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Octopussy Report module.

Octopussy::Report(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Octopussy::Report(3)


Octopussy::Report - Octopussy Report module


New($conf) Create a new Report Remove($report) Removes a Report '$report' Modify($old_report, $conf_new) Modifies the configuration for the Report '$old_report' List($category, $restriction_list) Returns list of Reports with category '$category' (if specified) and restricted to list '$restriction_list' (if specified) Filename($report_name) Get the XML filename for the report '$report_name' Configuration($report) Get the configuration for the report '$report' Configurations($sort, $category) Get the configuration for all reports Categories(@report_restriction_list) Returns Reports Categories Request($table, $query) Data Request with query '$query' from table '$table' Generate($rc, $begin, $end, $outputfile, $devices, $services, $data, $conf_mail, $conf_ftp, $conf_scp, $stats, $lang) CmdLine_Export_Options($conf_mail, $conf_ftp, $conf_scp) Generates Command Line Export Options (mail/ftp/scp) CmdLine($device, $service, $loglevel, $taxonomy, $report, $start, $finish, $pid_param, $conf_mail, $conf_ftp, $conf_scp, $lang) Generates Command Line and launch octo_reporter Export($file, $conf_mail, $conf_ftp, $conf_scp) Exports generated report via Mail, FTP, SCP if defined File_Info($file, $begin, $end, $devices, $services, $stats) Generates Report's File Information File_Info_Tooltip($file, $lang) Prints Report's File Information in Tooltip Updates_Installation(@reports) Running_List() Returns list of Reports in progress Valid_Name($name) Checks that '$name' is valid for a Report name


Sebastien Thebert <>
perl v5.22.2 2016-05-04 Octopussy::Report(3)
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