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Process management commands.

Rex::Commands::Process(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Rex::Commands::Process(3pm)


Rex::Commands::Process - Process management commands


With this module you can manage processes. List, Kill, and so on. Version <= 1.0: All these functions will not be reported. All these functions are not idempotent.


kill $pid; killall "apache2"; nice($pid, $level);


kill($pid, $sig) Will kill the given process id. If $sig is specified it will kill with the given signal. task "kill", "server01", sub { kill 9931; kill 9931, -9; }; killall($name, $sig) Will kill the given process. If $sig is specified it will kill with the given signal. task "kill-apaches", "server01", sub { killall "apache2"; killall "apache2", -9; }; ps List all processes on a system. Will return all fields of a ps aux. task "ps", "server01", sub { for my $process (ps()) { say "command > " . $process->{"command"}; say "pid > " . $process->{"pid"}; say "cpu-usage> " . $process->{"cpu"}; } }; On most operating systems it is also possible to define custom parameters for ps() function. task "ps", "server01", sub { my @list = grep { $_->{"ni"} == -5 } ps("command","ni"); }; This example would contain all processes with a nice of -5. nice($pid, $level) Renice a process identified by $pid with the priority $level. task "renice", "server01", sub { nice (153, -5); };
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