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Animation modes used in the Animate module's config.

AfterStep v.2.2.12
AnimateTypes(1x) AfterStep X11 window manager AnimateTypes(1x)


AnimateTypes - animation modes used in the Animate module's config


Flip When iconified, windows will turn-over from top to bottom while shrinking. Random When iconified, windows will shrink using a randomly selected animation type of either Flip, Turn, Twist, Zoom, or Zoom3D. Turn When iconified, windows will revolve from left to right while shrinking. Twist When iconified, windows will rotate counter-clockwise while shrinking. Note: The above mode "Twist" should not be confused with the Animate configuration option "AnimateTwist". Zoom Windows will only shrink when iconified. Zoom3D When iconified, windows will shrink with a 3D tunnel-effect.
3rd Berkeley Distribution AfterStep v.2.2.12 AnimateTypes(1x)
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