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Desktop software


Icon - NetTrafficTool for monitoring link bandwidth.


Icon - QFormatConverterQ format calculator (decimals values to q format values).

Mobile software

Screenshot Mobile

Icon - Screenshot MobileScreen shots (screen capture, screen dump) tool for Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

Terminal CE

Icon - Terminal CECommunication terminal (serial COM port) for Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

Start CE

Icon - Start CEAutorun for satellite navigation.

Minefield Mobile

Icon - Minefield MobileMinesweeper game for Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

Online software

Q Format Converter Online

Icon - Q Format Converter OnlineDecimal number to Q format number converter (web version).

Your public IP and hostname - lookup tool

Icon - Your public IP and hostname - lookup toolFind Your public IP address and hostname.

Epoch Unix Timestamp Online Converter

Icon - Epoch Unix Timestamp Online ConverterUnix timestamp to date time. Date time to Unix timestamp. Current Unix timestamp.

.NET Framework (C#) Ticks Online Converter

Icon - .NET Framework Ticks Online Converter.NET Framework Ticks (DateTime.Ticks) - Date Time - Unix Timestamp three way Converter.

Ping Your own public IP address

Icon - Ping Your own public IP addressCheck whether Your host / gateway responds to the ping form public network.

Hash function - online generator

Icon - Hash function - online generatorOnline hash function calculator. Hash from text / string and file.

Pixel Calculator

Icon - Pixel CalculatorPixel: size, count, density. Screen: resolution, aspect ratio, width, height, area.

Your screen resolution

Icon - Your screen resolutionCheck the resolution of own display.

Days of life

Icon - Days of lifeDays since birthday. Days until next birthday.