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AREF query expression.

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NAME RDF::aREF::Query - aREF query expression
SYNOPSIS my $rdf = { '' => { dct_creator => [ '', '' ] }, '' => { foaf_name => "Alice" }, '' => { foaf_name => "Bob" } }; my $getnames = RDF::aREF::Query->new( query => 'dct_creator.foaf_name' ); my @names = $getnames->apply( $rdf, '' ); $getnames->query; # 'dct_creator.foaf_name' use RDF::aREF qw(aref_query_map); my $record = aref_query_map( $rdf, $publication, { 'dct_creator@' => 'creator', 'dct_creator.foaf_name' => 'creator', });
DESCRIPTION Implements aREF query <>, a query language to access strings and nodes from agiven RDF graph. See also functions "aref_query" and "aref_query_map" in RDF::aREF for convenient application.
CONFIGURATION The constructor expects the following options: query aREF query <> expression decoder Instance of RDF::aREF::Decoder to map qNames to URIs. A new instance is created unless given. ns Optional namespace map (RDF::NS), passed to the constructor of RDF::aREF::Decoder if no decoder is given.
METHODS apply( $graph [, $origin ] ) Perform the query on a given RDF graph. The graph can be given as aREF structure (subject map or predicate map) or as instance of RDF::Trine::Model. An origin subject node must be provided unless the RDF graph is provided as predicate map <>.
query Returns the aREF query expression
SEE ALSO Use SPARQL for more complex queries, e.g. with RDF::Trine::Store::SPARQL.
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