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Implements a BibTeX parser for LaTeXML.

LaTeXML::Pre::BibTeX(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation LaTeXML::Pre::BibTeX(3pm)


"LaTeXML::Pre::BibTeX" - implements a BibTeX parser for LaTeXML.


"LaTeXML::Pre::BibTeX" serves as a low-level parser of BibTeX database files. It parses and stores a "LaTeXML::Pre::BibTeX::Entry" for each entry into the current STATE. BibTeX "string" macros are substituted into the field values, but no other processing of the data is done. See "LaTeXML::Package::BibTeX.pool.ltxml" for how further processing is carried out, and can be customized. Creating a BibTeX "my $bib = LaTeXML::Pre::BibTeX->newFromFile($bibname);" Creates a "LaTeXML::Pre::BibTeX" object representing a bibliography from a BibTeX database file. "my $bib = LaTeXML::Pre::BibTeX->newFromString($string);" Creates a "LaTeXML::Pre::BibTeX" object representing a bibliography from a string containing the BibTeX data. Methods "$string = $bib->toTeX;" Returns a string containing the TeX code to be digested by a LaTeXML object to process the bibliography. The string contains all @PREAMBLE data and invocations of "\\ProcessBibTeXEntry{$key}" for each bibliographic entry. The $key can be used to lookup the data from $STATE as "LookupValue('BIBITEM@'.$key)". See "BibTeX.pool" for how the processing is carried out. BibEntry objects The representation of a BibTeX entry. "$type = $bibentry->getType;" Returns a string naming the entry type of the entry (No aliasing is done here). "$key = $bibentry->getKey;" Returns the bibliographic key for the entry. "@fields = $bibentry->getFields;" Returns a list of pairs "[$name,$value]" representing all fields, in the order defined, for the entry. Both the $name and $value are strings. Field names may be repeated, if they are in the bibliography. "$value = $bibentry->getField($name);" Returns the value (or "undef") associated with the the given field name. If the field was repeated in the bibliography, only the last one is returned.


Bruce Miller <>
Public domain software, produced as part of work done by the United States Government & not subject to copyright in the US.
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