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Rex/Boxes KVM Module.

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Rex::Box::KVM - Rex/Boxes KVM Module


This is a Rex/Boxes module to use KVM VMs. You need to have libvirt installed.


To use this module inside your Rexfile you can use the following commands. use Rex::Commands::Box; set box => "KVM"; task "prepare_box", sub { box { my ($box) = @_; $box->name("mybox"); $box->url(""); $box->network(1 => { name => "default", }); $box->auth( user => "root", password => "box", ); $box->setup("setup_task"); }; }; If you want to use a YAML file you can use the following template. type: KVM vms: vmone: url: setup: setup_task And then you can use it the following way in your Rexfile. use Rex::Commands::Box init_file => "file.yml"; task "prepare_vms", sub { boxes "init"; };


See also the Methods of Rex::Box::Base. This module inherits all methods of it. new(name => $vmname) Constructor if used in OO mode. my $box = Rex::Box::KVM->new(name => "vmname"); memory($memory_size) Sets the memory of a VM in megabyte. info Returns a hashRef of vm information. ip This method return the ip of a vm on which the ssh daemon is listening.
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