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Section 9. System kernel interfaces. Range (E - H).

[ Alias ↣ ] Name (section) Brief
EARLY_DRIVER_MODULE(9freebsd) Kernel driver declara‐.
EARLY_DRIVER_MODULE_ORDERED(9freebsd) Kernel driver declara‐.
et_ban(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
et_deregister(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
et_find(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
et_free(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
et_init(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
ET_LOCK(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
et_register(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
et_start(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
et_stop(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
ET_UNLOCK(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
EVENTHANDLER(9freebsd) Kernel event handling functions.
EVENTHANDLER_DECLARE(9freebsd) Kernel event handling functions.
EVENTHANDLER_DEREGISTER(9freebsd) Kernel event handling functions.
eventhandler_deregister(9freebsd) Kernel event handling functions.
eventhandler_find_list(9freebsd) Kernel event handling functions.
EVENTHANDLER_INVOKE(9freebsd) Kernel event handling functions.
eventhandler_prune_list(9freebsd) Kernel event handling functions.
EVENTHANDLER_REGISTER(9freebsd) Kernel event handling functions.
eventhandler_register(9freebsd) Kernel event handling functions.
eventtimers(9freebsd) Kernel event timers subsystem.
extattr(9freebsd) Virtual file system named extended attributes.
fetch(9freebsd) Fetch data from user-space.
firmware(9freebsd) Firmware image loading and management.
fpu_kern(9freebsd) Facility to use the FPU in the kernel.
fpu_kern_alloc_ctx(9freebsd) Facility to use the FPU in the kernel.
fpu_kern_enter(9freebsd) Facility to use the FPU in the kernel.
fpu_kern_free_ctx(9freebsd) Facility to use the FPU in the kernel.
fpu_kern_leave(9freebsd) Facility to use the FPU in the kernel.
fpu_kern_thread(9freebsd) Facility to use the FPU in the kernel.
free(9freebsd) Kernel memory management routines.
free_mntarg(9freebsd) Functions provided as.
free_unr(9freebsd) Kernel unit number allocator.
fubyte(9freebsd) Fetch data from user-space.
fuswintr(9freebsd) Fetch data from user-space.
fuword(9freebsd) Fetch data from user-space.
fuword16(9freebsd) Fetch data from user-space.
fuword32(9freebsd) Fetch data from user-space.
fuword64(9freebsd) Fetch data from user-space.
g_access(9freebsd) Control access to GEOM consumers and their providers.
g_attach(9freebsd) Attach/detach GEOM consumers to/from providers.
g_bio(9freebsd) GEOM bio controlling functions.
g_cancel_event(9freebsd) GEOM events management.
g_clone_bio(9freebsd) GEOM bio controlling functions.
g_consumer(9freebsd) GEOM consumers management.
g_data(9freebsd) Read/write data from/to GEOM consumer.
g_destroy_bio(9freebsd) GEOM bio controlling functions.
g_destroy_consumer(9freebsd) GEOM consumers management.
g_destroy_geom(9freebsd) Geom management.
g_destroy_provider(9freebsd) GEOM providers management.
g_detach(9freebsd) Attach/detach GEOM consumers to/from providers.
g_error_provider(9freebsd) GEOM providers management.
g_event(9freebsd) GEOM events management.
g_geom(9freebsd) Geom management.
g_new_bio(9freebsd) GEOM bio controlling functions.
g_new_consumer(9freebsd) GEOM consumers management.
g_new_geomf(9freebsd) Geom management.
g_new_providerf(9freebsd) GEOM providers management.
g_post_event(9freebsd) GEOM events management.
g_print_bio(9freebsd) GEOM bio controlling functions.
g_provider(9freebsd) GEOM providers management.
g_provider_by_name(9freebsd) Find GEOM provider with given name.
g_read_data(9freebsd) Read/write data from/to GEOM consumer.
g_waitfor_event(9freebsd) GEOM events management.
g_wither_geom(9freebsd) Destroy geom and related providers and consumers when you get a chance.
g_write_data(9freebsd) Read/write data from/to GEOM consumer.
get_cyclecount(9freebsd) Get the CPU's fast counter register contents.
getbintime(9freebsd) Get the current time.
getbinuptime(9freebsd) Get.
getmicrotime(9freebsd) Get the current time.
getmicrouptime(9freebsd) Get.
getnanotime(9freebsd) Get the current time.
getnanouptime(9freebsd) Get.
getnewvnode(9freebsd) Get a new vnode.
getpbuf(9freebsd) Functions for managing physical buffers.
getsbinuptime(9freebsd) Get.
groupmember(9freebsd) Checks group set for a group ID.
gsignal(9freebsd) Post signal to a thread, process, or process group.
hashdestroy(9freebsd) Manage kernel hash tables.
hashinit(9freebsd) Manage kernel hash tables.
hashinit_flags(9freebsd) Manage kernel hash tables.
hdlcdrv(9) HDLC amateur (AX.25) packet radio network driver.
hexdump(9freebsd) Dump a block of bytes to the console in hexadecimal form.