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Popular RDF namespace prefixes from as RDF::Trine nodes.

RDF::NS::Trine(3pm)            User Contributed Perl Documentation            RDF::NS::Trine(3pm)

NAME RDF::NS::Trine - Popular RDF namespace prefixes from as RDF::Trine nodes
SYNOPSIS use RDF::NS::Trine; use constant NS => RDF::NS::Trine->new('20150725'); NS->foaf_Person; # iri('') NS->uri('foaf:Person); # same RDF::Trine::Node::Resource NS->foaf_Person->uri; # NS->_; # RDF::Trine::Node::Blank NS->_abc; # blank node with id 'abc' NS->uri('_:abc'); # same
DESCRIPTION RDF::NS::Trine works like RDF::NS but it returns instances of RDF::Trine::Node::Resource (or RDF::Trine::Node::Blank) instead of strings. Before using this module, make sure to install RDF::Trine, which is not installed automatically together with RDF::NS!
ADDITIONAL METHODS BLANK ( [ $short ] ) Returns a new RDF::Trine::Node::Blank.
perl v5.20.2 2015-07-25 RDF::NS::Trine(3pm)