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Desktop software

Essential network bandwidth usage monitor.

Mobile software

Screen shots (screen capture, screen dump) tool for Windows Mobile & Windows CE.
Serial COM port terminal for Windows CE & Windows Mobile.
Autorun for satellite navigation.
Minesweeper game for Windows CE & Windows Mobile.

Online software

Data, time, ticks, timestamp, time span

Unix timestamp to date time. Date time to Unix timestamp. Current Unix timestamp.
C# / .NET Core / .NET Framework Ticks (DateTime.Ticks) ⇄ Date Time ⇄ Unix Timestamp three way Converter.
C# / .NET Core / .NET Framework Ticks (TimeSpan.Ticks) ⇄ Time Span (days, hours, minutes, seconds, part of second) Converter.
Count number of days from date to date. Add days to date. Subtract days from date.
Days since birthday. Days until next birthday.

Regular expression, checksum

Hash / checksum / fingerprint calculator. Hash from text (string) and file.
JavaScript Regular expression testing: match, replace, search, split, test, exec.

Network, hostname, public IP, ping, transmission time

Check whether Your host / gateway responds to the ping form public network.
Find Your public IP address and hostname.
Transmission time (ETT & ETA) online calculator.

Screen, pixel

Pixel: size, count, density. Screen: resolution, aspect ratio, width, height, area.
Check the resolution of own display.

Number, text format

Encode ASCII string to base-64 ASCII string. Decode base-64 ASCII string to ASCII string.
Escape / unescape HTML entities (special characters - codes).
Encode / decode integer using custom radix (base) - alphabet of digits.
Decimal number to Q format number converter (web version).

Data browser

Name (.NET culture, English, native), ISO code (639-1, 639-2), Windows (API three letter, LCID), IETF language tag (RFC 4646).
Online reference manuals.
IT vocabulary (words, phrases, expressions, terms): abbreviations, acronyms, shortands, pithy forms.


Online dial tones synthesizer.
Online tones (frequencies) generator. Waveforms: sine, square, sawtooth, triangle.