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Redland RDF Storage Class.

RDF::Redland::Storage(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation RDF::Redland::Storage(3pm)


RDF::Redland::Storage - Redland RDF Storage Class


use RDF::Redland; my $storage=new RDF::Redland::Storage("hashes", "test", "new='yes',hash-type='memory'"); ...


Create objects for storing RDF::Redland::Model objects either persistently or in memory.


new STORAGE_NAME [NAME [OPTIONS_STRING]] Create a new RDF::Redland::Storage object for the storage factory named STORAGE_NAME with storage named NAME and storage options OPTIONS_STRING which are specific to the storage factory type. The storage options may be given either as a Perl hash or as a string. The string form are formatted in the form key1='value1',key2='value2' and the single quotes are required. The Perl hash form follows normal Perl conventions, and the boolean options use normal Perl concepts of truth. Currently defined storage options: new='yes' Create a new storage erasing any existing one (boolean, default). write='yes' Provide write access to store (boolean, default) otherwise is read only. dir='DIR' Work in DIR directory when creating files. mode='MODE' File creation mode, default is (octal) 0644 Takes decimal (123), hex (0x123) or octal (0123). contexts='yes' Enable statement contexts. Each statement can be stored with an optional context Node and the context retrieved after queries. Boolean. hash-type='TYPE' (hashes storage only) Use the TYPE hash-type for hashes storage. Current defined types are 'memory' and 'bdb' but is dependent on the hash factories available. index-predicates='yes' (hashes storage only) Enable indexing from predicates to (subject,object) which can in particular be useful for rdf:type relations. Boolean. bulk='no' (mysql storage only) Whether model/storage method add_statements should be optimized, until a model/storage sync operation. Boolean. merge='no' (mysql storage only) Whether to maintain a table with merged models. Boolean. Example, string form: $storage=new RDF::Redland::Storage("hashes", "test", "new='yes',hash-type='bdb',dir='.'"); Example, Perl hash form: $storage=new RDF::Redland::Storage("hashes", "test", {new=>1,hash-type=>'bdb',dir=>'.'}); Creates a new storage of the hashes type (indexed hashes) named test (these will be file names or URIs if the storage is persistent) and with options new='yes',hash-type='bdb',dir='.' so a new storage is created with BerkeleyDB (BDB) key:value hashes i.e. persistent and in the current directory. Example, Perl hash form: $storage=new RDF::Redland::Storage("mysql", "test", {host=>'localhost',database=>'testd ↲ b',user=>'testuser',new=>0,password=>'',contexts=>1}); Uses an existing storage of the mysql type, named test on localhost with database name testdb using a user testuser and no password. Contexts are enabled. new_from_storage STORAGE Create a new RDF::Redland::Storage object from RDF::Redland::Storage STORAGE (copy constructor). The new storage may have a new name chosen by the storage factory.




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