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SPARQL 1.1 Parser.

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NAME RDF::Query::Parser::SPARQL11 - SPARQL 1.1 Parser.
VERSION This document describes RDF::Query::Parser::SPARQL11 version 2.916.
SYNOPSIS use RDF::Query::Parser::SPARQL11; my $parser = RDF::Query::Parser::SPARQL11->new(); my $iterator = $parser->parse( $query, $base_uri );
METHODS Beyond the methods documented below, this class inherits methods from the RDF::Query::Parser class. "new" Returns a new SPARQL 1.1 parser object. "parse ( $query, $base_uri, $update_flag )" Parses the $query, using the given $base_uri. If $update_flag is true, the query will be parsed allowing SPARQL 1.1 Update statements. "parse_pattern ( $pattern, $base_uri, \%namespaces )" Parses the $pattern, using the given $base_uri and returns a RDF::Query::Algebra pattern. "parse_expr ( $pattern, $base_uri, \%namespaces )" Parses the $pattern, using the given $base_uri and returns a RDF::Query::Expression pattern. "error" Returns the error encountered during the last parse.
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