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Representation of numbers; extends LaTeXML::Common::Object.

LaTeXML::Common::Number(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation LaTeXML::Common::Number(3pm)


"LaTeXML::Common::Number" - representation of numbers; extends LaTeXML::Common::Object. Exported functions "$number = Number($num);" Creates a Number object representing $num. Methods "@tokens = $object->unlist;" Return a list of the tokens making up this $object. "$string = $object->toString;" Return a string representing $object. "$string = $object->ptValue;" Return a value representing $object without the measurement unit (pt) with limited decimal places. "$string = $object->pxValue;" Return an integer value representing $object in pixels. Uses the state variable "DPI" (dots per inch). "$n = $object->valueOf;" Return the value in scaled points (ignoring shrink and stretch, if any). "$n = $object->smaller($other);" Return $object or $other, whichever is smaller "$n = $object->larger($other);" Return $object or $other, whichever is larger "$n = $object->absolute;" Return an object representing the absolute value of the $object. "$n = $object->sign;" Return an integer: -1 for negatives, 0 for 0 and 1 for positives "$n = $object->negate;" Return an object representing the negative of the $object. "$n = $object->add($other);" Return an object representing the sum of $object and $other "$n = $object->subtract($other);" Return an object representing the difference between $object and $other "$n = $object->multiply($n);" Return an object representing the product of $object and $n (a regular number).


Bruce Miller <>
Public domain software, produced as part of work done by the United States Government & not subject to copyright in the US.
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