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Desktop software


Tool for monitoring link bandwidth.


Q format calculator (decimals values to q format values).

Mobile software

Screenshot Mobile

Screen shots (screen capture, screen dump) tool for Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

Terminal CE

Communication terminal (serial COM port) for Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

Start CE

Autorun for satellite navigation.

Minefield Mobile

Minesweeper game for Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

Online software

Q Format Converter Online

Decimal number to Q format number converter (web version).

Your public IP and hostname - lookup tool

Find Your public IP address and hostname.

Epoch Unix Timestamp Online Converter

Unix timestamp to date time. Date time to Unix timestamp. Current Unix timestamp.

Ping Your own public IP address

Check whether Your host / gateway responds to the ping form public network.

Hash function - online generator

Online hash function calculator. Hash from text / string and file.

Pixel Calculator

Pixel: size, count, density. Screen: resolution, aspect ratio, width, height, area.

Your screen resolution

Check the resolution of own display.

Days of life

Days since birthday. Days until next birthday.