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An RDQL parser for RDF::Query.

RDF::Query::Parser::RDQL(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation RDF::Query::Parser::RDQL(3pm)


RDF::Query::Parser::RDQL - An RDQL parser for RDF::Query


This document describes RDF::Query::Parser::RDQL version 2.918.


"new ( $query_object ) " Returns a new RDF::Query object. "parse ( $query ) " Parses the supplied RDQL query string, returning a parse tree.


$Log$ Revision 1.5 2006/01/11 06:03:45 greg - Removed use of Data::Dumper::Simple. Revision 1.4 2005/05/08 08:26:09 greg - Added initial support for SPARQL ASK, DESCRIBE and CONSTRUCT queries. - Added new test files for new query types. - Added methods to bridge classes for creating statements and blank nodes. - Added as_string method to bridge classes for getting string versions of nodes. - Broke out triple fixup code into fixup_triple_bridge_variables(). - Updated FILTER test to use new Geo::Distance API. Revision 1.3 2005/04/26 02:54:40 greg - added core support for custom function constraints support - added initial SPARQL support for custom function constraints - SPARQL variables may now begin with the '$' sigil - broke out URL fixups into its own method - added direction support for ORDER BY (ascending/descending) - added 'next', 'current', and 'end' to Stream API Revision 1.2 2005/04/25 00:59:29 greg - streams are now objects usinig the Redland QueryResult API - RDF namespace is now always available in queries - row() now uses a stream when calling execute() - check_constraints() now copies args for recursive calls (instead of pass-by-ref) - added ORDER BY support to RDQL parser - SPARQL constraints now properly use the 'FILTER' keyword - SPARQL constraints can now use '&&' as an operator - SPARQL namespace declaration is now optional Revision 1.1 2005/04/21 02:21:44 greg - major changes (resurecting the project) - broke out the query parser into it's own RDQL class - added initial support for a SPARQL parser - added support for blank nodes - added lots of syntactic sugar (with blank nodes, multiple predicates and objects) - moved model-specific code into RDF::Query::Model::* - cleaned up the model-bridge code - moving over to redland's query API (pass in the model when query is executed)


Gregory Williams <>
perl v5.24.1 2017-01-04 RDF::Query::Parser::RDQL(3pm)
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