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Remote Execution.

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Rex - Remote Execution


Rex is a command line tool which executes commands on remote servers. Define tasks in Perl and execute them on remote servers or groups of servers. Rex can be used to: · Deploy web applications to servers sequentially or in parallel. · Automate common tasks. · Provision servers using Rex's builtin tools. You can find examples and howtos on <>


· Web Site: <> · IRC: #rex · Bug Tracker: <> · Twitter: <>


# In a Rexfile: use Rex -feature => [qw/1.3/]; user "root"; password "ch4ngem3"; desc "Show Unix version"; task "uname", sub { say run "uname -a"; }; 1; # On the command line: bash# rex -H server[01..10] uname See rex <> for more information about how to use rex on the command line. See Rex::Commands for a list of all commands you can use.


get_current_connection This function is deprecated since 0.28! See Rex::Commands::connection. Returns the current connection as a hashRef. server The server name ssh 1 if it is a ssh connection, 0 if not. is_ssh Returns 1 if the current connection is a ssh connection. 0 if not. is_local Returns 1 if the current connection is local. Otherwise 0. is_sudo Returns 1 if the current operation is executed within sudo. get_sftp Returns the sftp object for the current ssh connection. connect Use this function to create a connection if you use Rex as a library. use Rex; use Rex::Commands::Run; use Rex::Commands::Fs; Rex::connect( server => "remotehost", user => "root", password => "f00b4r", private_key => "/path/to/private/key/file", public_key => "/path/to/public/key/file", ); if(is_file("/foo/bar")) { print "Do something...\n"; } my $output = run("uptime");


Many thanks to the contributors for their work. Please see CONTRIBUTORS <> file for a complete list.


Rex is a free software, licensed under: The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004
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