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Add programs to the desktop environment.

0DESKTOP(1)                                                                           0DESKTOP(1)

NAME 0desktop — add programs to the desktop environment
SYNOPSIS 0destkop [ URI ]
DESCRIPTION 0desktop can be used to create launchers for 0install applications in desktop environments supporting the menu specification (e.g. GNOME and KDE). If the URI of a 0install application is given, this application is added. On success, a launcher is added to the user's menu which, when invoked, runs the application using the command "0launch URI". Without a URI, a dialog box is displayed listing the user's current applications and allowing new ones to be added.
FILES ~/.local/share/applications Default directory in which the .desktop file for the new launcher is created.
LICENSE Copyright (C) 2013 Thomas Leonard. You may redistribute copies of this program under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Pub‐ lic License.
BUGS Please report bugs to the developer mailing list:
AUTHOR Zero Install was created by Thomas Leonard.
SEE ALSO 0install(1) The 0install web-site:
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