8) Database logging daemon for Squid.
logcheck(8) Program to scan system logs for interesting lines.
login_duo(8) Second-factor authentication via Duo login service.
logsave(8) Save the output of a command in a logfile.
logtail(8) Print log file lines that have not been read.
logtail2(8) Print log file lines that have not been read.
logwatch(8) System log analyzer and reporter.
lookupconfig(8) Program to create index files for lookup program.
losetup(8) Set up and control loop devices.
lowntfs-3g(8) ↣ ntfs-3g(8) Third Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver.
lpadmin(8) Configure cups printers and classes.
lpc(8) Line printer control program.
lpd(8) Line printer daemon.
lpf(8) Lpd filter for nroff output.
lphdisk(8) Prepare a hibernation partition for NoteBIOS suspend-to-disk.
lpinfo(8) Show available devices or drivers.
lpmove(8) Move a job or all jobs to a new destination.
lrmadmin(8) Part of the Linux-HA project.
lsb(8) Linux Standard Base support for Debian.
lsbilibop(8) List BILIBOP tagged devices, display or update some of their udev properties.
lsblk(8) List block devices.
lsdahdi(8) List all Dahdi channels with their types and spans.
lsdev(8) Display information about installed hardware.
lsh-execuv(8) Program to securely execute a program as another user.
lsh-krb-checkpw(8) Program to check a Kerberos username/password combination.
lsh-pam-checkpw(8) Program to check a PAM username/password combination.
lshd(8) Secsh (SSH2) server.
lsinitramfs(8) List content of an initramfs image.
lsinput(8) List input devices.
lslocks(8) List local system locks.
lsmod(8) Show the status of modules in the Linux Kernel.
lsns(8) List namespaces.
lsof(8) List open files.
lspci(8) List all PCI devices.
lspcmcia(8) ↣ pccardctl(8) PCMCIA card control utility.
lsscsi(8) List SCSI devices (or hosts) and their attributes.
lsusb(8) List USB devices.
lsvmbus(8) List Hyper-V VMBus devices.
lsxid(8) Shows the context which is associated to a file.
ltsp-build-client(8) Build an LTSP client system for use with the LTSP server.
ltsp-chroot(8) Chroot into a specific LTSP thin client chroot.
ltsp-config(8) Configure certain parts of an LTSP server.
ltsp-update-image(8) Generate an NBD image from an LTSP chroot.
ltsp-update-kernels(8) Copy LTSP chroot kernels to TFTP directories.
ltsp-update-sshkeys(8) Update LTSP chroots to trust the server ssh keys.
lttng-relayd(8) LTTng 2 relay daemon.
lttng-sessiond(8) LTTng 2 tracing session daemon.
luckybackup(8) A powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool.
luksformat(8) Create and format an encrypted LUKS device.
luksmeta(8) Utility for storing metadata in a LUKSv1 header.
lvchange(8) Change the attributes of logical volume(s).
lvconvert(8) Change logical volume layout.
lvcreate(8) Create a logical volume.
lvdisplay(8) Display information about a logical volume.
lvextend(8) Add space to a logical volume.
lvm(8) LVM2 tools.
lvm-config(8) ↣ lvmconfig(8) Display and manipulate configuration information.
lvm-dumpconfig(8) ↣ lvmconfig(8) Display and manipulate configuration information.
lvm-fullreport(8) Display full report.
lvm-lvpoll(8) Continue already initiated poll operation on a logical volume.
lvm2-activation-generator(8) Generator for systemd units to activate LVM2 volumes on boot.
lvmconf(8) LVM configuration modifier.
lvmconfig(8) Display and manipulate configuration information.
lvmdbusd(8) LVM D-Bus daemon.
lvmdiskscan(8) List devices that may be used as physical volumes.
lvmdump(8) Create lvm2 information dumps for diagnostic purposes.
lvmetad(8) LVM metadata cache daemon.
lvmlockctl(8) Control for lvmlockd.
lvmlockd(8) LVM locking daemon.
lvmpolld(8) LVM poll daemon.
lvmsadc(8) LVM system activity data collector.
lvmsar(8) LVM system activity reporter.
lvreduce(8) Reduce the size of a logical volume.
lvremove(8) Remove logical volume(s) from the system.
lvrename(8) Rename a logical volume.
lvresize(8) Resize a logical volume.
lvs(8) Display information about logical volumes.
lvscan(8) List all logical volumes in all volume groups.
lxctl(8) Utility to manage Linux Containers (LXC).
lynis(8) System and security auditing tool.
lyskomd(8) LysKOM server.
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