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Produce a .pos file from a .3d file.

3dtopos(1)                           General Commands Manual                           3dtopos(1)

NAME 3dtopos — produce a .pos file from a .3d file
SYNOPSIS 3dtopos [options] .3d file [.pos file]
Description 3dtopos takes a .3d file and produces a .pos file which contains a list of all the sta‐ tions with coordinates (ordered x,y,z [East, North, Up]) and complete names. The stations are sorted such that numbers occur in the correct order (so ``2'' before ``10''). 3dtopos even sorts numbers with a prefix and/or suffix, so you'd get: 040.sv8 040.sv8a 040.sv8b 040.sv8c 040.sv9 040.sv10 040.sv11 40_entrance_tag 40b_entrance_tag You can also export .pos files from aven in versions 1.2.19 and later.
See Also aven(1), cad3d(1), cavern(1), diffpos(1), extend(1), sorterr(1)
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