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Executable query plan nodes.

RDF::Query::Federate::Plan(3pm)User Contributed Perl DocumentationRDF::Query::Federate::Plan(3pm)

NAME RDF::Query::Federate::Plan - Executable query plan nodes.
VERSION This document describes RDF::Query::Federate::Plan version 2.916.
STATUS This module's API and functionality should be considered deprecated. If you need functionality that this module provides, please get in touch <>.
METHODS "generate_plans ( $algebra, $execution_context, %args )" Returns a list of equivalent query plan objects for the given algebra object. "label_plan_with_services ( $plan, $context )" Labels the supplied plan object with the URIs of applicable services that are capable of answering the query represented by the plan.
AUTHOR Gregory Todd Williams <>
perl v5.20.2 2015-10-16 RDF::Query::Federate::Plan(3pm)