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Standard Extension Functions.

RDF::Query::Functions(3pm)     User Contributed Perl Documentation     RDF::Query::Functions(3pm)

NAME RDF::Query::Functions - Standard Extension Functions
VERSION This document describes RDF::Query::Functions version 2.916.
DESCRIPTION This stub module simply loads all other modules named "RDF::Query::Functions::*". Each of those modules has an "install" method that simply adds coderefs to %RDF::Query::functions.
METHODS "install_function ( $uri, \&func )" "install_function ( \@uris, \&func )" Install the supplied CODE reference as the implementation for the given function URI(s).
SEE ALSO RDF::Query::Functions::SPARQL, RDF::Query::Functions::Xpath, RDF::Query::Functions::Jena, RDF::Query::Functions::Geo, RDF::Query::Functions::Kasei.
AUTHOR Gregory Williams <>, Toby Inkster <>.
perl v5.20.2 2015-10-16 RDF::Query::Functions(3pm)