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Software package for algebraic, geometric and combinatorial problems on linear spaces.

January 2015
4TI2(1) General Commands Manual 4TI2(1)


4ti2 - software package for algebraic, geometric and combinatorial problems on linear spa‐ ces


4ti2-circuits 4ti2-genmodel [--quiet] foo.mod 4ti2-gensymm [--quiet] a b c d foo 4ti2-graver [--quiet] foo[|.mat|.lat] 4ti2-groebner [--quiet|-q] [--force|-f] [--saturation|-s] [--project-and-lift|-p] [--nor‐ mal|-n] [--weighted|-w] [--gebauer-moeller|-g] [--auto-reduce-freq=N|-aN] foo 4ti2-hilbert [--quiet] foo 4ti2-markov [--quiet|-q] foo 4ti2-minimize [--quiet|-q] foo 4ti2-normalform 4ti2-output [--quiet] [--binomials] [--maple] [--0-1] [--transpose] [--degree [N]] [--pos‐ itive] [--3way a b c] foo 4ti2-ppi 4ti2-qsolve 4ti2-rays 4ti2-walk 4ti2-zbasis 4ti2-zsolve


The software package 4ti2 is a suite of command-line tools for addressing algebraic, geo‐ metric and combinatorial problems on linear spaces.


The main concept of 4ti2 remains the same: a project is defined via a file foo[.mat] con‐ taining the problem matrix. Related sets such as Graver basis or Markov basis are put into foo.gra and foo.mar, respectively. Input files and output files usually contain a matrix or a list of vectors (written as a matrix) in a standard encoding such as 2 4 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 There are only few exceptions, for example in a file foo.vars containing user specified variable names: 3 a b x


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Ralf Hemmecke Raymond Hemmecke Matthias Koeppe Peter Malkin Matthias Walter
Debian January 2015 4TI2(1)
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