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Create pretty ChangeLogs from RDF.

RDF::DOAP::ChangeSets(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation RDF::DOAP::ChangeSets(3pm)


RDF::DOAP::ChangeSets - create pretty ChangeLogs from RDF


use RDF::DOAP::ChangeSets; use URI::file; my $file = 'path/to/changelog.rdf'; my $file_uri = URI::file->new_abs($file); my $dcs = RDF::DOAP::ChangeSets->new( $file_uri, undef, undef, 'RDFXML'); print $dcs->to_string;


This module takes software changelogs written in the RDF DOAP Change Sets vocabulary and produces human-readable changelogs. "RDF::DOAP::ChangeSets->new($uri, $data, $type, $fmt)" Creates and initialises an object. $uri is a URL for the input data. The URL is used to query the RDF data for the heading of the output changelog. It may be passed as either a string, or a URI object. $data is the RDF data to use as input. It may be passed as a string, or as an RDF::Trine::Model object. If undefined, this module will attempt to read data from the URL using LWP::Simple. $type gives the constructor a hint as to the RDF vocabulary you are using. For DOAP Change Sets, use 'current'; for Aaron Cope's Changefile vocab, use 'legacy'; to autodetect, use 'auto'. By default, performs autodetection. This module may crash and burn if you try to mix both vocabs!! $fmt provides a hint as to what RDF format you're using. By default, Turtle is assumed. Valid values are whatever RDF::Trine::Parser->new accepts. "$changeset->is_legacy" Boolean, indicating if a legacy vocab is being used. "$changeset->is_current" Boolean, indicating if the current vocab is being used. "$changeset->model" RDF::Trine::Model object representing the changelog data. "$changeset->uri" String representing the changelog URI. "$changeset->to_string" Creates a human-readable representation of the changelog. "$changeset->to_file($filename)" Same as "to_string", but outputs to a file.


Please report any bugs to <>.


RDF::Trine, CPAN::Changes::Spec, Module::Install::DOAPChangeSets. <>.


Toby Inkster <>.
Copyright 2010-2012 Toby Inkster This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
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