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Algebra class for Quad patterns.

RDF::Query::Algebra::Quad(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation RDF::Query::Algebra::Quad(3pm)


RDF::Query::Algebra::Quad - Algebra class for Quad patterns


This document describes RDF::Query::Algebra::Quad version 2.916.


Beyond the methods documented below, this class inherits methods from the RDF::Query::Algebra class. "new ( $s, $p, $o, $g )" Returns a new Quad structure. "as_sparql" Returns the SPARQL string for this algebra expression. "as_hash" Returns the query as a nested set of plain data structures (no objects). "referenced_blanks" Returns a list of the blank node names used in this algebra expression. "qualify_uris ( \%namespaces, $base_uri )" Returns a new algebra pattern where all referenced Resource nodes representing QNames (ns:local) are qualified using the supplied %namespaces. "bf ()" Returns a string representing the state of the nodes of the triple (bound or free). "distinguish_bnode_variables" Returns a new Quad object with blank nodes replaced by distinguished variables. "label ( $label => $value )" Sets the named $label to $value for this quad object. If no $value is given, returns the current label value, or undef if none exists.


Gregory Todd Williams <>
perl v5.20.2 2015-10-16 RDF::Query::Algebra::Quad(3pm)