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Convert addressbooks to VCARD format.

July 30th, 2005
2VCARD(1)                          Addressbook conversion tools                         2VCARD(1)

NAME 2vcard - convert addressbooks to VCARD format
SYNOPSIS 2vcard [ -F | -f | -h | -v ] [ -i FILE ] [ -o FILE ]
DESCRIPTION 2vcard is a little perl script to convert an addressbook to the popular VCARD file format. Currently, 2vcard can convert addressbooks and alias files from the following formats: abook, eudora, juno, ldif, mutt, mh and pine. The VCARD format is used by gnomecard, for example, which, in turn is used by the balsa email client.
USAGE Per default, 2vcard reads from stdin and writes to stdout. Alternatively, the input- and output-files can be specified as command-line options.
OPTIONS A summary of the options supported by 2vcard is included below. -F print a list of the currently supported formats -f format convert from format [ default: mutt ] -h Show summary of options and exit. -i FILE Read input from FILE. -o FILE Write output to FILE. -v Show version information and exit.
EXAMPLES In a pipe: tr '^M' '\n' < EudoraNicknames | 2vcard -f eudora > out Alone: 2vcard -i ~/.aliases -o ~/.addbook.grcd
BUGS Please report all bugs to the author.
SEE ALSO mutt(1), pine(1), gnomecard(1), balsa(1), nmh(1), exmh(1), abook(1) The 2vcard Handbook (Link to
AUTHOR Jan Schaumann <>
2vcard July 30th, 2005 2VCARD(1)
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